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					 Volume 4, Issue 3                     M ISSISSIPPI D EPARTMENT            OF   M ARINE R ESOURCES                           Spring 2001

Carpenter joins DMR as new Executive Director
   Carpenter brings enthusiasm,                                                                  there,” Carpenter said. “As long as we per-
                                                                                                 sistently pursue a spirit of cooperation and
spirit of cooperation to agency                                                                  collaboration with all of our partners, we
  If there is one word that describes the new                                                    will be able to accomplish all of our goals.”
Executive Director of the Department of                                                            Carpenter holds a B.S. degree in Geologi-
Marine Resources (DMR), it is “enthusias-                                                        cal Oceanography from the University of
tic.” Executive Director Glen Carpenter                                                          Washington and an M.S. in Physical Ocean-
joined the DMR in December 2000 and has                                                          ography and Meteorology from the Naval
really hit the ground running. Already, he                                                       Post Graduate School.
has brought his staff to Jackson to meet                                                           He was previously the Director of the GIS
with Gov. Ronnie Musgrove and has met                                                            and Remote Sensing Laboratory for the
with staff members to discuss the present                                                        Center of Higher Learning at Stennis Space
status, history and the future of agency pro-                                                    Center. Carpenter has also served as the
grams and projects.                                                                              Director of Education for the Lincoln Tech-
  “The most exciting observation I have                                                          nical Institute, was a Master Instructor at
made since coming to work at the DMR is                                                          the U.S. Naval Academy and was an Ocean-
the professionalism, enthusiasm and dedi-           Glen Carpenter
                                                                                                 ographer on the USS John F. Kennedy.
cation of its employees,” said DMR Execu-        trol, Coastal Zone Management, Coastal            Carpenter served as Assistant Opera-
tive Director Glen Carpenter. “It is a privi-    Preserves, the National Estuarine Research      tions Officer at the Naval Meteorology and
lege to work with them, and I know that we,      Reserve, Seafood Plant Certification, Boat      Oceanography Center and Joint Typhoon
as an agency, will accomplish anything we        and Water Safety, Derelict Vessel Act Ad-       Warning Center in Agana, Guam, was the
decide we want to accomplish.”                   ministration and Tidelands Act Administra-      Ship Superintendent/Diving Officer of the
  As Executive Director of the DMR, Car-         tion.                                           Long Beach Ship Yard in Long Beach, Ca-
penter oversees an agency responsible for          “The future of the DMR is limited only by     lif., and was the Program Manager of the
Marine Fisheries Management, Coastal             our vision of where we want the future to       Fighter/Airborne Early Warning Wing Pa-
Ecology, Wetlands Permitting, Marine Pa-         lead and our will to do what it takes to get    cific.

 Mississippi oyster season moving right along                                                        Inside this issue...
   Mississippi oyster season has been in         (shell plants) for spring 2001. This is one
 full swing for about five months. As of Jan.    of several methods DMR uses to try to            Shrimp Season Update..............2
 24, 2001, the season sack total was 255,906,    enhance Mississippi oyster production.
 which is greater than what was harvested        Shell retention fees collected from commer-      Side-Scan Sonar........................3
 at that time last oyster season. Last year on   cial oyster harvesters and oyster proces-        Marine Patrol
 Jan. 24, the sack total was 211,564.            sors and dealers will be used to fund a large    Citation Totals...........................4
   This year’s high production is attributed     portion of this year’s cultch plants.
 to new reef acreage created by recent cultch      “We are actively pursuing industry in-         Sound Advice...........................4
 plants; cultivation of reef areas, which en-    put in regard to preferred site locations for
 hances productivity; hard work and per-         upcoming cultch plants,” said Dale Diaz,         Seafood Marketing Program.....5
 sistence on the part of oyster harvesters;      Shellfish Biologist. “When it comes to
                                                                                                  Take a Bow ..............................7
 and flexibility of management given to the      knowledge of our oyster resources, there
 Commission on Marine Resources and the          is no better source than the people making       Calendar of Events....................8
 DMR by the legislature. Currently the DMR       a living in the industry.”
 shellfish staff is planning cultch plants                                                        Doc’s Fishing Tips....................8

