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					Area H Eastern Region Assembly #19 – 7th August 2010

                            ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS
                              AREA H COMMITTEE
                             Lindsey W – Area Secretary       Ph: 0420 293 563   E-mail:

          AREA ASSEMBLY MINUTES – 7 August 2010.

    1.      WELCOME
            Jan C, Chairperson, welcomed all to the Assembly and commenced the Assembly with the reading of
            the Serenity Prayer, Traditions and Concepts.

            Jan C        Area H Chairperson, GSR Penrith Sat Women‟s‟ & North Richmond Recovery
            Stan A       Area H Delegate, GSR report for Fellowship of the spirit
            Mark W       Alternate Area H Delegate
            Lindsey W    Area H Secretary
            Pauline S    Tahmoor FOTS Monday 6pm - Area H Workshop Coordinator & GSR
            Kerry        Campbelltown, Thursday PM, GSR
            Lloyd F      Springwood Wednesday 8pm – T&CF Coordinator
            Penelope F   Springwood Wednesday 8pm – Area H Website Coordinator
            David M      Hawkesbury Hosp meeting Windsor – Area H Treasurer
            Rob C        Seven Hills Monday 8pm – GSR
            Kerry B      Campbelltown – GSR
            Greg G       Archway to freedom – GSR
            Yvonne G     Springwood Wednesday – GSR

            David M
            Ron Mc – Seven Hills
            Jo N – F.O.W. Group, Denver
            Vicki W - Springwood
            Susie A – Penrith SOTS
            Jeanette – FOTS Tahmoor
            Joe – FOTS Tahmoor
            Lauren A
            Pat V – Campbelltown FOTS
            Vic H

    3.      APOLOGIES
            Mandy G, Area H,PI & CPC Coordinator
            Chris W, GSR Fellowship of the Spirit
            Nathan, Springwood
            Steve, Riverwood

    4.      Minutes confirmed for 1 May 2010

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Area H Eastern Region Assembly #19 – 7th August 2010

    5.       REPORTS

         Chairperson Report – Jan C

         Hello everyone and welcome to the Area H Assembly and thank you for your attendance here
         today at Maryfields. May I also say welcome and thank you to Jo N from Denver, Colorado who
         manages the CSO in Denver and who will speak about AA‟s Traditions & Concepts at our
         workshop today. Also a big thank you to Pauline, Mark, Stan and co who helped make this
         workshop possible. As this workshop begins at 11 30am may I remind everyone to be mindful. of
         the time during our Assembly. I would like to take this opportunity in letting you know that I will
         be rotating off this position officially next February but as I will be overseas on that date, my last
         Assembly as Chairperson will be 6th November. I hope that member‟s consider this position in the
         coming months. I look forward to seeing you all at the Quarterdeck, Penrith on the 13 November
         at 9:15am

         Secretary Report – Lindsey W

         Mail received AA Around Australia
         Contents of note
             1. How to produce your groups own list of local meetings
             2. Article by Barbara Joss, Class A Trustee
             3. More stories wanted for the 2nd Edition of the Australian Big Book

         The minutes and newsletter is being sent to all email addresses on the contact list for Area H
         Thank you to all those who emailed me your reports. I have only just changed over to gmail and I am having
         difficulties saving messages, so if you are emailing me a report would you please do it on a word document and
         attach it, I can save the document and won‟t have to retype the report into the newsletter

         Treasurer Report – David Mc

         Opening Balance St George a/c 19.04.10                        $1,912.86

         Incomings to St George a/c          $278.48

         Outgoings from St George a/c

         25.05.10 chq no 28 $565.00 for 2nd qtr levy for Aust Conference

         Total outgoings from St George a/c $565.00

         Closing Balance of St George a/c on 05.08.10 $1626.34

         Opening Balance General Cash Float 01.05.10           119.25

         Closing Balance General Cash Float 05.08.10          119.25

         Opening Balance Secretary Cash Float 01.05.10         32.70

         Closing Balance Secretary Cash Float 05.08.10         32.70

         St George Account Balance                                           $1626.34

         General Cash Float Balance                                                119.25

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Area H Eastern Region Assembly #19 – 7th August 2010

