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China Herb Company (DOC download)


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China Herb

400 West Hortter Street, #301
   Philadelphia, PA 19144
215-843-5864/ 800-221-4372
     fax 215-849-3338
China Herb Company
China Herb Company was founded in 1990 as an extension of our clinical pharmacy of raw Chinese herbs. Al-
though we provide many personalized services, we primarily function as an herbal prescription service providing
herbal formulas to schools, hospitals and individual practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine. We offer raw,
powdered and liquid herbs.
Many practitioners find it difficult to maintain their own pharmacies and keep every formula on hand. China Herb
Company provides a practical alternative. Take advantage of our Start up Pharmacy program. It makes it more
affordable for you to stock the formulas in your office that you know you will need.

We fill custom orders for hundreds of practitioners across the United States. Our service makes it possible for
practitioners to prescribe custom formulas for their patients. We encourage and support herbalists who wish to
use Chinese Medicine to its fullest extent by writing personalized formulas, combining formulas, or making addi-
tions to classical formulas, of which we keep an inventory. To facilitate this, we offer free consultations to practi-
tioners who might benefit from further guidance regarding traditional Chinese herbal remedies.

       QUALITY
We are proud to use only the finest quality raw herbs available. They are tested for bacteria and heavy metals
when ever possible.

Our liquid extracts are made from the same high quality raw herbs. They are made in small batches to insure
maximum freshness. The only additive is a minimal 20% alcohol, which is still the best natural preservative. The
liquid extracts are thick and syrupy without glycerin or sweeteners of any kind. We believe they are the freshest
and the most potent extracts available. No extra additives means there are more herbs per ounce. This is one of
the reasons why our unique water extracts achieve such a high level of potency.

Liquid extracts and raw herb decoctions are the most absorbable forms of herbs. This is because liquids bypass
the digestive process and are absorbed quickly and easily. Tea made from raw herbs is often the best treatment,
but most patients resist preparing raw herbs because it’s messy and time consuming. Our liquid extracts are so
fresh that they save you the time of cooking, and ensure that patients comply with their treatment plan.

You can order a custom formula from us in a size as little as 4 ounces [which is an 8-day supply]. We provide
herbs in bulk form as well as in custom prescriptions. Our prescription service has sent herbs to many places
where they had been previously unavailable. Many find our drop shipping service very convenient. Ordering in-
structions are detailed on the last page of this catalog.

Orders received by 12 pm Eastern Standard Time are usually shipped the same day. We have no minimum order
and no drop shipment fee. You may place an order by e-mail, fax, or toll-free telephone. We accept MC and Visa
cards. Our terms are net/net; interest will be charged after 30 days.

       RAW HERBS
We have over 400 herbs in our pharmacy. Our herbs are all sulfite free and, when possible, pesticide free. We
use only the true herbs and we accept no substitutes.

Our Liquid Extracts are made for us by J.R. Laboratories. We carry a full pharmacy of classical formulas and sin-
gle herbs. We also carry 20 house formulas. Our prices are $4.00 per ounce for stock formulas and $4.50 per
ounce for custom prescription and single herbs.

       SHIPPING
We can drop ship directly to your patient at no extra charge and charge them directly to save you time and pa-
perwork. By simply giving your patient our number, you can let them arrange with us for shipping . Payment for
this drop service must be made by Visa or MAstercard. we will never refill a prescription without your direct au-

All orders are shipped UPS or USPS when needed. Overnight delivery is available in the continental US. Cus-
tomers are responsible for all shipping charges.


Quantity discounts are avilable for the liquid formulas. Discounts apply to standard formulas only. These dis-
counts are not available for custom blended formulas.
16 oz- 5%
32 oz- 10%
128 oz-15%

The China Herb Company guarantees the quality of its products, but does not take responsibility for their applica-
tion. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Special Formulas by Cara Frank, R.Ac.
   Beyond Chemo
Beyond Chemo addresses many side effects of chemotherapy. The formula boosts immunity, prevents the forma-
tion and development of cancer, regulates the endocrine system, protects the bone marrow, stimulates hempoei-
sis, and strengthens digestion. In TCM terms, the formula tonifies the qi, nourishes the yin and blood, regulates
digestion, and calms the spirit. Because most chemotherapy protocols injure the Yin, emphasis is placed on herbs
that nourish the Yin.
Ingredients: Huang Qi/ Radix Astraglus, Ren Shen/Radix Ginseng (or Dang Shen/Radix Codonopsis Pilosulae), Bai
Zhu/Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae, Fu Ling/ Sclerotium Poriae Cocos, Zhi Gan Cao/Radix Glycyrrhizae Uralensis
Praeparata, Chen Pi/Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae, Mu Xiang/Radix Saussureae, Ling Zhi Cao/ Ganoderma, Shu Di/Rehmania
Preparata, Gou Qi Zi/Fructus Lycii, He Shou Wu/ Polygonum Multiflora, Dan Shen/Radix Salvia, Yu Zhu/Radix Polysala, Nu
Zhen Zi/ Semen Ligustrum, Sha Shen/ Radix Glenhia, Mai Men Dong/Radix Ophiopogon, Ji Xue Teng/Radix Milletia, Qian
Shi/Semen Euryales, Shan Yao/Radix Dioscorea, Suan Zao Ren/Semen Zizyphus.

   Beyond Radiation
Radiation is a hot therapy. Most side effects involve injury to body fluids, which results in Yin deficiency. Symp-
toms may include dizziness, insomnia, thirst, tissue erosion, night sweats, and deep red tongue with thick white,
yellow or black moss. Radiation also injures qi resulting in fatigue, shortness of breath, poor appetite, and pale
tongue with thick greasy tongue moss. Blood stasis is a common side effect manifesting as sclerotic tissue. Herbs
to relieve fire poisons are included in this formula to reduce inflammation and promote the catabolization of dead
cancer cells. Beyond Radiation is designed to nourish the yin, promote body fluids, and to cool and move the
blood. Modern cancer research has demonstrated the importance of using herbs that invigorate the blood and
eliminate blood stasis to reduce radiation resistance. Dan Shen/Radix Salvia Miltiorrhizae is the most important
herb for resolving this problem.
Ingredients: Mai Men Dong/Radix Ophiopogon, Dang Gui/Radix Angelica Sinesis, Shu Di/Radix Rehmania Preparata, Bai Mao
Gen/Imperata, Jin Yin Hua/Flos Lonicera, Zhi Mu/Radix Anemarrhenae, Dan Shen/Radix Salvia, Huang Qi/Radix Astragalus,
Gou Qi Zi/ Fructus Lycii, Tai Zi Shen/Radix Pseudostellaria, Ji Xue Teng/Radix Milletia, Kun Bu/Thallus Algae.

   Gall Clear
This formula is based on the famous harmonizing prescription Xiao Chai Hu Tang/Minor Bupleurum Combination.
It is effective for helping to resolve small gallstones. We recommend the formula be taken continuously for two
months to be completely effective. Other applications of this formula include irritable bowel disease, constipation
from qi constraint, and premenstrual tension. It is modified with Herba Lysimachia, Hai Jin Sha/ Spora Lygodi and
Ji Nei Jin/ Gallus to resolve stones. Chuan Lian Zi/Fr. Melia and Xiang Fu are included to stop pain. Zhi
Shi/Fructus Aurantium Immaturus descends the qi and reduces bloating. Dan Shen/Radix Salvia softens masses
and calms the spirit. Suan Zao Ren/Fructus Zizyphus calms the spirit and eliminates irritability. Gan Cao/Radix
Glyccerhizia and Da Zao/Fructus Jujube are added to harmonize the formula and strengthen the spleen qi.
Ingredients: Huang Qin/Radix Scutteleria, Chai Hu/ Radix Bupleuri, Jin Qian Cao/Herba Jinqiancao, Desmodium, Hai Jin
Sha/Spora Lygodii Japonici, Chuan Lian Zi/Fructus Melia, Ji Nei Jin/ Endothelium Corneum Gigeraiae Galli, Yan Hu
Suo/Rhizoma Corydalis Yanhusuo, Suan Zao Ren/Semen Ziziphi Spinosae, Gan Cao/Radix Glyccerhizia, Da Zao/Fructus
Jujube, Xiang Fu/Rhizoma Cyperi Rotundi, Zhi Shi/Fructus Aurantium Immaturus, Dan Shen/Radix Salvia.

   NoCir
Based on the famous formula Minor Bupleurum/Xia Chai Hu Tang, this formula combines one of the most well
researched formulas in the treatment of hepatitis, modern herbal applications and traditional energetic considera-
tions. The formula, when unmodified, is used in Kanpo therapy to treat hepatitis. Wu Wei Zi/Schizandra Fructus is
added to reduce SGPT liver enzymes. Ban Lan Gen/Isatis Root and Hu Zhang/Polygonati Cupidati are added for
their potent antiviral properties. Huang Qi/ Astragalus and Ling Zhi Cao/Ganoderma are added to tonify the qi and
modulate the immune system. Dan Shen/Salvia and Tian Qi (San Qi) invigorate the blood and prevent sclerosis.
Sheng Di Huang/Rehmannia, Gou Qi Zi/Lycium and He Shou Wu/Polygonum Multi nourish the liver and kidney
yin and the liver blood to protect the liver and reduce inflammation.
Ingredients: Chai Hu/Bupleurum, Huang Qin/Scutellariae, Ban Xia/Pinellia, Ran Shen/ Ginseng, Sheng
Jiang/Fresh Ginger, Gan Cao/Licorice, Wu Wei Zi/ Schizandra Fructus, Sheng Di Huang/Rehmannia, Ban Lan
Gen/Isatis Root, Dan Shen/Salvia, Gou Qi Zi/Lycium, Huang Qi/Astragalus, Ling Zhi (Cao)/Ganoderma, He Shou
Wu/Polygonum Multi, Tian Qi (San Qi).