Mississippi Department of Marine Resources                                                                                       Spring 2001
Coastal Markers is a publication of the                                                          Boat and Water Safety Course
          Mississippi Department                                                                 Schedule (March 2001)
          of Marine Resources                    Director’s Notes                                • March 3, Mississippi Power Co. Audito-
   1141 Bayview Avenue, Suite 101                 Glen Carpenter                                 rium, U.S. 90, Bay St. Louis, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
           Biloxi, MS 39530                                                                      • March 7-8, Bolton Building Auditorium,
            (228) 374-5000                                                                       1141 Bayview Ave., Biloxi, 6-9 p.m.                                                                  • March 10, Mississippi Power Co. Audito-
                                                  Several months ago, I was both privi-          rium, 2292 W. Beach Blvd., Gulfport, 9 a.m.-
         State of Mississippi                   leged and honored to be appointed Execu-         4 p.m.
          Ronnie Musgrove                       tive Director of the Mississippi Depart-         • March 14-15, Mississippi Power Co. Au-
               Governor                         ment of Marine Resources by Gov.                 ditorium, 2292 W. Beach Blvd., Gulfport,
                                                Musgrove. First the Commission on Ma-            6-9 p.m.
   Mississippi Commission on                    rine Resources and now, the Governor,            • March 17, Mississippi Power Co. Audito-
        Marine Resources                        have given me their vote of confidence to        rium, Telephone Road, Pascagoula, 9 a.m.-
    William Mitchell, Chairman                  lead the agency, and I want to assure you        4 p.m.
       Nonseafood Industry                      that I will do so to the best of my ability.     • March 24, Bolton Building Auditorium,
 Vernon Asper, Ph.D., Vice Chairman               The importance of the Mississippi Gulf         1141 Bayview Ave., Biloxi, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
 Nonprofit Environmental Organization           Coast and its natural marine resources to        • March 27-29, Mississippi Power Co. Au-
                                                the state and to the nation cannot be over-      ditorium, Telephone Road, Pascagoula,
           Oliver Sahuque                       stated, and your trust in us to manage           6-9 p.m.
        Commercial Fisherman                    these resources wisely is taken very seri-       • March 31, Mississippi Power Co. Audito-
           Mikel C. Gusa                        ously.                                           rium, U.S. 90, Bay St. Louis, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
        Charter Boat Operator                     Over the past several months, I have
         Rickey J. Hemba                        come to appreciate each and every staff          UPDATE: 2000-2001
   Recreational Sports Fisherman                member of the DMR for the professional-
                                                ism and enthusiasm they bring to work            Shrimp Season
         Rudy A. Lesso                          with them each day. As all of you already
   Commercial Seafood Processor                 know, the DMR consists of a dedicated               The 2000-2001 shrimp season has
      Harry “Chip” McArthur III                 group of biologists, ecologists, Marine           turned out to be a rather productive one,
 Commissioner on Wildlife, Fisheries            Patrol officers, administrators and support       despite several unusual conditions: low
   and Parks, Fifth Congressional               personnel charged with the wise steward-          rainfall, high salinity and the occurrence
              District                          ship of this state’s valuable marine and          of large numbers of native and non-na-
                                                coastal resources. That they have done a          tive jellyfish. Comparisons of shrimp land-
           Glen Carpenter                       good job in the past is evident from the          ings from 1998-2000 for the months June
          Executive Director                    health and vitality of those resources to-        to December show that Mississippi land-
                                                day. That they will be provided the needed        ings are slightly above average at 7.438
  Coastal Markers is produced by                tools, work environment and encourage-            million lbs. (heads-off).
    the Office of Public Affairs                ment to continue to do a good job in the            On December 31, 2000 the DMR closed
 Deputy Director Fred Deegen, Ph.D.             future is my pledge to both you and to            state waters north of the Intercoastal Wa-
           Editor-in-Chief                      them.                                             terway. This closure is to provide safe
                                                                                                  growing grounds for young shrimp. The
       Susan Lepoma Perkins
                                                                                                  DMR will continue to monitor the 2000-
   Writer/Editor/Graphic Designer
                                                                                                  2001 shrimp season throughout the year.
             Robert Collins
         Lauren S. Thompson                     If you did not receive this issue of Coastal Markers in the mail and would like to be
             Writer/Editor                      placed on the mailing list, please fill out below and mail to: Mississippi Department
                                                of Marine Resources, Office of Public Affairs, 1141 Bayview Ave., Suite 101, Biloxi,
                                                MS 39530; call (228) 374-5022, ext. 5062; or e-mail
This publication was funded in part through a
federal grant from the National Oceanic and      Name:
Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Office        Address:
of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management         City:                                  State:                Zip:
under the Coastal Zone Management Act of
1972, as amended.


