Prevention and Treatment of Cancer

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					Prevention and Treatment of Cancer
a. Prevention
Cancer can described as a lifestyle disease because it can be prevented by healthier lifestyles and avoid
risk factors for esophageal cancer. Cancer prevention can be done as follows:

1. Avoid high-fat foods, instant foods that contain dyes and preservatives, and eat foods that are
nutritionally balanced

2. Avoid sexual contact with a partner who is not your husband or wife your own.

3. Avoid cigarette smoke or stop smoking.

4. Avoid stress and prolonged conflict.

5. Avoid excessive sun exposure.

6. Check with periodically health
b. Treatment
Not all cancers have been detected or found to be cured. However, the earlier the cancer is found and
treated, the greater the likelihood of a cure.

1. Treatment Objectives
The general objective of cancer treatment as follows.

- Recovery (curative), which frees the patient from the cancer for good. This recovery is only successful if
the cancer suffered is still early stages, cancer or cancer that spread lokoregional not yet widespread and
its size is still small.

- Relieve (palliative), which is an active action to ease the burden on cancer patients, especially those that
could not grow anymore. The goal is to improve the quality of life, overcome the complications and
reduce or eliminate patient complaints.

2. Treatment Method
In general, cure or treatment done as follows.

- Surgery (surgery), performed if the location of the cancer is still local or locoregional.

- Radiation or radiotherapy as an alternative to the way the operation

- Drug killer cancer cells is performed if the cancer has spread widely and are chemosensitive or
responsive to chemical drugs, so that cancer cells can absorb the medication quickly, then die.

- Improved immune system (immunotherapy)

- Treatment with a hormone made specifically for cancer-dependent hormones (hormone dependent)

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