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                                                       NEW HAMPSHIRE MEDICAL SOCIETY NEWSLETTER
                                                       NH Medical Society; For The Betterment of Public Health Since 1791

          September/October 2007

 NH Medical Society
                                                    Dartmouth Announces the Students Chosen                         in information technology and then move to
 7 North State Street                               to Receive the Dudley J. Weider, M.D./NH                        China. Even though consulting was interest-
 Concord, NH 03301                                  Medical Society Scholarship Fund                                ing and exciting work, I found it lacking. I
 (603) 224-1909                                                                                                     wanted a job that made me feel like I was
                                                    Weider Scholarships are scholarships of endowment given         making a real difference in individuals’
 (603) 226-2432 fax                                 by the New Hampshire Medical Society to Dartmouh Medical        lives, so I explored alternate                                     School in memory of Dudley Weider, MD, an ENT physician
                                                                                                                    careers. I worked at Dana -Faber Cancer                                       at Dartmouth, former President and longtime friend of NHMS,
                                                    and an outdoor adventurer. Each year two students at Dart-      institute in Boston as a Clinical Research
                                                    mouth Medical School who are New Hampshire residents            Coordinator in the Gastrointestinal Cancer
                                                    with demonstrated interest in ourdoor recreation and health     Center. This truly cemented my desire to
                                                    policy are chosen to receive Weider Scholarships. This year's   become a physician. During my time at
 Seddon Savage, MD, MS…..President
                                                    Scholars are Kara Detweller and Courtney Warner. Their          DFCI, I took a Chemistry class at night to
 Palmer P. Jones…………….EVP                           stories are shared below."
                                                                                                                    explore my science aptitude. The following
 Catrina Graves. .....................Editor                                                                        year, I enrolled in the Bryn Mawr College
                                                    Kara Detwiller, Dartmouth Medical School                        Postbaccalaureate Program to complete my
 Scholarship Winners……………...1                       2008, Hopkinton, NH                                             pre-medical requirements. During the sum-
 President’s Perspective…………..2                                                                                     mer I worked as a Research Technician at
 Collections……………………………….3                          “As a New Hampshire native, I am very happy                     Massachusetts General Hospital in the lab
 Choosing a Merchant Acct.…………...4                  to be at Dartmouth Medical School. My family                    of Sam Yoon, a Surgical Oncologist. It was
 CAP Services…………………………….5                          is particularly important to me and one of the
 Tamper Resistant Prescription Pads..6
                                                                                                                    an amazing experience to participate in ba-
 CME…………….……………………….…7                              main reasons I chose to return to NH for my                     sic science research and I hope to get back
 Humanities ………………………………8                           medical degree. My mother and younger                           to the lab during my residency or fellow-
                                                    brother live less than an hour away: I am lucky                 ship. If you haven’t guessed already, my
                                                    to be so close to them. In addition, I have two                 primary area of interest is Oncology. I am,
 Opinions expressed by authors may not              younger sisters who both live in NY City. Un-                   however, open to other disciplines. During
 always reflect official NH Medical Society         fortunately, I lose my father seven years ago.                  my first year, I shadowed a Gastroenterolo-
 positions. The Society reserves the right to                                                                       gist and truly enjoyed it.
 edit contributed articles based on length          I attended high school at St. Paul’s School in
 and/or appropriateness of subject matter.          Concord, NH, and completed my B.A. cum
 Please send correspondence to                      laude at Wellesley College in Wellesley, MA.                    My first two years at DMS have been won-
                                                    As an undergraduate, I majored in Chinese                       derful. This past year, I co-chaired the Com-
Do you or a colleague need help?                                                                                    munity Service Committee, headed the
                                                    Studies and Economics. I studied in Beijing
The New Hampshire Professionals’ Health             and Nanjing, China for a year, which was one                    DMS side of the Hanover Diversion Com-
Program (NH PHP) is here to help!                                                                                   mittee, and continued to participate in the
                                                    of the highlights of my college experience. In
The NH PHP is a confidential resource that          the future, I hope to find a way to combine my                  Patient Partnership Program. I passed Step 1
assists with identification, intervention, refer-                                                                   of the USMLEs and started my clerkship
ral, and case management of NH physi-
                                                    interest of China with y medical degree, but
cians, physician assistants, dentists, and          right now my Mandarin is pretty rusty! During                   this summer. I have completed the internal
dental hygienists who may be at risk for or         my three and a half years at Wellesley, I was a                 medicine clerkship and am currently on the
affected by substance use disorders, behav-         member of the Zeta Alpha Literacy Society                       family medicine clerkship. In addition, I am
ioral/mental health conditions, or other is-                                                                        taking a class at the tuck School of Business
sues impacting their health and well-being.
                                                    (House Vice President) and the varsity squash
NH PHP provides recovery documentation,             team. I volunteered through TEACH (a men-                       called Medical Care and the Corporation.
education, support, and advocacy – from             toring program to young children in Boston’s                    Outside of school, I love to cook and am
evaluation through treatment and recovery.          Chinatown) and the Listening Line (a student–                   working on building up my Chinese cuisine
For a confidential consultation, please call        run helpline).                                                  repertoire. I still play squash and enjoy
Dr. Sally Garhart @ (603) 491-5036                                                                                  reading and visiting the pottery and jewelry
                                                    After graduation I accepted a position at Com-                  studios here on campus.”
                                                    puter Sciences Corporation (CSC) in their Con-
                                                    sulting and Systems Integration group. I origi-                                             Continued on pg. 6
                                                    nally intended to build a foundation

