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					                                                                 Read First
                                                            WHAT TO DO                                       GUIDE
                                                                IN CASE OF A
                                                               CAR ACCIDENT
Step 1: STOP! If your vehicle is involved in an
accident and you don’t stop, you may be subject         ‚ Remain calm. Do not argue with
to criminal prosecution.                                    other drivers or witnesses.
Step 2: Call the police or 911 and follow the           ‚ Do not voluntarily assume liability
instructions given by the emergency operator.               or take responsibility, sign
Police will arrive soon. If you suspect a DUI,
                                                            statements regarding fault, or
report your suspicion to the police.
                                                            promise to pay for damage at the
Do not try to move anyone injured- this may only
aggravate the injuries!!                                    scene of the accident.
Injuries can be obvious or become apparent over         ‚ Make sure you obtain all witness
time. If you are sore, dizzy or notice anything             information including contact
abnormal, get examined by a medical provider.               information.
Step 3: If it is safe to do so, move your vehicle to    ‚ Take photographs of the damage to
the side of the road, out of traffic. If your vehicle       all vehicles involved in the accident,
cannot be driven, turn on your hazard light or use          even using your cell phone camera.
cones, a warning triangle or flares, as
                                                        ‚ Look for skid marks and estimate
                                                            the length, and note your estimates
                                                                                                        ESSENTIAL TIPS
Step 4: Use this guide to help write down all the           and location in this accident guide.              FOR VICTIMS
information about the people involved, including        ‚ Make a note of all comments made
contact information of all witnesses. Find out if                                                          OF CAR ACCIDENTS
                                                            by the parties at fault.
the driver of the other car is different than the
owner and wether the driver was on the job at the
                                                        Automobile accidents are very stressful.
time of the collision.                                  Shock and excitement will make it hard                 Save This Guide
Step 5: Learn your legal rights first before giving     to think clearly. If you are involved in       in your car with your registration and
a recording statement or settling your case by          an accident, this guide will help you to
                                                                                                                 proof of insurance
calling a lawyer such as The Law Offices of             take better control of the situation and get
                                                                                                                  Compliments of:
Michael A. Feldman.                                     the information you will need to help
                                                                                                        The Law Offices of Michael A. Feldman.
                Compliments of:                         protect your rights.
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ACCIDENT WORKSHEET                          OTHER DRIVER’S INFORMATION                   WITNESSES
Date:           Time:                                                                    Name: _____________________________
                                            Name:_______________________________         Address:_____________________________
                                            Address:_____________________________                _____________________________
Location:                                   ____________________________________
                                            ____________________________________         Home Phone: ( )
                                            Home Phone: ( )                              Business Phone: (       )
                                            Business Phone: ( )
Weather Conditions:                         Driver’s License No.:__________________      Name: ____________________________
                                            Vehicle Plate No.:                           Address: __________________________
                                            Vehicle Make:________________________        Home Phone: ( )
Road Conditions:                            Vehicle color:_________________________      Business Phone: (  )
                                                                                         *Note all other witnesses at the bottom of page
                                            Registered Owner of Vehicle:                 or use separate sheet of paper
Description of the Accident:                                                             TOW TRUCK OPERATOR
                                            Insurance Company:___________________        Company’s Name: __________________

                                            Insurance Policy                             Driver’s Name:_____________________
                                            No.:___________________                      Truck No.:__________
                                                                                         Phone: ( )
                                            Damage to Vehicle:____________________       Address Towed To: _________________
                                             ____________________________________           _______________________________
                                            Number of Passengers: _________                 _______________________________
                                            Name: ___________________________
DIAGRAM:                                    Phone No.: ( )
                                            Name: ___________________________              OTHER NOTES OR INFORMATION
                                            Phone No.: ( )                                  _______________________________
                                            If more vehicles involved list contact           _______________________________
                                            information on a separate piece of paper        _______________________________
                                            Was driver on the job? ( If so, note the        _______________________________
                                            employer’s contact information)                 _______________________________

  Available 24/7 toll free (877) 978-4878      Available 24/7 toll free (877) 978-4878      Available 24/7 toll free (877) 978-4878

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