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					     Priadara: Skincare Range
       Priadara is a professional skincare range that offers
       exceptional results at an affordable price. The
       products have been carefully researched and tested to
       ensure that they deliver superior results time after time.

     Each product contains two or more natural essential oils, which when blended together
     have a mutually enhancing effect on each other, increasing the overall results on your
     clients’ skin.
     Priadara products are derived from science but approved by nature. Every product
     contains natural botanical plant and herbal extracts, essential oils of the highest quality,
     rare and exotic seed oils and vitamin therapy to condition, balance and repair the skin.
     Priadara skincare is divided into five skin modes, each with a signature colour and
     name to help you recognise the products at a glance.

     sedate: for delicate/irritated skins
     Reduces redness, irritation and restores skin health. Mango seed and vitamin E counteract tightness adding moisture. Raspberry             smoothing
     extract reduces sensitivity, while camomile, lavender and neroli provide gentle soothing, anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties.   & soothing!
     The cells are repaired and restored, improving surface protection of delicate skin.

     quench: for dry/dehydrated skins
     A quenching facial replenishes the skin’s natural moisture levels protecting against the elements. Bathe dry, dehydrated skins    thirsty skin
     with humectants, nutrients and vitamins from botanical extracts. Hemp oil with essential fatty acids improves the hydro lipid      needs Quench!
     coat of the skin responsible for good cellular health. Sandalwood, frankincense and neroli moisturise, whilst panthenol aids
     tissue healing.

     energise: for mature/tired skins
     Stimulates cell metabolism and renewal where skin energy is sluggish. Improves elasticity, softens fine lines and          energise your clients
     wrinkles. Lemon is key to skin looking brighter and lively, whilst avocado balances moisture and borage oil rich in GLA,
                                                                                                                                and your business
     repairs the cells. Vitamin rich rose and sandalwood, nurture and nourish to leave the skin looking and feeling younger.                       !

     stabilise: for unbalanced/unhappy skins
     Stabilise and restore the balance of sebaceous secretions whilst helping to hydrate dehydrated cells.           stabilise your client’s skin;
     Camelina oil, high in omega-3 gently treats these skins without causing dryness or irritation. Olive and shea
     butter moisturise whilst geranium and mandarin regulate and balance.
                                                                                                                      make it happy!

     control: for oily/overactive skins
     Ideal for oily and overactive skins providing deep cleansing and detoxification of the skin without causing unnecessary dryness.           see the
     Aloe vera, grapefruit, cypress and may chang will soothe and draw impurities. Allantoin and safflower promote skin healing and balance.     difference

66      skincare
Priadara: Skincare & Retail Kits
 PDA920                                                                      PDA930
 Priadara Professional Skincare Kit                                          Priadara Professional Retail Kit
 3 x 17fl.oz/500ml Cleansers                                                 3 x 125ml Cleansers
 2 x 8.5fl.oz/250ml Foaming Cleansers                                        2 x 5fl.oz/150ml Cleansers
 2 x 6.8fl.oz/200ml Refreshing Spritz                                        2 x 4.2fl.oz/125ml Refreshing Spritz
 2 x 6.8fl.oz/200ml Active Spritz                                            2 x 4.2fl.oz/125ml Active Spritz
 1 x 8.5fl.oz/250ml Skin Scrub                                               1 x 3.4fl.oz/100ml Skin Scrub
 1 x 8.5fl.oz/250ml Gentle Skin Peel                                         5 x 3.4fl.oz/100ml Face Masks
 5 x 8.5fl.oz/250ml Face Masks                                               5 x 3.4fl.oz/100ml Moisturisers
 5 x 8.5fl.oz/250ml Moisturisers                                             1 x 4.2fl.oz/125ml Oily ‘I’ Make Up Remover
 1 x 8.5fl.oz/250ml Facial Massage Cream                                     1 x 4.2fl.oz/125ml ‘I’ Make Up Remover
 1 x 8.5fl.oz/250ml ‘I’ and Facial Treat Oil                                 2 x 30ml ‘I’ Repair Cream
 1 x 8.5fl.oz/250ml Oily ‘I’ Make Up Remover                                 2 x 1.7fl.oz/50ml Skin Tight
 1 x 8.5fl.oz/250ml ‘I’ Make Up Remover                                      2 x 1.7fl.oz/50ml Triple S
 1 x 1fl.oz/30ml ‘I’ Repair Cream                                            1 x 175ml Oriental Body Scrub
 1 x 10.5oz/300g Thermal Mask                                                1 x 8.5fl.oz/250ml Oriental Body Lotion
 3 x 0.56oz/16g Algae Masks                                                  1 x 4.2fl.oz/125ml Hand Polish
 1 x 1.7fl.oz/50ml Triple S Gel                                              1 x 3.4fl.oz/100ml Intensive Hand Cream
 1 x 1.7fl.oz/50ml Skin Tight                                                2 x 1fl.oz/30ml Cuticle and Nail Treat
 Plus:                                                                       1 x 4.2fl.oz/125ml Foot Polish
 Priadara Technical Manual                                                   1 x 3.4fl.oz/100ml Replenishing Treatment Cream
 Priadara A2 Salon Posters (2)                                               5 x Try Me Packs
 Technical DVD                                                               Plus:                          a great
 Priadara Therapist Badge                                                    Priadara Carrier Bags (50)
                                                                                                                  saving of
 Priadara Gift Vouchers (25)        a fantastic                              Priadara Client Retail Leaflets (25)
 Priadara Salon Invites (25)
 Mixed Sample Sachets (168)         saving of
                                                                             Priadara A2 Salon Posters (2)
                                                                             Priadara Window Sticker
                                                                                                              over £30.00!
 Client Record Cards (25)
                                     over £81.0                              Priadara Prescription Cards   Retail potential
                                                0!                                                             of £441.10!
 Only £249.99                                                                Only £199.99

 Choosing your main or secondary skincare range can be a confusing. Introducing
 Priadara skincare into your business is easy. We have affordable starter kits,
 skincare products that come in professional and retail size and no minimum order

PDA900                                                                       PDA910
 new Priadara Mini Skincare Kit                                               new Priadara Mini Retail Kit
2 x 4.2fl.oz/125ml Cleansers (Sedate & Energise)                             3 x 4.2fl.oz/125ml Cleansers
1 x 5fl.oz/150ml Stabilise Foaming Cleanser                                  2 x 5fl.oz/150ml Foaming Cleaners
2 x 4.2fl.oz/125ml Spritz                                                    2 x 4.2fl.oz/125ml Spritz
1 x 3.4fl.oz/100ml Skin Scrub                                                5 x 3.4fl.oz/100ml Face Masks
3 x 3.4fl.oz/100ml Face Masks (Sedate, Stabilise & Energise)                 5 x 3.4fl.oz/100ml Moisturisers
3 x 3.4fl.oz/100ml Moisturisers (Control, Stabilise & Quench)                2 x 4.2fl.oz/125ml ‘I’ Make Up Removers
1 x 4.2fl.oz/125ml Oil Free ‘I’ Make Up Remover                              1 x 1fl.oz/30ml ‘I’ Repair Cream
1 x 1fl.oz/30ml ‘I’ Repair Cream                                             1 x 1.7fl.oz/50ml Skin Tight  save
1 x 1.7fl.oz/50ml Skin Tight                                                 1 x 1.7fl.oz/50ml Triple S
Plus:                                                                        Plus:                           over £28.00!
                                                                             Priadara Carrier Bags (50)
Client Record Cards
                                     save                                    Priadara Prescription Pad    Retail potential
Only £69.99                           over £16.00!                                                              of £248.35!
                                                                             Only £99.99

                                                           Lo-call 0845 130 6126   67
     Skincare: Priadara Cleansers
        Priadara cleansers are luxurious and gentle on your                                                                tip
        clients’ skin. They contain natural active ingredients
        and deliver outstanding results.

                                                                                                                                             cleansers are
                                                                                                                                             not suitable for
     Sedate Cleansing Gel                                  Energise Cleansing Cream
                                                                                                                                             removing eye
     A gentle cleansing gel with lavender, camomile,       A luxurious creamy cleanser with lemon, rose,
     neroli, raspberry and grapeseed. Cleanses             sandalwood, vitamins A and E and safflower.
                                                                                                                                             make-up. See
     impurities without sensitising or removing any        Conditions skin whilst cleansing impurities.                                      page 71 for
     of the skin’s natural oils.                           PDA121 17fl.oz/500ml Professional            £8.95                                Priadara eye
     PDA111 17fl.oz/500ml Professional           £8.95     PDA221 4.2fl.oz/125ml Retail                 £4.60                                make-up
     PDA211 4.2fl.oz/125ml Retail                £4.60                                             Retail £9.25                              removers
                                            Retail £9.25

     Quench Cleansing Solution                             Stabilise Foaming Cleanser                             Control Foaming Cleanser
     A rich conditioning cleanser with sandalwood,         An fantastic foaming cleanser with geranium and        Priadara’s second amazing foaming cleanser
     frankincense, neroli, lime, soy, safflower and        mandarin. Purifies and hydrates unbalanced/            with grapefruit, cypress, may chang, aloe vera
     vitamin E. Cleanses, refreshes and hydrates           combination skin.                                      and allantoin. Purifying, revitalising and
     the skin.                                             PDA131 8.5fl/oz/250ml Professional        £7.95        de-greasing for oily skin conditions.
     PDA101 17fl.oz/500ml Professional            £8.95    PDA231 5fl.oz/150ml Retail                £4.45        PDA141 8.5fl/oz/250ml Professional         £7.95
     PDA201 4.2fl.oz/125ml Retail                 £4.60                                            Retail £8.90   PDA241 5fl.oz/150ml Retail                 £4.45
                                            Retail £9.25                                                                                               Retail £8.90

                                                           Active Spritz                                          Refreshing Spritz
     Priadara Toners                                       Astringent and livening qualities of lemon and balm
                                                           mint help to control oily/unbalanced areas of skin
                                                                                                                  Facial spritz with refreshing, hydrating and
                                                                                                                  calming properties of lavender and raspberry.
                                                           without causing dehydration. Alcohol-free witch        Gentle, soothing and cooling. Use with Sedate,
                                                           hazel reduces breakouts and fights congestion.         Quench and Energise Skin modes.
        • Free of harsh                                    Use with Control and Stabilise Skin modes.             PDA156     6.8fl.oz/200ml Professional £5.45
                                                           PDA159      6.8fl.oz/200ml Professional £5.45                     Spray
          alcohols                                                     Spray                                      PDA255     4.2fl.oz/125ml Retail Spray £4.75
                                                           PDA258      4.2fl.oz/125ml Retail Spray £4.75                                               Retail £9.50
        • Refreshing                                                                              Retail £9.50
        • Hydrating
        • Balancing
        • Natural active
        • Easy to use

68      skincare
Skincare: Priadara Moisturisers
   Priadara moisturisers condition, protect and balance the skin. They are rich in fatty
   acids, promote cell growth, and repair and improve the condition of the skin’s
   natural hydro lipid coat.

    PDA112          PDA212           PDA122            PDA222         PDA102            PDA202           PDA132       PDA232            PDA142           PDA242

Sedate Moisturiser                                       Energise Moisturiser                                     Control Moisturiser
Light and effective moisturiser using raspberry,         A luxurious cream containing the finest emollients       A fantastic oil free gel with allantoin, may chang,
camomile, vitamins and anti-oxidants to reduce           plus vitamins A & E, starflower oil, lemon and           grapefruit and cypress to purify and heal,
skin ageing and soothe the skin. UV-B protection.        rose to re-energise the skin. UV-B protection.           reducing surface oil and breakouts.
PDA112 8.5fl/oz/250ml Professional           £9.95       PDA122 8.5fl/oz/250ml Professional           £9.95       UV-B protection. Can be applied to isolated
PDA212 3.4fl.oz/100ml Retail                 £5.95       PDA222 3.4fl.oz/100ml Retail                 £5.95       areas for treatment of specific blemishes.
                                       Retail £11.95                                              Retail £11.95   PDA142 8.5fl/oz/250ml Professional             £9.95
                                                                                                                  PDA242 3.4fl.oz/100ml Retail                   £5.95
Quench Moisturiser                                       Stabilise Moisturiser                                                                           Retail £11.95
A conditioning cream with hemp oil, vitamins,            Balance and protect the skin with this light
and essential oils of lime and frankincense to
rehydrate the skin. UV-B protection.
                                                         moisturiser. Mandarin and camelina join
                                                         geranium to regulate oil and stimulate cell              great value!
PDA102 8.5fl/oz/250ml Professional
PDA202 3.4fl.oz/100ml Retail
                                                         growth. UV-B protection.
                                                         PDA132 8.5fl/oz/250ml Professional           £9.95
                                                                                                                            counter intro deal
                                       Retail £11.95     PDA232 3.4fl.oz/100ml Retail                 £5.95        Your counter intro deal includes 6 x retail
                                                                                                  Retail £11.95    products (50ml) and 1 x tester product. Plus
                                                                                                                   an attractive counter display, client leaflets

Priadara Specialities                                                                                              and samples free of charge.

                                                                                                                   PDA610A Triple S Gel                     £51.99
                                                                                                                           Counter Intro Deal
  Ultra advanced formulas producing extraordinary results.

Triple S gel                                             Skin tight
  Ultra intensive                                          Anti-ageing technology
  Gel moisturiser                                          Firming & strengthening
  Anyhydrous (waterless)                                   Improved skin elasticity
  Preservative free                                        Tightening
  Smoothing to the skin                                    Long term moisturising effects
  Shield of protection                                     Smoothing of lines and wrinkles
  Saves further damage
                                                         An advanced complex of Argireline, Microalgae
When applied to the skin a natural sheen is              with polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins and
produced over cells that are uneven due to               antioxidants. Skin tight gives tightening effects in
dehydration, lack of elasticity or poor health.          addition to long term smoother, plumper                   PDA616A Skin Tight                       £51.99
Poor cell health creates dry, dehydrated,                complexion with evidence of minimising lines                      Counter Intro Deal
wrinkled or sensitised skin. This advanced               and wrinkles.
formula of three superb emollient silicones is the
answer to these skin conditions as it provides a         Priadara skin tight is applied as a treatment
smooth shield saving the skin from further               moisturiser, alternatively applied a few minutes
damage. It reduces the loss of moisture that             before your regular moisturiser. Apply to
evaporates from the skin during the day and              troublesome areas or treat the entire face and
repairs the acid mantle.                                 neck. Argireline forms a protein complex that
                                                         excels at reducing wrinkle depth and smoothing
Triple S gel is a perfect base for make up and is        the surface of the skin. Microalgae (from ocean
especially beneficial on sensitive, dehydrated,          plant life) protects the fibroblast cells in the skin
stressed, dry, mature, flaky and damaged skin            from oxidation stress which in turn increase
conditions. In fact most skin conditions benefit         collagen synthesis in the dermis.
from Triple S gel.
PDA601 1.7fl.oz/50ml                         £8.95       When used on a regular basis the combined
                                                         effects of these two powerful anti ageing actives
PDA603 3+ Rate each                          £8.45
                                                         are outstanding.
                                                                                                                      fantastic value
                                       Retail £17.95
                                                         PDA605 1.7fl.oz/50ml                        £8.95                over £107.00
                                                         PDA606 3+ Rate each                         £8.45
                                                                                                                             retail value
                                                                                                  Retail £17.95
                                                                         Lo-call 0845 130 6126                 69
     Skincare: Priadara Face Masks
       Priadara face masks stimulate and boost the skin leaving it supple, smooth and
       balanced. They are deeply cleansing and contain natural active ingredients to
       constantly deliver positive results.