 “Newsletter Editor” at the above address
Presidents Perspective

 As the primary election season rolls out across New               recognition as New Englander of the year. The roster of
Hampshire, concern about the healthcare system is second          speakers includes many other exceptional and noted individu-
only to concern about Iraq, in the minds of the public. New       als. (see program elsewhere in newsletter).
Hampshire physicians have an unparalleled opportunity to
                                                                           The healthcare reform survey and focus on these is-
provide leadership for change. As New Hampshire resi-
                                                                  sues at the Annual Scientific meeting are natural companions
dents, we are uniquely privileged to engage, if we choose,
                                                                  to the strategic planning effort in which NHMS is engaged
in personal conversations with any or all of the Presidential
                                                                  this year. Several in leadership have spent many hours re-
candidates,- in our neighbors living rooms, at small town
                                                                  flecting on a clear and simple vision for health and healthcare
meetings or in larger forums. We can ask difficult ques-
                                                                  in our State, on what our role or mission as an organization
tions, pose solutions, and sew seeds of change; it is a gift to
                                                                  should be in working toward that vision, and what values are
be so intimately engaged in the democratic process. Town
                                                                  fundamental to all of our work. We offer these here (see ta-
meetings are a precious tradition in our State, but the op-
                                                                  ble “NHMS Evolving Vision, Mission and Values”) in draft
portunity to infuse our ideas into the national Presidential
                                                                  form for comment of all NHMS members. As we move on
process, as boldly as we like, is exceptional.
                                                                  now, to focus on developing our strategic goals, the broad
        In order to embrace this opportunity as an organi-        brush strokes with which we paint the future, we invite your
zation and to promote policies that reflect the will of our       thoughts. The Medical Society is what we collectively make
membership, NHMS, in partnership with the University of           it; everyone’s input is critical is shaping our priorities and
New Hampshire Survey Center has developed a brief 28              actions.
question survey, designed to learn physician opinions and
                                                                           Please direct any suggestions regarding the work to
values related to change in the structure and funding of
                                                                  date to me at seddon.savage and I will for-
healthcare. We hope that each of us will take 5-10 minutes
                                                                  ward to the strategic planning group which includes Oge
to complete the survey so that we can accurately assess the
                                                                  Young, Beth Smith, Gary Sobelson, Marc Sadowsky and
weight of our opinions on directions for healthcare reform.
                                                                  Charlie Blitzer. Feel free to contact me anytime with other
Many who have sample-tested the survey found it poses
                                                                  thoughts on NHMS and our work together.♣
some thought provoking questions which should, at the
very least, stimulate lively discussion, but can potentially
propel us in new directions. You should be receiving the          Warm regards to all,
survey within the next 2-3 weeks with opportunities to
complete it online, by email or in hard copy.                     Seddon

