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					                                                                                   All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                              Sorted Newest to Oldest

 File        Report     Vehicle   Vehicle   Model Fault Coding From The Complaint Database        Complaint Comments / Details
Number        Date       Make     Model     Year

2010-0435   2/26/2010   TOYOTA    SEQUOIA   2008 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION           The complainant was driving around looking for a parking spot, once he found a spot he pulled in and parked. After getting out of
                                                                                                  the vehicle he noticed he was blocking another spot, so he returned to his vehicle, opened the door partially got in the vehicle,
                                                                                                  started it, applied the brake and put the vehicle in Driver. Immediately the Engine RPM went racing, the vehicle did not move,
                                                                                                  however the rear wheels were spinning on the slippery winter surface. The driver put the vehicle into Neutral and the RPM was
                                                                                                  declining from 3500 RPM down. The complainant later returned to the vehicle and re-statured to see if it would occur again, nothing
                                                                                                  all was fine. He has driven the vehicle twice since, and no anomalies occurred.

                                                                                                  The vehicle is equipped with Toyota winter mats, and he has indicated that they are installed properly. The recall work has not yet
                                                                                                  been performed, however he is taking the vehicle to the dealer. The complainant was wearing a size 8.5 dress shoe at the time.

2010-0437   2/26/2010   TOYOTA    CAMRY     2000 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION           Complainant described three separate events of unintended acceleration in 2002, 2003, and 2004. All events were either from a
                                                                                                  stopped position or very low vehicle speed. Two of the three events ended in collisions.

2010-0438   2/26/2010   TOYOTA    COROLLA   2010 ACC-AUTO SPEED CONTROL Fault: POOR               The complainant has had a number of problems with the vehicle, however there are two that he felt he should bring to our
                                                 PERFORMANCE == SA-POWER ASSIST Fault:            attention:
                                                 EXCESSIVE EFFORT
                                                                                                  1) On three occasions while turning left at low speeds (15-20km/h) the steering has not returned to centre causing the driver to pull
                                                                                                  the well to centre and in one case causing him to over correct, no incident resulted. The wheel does appear to get stiffer as if a loss
                                                                                                  of power assist. He has heard of the other complaints in the media with respect wondering and he does not have that problem.
                                                                                                  The vehicle is equipped with snow tires, which are the same size as the factory all season tires.

                                                                                                  The dealer has not been able to reproduce the problem.

                                                                                                  2) The complainant was going down hill with the cruise control on at 60km/h, however the cruise did not hold the speed and he
                                                                                                  accelerated in the area of 90 km/h.

                                                                                                  He will have the dealer take the vehicle for a test drive.
2010-0443   2/26/2010   TOYOTA    TACOMA    2008 ACC-AUTO SPEED CONTROL Fault:                    Due to the latest in Toyota's Accelerator issues, I decided to test out the cruise control. If the cruise control is on and the driver
                                                 INFORMATION                                      presses the emergency break, the cruise control does not kick off, the engine will gear down and try to maintain the set speed by
                                                                                                  the cruise. I think this might be a safety issue and didn't know who to tell or if anyone should be told
2010-0430   2/25/2010   TOYOTA     YARIS    2006 H.B.-ANTI-SKID LIGHT Fault: INFORMATION          The ABS light and Parking light are always on. This means ABS is disabled. Happen 2 times previous to Feb 20/2010, ABS was off.
                                                                                                  But on Feb20/2010, the light turned on and the ABS would kick in every single time I would press on the brakes. This issue makes
                                                                                                  the car very unsafe to drive and may cause a collision. Toyota wants 1600$ for this fix when they already know about the issue, it's
                                                                                                  one of their Technical Service Bulletins (T-SB-0120-08). Thousands of people are having the exact issue.

                                                                                   All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                              Sorted Newest to Oldest

2010-0414   2/24/2010   TOYOTA   4 RUNNER   2008 ENG-ENGINE Fault: SURGE == H.B.-BRAKES           complainant's letter received 17-Feb-10:
                                                 GENERAL Fault: POOR PERFORMANCE
                                                                                                  I purchased my brand new 2008 Toyota 4 Runner Sports Edition on January 31, 2008. Eleven days after I purchased my vehicle I
                                                                                                  experienced problems with the braking. I have enclosed my letter to Toyota Canada and their response.

                                                                                                  The problem has been very intermittent. Although all the computer chips were replaced I have experienced this problem on other
                                                                                                  rare occasions. At least I believe it was computer chips they replaced. I am not sure of the technical terminology. All the
                                                                                                  information is included in the letters I am forwarding to you.

                                                                                                  The problems I am experiencing are when it is raining or the roads are wet - and the problems in braking are only happening when i
                                                                                                  am going slow and trying to stop and the vehicle revs up when I am not moving.

                                                                                                  See letter in p:drive for more info.
2010-0415   2/24/2010   TOYOTA    RAV4      2008 FS-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION            The complainant reported several incidences of alleged sudden acceleration. The complainant stated that the cruise control was not
                                                                                                  activated, the floor mats had been removed. The complainant wanted to inform ASFAD that she believes the problem is associated
                                                                                                  with the ECU. The vehicle was examined by the dealership previously and no problem was identified.
2010-0419   2/24/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA    2009 FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault: STICKS/GRABS         Rappel pédale accélérateur effectué le 08 Février 2010, St-Jérome Toyota.
                                                 == FS-GENERAL Fault: FAILED AFTER RECALL
                                                                                                  Contexte; roulais route 117 sud à Ste-Thérèse, Qc, juste avant d'amorcer un virage sur rue R.A. Robert Est. J'ai relâché
                                                                                                  l'accélérateur avant de freiner, le régime du moteur n'a pas ralentit assez rapidement, rendant le freinage sur pavé glissant
                                                                                                  inefficace et dangeureux. Il y aurait pu avoir collision frontale. Le régime du moteur a pris environ 2 à 3 secondes avant de réagir au
                                                                                                  relâchement de la pédale d'accélérateur.
                                                                                                   Recall work was done on Feb 8th, then a sticking pedal / slow return of the engine RPM incident resulted. See French complaint
                                                                                                  for more details.

2010-0421   2/24/2010   TOYOTA   AVALON     2005 FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault: INFORMATION          Sudden acceleration,gas pedal went right to the floor with out my foot on it. this was corrected by getting my toe under the pedal
                                                                                                  and pulling it up. I have advised the Toyota dealer and received 2 letters stating they will be sending out more info. This has taken
                                                                                                  far too long. I am asking that you get involved. This is potentially life threating.

2010-0423   2/24/2010   TOYOTA    YARIS     2007 H.B.-ANTI-SKID CONTROL SENSOR Fault: FAILED les systeme antiblocage du véhicule ne fonctionne pu

                                                                                                  probleme connu pour la toyota yaris hactback mais la sedan on les meme piece et ils reconaisse pas le proble

                                                                                                  c'est le wheel speed sensor qui est défectueux et le concessionnaire veux faire payé tout les frais mais le probleme est connu deja
                                                                                                  et ils ont un mémo pour les modele hatchback mais pas pour la sedan
                                                                                                  ABS concern, wheel speed sensor there is a bulliten for the hatch back but not the sedan. Dealer is aware of the issue.

                                                                                                  See French complaint for details.
2010-0425   2/24/2010   TOYOTA    CAMRY     1998 FS-THROTTLE Fault: STICKS/GRABS                  I've noticed some problem with my vehicle. When I'm driving its sometimes hard to press the gas pedal. So then i came onto the
                                                                                                  website transportation canada to see if my vehicle was on any recalls. And it said there's issues with the accelorator cable. So then
                                                                                                  i called Regency toyota and they told me The vehicles with this year never were on any recalls with this problem. On the
                                                                                                  transportation website it also said that the dealership would replace the cable.

                                                                                All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                           Sorted Newest to Oldest

2010-0398   2/23/2010   TOYOTA   CAMRY     2007 H.B.-GENERAL Fault: FAILED                     Camry Hybrid.
                                                                                               Driving in a residential area, ~40km/h. She applied the brakes and the vehicle accelerated. She applied the brakes harder and the
                                                                                               vehicle stopped. This happened for maybe 1 to 2 seconds.
                                                                                               This has happened to her several times. Although it is quite random. The weather is usually good; no snow, ice or rain. There are
                                                                                               no lights on the dash before, during or after the incident.
                                                                                               She does not hit a put hole, bump or any other road irregularity.

                                                                                               She has taken the vehicle to the dealership but they are unable to reproduce the problem.
                                                                                               Twice she has almost had a collision due to this problem. Once with another car and once with a pedestrian.
                                                                                               She will be dropping off the vehicle at the dealership again for inspection.

2010-0403   2/23/2010   TOYOTA    YARIS    2007 STRUC.-TRUNK Fault: COLLAPSED                  I do not have the correct date above, just a sumnation of the time. When taking groceries out of my trunk or anything else that
                                                                                               requires me to bend into the trunk, several times in a light wind the lid on the trunk has come down hard on my head, I either have
                                                                                               to hold the lid up and use one hand or park in such a way the wind is not blowing in that direction. Several times this happens, there
                                                                                               is no weight to it and it comes down with a mere touch. I am going to the doctors, check out head injury.

2010-0406   2/23/2010   LEXUS     LX450    2009 H.B.-ANTI-LOCK BRAKES Fault: POOR              model needs confirmation ?
                                                                                               Had inconsistent brake feeling after slow and steady braking on only 1" of fresh snow. My stopping distance increased substantially
                                                                                               higher than would be expected given the pedal force & slow speed. This increased brake distance in a case of emergency may
                                                                                               have resulted in a crash causing property damage or personal injury. Need to do something (eg. rewrite the programming of the
                                                                                               ABS control Unit?)!!

2010-0408   2/23/2010   TOYOTA   CAMRY     2010 I.S.-INTERIOR SYS Fault: INFORMATION           Log # request. The complainant has apparently measured Electromagnetic Field (EMF) reaching over 100 miligauss (mG) inside
                                                                                               the passengers compartment of his hybrid vehicle, using a Gauss-meter he recently purchased. Some experts apparently indicated
                                                                                               that any EMF over 2 mG could be harmful to the human body. The complainant is very concerned by this issue and feels it should
                                                                                               be investigated further. The dealership has been informed and accepts to let us perform some tests in different vehicles.

2010-0385   2/22/2010   TOYOTA    RAV4     2002 PT-TRANSMISSION AUTOMATIC Fault: POOR          Transmission does not know which gear to go into. Jumps between gears for no reason. Slips sometimes.
                                                PERFORMANCE                                    On a few occasions it was in too high a gear to accelerate the vehicle at a stop sign/light.
                                                                                               He feels this is a safety issue because he can't accelerate appropriately while turning left across in front of oncoming traffic.

2010-0387   2/22/2010   TOYOTA    PRIUS    2005 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: FAILED              On high traffic road, driving at 30 km/hour, coming to a red light, brake failed for 15 to 20 seconds, car jumped ahead momentarily -
                                                                                               sudden acceleration. Engine roared. Car stopped just at entering oncoming traffic. Very frightening!

2010-0388   2/22/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2006 FS-ATTACHMENTS Fault: FAILED == FS-TANK        Filled gas tank. On driving home a very loud noise from under the car. Pulled off and checked for muffler failure. Did not see any
                                                Fault: INFORMATION                             problem. Drove home 2km slowly. Called CAA to have the car towed to Toyota Dealer. Heffner in Kitchener. Diagnosis Gas tank
                                                                                               strap bolt rusted through causing rattle. Zip tied strap as temporary fix. Part on back order until Oct.5. I think that this is premature
                                                                                               failure. Contacted the dealer and got no satisfaction. The car regularly serviced by Toyota.

                                                                                  All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                             Sorted Newest to Oldest

2010-0393   2/22/2010   TOYOTA   CAMRY      2010 LCS-HEAD LIGHTS Fault: POOR PERFORMANCE         Low beams are too low, you can not see very far ahead, when driving on country roads. I find it is very dangerous when driving,
                                                                                                 you could only so far than you see a cut off of the lights. We reported to Toyota and did not receive a satisfactory answer. This
                                                                                                 should be investigated.

2010-0382   2/21/2010   TOYOTA FJ CRUISER   2007 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: POOR                 Vehicle Class: Truck / Sport Utility
                                                                                                 The problem with insufficient braking on bumpy or wet/icy roads. I have experienced it approximately a dozen times since I have
                                                                                                 owned the FJ Cruiser. I don't believe that this problem is limited to the Prius and other hybrid models. I believe the FJ Cruiser
                                                                                                 should be included in this recall. I have contacted Toyota Canada with no response. I am sure they are inundated with all the
                                                                                                 recalls, but it isn't acceptable for no response. Can you look into this or get back to me with my options. Thanks!

2010-0379   2/20/2010   TOYOTA   MATRIX     2006 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION          In the spring of 2007, I watched my wife park our 2006 Matrix, moving less than 5km, when suddenly the front wheels started to
                                                                                                 spin real fast and the car went straight into a concrete wall that was less than 5 feet away. The wall was fine, the front of the car, not
                                                                                                 so good. No airbag was released. I had thought at the time that she may have just hit the accelerator instead of the brake,
                                                                                                 however, it does not appear to be the case as I have read other owner's experience on-line recently.

2010-0380   2/20/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA    2010 SA-ELECTRIC POWER ASSIST Fault: STABILITY       While driving at highway speed, the car has a tendency to wander. Minute steering inputs are required to keep the car straight.
                                                                                                 This condition was noticed right away. Dealer has checked alignment and found it to be within specification. It may be related to
                                                                                                 the steering problem under investigation in the US. I am formally reporting now because I feel have a basis for a complaint due to
                                                                                                 US investigation. Dealer's position is the car is fine, leaving me to think condition is normal.