   PND
Designed to resolve deep sinus obstruction, PND is based on the classic formula for sinusitis Cang Er
San/Xanthium powder with the following modifications: Cang Er Zi/Fructus Xanthii, Xin Yin Hua/Flos Magnolia
Liliflorae, Bai Zhi/Radix Angelicae Dahuricae, and Bo He/Herba Menthae: these ingredients create the formula
Cang Er Zi San: Xanthium Powder. Wu Mei/Fructus Mume consolidates the lungs to stop coughing and promotes
the production of body fluids. Modern research proven it is antiallergic.
Huang Qin/Radix Scutteleria clears phlegm heat. It has an antiallergic effect as well. Huang Qin is used to clear
phlegm heat from the sinus cavities. Ban Xia/Radix Pinellia and Chen Pi/Pericarpium Citri resolve phlegm and
regulate the qi. Both herbs form the basis of Two Old Decoction/Er Chen Tang, the representative prescription for
clearing phlegm – dampness. Bai Don Kou/Fructus Amomi Kravanh, Cang Zhu/Rhizoma Atractylodis, and Huo
Xiang/Herba Herba Agastaches seu Pogostemi aromatically resolve phlegm to penetrate deep sinus obstruction.
Jie Geng/Radix Platycodi expels phlegm, soothes irritated throat and directs the prescription to the upper body.
Yu Xing Cao/Herba Houttuyniae Cordatae is acrid and cool. It clears heat and toxins and expels pus..
Cang Er Zi /Fructus Xanthii ,Xin Yin Hua/ Flos Magnoliae liliflorae Bai Zhi/ Radix Angelicae dahuricae ,Bo He /Herba Menthae
Huang Qin/Radix Scutteleria Ban Xia/Radix Pinellia and Chen Pi/Pericarpium Citri resolve phlegm and regulate the qi. Bai Don
Kou/Fructus Amomi Kravanh, Cang Zhu/Rhizoma Atractylodis, Huo Xiang/Herba Herba Agastaches seu Pogostemi, Jie
Geng/Radix Platycodi , Yu Xing Cao/Herba Houttuyniae, Wu Mei/Fructus Mume

Pediatric formulas
       Ear Clear
Based on the formula Minor Bupleurum/Xiao Chai Hu Tang, Ear Clear effectively resolves ear infections and
swimmer’s ear in children. Huang Qin/Radix Scutteleria is omitted because of its very bitter flavor. Sweet, cool
honeysuckle flowers/Jin Yin Hua is substituted for its ability to clear Wei level fever and resolve fire poison and
resolve pus. Bupleurum/Chai Hu guides the formula to the Shao Yang channel to direct the formula to the ears.
Shi Chang Pu/Rhizoma Acori opens the orifices and penetrates phlegm obstruction. Pinellia/Ban Xia resolves
A second formula, Huang Qi Jian Zhong Tang/Astragalus regulating the middle decoction, is used to complete the
dynamic tension that harmonizes the nutritive and defensive mechanisms. It may be taken preventatively
Ingredients: Jin Yin Hua/Flos Lonicera, Xiao Chai Hu Tang/Radix Bupleurum, Shi Chang Pu/Rhizoma Acori, Ban Xia/ Pinellia,
Huang Qi/Radix Astragalus, Yi Yi Ren/Semen Coix, Gui Zhi/Ramulus Cinnamon, Bai Shao Yao/Radix Peony Alba, Sheng
Jiang/Radix Zingerberis, Yi Tang/Maltose.

       Fever Clear
This modification of Yin Qiao San is designed to resolve early stage febrile wind heat in children. The classical
indications of Yin Qiao San are that the formula disperses wind heat, clears heat and relieves toxicity. Symptoms
include: fever with little or no chills, headache, and sore throat. Because Children are inherently more mucus
forming, Ban Xia/Rhizoma Pinelliae Ternatae is added to resolve phlegm. Sang Ye/Folium Mori Albae, Ju
Hua/Flos Chrysanthemum Morifolii and Xing Ren/Semen Pruni Armeniacae are borrowed from the formula Sang
Ju Yin/Morus-Chrysanthemum Decoction for their ability to clear wind heat, moisten the throat and stop cough.
Finally, because it is the nature of children to develop high fevers, Zhi Mu/Radix Anemarrhenae Asphodeloidis is
added to clear heat in the Qi level, and generates fluids.
Ingredients: Yin Qiao San Jr./Lonicera-Forsythia Powder, Jin Yin Hua/Flos Lonicera, Lian Qiao/Fructus Forsythiae Suspensae,
Jie Geng/Radix Platycodi, Bo He/Herba Menthae, Jing Jie/Herba seu Flos Schizonepetae, Zhu Ye/, Dan Dou Chi/Semen So-
jae Praeparatum, Gan Cao/Radix Glyccerhizia, Sang Ye/Folium Mori Albae, Ju Hua/Flos Chrysanthemum Morifolii, Xing
Ren/Semen Pruni Armeniacae, Lu Gen/Rhizoma Phragmitis Communis, Zhi Mu/Radix Anemarrhenae Asphodeloidis, Ban
Xia/Rhizoma Pinelliae Ternatae.

   Nose Clear
Children’s Bi Yan Pian treats stuffy noses and allergic congestion without being excessively drying. Based on the
classic formula for sinus congestion Cang Er Zi San, Xanthium Powder, Nose Clear address several issues rele-
vant to children’s sinus problems. Nose Clear relieves sinus congestion, strengthens the spleen qi, transforms
dampness, and harmonizes the middle burner. Because children tend to have weaker spleen qi, they are inhe-
rently more mucus producing. The inclusion of Er Chen Tang/Two Old Decoction dries dampness, transforms
phlegm, regulates the qi and harmonizes the middle burner. Fang Feng/Radix Ledebouriellae Sesloidis is in-
cluded to expel wind and relieve pain. Huang Qi/ Radix Astragali Membranacei, Sheng Ma/Rhizoma Cimicifugae
and Chai Hu/Radix Bupleuri, from the famous formula Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang/Tonify the Middle and Benefit Qi De-
coction raises the spleen yang, consolidates the protective qi and reduces low-grade fevers. Wu Mei/Fructus
Mume consolidates the lung qi, generates fluids, has an antiallergic effect, and thus prevents the formula from
being too drying. Zhi Gan Cao/Radix Glycyrrhizae Uralensis Preparata harmonizes the formula and protects the
spleen and stomach.
Ingredients: Xanthium Powder: Cang Er Zi/Fructus Xanthium, Xin Yi Hua/Flos Magnolia, Bai Zhi/Radix Angelicae Dahuricae,
Bo He/Herba Mentha; the next five Ban Xia/Pinellia, Chen Pi/Pericarpium Citri, Fu Ling/Poria Cocos, Bai Zhu/Rhizoma Atracty-
lodis Macrocephalae, Wu Mei/ Fructus Mume; Jun Yin Hua/Flos Lonicerae Japonicae and Lian Qiao/Fructus Forsythiae Sus-
pensae Jin Yin Hua/Flos Lonicerae Japonicae, Lian Qiao/Fructus Forsythiae Suspensae, Fang Feng/Siler; fevers: Huang
Qi/Radix Astragalus, Chai Hu/Radix Bupleurum, Sheng Ma/Rhizoma Cimicifugae, Zhi Gan Cao/Radix Glycyrrhizae Uralensis.

                           China Herb Company Special Formulas
    Benefit Blood
Builds blood and regulates uterine function.
Ingredients: Dang Gui/Angelica Sinesis, He Shou Wu/Polygonum Multiflori, Shu Di Huang/Prepared Rehmanniae,
Ji Xue Tang/Radix et Caulis Jixuetang, Bai Shao/Paeonia Alba, Fu Ling/Poria Cocos, Chuan Xiong/Ligustici Wal-
lichi, Gan Cao/Licorice.

 Benefit Breath
Builds lung Qi.
Ingredients: Huang Jing/Poligonati Rhizome, Wu Wei Zi/Schizandrae Fruit, Jie Geng/Radix Platycodi, Mai Men
Dong/Ophiopogonis Root, Ren Shen/Chinese Ginseng Root, Tai Zi Shen/Pseudostellaria Root, Bai Hu/Lilia Bulb,
Bo He/ Mint, Chuan Xiong/Ligustici Wallichi, Gan Cao/Licorice.

 Calm
Relaxes nervous tension, aids sleep.
Ingredients: He Huan Pi/Cortex Albizziae, Suan Zao Ren/Zizyphus Spinosae Seed, Chai Hu/Radix Bupleuri, Vale-
rian Root, Jue Ming Zi/Cassiae Seed, He Shao Wu/Caulis Poligoni Multiflori, Bai Shao/Paeonia Alba, Gou
Teng/Ramulus Uncariae, Niu Xi/Achyranthis Bidentatae, Xia Ku Cao/Spica Prunella, Ju Hua/Flos Chrysanthemi.

   Clear Lungs
Cools lung heat and clears infection. Moistens the lungs and expels mucus, treats cold and flu.
Ingredients: Jie Geng/Radix Platycodi, Mai Men Dong/Radix Ophiopogonis, She Gan/Rhizoma Belamcandae,
Gua Lou Ren/ Trichosanthis Seed, Niu Bang Zi/Arctii Fruit, Da Qing Ye/Radix et Folium Isatis, Xiao Hui
Xiang/Fructus Foeniculi, Dang Gui/Radix Angelica Dahurica, Tu Niu Xi/Radix Achyranthis Aspera, Xin Yi Hua/Flos
Magnolia Liliflora, Gan Cao/Licorice, Bo He/Peppermint.

 Clear Skin
Cleanses and nourishes the blood, clears the liver and intestines.
Ingredients: Radix Angelica Dahurica, Radix Bupleurum, Ramulus Loranthus, Herba Hedyotidis (Oldenlandia),
Spica Prunella, Radix Astragalus, Radix Saussurea, Herba Taraxicum (Dandelion), Ginger, Radix Sophora Fla-
vescentis, Rehmanniae.

 Detox Compound
Clears toxins and infections.
Ingredients: Spica Prunella, Rhizoma Coptidis, Radix et Folium Scutellariae, Dandelion (whole plant), Radix et
Folium Isatis, Red Clover Blossom, Burdock Root, Goldenseal Root, Echinacea Root, Myrrh, Herba Hedyotidis
(Oldenlandia), Radix Bupleurum, Sterculiae Seed, Ginger.

 Endurance
Builds Qi and blood, slows premature aging.
Ingredients: Cortex Eucommia, Corni Officinalis Fruit, Prepared Radix Rehmanniae, Chinese Panax Ginseng
Root, Tang Gui, Radix Dipsaci, Radix Achyranthis Bid, Schisandrae Fruit, Radix Polygoni Multiflori, Siberian Gin-
seng Root, Lycii Fruit, Ramulus Loranthus, Radix Saussureae, Cortex Cinnamomi, Licorice, Molasses, Royal Jel-

 Fortify
Enhances immunity, improves blood circulation and clears the Liver.
Ingredients: Rhizoma Curcuma Longa, Radix Astrgali, Radix Bupleurum, Flos Chrysanthemi, Licorice, Ganoder-
matis (Reishi), Milk thistle Silymarin.

 Ginseng Combination
Builds Qi and stamina.
Ingredients: Ginseng Root, Eucommia Bark, Astragali Root, Schisandrae Fruit, Lycii Fruit, Licorice.

 Harmonious Balance
Calms, strengthens, nourishes the spirit; Helps reduce stress.
Ingredients: Chinese Panax Ginseng Root, Astragalus, Poria Cocos, Biota Orientalis, Schisandrae Chinensis,
Salvia Miltiorrhizae, Arillus E. Longan, Cortex Albizziae, Ziziphus Jujuba, Spinosae Seed, Tang Gui, Polygala Te-
nifolia, Radix Paeonia Alba, Saussureae Lappae, Ziziphus Sativae Fruit, Baked Licorice, Ginger.

