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After Tablet by Apple


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									                        After Tablet by Apple, now Ultrabook by Intel

Computer world is always quick in its evolution. Since developed several decades ago,
computer form has evolved several times. Desktop and notebook probably the best known.
Later appeared netbook, ultraportable notebooks, all in one PC, and Apple last introduced a
new category of tablet as the increasingly popular.

The change is not just up to here. The ideas developed are also increasingly revolutionary.
Vendor Intel also try creating a new category called ultrabook. The term ultrabook Intel
delivered at the event Computex 2011 in Taipei, Taiwan, which was held May 31 through
June 4, 2011. Ultrabook is a kind of notebook that is lightweight, but still equipped with high
performance capabilities and have features such as tablets. The price is quite cheap, which is
in the range below 1000 U.S. dollars.

One of the advantages andalanya is shaped quite differently. When opened you see is a PC,
but if taken, just stay close and suddenly become a tablet. Is this a PC, tablet, I do not know.
Not the problem of form and appearance alone. The first product will be released to the
market as a category are made by Asus ultrabook with UX series. This product will exit the
market started the Christmas holiday season and the coming New Year.

Latest Products labeled ultrabook created as a tool to provide very fast response. The device
is designed to be active, continues to connect, and more responsive, similar to the tablet that
much in circulation today, such as iPad and other Android-based devices. It is estimated
ultrabook will dominate the laptop market to 40 percent at the end of 2011 this.

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