2010-0367   2/19/2010   TOYOTA   CAMRY      2007 H.B.-BRAKES REAR Fault: SEIZED                  The complainant drove for approximately 2 hours on slushy, snow covered roads. The vehicle was parked for 11-days. When the
                                                                                                 complainant attempted to move the vehicle after being parked he found the left rear drum brake was seized. The parking brake had
                                                                                                 not been applied. The complainant drove the vehicle. The dealership advised the repair would be $450 but would not be covered
                                                                                                 under warranty. The complainant maintained the vehicle himself. The dealership stated that the rear brake mechanism had not
                                                                                                 been lubricated and that is what caused the seized brake. The complainant felt this repair should be covered under the warranty.

2010-0373   2/19/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA    2003 ENG-THROTTLE PLATE Fault: SUDDEN                Reported to Matt Watson at Transport Canada. 8am Feb 18 2010 Westbound Hwy 401 at Esso Gas Station near Ingersoll approx
                                                 ACCELERATION == FS-ACCELERATOR AND              Exit 222. Cruise Control on, accelerated slightly to change lanes from right lane to centre lane. Accelerator pedal went to floor, 7500
                                                 LINKAGE Fault: STICKS/GRABS                     rpm in red zone, speed 150km. Brakes did not work, Accelerator Pedal did not move, shutting Cruise control did not work. Shifted
                                                                                                 to neutral and brakes started working about 4000 rpm. Stopped approx 3.5 km past Esso station. 1500 rpm in Park.

                                                                                                 The complainant brought the vehicle to her dealer and was told the "throttle plate" needed to be replaced as it was the cause of the
                                                                                                 runaway. The complainant also stated that the vehicle has over half a million kilometers on it which would cause excessive wear on
                                                                                                 certain parts, for example throttle components.

                                                                                     All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                                Sorted Newest to Oldest

2010-0354   2/18/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2010 SA-ELECTRIC POWER ASSIST Fault: ERRATIC == Complainant wanted to report a steering issue that occurred February eight 2010. The vehicle was being driven on highway 10 east
                                                SA-GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC                  at around eight in the morning with a passenger. The conditions were good, humidity was noted to be high and a light snow was
                                                                                           observed to be falling with little to no wind during his commute to work. The complainant was driving on a straight section of the
                                                                                           highway when he noted that the vehicle started to veer or drift to the left and then to the right side of the four lane highway. His
                                                                                           passenger questioned if he was doing this on purpose and mentioned that it felt like he was driving like a drunk driver. The
                                                                                           complainant stated that the steering was always kept in the same position and is convinced that their was no input to the drifting of
                                                                                           the vehicle. The vehicle was being operated on cruise control during the incident. The complainant turned off the cruise and slowed
                                                                                           to 80 km/hr where the symptoms ceased to occur and he resumed to his previous speed of 100-110km/hr. The symptom duration
                                                                                           was reported to be only 10 to 15 seconds total. The vehicle was brought to his dealership and they did not believe his story, after
                                                                                           consulting with the service manager, the vehicle was brought in today for inspection.

2010-0355   2/18/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: POOR                      While his wife was driving she was approaching a stop sign. She applied the brakes and the pedal felt very hard and there was
                                                PERFORMANCE                                          more pedal travel. She had to press very hard, the car did stop but a little longer stopping distance.
                                                                                                     They took the vehicle to the dealership. The dealership felt that something was wrong. They flushed the brakes and adjusted the
                                                                                                     The brakes work fine now.
2010-0357   2/18/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2007 SA-FLUID RESERVOIR Fault: == SA-STEERING             Unable to steer the vehicle- Dealer found shavings in steering fluid.
                                                ASSY Fault: LOCK-UP
                                                                                                     Happenned during city driving as she attempted to perform a 45 degree turn onto another street. She initially believed it was due to
                                                                                                     snow accumulated in the wheelwells. She pulled off to the side of the road and cleared the wheelwells of all snow. That appeared to
                                                                                                     have corrected the concern until she again experienced the same concern during a right turn into a mall.

                                                                                                     The vehicle has been purchased new eight months earlier. The dealer flushed the steering system. She has not experienced this
                                                                                                     since the repairs.

                                                                                                     VIN unavailable at this time. She has given us permission to contact the dealer should we need to obtain a copy of the workorder.

2010-0359   2/18/2010   TOYOTA   SIENNA    2005 STRUC.-DOOR - SLIDING Fault: POOR                    The rear passenger and driver side sliding doors do no always open either electronically or manually
                                                PERFORMANCE                                          and remain jammed in a locked position, this occurs randomly.

                                                                                                     To me this is a serious safety issue if exit from the vehicle is required and people can become locked in.

                                                                                                     Toyota has refused to acknowledge this as a problem.

2010-0360   2/18/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2009 SA-GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC                            Le vehicule est instable lors de conduite sur route avec vents lateraux. Je conduit environ 40000km par an depuis les 20 dernieres
                                                                                                     annees et c'est le premier vehicule a se comporter de cette facon.Il faut toujours compenser avec le volant, le vehicule a tendance
                                                                                                     a vouloir deraper en passant de l'asphalte a la neige ou si il y a de l'eau sur la route. Le fait d'avoir des vent lateraux amplifie la
                                                                                                     situation. Ce qui rend la conduite dangereuse avec un effet amplifier a une vitesse 80km/h et +.

                                                                                                     Vehicle Class: Voiture automobile

2010-0361   2/18/2010   TOYOTA   CAMRY     2005 SA-R-CONTROL ARM Fault: FAILED                       Vehilce being driven, suddenly began to wabble and pulled into parking lot. (had it been on a highway -it could have created a bad
                                                                                                     scene). Vehicle was towed from waterloo to Jackson Toyota Barrie. Left rear arm suspension (adjustable) totally torn. File pra 2005-
                                                                                                     7741-Australia Competition consumer Commision recall-Suspension arm not weld properly. The back left tire and axle we're left
                                                                                                     unprotected. There was no warning this would occur and the dealership had a full maintenance tire and suspen

                                                                              All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                         Sorted Newest to Oldest

2010-0319   2/17/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2009 SA-ELECTRIC POWER ASSIST Fault: LOOSE        While driving 50-60 km/h, sometimes the steering wanders. It seems to drift off, does not feel constant. Wind and road irregularities
                                                                                             will cause the car to wander.
                                                                                             The car does not do it all the time, only intermittently. It has been happening since new.
                                                                                             No loss of control or collision.
                                                                                             He has not taken the car to the dealership.

2010-0320   2/17/2010   TOYOTA    PRIUS    2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC           I return my 2010 Toyota Prius that I purchased Dec 18th, 2009 to the Newmarket Toyota dealership where I purchased the car. I
                                                                                             am returning my Prius due to intermittent unsafe brake performance that I have experienced on two occasions. I reported to your
                                                                                             sales man on Sat. Jan 9th 2010 that I had experienced faulty brake performance. I reported "odd pausing" hesitating of my Prius
                                                                                             while driving on the # 401 Friday evening Jan 8th 2010. The road conditions on the # 401 was reduced to a single lane in blustery,
                                                                                             snowy, windy, weather as I drove from Strathroy toward London Ontario. On Feb. 5th, 2010 I took my Prius to Newmarket Toyota
                                                                                             service dept for similar occurrences on Feb 3rd 2010 driving the ramp to # 404 south to Markham. The Toyota service department
                                                                                             wrote on my service report "brakes fine". Yet Toyota announced a brake defect and a global recall just days later. In my opinion this
                                                                                             is not good customer satisfaction. It cannot be stated "fine" then a recall occurs.

2010-0324   2/17/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2010 SA-ELECTRIC POWER ASSIST Fault: STABILITY    XRS model.
                                                == SA-GENERAL Fault: PULLS
                                                                                             Vehicle pulls right and left on straight portions of road.
                                                                                             Steering resistive in curves.

                                                                                             Complainant was involved in a single-car collision in which the vehicle suddenly spun on ice on a straight portion of city street. The
                                                                                             vehicle spun 180 degrees and impacted its right rear wheel against the cement curb ($3000 dammage). He cannot explain what
                                                                                             happened and feels the incident may have been the result of a steering concern. He would have expected the ESC to prevent such
                                                                                             an incident (System active, no lights).

                                                                                             Vehicle has oe all-season tires (P215/45R17 as per manufacturer website). Tire pressures last checked by dealer. Despite
                                                                                             presence of TPMS, recommend he personally perform this operation when tires cold at least once a month.

                                                                                             Left rear wheel was replaced and other unspecified suspension repairs performed due to above-mentionned collision. Dealer likley
                                                                                             performed alignment as part of collision repairs- Confirm with dealer.

                                                                                             Instability observed on dry surface, more obvious on icy surfaces.

                                                                                             Does not appear to be caused by roadway crown.

                                                                                             No particular speed, observed at speeds ranging from 50 to legal highway speeds.

                                                                                             Only one occupant, no cargo in vehicle.

2010-0326   2/17/2010   TOYOTA   MATRIX    2009 FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault: RECALL           The complainant had recall 2010012 (accelerator pedal) performed at the dealership 1-week ago. Following the recall the
                                                CAMPAIGN                                     complainant described the feeling of the accelerator pedal as extremely loose with no resistive feed back. The accelerator pedal
                                                                                             definitively does not feel like it did prior to the recall fix from the dealership. The complainant stated that is was almost impossible
                                                                                             for her to maintain a constant speed on the highway as the pedal provides no resistance.

                                                                                     All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                                Sorted Newest to Oldest

2010-0332   2/17/2010   TOYOTA    YARIS    2006 I.S.-FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS Fault: INFORMATION The complainant is pleased with the vehicle but had an incident of sudden acceleration she wished to bring to the attention of
                                                == FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault: SUDDEN      Transport Canada. The event occurred one year ago in February 2009. The vehicle suddenly accelerated on the highway as the
                                                ACCELERATION                               complainant applied the accelerator pedal moderately. She was eventually able to slow and stop the vehicle with the brakes. The
                                                                                           vehicle was brought to a stop on he side of the highway and turned off the engine. The complainant restarted the vehicle and drove
                                                                                           home. The vehicle was inspected at the dealership in February 2009 and no problem was found. The complainant stated that the
                                                                                           non-OEM floor mat did not interfere with the pedals. The complainant is aware that her vehicle is not included in the recent recalls
                                                                                           for floor mats or accelerator pedals. However the complainant stated that her vehicle's accelerator pedal should be re-inspected for
                                                                                           free by the dealership now to rule out any problem as the dealership would not have been aware there was a problem last year. A
                                                                                           Toyota file was generated # 1458510
2010-0345   2/17/2010   TOYOTA   MATRIX    2010 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION     I was in stopped traffic heading north on Markham Rd toward Hwy 7 in Markham, Ontario. As traffic started to proceed I gently put
                                                                                           my foot on the accellarartor to slowly move with the flow of traffic. My car raced up to 3500 RPMs and I hit the car in front of me.
                                                                                           There were no injuries but there was damage to both or our cars. I contacted Whitby Toyota and Toyota Canada as I feel this was
                                                                                           as a result of the unintended accellaration issues that 2010 Matrixs have. Toyota has been no help.

                                                                                                     PLAM call complainant:

                                                                                                     Stop and go traffic, following vehicle ahead at approximately five feet distance. Vehicle ahead accelerated. Took foot off brake
                                                                                                     pedal. Required more than idle speed to keep up so pressed lightly on the accelerator. Engine RPM suddenly accelerated more
                                                                                                     that expected from pedal input. Returned to press brakes with two feet and engine remained at approximately 3500RPM. His
                                                                                                     vehicle caught up with the preceding vehicle (which was not stopping). Brakes decelerated the vehicle and ABS actuation felt. He
                                                                                                     impacted the vehicle ahead. Engine speed came back to normal idle after impact.

                                                                                                     The vehicle was taken to the dealer the next day. Pedal was checked and reported not to exhibit any anomaly. Complainant
                                                                                                     displeased with method used and findings.

                                                                                                     Manufacturer insisting that pedal fix be performed. Complainant reluctant to have this done. Manufacturer apparently offering
                                                                                                     replacement vehicle.

                                                                                                     Complainant expressed desire that we inspect his vehicle and report findings to insurer to clear his driving record (six star rating
                                                                                                     prior to event). PLAM advised that not purpose of this investigation but he is welcome to request a copy of findings when complete
                                                                                                     (he is aware that this could take a while).

                                                                                                     Complainant believes electronic concerns. He has never experience anything unusual with the vehicle until this event. Cruise
                                                                                                     control was off at time of event. Single All Weather Floor Mat secured to driver floor hooks (Complainant will email photos). No
                                                                                                     interference possible with pedals.

2010-0346   2/17/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2007 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION               The car has had a history of "lurching" ahead. This occurs after the foot has been removed from the gas pedal. Usually it had
                                                                                                     been caught in time. We believed this was particular to this vehicle, but in light of the Toyota vehicle problems it seems that that is
                                                                                                     not relative to our vehicle alone. On the above mentioned date the car was in our home garage and lurched ahead causing
                                                                                                     damage to the car itself, the BBQ and the wall and door of the garage itself.

2010-0350   2/17/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2010 SA-ELECTRIC POWER ASSIST Fault: STABILITY            At highway speeds over 80 kph, the steering feels very light with little feedback and the vehicle tends to wander off line.

                                                                             All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                        Sorted Newest to Oldest

2010-0351   2/17/2010   TOYOTA   SIENNA   2006 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: WORN              I had to replace the front brake pads on the 2006 Sienna @ 33,000 klms and replace them again including the rotors and rear brake
                                                                                            pads @ 53,000 klms. Also the tires only lasted to 51,000 klms. I never owned any vehicle that I needed to replace the brake parts
                                                                                            so soon. As an example, my 2003 Toyota Camry brakes and tires lasted to over 96,000 klms. So before putting 55,000 klms on
                                                                                            the van, it had cost me over $3000.00 in replacement parts ! Substandard or not properly rated parts?