         Results of the Healthcare Reform survey will be
presented at the upcoming NHMS Annual Scientific Meet-
ing at the Margate Hotel on Lake Winnipesauke to be held
Friday and Saturday October 26th and 27th. The meeting
will have three sessions focused on different topics; atten-
dees can register for any or all of them. The location was
chosen to allow easy day tripping from anywhere in the
State and to provide comfortable accommodations for over-
nighters. There will be a half day session Friday morning
on Pain and Prescription Drug Abuse, a half-day Friday
afternoon dedicated to improving Community Based Care
of Returning Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans and a full day
on Saturday devoted to examining options for healthcare
reform “Quality Healthcare for All’.
We are privileged to have former Surgeon General C
Everett Koop provide opening remarks for the Veteran and
Healthcare Reform sessions and Dr James Wright, Presi-
dent of Dartmouth College will speak at dinner Friday eve-
ning on his initiative to improve educational initiatives for
injured Veterans which has earned him
continued on pg. 10
How to Choose the Best Merchant                               "Do you have problems swiping credit cards? The swiping
Account for Your Business                                     mechanism may be worn down. This may cost you 1% - 2%
                                                              more per transaction!
                                                               The first thing that you need to know is that ALL credit card
When searching for a merchant account, it's easy to be-       processing companies have the same cost (interchange) that is
come overwhelmed by the myriad of merchant account            dictated by Visa/MasterCard. The only difference in processors
providers, banks, resellers, and the like who are vying       is integrity, profit margin and customer service.
for your business.
                                                              Interchange is a 22 page document that has pricing based on the
                                                              type of card and the way you take that card. Types of cards
                                                              range from debit/check cards, consumer cards, rewards cards,
 Some seem to be offering nearly identical services at        world cards, and corporate cards to name only a few. To only
similar prices, while others seem to be offering a totally    disclose one rate within a pricing structure is deceptive and the
different feature-set at an entirely different price than     primary reason most merchants are being overcharged.
their competitors. So which is the right provider for
                                                              Ways to tell whether or not you are getting overcharged on your
                                                              credit card processing:
Rates and fees depend on the type of business you have,
whether you are swiping cards or keying cards, which          •   Is there a separate category for Rewards or World cards?
card types you are accepting, and more.                       •   Have you seen your Mid-Qualified and/or Non-Qualified
                                                                  totals rise significantly?
It is important to understand that varying rates will be
applied to your processing activity as a function of the      •   Do you have a rate without a transaction fee?
type of card, the manner in which the card is processed,      •   Are you going through your local bank?
and your adherence to required processing rules.
                                                              •   Have you been told that you have to “upgrade” your current
The lowest rate, and the rate you should receive most             equipment?
frequently, is your Qualified Rate. To receive the Quali-
                                                              •   When you called to negotiate rates, did your bank say you’re
fied Rate on a given transaction, certain criteria apply
                                                                  already getting a great deal?
including, but not limited to, swiping the card if you are
a swiped merchant, or keying the card with Address
Verification Service (AVS) if you are a keyed merchant.       Does your statement indicate fees but does not include the dollar
It is also essential that you close out (batch) your termi-   amount of the transactions that correspond to those fees? If so,
nal each and every day.                                       this is a way to hide what rate you’re paying on keyed and cor-
                                                              porate cards.
The Mid-Qualified Rate will apply to certain card types       National Average Processing Rates
and is a rate you should expect to be assessed with some
                                                                                  Retail           Internet/MOTO
regularity. Most cards that fall into this category are re-
ward cards, point’s cards & world cards.                      Qualified -         1.79% +.25            2.59% +.25
                                                              Mid-Qualified –     2.59% +.25            3.09% +.25
The Non-Qualified Rate is a premium priced rate as-
signed to certain card types, such as cards issued by         Non-Qualified – 3.79% +.25                4.59% +.25
non-U.S. banks and corporate cards. In addition, if the       Statement fee – $10.00                  Gateway fee – $20.00 + .10
merchant fails to batch daily, all card activity will be
downgraded to this rate. To minimize costs, ALWAYS
                                                              The information supplied in this article was supplied by Paymerica
batch each and every day.                                     LLC, a corporate affiliate of NHMS.
How would you like to know that the payment you re-           For more information and a complimentary cost analysis, call 1-877-
ceived is good and will be in your account, ready for         729-6370 Ext. 500♣
you to use, in 48 hours? Taking credit cards will give
you the peace of mind that you don’t have with personal                           NH Musculoskeletal Institute
checks.                                                                                    8 Category 1 CME
Could this be happening to you?" Here are some ques-                                     January 25-26, 2008
tions to as:                                                                 Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa, Stowe, VT
Do you enter a zip code when you key in credit cards?                              Registration fee INCLUDES hotel
By entering this information you can save at least .5%                          Program info available at:
on each transaction!                                                     Contact: Laura Decoster, 603-627-9728,
                           The New Hampshire Medical Society Corporate
                                 Affiliates Offer the following services