        Secretary Cash Float Balance                                             32.70

        Total Available Funds                                                 $1778.29

        CONTRIBUTIONS 20.04.10 - 05.08.10

        01.05.10 Seven Hills Mon Night                                           $ 60.00.

        01.05.10 Tahmoor Group                                                    100.00

        01.05.10 Campbelltown Beginners                                            85.00

        09.06.10 CSO BM&WS                                                         20.00

        09.06.10 Springwood Wed Night                                              60.00

        09.06.10 Unidentified Cash                                                 30.00

        09.06.10 Springwood Wed Night                                                120.00

        19.07.10 Springwood Wed Night                                              45.00

                                                                      Total      $520.00

        Donations can be sent to Area H to AA Area H, PO Box 9, Springwood, NSW, 2770.
        St George Bank Account - BSB 112 879 Account Number 057 241 104

        National Office Alcoholics Anonymous 48 Firth St, Arncliffe NSW 2205

        Delegate’s Report – Stan A Panel 51

        Firstly a thank you to the members who have been involved in preparing the Traditions and Concepts
        Workshop today with Jo N. I am looking forward to it and trust that it will be the impetus to getting on the
        road the Area workshops that have been discussed previously.

        A number of issues are at hand which I outline as follows:

             Ollie O who provided the Workshop at our May Assembly has, unfortunately, resigned as Eastern
            Regional Trustee due to health issues. This is certainly unfortunate, however trust that Ollie‟s health
            will improve and he continue to do the excellent work in AA that he has done in the past. Due to
            Ollie‟s resignation, nominations are now being sought for an Eastern Regional Trustee. Applications
            close by 4.30pm on Friday 13 August 2010. I will provide a verbal update at the Assembly as well as
            provide an application form.

             In June I was involved in one of a number of teleconferences that the Board arranged in relation to
            some issues with CSO Victoria and Area C, Southern Region. The request by the Board was to seek
            support of Delegates in correspondence being sent both to Area C and CSO Victoria in relation to their
            actions which have been seen as in contravention of AA‟s Traditions and Concepts. It is my intention
            to provide Area with a verbal report at the August Area Assembly as the situation is quite complicated
            and at this time, in my view, not fully explained.

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Area H Eastern Region Assembly #19 – 7th August 2010

             Topics for Conference should be coming out soon. As an Area we need to consider how we will
            comment on the Topics be it a Special Assembly or whether this be done via email, I seek your

             The second National Forum on Treatment and Correctional Facilities is on from 8-10 October
            2010, I would encourage a member to attend on behalf of Area H. An email was received from NOAA
            with 12 questions that are asked to assist with the Forum.

             A recent email from National Office has asked to contact St John of God (Perth – Head Office)
            regarding their facility in Burwood. I hope to have some information for the Assembly.

             Other points of interest
              o Stories are being requested for the Australian Big Book. Share your story for future alcoholics
                 to identify with, the deadline for submissions is 31 December 2010. 3500 words maximum
                 and submit in Word format and email to
              o There is great information in AA Around Australia that is provided quarterly, contact National
                 Office to be placed on the mailing list.
              o National Convention in 2011 to be held in Perth, WA.
              o Blue Mountains Rally in November 2010

        Eastern Region Trustee – nominations are now being sought for Eastern Regional Trustee, Area F & G
        have each put forward a nomination. Applications for nominations close at 4.30pm on Friday 13 August
        2010. The position is for four years.
        The Board has contacted the delegates to say that they want to fill the position immediately despite the
        delegates indicating that the appointment could be made at the upcoming General Service Conference.
        Mark enquired whether the Board was in a position to appoint despite the delegates preference to wait until
        conference. Stan confirmed that the Board did have the power to proceed. Mark suggested that as an
        Area we reiterate our preference that the Trustee be appointed by the entire conference and not just the
        Board. Stan agreed to draft an email to the Board stating Areas concerns.

        CSO Victoria and Area C, Southern Region – Stan reported that recent developments concerning CSO
        Victoria and Area C have led to the GSO Board taking a number of actions the outcome of which is yet to
        be known. Lloyd encouraged Stan to take a leadership role at Conference in an effort to find a positive
        solution to these issues and reminded the Assembly that now-retired Class A trustee, John McKenzie had
        come very close to negotiating a solution to these long standing issues between CSO Victoria and Area C
        during a series of mediation meetings. Lloyd suggested that Stan talk with him. Discussion followed and
        Stan suggested that Area H consider some possible floor actions to take to Conference to address concerns
        relating to the processes undertaken by the board in dealing with this issue. Lloyd supported raising floor
        motions at Conference as a way of solving the conflict.