       PDA113        PDA213              PDA123            PDA223            PDA103          PDA203                 PDA133        PDA233               PDA143        PDA243

     Sedate Face Mask                                           Energise Face Mask                                           Control Face Mask
     A soothing, replenishing mask aimed at calming             A luxurious non-setting mask that repairs                    A refining setting mask with clarifying, purifying
     sensitivity and restoring the suppleness of the            damaged skin, alleviates fine lines and brightens            and deep cleansing effects. Contains grapefruit,
     skin. Contains lavender, camomile, neroli,                 the complexion.                                              cypress, may chang, Vitamin E, camelina seed
     raspberry, mango seed oil and shea butter.                 PDA123 8.5fl.oz/250ml Professional          £8.95            oil and safflower.
     PDA113 8.5fl.oz/250ml Professional           £8.95         PDA223 3.4fl.oz/100ml Retail                £4.95            PDA143 8.5fl.oz/250ml Professional             £8.95
     PDA213 3.4fl.oz/100ml Retail                 £4.95                                                  Retail £9.95        PDA243 3.4fl.oz/100ml Retail                   £4.95
                                            Retail £9.95                                                                                                              Retail £9.95
                                                                Stabilise Face Mask
     Quench Face Mask                                           A clearing, balancing, semi-setting mask to
     This non-setting gel mask replenishes the skin’s
     moisture levels, rehydrating and repairing skin
                                                                gently deep cleanse and stabilise the skin
                                                                without overdrying. Contains geranium,
                                                                                                                                     Star buy!
     cells. Contains lime, frankincense sandalwood,             mandarin, vitamin E, camelina seed oil and olive.
     neroli and vitamin B.                                      PDA133 8.5fl.oz/250ml Professional         £8.95
     PDA103 8.5fl.oz/250ml Professional          £8.95          PDA233 3.4fl.oz/100ml Retail               £4.95               Priadara Thermal Masks
     PDA203 3.4fl.oz/100ml Retail                £4.95                                                   Retail £9.95          Eliminate toxins and feed the cells
                                            Retail £9.95                                                                       and tissues with the outstanding
                                                                                                                               Priadara thermal mask.

     Priadara: active therapy
        Three fantastic peel-off algae masks, rich in minerals
        and trace elements essential for cell metabolism, cell
        repair and healing

     Each mask is based on a special blend of three different coral algae naturally sourced from ocean plant
     life. The polysaccharide content of algae improves moisture balance whilst a firming and strengthening
     action on the skin is also produced.

                                                           Coral Algae Face Mask with Vitamin C
                                                           Suitable for all skin types but in particular stressed               Ensure the skin is prepared with a
                                                           skins in need of cell repair.                                        generous layer of treatment moisturiser
                                                           PDA650A Single mask 0.56oz/16g                     £3.15             after application of the Priadara ampoule.
                                                                   (1 treatment)                                                The mask is applied over gauze to the skin
                                                                   5+ Rate each                               £2.95             avoiding the eyebrows and hairline. As the
                                                                                                                                mask sets the gentle thermal action takes
                                                           Hibiscus Algae Face Mask                                             place. The skin cells absorb the ampoule
                                                                                                                                and cream whilst the mask absorbs
                                                           Suitable for skin conditions that lack tone and
                                                                                                                                impurities from the pores. Dead skin cells
                                                           radiance such as dry/dehydrated, mature/tired or
                                                                                                                                cling to the mask producing a
                                                           unbalanced skins.
                                                                                                                                desquamating effect on the skin.
                                                           PDA656 Single mask 0.88oz/25g                   £3.15                A fantastic surface cleansing takes place.
                                                                        (1 treatment)                                           The warmth of the mask increases the
                                                                        5+ Rate each                       £2.95                circulation of blood and lymph to and from
                                                                                                                                the skin cells.
                                                           Caviar Algae Face Mask
                                                           Suitable for all skin types especially those that are               PDA655 Single mask 10.5oz/300g £3.40
                                                           showing the signs of premature ageing.                                     (1 treatment)
                                                                                                                                      10+ Rate each           £3.00
                                                           PDA657      Single mask 0.88oz/25g                 £3.15
                                                                       (1 treatment)
                                                                       5+ Rate each                           £2.95
70      skincare
Skincare: Priadara Essentials

     PDA161          PDA261              PDA163          PDA165         PDA177           PDA172            PDA272        PDA171         PDA271           PDA174

Exfoliate Skin Scrub                                      ‘I’ & Facial Treat Oil                                    ‘I’ Repair Cream
The livening qualities of grapefruit,                     A luxurious fine blend of jojoba and lime oil             A cream to reduce fine lines and repair skin
lime and lemon brighten the skin. The                     offers a gently stimulating and toning oil ideal          damage around the delicate eye area.
smooth and gentle action of lightly polished              for massage around the eye, facial and                    Contains arnica, vitamin B and E, rose, silk
microscopic polyethylene beads along with                 shoulder area. Jojoba is an excellent emollient           amino acids and starflower.
lactic acid exfoliate without over stimulation.           and helps to improve skin elasticity and                  PDA174     1fl.oz/30ml                      £6.95
PDA161      8.5fl.oz/250ml Professional £7.95             suppleness. Suitable for all skin types. Perfect                     (One size for professional & retail)
PDA261      3.4fl.oz/100ml Retail       £4.95             when used for eye drainage massage in the                                                       Retail £13.95
                                          Retail £9.95    Priadara Visio Visage facial.
                                                          PDA177      8.5fl.oz/250ml                     £9.95
Exfoliate Gentle Skin Peel                                            (For salon treatment only)                      Priadara essentials are
An AHA enzymatic exfoliator with the active
enzyme bromelain derived from pineapple,                  Oil Free ‘I’ Make Up Remover                                vital ingredients in your
lemon and lime brighten the skin whilst                   An oil free cleansing gel designed to remove                Priadara facial. Skin scrub
soybean and safflower balance.                            eye and lip make-up whilst conditioning the
                                                          lashes and skin.
                                                                                                                      and gentle skin peel
PDA163      8.5fl.oz/250ml Professional £8.95
                                         Retail £13.95    PDA172      8.5fl.oz/250ml Professional £6.95               brighten the skin, ‘I’ make
Facial Massage Cream                                      PDA272      4.2fl.oz/125ml Retail       £4.95               up remover conditions the
Superb light massage cream suitable for all                                                         Retail £8.50
face, neck and shoulder massage. Contains                                                                             lashes, ‘I’ repair cream
rose and sandalwood, along with grapeseed                 Oily ‘I’ Make Up Remover                                    reduces fine lines and
and shea butter. Suitable for all skin types.             An oil based cleanser designed to remove
Must be used with water.                                  stubborn waterproof mascara.                                Priadara massage oil and
PDA165      Facial Massage Cream               £7.95      PDA171      8.5fl.oz/250ml Professional £6.95               cream are the perfect
            8.5fl.oz/250ml                                PDA271      4.2fl.oz/125ml Retail       £4.95
            (For salon treatment only)                                                              Retail £8.50      massage mediums.

new                                                          Sedate Try Me Pack                                     Stabilise Try Me Pack
          must-haves                                         1 x Sedate Moisturiser Sachet
                                                             1 x Sedate Cleansing Gel Sachet
                                                                                                                    2 x Stabilise Moisturiser Sachet
                                                                                                                    1 x Skin Scrub Sachet

            try me                                           1 x Gentle Skin Scrub Sachet
                                                             1 x Oil Free ‘I’ Make Up Remover Sachet
                                                                                                                    1 x Oil Free ‘I’ Make Up Remover Sachet
                                                                                                                    1 x Triple S Sachet
                                                             1 x Triple S Sachet                                    1 x Skin Tight Sachet
                                                             1 x Skin Tight Sachet                                  PDA495                                  £1.55
    Tempt your clients to invest in                          PDA491                                      £1.55                                         Retail £2.99
    Priadara retail products with                                                                   Retail £2.99    Quench Try Me Pack
    Priadara Try Me Packs. Your                              Control Try Me Pack                                    1 x Quench Moisturiser Sachet
                                                             2 x Control Moisturiser Sachet                         1 x Quench Cleansing Solution Sachet
    clients can now test the                                 1 x Skin Scrub Sachet                                  1 x Skin Scrub Sachet
    products in the comfort of their                         1 x Oil Free ‘I’ Make Up Remover Sachet                1 x Oil Free ‘I’ Make Up Remover Sachet
                                                             1 x Triple S Sachet                                    1 x Triple S Sachet
    own home. Once they have                                 1 x Skin Tight Sachet                                  1 x Quench Face Mask Sachet
    used the contents of the pack                            PDA494                                      £1.55      PDA493                                  £1.55
    and are satisfied with the results                                                               Retail £2.99                                       Retail £2.99
                                                             Energise Try Me Pack
    they can invest in the retail sized                      1 x Energiser Moisturiser Sachet
    products. Alternatively why not                          1 x Energiser Cleansing Cream Sachet
                                                             1 x Skin Scrub Sachet
    cost one into the price of a                             1 x Oil Free ‘I’ Make Up Remover Sachet
    treatment and give it to your                            1 x Triple S Sachet
    client as a gift.                                        1 x Skin Tight Sachet
                                                             PDA492                                      £1.55
   Salon Intro Pack                                                                                 Retail £2.99
   Includes: 2 x PDA491, 2 x PDA492,
   2 x PDA493, 2 x PDA494, 2 x PDA495
   PDA496                                     £10.99
                                          Save £4.51

                                                                          Lo-call 0845 130 6126                 71
     Your personal business advisor
                                                                                                                     As the hair and beauty salon was being
                                                                                                                     refurbished, we wanted a new fresh
        Our team of technical experts are always                                                                     product range for the re-opening and
        on hand to answer your questions or provide                                                                  booked a demonstration by our Area
                                                                                                                     Manager. After seeing its effects we felt
        you with more information.                                                                                   confident that the range offered us a
                                                                                                                     good variety of products and treatments.
                                                                                                                     Priadara has also allowed us to offer a
                                                                                                                     larger range of beauty treatments while
                                                                                                                     keeping to a professional range that is
                                                                                                                     only available in salons.
                                                                                                                                      Body Sculpture, Bedford

                                                                                                                     When I started my business I was torn
     Our team of Area Managers (all qualified and            Make sure you make the most of your meeting             between using various ranges. After
     experienced Beauty Therapists) will be delighted        and include as many of the exciting new                 speaking to an Ellisons Area Manager I
     to call on your salon and discuss your skincare         treatments and products as possible.
     and product requirements.
                                                                                                                     discovered Priadara. I liked the image and
                                                                                                                     tried a few samples before I bought. I like
                                                             Call 024 7636 5187 to arrange a
     To find out more about Priadara please                                                                          the texture and fragrance of the products,
                                                             meeting with your personal                              and also the fact that they have essential
     telephone 024 7636 5187 and we will arrange
     a convenient time to come and see you. We will          business advisor.                                       oils and no mineral oils in them. The price
     talk you through the concept and if applicable                                                                  was a major factor too as I needed an
     demonstrate parts of the treatment as well as                                                                   affordable professional range.
     leaving samples for you to try.                                                                                        Infinity Beauty, Northamptonshire

     Promotional Material
                                                             Salon Support and                                       PDA885 Client Focus Promotional           £1.75
        Introduce Priadara                                   Marketing Material                                             Leaflets (25)
        marketing material into                              Make a showcase of posters, leaflets and
                                                             information. Use a Priadara consultation card
                                                                                                                     PDA845 Carrier Bags (50)
                                                                                                                     PDA861 Window Sticker
        your salon and watch                                 for skin analysis, give out the client leaflet and
                                                             prescription with samples and after treatments          Promotions
        your profits soar.                                   so your clients cannot forget your                      Use the Priadara promotional material and
                                                             recommendations. Place everything in a Priadara         organise a few promotions throughout the year
                                                             mini carrier bag!                                       PDA850 Salon Invites 25pk                 £3.00
                                                             PDA815 Skincare Salon Poster                    £2.50   PDA855 Gift Vouchers 25pk                 £4.75
                                                                         A2 (1)
                                                             PDA816 Hand Therapy Salon Poster £1.75                  Support for the Therapist
                                                                         A4 (1)
                                                                                                                     Manual of products and treatment procedures.
                                                             PDA817 Foot Therapy Salon Poster                £1.75
                                                                                                                     PDA830 Priadara Technical Manual £15.00
                                                                         A4 (1)
                                                             PDA818 body therapy salon poster                £2.50
                                                                         A2 (1)                                      Priadara Skincare DVD
                                                             PDA693 Cryssage Postcards (25)                  £2.95   Complete instruction using all skincare products
     Samples (25’s)
                                                             PDA820 Skincare Client Record                   £3.95   and Priadara active masks.
     Samples are the most effective way of building
                                                                         Cards (25)                                  PDA100 Priadara Skincare DVD               £5.00
     retail sales, once your client try, they will buy!
     Priadara offer a range of skincare samples.             PDA825 Skincare Prescription                    £2.50
     PDA442 Control Moisturiser                      £3.95               Pads (25 pgs)                               Therapist Badge
     PDA411 Sedate Cleansing Gel                     £3.95   PDA840 Client Retail Leaflets Skin,             £3.50   A small, neat Priadara logo badge for therapists
     PDA412 Sedate Moisturiser                       £3.95               Body, Hands & Feet (25)                     to wear on their salon uniform.
     PDA401 Quench Cleansing                         £3.95                                                           PDA805 Therapist Badge                     £2.50
     PDA421 Energise Cleansing                       £3.95
     PDA432 Stabilise Moisturiser                    £3.95
     PDA449 Mixed pack of                           £22.50
                  (PDA442, 411, 412, 401, 421, 432)
     PDA402 Quench Moisturiser                       £3.95
     PDA422 Energise Moisturiser                     £3.95
     PDA451 Skin Scrub                               £3.95
     PDA453 Gentle Skin Peel                         £3.95
     PDA452 Oil Free ‘I’ Make Up                     £3.95
     PDA403 Quench Face Mask                         £3.75
     PDA450 Mixed Pack of                           £22.50
                  (PDA402, 422, 451, 453, 452, 403)
     PDA611A Triple S Gel Sachets                    £2.95
                  and leaflets (12)
     PDA617A Skin Tight Sachets                      £2.95
                  and leaflets (12)

72     skincare
Skincare: Priadara ionitherapy gels & ampoules
   Priadara galvanic gels are unique as they can be used                                                      The Priadara Sub Dermal
   under a negative and/or positive charged electrode. This                                                   There are a number of combinations that
                                                                                                              can be used in the Sub Dermal Facial so
   means they can be used in your treatments in a way that                                                    you can match the facial to your clients’
   suits you! Each galvanic gel contains cooling and active                                                   specific requirements. A popular
                                                                                                              combination of galvanic desincrustation
   ingredients for the specific skin condition. The gels are cold                                             and/or galvanic iontophoresis is very
                                                                                                              effective for deep cleansing, correcting and
   on application giving a gentle tingling sensation.                                                         balancing the skin condition. Follow with
                                                                                                              direct high frequency using priadara
  PDA520        PDA521         PDA522         PDA523     PDA524        PDA525        PDA526       PDA527      oxygen cream the skin is bathed in
                                                                                                              oxygen. A face mask from the priadara
                                                                                                              range will complete the facial and leave
                                                                                                              the skin glowing and radiant.

                                                                                                            facial                 prescription
                                                                                                            intensive                 effective

                                                                                                                Star buy!                      save
Control                                                Energise
Active ingredient active herbs, formulated to          Active ingredient of peppermint to stimulate cell     Salon Intro Pack                   £5.65
calm, regulate and control the skin.                   functioning and boost cell metabolism.                Set of 7 Galvanic Gels.
PDA520 Gel 1 (- to +) green 14oz/400g £12.95           PDA523 Gel 4 (- to +) pink 14oz/400g £12.95           PDA528 Salon Intro Pack               £85.00

Sedate                                                 Stabilise
Active ingredient camomile, to soothe and              The calming and healing effects of aloe vera are
nourish delicate skin.                                 perfect for the unbalanced/unhappy skin.
PDA521 Gel 2 (- to +) lilac 14oz/400g £12.95           PDA524 Gel 5 (- to +) blue 14oz/400g £12.95

Quench                                                 Desincrustation
Active ingredient wheatgerm to regenerate and          A superb gel which emulsifies impurities leaving
gently hydrate thirsty skin.                           the skin clean and receptive to further treatment.
PDA522 Gel 3 (- to +) yellow 14oz/400g £12.95          PDA525 Gel 6 (- to +) clear 14oz/400g £12.95

Anti Cellulite Gel                                     Oxygen Treatment Cream
A cost effective gel with ivy which helps break        This active product releases oxygen into the skin
down areas of cellulite when used within a body        when combined with direct high frequency. Ideal
galvanic treatment.                                    as part of the Priadara Sub Dermal Facial.
PDA526 Gel 7 (- to +) dark pink             £12.95     PDA527 Oxygen Treatment                    £5.95
            14oz/400g                                              Cream 8.5fl.oz/250ml

  Priadara’s selection of concentrated ampoules is suitable for all skin conditions. They may be
  used directly on the skin under Priadara face masks and moisturisers or during a galvanic facial.