                           Accounting                                       Apparel & Services

                      Billing Services                                        Business Management

                       Credit Card Processing                           Electronic Medical Records

                            Financial                                        Health Insurance

                          Dental Insurance                                Malpractice Insurance

                        Legal Services                                   Office Supplies – Printing

                          Pharmaceutical                                   Quality Improvement

                          Staffing Solutions                               Technical

                       Telecommunications                                  Vaccine programs

                                         WE HAVE A WINNER!

Cindi Maiocchi, Office Manager at General Surgical Specialists of NE wrote to us about the Corporate Affiliate she deals
with and was the lucky winner of $100.

Just wanted to let you know that our practice uses several of your Corporate Affiliate members. We use the following:
Affiliated Healthcare Systems Anthem BCBS Kilbride & Harris NEEBCO Solion Sulloway and Hollis

 I find the owners and employees at Kilbride & Harris to be professional, helpful and courteous. During renewal time for
our malpractice insurance I will speak with Chip Harris or Allison Morris on a daily basis for weeks. They are always will-
ing to help and I never feel that I am bothering them with my questions. I would highly recommend them to anyone, in
fact I have recommended them to several practices.

 Clark Houx and Kami Cunningham at NEEBCO have given us great service over the years. Kami is a terrific representa-
tive and is always ready to answer my questions and if she cannot she will find the answer elsewhere and call or e-mail
within more than a reasonable amount of time.

 The people at Sulloway and Hollis are just as helpful, professional and courteous as the above entities. They will answer
questions by e-mail or phone and are always ready to help.

 We use Solion and Affiliated Healthcare for supplies and have been extremely happy with their services. They always go
the extra mile.