2010-0308   2/16/2010   TOYOTA   AVALON   2005 SA-STEERING ASSY Fault: VIBRATES             While driving on rough roads the steering wheel emits a strong vibration. The dealership inspected the vehicle and identified a part
                                                                                            needed to be replaced within the steering column. The complainant is unaware which piece in the steering column needs to be
2010-0334   2/16/2010   TOYOTA   MATRIX   2009 STRUC.-BUMPERS Fault: CRACKED/SPLIT          There is a plastic or fiberglass molding at the front of the vehicle ,I believe it is part of the bumper assembly , my wife was driving
                                                                                            and hit a piece of ice on the road,when we got home we notice a 3to4inch tear on this part of the car(exactly what the dealer said
                                                                                            and said they are not responsible).Is it normal that this should happen .Should not this part of the car sustain a minor impact of this
                                                                                            nature without any damage to the vehicle. I bring this issue to your attention for consideration

2010-0337   2/16/2010   TOYOTA   YARIS    2007 H.B.-WARNING SYSTEM-LIGHT Fault:             My ABS and emergency brake light have been coming on and off very frequently for the past year.This winter,the lights came on
                                               INFORMATION                                  &stayed on.I have no ABS brakes.Toyota is aware of this problem,which appears to be very common,and are only covering the
                                                                                            replacement parts for those vehicles still under warranty. PLEASE review
                                                                                   This happening to way too many :(

2010-0338   2/16/2010   TOYOTA    RAV4    2002 FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault: STICKS/GRABS     Vehicle Class: Truck / Sport Utility

                                                                                            My complaint is about a sticking accelerator pedal. This occurred just one time last year (before the recall) when my car suddenly
                                                                                            went from 40 kph to approx. 90 kph or more. It was very frightening. I took it to my mechanic right away who told me the accelerator
                                                                                            may have stuck in the carpet. After the recall this year, my mechanic advised me to contact Toyota and let them know. Downtown
                                                                                            Toronto Toyota where I had purchased the vehicle just said my car was not part of the recall.

2010-0339   2/16/2010   TOYOTA    RAV4    2002 FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault: RUNAWAY          SAME COMPLAINANT AS 2010-0338

                                                                                            My complaint is about a sticking accelerator pedal. This occurred just one time last year (before the recall) when my car suddenly
                                                                                            went from 40 kph to approx. 90 kph or more. It was very frightening. I took it to my mechanic right away who told me the accelerator
                                                                                            may have stuck in the carpet. After the recall this year, my mechanic advised me to contact Toyota and let them know. Downtown
                                                                                            Toronto Toyota where I had purchased the vehicle just said my car was not part of the recall.

                                                                                    All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                               Sorted Newest to Oldest

2010-0303   2/15/2010   TOYOTA    YARIS    2009 I.S.-FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS Fault: INFORMATION Engine runaway after passing manoeuvre.
                                                == ENG-ENGINE Fault: RUNAWAY
                                                                                           Accessed highway after being parked for two hours. Passed a vehicle and engine kept accelerating.

                                                                                                   Complainant claims accelerator pedal was operating freely. He hit it several time with his foot and noted it would go down and back
                                                                                                   up completely. The engine speed returned to normal while he was hitting the pedal.

                                                                                                   No attempts to brake were made.

                                                                                                   Cruise control was not engaged.

                                                                                                   Aftermarket rubber floor mat on top of secured OE mat. Knobby reverse side ensures no movement. Dealer observed 1/4 inch
                                                                                                   from accelerator pedal (but complainant insists not touching).

2010-0304   2/15/2010   TOYOTA   CAMRY     2003 FS-THROTTLE Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION             Aug 2006. The complainant pulled into her driveway and made a 90 deg turn around the house. All of a sudden the vehicle took off
                                                                                                   on it's own. She doesn’t think that she applied the brakes. The vehicle impacted utility trailer.

                                                                                                   The dealer inspected the vehicle and found nothing wrong.
                                                                                                   There was no light on the dash before or after the incident.
                                                                                                   The floor mats were factory mats and were properly anchored.

                                                                                                   Her husband had a similar incident. When he pulled onto the highway the car took off on its own for a brief moment but went back
                                                                                                   to normal after wards.

                                                                                                   The car has worked fine every since the first two incidents.

2010-0309   2/15/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2010 SA-ELECTRIC POWER ASSIST Fault: STABILITY          While driving at highway speeds in light to moderate wind conditions the vehicle is difficult to maintain direction. Vehicle will
                                                                                                   continually wander and requires constant correction to maintain desired direction of travel.

2010-0310   2/15/2010   TOYOTA   SIENNA    2008 FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault: JAMMED                 Gas pedal jammed on 2008 Toyota Sienna. The vehicle accelerating to high end speeds. April 5, 2008 vehicle was inspected by
                                                                                                   Toyota Dealership in Ottawa. They claimed that there was no problem with my Toyota. Dealership blamed the floor mats. February
                                                                                                   12th, 2010, a 2nd inspection of this Toyota Sienna from a different Dealership. The Toyota Gatineau reported that there is no
                                                                                                   problem with the gas pedal.

2010-0311   2/15/2010   TOYOTA   MATRIX    2004 H.B.-BRAKE DRUM Fault: CRACKED/SPLIT               During the NS Safety Inspection they found a very small crack on the left rear brake drum. The crack was between the front of the
                                                                                                   drum and where it meets the inner surface. I wrote to Toyota,they pasted off just wear. I worked in the automotive industry for many
                                                                                                   years I never seen a drum split open there. An after all the safety problems that they have hid is this another one.

2010-0313   2/15/2010   TOYOTA   CAMRY     2008 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: FAILED == ENG-          Log number. Driver of Toyota Camry waiting at ferry, vehicles in front started to move, appears Toyota Camry driver started to
                                                GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION                 move forward, then went to stop and reported car kept going. Further details not yet known. Driver just received recall notice
                                                                                                   which prompted him to contact insurer. Appears vehicle been repaired - not know if recall work done yet.

                                                                             All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                        Sorted Newest to Oldest

2010-0292   2/12/2010   TOYOTA   CAMRY    2007 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION       Complainant's letter rec'd Feb 09, 2010:
                                               == ENG-GENERAL Fault: SURGE
                                                                                            You recently issued a recall on select Toyota models in response to reports that, in rary cases, there is the possibility that the
                                                                                            accelerator pedal may mechanically stick. You state that you place the safety ofyour customers above everything else. However, as
                                                                                            a Toyota owner until approximately one year ago, I must inform you of my personal experience as a dissatisfied owner and my lack
                                                                                            of confidence in our Toyota Camry V6 (2007).
                                                                                            After one successful lease experience with a (2003) Toyota Camry, 4 door sedan LE V6, model we leased a 2007 new Toyota
                                                                                            Camry LE V6 (VIN 4TIBK46K77UXXXXXX) from Red Deer Toyota 14068, through Product Advisor, Russ Joseph. We also
                                                                                            purchased an additional extra-cost mechanical protection agreement for leased Toyota vehicles (Extra Care Protection).
                                                                                            Although I was the principal driver of the vehicle, my husband also drove it in the city and out oftown. Early in 2007 I experienced a
                                                                                            disturbing problem with the vehicle. When slowing down there was an unintended acceleration, a jerk, as the car surged forward. I
                                                                                            mentioned this to my husband who, at trrst, did not experience this mechanical problem. When he did, he discussed this problem
                                                                                            with our Red Deer Toyota dealer. He assured us that the mechanic would assess our concerns during a regular service. Initially the
                                                                                            concerns and problems were discussed verbally and not noted on the service invoices. It was brought to my attention that an
                                                                                            automatic car has a memory that adjusts to one driver and when another person drives the vehicle-there isa possihilityof electronic
                                                                                            disobedience. Apparently the mechanic had been in touch with Toyota Canada ~ad office and they reprogrammed the electronic
                                                                                            system. From the service invoices and correspondence you will note that the problem was ongoing.
                                                                                            We became frustrated and more distrusting of the vehicle, especially when told that our vehicle was only one offive in Canada that
                                                                                            seemed to have this problem. The dealer k~pt
                                                                                            teIIing us that Toyota head office was examining the problem and a potential fix was in the works.
                                                                                            Then in March 2008 the dealer replaced the transmission. However this did not alleviate the unintended acceleration problem.
                                                                                            Three weeks later I was still experiencing the problem and our patience was wearing thin. At this time there were some news
                                                                                            reports of a problem with sefect Toyota models.
                                                                                            Finally by April we had become so dissatisfied with the lack of service expertise that my husband contacted Toyota leasing to
                                                                                            determine the amount still outstanding. We no longer had peace ofmind driving a vehicle with obvious mechanical defects which we
                                                                                            feltcouldputourlives injeopardy. Theserviceexpertise ofthenationaldealernetwork did not appear to be committed to providing us, the
                                                                                            customers, with a pleasurable ownership experience. We informed the Red Deer Toyota dealer that the Camry did not meet all our
                                                                                            expectations and since Toyota Canada had not taken immediate steps to resolve our concerns, we no longer wished to drive the
                                                                                            vehicle. At this stage the dealer offered some alternative vehicles for leasing or purchasing, but we no longer felt confidence in
                                                                                            Toyota vehicles. We cancelled the contract with the leasing company and Russ Joseph picked up the car as well as a cheque in the
                                                                                            amount still owing on the contract.

2010-0301   2/12/2010   TOYOTA   YARIS    1997 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: INFORMATION       My Toyota Yaris has a malfunctioning sensor. 600 are back ordered. Nothing wrong with the brakes, yet abs and brake warning
                                                                                            lights are on. Toyota knows about this and will only fix it for people under warranty because it is expensive. See link
                                                                                            This needs to be a recall. Please see these threads. A lot of people.

2010-0302   2/12/2010   TOYOTA   TACOMA   2006 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION       I was pulling into a parking stall at my brothers condo complex in Calgary, Alberta at approximately 14:40 on Friday, February 5,
                                                                                            2010. Applied the brakes the truck accelerated quickly. I hit a fence before I could kill the ignition. Lots of damage to truck and
                                                                                            fence. Police report #XXXXXXX Calgary Police Service.

                                                                                      All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                                 Sorted Newest to Oldest

2010-0290   2/11/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2010 I.S.-SEAT BELT - REAR 3PT Fault:                     False latch complaint. Rear left position.
                                                                                                     PLAM discussed w/BHOL, inspected similar vehicle in shop- Rear outboard (left) passenger buckle to right of centre passenger
                                                                                                     buckle. Centre buckle identified "Centre". Centre position buckle does not latch left latchplate inserted and vice-versa.

                                                                                                     TSB on subject.

                                                                                                     Complainant will be advised as intended by design.

2010-0294   2/11/2010   TOYOTA    PRIUS    2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC == H.B.- The complainant reports a complete brake failure after travelling over bumps and/or potholes between 30 and 40 km/h. For less
                                                BRAKES GENERAL Fault: FAILED                then a second, it feels like the vehicle is on the ice and it does not slow down. This occurs without any prior warning and
                                                                                            compromise the safe operation of the vehicle for a fraction of a second, particularly dangerous for pedestrians. The brake failure
                                                                                            can be voluntarily reproduced almost anytime.

2010-0297   2/11/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2010 SA-ELECTRIC POWER ASSIST Fault: STABILITY            There is no specific incident date it’s always been like this since I bought it new. Driving on a highway over 80 km/h the car will drift
                                                                                                     left and right it want keep a straight line. I brought it back to the dealer the week after I bought it to check that out, they did an
                                                                                                     alignment but that didn’t fix the problem.

2010-0150   2/10/2010   TOYOTA   CAMRY     1990 INFO.-UNKNOWN Fault: INJURY-NAUSEA/SICK              Engine exhaust fumes entering the passenger compartment.
2010-0272   2/10/2010   TOYOTA   AVALON    2006 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION               Complainant's fax Feb 8th, 2010:

                                                                                                     Reversing from driveway, backing and turning, put car into drive to enter driving lane and car leaped forward 15-20 feet of forward
                                                                                                     travel at full acceleration until it hit a bush and immobilized. Front wheels dug into earth. Wheels about 4" deep into earth. Repair
                                                                                                     cost $2000 + Invoice sent to Toyota November 09.

                                                                                                     See complaint form in p:drive.
2010-0274   2/10/2010   TOYOTA   AVALON    2007 STRUC.-SUN ROOF Fault: EJECTED                       Complainant's fax Feb 4th, 2010:

                                                                                                     The writer is the owner of a 2007 Toyota Avalon. On the morning of February 3, 2010, while traveling on a freeway in the city of
                                                                                                     Edmonton in the Province of Alberta, the sun roof on the motor vehicle shattered, without coming into contact with any object other
                                                                                                     than the wind. In view of the recent deficiencies in Toyota products, we think that this apparent defet defect needs to be

2010-0278   2/10/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2009 H.B.-DISC PADS AND SHOES Fault: WORN                 See fax in p:drive. the dealer that grinding sound was because the brake pads needed replacing after 36,000 KM. with 50% wear.
                                                                                                     Owner advised by
                                                                                                     Owner felt that this was premature and felt Toyota should coved the cost.

2010-0279   2/10/2010   TOYOTA    YARIS    2007 H.B.-ANTI-LOCK BRAKES Fault: POOR                    The ABS speed sensors malfunction during cold weather. This results in the ABS breaking system to be deactivated, indicated by
                                                OPERATIONS                                           the dashboard malfunction lights. A Safety Bulletin has been released by Toyota, however, the repairs are to be done at the owners
                                                                                                     expense. The TSB number is: T-SB-0120-08.