    PDA007            PDA005             PDA010          PDA014             PDA015              PDA013
                                                                                                                Star buy!
                                                                                                             Priadara Mini Starter Pack
                                                                                                             20 assorted screw top ampoules.
                                                                                                             5 x Desincrustation, 3 x Control, 3 x Sedate,
                                                                                                             3 x Quench, 3 x Energise, 3 x Stabilise.
                                                                                                             PDA016 Priadara Mini Starter           £19.95
                                                                                                                        Pack (20)
Sedate                                                 Energise
Wheatgerm soothes and nourishes tired,                 Containing vegetable collagen and elastin, this
sensitive skins and is ideal as a preventitive         concentrated ampoule will improve skin
treatment for clients prone to dilated capillaries.    functioning and firmness. Use with Priadara          Stabilise
Use with Priadara sedate skincare.                     Energise skincare.                                   The calming and healing effects of aloe vera are
PDA005 Sedate (10)                           £11.95    PDA014 Energise (10)                     £11.95      perfect for the unbalanced/ unhappy skin. Use
                                                                                                            with Priadara Stabilise skincare.
Quench                                                 Control                                              PDA015 Stabilise (10)                     £11.95
Spectacular results can be obtained with royal         A concentration of active herbs to control
jelly ampoules and immediate skin improvement          oily/overactive skin. The calming, regulating        Desincrustation
can be seen. This is very rich in active elements      ingredients stabilise the skin, reducing             Deep cleansing ampoule. This highly active
and can be introduced to discerning clients of all     inflammation and soreness. Use with Priadara         ampoule can be used all over the face if needed,
ages. Use with Priadara Quench skincare.               control skincare.                                    or just on the oily, blocked areas.
PDA010 Quench (10)                          £11.95     PDA007 Control (10)                         £11.95   PDA013 Desincrustation (10)               £11.95

                                                                 Lo-call 0845 130 6126               73
     Skincare: Priadara Body Therapy
        Hydrating, stimulating, purifying and refreshing. Priadara body therapy is fuss-free
        as no shower is required! Treat your clients to a facial for their body, incorporating
        top-to-toe exfoliation and dry brushing, body mask and body lotion.

            PDA181                      PDA180                        PDA280                        PDA182             PDA183                   PDA283

     Oriental Polish                                        Oriental Body Scrub
     An exfoliator with a difference! This exfoliating      Natural sea salt combined with a blend of                Body Brushing
     cream of olive stone granules, kaolin, ginger,         stimulating and invigorating essential oils              Skin brushing is a wonderful complement
     lime, mandarin and lemon is applied thinly to a        including ginger, lime, mandarin and lemon with          to many treatments. These natural brushes
     dry skin and allowed to dry (approx 3-4 minutes).      moisturising ingredients of vitamin E and rich           and massage heads will stimulate the
     Using a medium to firm dry body brush apply            soybean. Using warm water, apply using gentle            superficial circulation and help dead skin
     brisk, light strokes to remove the mask and dead       circular movements over a dampened skin. Easy            cell removal. Once the dead skin cells are
     skin cells. Remove any remaining mask with             to use and remove, giving you the perfect                removed all further treatments applied to
     dampened, warm sponges or hot towels.                  pre- treatment to any body treatment. Smooth,            the skin are far more effective.
     The invigorating effects of the brush combined         glowing skin all year round. AHA free.                   BG5000 Complete Massage               £16.00
     with the desquamating effects of the polish            PDA180 8.5fl.oz/250ml                       £10.95                  Brush Kit
     provide a thorough yet gentle exfoliation.             PDA280 Retail 5.9fl.oz/175ml                 £8.95
     This stimulates the superficial lymph eliminating                                               Retail £17.95
     toxins from the skin. AHA free.
     PDA181 Professional Only                     £11.95    Oriental Body Lotion
                  8.5fl.oz/250ml                            A light body lotion with a tangy, sharp, purifying
                                                            effect on the skin and body. The combination
     Oriental Body Mask                                     of botanical extracts aloe vera and green tea
     A light creamy non setting mask that detoxifies        in addition to essential oils of spearmint, lime
     the mind, body and soul. Eliminate toxins,             and lemongrass improve the circulation and
     perfect as a treatment for cellulite, effective over   elimination of toxins. Ideal for treating cellulite
     muscular aches and pains or to generally refresh       or apply generally to refresh and stimulate
     and stimulate the circulation.                         the circulation.
     This combination of essential oils and                 Apply to the skin after Oriental Body Mask
     anti-oxidants stimulates the senses, improves          in the salon and retail to your client for daily
     the skin condition and surface texture. To             application at home.
     remove any residue buff the skin using a dry mitt.     PDA183 17fl.oz/500ml                             £8.95
     PDA182 17fl.oz/500ml                          £10.95   PDA283 8.5fl.oz/250ml                            £5.95
                                                                                                     Retail £11.95

          Star buy!
        Body Brushing Kit                                              lower
        1 x PDA180 oriental scrub 250ml
        1 x PDA181 oriental polish 250ml
        1 x PDA182 oriental mask 500ml
        1 x PDA183 oriental lotion 500ml
        1 x BG5604 curved body brush
        1 x DC990 bodywrap sheets (50)
        1 x Priadara body therapy
            technical manual
        1 x Priadara body therapy salon
            poster (A4)
        PDA970 Body Brushing Kit £54.99

74      skincare
Skincare: Priadara Cryssage
    Cryssage is a unique combination of Priadara massage techniques incorporating
    beautiful smooth crystals that your clients will love. This luxurious facial treats the
    face, neck and shoulders using warm polished, natural crystals to restore balance
    to your client. The Priadara Cryssage facial brings together crystals and essential
    oils to enhance their balancing and relaxing effects further. Priadara crystals have
    been carefully selected according to their colour and vibration. The vibration of the
    crystal connects with the vibration of the mind in order to ease the mind, relieve
    stress and tension, encourage a positive outlook and help one be more balanced.
    We recommend that Priadara Cryssage becomes your top facial treatment, and
    in return you will see a dramatic increase in your profits.

Priadara Cryssage
Pre-blended Oils                                       Technical
The finest essential oils are carefully selected and
blended for each of these five pre-blended oils         tip For a rich, luxurious facial massage why not customise the priadaraMix together in
                                                            cream using two/three drops of priadara cryssage pre-blended oil.
                                                                                                                                facial massage
that treat each skin type whilst complementing
                                                                   your hands and apply to the skin.
the Priadara skincare. Base oils of peach kernel,
apricot kernel and camellia oil ensure these oils
are easily absorbed into the skin and are a
delight to use.
PDA249 Control 1.7fl.oz/50ml                   £9.95
            Grapefruit, Cypress in Peach
PDA239 Stabilise 1.7fl.oz/50ml                 £9.95
            Geranium, Rose Organic in
PDA219 Sedate 1.7fl.oz/50ml                    £9.95
            Lavender, Neroli, Camomile in
PDA209 Quench 1.7fl.oz/50ml                    £9.95
            Neroli, Sandalwood in Apricot
PDA229 Energise 1.7fl.oz/50ml                  £9.95
            Lemon, Rose in Peach Kernel

Priadara Cryssage Postcards
Promote Cryssage in your salon. Issue these
colorful, attractive postcards to your clients,
place on your reception desk or mail to potential
customers. Perfect to use for a special offer, an
introduction to your salon or as ongoing
advertising of this special holistic treatment.
PDA693 Cryssage Postcards (25pk)               £2.95

                                                          Star buy!
                                                        The Priadara Cryssage Facial Set
                                                        Palm stones: 2x Jasper, 2x Carnelian, 2x Tigers
                                                        Eye, 1x Jade, 1x Rose Quartz, 2x Calcite Blue,
                                                        2x Quartz, 2x Hematite.
Priadara Cryssage Palm Stones
PDA740     Carnelian                         £5.95      Thumb Stones: 2x Sodalite, 2x Amethyst,
PDA741     Jasper                            £4.50      1x Sand Heating Pad, 5x Priadara Cryssage
PDA742     Tigers Eye                        £9.95      Facial Oils: Energise, Quench, Sedate, Control,
PDA743     Jade                              £4.50      Stabilise. Full treatment manual and DVD of
PDA744     Rose Quartz                       £4.55      Priadara Cryssage Facial.
PDA745     Calcite Blue                      £5.95
PDA746     Quartz                            £9.95      PDA730     Cryssage Facial Set         £195.00
PDA747     Hematite                          £4.95

                                                           Lo-call 0845 130 6126       75
     Skincare: Priadara Thai style Compresses
        Combine traditional herbs, exotic essential oils and eastern massage techniques
        into a treatment and you have Priadara Thai style; an exciting new treatment to offer
        your clients.

     Priadara Thai style incorporates Thai herbal
     heat compresses to give a fantastic heat
     treatment that soothes your client and
     alleviates muscle tension. The combination
     of traditional Thai compresses in conjunction
     with massage engenders a powerful,
     detoxifying and purifying treatment, that your
     clients will love.

     Once the tools of ancient traditional Thai
     healers, the compresses are praised for their
     holistic approach, treating the mind, body
     and spirit as one and improving the body’s
     capabilities of self healing, enhancing the
     quality of life.

     Priadara Thai style is an enchanting and
     aromatic treatment with a taste of the exotic.
     Stimulate your clients’ senses and create an
     ambience that works like magic to soothe
     the soul.

       Star buy!                                         Thai style Body Compresses
                                                         Contains 17 traditional Thai herbs and plants.
                                                                                                               Thai style Face Compresses
                                                                                                               Contains 13 traditional Thai herbs and plants.
                                                         This fragrant compress provides a medium              This compress deep cleanses, moisturises and
                                                         strength treatment, used for all parts of body        exfoliates the face. Designed for facial areas to
       Thai style Body Compresses
                                                         and is particularly useful on smaller areas or        give a wonderful and effective natural balancing
       Contains 20 traditional Thai herbs and
                                                         clients with less body mass.                          facial treatment.
       plants. This is the most powerful of all the
                                                         PDA682 Thai style Compresses                 £3.75    PDA683 Thai style Facial                     £2.95
       compresses and is used for body
                                                                     3.5oz/100g (2)                                        Compresses 3oz/85g (2)
                                                                     10+ Rate each                    £3.50                10+ Rate each                    £2.80
       PDA681 Thai style Body                   £4.45
                   Compresses 7oz/200g (2)
                   10+ Rate each                £4.20                                                          Thai style Hand and Foot
                                                         Thai style Coconut Compresses
                                                         The gentle fragrance of the coconut is quite the
                                                                                                               Herbal Compresses
                                                         opposite to the citrus herbal or nutty sesame         Contains 12 traditional Thai herbs and Spices.
          retail                                         compress as it creates a soft and delicate
                                                         approach to the treatment. When the compress
                                                                                                               Specifically designed for hand and foot
                                                                                                               treatments where a small surface area compress
                    opportunity                          is heated in the Priadara Thai style steam
                                                         generator it provides skin conditioning benefits,
                                                                                                               is required. Fantastic under the arch of the foot
                                                                                                               or to relax the muscles of the wrist and hand.
                                                         as coconut is a source of anti-oxidants and an        A blend of herbs and spices selected for their
                                                         excellent moisturiser. Coconut is indigenous to       exceptional properties on hard and dry skin
                                                         Thailand and is renowned for its main properties      conditions plus muscle relaxation. The long
                                                         of conditioning the skin and hair so its just         handles are comfortable to hold and make the
                                                         perfect as part of Priadara Thai style. You can       treatment a pleasure to perform whether using
                                                         also incorporate the coconut compresses into          them heated from the Priadara Thai style steam
                                                         the Priadara Spa Body treatment.                      generator or chilled on hot, aching feet.
                                                         PDA673 Thai style Coconut                     £3.50   PDA671 Thai style Hand and Foot              £1.85
                                                                     Compresses 100g (2)                                    Herbal Compresses 40g (2)
       Priadara Herbal Bath Compresses
       The perfect retail opportunity to enable
       your clients to carry on the good work            Thai style Herbal Foot Sachets                        Thai style Sesame Compresses
       achieved in the salon treatment. Simply           These herbal sachets are just the right size to       Add a new dimension to your treatment with
       place one herbal bath compress into the           place into the foot bath/spa and let your client      these effective black sesame compresses. The
       bath and relax. This compress is a less           relax whilst the fragrant herbs and spices            sesame seed is a fantastic natural source of
       powerful blend than those incorporated            permeate the air, refreshing and uplifting to the     vitamin E which is released when the compress
       during the Priadara Thai style treatment          soul let alone the feet! Combine with the Hand        is heated in the Priadara Thai style steam
       with natural herbs and plants imparting a         and Foot herbal compress massage for a                generator. Vitamin E is an important anti-oxidant
       gentle refreshing and uplifting effect as well    complete Thai experience. These handy size            improving the appearance and moisture level of
       as softening and moisturising the skin.           sachets also offer you a great retail opportunity     the skin. An essential element of traditional Thai
       PDA687 Priadara Herbal Bath             £2.70     for all your clients to use at home. The perfect      treatments this compress can be used after
                   Compresses 100g (2)                   treat for feet at the end of a tiring day.            application of the Thai herbal compresses or on
                   10+ Rate each               £2.50     PDA672 Thai style Herbal Foot                 £1.25   its own as a moisturising skin treatment.
                                          Retail £4.95                Sachets 1oz/30g (2)                      PDA686 Thai style Sesame                      £3.95
                                                                                                                           Compresses 3.5oz/100g (2)

76     skincare
Thai style Massage Blends                                  Star buy!                                       Priadara
The warm and spicy aroma of ginger, the
refreshing sharpness of peppermint and the
sweet and sour of lime are blended into a base
of the finest coconut oil. Ginger is warming and
                                                         Priadara Thai style Intro Kit
                                                         A fantastic treatment at a great price!
                                                         £155.00 + vat for the starter kit and just
                                                                                                           Thai style
stimulating to the circulation and muscles whilst
producing fantastic results eliminating toxins.
Peppermint re-energises the body and alleviates
                                                         £155.00 for the training course – an outlay
                                                         of £310.00 and enough products to carry
                                                         out 15 body and 5 facial treatments! You
muscle fatigue whilst lime is renowned in                will cover your costs quickly once your
Thailand as one of the best tonics for the body          clients sample this invigorating treatment.       Duration: 1 Day
and is also uplifting to the mind.                       Includes:                                         Time:     9.30am - 4.30pm
Result – a refreshing and energising                        Thai style Steam Generator
massage blend.                                              20 Priadara Body Compresses 7oz/200g
                                                                                                           Dress: Professional
PDA685 Thai style Green                     £16.50          10 Body Compresses 3.5oz/100g                            Salon Uniform
            8.5fl.oz/250ml                                  10 Facial Compresses 3oz/85g                   Cost:     £155.00 (incl. VAT)
                                                            1 of each of the Thai style                    Pre-requisites:
                                                            Massage Blends 8.5fl.oz/250ml.
                                                            Introductory DVD. This DVD gives you
                                                                                                                     Body Massage
                                                         an insight into the treatment. It is not an                 Anatomy &
                                                         alternative to attending the training                       Physiology
                                                         course held at our Ellisons Academy.
                                                         PDA680 Thai style Intro Kit        £155.00        To get the maximum from your investment
                                                                                                           we strongly recommend you learn the
                                                                                                           Priadara Thai style Method at our one day
                                                                                                           course at the Ellisons Academy.

                                                                                                           This course is the original Priadara Thai
                                                                                                           style treatment. The course covers theory,
                                                                                                           demonstrations and practical work all
                                                                                                           relevant to the treatment. Delegates work
                                                                                                           on each other so they are able to practice
                                                                                                           and receive a treatment. It’s the perfect
                                                                                                           learning experience. A comprehensive
                                                                                                           manual is provided for use during the
                                                                                                           course and is yours to take away, along
                                                                                                           with your certificate of attendance.

