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sports memorabilia display case


									All About the Sports Memorabilia Display Case

Just about every sport has a sports memorabilia display case. These
cases in many instances are custom made for a particular kind of
merchandise. This is understandable because as you know merchandise come
in various sizes and cannot fit in a display case where one size fits
all. Each case is designed for a particular item or items so that all or
most of the item can be seen through a glass display. There are usually
lights built into the case so that the merchandise can be seen in the
minutest of details. If you have a customer that cannot see what is in
the display case it becomes necessary for you to take it out of the case
for a good view. This should not be a problem since the sports
memorabilia display case is for showing. These cases can be locked for
safety and security.

As in any other kind of business there are always those items that can
become missing if not secured under lock and key. With the popularity of
sports memorabilia these dealers are especially vulnerable in a crowded
situation. Let's remember that many dealers travel with the various
teams and to sporting events. Therefore they are not using a land-based
operation to sell these sports items. The sports memorabilia display
case provides them with some security in an unprotected environment. The
larger the crowd the more likely some thief will take place.

All attendees are not there for the sport itself but some are there for
freebies and what can be taken. When you are looking at items on display
it is to your advantage to ask for a close-up look. Because there are
always look a likes at these major events and they are in display cases
also. It pays to know your merchandise before you buy. Licensed
merchandise will have a code on it somewhere that will differentiate it
from copies. Look at all of the details so that you will know a copy
from the real thing. Usually you can tell a copy from the real thing by
the workmanship. There is no need to pay full price for an item when it
is not authentic even though it may look like a deal.

You must have patience when you are looking at items in a sports
memorabilia display case because the average dealer will help only one
person at a time. Most dealers know that if they take something out of
the showcase and turned their backs they may be asking for trouble. That
is why any sports memorabilia display case is used in the first place.
In other words the display case gives the customer a chance to look at
the merchandise before buying it. When a person shows additional
interests in something in the show case and request to see it out of the
case, you should expect a sale.   It is important that you keep the case
lock at all times. After all sports items are hot commodities and even
when there is no interested in the sport these items have great resale

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