        Website Coordinator – Penelope F

        Area Website Coordinator‟s Report – Area H Assembly – Campbelltown – August 7, 2010
        The Area H website is being kept up to date since the last Area Assembly. New material has been added to
        the section on Treatment and Correctional Facilities. A page for Men‟s Prisons has been inserted with all
        the information needed to make an application for a clearance to enter a Correctional Facility.
        It‟s most important role continues to be for the women‟s prison service, although it does also provide a
        place to locate our minutes, newsletters and other information.
        The meetings page has been updated with the information on how to create your own local meeting list
        from the National Website. The group information needed by the Area Registrar to maintain up to date
        meeting details is still there.
        We hope the website‟s usage will gradually increase with time.

        There is no cost involved since the last Assembly. There will be a cost for the Domain name renewal in a
        few weeks which we will claim from the Treasurer. It will be approximately $20 US.

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Area H Eastern Region Assembly #19 – 7th August 2010

        Public Information & Cooperation with the Professional Community (PI& CPC) Coordinators
        report - Mandy G

        My apologies for being absent from the Area H Assembly, I hope you have a great day and that the
        workshop goes well.
        Penelope has been loaded up with fliers and posters for those people who need them for their local area.
        I would greatly appreciate if you drop me a quick email to say where you have been and any other
        information for our data base.
        The PI team has had one meeting since the last Assembly, we have obtained thousands of “AA at a glance
        fliers” and “message to a teenager fliers” as well as posters. These are stored at the BM&WSCSO. There
        are also two stamps now with all three phone numbers for Croydon, Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains info
        lines as well as the National Website address.
        Thanks to those working at the CSO for your tireless stamping of the fliers.
        Thanks to those members who are getting into the Pi activities with enthusiasm, it really is gratifying to see
        how receptive the public really is to us providing information.
        It is also inspiring to think that a flier put into a library or doctors surgery may be the start of an alcoholics
        If anyone has experience or contacts in the media or is a computer or techno whiz, or is wanting to start in
        service but doesn‟t know how, then please contact me on
        There will be a newsletter starting September for PI activity which will have information, tips and
        suggestions as well as what is happening and where the money groups donate is going.
        Next PI Team meeting to be held at the Kingswood Neighbourhood Centre, Bringelly Road on Saturday
        11th Sept at 4pm. Bring an AA member, Sponsee, Sponsor, the more the merrier.
        Thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm and commitment to getting out there into the community.

        Here is a reminder of the districts that we have split Area H up into for ease and the Calendar of activity.
         Area H Meetings split into geographical areas
             1                 2                 3                    4               5                   6
         Mountains         Penrith        Parramatta      Concord              Hawkesbury         Campbelltown
         Glenbrook      Penrith          Wentworthville Auburn                Richmond            Campbelltown
         Springwood Penrith Sth          Parramatta          Burwood          RAAF                Camden
         Lawson         Kngswood         Seven Hills         West             Richmond Nth        Aids
         Leura          St Mary's        Toongabbie          Concord          Windsor             Tahmor
         Katoomba       Emerton          Hts                 Guildford        Riverstone
         Blackheath     Mt Druitt        Harris Park         Merrylands       Quakers Hill
                        Rooty Hill       Blacktown           Granville
                                         Lalor Park

        Month                   Venue                                              Notes
        January                 Police Stations and Court
                                Houses, Churches
        February                Medical Centres, Libraries, CHC
                                & NC‟s
        March                   Pubs and clubs
        April                   Police Stations and Court
                                Houses, Churches
        May                     Medical Centres, Libraries, CHC
                                & NC‟s

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Area H Eastern Region Assembly #19 – 7th August 2010

        June                                Pubs and clubs
        July                                Police Stations and Court
                                            Houses, Churches
        August                              Medical Centres, Libraries, CHC
                                            & NC‟s
        September                           Pubs and clubs
        October                             Police Stations and Court
                                            Houses, Churches
        November                            Medical Centres, Libraries, CHC
                                            & NC‟s
        December                            Pubs and clubs

        T&CF Coordinator’s Report – Lloyd F

        Regarding treatment facilities, St John of God Hospital, North Richmond, is going well with regular AA
        speakers on Friday mornings, every three weeks. The roster includes our friends from the Croydon CSO as
        well as the variety of speakers organized by Area H. Elsewhere in the Area, service continues at Hadleigh
        Lodge, monthly, and the Nepean Hospital Detox Unit, every Tuesday evening, which I‟m told is going
        particularly well. I understand that Northside West at Wentworthville and Fairfield Hospital Corrella Unit
        speakers are also continuing, but they are not coordinated by Area H.