Thai style Massage Blends                             Promotional Support Material                         There is tremendous demand for this
The exotic floral fragrance of ylang ylang, the       Priadara have created a promotional pack for         popular course so make sure you book
spice of nutmeg and the sweet and sour of lime        you to advertise the treatment in your salon.        your place well in advance.
are blended into a base of the finest coconut oil.    Thai style intro pack contains: 1 x A1 poster,
ylang ylang or ‘flower of flowers’ is relaxing,       promotional cards and a FREE Image CD                “When I attended the Priadara Thai
soothing and calming producing tranquillity in a                                                           Style training I found the course to be
stressed or over-anxious client. Nutmeg is                                                                 very enjoyable. It was very well
warming, strengthening and toning to the whole                                                             explained. Thank you.”
body, whilst lime is renowned in Thailand as one                                                                         Sandra Barber, Sussex
of the best tonics for the body and is uplifting to
the mind.
Result, a soothing and relaxing massage blend.
PDA866 Thai style Red                        £16.50                                                                For details call the
           8.5fl.oz/250ml                                                                                         Ellisons Academy on

                                                      PDA694 Thai style Intro Pack               £7.95    024 7636 9516
                                                      PDA691 Thai style A1 Poster                £5.00
                                                      PDA692 Thai style Promo Cards (25)         £2.95

                                                              Lo-call 0845 130 6126           77
     Skincare: Priadara
        Indulge your senses in the decadence of chocolate! This luxurious treatment for the
        salon and spa relaxes, nourishes and enhances your clients well being.
        Highly profitable on both face and body Chocobeauty is spectacular yet simple to
        perform and perfect for any beauty business. Chocobeauty smells so fantastic that
        we are confident the aroma in your salon will have your customers asking for it!

     Chocolate has many proven fantastic                  Chocobeauty offers a choice of either swiss or            Chocobeauty products use only 100% pure
     therapeutic properties:                              after eight Chocolate. The Chocobeauty                    chocolate in a paraffin wax base. Unlike most
        Rich biochemical composition.                     treatment incorporates exfoliation either with            chocolate body treatments Chocobeauty will not
        High mineral content that includes magnesium      Priadara Oriental Scrub or Ultra-Sonic (Ellison           stain the skin, pores or cuticles.
        (promoting healthy cellular functions), iron,     Esthetix MultiDerm) followed by massage with
        potassium and calcium (great for skin cell        Chocobeauty Massage Blend.                                An average body treatment uses approximately
        renewal).                                                                                                   250g of chocolate so the product cost of your
        An abundance of vitamins A, E, B1, B6 and         Then it’s time for Chocobeauty! When the                  treatment is minimal. We recommend
        Folic Acid all needed for cell regeneration.      chocolate has set, simply wrap your client in a           Chocobeauty becomes your most luxurious
        Nourishing and moisturising                       spa sheet, blanket or under towel to lie                  body treatment so make sure it is priced
        Diuretic effect from the theobromine caffeine     cocooned for 20 minutes enjoying the wonderful            accordingly.
        content.                                          fragrance, stress or tension to melt away.
        Powerful antioxidant properties four times        Removing the chocolate is easy and leaves no              Please note: Chocobeauty smells great but is
        more than Green Tea!                              residue. No need to shower as the skin is left            NOT edible.
        The fragrance of chocolate releases               soft and smooth with a hint of chocolate.
        endorphins in the brain to make your client
        feel good.

             spectacular                                                                                        Priadara Chocobeauty
               yet simple to perform                                                                            Swiss Intro Kit
                                                                                                                Swiss chocolate has a fabulous aroma and when
                                                                                                                applied after massage is especially effective for
                                                                                                                improving circulation, removing toxins and treating
                                                                                                                cellulite. This Intro kit contains enough product for
                                                                                                                40 + body treatments plus 3 Chocobeauty face
                                                                                                                 1 Chocobeauty product warmer
                                                                                                                 21 x 17.6oz/500g Blocks Chocobeauty Swiss
                                                                                                                 1 Spatula and 1 Spoon
                                                                                                                 3 x Chocobeauty Face Masks
                                                                                                                 Chocobeauty Postcards
                                                                                                                 Chocobeauty Gift Vouchers
                                                                                                                 1 8.5fl.oz/250ml Chocobeauty Massage Blend
                                                                                                                 Instructional DVD
                                                                                                                A1130S Intro Kit                     £199.89

     Chocobeauty Swiss                                    Chocobeauty Gift Vouchers
                                                                                                                     new product
     A1133      Chocobeauty Swiss              £24.95     Promote a gift package for your clients to buy               Chocobeauty Massage Blend
                3 x 17.6oz/500g                           and give as a gift to their friends or family.               The warm and inviting aroma of ginger, the
     A1133P     Chocobeauty Swiss             £145.95     A1146      Chocobeauty Gift Voucher (25) £3.50               sweet and uplifting scent of orange and the
                21 x 17.6oz/500g                                                                                       aromatic fragrance of thyme are blended into
                                                          Chocobeauty Promotional Postcards                            a base of the finest coconut oil. Ginger is
     Chocobeauty After Eight                              Promotional postcards are a great tool for                   warming and stimulating to the joints and
     After eight Chocolate is purchased separately to     selling new treatments in your business. Display             muscles and has a proven history of reducing
     the Intro Kit and mixes beautifully when you have    in your reception, hand out to clients, or mail out          inflammation in arthritic joints. Orange is
     little Swiss chocolate left in your warmer. This     to customers.                                                stimulating to the lymphatic system, improves
     beautifully aromatic minty chocolate encourages      A1147      Chocobeauty                       £3.50           digestion and is considered to be extremely
     an excellent draining, cooling and detoxifying                  Promotional Postcards (25)                        mentally detoxifying and empowering. Thyme
     effect. You don’t need to massage before                                                                          has been used throughout medical history
     applying after eight. Menthol is present to give a   Chocobeauty Promotional Pack                                 and has proven respiratory properties. This
     distinct refreshing fragrance to complement the                                                                   Chocobeauty blend is guaranteed to calm
                                                          Includes: Postcards (25), Vouchers (25),
     chocolate.                                                                                                        the nervous system, encourage deep
                                                          Chocobeauty Candle (1), Hints & Tips on Retail
     A1135      Chocobeauty After Eight        £24.95     plus CD containing Chocolate image and                       relaxation and detoxify the mind.
                3 x 17.6oz/500g                           Priadara logo for advertising.                               A1138       Chocobeauty             £16.50
     A1135P     Chocobeauty After Eight       £145.95     A1148      Chocobeauty                   £12.95                          Massage Blend 8.5fl.oz/250ml
                21 x 17.6oz/500g                                     Promotional Pack

78      skincare
Skincare: Priadara
   A box of chocolates and bunch of flowers are a lovely way of saying ‘I love you’,
   ‘Thank you’, ‘Happy Mothers Day’ or ‘Happy Birthday’. So why not introduce the
   chocolate experience to your clients in various packages so they can treat their friends
   and family or indulge in a great alternative to chocolates that go straight to the hips!

Chocobeauty Chocolate Candle
Light a gorgeous Chocobeauty Candle in your
reception to attract clients’ interest, or in the
treatment room during the Chocobeauty
treatment. Place these wonderfully fragranced
candles in your retail area, they make a fantastic
A1145      Chocobeauty Candle                   £5.99
                                         Retail £9.99

                                                        Chocobeauty for Hands and Feet                           Priadara Chocobeauty for Hands and Feet
                                                        A fantastic opportunity for you to make basic            Starter Kit Contents:
            Star buy!                                   hand and foot treatments more exciting, more
                                                        luxurious and more profitable.
                                                                                                                 1 Digital Heater
                                                                                                                 3 x 17.6oz/500gm Blocks of Chocobeauty
                                                                                                                 Swiss Chocolate
                                                        The key to a successful treatment is holding the         1 x Spatula
                                                        chocolate at exactly the right temperature.              1 x Ladle
                                                        Priadara has had the Deo digital heater specially        1 x Flexi Bowl 75mm/3" (AS538)
                                                        modified for a thorough melt down (without               1 x Plastic Protector Bags
                                                        denaturing the chocolate). Although this heater          1 x 1.7fl.oz/50ml Priadara Intensive Hand Cream
                                                        appears similar to the wax unit pictured on page         1 x 1.7fl.oz/50ml Priadara Replenishing Foot Cream
                                                        32 the internal programming is completely                1 x 1fl.oz/30ml Priadara Cuticle & Nail Intensive Treat
                                                        different, non digital heaters do not allow the          1 x Instructional Leaflet
                                                        same precise temperature control.                        A1131S Chocobeauty                             £99.99
                                                                                                                              for Hands and Feet

                                                            Chocobeauty Packages
                                                            Finally why not appeal to the girls!
                                                            Offer a girls night out or hen
                                                            party! Team a Chocobeauty
   Chocobeauty Facial                                       treatment with either a hot
   Treatments                                               chocolate drink, plus
   The face mask with the wow factor! This is               chocolate cookie or
   a 2 sachet mask mixed in front of your                   for a more
   client and applied cold following                        sophisticated
   exfoliation. Alternatively Ultra-Sonic                   affair with a
   (Ellisons Esthetix MultiDerm) is very                    glass of
   effective with a chocolatey aroma!                       bubbly and
   A1139P Chocobeauty                    £12.95             a few nice quality
                Face Masks (3)                              chocolates to nibble. Not
   A1139        Chocobeauty              £35.95             forgetting a mum and daughter package
                Face Masks (9)                              or the ultimate lovers package, if your business
                                                            can cater for treating two clients at a time, try this
                                                            and boost your clients endorphins for an ‘all-round
                                                            lovers’ treat.

                                                                         Lo-call 0845 130 6126                   79
     Skincare: Priadara Hand Therapy
         Priadara hand therapy is luxurious, rejuvenating and invigorating. Refresh, exfoliate,
         nourish and strengthen hands and cuticles using exquisite products containing carefully
         selected essential oils of basil, mandarin, grapefruit and lemongrass with rice bran,
         honey, soybean and allantoin. Stimulate the senses with the effervescing champagne
         bath and tranquillity mask, prior to drenching the skin with the intensive hand cream.

           Star buy!
        Priadara Manicure Kit
        1 x PDA190 Champagne Bath 400gm
        1 x PDA191 Polish 250ml
        1 x PDA192 Tranquillity Mask 250ml
        1 x PDA193 Intensive Hand Cream 250ml
        1 x PDA195 Cuticle & Nail Intensive Treat 30ml
        1 x B65603 Small brush for hands
        1 x TS631 Superior 18cm/7" (5)
        1 x Priadara Hand Therapy Manual
        1 x Priadara Hand Therapy Poster
        PDA960 Priadara Manicure Kit ONLY £39.99

                         save over

                                                                                                                      wrap those
                                                                                                                   It has long been recognised the
                                                                                                                   effects of warmth on the skin
                                                                                                                   enhances the effects of healing
                                                                                                                   herbs and moisturisers. Heated
                                                                                                                   mitts are a simple way to give
                                                                                                                   your client an intensive, luxurious
        PDA190            PDA191             PDA291          PDA293       PDA193         PDA192         PDA195
                                                                                                                   treatment with maximum effects.
                                                                                                                   The heat opens the pores
     Champagne Bath                                        Intensive Hand Cream                                    allowing for better absorption of
     A luxurious powder that gently effervesces when       Packed full of essential oils, vitamins and anti
     added to water. The combination of basil,             oxidants to protect and strengthen the skin and
                                                                                                                   the ingredients in the products.
     mandarin and lemongrass is gently cleansing to        cuticles. Allantoin, along with vitamins A, B, C
     the skin and awakening to the soul.                   & E promotes cellular healing. Soybean,
     PDA190 Professional 14oz/400gm             £8.95      grapeseed, mango and honey saturate the skin
                                                           with essential fatty acids which improve surface
     Polish                                                hydration and the skin’s appearance. This
     Contains essential oils of basil, mandarin and        product doubles up as treatment cream in the
     lemongrass to brighten the skin and stimulate         salon and for home use as a great retail hand
     cell renewal. The moisturising qualities of           cream.
     soybean combined with the rice bran provide           PDA193 Professional 8.5fl.oz/250ml            £7.95
     a gentle exfoliation leaving the skin soft            PDA293 Retail 3.4fl.oz/100ml                  £4.95
     and smooth. Apply using warm water and                                                         Retail £9.90
     massage gently into the skin. Remove with hot
     towels or sponges and water.                          Cuticle and Nail Intensive Treat
     PDA191 Professional 8.5fl.oz/250ml £10.95             The finest hydrating oils blended into a cream
     PDA291 Retail 4.2fl.oz/125ml                 £5.95    base make this perfect for repairing and
                                           Retail £11.95   hydrating the cuticle and nail. Soybean, packed
     Tranquillity Mask                                     full of essential fatty acids, along with jojoba and    Apply the mask to the hands, wrap in a
                                                           vitamin E, provide a fantastic treatment for            plastic film or protector bags (PE406) and
     A divine combination of basil, mandarin and
                                                           loosening dry, tight cuticles while avoiding the        then apply the heated mitts, leave between
     lemongrass that stimulate cell metabolism
                                                           use of harsh caustic ingredients.                       15 – 20 minutes. Remove and continue
     combined with honey and vitamins to provide
                                                           PDA195 1fl.oz/30ml Size                         £3.95   with massage to the warm skin, cuticles
     intensive hydration. The skin and cuticles are
                                                                       for professional and retail                 and muscles.
     bathed with nutrients, so improving cell repair
                                                                                                    Retail £7.95   BH01         Thermal Mitts          £22.95
     and cell health.
     PDA192 Professional 8.5fl.oz/250ml          £7.95

80      skincare
Skincare: Priadara Foot Therapy
    Free your clients’ feet from stress, aches and tension with Priadara foot therapy.
    Awaken their senses with the warm, tangy, stimulating and uplifting fragrances of
    peppermint, lemongrass, camphor, ginger, lime and clove combined with
    moisturising honey, mango and soybean.

      Star buy!
   Priadara Pedicure Kit
   1 x PDA461 champagne soak 400gm
   1 x PDA462 polish 250ml
   1 x PDA460 foot spritz 200ml
   1 x PDA463 revitalising mask 250ml
   1 x PDA464 replenishing treatment cream 250ml
   1 x PDA195 cuticle and nail intensive treat 30ml
   1 x BG5603 small brush for feet
   1 x TP692  foot file
   1 x PDA833 Priadara foot therapy manual
   1 x PDA817 Priadara foot therapy poster (A4)
   PDA950 Priadara Pedicure Kit              £39.99

               save over £18.

                                                                                                                       wrap those
                                                                                                                    It has long been recognised the
                                                                                                                    effects of warmth on the skin
                                                                                                                    enhances the effects of healing
PDA460       PDA461           PDA462              PDA472         PDA463        PDA464       PDA474        PDA195
                                                                                                                    herbs and moisturisers. Heated
                                                                                                                    booties are a simple way to give
Spritz                                                     Revitalising Mask                                        your client an intensive, luxurious
A refreshing mist of peppermint, lemongrass and            Aromatic, warming, moisturising and stimulating to       treatment with maximum effects.
camphor. Use prior to treatment for refreshing             the circulation, this mask is a wonderful                The heat opens the pores allowing
and cleansing the feet. Alcohol free. The 50ml             combination of camphor, lemon and lime essential         for better absorption of the
size is perfect for retail, your clients can spray         oils. Dry and hard skin is hydrated with honey and
their feet and legs throughout the day to keep             vitamins A, B, C & E resulting in smooth, soft skin.     ingredients in the products.
them cool and refreshed.                                   Wonderful when combined with heated booties for
PDA460 Professional 6.8fl.oz/200ml              £4.95      an intensive treatment effect.
                                                           PDA463 Professional 8.5fl.oz/250ml            £7.95
Champagne Soak
An economical powder which gently effervesces              Replenishing Treatment Cream
when added to water. The combination of                    Fragrant, spicy, sharp and refreshing this cream
camphor and lemongrass is gently cleansing and             combines essential oils of basil, clove,
softening to the skin whilst uplifting to the mind.        lemongrass with vitamins A, B & E as anti
PDA461 Professional 14oz/400gm                 £8.95       oxidants to protect and strengthen the skin and
                                                           cuticles. Honey, avocado, grapeseed and
Polish                                                     soybean make this an intensive treatment cream
Seen in glistening white heaps of rock salt,               in the salon plus a great retail opportunity as a
natural sea salt is a fantastic skin exfoliator. The       foot and heel treatment cream for your clients.
salt base is combined with a selection of the              PDA464 Professional 8.5fl.oz/250ml            £7.95
                                                           PDA474 Retail 3.4fl.oz/100ml                  £4.95      Apply the mask to the feet, wrap in
finest essential oils including ginger, camphor,
lime, clove and lemongrass. Priadara foot polish                                                     Retail £9.90   a plastic film or protector bags
removes the dead skin cells, brightens the skin            Cuticle and Nail Intensive Treat                         (PE406), apply the heated booties
and improves its texture. The addition of                  The finest hydrating oils blended into a cream           and leave for between 15 – 20
soybean and vitamin E leaves the feet beautifully          base make this perfect for repairing and
                                                                                                                    minutes. Remove and continue
soft and hydrated. Apply using warm water and              hydrating the cuticle and nail. Soybean, packed
massage gently into the skin. Remove with hot              full of essential fatty acids, along with jojoba and     with massage to the warm skin,
towels or sponges and water.                               vitamin E, provide a fantastic treatment for             cuticles and muscles.
PDA462 Professional 8.5fl.oz/250ml £10.95                  loosening dry, tight cuticles while avoiding the
PDA472 Retail 4.2fl.oz/125ml                    £5.95      use of harsh caustic ingredients.                        BH02    Thermal Booties      £22.95
                                        Retail £11.95      PDA195 1fl.oz/30ml Size                         £3.95
                                                                       For professional and retail
                                                                                                     Retail £7.95

                                                                    Lo-call 0845 130 6126       81
     Skincare: THAI Skin Therapy
         Energise, vitalise and protect with pure blends of carefully selected botanical
        extracts and essential oils. Reveal the skin’s natural radiance. Formulation free from
        parabens, synthetic fragrance, SLS, SLES and petrochemicals.