Mississippi Department of Marine Re-                              Page 2                                                         Spring 2001
Side-scan sonar enhances reef, derelict vessel programs
  Side-scan sonar is an effective process of     the material or ob-
imaging large areas of the Mississippi sea-      jects scanned.
floor. The DMR uses the side-scan sonar          The side-scan sonar
images to monitor and assess artificial reefs,   data allows the DMR
oyster reefs and verification of derelict ves-   to calculate the relief
sels hidden under water.                         (height) of material
  The side-scan sonar operates by an             scanned by measur-
acoustic imaging device that provides wide       ing the shadow of
area, large-scale pictures of the seafloor.      the object scanned.
The system consists of a recording device,       Any solid object
an underwater sensor (towfish) and a cable       that inclines from the
connecting the two. In operation, the side-      bottom of the sea-
scan sonar recorder charges capacitors in        floor will reflect more
the towfish through the tow cable. On com-       energy back to the
mand from the recorder this stored power is      towfish than the
dumped to the transducers, which emit the        surrounding area.          EdgeTech’s 560A Series side-scan sonar unit allows imaging of
                                                                            large areas of the Mississippi seafloor.
acoustic pulse that propagates out through       The area immediately
the water. Then, over a very short period of     behind the object will be insonified to a lesser is crucial in evaluating cultch plants for oys-
time (milliseconds), the returning echoes        degree and therefore reflect less energy. This ter reef development. The data collected
from the seafloor are received by the trans-     image is referred to as a shadow. This gives an accurate picture before and after a
ducers, amplified on a time-varied gain curve    shadow can be measured and an accurate newly planted site. This can be useful in
and transmitted up the tow cable to the re-      height from the bottom can be determined. developing different deployment methods
corder. The recorder further processes these     Over time, new data can be compared to ex- for cultch plantings as well as determining
signals, digitizes them, calculates the proper   isting data to determine movement and sub- bottom types best for reef development.
position for them in the final record, pixel     sidence rate of materials.                           The Derelict Vessel Program uses the side-
by pixel, and then prints these echoes on a        This information obtained by side-scan so- scan sonar system to locate derelict vessels,
screen.                                          nar is vital to Mississippi’s Artificial Reef Pro- which may be extremely hazardous to naviga-
  The data collected allows the DMR to plot      gram. The DMR works with the Mississippi tion. The sonar allows the DMR to verify that
exactly where certain material or objects are    Gulf Fishing Banks through Tideland Grants derelict vessels have been removed or to mark
located. The side-scan sonar system uses         for artificial reef construction. Monitoring ex- vessels that have not. The system also lo-
a Global Positioning System (GPS) interface,     isting and past deployments, obtaining accu- cates derelict crab traps and other marine de-
which is logged directly onto the sonar          rate GPS coordinates and creating maps for bris that could damage marine vessels. The
record. This data can then be processed in       Mississippi fishermen is another benefit of side-scan sonar provides accurate and vital
the office or in the field to determine the      this program.                                      information to numerous programs at the
exact location (depending on GPS error) of         Information collected by side-scan sonar        See SIDE-SCAN, page 4

 Coastal Development Strategies Conference to be held April 17-18
  The DMR’s Comprehensive Resource               ning,” will be featured on the first day of the   preservation and commerce initiative to
Management Plan (CRMP) is hosting “A             conference. Tom Schuler, a nationally known       general computing consulting and state of
Coastal Development Strategies Confer-           expert on watersheds, will be featured on the     the art high-tech equipment and systems.
ence,” April 17-18, 2001, at the Biloxi Grand    second day. Other guests will include envi-       All sessions begin at 9 a.m.
Casino Bayview Hotel.                            ronmental experts and authors. Case stud-           The registration fee for the two-day
  Designed for landowners, developers,           ies will also be presented.                       event is $125 until March 1, 2001. The dead-
mortgage lenders, planners, landscape de-          Attendees will have the opportunity to          line for registration will end on March 9,
signers, real estate professionals,              visit DMR’s Coastal Ecology “Information          with a $25 late fee. Early registration is en-
homebuyers and home sellers, the confer-         Center” and have a first-hand look at a           couraged. Seating is limited to 250 persons.
ence is designed to assist in economic op-       CRMP Geographic Information System (GIS)          The registration fee includes breakfasts,
portunities and conservation success for         Workstation. The DMR, Coastal Preserves           breaks, lunches for the two days and a
those working together to meet the needs         Program, Permitting Bureau and Grand Bay          special evening cruise on the StarShip
of local communities within Hancock,             National Estuarine Research Reserve will          Cruise Line on the first day of the confer-
Harrison, Jackson, Pearl River, George and       have manned exhibits for information gath-        ence. The cruise begins at 6 p.m. and in-
Stone counties.                                  ering.                                            cludes dinner and live music.
 National speaker Randall Arendt, a land-           A unique partnership of vendors will dis-
use planner, site designer, author, lecturer     play products and services ranging from the        Call Tina Shumate or Marcia Garcia at
and an advocate of “conservation plan-           latest in remote sensing, planning systems,        (228) 374-5000 for more information.

