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					ADA Guidelines
KNR 270
Access Board
  “Access Board” is federal agency
  responsible for accessibility design
  aka Architectural & Transportation
  Barriers Compliance Board
  Board is appointed by President
  ½ Board members are PWD
ADA Accessibility Guidelines
  First published in 1991
  Establishes required design requirements for
  the construction & alterations of facilities in
  private & public sectors
  Guidelines are the basis for standards
  Provides scoping & technical requirements
  Approach, entrance, & use of major areas
ADA Accessibility Guidelines
  Scoping requirements
     Require an accessible element must be
     Require minimum number or percentage of
      elements be accessible
       Number of van parking spaces
       Number of hotel rooms
       Number of TTYs
ADA Accessibility Guidelines
  Technical requirements
     Describe the characteristics of an
      accessible element
        Width of door
        Rise of ramp
        Threshold height (no more than ½”)
        Pressure to open door (not exceed 15 lbs. for
        exterior doors)
  ADA Guidelines (1991)
     State & local government
     Public
  ABA Guidelines (1982)
     Architectural Barriers Act
     Federal
  Updated & combined
  Now ADA-ABA Guidelines (2004)
     All playing by same rules
     Consistency
ADA-ABA Guidelines
  Include the following supplements
     Children’s Environments (1998)
     Play Areas (2000)
     Recreation Facilities (2002)
     Outdoor Developed Areas
        not included---not completed
Play Areas
  Play components
  Accessible routes
  Soft contained play structures
Recreation Facilities
  Amusement rides
  Boating facilities
  Fishing piers & platforms
  Golf courses
  Miniature golf courses
  Sports facilities
  Swimming pools & spas
Outdoor Developed Areas
  Picnic & camping facilities
  Beach access routes
When will these requirements
take effect?
  Will take a couple years to be standards
     Adoption by enforcing agencies

  Recommend using now

  Information available on Access Board website

  “Project civic action”
     DOJ no longer waiting for complaints
     Going out and checking accessibility
Play Areas
  A play area is a site that:
     Contains play components
     Designed & constructed for children
     Separated by age ranges for safety
        2-5 y/o; 5-12 y/o
     Each of the age areas must be evaluated
      separately for accessibility
Play Areas
  Ground level play components
     1 of each type must be accessible
     Where elevated play components are
      provided, ground level must equal at least
      50% of the total number of elevated
        Except when there is a ramp to each elevated
        play area
     Must be integrated in the play area
Play Areas
  Elevated play components
     50% of elevated must be accessible
     Must provide ramp accessibility if 20 or
      more components
     If less than 20 a transfer station can be
  Accessible routes
     At least 1 in playground
     Connect accessible play components
Play Areas
  Accessible surfaces
     Inside play area
        Must meet ASTM 1951-99 standards
             Laboratory test
        Poured in place rubber
        Rubber matting
        Some engineered wood fiber (Maintenance is
        Not wood chips, pea gravel, sand
        Rubber chips are questionable
Play Areas
  Accessible surfaces
     Outside play area
        ADAAG accessible route provisions apply
        Stable, firm, & slip resistant
Amusement Rides
 One of the following for each ride:
     Wheelchair space
     OR ride seat designed for transfer
     OR use of a transfer device
 Doesn’t require modification of ride
 Doesn’t apply to
     Rides with out seats (Round up)
     Rides for young children
     Rides controlled by riders (Bumper cars, boats)
     Temporary rides (Fair, carnival)
 Not exempt --- someone could sue
Boating Facility
  Marinas, public piers with boat slips
        Fixed & floating
     Gangway slope---connecting floating facilities
        At all times (low or high water)
     Number of accessible boat slips
        Modified ADAAG parking table
        Dispersed among different types of slips
        60” width of clear pier space
              Not require transfer station or lift
              Requires space
Golf courses
  No major implications for design of
  Golf cart passage
     Continuous passage
  Teeing grounds
     Where 1 or 2, at least 1
  Putting greens
     Designed so golf cart can enter & exit
Advance Notice of Proposed
                  Availability of
                  adapted golf carts
                      Provide?
                      Number?
                  Recommend single
Sports facilities
  Area of sport activity
      Indoor or outdoor
  Accessible route to each area of sport
      Not just 1 softball field, but all
Exercise equipment & machines

  1 of each type must be accessible
  Need accessible route
  Modification of equipment is not
  Attention paid to layout
Swimming pools
 2 means of access into water (less than 300’
 = 1 means)
     Primary
        Lift
        Sloped entry
     Secondary
          Lift
          Sloped entry
          Transfer wall
          Stairs
          Transfer system
 Lawsuits are further defining ADA
 PGA vs. Casey Martin
 Others (DOJ)
 Access Board
 Department of Transportation
 Federal Communication Commission
 Equal Employment Opportunities Com.
 Department of Interior
 Department of Justice
How can I keep up?
  Journal articles
  News articles

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