                                                                               All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                          Sorted Newest to Oldest

2010-0280   2/10/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2010 SA-ELECTRIC POWER ASSIST Fault: STABILITY     Electric Power Steering. When driving on the highway vehicle wanders and drifts in the lane causing driver to constantly correct the
                                                                                              steering to keep the car in the lane. It is more noticable and pronounced during windy conditions. I have reported this to Toyota
                                                                                              Canada and they gave me a case number. NHTSA in the U.S. is starting to investigate steering complaints on the 2009 and 2010

                                                                                              I believe this to be a potentially serious safety issue and concern and to have it investigated.
2010-0281   2/10/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2010 SA-ELECTRIC POWER ASSIST Fault: STABILITY     The following has occurred numerous times since the purchase of my vehicle. Four of those incidences were inches away from a

                                                                                              When driving on hiways (100+kph), the vehicle will all of a sudden start to wander in lane, sometimes drifiting outside the lane, for a
                                                                                              few hundred yards. Then as suddenly as it starts, it stops. The wandering has almost caused four collisions on the hiway. This
                                                                                              requires investigation before someone gets seriously injured, or worse at these hi speeds.

2010-0283   2/10/2010   TOYOTA    RAV4     2009 FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault: STICKS/GRABS      Vehicle Class: Truck / Sport Utility

                                                                                              CACL REQUESTING LOG NUMBER. Complainant had noticed her accelerator pedal sticking for some time. Took it into dealer in
                                                                                              November 2009 but they could not find anything wrong with the vehicle. Two months later the complainant had an incident where
                                                                                              she was having trouble getting the vehicle to travel faster than 70 km/h. All of a sudden it accelerated to 110 km/h and she had
                                                                                              difficulty bringing the vehicle to a stop. Recall work on the accelerator pedal was subsequently performed.

2010-0288   2/10/2010   TOYOTA    PRIUS    2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC            This braking problem happens weekly, I've adjusted by leaving more space in front of me. Car surges forward when braking and
                                                                                              hitting an uneven surface. Heading North West in the far right lane of Kingsway past Rupert, there is a manhole cover that causes
                                                                                              this to happen for an approx 8 foot surge. The most frightening time was when King Edward was being resurfaced last summer,
                                                                                              and the top of the pavement had been removed and the surface was very rough - the car went 20 feet out of control

2010-0261   2/9/2010    TOYOTA    YARIS    2007 H.B.-ANTI-LOCK BRAKES Fault: FAILED           After a recent snow storm, the roads were pretty slushy. At one point, when I applied the brakes, I immediately noticed that the ABS
                                                                                              and the (!) lights went on at the same time and remained on. This is the same time I noticed that my car's ABS was not working. I
                                                                                              could still brake but was uncomfortable to drive in icy conditions without ABS. Here is a forum that discusses this:
                                                                                              Seems to be prevalent in yaris during winter.

2010-0265   2/9/2010    TOYOTA   COROLLA   2009 ENG-GENERAL Fault: STALLS                     On one occasion when i was stopping at a Stop sign, i felt my car vibrate as if it was about to stall but it didnt.

                                                                                              On another occasion, when i was coming off the highway and entering into a plaza, i was coming to an intersection and slowed the
                                                                                              car down and it stalled. I believe Corollas have a stalling problem and the brakes seem bad too, not just with the Prius.

                                                                                              See article.

2010-0266   2/9/2010    TOYOTA    PRIUS    2005 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: POOR               There have been problems with the brakes ever since I bought the vehicle. In wet weather they become very sensitive and "grab". I
                                                PERFORMANCE                                   reported this to the service dept at the dealership several times. Despite the fact that I have over 35 yrs of accident free driving, I
                                                                                              was given a braking lecture. More recently I reported a rumbling noise when driving on rough pavement. Each time I was told that
                                                                                              there is nothing wrong with the car. Last week I was told the problems are in the USA only.

                                                                               All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                          Sorted Newest to Oldest

2010-0267   2/9/2010   TOYOTA   PRIUS      2008 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC            I have experienced the braking issue recently identified by Toyota as affecting the 2010 model in my car which is a 2008 model. I
                                                                                              have not had any serious issue because of it but it is definately there as they describe it. When braking on a rough or bumpy
                                                                                              surface the brakes seem to let go momentarily. I have contacted Toyota Canada as well.

2010-0268   2/9/2010   TOYOTA   PRIUS      2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC            Duplicate of 2010-0160.

                                                                                              When I step on the brakes of my car to slow down and the car hits a depression on the road, the brakes momentarily fail to work
                                                                                              causing the car to jerk forward. Transport Canada assigned Mr Andy Koschate (Field Investigator) to check my car. Mr Koschate
                                                                                              test drove my car on Saturday February 6 2010 and he confirmed he was able to reproduce the same problem with the brakes
                                                                                              based on my earlier description.

2010-0269   2/9/2010   TOYOTA   SIENNA     2009 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: POOR               A très basse vitesse, sur une surface glacée, lorsque l'on appuie sur les freins il y a un délai avant que les roues se mettent à
                                                PERFORMANCE                                   freiner. Cela se produit souvent.
                                                                                              At slow speed on a slippery surface when you apply the brakes there is a delay.

2010-0273   2/9/2010   TOYOTA HIGHLANDER   2008 VIS-MIRROR Fault: POOR VISIBILITY == ACC-     Complainant wanted to report a concern with her vehicle's review mirror and factory installed DVD flip down screen. The
                                                ACCESSORIES Fault: LOCATION                   complainant upon driving home from the dealership, they noted that the DVD screen when flipped down in the viewing mode, the
                                                                                              screen blocks 90% of the rear view mirror vision. The complainant feels that this could cause her not see a oncoming vehicles from
                                                                                              the rear which could cause a collision.

2010-0276   2/9/2010   TOYOTA HIGHLANDER   2008 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC            Complainant wanted to report similar concerns as reported for the Prius hybrid model. This vehicle is also a hybrid version and the
                                                                                              complainant has experienced similar conditions when braking at 30 - 40 km/hr, the vehicle feels like it jumps forwards. The
                                                                                              complainant has not brought the vehicle to her dealership for diagnosis yet and has not reported this to the manufacturer.
                                                                                              Recommended that she proceed to contact the manufacturer and her dealership for inspection.

2010-0248   2/8/2010   TOYOTA   PRIUS      2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC            when he hits a defect in the road (dip), while braking for a turn about, 20 km/h, the brake lets go, feels like it lurches forwards. 1/4-
                                                                                              1/2 second.
                                                                                              reported the issue to Toyota dealership last June/July.

2010-0250   2/8/2010   LEXUS    ES350      2007 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION
                                                                                              ****DUPLICATE LOG- PLEASE REFER TO 2010-0118****

                                                                                              The complainant pressed on the brake as she turned onto a narrow winding road. The vehicle immediately accelerated
                                                                                              uncontrollably and the vehicle bouced off from one side of the road to the other until it rolled off the roadway and off into a ravine.
                                                                                              Appears that a witness with a view of the rear of the vehicle may have been present during the event (brake lamps?). The vehicle
                                                                                              came to rest on its roof and the restrained driver was able to attract attention by activating the horn. The engine apparently ran at
                                                                                              idle for a period of time as she was unable to reach the stop button. It is unclear if the engine turned off by itself or was turned off by
2010-0251   2/8/2010   TOYOTA   SIENNA     2004 STRUC.-DOOR Fault: MAINTENANCE RELATED        There is a problem with the check strap on the driver's door. At first the door started to make a popping sound every time you
                                                                                              opened or closed the door. An example of this can be found on the web at "". After
                                                                                              approximately 2 months of this popping noise, the check strap broke off completely. Now the door will fly open all the way unless
                                                                                              you carefully hold unto the door while opening it.

                                                                              All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                         Sorted Newest to Oldest

2010-0254   2/8/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA    2005 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION       Bonjour

                                                                                             Je possède une Toyota Corolla 2005 depuis 2005 et en 2006 j'ai eu un accident de voiture. Alors que je me stationnais la voiture
                                                                                             c'est '' emballer'' et j'ai monter une chaine de trottoir et une colline pour finir ma route dans un arbre et au passage j'ai accidenté 1
                                                                                             véhicule qui étais heureusement stationner et sans occupant. Les policiers qui ce sont rendu sur les lieux m'ont demandé si j'étais
                                                                                             en boisson et que je m'étais tromper de pédale. Ce que je sais pertinament être faux.
                                                                                             Sudden acelerartion event where the driver struck other vehicles and a tree. The police asked the driver if they were drinking or hit
                                                                                             the wrong pedal.

2010-0256   2/8/2010   TOYOTA    PRIUS     2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC           When braking on uneven or rough pavement, the brakes tend to "float" for about one second, and then they engage properly.
                                                                                             When I use the term "float",I mean that the brakes don't engage properly for a second or so, and after this initial second they begin
                                                                                             to brake properly.

                                                                                             The above mentioned problem has occurred several times usually when coming up to a stop sign or traffic light on bumpy or
                                                                                             uneven pavement. I want my car recalled by Toyota & I want this braking problem fixed immediately.
2010-0258   2/8/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA    2000 ENG-ENGINE Fault: RUNAWAY == H.B.-BRAKES     This event happened in 2002. This owner was in the middle lane of an divided highway. The driver shoulder checked and moved
                                                GENERAL Fault: FAILED                        into the right lane when they got into the right lane the traffic was stopped and this vehicle crashed into the rear of the vehicle in
                                                                                             front. $10,000 damage in this vehicle. With the resent Toyota Press the owner stated they had 3 or 4 sudden acceleration events
                                                                                             and felt their was "a ghost" in the car applying the gas pedal as it was felt moving down on its own. The owner also report a brake
2010-0242   2/7/2010   TOYOTA HIGHLANDER   2006 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: POOR
                                                PERFORMANCE                                  Braking will momentarily cut out when vehicle goes over a bump.

2010-0236   2/6/2010   TOYOTA    PRIUS     2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC           Systématiquement, sur toute surface inégale comme une voie ferrée, un puisard de système d'égout, un nid de poule, ou même
                                                                                             une surface enneigée avec beaucoup de cavités durcies, le freinage de mon véhicule perd subitement de la puissance et l'auto
                                                                                             réduit d'autant sa décélération. En d'autres mots, c'est comme si je lâchais les freins alors que j'appuie en réalité à fond sur la
                                                                                             pédale. Cela s'est produit encore le 12 janvier dernier sur un passage à niveau près de ma résidence.
                                                                                             Sudden change in brake performance when hitting bumps.

2010-0237   2/6/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA    2008 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SURGE                     I suspect there is a software problem in the speed control for my 2008 Toyota Corolla (2T1BR32E48CXXXXXX). While sitting at a
                                                                                             traffic light with my foot on the brake pedal, I've often noticed the engine RPM accelerate from 750 to 1100 for several seconds then
                                                                                             return to 750. I've also noticed the car accelerating or slowing down a few KPH when cruising on the highway. As I slowly press on
                                                                                             the gas pedal, nothing happens for the first few seconds then the car lurches at a faster acceleration.

2010-0238   2/6/2010   TOYOTA   TACOMA     2008 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SURGE                     Several times while parking in garage engine has raced slightly prompting me to apply brakes. Random occurence, not regular. I've
                                                                                             noted it and have used caution but never thought to report it until reading news reports about Toyota problems. Never happened in
                                                                                             reverse. Never while out driving. Engine changes pitch and surges slightly. Not enough to do serious damage but enough to bump
2010-0239   2/6/2010   TOYOTA    PRIUS     2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC           Intermittently upon braking, there is either a pause before brakes kick in or rarely, a slight surge before the brakes kick in. Have
                                                                                             noticed this over the past 2 weeks even before the media reports

                                                                             All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2010-0202   2/5/2010   TOYOTA   TUNDRA   2010 FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault: STICKS/GRABS      The complainant reported several incidences of difficulties slowing down his vehicle when approaching a stop sign. The
                                                                                            complainant noted that the engine remains at 1500 rpm with his foot off the accelerator pedal. The complainant advised the
                                                                                            dealership twice of this problem in the Fall of 2009. The dealership dismissed the complainant. The complainant stated he had 2
                                                                                            work orders noting the problem to the dealership. Recently, the complainant experienced the same problem and contacted TC. The
                                                                                            complainant had TC Recall # 2009290 (mat) completed. The complainant had not yet received postal notice of Recall # 2010012
                                                                                            (pedal). PTIE advised to contact the dealership.

2010-0205   2/5/2010   TOYOTA   TACOMA   2006 H.B.-ANTI-LOCK BRAKES Fault: POOR             complainant's email Feb 4th, 2010:
                                                                                            I own a 2006 Toyota Tacoma and my vehicle has had the same problem for some time now. When I depress the brake peddal on
                                                                                            uneven surfaces or other instances during winter driving (on a gravelled road & I have new winter tites) the anti-lock system
                                                                                            engages and it is as if I had removed my foot from the brake peddal entirely. I can only regain control of the vehicle if I remove my
                                                                                            foot from the brake, wait for the ABS to turn off, and re-engage.
                                                                                            I have mentioned/complained to my local Toyota dealer for three years now and they repeatedly state that this is "normal". On
                                                                                            several occasions I came close to having an accident, one of which was close to being very serius if not fatal.

2010-0207   2/5/2010   TOYOTA   PRIUS    2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC            complainant's email Feb 4th, 2010:

                                                                                            I would like to add both myself and my daughter to the list. We both have a 2010 Toyota Prius, purchased from Open Road Toyota
                                                                                            in Richmond, BC, and we both have experienced the disconnection from the road / apparent acceleration problem while breaking
                                                                                            on an uneven road surface. It’s a scary experience even though it did not turn into any MVA for either of us. This problem has
                                                                                            occurred several times for both of us.