           NHMS CAP is a paid membership program whose members meet criteria as posted at
Dudley J. Weider, M.D./NH Medical Society Scholar-         DHHS Announces New Tamper-Resistant Prescription
ship Fund Continued from pg 1                              Pad Requirement for Medicaid Outpatient Drugs
Courtney Warner, Dartmouth Medical School 2009,
Keene, New Hampshire
                                                               Concord, NH – The New Hampshire Health and Human
“My name is Courtney and I recently started my second      Services (DHHS) announced today that as of October 1st, health
year at Dartmouth medical School. My first year here at
medical school went wonderfully– I enjoyed the chal-       care providers in New Hampshire, must, as mandated by federal
lenging material, and still can’t believe how much I       law, use tamper-resistant prescription pads when prescribing
have learned and grown as a person in one year. It was
also great to meet and form friendships with my class-     Medicaid outpatient drugs. According to the Centers for Medi-
mates, as well as get involved in various community        care and Medicaid Services (CMS), the federal agency that ad-
service opportunities and activities. I volunteered last
year to teach 5th graders about tobacco prevention, and    ministers Medicare and Medicaid, the intent of the newly man-
also spent time at Mascoma Clinic in addition to taking    dated requirement is to reduce the number of unauthorized, im-
electives in Medical Spanish and Palliative Care. After
a great summer of research in the Radiology Depart-        properly changed or counterfeit prescriptions.
ment at Dartmouth Hitchcock, I am happy to be back
and continuing on with my medical education.

Until leaving for college, I lived with my parents and     As outlined in the guidelines issued by CMS, the new tam-
three younger sisters in Keene, NH. We have always         per-resistant pad requirement does not apply to:
been very close and my parents are excited that Hano-
ver is only a short drive from Keene. I high school, I          •    refills of written prescriptions presented at a phar-
was involved in soccer, basketball and the United
                                                                     macy before October 1st, 2007;
Church of Christ youth group. My first exposure to
volunteering in a hospital was through a youth group on         •    prescriptions that are transmitted to the pharmacy
one of our annual mission trips. Working in a rural
medical center in Puerto Rico as a freshman in high                  verbally, by fax or electronically; or
school sparked my interest in a career in medicine.
                                                                •    prescriptions paid for by a managed-care entity.
After attending Keene High School, and spending a
summer studying psychology at St. Paul’s School in
Concord, NH, I decided it was time for a shift from a
                                                               “We have made health care providers and pharmacists
small, rural community. I attended McGill University
in Montreal, Quebec and received a Bachelor of Sci-        aware of the new guidelines but we also want to make sure
ence in Anatomy and Cell Biology in May, 2005. Be-
                                                           that people who have their prescriptions covered by Medicaid
sides enjoying the vibrant and international culture in
Montreal, I was very active ii the McGill Rotaract         are aware of the changes,” said Nicholas Toumpas, Acting
Club, a student international and community service
                                                           DHHS Commissioner.
organization. For my last two years in Montreal, I
served as Vice President Financial on the Rotaract Ex-
ecutive team. I also spent time studying languages and
culture in Montreal, particularly French & Spanish.            “We want them to know,” continued Toumpas, “that
During my summers, I worked in clinical research at a
medical devices company, studying therapeutic hypo-        there is a provision in the guidelines that allows for the emer-
thermia and safe ways to induce it en route to the emer-   gency filling of prescriptions written on non-tamper resistant
gency department.
                                                           pads.” An emergency fill for a prescription may be done as
I am happy to be in Hanover, appreciate the natural        long as the prescriber provides a verbal, faxed, electronic, or
beauty and serenity of the Upper Valley. I love the sup-
portive community of this area and look forward to pur-    compliant written prescription within 72 hours after the date
suing my medical education at Dartmouth Medical            on which the prescription was filled.
School.” ♣
                                                                                                   Continued on pg. 7
        On October 1, 2007, a prescription pad must
contain at least one of the following three characteris-
tics in order to be considered tamper- resistant or risk
not being reimbursed for Medicaid outpatient drugs:

    •   one or more industry-recognized features de-
                                                              Northeast Family Medicine Conference
        signed to prevent unauthorized copying of a
        completed or blank prescription form;
                                                                  Primary Politics Meets
                                                                      Primary Care
    •   one or more industry-recognized features de-
        signed to prevent the erasure or modification of
                                                                New Hampshire Academy of Family
        information written on the prescription by the
                                                                  November 30– December 2, 2007
        prescriber, or