 Benefits Heart
Enriches the blood, strengthens the heart, clears congestion from the channels and calms
emotional stress.
Ingredients: Arillus Longanae Fruit, Radix Polygonati Odorati, Salvia Miltiorrhizae, Hawthorn Berry, Biota Seed,
Schisandrae Fruit, Lignum Santali Alba, Ziziphus Spinosae, Licorice, Flos Cartharmi, Ramulus Cinnamomi, Mo-

 Invigorate QB
Builds Qi and blood circulation.
Ingredients: Rhizoma Cyperi, Rhizoma Corydalis, Paeonia Alba, Bupleurum, Pericarpium Citri Ret, P. Citri Ret.
Veride, Fr. Citri Seu Ponceri Immaturus, Lindera, Magnolia Bark, Lignum Aquilariae et Santali, Curcuma Longa,
Licorice, Fr. Amomi Cardamomi, Salvia Miltior Rhizae Fruit, Leonori, Ligustici Wallichi.

 Prostate Combination
Promotes prostate function.
Ingredients: Saw Palmetto Berry, Radix Achyranthis Bidentatae, Plantaginis Seed, Vaccariae Seed, Tang Gui
Wei, Radix Paeonia Rubra, Cortex Moutan Radicis, Paeonia Rubra, Chinese Ginseng Root, Radix Lindera, Fen-
nel, Ginger.

 Resource
Builds Qi and the body’s resources.
Ingredients: Chinese Panax Ginseng Root, Siberian Ginseng, Tang Gui, Fo Ti (Polygoni Multiflori), Astragali,
Schizandrae Fruit, Pseudostellaria Root, Poligonati Root, Saussureae, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf.

 Sequential Balance
Eases hot flashes, builds blood, soothes emotions, reduces uprising heat.
Ingredients: Herba Cistanches, Herba Epimedi, Angelica Sinesis, Radix Rehmanniae, Radix Paeonia Lactiflora,
Biota Orientalis, Ziziphus Jujuba (Spinosa), Cortex Albizziae, Rhizoma Anemarrhenae, Cortex Phellodendri, Lico-
rice, Royal Jelly, Vitamin E.

 Smooth Cycle
Regulates menstrual cycle.
Ingredients: Angelica Sinesis, Rhizoma Corydalis, Rhizoma Cyperi, Radix Saussurea, Radix Lindera, Jixueteng,
Amomi Cardamomi Fruit, Herba Leonuri, Radix Paeonia Alba, Cortex Albizziae, Radix Bupleuri, Licorice.

 Smooth Digestion
Regulates gastrointestinal problems. Helps relieve bloating and distention.
Ingredients: Atractylodis Macrocephalae, Ginger Juice Cooked Magnolia Officinalis, Cooked Rhizoma Cyperi Ro-
tundi, Rhizoma Curcuma, Fructus A., Cardamomi, Fructus Seu S. Amomi, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae, Atracty-
lodis Lancea, Ginger Root, Saussurea Lappae, Poria Cocos, Chinese Ginseng Root, Baked Licorice.

 Benefit Structure
Benefits bones, joints, ligaments and tendons, tonifies blood, treats joint pain and injuries.
Ingredients: Ramulus Loranthus, Siberian Ginseng Root, Rhizoma Homalomenae, Radix et Caulis Jixuetang, Ra-
dix Achyranthis Bidentatae, Radix Dipsaci, Rhizoma Drynaria, Radix Morindae, Cortex Eucommiae, Rhizoma Ci-
botii, Tang Gui, Paeonia Alba, Radix Polygoni Multiflori, Ginger, Ramulus Cinnamomi, Licorice, Silica.

 Clear Vision
Clears and nourishes the eyes.
Ingredients: Lycii Berry, Flos Chrysanthemi, Chinese Ginseng Root, Radix Poligoni Multiflori, Ligustri Lucidi, Spica
Prunella, Flos Buddleia, Cassiae Seed, Ginger, Rhizoma Acori Graminae, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf.

 Start Up Pharmacy
A special personal pharmacy containing six traditional formulas in 8 oz. bottles, and eight sin-
gle herbs in 2 oz. Bottles. Six empty bottles are included. You choose the formulas and single
herbs to suit your practice.

Special Kits
   Child Care Kit
Consists of three formulas used to treat common childhood ailments: Ear Clear effectively resolves ear infections
and swimmer’s ear. It may be taken preventatively; Fever Clear helps to reduce fever and congestion. It can also
be used for sore throats; Nose Clear is great for stuffy noses and allergic congestion without causing dryness.
2oz. size $25.00 4oz. Size $45.00

   Cold Care Kit
Consists of three formulas used to treat various types of cold symptoms: Yin Qiao San is used for early stage
colds and sore throats. It is most effective when taken at the onset of symptoms; Gan Mao Ling is used for colds
and flu’s. This formula assists in fighting off a cold, flu or for allergy symptoms; Bi Yan Pian is used for safely fight-
ing sinusitis and nasal congestion without causing drowsiness. 2oz. size $25.00 4oz. size              $45.00

   Respiratory Kit
This kit contains three of our house formulas: Benefit Breath builds lung qi; Clear Lungs cools lung heat and
clears infection. Moistens the lungs and expels mucus, treats cold and flu; Endurance builds Qi and blood, slows
premature aging.
 2oz. Size $25.00 4oz. Size $45.00

   Sports Kit
Consists of three formulas used to treat various sports related conditions: Benefit Structure is a tonic formula with
two main functions: It promotes healing from injuries to the musculo-skeletal system. It also helps to strengthen
the tendons and ligaments, which is an important factor for athletes and anyone doing strenuous exercise. Addi-
tionally, it invigorates the channels, moves blood and nourishes the liver and kidneys. Shen Tong Zhu Yu Tang
treats pain from obstruction in the channels and collaterals; Die Da Wan is a topical application for sprains, bruis-
es and swelling. Alleviates pain.
2oz. Size $25.00. 4oz. Size $45.00

   Women’s Balance Kit
This kit contains three of our house formulas. Calm combines herbs which smoothes liver qi and clears liver heat.
It also settles the spirit and relieves nervous tension; Smooth Cycle regulates the blood, alleviates cramps and
relieves irritability; Benefit Blood is a tonic that helps to regulate the menstrual cycle. A nourishing formula based
on the formula Si Wu Tang, “Soup of the Four Things”. 2oz. size $25.00 4oz. size $45.00

Formulas Alphabetical By Pin Yin
Dots indacate liquid. All formulas are based on powdered pricing.

Code         pinyin                                     English                                                  per100
AFNGW         Ai Fu Nuan Gong Wan                       Mugwort & Cyperus Formula                             23.5
AZS           An Zhong San                              Cardomon & Fennel Formula                             12.50
BWDXF         Ba Wei Dai Xia Fang                       Dang Gui Eight Formula                                14.25
BWDHW         Ba Wei Di Huang Wan                       Rehmania Eight Formula                               14.50
BZT           Ba Zhen Tang     Dang                     Gui & Ginseng Formula                                17.25
BZS           Ba Zheng San                              Dianthus Formula                                     11.50
BZSw/oDH      Ba Zheng San (w/o Da Huang)               Dianthus Formula w/o Da Huang                         12.50
BHGJT         Bai He Gu Jin Tang                        Lily Formula                                          15.50
BHJRST        Bai Hu Jia Ren Shen Tang                  Ginseng & Gypsum Formula                              13.50
BHT           Bai Hu Tang                               Gypsum formula                                       11.75
BTWT          Bai Tou Weng Tang                         Anemone Formula                                       17.50
BXBZTMT       Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang              Pinellia & Gastrodia Formula                         19.00
BXHPT         Ban Xia Hou Po Tang                       Pinellia & Magnolia Formula                          16.00
BXXXT         Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang                      Pinellia Combination                                  17.25
BCWYT         Bao Chan Wu You Fang                      Dang Gui & Parsley Formula                            15.50
BHW           Bao He Wan                                Citrus & Crategus Formula                            13.50
BMGLS         Bei Mu Gua Lou San                        Fritillaria & Trichosanthes Fruit Powder          
BXFQT         Bei Xie Fen Qing Yin                      Tokoro Formula                                        13.00
BYP           Bi Yan Pian                               Nose Inflammation Formula                         
BFEJT         Bu Fei E Jiao Tang                        Gelatin & Aristolochia Formula                        13.50