Mississippi Department of Marine Resources                          Page 3                                                          Spring 2001
 Marine Patrol assists in escorting                                                             Sound Advice
 USS Cole to Ingalls Shipbuilding                                                                       Lt. Frank Wescovich
                                                                                                                     Now that spring is
                                                                                                                  just around the cor-
                                                                                                                  ner, it’s time to start
                                                                                                                  thinking about break-
                                                                                                                  ing out the old boat
                                                                                                                  and doing some seri-
                                                                                                                  ous fishing. There are
                                                                                                                  some        important
                                                                                                safety issues to consider if you don’t
                                                                                                want to spoil your first outing.
                                                                                                  One of the greatest problems that
                                                                                                shows up on the first trip in springtime
                                                                                                is engine failure due to bad gas. We all
                                                                                                have the tendency to put our boat away
                                                                                                for the winter with no thought of treat-
                                                                                                ing or draining the fuel system. While
                                                                                                the boat sits idle for a few months,
                                                                                                strange things start to happen to the fuel.
                                                                                                Moisture can form corrosive deposits in
                                                                                                the fuel tank and carburetor. Varnish and
                                                                                                other impurities can also build up. These
                                                                                                deposits will dislodge when you first
 The Marine Patrol vessel, the Captain Moose, assisted in the escort flotilla for the           crank up your motor and usually re-de-
 guided missile destroyer USS Cole on the heavy-lift vessel Blue Marlin, upon its
                                                                                                posit themselves in the tiny jets and pas-
 entry to U.S. and Mississippi waters on Dec. 13, 2000. Sgt. Olin Gunter and Pvt. Mike
 Siler piloted the Captain Moose and Lt. Walter Chataginer Jr. and Pvt. Andy Ryals              sages of your fuel system. This can lead
 piloted the Captain Crunch, the DMR’s contribution to the security escort of vessels           to total engine failure or poor engine per-
 from several area jurisdictions that kept watch as the Cole made its way to Litton             formance at best. The easiest way to pre-
 Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula for repairs.
                                                                                                vent this from happening is to add fuel
                                                                                                stabilizer to your fuel tank when laying
New ordinance establishes                                                                       the boat up for the winter. This gas treat-
                                                        Marine Patrol                           ment is widely available at auto parts
special permit regulations
   On Jan. 16, 2001, the CMR signed into                Citation Totals                         and marine stores. A couple of bucks
                                                                                                spent before the fact is a lot better than
law a new ordinance, No. 18.000, to estab-           (January-December 2000)                    having to spend a lot of bucks to cor-
lish special permit regulations. Special per-
                                                                                                rect the problem after the fact.
mits to be governed by this ordinance will          Shrimp                           121
include Marine Scientific Collection Per-           Crab                              51          Another problem that shows up on
mits, Nonprofit Organization Harvesters                                                         boats after an extended storage is a
                                                    Oyster                            93        weak or dead battery. Marine batteries
Permits, Marine Brood Stock Collection
                                                    Commercial Fishing                 7        take a beating in normal use. Their charg-
Permits and Experimental Gear/
Underutilized Species Permits.                      Live Bait                         52        ing systems are notorious for not being
                                                    Recreational Fishing             641        able to keep a battery in tip-top condi-
  “Some of the important aspects of this law
                                                    Boat and Water Safety            584        tion while the boat is being frequently
are that it allows the DMR to send an ob-
                                                                                                used, much less getting it back to proper
server aboard to monitor collection activities      Marine Litter                     12        charge after an extended storage. Ide-
and requires that a complete written report of      Miscellaneous                     71        ally, the battery should have been re-
all collection activities be submitted to the
                                                                                                moved from the boat while it was in stor-
DMR within 90 days of the expiration of the
                                                  SIDE-SCAN, continued from                     age and placed on a trickle charger. This
permit,” said DMR Marine Fisheries Biolo-
                                                  page 3                                        keeps the charge topped off and pre-
gist Traci Floyd, who administers Special Per-
                                                                                                vents the battery from going completely
mits for Mississippi’s marine waters.
                                                  DMR. Uses include monitoring artificial       dead. Allowing a battery to become com-
  The CMR is authorized by Sections 49-15-        reefs, producing maps of reef deployments,    pletely discharged is very hard on the
15(o), 49-15-36(4), 79-22-15(4) and 57-15-10(1)   collecting data to improve oyster reefs and   battery. Batteries that have been
of the Mississippi Code of 1972 (annotated)       locating debris to ensure safe navigation     See, Sound Advice, page 8
to issue and regulate these permits.              for marine vessels.
Mississippi Department of Marine Resources                         Page 4                                                     Spring 2001
DMR launches Seafood Marketing Program
  In fiscal year 1999, the State legislature    bal seafood market with more than 20 per-           businesses to be included in the directory
authorized the DMR to develop programs          cent of the attendees representing interna-         free of charge. The directory will be pub-
to enhance the marketing of the state’s rec-    tional buyers. Last year’s event drew more          lished in March 2001.
reational and commercial marine resources,      than 14,000 attendees, including top buy-             The Seafood Marketing Program is funded
under Section 49-15-307 of the Mississippi      ers from all major purchasing categories. Ac-       by the state and there is no charge to sea-
Code. As part of that authority, the DMR is
implementing a Seafood Marketing Program
                                                             Get Hooked on                          food-related businesses that want to be in-
                                                                                                    cluded in this directory. At present, the DMR
to promote Mississippi seafood businesses                                                           is researching possibilities to obtain any
and increase the industry’s visibility at a                                                         available federal grants that could further
local, regional and international level.                                                            its efforts in the seafood marketing arena. It
  The marketing campaign’s slogan: “Get                                                             has also become a member of the National
Hooked on Mississippi Seafood” and logo                                                             Fisheries Institute, which is a non-profit
will appear on all publications and promo-                                                          trade association.
tional materials associated with the pro-                                                             The DMR is also in the process of devel-
gram. The centerpiece of the marketing ef-                                                          oping additional pamphlets and promotional
fort is the development of a directory of                                                           items to support and market Mississippi
Mississippi’s seafood and seafood-related                                                           seafood businesses. Last September, the
businesses, including processors, whole-                                                            DMR published its first recipe book, “Sea-
salers, distributors and seafood market sup-                                                        food: South Mississippi Style,” as part of
pliers. The directory will be distributed to                                                        the marketing program.
interested buyers and others at major sea-
food industry trade shows and other                                                                   “Many coastal states such as Florida, Loui-
events.                                                 Mississippi Seafood                         siana and Texas, currently have substantial
                                                                                                    seafood marketing programs,” said Irvin
  Another key component of the promo-                                                               Jackson, director of the DMR’s new Sea-
                                                cording to Diversified Business Communi-
tional effort will be the DMR’s exhibit booth                                                       food Marketing Program. “We feel this will
                                                cations, the event’s organizer, 85 percent of
at the International Boston Seafood Show                                                            at least put us on the map and help support
                                                those attending last year’s event found new
(IBSS) March 27-29, 2001, where it will dis-                                                        an important Mississippi resource. We also
                                                products or companies.
tribute the Mississippi seafood directory                                                           want to work with our seafood businesses
of suppliers and promote Mississippi sea-         In October, the DMR mailed out letters to
                                                                                                    to determine marketing strategies that will
food. IBSS is the largest trade-only seafood    140 Coast seafood businesses informing
                                                                                                    best support them and enhance the indus-
show in North America. It delivers the glo-     them about the new Seafood Marketing Pro-
                                                                                                    try in Mississippi as a whole.”
                                                gram and requesting information about their

