Feel the Ecstasy of Nature with Alleppey Houseboat Tour

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					                         Feel the Ecstasy of Nature with Alleppey Houseboat Tour

Kerala is one of the ranked tourist destinations of the world. Large number of tourists from across the globe
comes here to enjoy the charm of nature during their holidays. This is an enigmatic strip of land known for its
beaches, backwater, hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries and number of fairs and festivals. Each attractions of
Kerala have its own charm and glory but the fascination of backwater remain unparalleled.

Alleppey is one of the popular destinations of Kerala tourism where tourists come in a large number for
enjoying the charisma of nature. This place is the most popular backwater destination of Kerala where one
can experience the best of speckled natural charm and glory. The combined beauty of backwaters, beaches,
canal and lagoons make this place a soul stimulating place which engrosses tourists who come here.

Kerala Houseboats also known as riceboats or kettuvallam are traditional style of boats that were used in the
early days for the transportion of goods. Houseboats are made up of special type of wood known as Anjili.
The other important materials used in making houseboats are coconut fibre ropes, coir carpets and bamboo
mats. The size of the houseboats varies according to the occupancies and facilities provided. There are single
bedroom houseboats for 2 people, two bedroom houseboats for 4 people, 3 bedroom houseboats for 6 people
and 5 bedroom houseboats for 10 people. The entire houseboat has a three member crew a driver, chef and
cabin assistants. The popular attractions which can be enjoyed during Alleppey houseboat tour are:

Vembanad Lake
This is one of the largest freshwater lakes in India known across the globe for its exotic backwater resorts.
Millions of tourists come here every year to explore and enjoy the nature's beauty in its most serene and
scenic form. The soul stimulating scenic ambiance of this place engrosses tourists who come here for
spending pleasant vacations. The ecology of this place nurtures more than 20,000 waterfowl which is another
attraction of this place.

Krishnapuram Palace
This is a beautiful palace which was built in 18th century during the reign of Marthanda Varma a Travancore
king. The palace is two-storied building constructed in the traditional Kerala architectural features. This
palace is the best place to feel the beauty of traditional architectural beauty of Kerala. The unique collection
of this palace is its mural paintings which is one of the biggest in Kerala. The museum is another popular
attraction of this palace which is famous for its exotic collection of antique sculptures, paintings, bronzes
items and other artefacts.

Alleppey Houseboats Tour is renowned across the globe. This is one of the most sought after tourist
destinations of Kerala Tourism where people come feel the speckled charm of natural glory.

Description: Backwater is the well known attraction of Kerala tour which gives tourist a chance to explore and experience the exotic charm of nature. There are numbers of backwater destinations in Kerala but the charm of Alleppey backwater is the most famous among tourists.