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					                         ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS -
                          AREA D COMMITTEE

                      Nowra Youth Centre, 123 Kinghorne St, Nowra

1.15pm – Workshop on Service Structure by Wayne P.

The assembly started at 2.30pm with the Serenity Prayer and the Traditions and Concepts


Tim O’S – Tempe – Chairperson
Kevin D – Bardwell Park – Area D Delegate
Al C – Tempe –Secretary
Paul F - Treasurer
Wayne P – Earlwood – Eastern Region Trustee
Milton R – Lewisham Sunday - GSR
Wayne – Lewisham Sunday – Observer
Mick M - Earlwood GSR
Nick – Warrawong BBS – GSR
Dave – Warrawong BBS – Observer
Tony – Bega BBS – Observer
Graham – Bawley Point GSR
Joe – Batemans Bay Steps & Traditions GSR

Jennifer P, Kogarah Spiritual Concept


“2011 National Convention” to be amended to read “2010 National Convention”
Milton R confirmed the minutes and Kevin D seconded.



Chairman – The chairman welcomed new attendees to the assembly and thanked
              Wayne P. for doing the service workshop.

Secretary - Nil

Treasurer     Paul tabled the Treasurer’s report (see appendix I)
              He has secured a quantity of deposit books for groups
              Paul requested that groups put there group name and meeting day as
              a reference on bank deposit slips when making donations to the Area
              so as to be better able to ascertain where money coming from

Delegate      Kevin tabled delegate’s report. (see appendix II)

GSR           Earlwood – Thursday: Mick M. reported fluctuating attendance at
              Earlwood meeting.

GSR           Warrawong BBS: Nick reported this is a newly formed group only
              in existence for 5-6 weeks and experiencing normal growing pains
              associated with a new meeting, but is a structured group.
              The meeting follows a Big Book study guide format
              The y will also have a guest speaker every 6 weeks

GSR           Bawley Point – Tuesday: Graham reported Bawley Point is a small
              group but has been structured for the last 12 months.

GSR           Bateman’s Bay: Joe reported that he is the DCM for Far South
              Coast District and that the district is still functioning. Joe said he had
              attended the Assembly in Canberra but that he was the only
              representative in attendance. So he has attended the Area D
              Assembly instead.

GSR           Lewisham (Ashfield) Spiritual Concept - Sunday: Milton R.
              reported that meeting has successfully moved from Lewisham to
              The group has a new secretary and have a regular monthly business
              meeting of the steering committee.
              60/30/10 donation plan instigated at group conscience
              The group has a full complement of service positions
              As a result of holding the meeting in the Wesley Hospital the group
              has seen an increase in new members from the rehab.
              Attendees are asked to not park in hospital grounds
              The group has produced a phone/birthday list which has been good
                         for unity and newcomers.

GSR                      Tempe Steps- Monday: Al C. reported that the group is small
                         though 7th tradition is strong and is the largest contributor to Area
                         donations. There is not a full complement of service positions held at
                         Tempe and need more members to be able to rotate service positions.

GSR                      Bardwell Park- Tuesday: Kevin D. reported that the group has
                         been in existence for a long time and has successfully made the
                         move to the Senior Citizens Centre at Earlwood. The group is
                         gradually becoming more involved in GSO structure.

Cooks River District The inaugural meeting of the Cooks River District committee was
                         held on April 12th 2008 attended by 6 representatives from groups in
                         the district.
                         It was agreed at that meeting to extend the boundaries of the District
                         (see attached map) from an area that took in 3 groups originally to an
                         area that now encompasses 14 groups so as to assist with local PI,
                         TCF and Fundraising activities.

                         Groups will be asked if they wish to be involved in the district and
                         attend district committee meetings.

Area D Website           Al C. tabled an expense report for the Area D website ranging from
                         September 2007 to May 2008 - the total cost being $45.55 – as well
                         as a Hit Statistics Report outlining website activity for the last 30
                         days (see appendix III)
                         Groups were reminded that they can have their own web page on the
                         site so as to put more of a face on their meeting and to contact Al to
                         obtain a Group Home Page Questionnaire for approval at their group
                         It was proposed that we might offer MP3 downloads of speakers
                         from the web site and that this was feasible within budget restraints
                         and bandwidth allowances.

T&CF                     Clients from Foundation House at Rozelle continue to attend
                         Bardwell Park meeting
                         The roster for the H&I at Wesley Hospital, Ashfield continues well
                         though needs more volunteers to go on the roster.

PI                       Milton R. From Lewisham Sunday was nominated by Kevin as the
                         PI co-ordinator for Area D; seconded by Al.
                         Cooks River District has been involved in stocking local doctor’s
                         surgeries, hospitals with a card that has local meeting information
                         attached to the “AA at a Glance” pamphlet.
                         Kevin said he would approach Kogarah District about doing the
                            Milton proposed the NEWYPAA committee be contacted regarding
                            putting pamphlets in local hospitals/health professionals in Area D
                            notifying the m about NEWYPAA.
                            It was proposed that Area D follow suit with Area G’s campaign of
                            making sure every public library in the Area has a copy of the AA
                            big book; Milton will first research which libraries do not have a
                            copy - and that groups could finance the purchase of the Big Books
                            if they were open to the idea.