BFT        Bu Fei Tang                           Ginseng & Aster Formula                17.00
BHJZQT     Bu Huan Jin Zheng Qi Tang             Pinellia, Atractylodes & Agastaches     13.75
BYHWT      Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang                  Astragalus & Peony Formula              19.00
BZYQT      Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang                   Ginseng & Astragalus Formula           19.00
CES        Cang Er San                           Xanthium Formula                       14.00
CGJJT      Chai Ge Jie Ji Tang                   Bupleurum & Pueraria Formula           13.50
CHGZGJT    Chai Hu Gui Zhi Gan Jiang Tang        Bupleurum, Cinnamon & Ginger            14.50
CHGZT      Chai Hu Gui Zhi Tang                  Bupleurum & Cinnamon Formula           17.25
CHJLMT     Chai Hu Jia Long Mu Tang              Bupleurum & Dragon Bone Formula        16.00
CJLMT-DH   Chai Hu Jia Long Mu Tang-Da Huang     Bupleurum & DB w/o Da Huang             16.00
CHQGT      Chai Hu Qing Gan Tang                 Bupleurum & Rehmania Formula           15.50
CHSGT      Chai Hu Shu Gan Tang                  Bupleurum & Cyperus                    15.50
CLT        Chai Ling Tang                        Bupleurum & Hoelen Combination          21.50
CXT        Chai Xian Tang                        Bupleurum & Scute Formula               19.00
CXCTS      Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao San              Cnidum & Tea Formula                   13.50
CUP                                              Curing Pill                           
DBYW       Da Bu Yin Wan                         Rehmania & Testudinis Formula           22.25
DCHT       Da Chai Hu Tang                       Major Bupleurum Formula                 17.25
DCHT-DH    Da Chai Hu Tang (w/o Da Huang)        Major Bupleurum w/o Da Huang            17.25
DCQT       Da Cheng Qi Tang                      Major Rhubarb Formula                   11.50
DFFT       Da Fang Feng Tang                     Major Siler Formula                     19.75
DHMDT      Da Huang Mu Dan Tang                  Rhubarb & Moutan Formula                11.25
DJZT       Da Jian Zhong Tang                    Major Zanthoxylum Formula               11.75
DQJT       Da Qin Jiao Tang                      Major Gentiana Formula                  16.75
DQLT       Da Qing Long Tang                     Major Blue Dragon Formula               11.25
DGBXT      Dang Gui Bu Xue Tang                  Dang Gui & Astragalus Formula          18.00
DGLHT      Dang Gui Liu Huang Tang               Dang Gui & 6 Yellow Formula             24.75
DGLHW      Dang Gui Long Hui Wan                 Dang Gui, Gentiana & Aloe Formula       30.00
DGNTT      Dang Gui Nian Tong Tang               Dang Gui & Anemarrhena Formula          16.00
DGS        Dang Gui San                          Dang Gui Formula                        18.00
DGSYS      Dang Gui Shao Yao San                 Dang Gui & Peony Formula               15.50
DGSNT      Dang Gui Si Ni Tang                   Dang Gui & Jujube Formula              15.00
DGYZ       Dang Gui Yin Zi                       Dang Gui & Tribulus Formula             16.75
DCS        Dao Chi San                           Rehmania & Akebia Formula               12.50
DSFLT      Dao Shui Fu Ling Tang                 Hoelen, Atractylodes & Areca            12.50
DDW        Die Di Wan                            Trauma Pill                           
DCT        Ding Chuan Tang                       Ma Huang & Ginko Formula                13.50
DXW        Ding Xian Wan                         Gastrodia & Succimum Formula            30.00
DHJST      Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang                  Du Huo & Vaccinum Formula              19.00
DSS        Dun Sou San                           Morus & Platycodon Formula              13.50
ECT        Er Chen Tang                          Citrus & Pinellia Formula              14.00
EXT        Er Xian Tang                          Curculigo & Epimedium Formula          21.00
EZW        Er Zhi Wan                            Ligustrum & Eclipta Formula             13.50
EZT        Er Zhu Tang                           Atractylodes & Arisaema Formula         13.50
FFTSS      Fang Feng Tong Sheng San              Siler & Platycodon Formula             13.50
FJHQT      Fang Ji Huang Qi Tang                 Stephania & Astragalus Formula          15.50
FXT        Fen Xiao Tang                         Hoelen & Alisma Formula                 15.00
FLY        Fu Ling Yin                           Hoelen Formula                          15.50
FDT        Fu Tu Dan                             Hoelen & Cuscuta Formula                13.00
FYHXT      Fu Yuan Huo Xue Tang                  Dang Gui & Persica Formula              18.00
FZLZT      Fu Zi Li Zhong Tang                   Aconite, Ginseng & Ginger Formula       16.00
GCXXT      Gan Cao Xie Xin Tang                  Pinellia &Licorice Formula              17.25
GLXDD      Gan Lu Xiao Du Dan                    Forsythia & Acorus Formula              13.50
GLY        Gan Lu Yin                            Sweet Formula                           11.25
GMDZT      Gan Mai Da Zao Tang                   Licorice & Jujube Formula              11.25
GML        Gan Mao Ling                          Cold Effective Remedy                 
GGHLHQT    Ge Gen Huang Lian Huang Qin Tang      Pueraria, Coptis & Scute Formula        15.50
GGT        Ge Gen Tang                           Pueraria Formula                       11.25
GHJCS      Ge Hua Jie Cheng San                  Pueraria Flower Formula                 15.00
GXZYT      Ge Xia Zhu Yu Tang                    Dang Gui & Corydalis Formula           15.00
GTS        Gou Teng Yin                          Gambir Formula                          12.50
GPT        Gui Pi Tang                           Ginseng & Longan Formula               18.00
GQJZT      Gui Qi Jian Zhong Tang                 Dang Gui & Astragalus Formula              15.50
GZFLW      Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan                    Cinnamon & Hoelen Formula                 12.25
GZJLMT     Gui Zhi Jia Long Mu Tang               Cinnamon & Dragon Bone Formula             11.50
GZJSYT     Gui Zhi Jia Shao Yao Tang              Cinnamon & Peony Formula                  11.75
GZMHGBT    Gui Zhi Ma Huang Ge Ban Tang           Cinnamon & Ma Huang Formula                12.50
GZRST      Gui Zhi Ren Shen Tang                  Cinnamon & Ginseng Formula                 16.75
GZSYZMT    Gui Zhi Shao Yao Zhi Mu Tang           Cinnamon & Anemarrhena Formula             16.00
GZT        Gui Zhi Tang                           Cinnamon Formula                          11.25
GQY        Guo Qi Yin                             Cyperus & Carthamus                        17.00
HPQWT      Hou Po Qi Wu Tang                      Magnolia Seven Formula                     14.25
HPWZT      Hou Po Wen Zhong Tang                  Magnolia & Saussurea Formula               13.00
HQT        Hu Qian Tang                           Phellodrendon & Terrapin Formula           17.50
HGS        Hua Gai San                            Ma Huang & Morus Formula                   11.25
HHS        Huai Hua San                           Sophora Flower Formula                     11.75
HSD        Huan Shao Dan                          Lycii Formula                              19.50
HLJDT      Huang Lian Jie Du Tang                 Coptis & Scute Formula                    19.50
HLSQW      Huang Lian Shang Qing Wan              Coptis, Phellodendron & Mint               15.50
HLT        Huang Lian Tang                        Coptis Formula                             19.00
HQJZT      Huang Qi Jian Zhong Tang               Astragalus Formula                        16.25
HQWWT      Huang Qi Wu Wu Tang                    Astragalus & Cinnamon 5 Formula            18.00
HQT        Huang Qin Tang                         Scute & Licorice Formula                   14.00
HXZQT      Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San                 Agastache Formula                         12.50
JMS        Ji Ming San                            Areca Seed & Quince Formula                12.50
JSSQW      Ji Sheng Shen Qi Wan                   Cyathula & Plantago Formula                15.50
JWBZS      Jia Wei Ba Zheng San                   Dianthus Plus Formula                      11.50
JWPWS      Jia Wei Ping Wei San                   Magnolia & Ginger Modified Formula         11.50
JWXYS      Jia Wei Xiao Yao San                   Bupleurum & Peony Formula                 17.25
JLT        Jian Ling Tang                         Dioscoria & Achyranthis Formula            20.75
JGT        Jie Geng Tang                          Platycodon Formula                         11.50
JFCS       Jin Fei Cao San                        Schizonepeta & Pinellia                    15.50
JGSQW      Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan                    Kidney Qi Pill from the Golden Cabinet   
JJFEW      Jin Jian Fei Er Wan                    Ginseng & Hoelen Formula                   16.75
JSGJW      Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan                    Lotus Stamen Formula                      14.25
JFBDS      Jing Fang Bai Du San                   Schizonepeta & Siler Formula              15.00
JJLQT      Jing Jie Lian Qiao Tang                Schizonepeta & Forsythia Formula           16.25
JWBLJWFT   Jiu Wei Bing Lang Jia Wu Fu Tang       Areca Seed Formula                         11.75
JWQHT      Jiu Wei Qiang Huo Tang                 Notoptergium Nine Herb Formula             13.50
JHW        Ju He Wan                              Citrus Seed Formula                        15.50
JPZRT      Ju Pi Zhu Ru Tang                      Aurantium & Bamboo Formula                 15.00
JBT        Juan Bi Tang                           Notoptergium & Turmeric Formula           19.50
LZT        Li Zhong Tang                          Ginseng & Ginger Formula                   15.50
LGS        Liang Ge San                           Forsythia & Rhubarb Formula                11.25
LGS-DH     Liang Ge San (w/o Da Huang             Forsythia & Rhubarb w/o Da Huang           12.25
LGJWXXT    Ling Gan Jiang Wei Xin Xia Ren Tan     Hoelen & Schizandra Formula                15.00
LGZGT      Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang                  Hoelen & Atractylodes Formula              13.75
LHT        Liu He Tang                            Cardamom Formula                           13.50
LJZT       Liu Jun Zi Tang                        Major Six Herb Formula                    15.50
LWDHW      Liu Wei Di Huang Wan                   Rehmania Six Formula                      14.50
LWGJW      Liu Wei Gu Jing Wan                    Rehmania Six & Stamen Formula              15.00
LDXGT      Long Dan Xie Gan Tang                  Gentiana Formula                          17.00
MHFZXXT    Ma Huang Fu Zi Xi Xin Tang             Ma Huang & Asarum Formula                  19.50
MHT        Ma Huang Tang                          Ma Huang Formula                          11.25
MXGST      Ma Xing Gan Shi Tang                   Ma Huang & Apricot Seed Formula           11.75
MXYGT      Ma Xing Yi Gan Tang                    Ma Huang & Coix Formula                    11.25
MZRW       Ma Zi Ren Wan                          Apricot Seed & Linum Formula              15.00
MMDT       Mai Men Dong Tang                      Ophiopogon Formula                        13.50
MMDHW      Ming Mu Di Huang Wan                   Improve Vision Pill with Rehmannia       
MFJT       Mu Fang Ji Tang                        Stephania & Ginseng Formula                15.00
MXBLW      Mu Xiang Bing Lang Wan                 Saussurea & Areca Seed Formula             13.00
NSW        Ning Sou Wan                           Fritillaria & Platycodon Formula           11.75
NKBZRW     Nu Ke Bai Zi Ren Wan                   Biota & Cyathula Formula                   12.25
PNS        Pai Nong San                           Platycodon & Chih-Shih Formula             11.50