        Regarding men‟s correctional facilities, we need more men who can go in to jails during the day for the
        new meeting at Park Lea and a possible future meeting at John Morony. The Park Lea meeting, every
        Tuesday morning, alternates between two different Units of the jail and is well attended by inmates. Please
        contact me or Ken W. at the Croydon CSO if you could help.

        The women‟s prison meetings are continuing well, but more women are needed at this time. Please contact
        Penelope F. if you can help.

        The 2nd National Forum on Treatment and Correctional Facilities will be held in Brisbane from the 8 th-10th
        of October this year. I have registration forms here and a program. I will be attending this as a follow-up
        from my previous role as the National Coordinator, but I hope we can also send someone else who would
        learn from the experience and would then be willing to use that knowledge as a future Area Coordinator. In
        this regard, I have received an expression of interest from Nathan T. to fill a Treatment Facilities
        Coordinator role for the next two years. He would be willing to attend the Forum in Brisbane if basic
        expenses were paid. I‟ve also received an expression of interest for a Correctional Facilities Coordinator
        role from David M. David was sponsored to attend the National PI Forum last year.

        As raised in my last report, I believe the Area should create two separate positions – one for treatment
        facilities and one for correctional facilities – to take effect when my term is up in November. This is
        because there are now two positions at the National level and the Forum program has been split into two
        separate meetings.

        If this report is accepted by the Assembly I will move two motions (1) that we pay Nathan‟s air travel and
        accommodation to go to the National Forum, and (2) that we create the two new positions listed above to
        replace the current position of T&CF Coordinator at the next election of office-bearers.

        The motions were put forward by Lloyd and seconded by Stan. Discussion followed concerning funding
        and it was agreed that $400 would be needed to fund Nathan to attend the conference. Springwood Group
        offered to contribute $200 leaving $200 for Area H to pay. It was also agreed that any other costs incurred
        by Nathan would be reimbursed upon presentation of the receipts to Area H, when there are sufficient
        funds available.

        Both motions were carried unanimously by the Assembly.

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Area H Eastern Region Assembly #19 – 7th August 2010

        Group Reports

        Penrith Womens – Jan C (acting GSR)
        Approximately 8-10 members. Average 20-25 attending. Group conscience held first Saturday of the
        month. Supports D & A unit with Revivers and literature. Offers temporary sponsorship, sells literature
        and supports the Blue Mountain and Western Sydney CSO, Women‟s Weekends.

        Recovery Group, Saturday Night, Richmond (St. John of God) – Jan C, GSR
        6 members, average attendance 30 plus. Group conscience first Saturday of the month. Supports Hospital
        with literature and offers temporary sponsorship to newcomers. Offers book, “Living Sober” for $5.00 to
        patients. Good selection of literature, supports Blue Mountains and Western Sydney CSO.

        Windsor Friday morning (Hawkesbury Hospital) – David Mac, GSR
        The group has six active members with an average attendance 20 to 25 people. Our group sells literature
        and Revivers to its members and also supports the hospital‟s drug and alcohol unit with literature and

        Tahmoor – GSR Pauline S, GSR
        This report covers the Feb.-August period. The year started very slowly with just minimal attendance but
        has picked up really well. At present we would have an average of 10 each meeting with several of these
        being newcomers. We still have the 60/30/10 plan and have contributed once this year to all parties. The
        P.I Intergroup team are having a meeting soon to decide how to use funds accumulated over the year to
        better „get our message out to community groups”.