                                                           THAI Curved Treatment Tray
                                                           Hard wood tray perfect for holding
                                                           creams and lotions combine with the
                                                           wooden bowls and batiks to dress
                                                           your salon Thai style!

                                                           SIAM17 Curved Treatment          £8.95
                                                                  Tray 9.75fl.oz/25cm

     THAI Gentle Eye Make-Up
     Soothe away tiredness and make-up, wake up
     eyes that sparkle. Let rose flowers cool and
     cleanse with this gentle oil and fragrance free eye
     make-up remover. Especially formulated with
     rosewater to maintain pH, soothe skin and
     refresh the eyes.
     TO511 Eye Make-Up Remover                    £4.85

       best seller
     THAI Refresh Cleanser
     Melt away daily grime and make-up. A unique
     milk to toner cleanser with orchid, mandarin and
     rose that cleanses in one easy move to reveal
     radiant looking skin. For all skin types.
     TO512 Refresh Cleanser 8.5fl.oz/250ml£4.85

                                                             THAI Awaken Toner                                    THAI Balance Moisturiser
                                                             Spritz over face to awaken the skin and refresh      A light easily absorbed lotion with UV filters and
                                                             the spirit. An alcohol free refreshing spritz with   shea butter to nourish, rehydrate and restore the
                                                             orchid, mandarin and rose to tone the skin after     skins balance. Smooth on to skin nurture and
                                                             cleansing. For all skin types.                       protect, balance body and mind. For all skin
                                                             TO513 Awaken Toner 8.5fl.oz/250ml £4.85              types especially normal-oily and combination.
                                                                                                                  Key ingredients: chinese geranium, may chang,
                                                                                                                  mandarin, calendula, shea butter,
                                                             THAI Refine Exfoliator                               UV filters.
                                                             Polish away imperfections, reveal a new you. A       TO516 Balance Moisturiser 1.7fl.oz/50ml£5.35
                                                             gentle cream exfoliator with orchid, mandarin,
                                                             rose and natural bamboo to gently soothe away        THAI Rejuvenate Moisturiser
                                                             impurities. For all skin types.                      A rejuvenating moisturiser rich in anti-oxidants
                                                             TO514 Refine Exfoliator 10fl.oz/300ml £5.45          and fatty acid which helps to reduce fine lines
                                                                                                                  and the appearance of premature ageing.
      THAI Facial Herbal Dumpling Kit                                                                             Smooth on to skin, replenish and hydrate skin
      A traditional herbal dumpling kit with vettivert       THAI Radiance Mask                                   that craves vitality. Includes UV filters. For all skin
      root, lemon grass and thulsi leaves, used for          Reveal radiant skin. A non setting, silky smooth,    types especially normal-dry.
      application of oil and massage.                        cream mask to energise dull, tired complexions       Key ingredients: orchid extract, jasmine, chinese
      Contents: 3 x Herbal Dumplings                         and awaken the spirit. Natural clay, cleanses and    geranium, rose hip oil, rice bran oil, vit c&e, shea
      TO506       Thai Treatments Herbal £10.00              purifies whilst chinese geranium, mandarin and       butter, UV filters.
                  Dumplings Kit                              may change uplift, tone and moisturise.              TO517       Rejuvenate Moisturiser              £5.35
                                                             TO515 Radiance Mask 10fl.oz/300ml £5.45                          1.7fl.oz/50ml

82      skincare
Skincare: THAI Skin Therapy
  Recreate and maintain the skin’s natural balance, health and vitality. Indulge mind,
  body and senses with an exotic mix of 100% natural aromas.

     new    THAI Skin Therapy
   Professional Kit
   Ideal for salon and student.
   Contents: Gentle Eye Make-up Remover,
   Refresh Cleanser, Awaken Toner, Refine
   Exfoliator, Radiance Mask, Balance
   Moisturiser, Balance Treatment, Rejuvenate
   Moisturiser, Rejuvenate Treatment, Replenish
   Eye Serum, 1 x herbal dumpling, 1 x coconut
   TO510       Thai Skin Professional Kit £51.50

THAI Balance Treatment                                   highly recommended                                    new        THAI Energise Body Polish
A treatment oil with naturally light plant oils to                                                           A creamy, detoxifying scrub with geranium,
equalise, decongest and balance the                     THAI Replenish Eye Serum                             mandarin and may chang. Includes natural
complexion. Message two drops in to the skin            Refresh and lift tired eyes. An energising and       bamboo and rice grains to smooth away
for lasting Luminosity. Essential radiance from         firming serum with bilberry and rose to replenish    impurities, stimulate circulation and revitalise the
within. For all skin types especially normal-oily       and protect the eye area. Helps to reduce puffy      spirit. Polish away imperfections, reveal Radiant,
and combination.                                        eyes and dark circles. Pat gently around the eye     youthful skin.
Key ingredients: chinese geranium, may chang,           to rehydrate and smooth.                             TO524 Energising Body Polish
mandarin, calendula, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil       TO520 Replenish Eye Serum                    £5.35               10fl.oz/300ml                      £4.95
vitamin E.                                                        0.5fl.oz/15ml
TO518       Balance Treatment 1.7fl.oz/50ml £5.45                                                              new        THAI Renew Body Lotion
                                                                     THAI Aromatic                           A replenishing body lotion with geranium,
THAI Rejuvenate Treatment                                 new        Room Mister                             mandarin and may chang. Also enriched with
A treatment oil with naturally light plant oils to      A relaxing, soothing room spray with orchid,         natural rice bran, vitamin E and a Thai botanical
help reduce fine lines and the appearance of            mandarin and rose. Create a space of comfort         (pueraria mirifica) well know for its rejuvenating
premature ageing. Orchid, jasmine and rosehip           and calm. Ideal for the treatment room. Gentle       properties. Massage into the skin daily to hydrate
nourish and repair. Massage two drops into the          and safe to spray on face, body and clothes.         and tone.
skin for lasting luminosity. Essential radiance         TO508       Aromatic Room Mister 250ml £4.50         TO523 Renew Body Lotion
from within. For all skin types especially                                                                              8.5fl.oz/250ml                      £4.95
Key ingredients: orchid extract, jasmine, chinese
geranium, rose hip oil, rice bran oil, grapeseed
oil, sunflower oil, vitamin E.
TO519       Rejuvenate Treatment                £5.45

                                                                    Lo-call 0845 130 6126                 83
     Skincare: Collagen Masks
       Moisturise, maintain                              Cryo Mask is based on the                             The effects of Cryo Mask
                                                                                                               Cryo Mask is manufactured using Swiss
       & balance.                                        effective exchange of hot                             glacier water that has been frozen for 20,000
                                                         and cold. This stimulates                             years at 5,600 feet above sea level.
                                                                                                               Over the centuries ultraviolet light penetrates
                                                         the circulation therefore                             the water enriching it with a high content of
                                                         enhancing the natural                                 minerals.
     Super Collagen Eye Pads                                                                                   This water contains the seven elements that
                                                         production of collagens.                              correspond to the seven chakras, which are
     • Reduction of dark circles under the eyes                                                                energy points within the body.
     • Reduction of bags under the eyes
     • Reduction of fine lines                            highly recommended                                   new
     • Softening of deep lines
     • Improved circulation in the area                   new Anti-Ageing Cyro Mask                          Cryo Mask for Sensitive Skin
     • Stimulation of natural collegen production       (containing Fibroblast-active ingredients)           Hydrating mask suitable for all skin types
       in the skin                                      Regular Treatment                                    especially those which are dry, and sensitive.
     • Regenerating effect to the skin cells            Fibroblast-active is a concentrated product          This spectacular mask is based on the healing
     • Prevention of further wrinkle formation          which acts as a natural face-lift. As the natural    properties of aloe vera, allantoin and panthenol.
     PB7500A Super Collagen Eye Pads £2.95              production of connective tissue is stimulated,       Aloe Vera: botanical extract taken from the leaf
                 3+ Rate each                  £2.75    this encourages the reduction of fine lines and      of the Aloe Vera plant, which offers excellent
                                                        wrinkles.                                            soothing, healing and moisturising effects on the
                                                        ‘Fibroblast-active’ is a concentrated extract        skin and also stimulates cell renewal
                                                        obtained from a subtropical type of Aster rich in    Allantoin: botanical extract taken from the
                                                        substances which have a highly regenerating          comfrey plant. It stimulates cell renewal and is
                                                        effect. Regular treatment with ‘Fibroblast-active’   soothing and healing to the skin
     Super Collagen Mask + Caviar Crab                  stimulates the natural production of collagens,      Panthenol: a powerful humectant which
     For the treatment of mature skin in need of        elastin and connective tissue within the skins            promotes healing and helps to improve the
     regeneration and a younger appearance.             structure.                                                lipid coat (protection) on the skin
     Benefits:                                          • For the treatment of all skin types,                      PB8910A Cyro Mask for                 £5.45
     • Regeneration of collagen, elastin and the          being most beneficial on ages 30 years                                Sensitive Skin
       natural moisturising factor in the dermis.         and over
     • Increase in intercellular functions              • Helps to improve the skins youthful
     • Stimulation of cell renewal                        suppleness and firmness
     • Repair of the acid mantle of the surface of      • Fine lines and wrinkles are
       the skin                                           reduced
     • Hydration as skin moisture level increases.      • Immediate results are
     • Improved health of the epidermis                   seen
     • Skin looks younger, smoother and radiant         • Visual improvement in
                                                          the skin
     PB7310A Super Collagen Mask              £6.25
             + Caviar (Crab)
             3+ Rate each                     £5.95     PB8900A Anti-Ageing Cyro Mask                £5.45

     Allantoin & Panthenol                              Hyaluronic Acid                                         DNA & ATP
     For the treatment of sensitive, intolerant skin    For the treatment of dull, tired skin which             For the treatment of dry skin with DNA
     and irritated combination skin, with allantoin     is beginning to show signs of ageing. With              and ATP.
     and panthenol.                                     Hyaluronic Acid.                                        Benefits:
     Benefits:                                          Benefits:                                               • Accelerates the cell renewal process
     • Allantoin and panthenol work in synergy          • Maintains and promotes elasticity                     • Deeply hydrating
     • Very mild soothing effect on irritated or        • Helps to prevent minor skin irritation                • Provides a protective hydrophilic film
       damaged skin                                     • Forms a permeable film to retain moisture             • Restores tone and elasticity
     • Regularatory effect on seborrhoea and acne       PB7200A Hyaluronic Acid                   £6.25         • Protects against harmful U.V. rays
     PB7270A Allantoin & Panthenol              £6.25               3+ Rate each                  £5.95         PB7210A DNA & ATP                        £6.25
                 3+ Rate each                   £5.95                                                                       3+ Rate each                 £5.95

     Super Collagen Mask + Hibisculent                  Aloe Vera & Linden CNS                                  Opal Whitener
     For the treatment of lined skins suffering from    For the treatment of sensitive skin conditions          For lightening skin and correction of
     excess of fine or deeper wrinkles.                 caused by over exposure, sun damage and                 irregular pigmentation.
     Benefits:                                          depilation (with Aloe Vera and Linden CNS).             Benefits:
     • Regenerating effect on the facial muscles        Benefits:                                               • Safe inhibiting effect on skin’s melanin
     • Regenerating effect on the skin cells            • Effective anti-bacterial and healing                     production
     • Hibisculent contains primrose, the                 properties                                            • Helps restore moisture balance
       combination produces a spectacular anti-         • Linden & Aloe Vera work in synergy to                 • Used regularly counters the tyrosine effect
       ageing natural complex                             stimulate cell regeneration and improve                  which is the basis of skin pigmentation
     PB7300A Super Collagen Mask               £6.25      moisture balance                                      PB7260A Opal Whitener                      £6.25
                 + Hibisculent                          • Helps to prevent and heal acne                                     3+ Rate each                  £5.95
                 3+ Rate each                  £5.95    PB7240A Aloe Vera & Linden CNS           £6.25
                                                                    3+ Rate each                 £5.95

84     skincare
Skincare: Collagen Masks
    Create your own specialised facial using collagen infused treatment masks.

Specialised Treatment Masks                                        Collagen masks                                    Instructions for Use
Many factors can damage the skin,                                  These collagen masks are incredibly easy          • Apply to a cleansed, exfoliated skin
including: UV sunlight, smog, toxins,                              to apply, yet have incredible results on the      • Smooth pads onto the skin using a light
cigarette smoke, drugs and other stressors.                        skin. And as each of the ten collagen               tapping motion working from the outside
Collagen in the skin is particularly                               masks available is combined with                    of the eye to the inside, this will ensure all
susceptible to free radical damage and as                          additional active ingredients you are sure to       air bubbles are removed
collagen levels in the body start to deplete                       find one to suit every skin type. Combine         • Leave in place for 20 minutes
from around the age of 25 the lower levels                         one of these masks with your top of the
                                                                                                                     • Remove
after this time cause fine lines to appear and                     range treatments to help the skin’s natural
                                                                                                                     • Gently massage any residue of the active
skin to lose elasticity.                                           collagen support, improve skin tone and
                                                                                                                       ingredients into the skin
What better way to replenish skin than to                          structure and promote healing. As each
use an ingredient that occurs naturally in the                     mask is left on for 20 minutes, you can
body. Introducing masks with collagen to                           provide a soothing hand or foot massage
the skin can help to slow down the ageing                          to help your client relax while the mask
process, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and
prevent further degrading of the skin.
                                                                   effects take place.                                      great value!
                                                                      did you know!                                   12 Super Collagen Masks
  AHA + Green Tea + Vitamin C
  For the treatment of dull thickened and sallow
                                                                           fact!                                      (2 of each:- PB7280, PB7240, PB7250,
                                                                                                                      PB7260, PB7270, PB7200)
  skin with AHA, Green Tea & Vitamin C.                             Collagen is the most common protein in            PB7777A Super Collagen             £64.95
  Benefits:                                                         the body. It accounts for 85% of skin,                       Masks (12)          Save £8.85
  • AHAs exfoliate the epidermis and promote
                                                                    hair, nail and joint tissue.
  • Green Tea for anti free radical action
  • Vitamin C is an effective anti-oxidant which
    also promotes cell metabolism
  PB7250A AHA+Green Tea +Vitamin C £5.95
               3+ Rate each                 £5.65

  Super Oxide Dismustase
  For regeneration in all skin types from 25
  years of age and older with Super Collagen
  Mask - Energising.
  • The skin’s roughness decreases
  • Wrinkles decrease
  • The depth of wrinkles decrease
  • The total length of wrinkles decreases
  • The harmful effect of free radicals decrease
  PB7290A Super Oxide Dismustase £5.95
              3+ Rate each                  £5.65

                                                                     new Super Collagen                                 new Super Collagen
                                                                    Décolletage Mask with                              Mask for Men
  Phyto-vitamin Complex                                             Pure Silk Extract                                  The structure of the male skin is thicker than that
  For restoring smoothness and elasticity to the                    For the treatment of the neck and                  of the female and therefore requires extra special
  more mature skin with Super Collagen Mask for                     décolletage area. Pure silk extracts, Ginseng      treatment. This mask combines Hyaluronic acid,
  Lifting.                                                          and Maca root work together in a synergy to        Q10 complex, Silicon and Panthenol.
  Benefits:                                                         quickly provide an immaculate effect on the        Benefits:
  • Complete absorption since the structure of                      delicate décolletage area.                         • Hyaluronic acid forms a permeable film to
    the Phyto-Vitamin Complex is identical to                       Benefits:                                            retain moisture
    that of the natural pH layer                                    • Softens and smoothes the skin                    • Panthenol stimulates cell renewal and has
  • Gradual restoration of the natural pH layer                     • Strengthens the elasticity of the skin             a mild soothing effect
  • No more rough, overly tight skin                                • Accelerates the cell renewal process             • Q10 complex has a strong anti-oxidant
  • Restoration of the natural moisture balance                     • Protects against damaging ultra violet rays        effect and has the ability to visually improve
  • Prevents unnecessary moisture loss                                of the sun                                         wrinkles and maintains the natural moisture
  • Complete protection against negative                            • Visibly refines the pores                          balance of the skin
    environmental effects                                           • Helps to restore moisture balance                • Silicon touch increases hydration and also
  PB7280A Phyto-vitamin Complex              £5.95                  • Results can visibly be seen within half an         has a soothing and strengthening effect on
              3+ Rate each                   £5.65                    hour of the treatment                              the skin irritated and damaged by shaving
                                                                    PB7510 Super Collagen                    £6.25     PB8800 Super Collagen                        £6.25
                                                                                 Décolletage Mask                                  Mask for Men
                                                                                 3+ Rate each                £5.95                 3+ Rate each                     £5.95
Please note: Some Collagen masks contain animal extract. Full
instructions for use and shelf life are supplied with each pack.

