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Coronary Heart Disease


									Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease primarily caused by abnormalities of myocardial blood flow
due to coronary insufficiency due to atherosclerosis which is a degenerative process,
in addition to many other factors. Therefore with increasing
Indonesia human life expectancy, the incidence will increase and become an
important disease, let alone often cause sudden death. (1)
Seven types of heart disease is the most important:

1. Coronary heart disease (the cause of 80% of deaths caused by heart disease)
2. Heart disease due to hypertension (9%)
3. Rernatik heart disease (2-3%)
4. Congenital heart disease (2%)
5. Bacterial endocarditis (1-2%)
6. Syphilitic heart disease (1%)
7. Cor pulmonale (1%),
8. and others (5%) (4).

Atherosclerosis is a condition of large and small arteries are characterized by the
deposition of fat, platelets, macrophages and leukocytes in all layers of the tunica
intima and eventually into the tunica media (5).
It is known that atherosclerosis is not a continuous process, but rather a disease with a
phase of stable and unstable phases are alternated. Changes in clinical symptoms are
sudden and unexpected presumably related to plaque rupture, although the rupture is
not always followed by clinical symptoms. Often the rupture recover soon, evidently
this is how the process of plaque in progress. (3.6)
Now atherosclerosis is no longer considered an aging process alone. The emergence
of "fat spots" in the coronary artery wall is a natural phenomenon even
since childhood and do not always have to be atherosclerotic lesions; there are many
interrelated factors that may accelerate the atherogenic process. It has been known for
some of the factors that increase the risk of coronary atherosclerosis in certain

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