    •   one or more industry- recognized features de-                      Highlander Inn
        signed to prevent the use of counterfeit pre-                     2 Highlander Way
        scription forms.                                                Manchester, NH 03103
                                                                         Manchester Airport

        By October 1, 2008, the new prescription pads                 Call 603-224-1909 or email
must contain all of the above three characteristics to be
                                                        for details
                                                                             or to register
valid for Medicaid reimbursement.♣

                              Medical-Home Based
             Initiatives to Improve Quality of Care in Your Practice
                                   Holiday Inn 172 N. Main St. Concord, NH 03301
                                               October 10, 2007 8am-4pm

                                              Call 603-224-1909 or email
                      for details or to register

                                                    Sponsored by NHPS

                              NHMS SCIENTIFIC ASSEMBLY
                             Facing Challenges with Conviction
                           Prescribing Opioids, treating veterans & changing the system

                                    Friday and Saturday, October 26th and 27th
                                    The Margate Resort on Lake Winnipesaukee
                Call 603-224-1909 or email for info or to register
                                  Art in Medicine

David Coursin. Physician, Painter, Poet.
          Dr. David Coursin suspects that many doctors
would find a sense of renewal in pursuing some form of
creativity. Coursin, a Concord psychiatrist who directs an
acute care unit of the New Hampshire Hospital, believes that
“any self-absorbing activity, with a trance-like, meditative,
centering dimension to it can help us hold onto our humanity
in the swirl of all that we have to deal with.” For him, creat-
ing art and poetry are important balances to days spent eas-
ing human suffering and trying to orchestrate effective and
compassionate care in an imperfect system.
           His airy studio is an energetic collage of paintings,
drawings and three dimensional forms, with a computer
desktop displaying pairings of his images and poems. In one
corner, hangs an abstract painting in Rasta green, black, red
and yellow, that he has run several times through a table saw
and reassembled in strips tilting slightly in varied angles and
planes, mounted on, not in, a wooden frame. Against a work
bench leans a series of large acrylic paintings that experi-       quality.After several years of exploring art on his own, he
ment with deconstruction of elements of the human form,            found himself yearning to study classic forms and tech-
lightly reminiscent of Picasso. Several old drawers-become-        niques of painting. He began studying with Jim and Beth
sculptures are integrated with assorted found objects and          Aponovich at the NH Institute of Art and flourished in
mounted on the walls. On an easel, a large, brightly colored       their style of teaching which included painting along side
painting unites a still-life of ceramic vessels, a coconut , a     their students. Watching them create expansively, make
flower and grapes with a reproduction of the classic Sistine       occasional mistakes, start over, find unexpected forms in
Chapel image of God departing. God and the landscape into          errors and ultimately succeed in completing their works,
which he flees hover between existence in the painting and         he says, was inspirational. With their support and mentor-
existence in a painting within the painting; regarding it one      ing he gained skill and confidence. In 1996, he and family
has the sense of moving back and forth through several reali-      – Laura and their two children then in their teens - moved
ties. On a bench rests a notebook filled with 150 poems,           to simpler but ample quarters, in large part so that he could
written one a day over consecutive days. Other diverse crea-       take a job that would allow him to focus more time and
tions fill most available wall-space, table surfaces and much      energy on his art work. This was a leap of faith, but he has
of the floor. A relaxed seating area with worn couch and           not regretted the move.
comfortable chairs reflects, however, that the solitude of                   It is a continuing challenge, however, to find bal-
creation is balanced from time to time with warm gatherings        ance between his medical work and his art. With a deep
with friends.                                                      commitment to practicing both with excellence and care, it
          Coursin was drawn in to his artwork in the early         is difficult to maintain each within its boundaries. But it is
1990s. One day his wife Laura asked gently why she was             also clear that one nourishes the other. Coursin finds his
always the one to send a card to his mother on her birthday.       art work allows him to be kinder in his interactions with
He responded by purchasing a stack of art cards from various       his patients; without it he perceives he would be more im-
museums and a computer program that prompted him to re-            patient, cynical and not as humanly available. And after
member events of importance. He soon found himself buy-            an intense day in medicine, he often retreats to his studio
ing special pens to write his notes, then began decorating the     to paint or to write and frequently experiences that forms
cards with doodles and drawings, then sought out special           and colors, or words, evolve spontaneously, seemingly
papers to make the cards himself. He was in an art supply          born out of the resonance of that day. Sometimes, the ac-
store one day, buying card materials, when he saw a barrel of      cumulated energy of a period of focused work in medicine
paints, one tube for a dollar. He bought 25 tubes and some         compels his art in new directions; it was after months spent
brushes and was off and painting. He first experimented on a       intensively researching and writing an article on the evolu-
stack of shirt cardboards, then created body-size swirling         tionary origins of social behaviors that he was inspired to
shapes on a large appliance container flattened and pinned to      turn for a while from painting into a burst of expressions in
the basement wall. Soon he discovered that rolls of Tyvec          poetry. Coursin hopes one day to give undivided work
lying around his garage from recent construction were a ex-        energy to his art, but for now the demands of medicine
cellent substrate for his painting. Tyvec has remained one of      appear to drive a synergy that richly informs his creations.
his favorite media; white and cheap, stretched over masonite       Readers can contact Dr. Coursin at♣
it serves as canvas of any size; crumpled or worked with                                                        -Seddon Savage
pasty materials, it develops texture and has a sculptural
             Daily Conversation

