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Enjoying a glass of tomato juice in the summer is indeed a very pleasant ritual. Not
only is delicious eaten with a variety of ways, tomatoes also have enormous benefits.
Research conducted by experts from the University of Illinois, United States, found a
red fruit that may prevent prostate cancer attacks.

A high content of Lycopene is the main reason. It works as an antioxidant good for
health. The researchers also found that lycopene can ward off an attack of lung
cancer, colon cancer as well.

"Our objective is not conducted research to look for cancer drugs. However,
prevention. It turned out that the content of lycopene in tomatoes could ward off
various attacks cancer," said lead researcher, Richard van Breemen.

Previous research has also found a tomato can prevent heart attacks. Lycopene is also
beneficial to reduce levels of bad cholesterol and stabilize blood pressure. Experts
manganjurkan to obtain a minimum intake of 25 milligrams of lycopene per day. That
figure is equivalent to half a liter of 50 grams of tomato juice or tomato paste.

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