PWS       Ping Wei San                       Magnolia & Ginger Formula            11.25
PJXDY     Pu Ji Xiao Du Yin                  Scute & Cimicifuga Formula            19.50
QBMRW     Qi Bao Mei Ran Wan                 Seven Treasures Formula               19.50
QHTW      Qi Hua Tan Wan                     Pinellia & Scutellaria               15.50
QJDHW     Qi Ju Di Huang Wan                 Lycii, Chrysanthemum & Rehmania      16.75
QPW       Qi Pi Wan                          Lotus & Citrus Formula                14.25
QJNTS     Qian Jin Nei Tuo San               Astragalus & Platycodon Formula       20.00
QHSST     Qiang Huo Sheng Shi Tang           Notoptergium & Du Huo Formula         13.50
QJBJS     Qin Jiao Bei Jia San               Gentiana & Tortoise Shell Formula     17.25
QBT       Qing Bi Tang                       Pueraria Nasal Formula                13.50
QFT       Qing Fei Tang                      Platycodon & Fritillaria Formula     14.00
QFY       Qing Fei Yin                       Platycodon & Apricot Seed Formula     13.50
QLY       Qing Liang Yin                     Scutellaria & Mint Formula            15.50
QSFFT     Qing Shang Fang Feng Tang          Siler Formula                         14.25
QSYQT     Qing Shu Yi Qi Tang                Astragalus & Atractylodes Formula     14.50
QWS       Qing Wei San                       Coptis & Rehmania Formula             15.50
QXLGT     Qing Xin Li Ge Tang                Articum Formula                       13.50
QXLZY     Qing Xin Lian Zi Yin               Lotus Seed Formula                    15.50
QZJFT     Qing Zao Jiu Fei Tang              Eriobotrya & Ophiopogon Formula       13.00
RSBDS     Ren Shen Bai Du San                Ginseng & Mint Formula               15.00
RSDSS     Ren Shen Dang Shao San             Ginseng & Dang Gui Formula            15.50
RSGJS     Ren Shen Ge Jie San                Ginseng & Gecko Formula              23.50
RSXFT     Ren Shen Xie Fei Tang              Ginseng & Scute Formula               12.50
RSYYT     Ren Shen Yang Ying Tang            Ginseng & Rehmania Formula           17.00
RCW       Run Chang Wan                      Linum & Rhubarb Formula              14.25
SBT       San Bi Tang                        Du Hu & Astragalus Formula           23.50
SHSGT     San Huang Shi Gao Tang             Gypsum, Coptis & Scute Formula        13.50
SHXXT     San Huang Xie Xin Tang             Coptis & Rhubarb Formula              18.00
QHBJT     Qing Hao Bie Jia Tang              Artemesia & Tortoise Formula          15.00
QQHTW     Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan                Resolve Phlegm Formula               15.50
SMS       San Miao San                       Atractylodes & Phellodendron         11.50
SRT       San Ren Tang                       Triple Nut Formula                    21.25
SWXRS     San Wu Xiang Ru San                Elsholtzia Three Formula              12.00
SZKJ      San Zhong Kui Jian Tang            Forsythia & Laminaria Formula         16.75
SJY       Sang Ju Yin                        Morus & Chrysanthemum Formula        11.25
SPXS      Sang Piao Xiao San                 Mantis Formula                       19.00
SZXTYTF   Shang Zhong Xia Tong Yong Tong     Cinnamon & Angelica Formula           14.00
          Feng Wan
SFZYT     Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang                Fennel & Corydalis Formula           15.50
SYGCT     Shao Yao Gan Cao Tang              Peony & Licorice Formula              11.25
SYT       Shao Yao Tang                      Peony Formula                         16.00
SGMHT     She Gan Ma Huang Tang              Belamcanda & Ma Huang Formula         16.75
SLBZS     Shen Ling Bai Zhu San              Ginseng & Atractylodes Formula       14.00
SMT       Shen Mi Tang                       Ma Huang & Magnolia Formula           13.50
SSY       Shen Su Yin                        Ginseng & Perilla Formula             12.50
STZYT     Shen Tong Zhu Yu Tang              Cnidium Notoptergium Formula         15.50
SZT       Shen Zhuo Tang                     Hoelen, Atractylodes & Ginger         13.50
SHT       Sheng Hua Tang                     Dang Gui & Ginger Formula             18.50
SJXXT     Sheng Jiang Xie Xin Tang           Pinellia & Ginger Formula             21.00
SMGGT     Sheng Ma Ge Gen Tang               Cimicifuga & Pueraria Formula         11.25
SMS       Sheng Mai San                      Restore the Pulse Powder             16.75
SYSHT     Sheng Yang San Huo Tang            Bupleurum & Ginseng Formula           18.00
SYT       Sheng Yu Tang                      Dang Gui Four Formula                 19.50
SLWLQW    Shi Liu Wei Liu Qi Yin             Dang Gui Sixteen Formula              16.00
SQDBT     Shi Quan Da Bu Tang                Ginseng & Dang Gui Ten Formula       18.50
SST       Shi Shen Tang                      Ma Huang & Cimifuga Formula           11.25
SWBDT     Shi Wei Bai Du Tang                Bupleurum & Schizonepeta Formula     15.50
SWXRY     Shi Wei Xiang Ru Yin               Elsholtzia Ten Formula                14.00
SYWWDT    Shi Yi Wei Wen Dan Tang            Eleven Ingredient Decoction         
SGT       Shu Gan Tang                       Bupleurum & Evodia Formula           19.00
SJHXT     Shu Jing Huo Xue Tang              Clematis & Stephania Formula          15.50
SJTSS     Shuang Jie Tong Sheng San          Siler & Platycodon w/o Rhubarb        14.50

SJZT      Si Jun Zi Tang                      Major Four Herb Formula                     16.25
SNS       Si Ni San                           Bupleurum & Chih-Shih Formula               14.50
SNT       Si Ni Tang                          Aconite, Ginger & Licorice Formula           15.50
SSW       Si Sheng Wan                        Rehmania Four Formula                        11.75
SWT       Si Wu Tang                          Dang Gui Four Formula                       17.25
SZJQT     Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang                 Perilla Fruit Formula                       14.00
SZRT      Suan Zao Ren Tang                   Zizyphus Formula                             15.00
SQW       Suo Quan Wan                        Shut the Sluice Formula                    
THSWT     Tao Hong Si Wu Tang                 Dang Gui Four, Persica & Carthamus          15.00
TRCQT     Tao Ren Cheng Qi Tang               Persica & Rhubarb Formula                    11.25
TMGTY     Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin                Gastrodia & Uncaria Formula                 24.50
TWBXD     Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan                Ginseng & Ziziphus Formula                  18.00
TWCQT     Tiao Wei Cheng Qi Tang              Rhubarb & Mirabilite Formula                 11.50
TX        Tong Xie                            Formula for Diarrhea                       
TLXDY     Tuo Li Xiao Du Yin                  Gleditsia Formula                            19.50
WDT       Wan Dai Tang                        Atractylodes & Dioscoria Formula             16.00
WLT       Wei Ling Tang                       Magnolia & Hoelen Combination                14.50
WDT       Wen Dan Tang                        Hoelen & Bamboo Formula                     14.00
WJT       Wen Jing Tang                       Dang Gui & Evodia Formula                    17.25
WQT       Wen Qing Yin                        Dang Gui & Gardenia Formula                 16.75
WJS       Wu Ji San                           Dang Gui & Magnolia Five Formula             13.50
WJYT      Wu Ju Yu Tang                       EvodiDecoction                             
WLS       Wu Lin San                          Gardenia & Hoelen Formula                    14.25
WLINGS    Wu Ling San                         Hoelen Five Formula                          16.75
WMW       Wu Mei Wan                          Mume Formula                                23.50
WPY       Wu Pi Yin                           Hoelen & Areca Formula                       11.25
WWXDY     Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin                  Dandelion & Wild Chrysanthemum              21.75
WYSQT     Wu Yao Shun Qi San                  Lindera Formula                              13.00
WZYT      Wu Zhu Yu Tang                      Evodia Formula                               19.50
WZYZW     Wu Zi Yan Zhong Wan                 Five Seed Formula                            15.00
XGMMS     Xi Gan Ming Mu San                  Gardenia & Vitex Formula                     15.50
XRY       Xiang Ru Ying                       Elsholtzia Formula                           13.00
XSLJZT    Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang           Saussurea & Cardamon Formula                15.50
XSPWS     Xiang Sha Ping Wei San              Cyperus, Cardamon & Atractylodes            11.50
XSYWT     Xiang Sha Yang Wei Tang             Cyperus & Cluster Formula                    15.50
XSPDS     Xiang Sheng Po Di San               Gasping Formula                              12.25
XSS       Xiang Su San                        Cyperus & Perilla Formula                    11.25
XBXJFLT   Xiao Ban Xia Jia Fu Ling Tang       Minor Pinellia & Hoelen Formula              16.75
XCHT      Xiao Chai Hu Tang                   Minor Bupleurum Formula                     17.25
XCHT-RS   Xiao Chai Hu Tang w/o Ginseng       Minor Bupleurum w/o Ginseng                  15.50
XCQT      Xiao Cheng Qi Tang                  Minor Rhubarb Formula                        11.50
XFS       Xiao Feng San                       Dang Gui & Articum Formula                   14.25
XFZYT     Xiao Fu Zhu Yu Tang                                                            
XJZT      Xiao Jian Zhong Tang                Minor Cinnamon & Peony Formula               11.75
XLW       Xiao Luo Wan                        Scrophularia & Fritillaria Formula           14.50
XQLT      Xiao Qing Long Tang       Minor     Blue Dragon Formula                         14.00
XXXT      Xiao Xian Xiong Tang                Minor Trichosanthes Formula                 22.25
XXMT      Xiao Xu Ming Tang                   Ma Huang & Peony Formula                     13.50
XYS       Xiao Yao San                        Dang Gui & Bupleurum Formula                16.75
XBS       Xie Bai San                         Morus & Lycii Formula                       11.25
XHS       Xie Huang San                       Siler & Licorice Formula                     13.50
XYQFS     Xin Yi Qing Fei Yin                 Magnolia & Gypsum Formula                   15.00
XYS       Xin Yi San                          Magnolia Flower Formula                     16.00
XSY       Xing Su Yin                         Apricot Seed & Perilla Formula              11.75
XSY-PED   Xing Su Yin (Pediatric)             Apricot Seed & Perilla-Pediatric             13.55
XGJAT     Xiong Gui Jiao Ai Tang              Dang Gui & Gelatin Formula                   15.00
XGTXY     Xiong Gui Tiao Xue Yin              Cnidium & Rehmannia Formula                  15.50
XMT       Xu Ming Tang                        Ma Huang & Ginseng Formula                   13.75
XFDZT     Xuan Fu Dai Zhe Tang                Inula & Haematite Decoction                
YYQFT     Yang Yin Qing Fei Tang              Nourish the Yin & Clear the Lungs Decoc-   
YGJ       Yi Guan Jian                        Linking Decoction                          
YQS          Yin Qiao San                          Honeysuckle & Forsythia                          
YGW          You Gui Wan                           Restore the Right                                
YGY          You Gui Yin                           Restore the Right (Kidney) Decoction             
YPFS         Yu Ping Feng San                      Jade Windscreen                                  
ZGCT         Zhi Gan Cao Tang                      Honey-Fried Licorice Decoction                   
ZGL          Zhong Gan Ling                        Valuable Cold Efficacious Remedy                 
ZLT          Zhu Ling Tang                         Polyporus Decoction                              
ZJW          Zuo Jin Wan                           Left Metal Pill                                  
ZGW          Zuo Gui Wan                           Restore the Left (Kidney) Decoction              
ZBDHW        Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan                  Anemarrhenae, Phellendri & Rehmannia             
ZSS          Zhi Sou San                           Stop Coughing Powder                             

Single Herbs
The following are the herbs we offer in Raw Liquid Extract and powdered concentrates. Call China Herb Co for
further details.

RAW--The average price per gram is 5 cents; a one-week supply is approximately $15.00. We also sell raw
herbs by the pound.