                                                                             Lo-call 0845 130 6126                 85
     Skincare: Essential Ampoule System
        Highly Concentrated Ampoules
        Choose from nine different highly concentrated ampoules. These can be used in
        various ways to target individual skin concerns. Can also be applied before
        moisturiser or mixed with a massage cream.

               best seller                                          best seller                                   A bowl for all treatments!
      This gentle, yet highly effective alternative to    Eclavitin                                               We’ve specially sourced these
      Botox works by visibly stimulating the              Firming and lifting for an instant face lift.           excellent quality flexible bowls
      regeneration of cells at the skin’s deepest         Working on the elasticity of the skin. Apply for        which are ideal for many
      level to give super regenerative results. When      15 minutes for instant improvement. Ideal for
                                                                                                                  applications and at just the right
      used on a regular basis the ampoule will            hand treatments too.
      make fine lines disappear and deep wrinkles         PB6080A Eclavitin                          £12.45       price for the salon. Three different
      disappear visibly. This sophisticated anti-                                                                 sizes mean you have the right
      ageing complex includes evening primrose oil                                                                bowl for the right job every time.
      with the active ingredient hibiscin, which has
      an active, regenerative effect on the facial                                                                It can be time consuming and a
      musculature and natural cellular structure.                                                                 fiddle to get the residue of
      PB6150A Hibiscin                          £15.45
                                                                                                                  products out of bowls, but not
                                                                                                                  with these. Simply flex the bowl
                                                                                                                  to crack the dry ingredients, tip
                                                                                                                  out then wash with clean warm

                                                                                                                  Maxi Flexi Bowl
                                                                                                                  Ideal for mixing body masks especially clay
                                                                                                                  and thermal masks that set solid in the
                                                                                                                  bowl. Fill with water and place marine
                                                                                                                  stones to prepare them for cold stone
                                                                                                                  therapy treatments.
                                                                                                                  AS536 Maxi Flexi Bowl 15.3cm/6" £4.95
                                                                                                                             10+ Rate each              £4.75

     Alternatively use with our pre-cut gauze            Caviar*
     face shapes (FT01 pack of 50 £4.99).                This is especially suitable for tired skin that
     Fold and place in a clean plastic bowl              suffers from stress on a regular basis. The
     and saturate the gauze with the ampoule             Caviar* ampoules contain a high level of naturally     Ridisin
                                                         vitalising ingredients, phospholipids and              A deep regenerating action ideal for a mature,
     contents. Apply to the client’s face and            phosphoproteins, which are almost identical            deeply lined skin requiring support and
     neck pressing the gauze into the skin               to the naturally occurring revitalising properties     rehydration.
     and eyepads over the eyes before                    found in young skin, plus chitin, which has highly     PB6020A Ridisin                           £12.45
     leaving for 10-15 minutes. Any remaining            effective moisture binding properties. After just
     product after the gauze has been                    a few treatments lines and sallowness will be          Optivin
                                                         visibly reduced and the skin will regain its
     removed can be massaged into the skin,                                                                     Firming and toning. Ideal for the delicate
                                                         suppleness and youthful glow.
     or removed with cotton wool.                                                                               eye area.
                                                         PB6160A Caviar +                              £15.45
                                                                                                                PB6070A Optivin                            £12.45

     Lipo Q 10                                           Renofrutin                                             Melasin
     A powerful regenerating treatment for ageing or     Fruit acids and green tea micro exfoliate and
                                                                                                                Reduce pigmentation and lighten the skin,
     stressed skin.                                      promote cell renewal.
                                                                                                                suitable for face and hands.
     PB6130A Lipo Q 10                        £15.45     PB6040A Renofrutin                         £13.45
                                                                                                                PB6050A Melasin                         £13.45

     Purovin*                                            Totalvitin*                                            Please note: *these ampoules contain animal
     Purifying and rebalancing on oily, acne and         A total maintenance treatment to promote the           extracts. Caution: The content of the ampoules
     congested skin conditions.                          health and functioning of all skin types. Thirty       must not be applied to the eyelids. The
     PB6060A Purovin*                          £12.45    active ingredients for optimum skin health.            ampoules are very active and should not be
                                                         PB6100A Totalvitin                          £13.45     mixed with essential oils.

86      skincare
Skincare: Simply Beautiful                                                                                                                      SBC
                                                                                                                 Massage Gel
   Professional water-based skin care gels.                                                                      A new formula with added sweet almond oil, for
                                                                                                                 increased longevity, this gel will leave the skin
                                                                                                                 refreshed and invigorated. Containing both cypress
                                                                                                                 and juniper essential oils this gel will help invigorate
                                                                                                                 the skin and create a balanced feeling of well
  new                                                                                                            being. Regular use will help in the reduction of the
                                                                                                                 appearance of uneven textured skin.
3-in-1 Cleansing & Toning Gel                                                                                    SBC153B Massage Gel 4.2fl.oz/125ml £5.50
No need for three separate products: this gel is                                                                 SBC153 Massage Gel 8.5fl.oz/250ml £9.50
an eye make-up remover, facial cleanser and                                                                      SBC153C Massage Gel 34fl.oz/1L                    £27.50
toner in one. Containing both Gingko Biloba,
Green Tea extracts and Elderflower, this gel
leaves the skin feeling fresh, smooth and
thoroughly cleansed from all traces of make-up
and everyday pollutants. No need to apply water
or a separate toner, ideal for travelling, and
suitable for all skin types.
SBC190B 4.2fl.oz/125ml                         £4.05
SBC190 8.5fl.oz/250ml                          £6.60

  new         Daily Body Exfoliating Gel
Daily Stimulating Body Exfoliating Gel contains
Jojoba wax beads which are polished round               Collagen Hand Wash                                       Cotton Gel
grains that remove just the dead skin cells             With added tea tree and propolis. A luxurious            A caring, gentle, moisturising gel for sensitive
making it safe for daily use. The rich blend of ivy,    hand wash, enriched with collagen and aloe vera          skin. This specially formulated gel contains
nettle and fennel extracts creates a surface            that gently cleanses and cares for your hands.           hydrolysed cotton protein which actively works
toning and firming effect, making this the perfect      This deep-cleansing hand wash cleanses the               to soothe the skin’s surface, helping to relieve
skin preparation product.                               skin without drying it. With the added anti-             irritation and enhancing levels of moisture
SBC189 Daily Body Exfoliating Gel            £6.60      bacterial properties of tea tree, this wash is the       retention. This easily absorbed, water-based gel
            8.5fl.oz/250ml                              first stage in sanitising the skin. Follow with SBC      also contains chamomile and aloe vera.
SBC189A Daily Body Exfoliating Gel          £10.50      Collagen hand gel to complete the skin sanitising        SBC181B Cotton Gel 4.2fl.oz/125ml              £5.50
            7fl.oz/500ml                                and moisturising process. Ideal for all the family       SBC181 Cotton Gel 8.5fl.oz/250ml               £9.50
                                                        and particularly useful when hands need to be
  new         Facial Exfoliating Gel                    thoroughly clean.                                        Cucumber Gel
This gel will gently soften, cleanse and ease           SBC184 Collagen Hand Wash                       £7.00    Cucumber gel is cooling, soothing and
away surface dead skin cells to leave the skin                       17fl.oz/500ml                               hydrating. This water-based, non-oily gel is easily
feeling smooth and soft to the touch. Plus, with                                                                 absorbed making it an ideal under make-up eye
it’s rich blend of gingko biloba, green tea, bilberry   Collagen Hand Gel                                        moisturiser. It can also be used as either an eye
and horsetail extracts it creates a surface anti-       With added tea tree and propolis, a caring,              or facial mask to help reduce the appearance of
oxidant, toning and firming effect making it the        gentle hand gel that provides anti-bacterial             puffiness by cooling and soothing. With added
perfect facial skin smoother.                           protection. SBC specially formulated sanitising          vitamin A, regular use of this gel may help to
SBC188B 3-in-1 Cleansing & Toning Gel £4.05             hand gel contains collagen and aloe vera to              reduce the appearance of dark circles and
             4.2fl.oz/125ml                             boost moisture content, nourishing and                   shadows around the eyes.
SBC188 3-in-1 Cleansing & Toning Gel £6.60              plumping the surface skin cells to help maintain         SBC155B Cucumber Gel 4.2fl.oz/125ml £5.50
             8.5fl.oz/250ml                             the skins youthful appearance. With added tea            SBC155 Cucumber Gel8.5fl.oz/250ml £9.50
                                                        tree and propolis the gel kills surface bacteria,        SBC155C Cucumber Gel34fl.oz/1L              £27.50
Body Firming Gel                                        effectively sanitising the hands.
Red algae, spotted geranium, and multi-grain            SBC185 Collagen Hand Gel                    £10.50       Arnica Gel
barley in this gel combined with regular exercise                    8.5fl.oz/250ml                              Arnica Montana is one of the oldest and most
and a balanced diet may assist in both firming                                                                   widely used forms of herbal treatment in the
and toning of the skin. The extract of coffee and       Collagen Gel                                             world today and has been particularly developed
grape skin will help stimulate the micro-               A light and easily absorbed facial and body              in Europe where it originated. Arnica gel is ideal
circulation. An essential part of a body care           moisturising gel, which is ideal for use as a            for both adults and children, providing relief for
programme, this gel will leave the skin feeling         treatment mask for eyes, neck and décolleté.             general aches and if applied immediately after a
toned and invigorated, and smooth to the touch.         This economical treatment gel can be used with           fall or blow, can help to prevent bruising from
SBC165B Body Firming Gel 4.2fl.oz/125ml £5.50           galvanic and micro-current equipment. Also acts          developing. Produces no chill or burn.
SBC165 Body Firming Gel 8.5fl.oz/250ml £9.50            as a perfect moisturiser under make-up or as a           SBC154B Arnica Gel 4.2fl.oz/125ml             £5.50
SBC165C Body Firming Gel 34fl.oz/1L £27.50              night treatment. Regular use will re-hydrate the         SBC154 Arnica Gel 8.5fl.oz/250ml              £9.50
                                                        skin and minimise fine lines and wrinkles.               SBC154C Arnica Gel 1L                        £27.50
Lavender Gel                                            SBC143B Collagen Gel 4.2fl.oz/125ml £5.50
This non-sticky, water-based gel also contains          SBC143 Collagen Gel 8.5fl.oz/250ml £9.50                 Detox Gel
extract of witch hazel to enhance and improve           SBC143C Collagen Gel 34fl.oz/1L             £27.50       A fresh, water-based easily absorbed formula. A
results. Together these ingredients form an                                                                      collection of stimulating and invigorating extracts
exceptional, cooling and soothing moisturiser,          Aloe Vera Gel                                            in a treatment gel that, combined with regular
treatment and mask for highly sensitive or heat         Aloe Vera possesses calming properties, making it        exercise and a balanced diet may help leave
damaged skin i.e. sunburn. Particularly useful          an exceptional soothing agent for burnt or               your skin feeling healthy and vibrant. Used daily
after electrolysis or laser treatment. Lavender is      chapped skin. Recommended for use on heat                the combined effects of extract of white nettle,
also known for its calming and relaxing                 damaged skin, windburn, sunburn, chafing and             coffee, grape skin, neptune kelp, chamomile,
properties. Applied at times of stress and tension      shaving and after epilation treatments including         rosemary, garlic and ivy will help stimulate skin.
this easily absorbed gel will help calm and relax       electrolysis and laser. Aloe Vera gel will absorb        Detox gel works well with arnica gel for relief
before sleep. Can also be helpful to soothe             readily into skin leaving it feeling cool and soothed.   from aches especially after exercise.
insect bites and stings.                                SBC142B Aloe Vera Gel 4.2fl.oz/125ml £5.50               SBC169B Detox Gel 4.2fl.oz/125ml              £5.50
SBC148B Lavender Gel 4.2fl.oz/125ml £5.50               SBC142 Aloe Vera Gel 8.5fl.oz/250ml £9.50                SBC169 Detox Gel 8.5fl.oz/250ml               £9.50
SBC148 Lavender Gel 8.5fl.oz/250ml £9.50                SBC142C Aloe Vera Gel 34fl.oz/1L                £27.50   SBC169C Detox Gel 34fl.oz/1L                £27.50

                                                                         Lo-call 0845 130 6126                    87
     Skincare: Ellisons Beauty Essentials
       A comprehensive range of basic products formulated
       with (vegetable origin) natural ingredients.