DMR hosts Gulf and South Atlantic Shellfish Conference April 23-25
   The DMR will be hosting the 2001 Gulf        regulators to come together to share research       5399, for more information about the con-
 and South Atlantic Shellfish Conference        findings and to discuss topics of interest to       ference, or download a registration form
 (GSASC) April 23-25, at the Imperial Pal-      the shellfish industry. A schooner race, fea-       at
 ace Casino and Hotel in Biloxi.                turing replicas of historic Biloxi oyster           Registration%20Form.pdf. Registration
   The GSASC is an opportunity for indus-       schooners used around the turn of the cen-          forms must be mailed to the Mississippi
 try representatives and state and federal      tury, will also take place as part of this year’s   Department of Marine Resources, c/o
                                                conference, as well as a victory celebration        Melanie Lane, 1141 Bayview Ave., Suite
                                                seafood dinner.                                     101, Biloxi, MS 39530. Checks should be
                                                “The Gulf and South Atlantic States Shell-          made payable to DMR-GSASC.
                                                fish Conference is an excellent forum for in-         Hotel reservations can be made by call-
                                                dustry, government and academia to dis-             ing the Imperial Palace Hotel in Biloxi at 1-
                                                cuss shellfish activities affecting oysters         800-436-3000 and asking for Agent Red.
                                                and clam resources,” said Corky Perret,             Mention the Gulf and South Atlantic Shell-
                                                DMR Marine Fisheries Director. “The DMR             fish Conference for a conference room rate
                                                looks forward to hosting this important             of $55 per night.
                                                event.”                                               Room reservations for the conference
                                                  A registration fee of $40 will be charged         must be made by April 1, 2001. Reserva-
                                                per person to attend the conference. Please         tions after that date will be made on a space
                                                contact Melanie Lane at (228) 374-5022, ext.        and rate available basis.