      1.    Election of positions
            Alt. Delegate – Wayne from Lewisham was nominated for the position of Alternate
            Delegate by Tim O; Seconded by Kevin D.
            It was flagged that Kevin D’s delegate position would be up for rotation in
            It was agreed that other positions would come up for rotation in 2nd week of October,
            if due, before conference.

      2.    South Coast District Folding

                     Graham brought it to the attention of the Assembly that representatives
                      from Croydon CSO had attended a meeting of the South Coast District in
                      Moruya and were said to have been asking them not to support the GSO
                      structure by not sending donations and to send money to CSO only. The
                      district has since folded.
                     Graham has said that he has written a letter to the Board of Alcoholics
                      Anonymous Australia expressing concern.
                     Milton moved that the Area D committee write a letter to the NSWSC
                      expressing concern
                     Graham is to pass on all the relevant facts to Tim O so a response might be
                      drafted for approval
                     Though in Area B, it was felt that Area D should express its feelings about
                      such matters to the NSWSC.

      3. Milton handed out GSO service structure document

      4. Topics
               It was agreed that we should try to inform groups in the Area of the need for them
              to vote on conference topics at their group conscience meetings in time for
              lodging their vote at the Area Assembly prior to conference.

   5. Next Assembly

       It was agreed that we should reschedule the assemblies to fall in line with conference so
       we have brought forward the next meeting. The schedule is as follows:

       Sunday 27th July 2008
       Wollongong (Venue TBA)

       Sunday 26th October 2008
       Multi Purpose Centre
       123 Flora St
The meeting closed with the Serenity Prayer.
Appendix I – Treasurer’s Report

                                         ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS -

                            AREA D COMMITTEE
                                            Treasurer Paul F

                                      Treasurers' Report

First priority was for the Bank to waive; account-keeping fees, resulting in an immediate
saving of $10 monthly. Second, was to arrange deposit books, which will go out to Groups
wanting to assist our funding.

Thirdly, we could all try to encourage any neighbouring Group or meeting to participate in the
Group Donation Plan.

At present the number of deposits appearing on the Bank statements suggest very few of the
128 listed meetings in Area D contribute financially. Having visited and spoken to many
Secretaries the conclusion may be that after expenses, many meetings do not have surplus fund.
This is not an uncommon experience within our Area. Our challenge is to approach meetings that
appear to be well supported and appeal for assistance, as per our Traditions.

Good luck, I'm trying to find an approach, which works, without getting
punched in the head. Snapshot of Alcoholics Anonymous
Area D. ANZ BANK BSB 012-310 Acc No. 2260 43492

Credits received from Beverly Hills $20, Wollongong Friday Night $40, Bardwell Park $30,
Earlwood $50 and Tempe $100. Sales of tote bags $140. Anonymous $200. Many
thanks to these.

Debits were a dishonor fee of $37.70 for overdraw on the last levy cheque on 26 Feb, of $539.00. This
was before my time as Treasurer.

Balance as at 9a' May is $571.03.

Our 3`d quarter levy $539.00 is outstanding.

Paul F
Appendix II – Delegate’s Report

Area D is gradually making its presence felt right through the area with a energetic committee
starting and completing a variety of jobs.

Our website is up and running and attracting new people. Our new treasurer is ensuring that our
levy for the delegate is being met.

Wollongong CSO has sent $48.00..This is a first & Phil from CSO said that we can expect more
money in the future. Money also sent from the Berry Group, they have been a regular
contributor for last 12 months.

We are also making some progress with the Kogarah District with pamphlets being made
available for distribution to the district.

We have also distributed pamphlets through the present Cooks River district.

The Area D committee has held a meeting at Big Al’s place to formulate plans to enlarge the
number of groups in the Cooks River district.

I am satisfied that we have a well educated committee to carry out the huge challenge in the
future to assimilate the entire Area D area.

Kevin D.
Area D. Delegate..
Appendix III – Area D Website Report

Alcoholics Anonymous NSW Area D Eastern Region
Website Report to the Area D Committee
May 2008