                                                                                            Open Road Toyota and Toyota Canada have been advised by email of the problem for both of our cars.

2010-0208   2/5/2010   TOYOTA   PRIUS    2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC            complainant's email Feb 4th, 2010:

                                                                                            I would like to add both myself and my daughter to the list. We both have a 2010 Toyota Prius, purchased from Open Road Toyota
                                                                                            in Richmond, BC, and we both have experienced the disconnection from the road / apparent acceleration problem while breaking
                                                                                            on an uneven road surface. It’s a scary experience even though it did not turn into any MVA for either of us. This problem has
                                                                                            occurred several times for both of us.

                                                                                            Open Road Toyota and Toyota Canada have been advised by email of the problem for both of our cars.

2010-0210   2/5/2010   TOYOTA   PRIUS    2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC            complainant's email Feb 4th, 2010:

                                                                                            We own a new 2010 Prius vehicle. We have in fact experienced the momentarily loss of brakes when driving on a uneven road,
                                                                                            drove over a pothole or driven over a bump.

                                                                                            How do we go about filing a complaint?

                                                                                 All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                            Sorted Newest to Oldest

2010-0211   2/5/2010   TOYOTA    PRIUS    2008 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: FAILED                complainant's email Feb 5th, 2010:

                                                                                                Quirky, unusual and in certain conditions almost ineffectual braking / steering is not a problem particular to 2010 the Prius.
                                                                                                I have had numerous occaisions where the brake reaction to drivers input have produced varied & sometimes delayed and
                                                                                                dangerous responses. On one occaision when approaching a row of cars that were waiting for a light to change, I had to drive into
                                                                                                the opposing lane to avoid slamming into the vehicles ahead of me. The car literally had no brakes & actually seemed to accelerate
                                                                                                rather than brake for a second or two ! I would have been in a serious accident had the oncoming lane been occupied with a vehicle
                                                                                                coming in the opposite direction. There is no question about that. I was just lucky.

                                                                                                The model I drive is a 2008 Prius. It is equipped with 4 studded snow tires and now has approx. 57,000 km on it.
                                                                                                This particular incident happened on a slight downgrade that was slushy on a fairly mild day when the road surface was somewhat
                                                                                                slippery. I applied the brakes normally but for a few seconds there was no braking taking place.
                                                                                                It is quite surprising when you are expecting brakes and there is no braking taking place. A less experienced driver would have
                                                                                                slammed into the cards ahead - no question. The problem with brakes is that you expect then to work instantly with no delay in all

                                                                                                Our 21 year old daughter has also been scared to the point where she will not drive the Prius in anything other than perfect, dry
                                                                                                driving conditions. She also drives a Pontiac Vibe & Pontiac Torrent with no hesitation. The Vibe is a Toyota Matrix / Vibe model.
                                                                                                This problem is particular to the Prius model in our experience.

                                                                                                We have a variety of vehicles that are driven in all weather and road conditions. I drive approx. 80,000 -100,000 km a year and have
                                                                                                for 40 years. We currently own & drive 11 other vehicles in our immediate family. Three are put away for the winter months.
                                                                                                A Cadillac Deville, A Lincoln Town Car and a Motorhome. The vehicles we drive in the winter all have 4 studded snow tires. We
                                                                                                have a age range of drivers from 21 years to 93 years currently driving with no accidents.

                                                                                                We drive 4 Toyota vehicles and find them to be fuel efficient and quality vehicles. We have an excellent Toyota dealership in
                                                                                                Timmins. This is not a Toyota bashing letter but they do have a braking problem under certain conditions that two members of our
                                                                                                family have experienced. It was only luck that accidents did not occur.

                                                                                                This problem combined with a driver who is expecting or needing instant brakes in an emergency situation will produce dire results.
                                                                                                If you are serious about recreating the above scenario, feel free to contact me daytime.

2010-0212   2/5/2010   TOYOTA    PRIUS    2005 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: POOR

2010-0216   2/5/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2009 I.S.-AIR BAG SIDE - DRIVER Fault: NON-           The complainant's wife was driving the vehicle. She stopped the vehicle at a stop sign and then proceeded into the intersection.
                                               DEPLOYMENT                                       The vehicle was struck on the left side by the front of a large utility van. The vehicles came to rest in the intersection. The
                                                                                                complainant's wife received minor injuries. The specific complaint was that the side air bag and side curtain did not deploy in the
                                                                                                case vehicle during the collision. ICBC has the vehicle. The preliminary photo did not reveal the damage profile of the case vehicle,
                                                                                                however it would appear the case vehicle may have been struck at the left front axle and a secondary side slap occurred as the
                                                                                                vehicles travelled towards one quadrant of the intersection to final rest. PTIE will review photos of damaged case vehicle.

2010-0219   2/5/2010   TOYOTA    PRIUS    2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC               Problèmes intermittants lors d'utilisation des freins, particulièrement sur une route cahoteuse. Les freins ne semblent pas
                                                                                                embarquer et on a l'impression d'une poussée d'accélération. Depuis l'achat le problème est survenu à plusieurs reprises.
                                                                                                Intermittent brake concerns when driving on bumpy roads, see French complaint for more details.

                                                                               All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                          Sorted Newest to Oldest

2010-0220   2/5/2010   TOYOTA    PRIUS     2008 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: FAILED             I was driving my vehicle on a thinly snow covered road and when I went to brake the brakes did not engage and the car lurched
                                                                                              forward and I hit the guardrailsw twice. Fortunately the tire made contact with the rail and no damage resulted.
                                                                                              I asked to have the brakes checked but the Toyota dealer wants to charge me.

2010-0221   2/5/2010   TOYOTA    PRIUS     2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC            There definitely is a problem with the brakes on the 2010 Prius. If braking while going over bumps (eg railroad tracks) momentarily
                                                                                              there are no brakes. This has happened to me several times. It is very disconcerting.

2010-0222   2/5/2010   TOYOTA    PRIUS     2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC            There definitely is a problem with the brakes on the 2010 Prius. If braking while going over bumps (eg railroad tracks) momentarily
                                                                                              there are no brakes. This has happened to me several times. It is very disconcerting.

2010-0223   2/5/2010   TOYOTA FJ CRUISER   2008 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: POOR               Le véhicule ne freîne pas du tout lorsque je tente de freiner sur une surface inégale et/ou un peu glissante. Comme si je n'avais
                                                PERFORMANCE                                   plus de frein du tout, et ce même si j'appuie extrêmement fort sur la pédale de frein. Très dangereux. Je n'arrive pas à freiner
                                                                                              lorsque je descend la petite montée qui mène à la maison. Je suis obligé de me lancer dans le banc de neige sur la droite car je
                                                                                              dois arrêter en bas pour m'engager sur le boulevard........... TRÈS DANGEREUX
                                                                                              Vehicle does not brake at all when I try to stop on an uneven surface and / or a little slippery. As if I had no brake at all, even if I
                                                                                              press very hard on the brake pedal. Very dangerous. I can not stop when I descended the little hill which leads to the house

2010-0224   2/5/2010   TOYOTA    RAV4      2010 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION        Driver of Toyota Rav4 stopped at corner, started to turn right and she reported that the vehicle accelerated on her. The car went
                                                                                              over the side walk and the front end hit a tree. The driver was injured, the severity of her injuries is not known. She took her car in
                                                                                              to a Toyota dealer for accelerator pedal test the day before the incident.

2010-0225   2/5/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA    2009 FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault: INFORMATION       Log number please. As a result of Toyota recall, family asked insurer to re-visit collision that occurred in 2008 in which driver of
                                                                                              2009 Toyota Corolla was fatally injured when her vehicle struck the back of another vehicle. The collision occurred on the highway,
                                                                                              no further information. Insurer in process of buying vehicle back. Team has requested vehicle be held for TC and request that
                                                                                              Toyota are also involved through TC.

2010-0226   2/5/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA    2004 ENG-GENERAL Fault: RUNAWAY == FS-             For info. Complainant reports multiple incidents of engine runaway (up to 6000 rpm) when the weather is very cold. The throttle
                                                ACCELERATOR AND LINKAGE Fault:                cable apparently jams somewhere, keeping the throttle plate partially open. Incidents occurred while parked and while in motion.
                                                STICKS/GRABS == ACC-AUTO SPEED CONTROL        The throttle plate needs to be manually closed and engine temperature must raise to solve the problem. The dealership apparently
                                                Fault: SEIZED                                 diagnosed a faulty cruise control “magnetic pivot” causing this issue and ordered a complete new module.

2010-0227   2/5/2010   TOYOTA    ECHO      2002 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION        For info. Complainant reports two incidents of engine runaway (very high rpm) since purchase 3 years ago. One incident occurred
                                                                                              while in motion and resulted in a brief sudden acceleration until transmission was shifted in neutral. The other incident occurred
                                                                                              while parked, when transmission was shifted in drive, the vehicle lurched forward and slightly impacted a vehicle in front. Both
                                                                                              times, restarting the engine apparently solved the problem. It has not been diagnosed by any mechanic.

2010-0228   2/5/2010   TOYOTA   TUNDRA     2009 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION        Driver of 2009 Toyota Tundra was attempting to pull into a parking space and the vehicle just started revving and jumped the curb
                                                                                              ending up agains a pole and fence. No immediate reason for the collision known.

                                                                                   All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                              Sorted Newest to Oldest

2010-0229   2/5/2010   TOYOTA   YARIS    2009 ACC-AUTO SPEED CONTROL Fault: FAILED                 I was driving to edmonton from calgary and cruise control (afatermarket- installed in my new vehicle) starting sparking and firing up.
                                                                                                   i took it into the dealership and they replaced it with a new one.

2010-0231   2/5/2010   TOYOTA   YARIS    2009 ENG-THROTTLE PLATE Fault: REPAIRS                    I was driving to edmonton from calgary and the check engine light came on, i was dismissed at mayfield toyota because the light
                                                                                                   disappeared. i later returned to the dealership because the light came back on again, and the brake and accerleration starting
                                                                                                   buckling and would start. They found codes PO2138. Replaced the throttle body because the car would not acceralerate at all.

2010-0244   2/5/2010   TOYOTA   TUNDRA   2005 ENG-GENERAL Fault: HESITATION == ENG-                Owner complains of an engine surge that is getting worse every day. On other occasions the engine hesitates upon acceleration.
                                              GENERAL Fault: SURGE
2010-0245   2/5/2010   TOYOTA   PRIUS    2008 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC                   Upon aggressive braking the vehicle "jerks forward".

2010-0169   2/4/2010   TOYOTA   CAMRY    2009 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: POOR                      The complainant owns a 2009 Camry Hybrid. The complainant noticed that when she applies the vehicle brakes on snowy, rainy or
                                              PERFORMANCE                                          bumpy roadways the vehicle seems to accelerate slightly, she then needs to apply heavy braking in order to stop the vehicle. The
                                                                                                   complainant reported that the traction control light activates in the instrument cluster when braking on snowy, rainy or bumpy
                                                                                                   surfaces. The vehicle was taken to the dealership. The dealership reported no faults.

2010-0170   2/4/2010   TOYOTA   PRIUS    2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC                   webmail:
                                                                                                   : I own Prius 2010. The car is not safe to drive. When one back wheel losses traction, all breaks in the four wheels let go and the
                                                                                                   car accelerates.

                                                                                                   Example. I am stopping for a stop sign to a major street in Toronto. I am pressing the break. Suddenly my back wheel loses

                                                                                                   Although my foot is still on the break pedal all 4 wheel's breaks let go completely and the car surges forward until the back wheel
                                                                                                   regains traction. Fortunately the back wheel did gain traction and I managed to stop before hitting other cars.

                                                                                                   If the back wheel does not regain traction in time due to a longer depression in the road or a longer piece of ice the car will hit
                                                                                                   whatever I am trying to stop for.

                                                                                                   It creates a situation that I'm always anxious when using the breaks. It is not a safe way to drive a car. I reported it to my dealer
                                                                                                   and Toyota Canada. Toyota Canada asked me to see a dealer. I have an opointment for next Tuesday.
2010-0173   2/4/2010   TOYOTA   MATRIX   2003 PT-CLUTCH Fault: POOR OPERATIONS                     Owner feels because she has to rev the engine when releasing the clutch in order not to stall the engine is a safety issue. Other
                                                                                                   cars are not like this and it dangerous that Toyota is different that other makes.

2010-0175   2/4/2010   TOYOTA   CAMRY    2007 H.B.-ANTI-LOCK BRAKES Fault: HESITATION              This is a Hybrid Vehicle. 2 years ago the owner was merging, after a shoulder check noticed that the vehicle in front had stopped so
                                                                                                   he braked heavily and felt a "hesitation" before the brakes took affect but by this time he hit the vehicle in front. Minimal damage
                                                                                                   and no braking issue mentioned at the time. Owner still has the vehicle.

2010-0186   2/4/2010   TOYOTA   TACOMA   2007 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SURGE == H.B.-ANTI-LOCK On the morning of Dec 6th, 2008, -5C with a light snow, as I entered my driveway, with brakes applied the entire time, the vehicle
                                              BRAKES Fault: POOR PERFORMANCE             had just about come to a complete stop and as I was about to shift into park I heard a lot grinding sound (ABS) and the truck
                                                                                         accelerated forward 1.2 meters (4 feet) into the garage door denting it. The truck has the tendency to lurch forward when the air
                                                                                         conditioner cycles on (auto throttle up) but more braking compensates as long as the ABS doesn't engage!