       Simple and economical.
       Economical to use with levels of preservatives kept to a minimum.
       Perfumes in the range are selected from established natural oils
       and fragrances to avoid unnecessary harmful irritants on the skin.                                         Ellisons Beauty
       All materials used are also proven in quality and safety in the use of
       cosmetics and skin care.                                                                                      Essentials

     Deep Cleansing Cream
     A cream cleanser that stays on the skin while
     cleansing movements are performed. Good for
     ingrained make up.
     PE122      Cleansing Cream 15oz/425g £3.75

     Petroleum Jelly
     Use to protect your client’s skin during eyelash
     tinting treatment. Apply to the skin under the
     lower lashes beneath protection papers.
     PE163        Petroleum Jelly 8.8oz/250g      £1.60

     Vitamin E Cream
     Used as a moisturiser or massage cream,
     featuring Vitamin E, which has repairing qualities.
     Particularly suitable for mature skin, also
     beneficial for all skin types. Also effective
     beneath paraffin wax.
     PE172       Vitamin E Cream 15oz/425g £3.70

     Massage Cream
     An ideal massage medium, allowing hands to
     glide and knead for as long as is necessary.
     PE147      Massage Cream 15oz/425g £3.75
     PE132      Facial Massage Cream            £3.75

     Moisturising Cream
     A basic moisturising cream for all skin types.
                                                           Esthetix Face Lifting Gel                             new
     PE148     Moisturising Cream 15oz/425g £3.75
                                                           Designed for use with all makes of non-surgical     Ultrasound Gel
                                                           facial machines to enhance effectiveness.           Designed for diagnostic and therapeutic medical
     Powders                                               GL900 Gel 14oz/400g                       £12.95
     PE110      Calamine Powder 17.6oz/500g £5.75                                                              ultrasound. Recommended for all procedures
     PE129      Fullers Earth 17.6oz/500g      £3.35                                                           where a viscous gel is required, including
     PE130      Flowers of Sulphur 17.6oz/500g £4.45                                                           Ultrasonic diagnosis and Ultrasonic therapy.
                                                           Hydrating Masque                                    GEL5000 5L with 8.5fl.oz/250ml Bottle £17.00
     PE143      Kaolin Powder 17.6oz/500g £3.45            Soothing and cooling with a creamy texture.
     PE146      Magnesium Carbonate            £3.55       Apply with a brush or disposable spatula.
                8.8oz/250g                                                                                     Cosmetic Brush Cleaner
                                                           This masque is ideal for dehydrated and dry
     PE158      Purified Talc BP 35oz/1kg      £3.25                                                           A gentle solvent suitable for removing make-up
                                                           skins of all ages, even young skins that have
                                                                                                               from cosmetic brushes.
                                                           been stripped of moisture due to over zealous
     Masque Therapy Kit                                    home treatments.
                                                                                                               PE320      Brush Cleaning Fluid            £3.75
     Containing: 18 salon size products and                                                                               17fl.oz/500ml
                                                           PE301        Hydrating Masque 7oz/200g £4.95
       Almond Oil
       Rose Water
                          Orange Flower Water
                          Magnesium Carbonate              Gently Stimulating Masque
       Witch Hazel
                          Flowers of Sulphur
                                                           Ideal for younger skin in need of a little
                                                           stimulation. Apply with brush or disposable
       Purified Talc      Fullers Earth
                                                           spatula over the face and neck with a thicker
       Paraffin Wax (1kg)
                                                           layer in more sensitive areas such as the cheeks.
                                                                                                                  Lanolin is present as pure
     PLUS:                                                 Sets slightly after 10-15 minutes depending on          lanolin in only one of our
      Masque Brush   Mixing Dish                           thickness of application. Can be used on the “T”                products -
      Spatula        Gauze                                 panel for normal to slightly sensitive skins with
      Powder Scoop                                         good results. Remove with sponges and warm               Deep Cleansing Cream
      Masque Remover Sponges                               water.                                                      - but at only 1%.
     PE404A Masque Therapy Kit                  £45.00     PE302       Stimulating Masque 7oz/200g £3.95

88      skincare
Skincare: Ellisons Beauty Essentials

Acetone                                                Rose Water                                              Almond Oil
A non-oily nail enamel remover, also widely used       The best quality you can buy. The most gentle of        A refined natural massage oil, ideal as an
for dissolving most nail extensions.                   our liquid skin tonics, mildly foaming and suitable     economic carrier for essential Aromatherapy
PE100       Acetone 17fl.oz/500ml           £2.20      for dry, delicate and sensitive skins.                  Oils. Can also be used as a basic skin ingredient
PE101       Acetone 135fl.oz/4L           £12.20       An essential ingredient in many clay based              in clay based masque recipes to suit dry skin.
                                                       masque recipes. Full strength BP grade.                 PE108      Almond Oil 17fl.oz/500ml         £5.95
Cuticle Remover                                        PE165        Rose Water 17fl.oz/500ml        £3.30      PE109      Almond Oil 135fl.oz/4L          £32.90
A gentle non-abrasive liquid remover to prepare        PE166        Rose Water 135fl.oz/4L         £17.90
unwanted tissue prior to removal. A great price                                                                Witch Hazel
for an excellent bulk product.                         Purified Water                                          An essential stock item for the salon. Has many
PE117      Cuticle Remover 8.5fl.oz/250ml £1.75        De-mineralised, for use in face and body                uses including as a refining and toning lotion for
PE118      Cuticle Remover 17fl.oz/500ml £2.80         steamers.                                               greasy skin types, and as a masque ingredient.
                                                       PE162     Purified Water 135fl.oz/4L          £2.50     Full strength BP grade.
Cuticle Cream                                                                                                  PE174       Witch Hazel 17fl.oz/500ml        £2.95
A rich cream to massage around the cuticle area        Massage Oil                                             PE175       Witch Hazel 135fl.oz/4L         £12.80
to soften prior to soaking, or to leave on at night.
                                                       A high quality mineral oil, suitable for all aspects
PE114      Cuticle Cream 13.4oz/380g £3.95
                                                       of body massage. Economical to use.                     Surgical Spirit
                                                       PE144     Massage Oil 17fl.oz/500ml             £2.95
Oily Polish Remover                                                                                            PE167      Surgical Spirit 2L              £5.45
                                                       PE145     Massage Oil 135fl.oz/4L              £14.95
An economical, acetone free, efficient enamel                                                                  PE168      Surgical Spirit 135fl.oz/4L     £9.50
remover, containing conditioners. Super fast
acting. Not suitable for acrylic nails.                Hand and Body Lotion
                                                       A general (pleasantly perfumed), all purpose
                                                                                                               Eau de Cologne
PE154      Oily Remover 8.5fl.oz/250ml £1.80                                                                   Use in an invigorating and stimulating massage
PE155      Oily Remover 17fl.oz/500ml £3.20            moisturising lotion. Especially good on dry skin
                                                       and particularly after sunbed treatments.               for body and scalp. Also ideal as a body splash
PE156      Oily Remover 135fl.oz/4L       £12.70                                                               after sauna, steam or sunbed treatments.
                                                       PE136      Hand & Body 17fl.oz/500ml £2.60
                                                                                                               PE123      Eau De Cologne 17fl.oz/500ml £3.45
Orange Flower Water                                                                                            PE124      Eau De Cologne 135fl.oz/4L £18.00
Stimulating and toning when combined with clay         Hand Lotion
based masque ingredients, particularly good for        Richer than the Hand and Body Lotion.
greasy and compacted skin. Full strength BP            Suitable for manicure treatments to                     Glycerine
grade.                                                 maintain skin suppleness, can also be                   An essential basic ingredient for face and
PE152      Orange Flower Water            £4.70        used for hand massage.                                  body treatments.
           17fl.oz/500ml                               PE138      Hand Lotion 17fl.oz/500ml          £2.60     PE133     Glycerine 17fl.oz/500ml          £3.60

                                                                     Lo-call 0845 130 6126                89
                                                           Skincare: Skin Doctors
                                                           Clinical skincare without a prescription
                                                                                                       best seller
                                                               Instant Facelift
                                                               Skin can age due to various factors such as chronological
                                                               ageing, UV light, pollution and smoking. Environmental and
                                                               chronological ageing degrades properties of the skin such as
                                                               elasticity, firmness and tonicity. Instant Facelift’s active ingredients
                                                               are combined to achieve an immediate and visible lifting effect
                                                               and provide smoother younger looking skin in five minutes. The
                                                               combination of ingredients form a matrix on the surface of the
                                                               skin and once dried they hold the skin taut, reducing the
                                                               appearance of lines and wrinkles.
                                                                 Tightens and brightens in only 5 minutes
                                                                 Customer will notice reduction in the appearance of lines and
                                                                 wrinkles, improved hydration and elasticity
                                                                 Skin will appear lifted and radiant
                                                                 96% of trialled users noticed a tightening effect following use of
                                                                 the product on the skin
                                                                 Visibly lifted within 5 minutes

                                                               SD2132 30ml                                                    £16.57
                                                                                                                          Retail £29.95

                                                            new                                                        Problem Specific
     Instant Effects                                                                                                     new         Capillary Clear
                                                           Antarctilyne Plump3
      new                                                                    This unique anti-ageing cream
                                                                                                                                          Reduce the appearance of
                                                                                                                                          broken capillaries
     Instant Eyelift                                                         helps to plump lines and
                                                                                                                                          in just weeks!
                       Instant Eyelift is an amazing                         wrinkles for noticeably younger
                                                                                                                                          A comprehensive face treatment
                       new serum that enables you to                         looking skin. Antarctilyne is the
                                                                                                                                          containing vitamin K and other
                       achieve the results of a                              cosmetic alternative to collagen
                                                                                                                                          beneficial actives to help diminish
                       cosmetic eyelift but without the                      injections.
                                                                                                                                          the appearance of broken
                       surgery. Based on the break
                                                                           Antarctilyne goes to work on                                   capillaries and burst blood
                       through formulation used by
                                                                           contact, where it helps promote                                vessels from the skin’s surface.
                       world-class surgeons and top
                       Hollywood make-up artists this                      elasticity and plump the skin,
                                                           making your skin fresher and younger-looking,               SD2170 Capillary Clear 1.7fl.oz/50ml £11.04
                       eyelift serum offers you instant                                                                                                         Retail £19.95
                       results that will last the whole    while smoothing wrinkles.
                       day through. Instant Eyelift
     promises the ultimate correction to fine lines,
                                                           Antarctilyne will help shield your skin from the              new         SD White
                                                           elements, preventing it from losing essential
     puffiness and wrinkles around the delicate eye                                                                                      SD White is a safe, natural
                                                           moisture and exposing it to the damaging effects
     area.                                                                                                                               cream that can help reduce the
                                                           of free radicals.
     • Instant dramatic results that will last up to                                                                                     appearance of freckles, age
                                                             See a noticeable difference in 15 days
       8 hours                                                                                                                           spots and pigmentation
                                                             Enhances collagen production in the skin
        Comparable to a cosmetic eyelift without                                                                                         discolouration within 3-8
                                                             Shields your skin from the elements,
        surgery                                                                                                                          weeks. Scientifically formulated
                                                             preventing it from losing essential moisture
        Used by top Hollywood make-up artists                                                                                            with the revolutionary natural
                                                             Perfect protection during outdoor activities,
                                                                                                                                         ingredient Emblica, SD White
                                                             cold weather, exposure to air conditioning
     SD2120 Instant Eyelift 0.33fl.oz/10ml £11.04                                                                                        offers a much gentler and safer
                                                             Alternative to collagen injections
                                           Retail £19.95                                                               alternative to controversial synthetic bleaching
                                                           SD2260 Antarctilyne Plump3                   £22.10
      new                                                              1.7fl.oz/50ml
                                                                                                                       agents. Emblica works to inhibit excess melanin
                                                                                                                       production within the skin to treat the cause of
                                                                                                    Retail £39.95
     Perfect Pout                                                                                                      hyperpigmentation for a more even toned
                       Makes lips look bigger in                                                                       complexion.
                       seconds!                                                                                        SD2190 SD White 1.7fl.oz/50ml               £11.04
                       Enjoy sexy “bee stung” lips                                                                                                              Retail £19.95
                       without collagen.
                       Perfect Pout is a penetrating
                                                                                                                         new          Zit Zapper
                       lip balm that causes a unique                                                                               Blitz blemishes overnight!
                       reaction and makes lips                                                                                     Overnight Zit Zapper is an intensive
                       appear to swell and expand. It                                                                              spot formula that gets to work
                       works in about 60 seconds or                                                                                immediately to help eliminate spots in
                       less and the results last for                                                                               as little as eight hours! Zit Zapper has
                       hours. Also flushes lips with a                                                                             a unique 4-way action to deep
     natural rosy red colour without lipstick.                                                                                     cleanse, exfoliate and dry out spots
     SD2361 Perfect Pout 0.27fl.oz/8ml £11.04                                                                                      while calming down areas of
                                           Retail £19.95                                                                           inflammation. Wake up to beautiful,
                                                                                                                                   blemish free skin!
                                                                                                                       SD2212      Zit Zapper 0.33fl.oz/10ml          £5.50
                                                                                                                                                                  Retail £9.95

90      skincare
Skincare: Skin Doctors
   Skin Doctors products are based on cutting edge formulations developed in conjunction
   with leading research institutes and cosmetic surgeons. Skin Doctors’ formulations are
   helping to change the way people perceive cosmetics and the results that they can deliver.

Eyecare                                                                                                       Bodycare
 new         Eyetuck                                               best seller                                 new        Stretch Away
Eyetuck has been specifically engineered to help                                                                            Intensive stretch mark formula.
                                                          Ingrow Go & Ingrow Go Wipes                                       A professional strength stretch
painlessly reduce the appearance of eye bags. It
                                                          Don’t be embarrassed by ugly ingrown hairs.                       mark cream combining seven
gives under eyes a smoother, tighter looking
                                                          Ingrow Go is the solution to razor bumps,                         potent ingredients to reduce the
appearance in a matter of weeks.
                                                          ingrown hairs and razor rashes.                                   visible colour and depth of
 Comparable to a cosmetic eyelift without                                                                                   unsightly stretch marks. Works in
                                                          This fast acting solution makes ingrown hairs                     as little as eight weeks.
                                                          pop out in as little as 24 hours! Unique 4 way
 Contains cutting edge peptide technology
                                                          action exfoliates and cleans out pores for                        SD2140 Stretch Away
 See a noticeable difference in as little as
                                                          smooth, bump free skin!                                                  7oz/200gm           £11.04
 30 days
 Apricot oil and Shea butter protect and                                                                                                           Retail £19.95
                                                          SD2040 Ingrow & Go 4.2fl.oz/125ml £6.61
 nourish the skin, preventing it from losing
                                                                                            Retail £11.95
 essential moisture
SD2530 Eyetuck 0.5fl.oz/15ml                £18.23        SD2047 Ingrow Go 60 Wipes               £8.82
                                        Retail £32.95
                                                                                            Retail £15.95
                                                                                                               new        Vein Away
                                                                                                                                            Say goodbye to
                                                                                                                                            spider veins!
                                                                                                                                            Skin Doctors Vein
                                                                                                                                            Away contains the
                                                                                                                                            latest skincare
                                                                                                                                            technology to
                                                                                                                                            reduce the
                                                                                                                                            appearance of
                                                                                                              spider veins and broken capillaries on the body.
                      Before                                                                                  This unique formulation can reduce the visible
                                                                                                              appearance of spider veins in 6-8 weeks.

                                                                                                              SD2083 Vein Away 3.5oz/100gm             £11.04

                                                                                                               new        Fade Away
                                                                                                              Reduce the appearance of blemishes from the
                                                                                                              A potent naturally based body lotion to help
                                                                                                                                         reduce the
                                                                                                                                         appearance of
                                                                                                                                         sunspots, liver
                       After                                                                                                             spots, uneven skin
Depilatories                                                                                                                             tone and age related
                                                                                                                                         blemishes. Ideal for
 new         Hair No More Pack                                                                                                           pigmentation trouble
                                                                                                                                         spots such as the
Now you can remove your unwanted facial and                                                                                              hands and chest.
body hair for the very last time. Finally there is a
long-term hair removal system that is competely          new        Hair No More Inhibitor                    SD2240 Fade Away 3.4fl.oz/100ml          £11.04
pain free.                                                                                                                                         Retail £19.95
                    Hair No More gently and                         This unique hair retarding
                    painlessly removes unwanted                     formulation helps slow hair regrowth.
                    hair in a matter of minutes                     When hair does grow back it is finer
                    and can actually prevent the                    and softer.
                    hair from growing back. Used
                    regularly Hair No More                           The opaque tropical spray solution is
                    Inhibitor Spray makes hair                       made from a comprehensive
                    grow back sparser, finer and                     formula containing exotic plant
                    lighter than before and in                       enzymes and should be used every
                    some cases the hair doesn’t                      day after the unwanted hair has
                    grow back at all!                                been removed. This complex
                                                                     formula assists in the slowing down
The Hair No More system includes two tubes of                        of the hair follicle regrowth, while
hair removal cream and a Hair No More Inhibitor                      having a softening, refreshing and
Spray.                                                  soothing effect.
SD2003 Hair No More Pack (3)             £8.82
                                        Retail £15.95   SD2006 No More Hair 4.2fl.oz/125ml         £5.50
                                                                                               Retail £9.95
                                                                    Lo-call 0845 130 6126                91
     Skincare: Casmara
                                                                                                                     Actions on the skin
                                                                                                                     Forehead Wrinkles
                                                                                                                     Thanks to the active ingredients included in
                                                                                                                     the formulation, elasticity will improve giving
                                                                                                                     the appearance of softened lines and