        Springwood Group – Yvonne G, GSR
        Wednesday Closed ID Monday BBS Sunday Conscious Contact Meeting Friday Steps
        The Wednesday Closed ID meeting continues to be well attended. Springwood celebrated their 50th
        birthday on the 19th May with approximately 70 persons attending. It was reported to have been a most
        memorable night.
        The Friday nights steps meeting has now joined with the Springwood Group. The outgoing secretary of
        the Friday night steps meeting held the position of secretary for over a year and it is envisaged that by
        joining with the Springwood group a rotation of service positions by members of the Springwood group
        will occur.
        The early morning Sunday meeting continues with varying numbers of 6 – 10 (depending on the weather –
        we are in the mountains).
        Approximately 10 attend the Monday night Big Book Study.
        Springwood held an Annual Group Conscience Inventory on 11th July. Through that inventory it was
        identified that Springwood would hold a workshop to do with sponsoring. It was also decided at the
        meeting to take the idea to Area Assembly whereby the Springwood group would host a workshop on
        sponsorship for our area. Springwood holds its group conscience on 1st Wednesday of the month.
        The Springwood A A group members are rostered to visit the local gaol and rehab centres on a regular

        Campbelltown – Kerry B GSR
        Our group, being a structured group has currently 12 active members. We are a speaker group that has a
        different guest speaker each week. We have a group conscience every three months. Although if there are
        any issues we have extra group conscience meetings. Some of our group members support the Saturday
        beginners group where we are attracting quite a few new people mostly from the court system. We attend
        the Campbelltown court on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Tuesday being DUI‟s mostly, and Wednesdays
        alcohol related violence. Our last group conscience decided that we all go to a different local meetings
        each week at least one each week. A group of us went to the Nowra Founders Day to give them some
        support and a good time was had by all. Some of our members support the Saturday afternoon workshop
        where 25 people are in amends (step 9). Some of the people that come travel some distance each Saturday
        to have an experience with the 23 Steps.
        Our group is again working with several other groups to bring our a woman from Denver to share on the
        Traditions and concepts so that we will be able to experience what service is all about. Areas D will be

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Area H Eastern Region Assembly #19 – 7th August 2010

        also taking advance of Jo N. Also she has been invited to attend some events within Area G as well. Out
        group is still selling average one BB each week also we give out lots of literature and average 2 phone calls
        a week from our sign out the front of the Hall on Narellan Road.

        Seven Hills Monday – Rob C, GSR
        The group is an ID meeting, and on the last Monday of the months we have a guest speaker. On the 26th of
        July we had two 15 minute women speakers, Jeanette W from Tahmor Monday night meeting, and Amy
        from Baulkham Hills Sunday night meeting, ane we also had an hour speaker, Bob D from the USA, which
        over 100 people attended. They shared there experience strength and hope with us all. It was great night
        and one not to miss. We hope we can do that again the future. We have 10 group members, and a group
        conscience held monthly. The average attendance is between 20 – 20 each week. The group averages $60
        per week in contributions, which allows us to pay $25.50 rent a week, buy literature, a nice supper and also
        put towards the 30/30/40 plan. The groups has a $60 contribution for Area H today. The group has been
        having a lot of newcomers attending the meetings lately, and its been great. The group is still reading
        “How it Works” from the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous, it has been good to see the newcomers
        know where it comes from, not a piece of plastic on the table

        Archway to Freedom – Greg G, GSR
        The group is a workshop, going over the 12 steps as outlined in the Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous over
        a six week period. The meeting has been going for over 12 months. We have 5 core members and hold a
        group conscience meeting ta the end of the 6 weeks cycle. We have had success taking people through the
        12 steps. There is an average of 10 people at the beginning of the workshop. The group averages $30 per
        week in contributions, which is put towards literature. The group conscience still needs to agree on
        distribution of the rest of the money. The rent is $5 per week and includes $5 week donation to the centre.
        The following commencement dates are 11/8/10, 22/9/2010 and 15/12/10

        Sunlight of the Spirit – Stan (for Chris W, GSR)
        Name of Group:                          Sunlight of the Spirit Group: Big Book Study and
                                                Big Book Discussion
        Date and Venue of Meeting:              Saturdays 8:00am-9:00am and Sundays 6:00pm-7:00pm
                                                Quarterdeck Function Centre Station Street, Penrith
        Name of GSR:                            Chris White
        GSR Contact Details:                    (e)
                                                (m) 0409 621 781 (h) 02 47318 304

        Our Group currently has 9 members with an average of 15-18 attendees on Sunday evening and 6-10
        attendees on Saturday morning. We hold monthly Group Conscience meetings on the first Sunday of the
        month and Fellowship with light refreshments each week following the Discussion Meeting.