Expense Report

Date         Time     Name                    Type                   Currency Amount
                                              Subscription Payment
22/04/2008   4:18:59             Sent                   USD        -4.95
22/04/2008   4:18:59 From Australian Dollar   Currency Conversion    USD         4.95
22/04/2008   4:18:59 To US Dollars            Currency Conversion    AUD         -5.4
                                              Subscription Payment
22/03/2008   4:21:22             Sent                   USD        -4.95
22/03/2008   4:21:22 From Australian Dollar   Currency Conversion    USD         4.95
22/03/2008   4:18:59 To US Dollars            Currency Conversion    AUD         -5.4
                                              Subscription Payment
22/02/2008   4:32:29             Sent                   USD        -4.95
22/02/2008   4:32:29 From Australian Dollar   Currency Conversion    USD         4.95
22/02/2008   4:32:29 To US Dollars            Currency Conversion    AUD        -5.52
                                              Subscription Payment
22/01/2008   5:25:26             Sent                   USD        -4.95
22/01/2008   5:25:26 From Australian Dollar   Currency Conversion    USD         4.95
22/01/2008   5:25:26 To US Dollars            Currency Conversion    AUD        -5.97
                                              Subscription Payment
22/12/2007   3:50:22             Sent                   USD        -4.95
22/12/2007   3:50:22 From Australian Dollar   Currency Conversion    USD         4.95
22/12/2007   3:50:22 To US Dollars            Currency Conversion    AUD        -5.86
                                              Subscription Payment
22/11/2007   3:49:12             Sent                   USD        -4.95
22/11/2007   3:49:12 From Australian Dollar   Currency Conversion    USD         4.95
22/11/2007   3:49:12 To US Dollars            Currency Conversion    AUD         -5.8
                                              Subscription Payment
22/10/2007   4:02:36             Sent                   USD        -4.95
22/10/2007   4:02:36 From Australian Dollar   Currency Conversion    USD         4.95
22/10/2007   4:02:36 To US Dollars            Currency Conversion    AUD        -5.72
                                              Subscription Payment
22/09/2007   3:03:55             Sent                   USD        -4.95
22/09/2007   3:03:55 From Australian Dollar   Currency Conversion    USD         4.95
22/09/2007   3:03:55 To US Dollars            Currency Conversion    AUD        -5.88
                            TOTAL EXPENSES                       $45.55

Website Activity Report

Website Activity Last 30 Days (18 April - 18 May 2008)
Summary Visitors Uniques Actions Time

The Basics
  Visitors                                     90    +3%

  Actions                                     261   +31%

  Average actions/visit                       2.9   +26%

  Total time spent                     10h 28m      +178%

  Average time/visit                   6m 58.4s     +168%

Traffic sources
  Searches                               46            0%

  Direct / Bookmark                      10            0%

  Links                                   3            0%

Incoming Domains Outgoing Recent Unique

Links                    4            0%      1            0%      1            0%      1            0%      1            0%

Searches Keywords Recent Unique

alcoholic anonymous                      11            +120%

alcoholics anonymous logo                 5                 0%
alcoholics anonymous logos                  4     +100%

wayne butler aa                             3      −40%

alcoholics anonymous meeting form...        2           0%

"wayne butler"                              1           0%

"al anon" "attendance down"                 1           0%

pi/cpc                                      1           0%

alcoholics anonymous filterui:col...        1           0%

aa group conscience                         1           0%

                                       86       +76%

                                       26       +160%

                                       22       +69%
Area D Assembly

                                       21       +250%
Cooks River District

                                       16       +433%

                                       13         0%
Tempe Steps

/                                      10       +900%

                                       6        −40%
News & Events

                                       5          0%
Links & Resources

                                       5        +400%
                                5          0%

                                5       +150%
Treatment & Correctional Fac

                                4        +33%

                                4       +100%
Kogarah District

                                                              This    Last
  Page Title                                         Total
                                                             Month   Month                         403       23      62                63        3       6        131       10      25            99        0       9
                                                      36       0       3
                                                      25       0       2
                                                      7        0       0
                                                      2        0       0
                                                      10       0       2
                                                      1        1       0
                                                      12       0       0
                                                      11       0       0
                                                      35       0       0
                                                      15       0       0
                                                      15       0       0
  D=1078143&page=1&topicID=533455          1        1       0      42       0       0               63       0       6   165       4      20             25       4      10              1        1       0                   4     2    2
                                                       3     0    3
                                                       1     1    0
                                                       2     2    0
                                                       1     1    0
78143&page=1&topicID=525896                47    2     4                   212    6    35
                                                      16     1    4
tm          12    0     4           79    2     3                200    9    29               98    3    13                    17    2     1               10    5     5
                                                      17     3    3
htm     2     0     2
aanswaread/                                            4     0     1
Totals                                                1887   86   254
Appendix IV – Cook River District Map

The Cooks River District encompasses the area as shown in the map below and contains
the following AA Groups:

          Sunday                              Wednesday
          Ashfield 1.30pm                     Kingsgrove 6.30pm
          Bexley Nth 3.30pm                   Thursday
          Lewisham (Ashfield) 10.00am         Ashfield 12.30pm
          Monday                              Ashfield 7.00pm
          Bexley 12.30pm                      Earlwood 6.30pm
          Tempe Steps 6.30pm                  Friday
          Tuesday                             Beverly Hills 7.00pm
          Ashfield 7.00p m                    Saturday
          Bardwell Park 8.00pm                Campsie 10.00am
          Lakemba 8.00pm

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