                                                                                                                     Facial Muscle Tone
                                                                                                                     The masks reduce the temperature of the
                                                                                                                     skin between 5° and 8° once applied. This
     Regeneration Mask                                       C40 BI-Phase Soya Mask                                  drop in temperature causes the muscles to
     Indications for use: this mask is specially             Indications for use: two masks in one, ideal for        contract and gives a visible temporary lifting
     recommended for applications after treatments           skins that are tired and need a quick boost! This       effect.
     with exfoliators or peeling have taken place. It can    mask combines an eye mask for direct application
     be used on any age or type of skin including acne       over the eye area and a soya facial mask for the rest   Skin Condition and Nourishment
     prone and delicate skins and provides                   of the face. Both masks form a single mask and          The masks have the unique ability to dry
     regenerating, soothing and relaxing effects.            can be removed in one piece.
                                                                                                                     from the outside to the inside. This
     How it works: carbohydrates in the treatment            How it works: the eye mask contains bilberry
     mask solidify and form a plastic mask on the face       which is antiseptic and decongesting, and Vitamin       enhances the absorption of the active
     while the active ingredients in the organically         B, ideal for lymphatic circulation and protection of    ingredients into the skin’s cells.
     produced flax (linseed) and aloe contained in the       capillaries. The soya facial mask contains
     mask combined produce natural cell regeneration,        dehydrated soya seed which regenerates and              Face and Neck Wrinkles
     as well as soothing and toning the skin.                nourishes helping increase elasticity and firm the      The physical effects of this mask and its
     CAS10 Single                                    £3.75   skin.                                                   active ingredients will improve the
     CAS10/9 Box of 10                             £29.95    CAS07/4 Box of 4                               £39.95
                                                                                                                     appearance of any fine and deeper lines by
                                             SAVE £7.55
                                                                                                                     revitalising and firming the tissues.
                                                              Step by Step BI Soya Mask
                                                                                  1 Remove foil from the             Tired/Puffy Eyes
                                                                                    smaller of the two white
                                                                                                                     All masks may be applied over the eye area
                                                                                    plastic bowls and add
                                                                                    the contents of the
                                                                                                                     (optional). The masks will gently stimulate
                                                                                    smaller tube.                    lymphatic drainage and reduce any excess
                                                                                                                     fluid that causes puffiness under the eyes.
                                                                                  2 Mix the two phases               The eye area above and below the eye will
                                                                2                   together quickly and
                                                                                                                     look fresher and tighter.
                                                                                    thoroughly using a
                                                                                    spatula for around 30
                                                                                  3 Use the spatula to
     Sensitive Mask                                                                 gently apply the                  Step by Step Peel Off Masks
                                                                3                   treatment mask to the
     Indications for use: suitable for all skin types
     and ages. However, this mask is also perfect for                               eye area.                           1               1 To create the mask add the
     sensitive, delicate skins.                                                                                                           dry ingredients contained in
                                                                                  4 Remove foil from the
     How it works: an algae-based mask containing                                                                                         the sachet, into a suitably
                                                                                    remaining (larger) bowl
     nutrients from violets and oats, it has a similar                                                                                    sized mixing bowl.
                                                                                    and add the contents of
     action to Casmara’s congealing masks, with                                     the larger tube.                                    2 Mix the ingredients rapidly
     additional nourishment from vegetable extracts             4
                                                                                                                                          and thoroughly for about 30
     derived from violets and oats, well-known for                                5 Mix the ingredients
                                                                                    together thoroughly and                               seconds using a spatula.
     their beneficial effects on delicate skin. Oats also
     provide additional vitamins.                                                   quickly for around 45               2               3 Use the spatula to apply
     CAS01 Single                                  £3.75                            seconds. Be careful not                               the mixture to the face and
     CAS01/9 Box of 10                            £29.95                            to mix for too long as                                neck area including over
                                             SAVE £7.55         5                   the mask will be set in                               the eyes and mouth if the
                                                                                    around 4 minutes and
           great value                                                              so needs to be on the
                                                                                    face within this time.
                                                                                                                                          client is happy with this.
                                                                                                                                          The mask must be applied
                                                                                                                                          quickly as the algae content
                                                                                  6 Apply the mask to the               3                 in the masks causes them
                                                                                    remaining facial area,                                to set rapidly (around 4
                                                                6                   carefully joining the soya                            minutes).
                                                                                    mask to the eye contour
                                                                                                                                        4 Leave the mask on the
                                                                                    mask and covering the
                                                                                                                                          client’s face for 15 minutes.
                                                                                    face and neck.
                                                                                                                                          This process will form a
                                                                                  7 Leave the mask on the                                 single mask which is easy
      7 Casmara Peel Off Masks                                                      client for 15 minutes                                 to remove, simply peel the
                                                                7                                                       4
      (1 of each:- CAS01, CAS02, CAS03, CAS04,                                      then simply peel the                                  congealed mask from the
      CAS05, CAS06, CAS010).                                                        congealed mask from                                   skin in one piece. Any mask
      CAS/SP Casmara Peel Off            £20.95                                     the skin in one piece.                                residue left on the skin can
                 Masks (7)                                                          Any residue left can be                               be easily peeled off due to
                                    SAVE £5.30                                      easily peeled off.                                    the nature of the mask.

92      skincare
Skincare: Casmara
   Algae Peel off Masks
   More than just a treatment mask
   Algae extract is well known for its moisturising and nourishing power. These masks are algae
   based with additional active ingredients selected for their specific effects on each skin condition.
   Apply directly to the face and neck and see these ‘new generation’ face masks form a single
   mask that is easily removed in one piece. So easy to mix and apply we know you will be
   impressed with the results they produce on your client’s skin.

GreenTea Mask                                               Green Mask                                             Reaffirming Mask
Indications for use: recommended for skin                   Indications for use: recommended for stressed          Indications for use: particularly effective when
suffering from the effects of ageing. Premature             skins, environmentally damaged skins and those         used on unbalanced and oily skins. Also effective
ageing or mature skin will particularly benefit             suffering from sun damage, post operative or           on open pores and oily skin with breakouts.
from this mask.                                             post medication tired skins. This mask will calm,      How it works: contains active vegetable
How it works: green tea contains molecules                  de-stress and nourish skin cells.                      charcoal that has the ability to absorb impurities
that will reduce ageing of the skin cells. This             How it works: this mask contains golden-brown          and excess oils form the pores and surface of
mask contains more antioxidants than vitamin C,             algae which are incredibly rich in nutrients. The      the skin. The algae content ensures that the skin
so is excellent when fighting the free radicals             high levels of chlorophyll and polysaccharides         is not dehydrated and is left nourished.
which cause skin ageing.                                    rehydrate the skin, while the mask reacts with         CAS04 Single                                 £3.75
Vitamin A, B2, C and E revitalise the skin and              the skin’s proteins to revitalise skin cells.          CAS04/9 Box of 10                          £29.95
lavender promotes cell renewal, as well as                  CAS02 Single                                   £3.75                                         SAVE £7.55
relaxing the client during treatment.                       CAS02/9 Box of 10                             £29.95
CAS03 Single                                  £3.75                                                 SAVE £7.55
CAS03/9 Box of 10                            £29.95
                                       SAVE £7.55

Vitamin Vegetable Mask                                      Novanew Mask                                           Kiwi & Poppy Seed Mask
Indications for use: contains Orange and Dill               Indications for use: this mask is the perfect          Indications for use: this mask is specially
which are both rich in vitamin C. Working                   answer for dry and dehydrated skins and can be         recommended for skin that is losing its elasticity
together with the algae this mask is effective on           used on all skin types. This mask will rehydrate       or has started to sag. Its ingredients clarify the
mature skins and skins which suffer from lack of            and balance the skin after active treatments or        skin, while revitalising and encouraging collagen
oxygen leading to skin starved of nutrition.                extractions where the skin’s natural pH may have       regeneration.
Clients who smoke, have restrictive or poor diets           been altered.                                          How it works: carbohydrates in the treatment
or suffer from ill health will find their skin will         How it works: containing mineral substances            mask solidify and form a plastic mask on the
benefit from this mask.                                     and humectants to moisturise the skin, this mask       face to lift the skin while its main active ingredient
How it works: this mask has a lightening effect             will restore water balance in the skin cells. Due to   Kiwi fruit, super rich in vitamin C and trace
on the skin and is a powerful scavenger of free             the pressure the mask exercises when applied, it       elements, provides excellent nutrition for the
radicals. It stimulates and increases collagen              is the ideal mask to use to introduce active           repair of the skin (a single kiwi fruit can contain
synthesis which reduces fine lines and wrinkles.            products that have been placed on the surface          more vitamin C than 2 oranges). The mask also
The spectacular cold effect of this mask provides           of the skin.                                           utilises poppy seeds which add calming and
excellent toning and muscular stimulation.                  CAS06 Single                                  £3.75    soothing properties to the mask.
CAS05 Single                                        £3.75   CAS06/9 Box of 10                            £29.95    CAS11 Single                                    £3.75
CAS05/9 Box of 10                               £29.95                                             SAVE £7.55      CAS11/9 Box of 10                              £29.95
                                           SAVE £7.55                                                                                                        SAVE £7.55

                                                                          Lo-call 0845 130 6126                   93
     Skincare: Casmara
        Casmaras Professional Goji Treatment contains a high concentration of Goji fruit
        extracts and natural ingredients which provide a natural and powerful anti-oxidant
        effect which is fundamental in reinforcing the skins natural defence thus helping
        to prevent signs of ageing of the skin.

         new        Goji – The treatment
      Containing enough products to provide two
      separate treatments. This provides the client with
      the correct amount of fresh product for each
      individual application. This treatment is
      performed in an easy five phase application.
      A40000 Goji - The treatment                £29.95

                                                  Includes Goji Mask
                                                  A seaweed based clay mask rich in carbohydrates which has the ability to set and form a plastic film which creates
                                                  a light pressure assisting with the deeper penetration of the previously added active ingredients and those within
                                                  the mask itself. This mask adapts itself to the facial muscle structure and provides the vehicle to enhance the deep
                                                  penetration of the active ingredients.
                                                  This mask contains extracts of Goji berries and Quinoa seeds. The mixture of these compounds provides the skin
                                                  with rich anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

                                                                     A40002                     A40001
          A90003      A90002         A90004        A90001

       new         Delicate Facial Cleanser                       new         Nutri Goji                                   new        Goji Complex
     This natural gel cleanser contains an active               A moisturising cream for home use with extracts          Goji complex has a strong antioxidant effect
     ingredient obtained from Brazilian tree bark and           of the Tibetan Goji fruit (Lycuim Bararum),              thanks to its perfect concentration of the extract
     is ideal for even the most sensitive of skins - can        ‘superfruit’ which provides strong anti-oxidant          of the Tibetan Goji fruit (Lycuim Barbarum - from
     also be used to remove eye make-up.                        effects on the skin.                                     organically grown crops, ECOCERT certified). It
     A90003 Delicate Facial Cleanser             £29.95         Enriched with Honey, Avocado oil and Shea                is enriched with honey and an active ingredient
                  17fl.oz/500ml                                 Butter to smooth and nourish whilst helping to           extracted from beetroot. Goji complex
     A90002 Delicate Facial Cleanser             £18.95         prevent the formation of wrinkles.                       moisturises, creates healthy skin, reduces the
                  5fl.oz/150ml                                  Suitable for all skin types particularly normal to       signs of aging and strengthens the skin.
                                              Retail £29.95     dry skin.                                                It is a unisex treatment for any age and can be
                                                                For best results use with Goji Complex.                  used throughout the year. Suitable for all skin
     Balancing Facial Cleanser                                  A40002 Nutri Goji                            £21.95      types where the desire is to achieve fast but
                                                                                                         Retail £35.00   long-lasting results.
     A balancing gel cleanser with extracts of Goji for
     use on all skin types - can also be used to                  new         Hydro Goji                                 It helps prevent the signs of aging and reinforces
                                                                                                                         the skin's natural defences. It creates a
     remove eye make-up.                                        A moisturising cream for home use with extracts          noticeable improvement in the appearance and
     A90004 Balancing Facial Cleanser           £25.95          of the Tibetan Goji fruit (Lycium Bararum), this         health of the skin.
                 17fl.oz/500ml                                  ‘superfruit’ provides strong anti-oxidant effects        The use of Hydro-Goji or Nutri-Goji as a follow-
     A90001 Balancing Facial Cleanser           £13.95          and is obtained from organically grown crops.            up treatment is recommended.
                 5fl.oz/150ml                                   Hydro Goji is also enriched with the active              A40003 Goji Complex                        £ 23.95
                                              Retail £29.95     ingredient Betaine which is derived from                                                       Retail £37.00
                                                                Beetroot. Hydro Goji offers a moisturising effect,
                                                                reinforces the skins natural defences whilst also
                                                                providing natural and powerful anti-oxidant
                                                                Suitable for all skin types.
                                                                For best results use with Goji Complex.
                                                                A40001 Hydro Goji                           £21.95
                                                                                                         Retail £35.00

94      skincare
Skincare: Salon Extras
   The Quickslim System is a superb, natural slimming treatment and the preferred
   wrap in many beauty salons and spas.
   The active ingredients of the Quickslim products work together creating an effect
   that is greater than you could ever imagine. This synergy of natural plant extracts
   create an intensive effect on the cells of the body.

  Trapped excess fluids diffuse out of the cells                                                             Quickslim Starter Pack
  and are disposed of through the body's own                                                                  1x Litre Quickslim Gel
  system of elimination a process referred to as                                                              10x Thermal Body Wraps
  ‘Osmosis’. Unlike many other body wraps,                                                                    1x Firming and Toning Cream
  Quickslim does not rely on fluid loss through                                                               1x Set of Charts
  perspiration. The Quickslim process is far                                                                  25x Client Leaflets
  more effective creating inch loss,                                                                          1x Tape Measure
  detoxification, improved skin texture and                                                                  PQ560A Starter Pack                    £59.65
  contouring of the body.

  In addition plant extracts found in the Firming
  and Toning Cream will help to support the             Quickslim will give you an effective, natural        Quickslim Products
  natural collagen and elasticity in the skin when      and highly profitable slimming treatment in          PQ561     Gel 1 Litre                  £13.00
  used regularly by your client. The Quickslim          your business. It complements many other                       3+ Rate each                 £11.50
  wrapping process is aided by the use of               treatments and can be offered as a one off           PQ562     Thermal Bandage (1)           £4.25
  uniquely woven (washable and reusable)                treatment for that special occasion or as a          PQ563     10+ Rate each                 £3.50
  wraps. As the wraps are self fastening it is          course of treatments for more intensive              PQ564     Set of 50 Charts              £2.95
  easy to achieve an even and continuous                results. Why not combine it with dry body            PQ575     Firm/Tone Cream              £17.45
  wrap. One side of the wrap is texturised,             brushing and exfoliation for a deluxe                          8.5fl.oz/250ml
  creating a slight thermal effect on the skin.         treatment?                                           TPC34     Client leaflets (25)           £3.95

Moisture Checker
A unique, handy tool that shows the moisture
level in the superficial cells of the epidermis.
Check the moisture levels of your client’s skin
before and after treatments to show the                 Ecological Sprayer
effectiveness of the treatment! It is easy to use,      Spray it, Spritz it, Spice up your treatments with
hold the checker perpendicular to a clean skin          one simple, environmentally friendly system.
for a few seconds then you will hear a beep             For a simple, environmentally friendly system          Retinol Vitamin A Face Cream
sound and the moisture level will be displayed.         that will give you a wealth of additional              Transforms tissue stripped of natural oils into
When the checker is removed it will clear and is        treatments for minimal outlay look no further          a vibrant, healthy, much younger looking
ready to be used again.                                 than Eco Spray. This versatile system is self          complexion. Fine lines are filled in, furrows,
                                                        contained, with no wires or motor, so it’s even        creases, and crows feet are relaxed and
Why not use on the different areas of the face          ideal for mobile use. Refillable and incredibly        softened. Retinol Vitamin A Cream is light,
and body and then use the information to                economical to use the Eco Spray is relaxing to         non-greasy and non-oily.
recommend single products and treatments for            receive and feels fantastic to the client.             PH600       Retinol Face Cream 2.2oz/63g £14.95
your clients skin? It is recommended to clean the       Compared to aerosols it’s 20 times gentler on                                             Retail £22.50
sensor with an anti-bactericidal, anti-viral solution   the skin.
between clients. Supplied with 2 x AAA batteries
and moisture reference level points.                    EcoSpray Sprayer
LT80        Moisture Checker                 £69.99     EC01       EcoSpray Sprayer                £17.95
                                                        EC02       Pressure Refill 4.6oz/130g       £7.95

                                                        Cool Cucumber Eye Pads
                                                        Using cucumber to soothe tired eyes and reduce
                                                        puffiness is a well-known beauty treatment.            Jolen Cream Bleach
                                                        Simply open the pack to reveal                         Lightens dark hair on face, arms, body and
                                                        pads saturated with Aloe Vera, Green Tea and           brow. Full instructions included.
                                                        Camomile. The perfect size and easy to apply.          PB230       Jolen Cream Bleach 1oz/28g £3.95
                                                        EM00        10 Pads                        £3.45                                           Retail £4.50
                                                        EM01        24 Pads                        £5.25       PB231     Jolen Cream Bleach 4oz/113g £7.95
                                                                                                                                                   Retail £9.50

                                                                    Lo-call 0845 130 6126               95

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