        The Group has a website – – which provides information on Alcoholics
        Anonymous, SOTS meetings and current AA workshops and rallies. These workshops and rallies are also
        mentioned at both meetings and members can take contact information from a consolidated word

        Our Group provides regular donations to the National Office, Blue Mountains and Western Sydney CSO,
        Croydon CSO and Area H.
        Our Group currently has members holding the following service positions:

               Secretary of the BBD meeting
               Secretary of the BBS meeting
               Treasurer for both meetings
               Literature representative
               Area H GSR for both meetings
               CSR for Croydon office
               Greeting

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Area H Eastern Region Assembly #19 – 7th August 2010

              Catering

         These service positions are currently rotated on a 6-monthly basis, with the Treasurer‟s position rotating
         each 12 months. Elections for secretaries, treasurer, literature person, greeters and caterers will be held in
         September with service positions commencing in October.

         We continue to welcome and support newcomers by providing a free copy of a small Big Book and follow
         up phone calls during the ensuing weeks. We also support carrying of the message through our website and
         a wallet-sized list of members‟ telephone numbers. The website is updated regularly with AA activities.
         Our group members are involved in sponsorship and service all levels in the spirit of recovery, unity and

         Blue Mountains & Western Sydney CSO (BM & WSCSO)

         The BM & WS CSO now has a website,


                 a) Group conscience at Springwood meeting expressed interest in conducting a workshop on
                    sponsorship and enquired whether Area H was interested in facilitating the workshop.
                    Springwood group to liaise with Pauline, Area H workshop coordinator.
                 b) $50 given to Lindsey for Secretary float
                 c) Next PI&CPC team meeting September 11, 4:00pm at BMWSCSO, Bringelly Road,
                 d) Jan C Chairperson informed Assembly that she is rotating off position next February but will
                    be away for the February Area Assembly, therefore her last assembly as chairperson will be
                    13th November 2010.
                 e) David M from Springwood suggested that GSR’s go back to groups with a request for more
                    contributions to meet Area H costs.
                 f) Stan suggested Agenda Item for February Area Assembly to look at how we can promote Area
                    H to the approx. 88 groups in the Area.
                 g) Stan to draft an email to the General Service Board stating Areas concern re the appointment
                    of Eastern Regional Trustee prior to the General Service Conference.

             Nil general business


             The Assembly closed at 11:00am with the Serenity Prayer.


Item     Action                               Comment
1        Future Assembly locations            Quarter Deck Penrith, 13 November 2010 at 9.15
2        Reviver                              Secretary to notify Reviver of November13 Assembly details.


Assembly Date              Location                      Workshop                        Speaker
         17/12/05          Santa Maria Conference Steering       Committee
                           Centre, Lawson         Meeting
1            28/01/06      Santa Maria Conference Inaugural Assembly

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Area H Eastern Region Assembly #19 – 7th August 2010

                          Centre, Lawson
2           6/05/06       Uniting Church Hall,         General Service Structure     Trevor D
3           5/08/06       Cumberland Hospital          Setting up a District         Elaine & John S
4           11/11/06      St Peters Hall, Richmond     Role of the GSR               Ollie O
5           3/02/07       Santa Maria Conference       AA as a Whole                 Valerie
                          Centre, Lawson
6           5/5/07        Uniting Church Hall,         Topics for Conference         Howard W
7           4/8/07        Cumberland Hospital          Tradition 7 & 60/30/10        Chairman facilitated
8           10/11/07      Hawkesbury Hospital          Outcome of conference         Delegate facilitated
9           2/2/08        Lawson                       Area Service Roles            Vicky W
10          3/5/08        Hawkesbury Hospital          PI                            Ken R
11          2/8/09        Penrith                      AA Communication              Al C
12          15/11/08      Guildford                    National conference topics    Lloyd F
13          7/2/09        Springwood                   Workshops                     Stan A
14          2/5/09        Wentworthville               AA Websites                   Stan A
15          1/8/09        Hawkesbury Hospital          Archives – A living History   Ron Carr and David Ward
16          14/11/09      Santa Maria Centre           No Workshop                   -
17          6/2/2010      Wentworthville               Conference topics             Stan A
18          1/5/2010      Riverstone                   An overview of AA             Ollie Ollerenshaw
                                                       Service structure
19          7/8/2010      Maryfields                    Trads and Concepts           Jo N, Denver Colorado

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