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									                                       Suru Valley Trekking

Suru valley is one of the most beautiful regions of Ladakh where tourists come in large number to
spend their vacation amidst serene and scenic natural beauty. This valley is situated on the he north-
eastern foothills of the great Himalaya at an average altitude of 3000 meters above sea level. The
valley derived its name from the fast and swift flowing Suru River. It is one of the popular tourist
destinations of Leh & Ladakh which gives tourists a chance to spend memorable and pleasurable
The natural and scenic beauty of this valley can be experienced throughout the year. The pleasant
summer and harsh winter has its own charm which calls on large number of tourists from across the
globe. During summer season the Suru valley bedecked with colourful flowers of different varieties
which engross tourists who come here from across the globe. While in winter the thick layer of
snow makes it a perfect place to enjoy several several winter sports like skiing. The well kanown
tourist’s attraction of Suru Valley is:

This is a beautiful bowl shaped township where tourists come in large number to enjoy the scenic
spell of nature. The unending expanse of poplars, willows and myricarea forests make it a soul
stimulating destination. The dense green mountains with snow capped peak make it a awe inspiring
destination which engross tourists during their visit to this place. The Imambaras and mosques of
this place is known for its architectural beauty representing the blend of Turkish and Tibetan styles
of construction and decorations. Sankoo is also the starting point of four days trek to Mulbekh and a
three-day trek to Drass. The other famous attraction of this place is the statue of Maitreya Buddha
which is situated in the Kartse village 5 km from the Sankoo.

This is another popular tourist’s destination of this place which is located in the centre of the
beautiful valley. It is an ideal place for several trekking tour because of the location amidst the
valley. A short trek from here takes tourists to the Nun view-saddle from where tourists can get
bird’s eye view of the snowy Himalaya peaks and the glacial plateau. The other trekking tours
which are available here are trekking to Pahalgam which takes around 5 days and Kishtwar in 6

This is an another popular tourist destination situated at an altitude of 3657 meters above sea level.
It is renowned across the globe for its scenic landscapes which freeze tourist’s attention that come
here for a enchanting holidays. The camping hiking and horse riding are three most popular
adventure activities of this place which enthrall tourists who come here from across the globe. This
place is also famous for its five day trek tour which takes tourists to Henaskut and Lamayuru
through the Kanji valley.

Suru Valley is one of the the most sought after Ladakh Tourist Places which is visited by large
number of tourists from throughout the year. This place is one of the popular tourist destinations of
Leh & Ladakh tourism.

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