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					Letter of Application- Chair
Devyani Gupta
Mont’ Kiara International School

        MUN is my passion. MUN is my life. I’ve received the superlative, three times, by my peers
and teachers, “Most Likely to Become Secretary General of the UN.” My dream is to become the First
Female Secretary General of the UN. How am I going to achieve this? - Through Model United
Nations. This will prepare me for the United Nations.

        As a chair, I definitely possess the necessary qualities. I’m organized in my work, having been
Secretary of Student Council and the Thespian Society. I’ll be able to arrange resolutions and handle
amendments that are submitted. Furthermore, I’ll keep debate going. There should be no dead air
and everyone should be involved. Therefore, I’ll make sure that each delegate is engaged on debate
and trying to make positive changes to the resolution. I’m patient too, and that’s important because
one can’t get annoyed easily. Delegates sometimes get rowdy, but the chair must maintain decorum.
Additionally, it’s important to admit one’s mistake as a chair. If an error is made, one must say “The
Chair stands corrected” and move on. As a chair, one cannot be disrespectful because to earn
respect, you must give it. I will make sure that there are no negative comments and will treat each
delegate with esteem. I’ll also speak loudly and firmly which is essential. One of our advisors, Mr.
Reynoso, said to me, “You have great presence while chairing. You’re loud and clear. You’re one of
the best chairs I’ve seen so far.”

         I’ve co-chaired many times before, but with my experience, zeal, and hard work, I’m
definitely ready to be Chair. I’ll give all the energy I have to make my committee strong, and I’ll make
sure that the delegates of KLMUN enjoy their experience thoroughly and walk away feeling
completely satisfied.

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