            It is striking how little room                        Have you had that fleeting glimpse
                      the dead take up.                                     of many swaying
             With how they occupy our                                       in glory's choir?
                      minds and hearts                  Have they turned with you at the door to the bakery
            They should go on for miles                        or looked up from a book in your kitchen
          And this view of the Mississippi                      when the whisper of a smell brought it all back,
     from 34,000 feet with winds out of the southwest             the needles on the red cedar stood out clear
                       says the pilot                            and particular in that side-light of a sun setting
             and visibility coming into Jackson                             into dark clouds
               clear and sunny at 73 degrees                             coming out of the east.
         on just another day of the earth is turning     How often have you listened in on how the others talk
    Would be one of grave sites tightly stitched                             after your own passing?
   over the contours of our heartland is watershed                  I hear these conversations daily
                 in a vast quilting of souls.                         and wonder if it is the same for you.
How many times have you talked to one today alone?
                                                                                                   by David Coursin
continued from pg. 3
New Hampshire Medical Society                                                                                                                      Prsrt Std.
                                                                                                                                                 U.S. Postage
7 North State Street                                                                                                                                 PAID
                                                                                                                                                 Concord, NH
Concord, New Hampshire 03301-4018                                                                                                               Permit No. 1584

                                                         Proposed New Hampshire Medical Society
                                                              Vision, Mission and Values 2007

            NHMS envisions a State in which personal and public health are a high priority, all people have access to quality healthcare, and physicians
            experience deep satisfaction in the practice of medicine.
            The mission of NHMS is to bring together physicians to advocate for the well-being of our patients, for our profession and for the betterment of
            the public health.
            Altruism              We will act with unselfish regard for the welfare of others
            Integrity             We will conduct our activities in an atmosphere of openness and honesty. Members, officers and staff will uphold the
                                  highest standards of personal ethics.
            Inclusiveness         We will seek out and respect individuals with diverse perspectives and opinions to enrich our work.
            Humanism              We will embrace the art of medicine and the importance of the person in all that we do.
            Science               Our work will be grounded in principles of knowledge that can be studied and evaluated.
            Respect               We will treat other individuals and professions with due consideration
            Activism              We will take action to address issues of importance to our mission.
            Excellence            We will aim for the highest level of quality in our work and seek to continually improve our organization.

                  Comments and suggestions from members are sought on the emerging vision, mission and values statements of NHMS.
                                                 Please send to

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