LIQUID EXTRACT--Most of these herbs are available in liquid form at $4.50 per ounce. Minerals and jiaos are
not available in liquid.

code           Pin Yin                                 Botanical name                 per lb   per 100 gms
R-EJ           A Jiao                     Gelatinum Asini                      18.00
L-AY           Ai Ye                      Follum Artimisiae                    3.50             
L-BJT          Ba Ji Tian (BA Ji)         Radix Morindae Officinalis           8.00             
L-BBU          Bai Bu (Bai Bu Gen)        Radix Stemonae                       4.00             
L-BDK          Bai Dou Kou                Fructus Amomi Cardamomi              12.00            
R-BFZ          Bai Fu Zi                  Rhizoma Aconiti Coreani              6.00
               Bai Guo (Yin Guo)          Semen Ginkgo Biloba                  16.00            
L-BH           Bai He                     Bulbus Lilli                         5.50             
L-BHSSC        Bai Hua She She Cao        Herba Oldenlandia Diffusae           3.50             

               Bai Ji                     Rhizoma Bletilla Striatae            6.00
L-BJL          Bai Ji Li                  Fructus Tribuli Terrestris           3.50             
L-BJCAO        Bai Jiang Cao              Herba Baijiangcao; Herba Thiaspi     3.50             

L-BJZ          Bai Jie Zi                 Semen Sinapis Albae                  3.00             
R-BJH          Bai Ju Hua (Ju Hua)        Flos Chrysanthemi Morifolii          8.00
L-BMG          Bai Mao Gen                Rhizoma Imperatae Cylindricae        3.50             
L-BQ           Bai Qian                   Radix et Rhizoma Cynanchi Staunto-   4.00             
L-BME          Bai Mu Er                  Auricularia Fructificatio            12.00            
L-BS           Bai Shao (Bai Shao Yao)    Radix Paeonaie Lactiflorae           5.00             
L-BTW          Bai Tou Weng               Radix Pulsatillae Chinensis          4.00             
L-BW           Bai Wei                    Radix Cynanchi Atrati                4.00             
L-BXP          Bai Xian Pi                Radix Et Cortex Dictamni Dasycarpi   4.50             
L-BZHI         Bai Zhi                    Radix Angelicae Dahuricae            5.00             
L-BZHU         Bai Zhu                    Rhizoma Atractylodes Macrocepha-     8.00             
L-BZR          Bai Zi Ren                 Semen Biotae Orientalis              8.00             
L-BBL          Ban Bian Lian              Herba et Radix Lobeliae Chinensis    4.00             
L-BLG          Ban Lan Gen                Radix Isatidis seu Baphicacanthi     3.50             
L-BXIA         Ban Xia (Fa Ban Xia)       Rhizoma Pinelliae Ternatae           4.00             
L-BZL          Ban Zhi Lian               Herba Scutellaria Barbate            4.00             
L-BEIX         Bei Xie (Bi Xie)           Rhizoma Beixie, Dioscorea Tokor      4.00             
R-BB           Bi Bo (Bi Ba) (Bi Bu)      Fructus Piperis Longi                5.00             

L-BD      Bian Dou (Bai Bian Dou)    Semen Dolichoris Labab               3.50          
L-BXU     Bian Xu (Bian Xu Cao)      Herba Polygoni Avicularis            4.00          
L-BJ      Bie Jia (Shen Bie Jia)     Carapax Amydae Sinensis              18.00         
L-BL      Bing Lang                  Semen Arecae Catechu                 8.00          
R-BP      Bing Pian                  Borneol                              14.00
L-BOH     Bo He                      Herba Menthae                        4.00          
L-BGZ     Bu Gu Zhi                  Fructus et Semen Psoraleae           3.00          
          Can Sha                    Excrementum Bombycis Mori            3.00
L-CEZ     Cang Er Zi                 Fructus Xanthii                      2.25          
L-CZ      Cang Zhu                   Rhizoma Atractylodis                 3.50          
R-CDK     Cao Dou Kou                Semen Alpiniae Katsumadai            4.00
R-CG      Cao Guo                    Fructus Amomi Tsao-ko                6.00
L-CBY     Ce Bai Ye                  Cacumen Biotae Orientalis            3.50          
L-CH      Chai Hu                    Radix Bupleuri                       9.00          
L-CT      Chan Tui (Chan Yi)         Periostracum Cicadae                 16.00         
L-CQZ     Che Qian Zi                Semen Plantaginis                    3.00          
L-CPI     Chen Pi                    Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae        8.00          
R-CXIA    Chen Xiang                 Lignum Aquilariae                    26.00
R-CFL     Chi Fu Ling                Poria Cocos Sclerotium (Red)         7.50
L-CS      Chi Shao (Chi Shao Yao)    Radix Paeonia Lactiflorae Rubrum     4.00          
R-CSZ     Chi Shi Zhi                Halloysitum Rubrum                   3.00
R-CXD     Chi Xiao Dou               Semen Phaseoli Calcarati             3.00
L-CWZ     Chong Wei Zi               Herba Leonuri Heterophyili           5.50          
R-CWT     Chou Wu Tong               Folium Clerodendri Trichomi          6.00
R-CBM     Chuan Bei Mu               Bulbus Fritillaria Cirrhosae         50.00         
L-CLZ     Chuan Lian Zi              Fructus Meliae Toosendan             3.50          
L-CXL     Chuan Xin Lian             Herba Andrographis Paniculatae       3.50          
L-CXIO    Chuan Xiong                Radix Ligustici Wallichii            8.00          
P-CS      Ci Shi                     Magnetitum                           5.00
R-DFZI    Da Feng Zi                 Semen Hydnocarpi                     4.00
L-DFP     Da Fu Pi                   Pericarpium Arecae Catechu           8.00          
L-DAH     Da Huang                   Rhizoma Rhei                         5.00          
L-DJ      Da Ji                      Herba Cirsii Japonici                9.50          
L-DQY     Da Qing Ye                 Folium Isatis                        3.50          
R-DXJ     Da Xiao Ji                 Herba Cephalanoplos Segeti           6.00
R-DXT     Da Xue Teng                Caulis Sargentodoxae                 5.50
R-DZS     Dai Zhe Shi                Haematitum                           3.00
L-DDC     Dan Dou Chi                Semen Sojae Praeparatum              3.50          
L-DS      Dan Shen                   Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae          5.00          
L-DZY     Dan Zhu Ye                 Herba Lophatheri Gracilis            3.50          
L-DG      Dang Gui (hi grade)        Radix Angelicae Sinensis             11.50         
L-DANGS   Dang Shen                  Radix Codonopsis Pilosulae           14.00         
R-DXC     Deng Xin Cao               Medulla Junci Effusi                 8.00
L-DFZ     Di Fu Zi                   Fructus et Semen Kochiae Scopariae   3.00          
L-DGP     Di Gu Pi                   Cortex Lycii Chinensis Radicis       3.00          
L-DLG     Di Long (Di Long Gan)      Lumbricus                            8.00          
L-DY      Di Yu                      Radix Sanguisorbae Officinalis       3.00
R-DX      Ding Xiang                 Flos Caryophylli                     4.00
R-DCXC    Dong Chong Xia Cao         Cordyceps                            50.00 liang
R-DGR     Dong Gua Ren               Semen Benincasae Hispidae            3.50
L-DKZ     Dong Kui Zi                Semen Abutioioni seu Malvae          2.50          
L-DUH     Du Huo                     Radix Duhuo (Radix Angelicae Tu-     4.00          
L-DUZ     Du Zhong                   Cortex Eucommiae Ulmoldis            12.00         
L-EZHU    E Zhu                      Rhizoma Curcuma Zedoariae            4.00          
R-FXY     Fan Xie Ye                 Folium Sennae                        3.00
L-FF      Fang Feng                  Radix Ledebouriellae Sesioidis       7.50          
L-LFF     Feng Fang (Lu Feng Fang)   Nidus Vespae                         9.00
R-FSHOU   Fo Shou                    Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis          9.00
R-FHS     Fu Hai Shi                 Pumex Os Madreporariae               3.00
L-FL      Fu Ling (Bai Fu Ling)      Sclerotium Poriae Cocos              5.00          
R-FLP     Fu Ling Pi                 Cortex Poriae Cocos                  7.00
R-FLG     Fu Long Gan(Zao Xin Tu)    Terra Flava Usta                     9.00
L-FPZ      Fu Pen Zi                   Fructus Rubi Chinensis                  6.00        
L-FUS      Fu Shen (Bao Mu)            Sclerotium Poriae Cocos Pararadicis     10.00       
L-FXM      Fu Xiao Mai                 Semen (Fructus) Tritici Aestivi Levis   5.00        
L-FZ       Fu Zi                       Radix Aconiti Carmichaeli Preparata     6.00        
L-GC       Gan Cao                     Radix Glycyrrhizae Uralensis            8.00        
L-GANJ     Gan Jiang                   Rhizoma Zingiberis Exsiccatae           5.00        
R-GSX      Gan Song Xiang              Rhizoma et Radix Nardostanchydis        6.50
           Gan Sui                     Radix Euphorbiae Kansui                 22.00
L-GBEN     Gao Ben                     Rhizoma et Radix Ligustici Sinensis     6.00        
R-GLJ      Gao Liang Jiang             Rhizoma Alpiniae Officinari             6.00
L-GG       Ge Gen                      Radix Puerariae                         4.00        
R-GEJ      Ge Jie                      Gecko                                   16.00pair   
L-GJI      Gou Ji                      Rhizoma Cibotii Barometz                4.00        
L-GQZ      Gou Qi Zi                   Fructus Lycil Chinensis                 7.00        
L-GT       Gou Teng                    Ramulus Uncariae Cum Uncis              3.50        
L-GSB      Gu Sui Bu                   Rhizoma Drynariae                       4.00        
L-GY       Gu Ya                       Fructus Oryzae Sativae                  4.00        
L-GL       Gua Lou                     Fructus Trichosanthis                   7.50        
L-GLP      Gua Lou Pi                  Pericarpium Trichosanthis               8.00        
L-GLR      Gua Lou Ren                 Semen Trichosanthis                     5.00        
L-GBAN     Gui Ban                     Plastrum (Carapax) Testudinis           18.00       
R-GBJ      Gui Ban Jiao                Gelatinum Plastri Testudinis            50.00box    
L-GZ       Gui Zhi                     Ramulus Cinnamomi Cassiae               2.50        
L-HAIZAO   Hai Zao                     Herba Sargassli                         7.00        
L-HD       Hai Dai                     Herba Zosterae Marinae                  7.00
L-HFT      Hai Feng Teng               Caulis Piperis Kadsurae                 4.00        
R-HGK      Hai Ge Ke                   Concha Cyclinae Sinensis                4.00
L-HJS      Hai Jin Sha                 Spora Lygodii Japonici                  9.00
L-HPXI     Hai Piao Xiao (Wu Zei Gu)   Os Sepiae seu Sepieliae                 5.00
L-HTTP     Hai Tong Pi                 Cortex Erythrinae seu Kalopanacis       5.50
L-HFG      Han Fang Ji                 Radix Stephaniae Tetrandrae             5.00        
L-HLC      Han Lian Cao                Herba Ecliptae Prostratae               3.00        
L-HHP      He Huan Pi                  Cortex Albizziae Julibrissin            3.50        
L-HSW      He Shou Wu                  Radix Polygoni Multifiori               5.00        
L-HEYE     He Ye                       Folium Nelumbinis Nuciferae             4.00
L-HEZ      He Zi                       Fructus Terminaliae Chebulae            3.50        
L-HZM      Hei Zhi Ma (Hu Ma Ren)      Semen Sesami Indici                     5.00        
L-HONGH    Hong Hua                    Flos Carthami Tinctorii                 11.00       
R-HT       Hong Teng                   Caulis Sargentodoxae Cuneatae           4.00
L-DZ       Hong Zao (Red)              Fructus Zizyphi Jujubae                 4.00        
L-HPO      Hou Po                      Cortex Magnoliae Officinalis            6.00        
R-HLB      Hu Lu Ba                    Semen Trigoneliae Foenum-Graeci         5.00
           Hu Ma Zi                    Semen Linum                             4.00
R-HUPO     Hu Po                       Succinum                                8.00
L-HUZ      Hu Zhang
R-HJIAO    Hua Jiao (Chuan Jiao)       Fructus Zanthoxyli Bungeani             4.00
R-HS       Hua Shi                     Talcum                                  2.00
R-HHM      Huai Hua (Huai Hua Mi)      Flos Sophorae Japonicae Immaturu        6.00        
L-HB       Huang Bai (Huang Bo)        Cortex Pheliodendri Amurense            5.00        
L-HJ       Huang Jing                  Rhizoma Polygonati                      5.00        
L-HL       Huang Lian                  Rhizoma Coptidis                        12.00       
L-HQ       Huang Qi                    Radix Astragali                         10.00       
L-HQIN     Huang Qin                   Radix Scutellariae Baicalensis          6.00        
R-HYZ      Huang Yao Zi                Tuber Dioscorea Bulbiferae              10.00
L-HX       Huo Xiang                   Herba Agastaches seu Pogostemi          3.00        
R-JGX      Ji Gu Xiang                 Croton Crassifolius                     5.00
L-JNJ      Ji Nei Jin                  Endothelium Corneum Gigeraiae           26.00       
L-JXT      Ji Xue Teng                 Radix et Caulis Jixueteng               3.00        
L-JCAN     Jiang Can (Bai Jiang Can)   Bombyx Batryticatus                     9.00        
L-JHUANG   Jiang Huang                 Rhizoma Curcuma                         5.00        
L-JG       Jie Geng                    Radix Platycodi Grandifiori             6.00        