                                                                               All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                          Sorted Newest to Oldest

2010-0187   2/4/2010   TOYOTA   PRIUS      2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC            The date above the first time I posted to forums about the brake problem. Since we got the car, we have had this
                                                                                              problem about 10 times.

                                                                                              Problem: When braking normally, if the car goes over a bump, it feels as though the brakes have failed for a short period of time. It
                                                                                              feels like a lunge forward. After something like a half second, the brakes grab again. Usually happened at low speeds because
                                                                                              approaching an intersection or turn. Once on the 401 approaching stopped traffic.

2010-0188   2/4/2010   TOYOTA FJ CRUISER   2007 H.B.-ANTI-LOCK BRAKES Fault: POOR
                                                PERFORMANCE                                   This incident has happened numerous times and has caused me to put the vehicle up over the sidewalk or on the shoulder to avoid
                                                                                              a collision. The anti-lock brakes do not work properly when on any kind of slippery surface, they make a crunching sound and
                                                                                              suddenly the vehicle has no brakes whatsoever, sending you gliding freely into the traffic. I have mentioned this to our Toyota
                                                                                              dealership, they said "Oh that's just the way anti-lock braking works". This defect is extremely dangerous!!

                                                                                              LINE AND APPLY THE BRAKES FIRMLY, JUST BEFORE THE MANHOLE COVER, THE ABS ACTIVATES EVEN THOUGH THE
                                                                                              VEHICLE IS NOT SKIDDING (MY 2008 HONDA DOES NOT DO THIS). THE BRAKING SYSTEM IS MOMENTARILY DISABLED
                                                                                              AND YOU NO LONGER HAVE ANY BRAKES OR CONTROL. BRAKES ARE EVENTUALLY RESTORED BUT ONLY WHEN
                                                                                              YOU ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE INTERSECTION. THIS HAPPENS WITH ALL UNEVEN PAVEMENT.

2010-0190   2/4/2010   TOYOTA   CAMRY      2009 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION        A l'arret au poste frontière à Lacolle le moteur s'est soudain emballé au moment ou je répondais aux questions de l'agente des
                                                                                              douanes américaines. J'ai instinctivement mis la transmission au neutre et le moteur s'est replacé de lui-meme. Contrairement à ce
                                                                                              que je lis sur les journaux et j'entends à la tele, la pédale de l'accélérateur n'est pas en cause car j'avais le pied sur le frein. La
                                                                                              solution Toyota n'a pas de sens dans mon cas!!
                                                                                               Well stopped at the border speaking with the border patrol the engine suddenly accelerated, the driver had his foot on the brake
                                                                                              and he quickly put the vehicle in neutral.

2010-0194   2/4/2010   TOYOTA   PRIUS      2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC            Vehicle lunges forward when you press break to stop, and then less than a second later it works. Happens frequently, not just
                                                                                              once. Loss of breaking when trying to stop results in car moving forward about a metre before breaks work again. Happens when
                                                                                              coming slowly into full stop, not with sudden and urgent stops. Concerned because we fear car will not stop every time this happens
                                                                                              and will hit car or pedestrian when it lunges forward out of control.

2010-0195   2/4/2010   TOYOTA   MATRIX     2009 ENG-GENERAL Fault: RUNAWAY                    Je roulais dans une zone de 50km.Soudainement le moteur s'est emballé! non seulement le gaz était collé mais vraiment il est
                                                                                              passé de 40-50km à peut-être 80-100km en quelques sec.J'ai eu beau freiner avec mes 2 pieds mais aucune réaction de la part
                                                                                              des freins,j'ai pris le frein à main,avec toute l'adrénaline que j'avais je l'ai monté à son maximum puis aucune réaction non plus!Ça
                                                                                              m'a parru vraiment long mais tout c'est passé en quelques secondes.J'ai réussi à éteindre.J'ai remorqué, j'ai 1 factu
                                                                                               The complainant was travelling in a 50 KM/h zone when the vehicle suddenly ran away to 80 - 100 km/h, the incident happened
                                                                                              quickly. Two feet on the brakes and applied the hand brake, neither worked.
                                                                                              Vehicle was towed, she has invoice.

                                                                              All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                         Sorted Newest to Oldest

2010-0197   2/4/2010   TOYOTA   PRIUS    2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC             On repeated occasions, when braking while going over bumpy surfaces, potholes, etc., the brakes seem to 'give out' for a second
                                                                                             or two and the vehicle seems to accelerate forward before the brakes re-engage. This happens regularly when on a bumpy surface.
                                                                                             I understand that you are looking into this problem, so wanted to inform you that it is occurring on my vehicle.

2010-0200   2/4/2010   TOYOTA   PRIUS    2006 LCS-HEAD LIGHTS Fault: FAILED                  I am one of thousands of Prius owners who complain that their high-intensity discharge (HID) headlights suddenly shut off while
                                                                                             driving, then appear to be working fine only to shut off again. Toyota has long known that Prius vehicles equipped with its optional
                                                                                             HID Headlight System suffer from intermittent headlight failures, but Toyota has concealed & denied the problem from its
                                                                                             customers. Transport Canada needs to force Toyota to issue a recall to have this safety issue corrected. Thank you.

2010-0214   2/4/2010   TOYOTA   CAMRY    2005 FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault: STICKS/GRABS       Complainant wanted to report a sudden acceleration incident that occurred with his vehicle. On April 6th 2006, the vehicle was
                                              == ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN                   driven by his wife. She was performing a parking maneuver and proceed to adjust the vehicle position into the space available. The
                                              ACCELERATION                                   vehicle then suddenly accelerated as she applied the brakes and the vehicle jumped the curb, crossed the three foot grass section
                                                                                             and collided with the parked vehicle in front of her. The vehicle was towed to his dealership and inspected for possible causes and
                                                                                             they determined that the accelerator pedal was deemed faulty. The cause was not specified, the accelerator pedal assembly was
                                                                                             replaced under warranty. Since the repair was completed the complainant has not had any new occurrences. The vehicle was
                                                                                             equipped with only summer OEM floor mats. No injuries were reported but damage to the vehicle was 2700$ and the involved
                                                                                             vehicle was deemed at over 4000$ total. The complainant will send fax copy of the repair order for the accelerator pedal
                                                                                             replacement.The milage recorded at the time of the incident was 57305km.

2010-0217   2/4/2010   TOYOTA   SIENNA   2004 ENG -GENERAL Fault: SURGE                      Complainant wanted to report a high idle surge type of concern with his vehicle. The vehicle was bought new in August 2004 and
                                                                                             since new the vehicle has exhibited a engine surging type of concern. The surge seems to start when slowing the vehicle at 60
                                                                                             km/hr, the engine rpm goes to 800 rpm and increases to about 2500 rpm. The vehicle can be and has control with the vehicle's
                                                                                             braking system. The complainant and his wife have both experienced the concern intermittently and they have noted that it occurs
                                                                                             in the Perth Ontario area at the Drummond road and Foster road intersection. They have noted that there is a heavy concentration
                                                                                             of power lines and the symptom seems to present itself at that location.
2010-0159   2/3/2010   TOYOTA   CAMRY    1999 FS-ACCELERATOR AND LINKAGE Fault: POOR         Owner complains that the throttle pedal sticks at idle and requires more foot pressure to get the engine off idle and once unstuck
                                              OPERATIONS                                     the engine revs freely and he has to brake to slow the vehicle. Owner has not taken vehicle to a dealer with this issue having had
                                                                                             the problem for 2 years.

                                                                                   All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                              Sorted Newest to Oldest

2010-0160   2/3/2010   TOYOTA   PRIUS   2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC                   complainant's email February 2nd'2010:

                                                                                                  I own a 2010 model Toyota Prius which I bought brand new last July from a Toyota dealership in Mississauga, Ontario.

                                                                                                  Over the last 6 months, the brakes on my Prius stops working when my car goes over a road depression or a man-hole. This
                                                                                                  happens when I slow down at, say, a traffic light, and before fully stopping the car, my car goes over a road depression (with the
                                                                                                  brakes still stepped on), I will have the sensation of the brakes not working momentarily until the tyre lands on the road again.

                                                                                                  I raised this to Toyota Canada in an email but received the standard reply about faulty rubber mats which has no relevance to the
                                                                                                  issue I am facing. In any event, my car model is not on the recent Toyota recall list.

                                                                                                  I sent my car to my Toyota dealership to check. Though they were only able to reproduce the problem I faced in very short spurts,
                                                                                                  the technician explained to me that it is normal for the brakes to stop working momentarily due to the computer detecting one of the
                                                                                                  wheels running at a different revolution speed from the others.

                                                                                                  I found the explanation given to me by the dealership and Toyota Canada difficult to accept. I informed them that I consider this to
                                                                                                  be a road safety issue and for which, I will be raising to the relevant Canadian authorities.

                                                                                                  As it stands, I am able to reproduce this problem very easily on a stretch of road near my home.

                                                                                                  I look forward to your comments and appreciate any follow up you can make for my case.

2010-0162   2/3/2010   TOYOTA   CAMRY   2006 I.S.-FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS Fault: INFORMATION Solara Model: This owner stopped with his foot on the brake in front of the garage door. The engine "went crazy" and the vehicle
                                             == H.B.-ANTI-LOCK BRAKES Fault: FAILED ==  accelerated through the garage door and impacting the back wall of the garage were it came to rest. The driver shifted to park and
                                             ENG-ENGINE Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION      turned off the key. The vehicle was started later and backed out of the garage with out incident. Advised he had a winter floor matt
                                                                                        on a summer matt and insisted this was not the cause..

2010-0163   2/3/2010   TOYOTA   CAMRY   2007 I.S.-FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS Fault: INFORMATION           On 03/10/2007 the complainant was exiting his driveway and the vehicle suddenly accelerated. The complainant applied full brake
                                             == H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: FAILED == FS-          but could not restrict the vehicle. Subsequently, the front of the vehicle struck a telephone pole. The frontal air bags deployed. The
                                             ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault: SUDDEN                      driver received minor injuries. As a result the complainant's medical doctor revoked his driver's license. The complainant stated that
                                             ACCELERATION                                         his vehicle was equipped with Toyota supplied rubber mats over a carpet mat. The complainant did not feel the floor mat caused
                                                                                                  the sudden acceleration. The vehicle was purchased in August 2007.

2010-0178   2/3/2010   TOYOTA   PRIUS   2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC                   Vehicle occupants feel a surge when car hits a crack in the road while braking from highway speeds. Phenomenon has been
                                                                                                  repeated on a number of occasions: first was a surprise, subsequent incidents were deliberately controlled to determine if this
                                                                                                  phenomenon was repeatable.
                                                                                                  1) Bring vehicle to highway speed (~80km/h)
                                                                                                  2) Brake with medium force (~ saturating the regenerator)
                                                                                                  3) Vehicle passes over a crack in road
                                                                                                  RESULT) Momentary loss of braking force

                                                                              All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                         Sorted Newest to Oldest

2010-0179   2/3/2010   TOYOTA    PRIUS     2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC           The vehicle has a loss of braking power under certain conditions which are both a security risk to my family as well as other
                                                                                             drivers/pedestrians on the road. When the brake pedal is pressed and the ABS system is required their is a lapse when the applied
                                                                                             pressure to the pedal does not provide sufficient stopping power to the wheels (ie you have to press harder on the pedal for the
                                                                                             vehicle to stop). This situation arises every time that the brakes are engaged and the ABS is required.

2010-0180   2/3/2010   TOYOTA HIGHLANDER   2008 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SURGE                     My wife Mid 50's, was driving her ailing mother home (no rush)in our 08 Highlander, made in Japan (not the one recalled). While
                                                                                             slowing on an uphill rise for stopped traffic ahead, it kept surging forward, overcoming her braking and slammed into a Jeep Liberty
                                                                                             ahead. The Liberty had a rear mounted spare tire and it suffered No damage. Our Highlander has $15,000 damage to its front end.
                                                                                             Road was clear, weather sunny & brand new Hakepellita studded winter tires on it. Plenty of room.

2010-0182   2/3/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA    2002 ENG-GENERAL Fault: RUNAWAY                   My wife suddenly found that she could not reduce speed nor to control the car. The car went far off the road and hit a post and
                                                                                             damaged. There were no other vehicles involved; it was day time; the road condition was good and no snow or rain. My wife was
                                                                                             (and is) in good health, she does not drink alcohol or use drugs; she has a flawless driving record, and she has never received
                                                                                             tickets or gotten into any other accidents since she has gotten her drivers license about 15 years ago.

2010-0185   2/3/2010   TOYOTA   TACOMA     2007 FS-THROTTLE Fault: INFORMATION == ENG-
                                                                                             ACCELERATOR UNITS. MY VEHICLE WENT BACK TO MY DEALER 4 TIMES DUE TO ERRATIC UNCONTROLLED
                                                                                             ACCELERATION IN 2007 AND 2008. NO FAULTS WERE LOGGED AND EVENTUALLY AFTER I ASKED THEM TO BUY THE
                                                                                             TRUCK OFF ME THEY CHANGED THE ACCELERATOR UNIT. I HAVE HAD NO PROBLEMS SINCE. I HAVE
                                                                                             DOCUMENTATION WITH ORIGINAL REPORTS AND DEALER FINDINGS.
                                                                                             IF IT HAD BEEN AN AUTOMATIC IT WOULD HAVE BEEN VERY DANGEROUS.

2010-0157   2/2/2010   TOYOTA   MATRIX     2010 I.S.-FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS Fault: RECALL        The vehicle was involved in a loss of control which resulted in a severe side collision with a pickup truck. The driver of the case
                                                CAMPAIGN == FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault:      vehicle received fatal injuries. The vehicle was recently included in a recall campaign by the manufacturer. TC is examining the
                                                UNKNOWN                                      vehicle in co-operation with the manufacturer.

