NYPIRG Cuomo donor analysis July 2011 by CelesteKatz

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                     Campaign Data Provides Preliminary Profile of Cuomo Donors

According to disclosures made to the state Board of Elections, 599 unique individuals with New York
State addresses made campaign contributions to Governor Cuomo during the 2011 July filing period.1
The names and addresses of 346 (57.8%) of these individuals match those of persons registered to vote.
Through an examination of voter registration data, NYPIRG has learned more about the typical donor to
Governor Cuomo during this filing period.

Partisan Enrollment

Although recent polls have shown that the governor has similar popularity ratings among New Yorkers
of every political affiliation, it appears that so far Democrats are more willing to donate to his reelection

             Partisan Enrollment       Number of Donors                Pct. of Identified Donors
             DEM                                                 234                         67.63%
             REP                                                  67                         19.36%
             BLK2                                                 36                         10.40%
             IND                                                   7                          2.02%
             CON                                                   2                          0.58%

While larger donors are slightly less likely to be enrolled Democrats, partisan affiliation is balanced fairly
evenly between donation levels:

                                                                 No. of
    Size of Donation                Party                        Donors             % of donors at this level
    More than $2,500                DEM                          68                 64.15%
    More than $2,500                BLK, CON, REP, IND           38                 35.85%
    Between $1,000 and $2,500       DEM                          65                 70.65%
    Between $1,000 and $2,500       BLK, IND, REP                27                 29.35%
    Less than $1,000                DEM                          101                68.24%
    Less than $1,000                BLK, CON, REP, IND           47                 31.76%

    This period represents donations made between January 12 and July 11, 2011.
    “BLK” represents voters not enrolled in any party.

212 of the identified donors are male; 134 are female. Larger donors are much more likely to be male:

                                                                                             % of donors
 Size of Donation                                  Party                No. of Donors        at this level
 More than $2,500                                    M                                  81           76.42%
 More than $2,500                                    F                                  25           23.58%
 Between $1,000 and $2,500                           M                                  55           59.78%
 Between $1,000 and $2,500                           F                                  37           40.22%
 Less than $1,000                                    M                                  76           51.35%
 Less than $1,000                                    F                                  72           48.65%

Voter Turnout

305 of the donors matched on the registration database voted in the 2008 general election; 41 did not.
233 of them voted in the 2006 general election; 113 did not. Of course, this report’s usage of the voter
registration database means that these numbers might not be representative of Cuomo’s donors as a
whole: it is likely that some of his donors are not registered to vote at all, and were thus not included in
the analysis. Of this sample, however, 124 of 346 (35.84%) of these donors missed at least one of these
two votes.


The average age of these donors is slightly over 55 years old (as of July 21, 2011). Older donors tended
to give more money. A plurality of donors over the age of 65 gave more than $2,500. The majority of
donors younger than 50 gave less than $1,000.

                                                                              % of Donors at
 Level of Giving                     Age range               # of Donors      this Level
 More than $2,500                    Older than 65           32               30.19%
 More than $2,500                    Between 50 and 65       48               45.28%
 More than $2,500                    Younger than 50         26               24.53%
 Between $1,000 and $2,500           Older than 65           22               23.91%
 Between $1,000 and $2,500           Between 50 and 65       46               50.00%
 Between $1,000 and $2,500           Younger than 50         24               26.09%
 Less than $1,000                    Older than 65           26               17.57%
 Less than $1,000                    Between 50 and 65       54               36.49%
 Less than $1,000                    Younger than 50         68               45.95%


The 253 donors who are not included in this study are omitted for one of several possibilities: they are
not registered to vote; they are registered at a different address than the one which appeared on the
check with which they made their donation; or the campaign treasurer incorrectly entered their name or

The database that was used reflects voter enrollment information in December of 2010. It is possible
that some of this information has since changed. Although voters’ party enrollment only officially
changes in November, it is possible that the Board of Elections did not update their database between
the election and the date which it was sent.

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