L-JQC     Jin Qian Cao               Herba Jinqiancao, Desmodium           4.00         
L-JYH     Jin Yin Hua (High Grade)   Flos Lonicerae Japonicae              9.00         
L-JYZ     Jin Ying Zi                Fructus Rosae Laevigatae              3.00         
L-JJ      Jing Jie (Jing Jie Sui)    Herba seu Flos Schizonepetae          4.00         
R-JZ      Jiu Zi                     Semen Allii Tuberosi                  4.00
R-JBY     Ju Bi Ying                 Radix Ilex                            4.00
L-JHE     Ju He                      Semen Citri Reticulatae               9.00
L-JUH     Ju Hua                     Flos Chrysanthemi Morifolii           6.00         
L-JMZ     Jue Ming Zi                Semen Cassiae Torae                   3.00         
L-KS      Ku Shen                    Radix Sophorae Flavescentis           3.00         
L-KDH     Kuan Dong Hua              Flos Tussilagi Farfarae               13.00        
R-KJT     Kuan Jin Teng              Ramus Tinosporae Sinensis             3.50
L-KB      Kun Bu                     Thallus Algae                         4.00         
L-LFZ     Lai Fu Zi                  Semen Raphani Sativi                  3.00         
          Li Lu                      Radix et Rhizoma Veratri              6.00
R-LZH     Li Zhe He                  Semen Litchi Chinensis                7.00
L-LQ      Lian Qiao                  Fructus Forsythiae Suspensae          3.00         
R-LXU     Lian Xu                    Stamen Nelumbinis Nuciferae           8.00
R-LZI     Lian Zi (Bai Lian Zi)      Semen Nelumbinis Nuciferae            8.00         
L-LZX     Lian Zi Xin (Lian Xin)     Plumula Nelumbinis Nuciferae          4.00         
L-LZC     Ling Zhi Cao               Ganoderma                             20.00        
R-LH      Liu Huang                  Sulphur                               4.00
R-LJN     Liu Ji Nu                  Herba Artemisiae Anomalae             5.00
R-LC      Long Chi                   Dens Draconis                         14.00
L-LDC     Long Dan Cao               Radix Gentianae Scabrae               11.00        
L-LGU     Long Gu                    Os Draconis                           3.00         
L-LYR     Long Yan Rou (Gui Yuan)    Arillus Euphoriae Longanae            30.00        
R-LD      Lu Dou                     Semen Phaseoli Radiati                4.00
L-LUG     Lu Gen                     Rhizoma Phragmitis Communis           4.00         
R-LUHUI   Lu Hui                     Herba Aloes                           8.00
L-LJJ     Lu Jiao Jiao               Cervi Colla Cornus                    50.00
L-LLT     Lu Lu Tong                 Fructus Liquidambars                  3.50
R-LR      Lu Rong                    Cornu Cervi Parvum                    70.00liang
R-LHG     Luo Han Guo                Fructus Momordicae Grosvenori         17.00
R-LST     Luo Shi Teng               Caulis Trachelospermi Jasminoidis     4.00
R-MBC     Ma Bian Cao                Herba Verbenea                        4.50
R-MB      Ma Bo                      Fructificatio Lasiosphaerae           26.00
R-MCX     Ma Chi Xian                Herba Portulacae Oleraceae            4.00
R-MDL     Ma Dou Ling                Fructus Aristolochiae                 8.00
L-MH      Ma Huang                   Herba Ephedrae                        4.00         
L-MHG     Ma Huang Gen               Radix Ephedrae                        4.00         
R-MQZ     Ma Qian Zi (treated)       Semen Strychnotis Nux Vomicae         14.00
L-MMD     Mai Men Dong               Radix/Tuber Ophiopogonis Japonici     7.00         
L-MYA     Mai Ya                     Fructus Hordei Vulgaris Germinantus   4.00         
L-MJZ     Man Jing Zi                Fructus Viticis                       5.00         
R-MXIAO   Mang Ziao (Po Xiao)        Mirabilitum (Depuratum)               4.00
L-MGH     Mei Gui Hua                Flos Rosae Rugosae                    22.00        
R-MS      Meng Shi (Qing Meng Shi)   Lapis Micae seu Chloriti              3.00
L-MMH     Mi Meng Hua                Flos Buddieiae Officinalis            5.00         
R-MF      Ming Fan (Bai Fan)         Alum, Alumen                          2.00
L-MOY     Mo Yao                     Myrrha                                9.00         
L-MDP     Mu Dan Pi                  Cortex Moutan Radicis                 7.00         
L-MUG     Mu Gua (Chuan Mu Gua)      Fructus Chaenomelis Lagenariae        5.00         
L-MHD     Mu Hu Die                  Semen Oroxyli Indici                  4.00         
L-MULID   Mu Li (Duan)               Concha Ostreae (cooked/calcined)      4.00
R-MLS     Mu Li (Sheng)              Concha Ostreae (raw)                  4.00         
L-MT      Mu Tong                    Caulis Mutong (Caulis Akebiae)        4.00         
L-MUX     Mu Xiang                   Radix Saussureae seu Vladimiriae      10.00        
R-MZ      Mu Zei                     Herba Equiseti Hiemalis               4.00         
          Nan Sha Shen               Radix Adenophorae                     8.00
L-NBZ     Niu Bang Zi                Fructus Arcti                         5.00         
L-NXC     Niu Xi (Chuan Niu Xi)      Radix Cyathulae                       9.00
LNX       Niu Xi (Huai Niu Xi)       Radix Achyranthis Bidentatae          7.00         
L-NZZ         Nu Zhen Zi                 Fructus Ligustri Lucidi                4.00    
L-OJ          Ou Jie                     Nodus Nelumbinus Nuciferae             3.00    
R-PDH         Pang Da Hai                Semen Sterculiae Scaphigerae           5.75
L-PJ          Pao Jiang (Hei Jiang)      Rhizoma Zinglberis Carbonata           12.00   
L-PL          Pei Lan                    Herba Eupatorii Fortunel               4.00    
R-PS          Peng Sha                   Borax                                  3.00
L-PPY         Pi Pa Ye                   Folium Eriobotryae                     3.00    
L-PGY         Pu Gong Ying               Herba Taraxaci Mongolici cum Ra-       4.00    
L-PH          Pu Huang                   Pollen Typhae                          6.00    
L-QCG         Qian Cao Gen (Qian Cao)    Radix Rubiae Cordifoliae               4.00    
L-QHU         Qian Hu                    Radix Peucedani                        6.00    
L-QNJ         Qian Nian Jian             Rhizoma Homelomenae Occulatae          5.00    
              Qian Niu Zi                Semen Pharbitidis                      6.25
L-QS          Qian Shi                   Semen Euryales Ferox                   6.00    
L-QHUO        Qiang Huo                  Rhizoma et Radix Notopterygli          8.00    
L-QJ          Qin Jiao                   Radix Gentianae Macrophyliae           12.00   
L-QINP        Qin Pi                     Cortex Fraxini                         4.00    
L-QD          Qing Dai                   Indigo Pulverata Levis                 18.00
L-QHAO        Qing Hao                   Herba Artemisiae Apiaceae              3.50    
L-QINGP       Qing Pi (Ching Pi)         Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae Viride   8.00    
L-QXZ         Qing Xiang Zi              Semen Celosiae Argenteae               4.00    
L-QM          Qu Mai                     Herba Dianthi                          4.00    
R-QX          Quan Xie                   Buthus Martensi                        55.00
L-RDT         Ren Dong Teng              Caulis Lonicerae                       4.00    
L-RS          Ren Shen                   Radix Ginseng Panax                    56.00   
              Ren Shen (white)           Radix Ginseng                          56.00
              Ren Shen Ye                Folium Ginseng                         24.00
L-RCR         Rou Cong Rong              Herba Cistanches                       10.00   
L-RDK         Rou Dou Kou                Semen Myristicae Fragranticis          8.00    
L-RG          Rou Gui                    Cortex Cinnamomi Cassiae               8.00    
L-RX          Ru Xiang                   Gummi Olibanum (Pistacia Lentiscus)    7.00    
L-SL          San Leng                   Rhizoma Sparganii Scirpus              5.00    
L-SBP         Sang Bai Pi                Cortex Mori Albae Radicis              4.00    
L-SJS         Sang Ji Sheng (Sha Yuan    Ramulus Loranthi seu Visci             3.00    
L-SPX         Sang Piao Xiao             Ootheca Mantidis                       10.00   
L-SANGS       Sang Shen (Sang Shen Zi)   Fructus Mori Albae                     5.00    
L-SYE         Sang Ye                    Folium Mori Albae                      3.00    
L-SZ          Sang Zhi                   Ramulus Mori Albae                     3.00    
L-SR          Sha Ren                    Fructus seu Semen et Pericarpium       22.00   
L-SS          Sha Shen (Bei Sha Shen)    Radix Glehniae Littoralis              6.00    
L-SYZ         Sha Yuan Zi                Semen Astragali                        6.00    
R-SDG         Shan Dou Gen               Radix Sophorae Subprostratae           4.00
R-SN          Shan Nai                   Rhizoma Kaempferia Galanga             10.00
L-SYAO        Shan Yao (Huai Shan)       Radix Dioscoreae Oppositae             7.00    
L-SZHA        Shan Zha                   Fructus Crataegi                       3.00    
L-SZY         Shan Zhu Yu (Shan Yu       Fructus Corni Officinalis              20.00   
L-SCZ         She Chuang Zi              Semen Cnidil Monnieri                  4.00    
L-SGAN        She Gan                    Rhizoma Belamcandae Chinensis          5.50    
R-ST          She Tui                    Periostracum Serpentis                 40.00
R-SJC         Shen Jin Cao               Herba et Radix Lycopodil               4.00
R-SQU         Shen Qu                    Massa Fermentata
L-L-SHENGDH   Sheng Di Huang             Radix Rehmanniae Glutinosae (raw)      4.00    
L-SJ          Sheng Jiang                Fresh Ginger
R-SJP         Sheng Jiang Pi             Cortex Zinglberis Officianalis         4.00
L-SMA         Sheng Ma                   Rhizoma Cimicifugae                    6.00    
L-CPU         Shi Chang Pu (Chang Pu)    Rhizoma Acori Graminel                 5.00    
L-SD          Shi Di Calyx               Diospyros Kaki                         4.00    
R-SGA         Shi Gao                    Gypsum/Calcium Sulfate                 2.00
L-SH          Shi Hu (True)              Herba Dendrobii                        14.00   