Mississippi Department of Marine Resources                         Page 5                                                           Spring 2001
Coastal waterways offer floating fun for all
  Coastal Mississippi has sev-                                                                               protect the waterway from being
eral streams suitable for float-                                                                             contaminated with human waste.
ing. Although these streams                                                                                  If possible, bring along a large
do not offer the excitement of                                                                               coffee can or plastic container
the fast-flowing whitewaters                                                                                 with a tightly fitting plastic lid to
located to our north, they do                                                                                use as a portable potty. Make
offer the floater a beauty and                                                                               sure you secure the used can in
grandeur that is hard to beat.                                                                               your canoe so that it does not
Majestic swamps, bottomland                                                                                  spill into the boat or the water-
hardwoods, salt marshes, riv-                                                                                way.
ers, bayous and even the off-                                                                             If you do not have a portable
shore barrier islands can be ex-                                                                        potty, find a secluded spot at
plored by a paddler (depen-                                                                             least 200 feet away from the wa-
dent, of course, on the                                                                                 ter source including wetlands.
paddler’s degree of experi-         Coastal Mississippi has several streams suitable for floating. Using a small trowel, dig a small
ence).                              Floating can be fun for the whole family when done responsibly.     hole about 4 inches deep and 3
  Mississippi’s Grand Bay National Estua- • Always wear a life jacket;                        inches across.
rine Research Reserve along with
                                                • Be familiar with your watercraft;             If you are just urinating, the hole is not
Mississippi’s other Coastal Preserves and                                                     necessary. Deposit your waste and cover.
Wildlife Refuges contain excellent public • Be familiar with the waterway you are Cover the hole with dirt, leaves and possi-
waterways on which to float. Some of the floating:                                            bly a rock or stick to prevent other adven-
most popular of these waterways are the Obtain a quad or navigational map of the turers from stepping on it. Do not bury the
Pearl River, the Wolf River (recently dedi- area that you are going to float. Coastal toilet paper or other products. Instead de-
cated by the state as a Scenic Stream), Red streams often have many meandering posit the trash into a small plastic bag that
Creek, Black Creek (a portion has been fed- branches that you could easily become dis- can be sealed, and dispose of it later in a
erally designated as a Wild and Scenic oriented on. Pre-setting your hand-held GPS proper trash receptacle;
River), the Escatawpa and Pascagoula riv- unit with known coordinates of access sites
                                                                                              • Do not drink the water;
ers and Bayou Cumbest.                          could be very helpful to you if you get lost.
  It is important to note that although these • File a float plan with a family member or     • Only build fires below the high tide mark:
waterways are public, much of the proper- neighbor;                                           Do not build fires in the woods or when
ties located adjacent to them are not. It is • Be aware and cautious of wild animals;         burn bans are in effect. Put out the fire
the paddler’s responsibility to be familiar                                                   completely before you leave, and cover it
with the public lands located along the wa-     • Do not feed the animals: Feeding the ani- with dirt and sand so that it does not leave
terways that are suitable for landing on and mals can cause them to lose their fear of a “scar.” Use only fallen firewood;
exploring. Paddlers should not venture onto humans and encourage them to go too close • Carry a first aid kit and a cellular phone;
private property without first obtaining per- to the watercraft;                              • Be an ethical boater;
mission from the owners.                        • Pack out all trash that you pack in: Do
                                                                                              • Respect the property of others.
  To ensure that your float trip is enjoyable not throw your trash into the water or onto
                                                                                                Remember, if you follow these few simple
and that the natural resources remain clean the land. Littering is against the law, and
                                                                                              rules, you should be able to have a safe
and intact, the following practices should you will be ticketed;
                                                                                              and enjoyable trip while enjoying and pro-
be followed when you are floating on a            • Be responsible when nature calls: This
                                                                                              tecting Mississippi’s important coastal re-
coastal waterway:                               is very important! Follow these steps to