2010-0164   2/2/2010   TOYOTA   AVALON     2000 ENG-ENGINE Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION        Log number please. Driver of 2000 Toyota Avalon entering parking spot and said accelerator pedal stuck, went over curb and hit
                                                                                             another parked car. Allegation of sticking pedal.

2010-0209   2/2/2010   TOYOTA    PRIUS     2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC           complainant's email Feb 4th, 2010:

                                                                                             Our 2010 Prius was bought in June,09. We were concerned about the brakes on our new Toyoto Prius ever since the first big
                                                                                             snowfall in Edmonton.(Dec,09) At times the brakes do not stop the car in snow, the wheels appear to lock and the car skids and
                                                                                             may even accelerate when the brakes are applied with force. It has happened to both my wife and I several times this winter. We
                                                                                             have even slid through a four way stop when approaching it cautiously. On January 26th we had the brakes checked out with the
                                                                                             Toyoto service dept. They, however could find nothing wrong. On Feb 3rd we spoke to the dealership again about our concerns.
                                                                                             Today, Feb 4th, we have made a formal complaint to Toyoto over the phone. What would you suggest would be our next step?

2010-0148   2/1/2010   TOYOTA   MATRIX     2010 FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault: STICKS/GRABS     This owner was accelerating along an on ramp when the throttle stuck open and the vehicle accelerated to 120 kph when he heard
                                                                                             the throttle "pop" closed. He also stated the idle will rev between 1500 1800 rpm when cold.

                                                                              All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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                                                                                             8 TIMES OVER 3 DAYS.

                                                                                             -FURTHER TO THE VEHICLE STALLING, IT ALSO CUT ITS OWN POWER WHILE DRIVING AT SPEED, ALLOWING FOR A
                                                                                             MAXIMUM OF 3000 RPM, CAUSING A RAPID AND SOMEWHAT UNCONROLED DECELLERATION. THIS HAPPENED
                                                                                             NUMEROUS TIMES IN TRAFFIC AND ONCE ON AN ON RAMP.

2010-0167   2/1/2010    TOYOTA   COROLLA   2005 ENG-ENGINE Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION        Complainant wanted to report a sudden acceleration that occurred once this summer and again on January 30th 2010. The vehicle
                                                                                             was being driven to his church. The road leading up to the church was a narrow one and he accelerated slightly to avoid an
                                                                                             oncoming vehicle when the vehicle suddenly accelerated forwards. To avoid another vehicle that was making a U-turn, the
                                                                                             complainant steered the vehicle to the left side of the road and collided with a barrier. The damage was limited to the vehicle front
                                                                                             bumper and deemed to be minor. The vehicle is typically driven for short trips but is driven two to three times a week to Ste-Foy
                                                                                             roughly 1/2hour away. During the summer months they drive occasionally to the Ottawa and Montreal areas weather permitting.
                                                                                             The vehicle is equipped with OEM summer floor mats only. The complainant has only noted that the TPMS warning light was
                                                                                             illuminated which they have ignored in the past.
2010-0143   1/30/2010   TOYOTA    PRIUS    2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC           when driving down my street at 11:10 am on tuesday , I pressed the brake to go around a horseturn and my vehicle did not slow
                                                                                             down , instead it felt like it lunged forward.the traction control came on and I could not steer the car away from going up went
                                                                                             up and down over the curb and about 20 feet before it stopped.I never removed my foot off the brake pedal the whole time.It is at
                                                                                             Heffner Toyota right now being investigated.Toyota says I hit black ice on a sunny day on a salted street.

2010-0139   1/29/2010   TOYOTA    RAV4     2008 PT-TRANSMISSION AUTOMATIC Fault: POOR
                                                PERFORMANCE                                  Vehicle shift points are such that it has a tendency to shift at low rpm in the middle of turning, thereby tending to free-wheel(coast)
                                                                                             around a turn. This creates a dangerous, jerky situation.
                                                                                             Toyota says "no error code, therefore there is no problem. Also excessive slop in the transaxle. When parking at a slight incline
                                                                                             vehicle rolls forward, or back 3-4 inches and could trap someone exiting vehicle. Toyoto denies problem.

                                                                            All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                       Sorted Newest to Oldest

2010-0123   1/28/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2009 ENG-GENERAL Fault: RUNAWAY == ENG-         Complainant wanted to report seven sudden accleration incidents with his vehicle. He feels that the problem is not with the
                                                GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION         accelerator pedal but with the brake pedal or the vehicle's engine control module or the cruise control system.

                                                                                           Note all occurrences resulted when he was going to park the vehicle.


                                                                                           Le 8 janvier dernier j'ai téléphoné à la compagnie Toyota pour mentionner une grave anomalie
                                                                                           sur mon véhicule,un événement qui s'est produit à 7 occasions différentes. On m'a dit qu'on
                                                                                           me rappelleraait dans les 5 à 7 jours et là, on est le 26 janvier et je n'ai reçu aucune communication
                                                                                           de votre part.
                                                                                           Est-ce là toute la confiance dont on peut s'attendre de Toyota alors que mon véhicule
                                                                                           est un risque pour la vie de mon épouse, la mienne et celle des autres?
                                                                                            Hier, Madame Renaud de Villa Toyota de Gatineau m'a téléphoné pour que j'aille faire vérifier
                                                                                           la pédale d'accélérateur, ce qui a été fait ce matin et on me dit qu'il n'y a aucune anomalie.
                                                                                           J'ai déjè fait vérifier mon véhicule au moins 4 fois pour ce problème et chaque fois, on me dit
                                                                                           que l'ordinateur de bord n'a décelé aucune anomalie. Et pourtant, je n'ai aucune réponse
                                                                                           concernant les causes de ces emballements du moteur quand j'appuie sur les freins.
                                                                                           Personnellemnet, je suis convaincu que le problème se situe au niveau de la pédale
                                                                                           des freins, ou de l'ordinateur ou du "cruise control".

                                                                                           Le document ci-joint que j'ai préparé hier peut être vous être très utile pour identifier le problème.
                                                                                           Alors voici:
                                                                                           Toyota 2009
                                                                                           Numéro de série:
                                                                                           Modèle : Toyota Corolla 2009
                                                                                           Date d’achat: 15 septembre 2008

                                                                                           Livraison: 24 septembre 2008

                                                                                           Problème rencontré :
                                                                                           À 7 occasions jusqu’à maintenant, le moteur s’est emballé, l’aiguille de RPM se situant dans le rouge et atteignant tout près de
2010-0124   1/28/2010   TOYOTA   MATRIX    2008 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION     7000 RPM. is a 2004 Toyota Matrix XR automatic. The incident date was in July 2009.
                                                                                           The vehicle

                                                                                           The complainant advised that while pulling into a parking spot the engine suddenly began to race and she drove over a parking curb
                                                                                           and hit a tree. She explained that suddenly the vehicle accelerated in a way she had not felt before. The acceleration event began
                                                                                           just at the point where she would normally have braked to come to a stop.

                                                                                           After the incident, the vehicle was taken to a body shop for repair. The complainant does not believe any inspection of the vehicle's
                                                                                           engine or throttle control systems was performed. The complainant has driven the vehicle since the time of the repair without
2010-0125   1/28/2010   TOYOTA   CAMRY     2004 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION     In June 2009 while pulling into a parking spot at low speed the vehicle lunged forward (alleged sudden acceleration) and struck a
                                                                                           parked pickup truck. The complainant stated that the driver's floor mat was not the issue. The complainant stated that the rubber
                                                                                           floor mat was placed over the carpet floor mat but securely restrained by the floor hooks. The vehicle was taken to a dealership but
                                                                                           the occurrence was dismissed as a pedal/foot mis-placement. The complainant wished to report this to TC.

                                                                                     All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2010-0131   1/28/2010   TOYOTA    PRIUS    2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC == H.B.- The complainant rented the subject vehicle from the car rental company for a trip to Quebec City. While approaching a red light, the
                                                BRAKES GENERAL Fault: FAILED                complainant normally applied the brakes. The vehicle started to slow down normally until it travelled over a bump in the road.
                                                                                            Suddenly and without any prior warning, the brake system completely failed for a fraction of a second. Normal braking performance
                                                                                            went back just in time to avoid rear-ending the vehicle in front. The malfunction was discussed with the advisor of the car rental
                                                                                            company; he apparently had nothing to say.

2010-0118   1/27/2010   LEXUS     ES350    2007 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION               The complaint's wife was driving her 2007 Lexus ES350 sedan. The driver was proceeding slowly down a sloped, winding roadway
                                                                                                     when the driver applied the brake pedal the vehicle allegedly accelerated. The driver lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle left the
                                                                                                     roadway, rolled over and came to final rest on its roof. The restrained driver received minor soft tissue injuries. No air bags
                                                                                                     deployed in the vehicle. The complainant had received a postal notice from the manufacturer regarding TC recall 2009290 (floor
                                                                                                     mats) on 17-Dec-2009. The complainant had not taken the vehicle to the dealership for inspection due to the holidays. The above
                                                                                                     mishap occurred 5-Jan-2010.The floor mats in the vehicle were original equipment supplied by the dealership. The complainant
                                                                                                     has contacted the manufacturer.
2010-0121   1/27/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2005 ENG-GENERAL Fault: INFORMATION                       Engine light ON; Error code P2716. - This is a known problem for Toyota which released TSB TC015-07. The procedure involves
                                                                                                     replacing the Engine Control Module with an updated unit.
                                                                                                     The repair is covered, under the factory warranty, for 96 months, or 80,000 miles, which ever comes first.
                                                                                                     My car is out the covered warranty period. This is KNOWN DEFECT and shall be dealt by Toyota. Now,I cannot drive the car (hard
                                                                                                     shifting) and i have to pay $$$ to be repaired by the Toyota dealer only.

2010-0203   1/27/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2010 I.S.-FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS Fault: INFORMATION Complainant wanted to report a sudden acceleration with he vehicle causing it to crash thru a store front window.
                                                == ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN               The vehicle was being parked in front of a local store and while maneuvering into the parking space, the vehicle suddenly
                                                ACCELERATION                               accelerated with out warning. No injuries were reported. The vehicle has been repaired already and the cause was not determined
                                                                                           as of yet. The vehicle is equipped with OEM summer mats that were removed prior to installing a set of "Pant Saver" aftermarket
                                                                                           winter floor mats. The winter mats were not secured in the vehicle.

2010-0110   1/26/2010   TOYOTA    RAV4     2010 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION               The complainant recently purchased the vehicle. On the second day of ownership the complainant/driver believed he experienced a
                                                                                                     stuck throttle event. The driver approached an intersection and was attempting to make a left turn however he could not slow the
                                                                                                     vehicle down. The driver noted that the engine RPMs increased, he applied more brake pedal force in order to slow the vehicle. The
                                                                                                     driver continued through the intersection and into the oncoming traffic lane. The complainant noted that he over shot the
                                                                                                     intersection by 125' prior to stopping. The complainant/driver was able to drive the vehicle home. The complainant contacted the
                                                                                                     dealership and the vehicle was taken to the dealership via tow truck for diagnosis. The dealership inspected the vehicle and found
                                                                                                     no problem. The complainant refused to pickup his vehicle. The complainant wanted to know if his vehicle was equipped with the
                                                                                                     "Denso or CTS" pedal.

2010-0113   1/26/2010   TOYOTA   SIENNA    2005 ENG-ENGINE Fault: SURGE                              When the weather is very cold -20C and the engine is started it will rev up to 1500 RPM and when he applies the brakes the
                                                                                                     engine will rev to 2200 rpm. The dealer found no faults. Owner also stated that on some occasions when throttle is opened the
                                                                                                     engine will rev but the vehicle will not move.

2010-0095   1/25/2010   LEXUS     ES300    2005 LCS-FRONT LIGHTS Fault: CONTAMINATED                 Lexus ES330 This owner noticed water droplets on the inside of the headlight lenses. Owner feels this could be dangerous as it
                                                                                                     could short out the headlight leaving the driver with no lights.

                                                                              All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2010-0106   1/25/2010   TOYOTA   CAMRY    2009 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION         Driver of 2009 Toyota Camry hybrid was reversing in driveway and vehicle suddenly accelerated, driver said brakes did not work.
                                                                                             Rear of Toyota struck passing vehicle in roadway, driver of Toyota changed gears to go forward and same problem, front Toyota
                                                                                             struck a tree.

2010-0100   1/22/2010   LEXUS    RX300    1999 ELEC-IGNITION SWITCH Fault: FAILED            V
                                                                                             IGNITION LOCK NOT TURNING WITH CORRECT KEY. THE IGNITION LOCK IS PART OF THE STEERING LOCK,
                                                                                             IMMOBILIZATION, ANTI-THEFT SYSTEM. IF THE IGNITION LOCK FAIL WHILE VEHICLE IS IN MOTION, LOST OF STEERING
                                                                                             CONTROL OF THE VEHICLE CAUSING PROPERTY DAMAGE, PERSONAL INJURY OF DEATH. I AM LUCKY THAT THE
                                                                                             VEHICLE WAS PARKED WHEN THIS OCCURS. DEALER SERVICE DEPT. ADVISED THAT THEY HAVE THIS TYPE OF
                                                                                             REPAIR ON THE RX300 5 or 6 TIMES EACH YEAR. IT APPEARS TO BE A DESIGN/MFG DEFECT AND SHOULD BE

2010-0102   1/22/2010   TOYOTA   RAV4     2010 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION        My husband was coming down the driveway with his foot on the brake downhill grade to his parking spot. All of a sudden, the car
                                                                                             started to accellerate, he put his foot hard on the brake, the engine was screaming, the brakes weren't working. He doesn't know
                                                                                             how many RPM's it was going. He slammed it into park position, the engine still screaming, , reached down, pressed the stop/start
                                                                                             button, the car stopped. It took 6 weeks to get our $$ back after signing our car over to them.

