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            CAMPGROUND MANAGEMENT                The Voice of the North American Campground Business

  National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds
$2.50 U.S./$3.50 Canada                                                        August 2008/Vol. 39 No. 8

 Completes Bold Move from D.C. to Picturesque Rockies
        Located halfway between Denver and Colorado Springs at the foot of the Rocky
    Mountains, the new ARVC facility once served as a vacation rental unit, and the lodge was
     converted into a practical working office without spoiling its natural flow and ambiance
   The staff of the National Association       The former Virginia office was sold on
of RV Parks and Campgrounds                    Aug. 1 to a firm specializing in home
(ARVC) transitioned to its new                 health care; the sale paid for ARVC’s new
headquarters in Larkspur, Colo., in            headquarters and the move with some
August and officially opened for business      money left over, she said.
there on Aug. 11. And in the process of           The office opening climaxes years of
migrating from the trade association’s         discussion and planning by ARVC, which
long-term base in the Washington, D.C.         ultimately bought the five-acre property
suburb of Falls Church, Va., Linda             from ARVC members Ian and Sally
Profaizer, ARVC president and CEO, has         Steyn, owners of Castle Rock RV Park
found her organization in a brave, new,        & Campground, which adjoins the site.
picturesque world.                                Located halfway between Denver and
   “On the whole, it’s been really great,”     Colorado Springs at the foot of the Rocky
said Profaizer, who had vacationed in          Mountains, the new ARVC facility once
Colorado for years. “Anybody would feel        served as a vacation rental unit, and the
very fortunate to work here. It is just a      lodge was converted into a practical
gorgeous environment. There aren’t the         working office without spoiling its
distractions of a city. It’s peaceful and      natural flow and ambiance. Part of the
quiet. You get a lot of work done.”            lodge’s unique history is that it was
   ARVC is now operating from a three-         constructed in 1999 of logs from the
story, 4,200-square-foot lodge (elevation:     Yellowstone fire.
7,000 feet) in the foothills of the Rockies.               ARVC—continued on page 5
ARVC—from page 1                              association management veteran who
   The property, which sits on the border     will take over those duties from Leak,
of the towns of Castle Rock and               who will be concentrating on meetings.
Larkspur, also offers the association the        • The accounting firm of Roni Briese
opportunity to develop the proposed           & Associates will fill ARVC’s accounting
Center for Outdoor Hospitality. Profaizer     director position. “We will give the
said ARVC’s leadership hopes to               outsourcing a try for a year and see how
someday build another building on the         it works,” said Profaizer. “Roni has years
property and move the ARVC offices into       of association accounting experience in
it and use the lodge as the hospitality       the Washington, D.C., area and
center.                                       coincidentally moved with her husband
   Related to the move, Woodall’s             to Castle Rock in January of this year.
Campground Management has learned:            Sadly, there are several of our staff
   • Twenty-year ARVC employee Micki          members who will be moving on to other
Leak, director of membership and              jobs. Natalie Espinoza, our administrative
meetings, is going to continue with           assistant, has taken another job; and
ARVC, at least until the end of January       Randi Littman, our director of
2009, working out of her home in Falls        accounting, is currently interviewing. We
Church.                                       have had a great staff in Falls Church and
   • Also continuing to work from her         we will have a great staff in Colorado.”
Virginia home will be Education                  • New contact information for ARVC:
Specialist Mary Tack, whose main              National Association of RV Parks &
responsibilities are focused on the           Campgrounds, 455 Tenderfoot Drive,
Certified Park Operator (CPO) program.        Larkspur, Col. 80118. Phone numbers:
   • Moving with the association to           (303) 681-0401, (303) 681-0402, (303)
Colorado are staffers Kera Tomlin,            681-0403, (303) 681-0408, (303) 681-
director of marketing; Grant Barnette,        0409, Fax: (303) 681-0426. Micki’s
marketing specialist; and Jeanette            office: (703) 880-8312. Micki’s Address:
Phillips, assistant to the president/office   13203 Ashnut Lane, Herndon, VA 20171.
manager.                                      Mary’s Office Phone: (303) 835-3201,
   • Hired as a new director of               and her address: 2412 N. Roosevelt St.
membership is Daniel Gurley, an               Arlington, VA 22207. Steve Bibler N
                                                                     August 2008 5

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