Recreational crab trap license to be required May 1
                        The CMR approved        bers fishing with traps. A recreational li-       search Laboratory crustacean biologists.”
                      in its December meet-     cense for crabbing with drop nets or other          Other Gulf states requiring licenses for
                      ing a change to the       non-trap gear is not required.                    recreational crab trap fishing include: Texas,
                       crabbing ordinance         “The recreational crab trap license will pro-   Louisiana, and Florida.
                       requiring recreational   vide valuable fishing data to be used in the        The license costs $5 and is available at
                       crab fishermen using     management of Mississippi’s blue crab re-         the DMR, 1141 Bayview Ave., Suite 101,
           traps to purchase a license. The     source,” said DMR biologist, Traci Floyd.         Biloxi, Miss. For more information about
change to Crabbing Ordinance No. 4.007(I)       “For that reason, this license was recom-         the changes to Crabbing Ordinance No.
goes into effect May 1, 2001. The new           mended by the Mississippi Blue Crab Task          4.007(I), please contact the DMR at (228)
license applies only to recreational crab-      Force and is supported by Gulf Coast Re-          374-5000.

Mississippi Department of Marine Resources                         Page 6                                                          Spring 2001
                                       Take a Bow
                        Recognizing employees’ commitment to excellence
 Fisheries staff complete seafood inspection,                                                   Diver certifications benefit
                                                                                                DMR shellfish program
 sanitation control procedures courses
                                                veloped by the Association of Food and
                                                Drug Officials (AFDO) and was designed
                                                to aid people in developing the skills neces-
                                                sary to prepare Standard Sanitation Operat-
                                                ing Procedures (SSOP) for use in a seafood
                                                processing facility and to build a monitor-
                                                ing program for the SSOPs to be used. A
                                                certificate will be issued to each of the at-
                                                tendees.                                        Biologists Traci Floyd (from left), Brady
                                                                                                Trahan, Bill Richardson, Erick Porche and
                                                  Jewell, Newsom and Seafood Technology         Dale Diaz will contribute to the Oyster
 Biologist Scott Newsom (from left), Staff
                                                Bureau Director Ruth Posadas also com-          Bureau’s Dive Sampling Program.
 Officer Joe Jewell, Sr. Environmental
 Technician Charles Bergmann and Sea-           pleted an FDA Seafood Inspector course           Marine Fisheries biologists partici-
 food Technology Bureau Director Ruth           (FD 1040A; Basic Shellfish Plant Sanitation),   pated in PADI Open Water Diver Certifi-
 Posadas recently completed training in
                                                on Feb. 2, as part of the training require-     cation Courses as part of the Mississippi
 seafood plant inspection and sanitation
 control procedures.                            ments to become a State Standardized Of-        Shellfish Restoration and Enhancement
   DMR Marine Fisheries Staff Officer Joe       ficer. This course covered the basics of con-   Project.
 Jewell, Biologist Scott Newsom and Sr.         ducting a shellfish plant inspection.
                                                                                                  “Thanks to this training, DMR will have
 Environmental Technician Charles                 Jewell, Posadas and Bergmann also com-        a larger pool of biologists available to as-
 Bergmann attended a training session on        pleted the FD 2041A Shellfish State Stan-       sist in determining the health of
 Sanitation Control Procedures in Bayou La      dardization Officer training course, a more     Mississippi’s Oyster Reefs and the suc-
 Batre, Ala, on Jan. 24. The course was de-     in-depth look at conducting shellfish plant     cess of cultch and shell planting activi-
                                                inspections.                                    ties,” said DMR Dive Program Coordina-
 Christie receives NPMA certifications                                                          tor Christine Johnson.