L-SJM     Shi Jue Ming (Sheng She    Concha Haliotidis                       4.00       
R-SJZ     Shi Jun Zi                 Fructus Quisqualis Indicae              5.00
R-SLP     Shi Liu Pi                 Percarplum Punicae Granati              4.00
R-SNT     Shi Nan Teng               Ramulus Photiniae Serrulatae            4.00
R-SSB     Shi Shang Bai              Herba Selagineliae Doederieinii         5.00
L-SWC     Shi Wei Cao                Folium Pyrrosiae                        4.00       
L-SHUDH   Shu Di Huang (Shu Di)      Radix Rehmanniae Perperata              4.00       
R-SYQ     Shu Yang Quan              Herba Solani Lyvata                     8.00
L-SGL     Si Gua Luo (Retinervus)    Fasciculus Vascularis                   6.00       
R-SJ      Song Jie                   Lignum Pini Nodi                        4.00
R-SMU     Su Mu                      Lignim Sappan                           4.00
L-SZR     Suan Zao Ren               Semen Ziziphi Spinosae                  9.00       
L-SYANG   Suo Yang                   Herba Cynomorii Songarici               4.00       
L-TZS     Tai Zi Shen (Hai Er Shen   Radix Pseudosteliariae                  8.00       
R-TX      Tan Xiang                  Lignum Santali Albi; Mastix             40.00
L-TR      Tao Ren                    Semen Persicae                          10.00      
L-THF     Tian Hua Fen               Radix Trichosanthis                     4.00       
L-TM      Tian Ma                    Rhizoma Gastrodiae Elatae               40.00      
L-TMD     Tian Men Dong              Radix/Tuber Asparagi Cochinchinen-      10.00      
L-TNX     Tian Nan Xing (Treated)    Rhizoma Arisaematis                     8.00       
L-TQ      Tian Qi (San Qi)           Radix Pseudoginseng                     70.00      
R-TZH     Tian Zhu Huang             Concretio Silicea Bambusae Textillis    14.00
L-TLZ     Ting Li Zi                 Semen Tinglizi Lepidii et Descurainia   3.00       
R-BTC     Tong Cao (Bai Tong Cao)    Medulia Tetrapanacis Papyriferi         16.00
R-TGC     Tou Gu Cao                 Herba Speranskiae                       4.00
R-TBC     Tu Bei Chong               Eupolyphagae seu Opisthoplatiae         9.00       
L-TFL     Tu Fu Ling                 Rhizoma Smilacis Glabrae                6.00       
R-TNX     Tu Niu Xi                  Radix Achyranthis Longifolia            6.00
R-TSZ     Tu Si Zi                   Semen Cuscutae                          7.00       
L-WALZ    Wa Leng Zi                 Concha Arcae                            4.00       
L-WBLX    Wang Bu Liu Xing           Semen Vaccariae Segetalis               4.00       
L-WLX     Wei Ling Xian              Radix Clematidis Chinensis              6.00       
          Wu Bei Zi                  Galia Rhi Chinensis                     12.00
R-WG      Wu Gong                    Scolopendra Subspinipes                 1.00each
L-WJP     Wu Jia Pi                  Cortex Acanthopanacis Radicis           3.00       
L-WLZ     Wu Ling Zhi                Excrementum Trogopterori seu Pte-       5.00       
L-WM      Wu Mei                     Fructus Pruni Mume                      4.00       
L-WWZ     Wu Wei Zi                  Fructus Schisandrae Chinensis           6.00       
L-WY      Wu YAo (Tai Wu)            Radix Lingerae Strychnifoliae           4.00       
L-WZY     Wu Zhu Yu                  Fructus Evodiae Rutaccarpae             8.00       
L-XXC     Xi Xian Cao                Herba Siegesbeckiae                     4.00       
L-XX      Xi Xin                     Herba Asari cum Radice                  10.00      
L-XYSH    Xi Yang Shen               Radix Panacis Quinquefolii              130.00     
L-XKC     Xia Ku Cao                 Spica Prunellae Vulgaris                6.00       
L-XHC     Xian He Cao                Herba Agrimoniae Pilosae                3.00       
L-XM      Xian Mao                   Rhizoma Curculiginis Orchioidis         5.00       
L-XF      Xiang Fu (Xiang Fu Zi)     Rhizoma Cyperi Rotundi                  4.00       
R-XRU     Xiang Ru                   Herba Eisholtziae Loeseneri             4.00
L-XHX     Xiao Hui Xiang             Fructus Foeniculi Vulgaris              5.00       
L-XB      Xie Bai                    Bulbus Ailii                            6.00       
L-XYH     Xin Yi Hua (Xin Yi)        Flos Magnoliae Liliflorae               12.00      
L-XR      Xing Ren                   Semen Pruni Armeniacae                  6.00       
R-XH      Xiong Huang                Realgar                                 6.00
L-XD      Xu Duan (Chuan Xu)         Radix Dipsaci                           5.00       
R-XFH     Xuan Fu Hua                Flos Inulae                             4.00
L-XS      Xuan Shen (Yuan Shen)      Radix Scrophulariae Ningpoensi          4.00       
R-XJ      Xue Jie                    Sanguis Draconis                        34.00
R-XYT     Xue Yu Tan                 Crinus Carbonisatus                     9.00
R-YDZ     Ya Dan Zi                  Fructus Bruceae Javanicae               6.00
R-YHS     Yan Hu Suo                 Rhizoma Corydalis Yanhusuo              10.00      

L-YJT     Ye Jiao Teng                 Caulis Polygoni Multiflori            4.00        
L-YJH     Ye Ju Hua                    Flos Chrysanthemi Indici              3.00        
L-YMC     Yi Mu Cao                    Herba Leonuri Heterophylli            4.00        
L-YYR     Yi Yi Ren                    Semen Colcis LAcryma-jobi (raw)       4.00        
L-YZR     Yi Zhi Ren                   Fructus Alpiniae Oxyphyliae           4.00        
L-YCHU    Yin Chai Hu                  Radix Stellariae Dichotomae           12.00       
L-YCHAO   Yin Chen Hao                 Herba Artemisiae Capillaris           4.00        
L-YYH     Yin Yang Huo (Xian Ling      Herba Epimedii                        5.00        
L-YJ      Yu Jin Tuber (Radix)         Curcumae Aromaticae                   8.00        
R-YLR     Yu Li Ren                    Semen Pruni                           5.00
R-YMX     Yu Mi Xu                     Stylus Zeae Mays                      4.00
R-YXC     Yu Xing Cao                  Herba Houttuyniae Cordatae            4.00        
L-YZHU    Yu Zhu                       Rhizoma Polygonati Odorati            8.00        
L-YZHI    Yuan Zhi                     Radix Polygalae Tenuifoliae           12.00       
L-YJH     Yue Ju Hua                   Flos et fructus Rosae Chinensis       5.00
R-ZJ      Zao Jiao                     Fructus Gleditsiae Sinensis           5.00
L-ZJC     Zao Jiao Ci                  Spina Gleditsiae Sinensis             4.00        
L-ZLAN    Ze Lan                       Herba Lycopi Lucidi                   4.00        
L-ZX      Ze Xie                       Rhizoma Alismatis                     5.00        
R-ZN      Zhang Nao                    Camphora                              7.00
L-ZBM     Zhe Bei Mu                   Bulbus Fritillariae Thunbergii        7.00        
ZL-ZZM    Zhen Zhu Mu                  Concha Margaritaferae                 5.00
L-ZGC     Zhi Gan Cao                  Radix Glycyrrhizae Uralensis          10.00       
R-ZK      Zhi Ke (Zhi Qiao)            Fructus Citri seu Ponciri             5.00        
L-ZM      Zhi Mu Radix                 Anemarrhenae Asphodeloidis            6.00        
L-ZS      Zhi Shi                      Fructus Citri seu Ponciri Immaturus   5.00        
L-ZZ      Zhi Zi                       Fructus Gardeniae Jasminoidis         5.00        
L-ZLING   Zhu Ling                     Sclerotium Polypori Umbellati         10.00       
L-ZR      Zhu Ru                       Caulis Bambusae in Taeniis            5.00        
R-ZSSZ    Zhu Shi Zi                   Fructus Broussonetiae                 4.00
L-ZC      Zi Cao (Bei Zi Cao) (True)   Radix Lithospermi seu Amebiae         3.00        
R-ZHC     Zi He Che                    Placenta Hominis                      11.00each
L-ZHDD    Zi Hua Di Ding (Di Ding)     Herba Violae cum Radice               8.00
R-ZRT     Zi Ran Tong                  Pyritum                               4.00
R-ZSY     Zi Shi Ying                  Fluoritum                             5.00
R-ZSG     Zi Su Geng                   Ramulus Perillae Frutescentis         4.00
L-ZSY     Zi Su Ye                     Folium Perillae Frutescentis          6.00        
L-ZSZ     Zi Su Zi (Su Zi)             Fructus Perillae Frutescentis         4.00        
L-SW      Zi Wan                       Radix Asteris Tatarici                5.00        


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