                                                                                                 Happy Anniversary!
                           DMR Property         erty Management Association (NPMA)
                         Officer Leo Christie   certification program.
                         earned certifica-        The NPMA sets the national standard            These anniversaries mark employees’
                         tions as a Certified   for property and asset management pro-           years of service with the Department
                         Professional Prop-     fessionals. The NPMA certification pro-          of Marine Resources and the state of
                         erty Administrator     gram focuses on the basic knowledge, ad-         Mississippi.
                         and as a Certified     vanced strategies and latest innovations         (4/1/77) Dr. Fred Deegen
  Leo Christie           Professional Prop-     of the asset management profession.              (4/1/85) Scott Gordon
  erty Specialist under the National Prop-                                                       (4/1/87) Veda Powell
                                                                                                 (4/11/88) Russell Doucet
 Collins receives Media 100 Editor I Certification                                               (5/1/88) Walter Chataginer
                                                                                                 (4/1/89) David Dollar
   Bob Collins, an employee in the Public Affairs Bureau,                                        (3/1/90) Claude Pittman
 completed an intensive two-day course at the National                                           (3/1/98) Amy Taylor
                                                                                                 (4/1/98) Bryce Gex
 Institute for the Study of Digital Media at Bowling Green
                                                                                                 (4/1/98) Michael Yonce
 State University in Bowling Green, Ohio, for certification                                      (5/1/98) Marc Foster
 as a Media 100 Editor I.                                                                        (3/17/99) Leo Christie
                                                                                                 (3/1/00) Bryan Shrader
 The Media 100 system is a digital, computer-based, non-                                         (4/1/00) Paul Necaise
 linear video editing system that Collins uses to turn re- Bob Collins                           (5/15/00) Scott Floyd
 corded video into video programs such as TV commercials and promotional programs
 for use in exhibits at special events the Public Affairs Bureau attends. The video pro-         We thank them for their dedicated ser-
 grams help visually illustrate the many aspects of the DMR to the public.                       vice to the management of our marine

Mississippi Department of Marine Resources                                 Page 7                                              Spring 2001
              Mississippi Department                                                                       PRSRT STD
              of Marine Resources                                                                      U.S. POSTAGE PAID
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              1141 Bayview Avenue, Suite 101                                                            BILOXI, MS 39530
              Biloxi, Mississippi 39530

             Calendar of Events
                                                                                 Doc’s Fishing Tips
                                                                                     Fred Deegen, Ph.D., Deputy Director
                                                                               Look for king mackerel around edges
                                                                               and drift lines that occur where two cur-
  March 20                                   April 23-25                       rents meet or clash. You can sometimes
  Mississippi Commission on                  Gulf and South Atlantic States    find such areas by looking for changes
  Marine Resources meeting,                  Conference, Imperial Palace       in the color of the water or watching for
  Bolton Building, 1141 Bayview              Casino and Hotel, Biloxi. Call    sargassum or other seaweeds floating
  Avenue, Biloxi,                            Melanie Lane at (228) 374-        in windrows.
  9 a.m.                                     5000 for more information.

  April 12                                   May 15                           SOUND ADVICE, continued from
  Mississippi Commission on                  Mississippi Commission on        page 4
  Marine Resources meeting,                  Marine Resources meeting,        completely discharged seldom make a to-
  Bolton Building, 1141 Bayview              Bolton Building, 1141 Bayview    tal recovery after recharging. So if your
  Avenue, Biloxi,                            Avenue, Biloxi,                  battery was not maintained and charged
  9 a.m.                                     9 a.m.                           over the winter, you might give serious
                                                                              thought to replacing it before you ven-
  April 17-18                                June 19                          ture out on your first voyage of the sea-
  Coastal Development Strategies             Mississippi Commission on        son.
  Conference, Biloxi Grand’s                 Marine Resources meeting,        Remember: SAFE BOATING IS NO
  Bayview Hotel. Call Tina                   Bolton Building, 1141 Bayview    ACCIDENT!
  Shumate or Marcia Garcia at                Avenue, Biloxi,                  Frank Wescovich is director of DMR’s
  (228) 374-5000 for more infor-             9 a.m.                           Boat and Water Safety Program and a
  mation.                                                                     lieutenant in the State Marine Patrol.
                                                                              He can be reached at (228) 432-2820.

Mississippi Department of Marine Resources                      Page 8                                         Spring 2001

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