2010-0103   1/22/2010   TOYOTA   RAV4     2010 FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault: SUDDEN            When driving into a parking spot at very slow speed, the engine revved spontaneously to an estimated 4000/5000 rpm and the
                                               ACCELERATION == H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL           brakes did not respond at all. I pushed with all my strength on the brake pedal and it had no effect and the rpm's kept increasing. I
                                               Fault: POOR OPERATIONS                        then took my foot off the brake and reapplied a couple of times and put vehicle in neutral. The vehicle finally stopped inches away
                                                                                             from a tree and another vehicle. A prior incident occurred in late December on a very icy road.

2010-0091   1/21/2010   TOYOTA   SIENNA   2004 ENG-RADIATOR Fault: LEAKS                     The complainant noted a recall for his vehicle regarding the radiator. The dealership suggested that his vehicle was part of the
                                                                                             recall campaign but when the VIN was run the dealership determined that his vehicle was outside of the campaign. PTIE reviewed
                                                                                             the existing recalls and advised that no recall existed for the radiator and perhaps it was TSB or customer satisfaction campaign.
                                                                                             PTIE would investigate.
2010-0088   1/20/2010   TOYOTA   SIENNA   2007 STRUC.-DOOR - SLIDING Fault: FROZEN ==        Complainant wanted to report a power sliding door failure with her vehicle. The vehicle's right side power sliding door freezes during
                                               STRUC.-DOOR - SLIDING Fault: INOPERATIVE      very cold winter days. The door often does not open and once open the door will not close properly. On a few occasions the
                                                                                             complainant had to hold the door to prevent it from opening while driving. When the door is not closed fully, the vehicle's
                                                                                             instrumentation panel illuminates a warning light and emits a warning chime of the open door. The chime continues to ring until the
                                                                                             door is closed. The last incident occurred last Friday and they had to cut the vehicles door mechanism cable in order to close the
                                                                                             door. The vehicle was brought to her dealership for inspection and the complainant was informed that the complete mechanism
                                                                                             required replacement as the cable was cut. The vehicle is used regularly and when in use the vehicle is washed once a week. At
                                                                                             minimum once every two weeks depending on it's usage. The vehicle is stored outside under a car port. The vehicle was bought
                                                                                             used in July of 2008 from her dealership and is a US spec'd vehicle.
                                                                                             The complainant has never reported this concern with her dealership until recently and she was informed after inspection, that the
                                                                                             vehicle was no longer covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

                                                                                       All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2010-0083   1/19/2010   TOYOTA    PRIUS    2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC                     While applying the brakes as normal, if the vehicle is going over a pot hole, bump or slippery surface, the brakes will momentarily
                                                                                                       stop working. It can last for 1-3 seconds. If he applies the brakes harder, they will start to work again. There are no lights on the
                                                                                                       dash and no application of ABS (no noise).
                                                                                                       He found 41 complaints on NHTSA website. All 2010 model year.
                                                                                                       He has brought the vehicle to the dealership and they found nothing.
                                                                                                       He can reproduce the problem.
                                                                                                       He believes it may have something to do with the transition between regenerative braking and normal braking.

2010-0072   1/15/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2004 ENG-ENGINE Fault: RUNAWAY == FS-                       The complainant contacted us to report an engine runaway with her vehicle. The incident occurred only once, while she was
                                                ACCELERATOR AND LINKAGE Fault: JAMMED                  stopped at a red light. The engine suddenly reached 6000 RPM's without any action or prior warning. The vehicle lurched forward
                                                                                                       as soon as she released the brakes but she instantly turned the ignition off and pressed the brakes to stop the vehicle. The
                                                                                                       dealership apparently found the throttle cable partially out of position, causing the engine runaway.

2010-0073   1/15/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2010 ENG-ENGINE Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION                  Complainant wanted to report a runaway incident with her vehicle. The incident occurred on December 22 or 23 2009. While driving
                                                                                                       the complainant was negotiating a curve and noted that the car continued to accelerate, she applied the brakes but the vehicle
                                                                                                       continued to move forward. When the vehicle reached a traffic light, she put the vehicle into neutral and was able to stop the
                                                                                                       vehicle. At the light, she noted a burning smell. She turn the engine off and put the vehicle's transmission into park. The
                                                                                                       complainant then restarted the vehicle and it idled normally, she then proceeded to call her dealership and made an appointment on
                                                                                                       the January 4th 2010 to have the vehicle inspected. The vehicle was inspected and found to have no fault codes and they did not
                                                                                                       find any mechanical concerns. They recommended that she remove the aftermarket winter floor mats installed over the OEM
                                                                                                       summer floor mats for now. The complainant believes that the floor mats did not cause the runaway condition.

2010-0070   1/14/2010   TOYOTA    YARIS    2007 VIS-WINDSHIELD Fault: POOR VISIBILITY == VIS- I have phoned Tony Graham Motors to report that over the past few months I have found there are numerous, minute scratches
                                                WINDSHIELD Fault: EXCESSIVE WEAR              covering the front windshield - when it is sunny out it causes a glare and makes it difficult to see. They state there is nothing that
                                                                                              can be done.

                                                                                                       Update 12/02/2010: The complainant stated that the dealership told her the scratches were caused by using a brush on the
                                                                                                       windshield. According to the complainant the scratches are progressing over time.

2010-0060   1/13/2010   TOYOTA   TACOMA    2005 FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault: SUDDEN                     The complainant recently received the manufacturer's letter concerning "floor mat interference" in December 2009.
                                                ACCELERATION == FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL                   The complainant stated that he contacted the dealership regarding brake pedal / accelerator pedal interaction in 2006. The
                                                Fault: POOR FIT == H.B.-PEDAL Fault: POOR FIT          complaint's problem typically occurs in the winter when he is wearing winter boots. The driver's boot will contact the accelerator
                                                                                                       pedal when applying the brake pedal. The complainant noted several incidences of trying to stop the vehicle but having extended
                                                                                                       stops and/or "near misses". The problem is that the brake pedal is too close to the accelerator pedal. The complainant wished to
                                                                                                       advise TC of this issue.

                                                                              All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2010-0064   1/13/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2004 ENG-ENGINE Fault: RUNAWAY                    In reaction to JE program.

                                                                                             Engine runaway after passing manoeuvre.

                                                                                             Vehicle would not slow down with brake applications until the driver switched to neutral and pulled off to side of road.

                                                                                             Dealer did not find any cause. Accelerator cable was found to operate normally.

                                                                                             Occurred within a few months of new vehicle purchase. Never reoccurred.

                                                                                             Genuine Toyota winter floor mat used used alone and secured onto factory hooks. Did not move.

                                                                                             Complainant convinced electronics are to blame as sugested in widespread media attention. PLAM advised throttle is controlled by
                                                                                             cable, which was found by dealer to be operating normally.

                                                                                             Complainant happy that we logged her complaint.

2010-0065   1/13/2010   LEXUS     IS250    2008 H.B.-YAW CONTROL Fault: FAILED == FS-        CACL REQUESTING LOG NUMBER. The complainant, a collision reconstruction engineer, was hired to investigate the subject
                                                THROTTLE - ELECTRONIC Fault: RUNAWAY         event. Driver operating a 2008 Lexus IS250 on a snow covered residential street when it was subjected to a sudden unintended
                                                                                             acceleration. Vehicle rotated CCW 135 degrees and struck parked vehicle despite traction control and electronic stability control.
                                                                                             The floor mat was reportedly OEM and affixed to attachment peg.

2010-0133   1/13/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2009 FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault: UNKNOWN          Complainant's mother and a child were killed in a collision in which she apparently failed to stop at a controlled intersection.

                                                                                             Complainant wishes that we investigate further into what caused this collision.


                                                                                             Bonjour, je voudrais de l'aide car mar mère et une jeune fille(que ma mère avait en famille d'accueil depuis 15 ans), sont décédé
                                                                                             cette été le 25 août, dans une accident de la route, ils disent quel aurait omis de faire sont arrêt obligatoire, à une voie de
                                                                                             contournement double, la police n'a pas fais d'expertise mécanique car c'était une voiture neuve, une Toyota Corolla 2009, nous
                                                                                             avons retracé la voiture chez Pièces d'auto Lecavalier, et je leurs ai demandé de me garder l'auto, parce que je voudrais savoir si
                                                                                             c'est l'auto, qui est la cause, car là sa serait Toyota qui est fautif et non ma mère qui serait responsable de cette accident.

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2010-0057   1/12/2010   TOYOTA    YARIS    2008 ENG-ENGINE Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION       Complainant wanted to report a sudden acceleration with his vehicle after watching a television program "JE" that discussed the
                                                                                            Toyota sudden acceleration/runaway concerns.
                                                                                            The complainant and his wife were in the vehicle in front of the restaurants parking space when he put the vehicle into reverse, the
                                                                                            vehicle suddenly accelerated rearwards into a parked vehicle across from his. The second vehicle only sustained minor scratches
                                                                                            but the complainants rear bumper was damaged extensively. When the complainant put the vehicle into drive he noted that the
                                                                                            vehicle "jumped" forwards but he was able to stop it with the brake pedal. He did not notice, during the incident, if the engine was
                                                                                            revving any higher than normal.
                                                                                            The vehicle was brought to his dealership where they performed an inspection on December 3rd 2009 and no faults were found with
                                                                                            the vehicle. They filed a report with the manufacturer and sent it off to them. The complainant informed us that the vehicle was
                                                                                            equipped with OEM summer and winter floor mats. He confirmed that the winter mats were installed over the summer mats. He is
                                                                                            unsure if the accelerator pedal was jammed or influenced by the floor mats.

2010-0058   1/12/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2009 ENG-GENERAL Fault: RUNAWAY                  Engine sudden acceleration leaving an intersection controled by a stop sign. Engine was at its maximum RPM and torque steer
                                                                                            pulled him into the opposing traffic lane. Releasing the accelerator did not stop the event and braking was ineffective. He was finally
                                                                                            able to stop the vehicle as he was nearing an intersection by shifting in neutral. The vehicle slowed down and fiddling with the
                                                                                            accelerator pedal finally released it.


                                                                                            Après départ à l'arrêt coin 73 av et Route 117 direction Nord à Blainville, Quebec, le moteur s'est emballé, tachymetre était au
                                                                                            maximum, véhicule en accélération avec effet de couple dans le volant, vers la voie inverse. Relaché la pédale d'accélérateur n'a
                                                                                            pas résolu le problème, ni le frienage. Feu de circulation au rouge en vue, seul la mise au neutre du véhicule a permis de le ralentir.
                                                                                            Le régime moteur étant toujours au maximum, le fait de jouer avec la pédale a stoppé l'emballement.

                                                                                            Vehicle Class: Voiture automobile

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2010-0042   1/11/2010   TOYOTA    ECHO      2000 ENG-ENGINE Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION == In reaction to the re-airing of JE program.
                                                 PT-AUTO-FLOOR SHIFT Fault: MISUSE
                                                                                          The complainant crashed her vehicle into a restaurant's front window after the vehicle suddenly accelerated.

                                                                                                    Events leading to incident:

                                                                                                    Complainant entered the parking spot.
                                                                                                    Attending a surprise party, worried that her sister-in-law may recognise her vehicle. Decides to park further away.
                                                                                                    Does not remember if she had shifted in park, left it in Drive or if she switched to Reverse.
                                                                                                    The vehicle suddenly accelerated forward, jumped the concrete curb and crashed into the window. Did not go completely through.

                                                                                                    Complainant inunjured. No one inside the restaurant injured. Surprise somewhat ruined by vehicle's high visibility.

                                                                                                    The vehicle is equipped with an aftermarket floor mat loosely installed over the secured carpetted floor mat.

                                                                                                    She has removed the winter floor mat. PLAM advised that this was a good idea.

                                                                                                    As well, it was suggested that in the excitement of the moment, it appears possible she may have left the transmission in drive
                                                                                                    during the intended reverse manoeuvre.

                                                                                                    Explained floor mat concerns and manufacturer actions.

                                                                                                    Complainant is satisfied with info- Thanked me.

2010-0046   1/11/2010   TOYOTA HIGHLANDER   2008 TIRE-TREAD Fault: CUT/TORN                         This owner noticed at 8000 km the front tires were chucking, the dealer rotated the tires and the owner noticed that theses tires
                                                                                                    were also chucking.

2010-0053   1/11/2010   TOYOTA   SIENNA     1999 ACC-SPARE TIRE RESTRAINT Fault: FAILED             The back seats were taken out for ease of travel over Christmas. While reinstalling them and locking them in position I heard a
                                                                                                    louder than normal noise. I noticed that the spare tire (that is stored under the vehicle) had fallen free. It appears the cable that
                                                                                                    supports the tire had rusted through and the shock of replacing the seat had caused the cable to snap. I feel very lucky that this
                                                                                                    occurred in my driveway and not while hitting a bump while driving.

2010-0055   1/11/2010   TOYOTA   COROLLA    2010 ENG-ENGINE Fault: RUNAWAY                          After view a national television program "JE" the complainant wanted to report a runaway incident that occurred with his vehicle on
                                                                                                    December 17 2009. The complainant was driving the vehicle in a parking lot and was maneuvering the vehicle into a parking space
                                                                                                    when the vehicle started to "rev-up" and move forwards. He put the car into neutral and stopped the vehicle. The vehicle revved at
                                                                                                    high revolutions and then made a growling type of noise and then returned to a normal idle speed. The vehicle was equipped with
                                                                                                    OEM summer floor mats and aftermarket pant saver floor mats over the summer mats. The vehicle was not diagnosed by

                                                                              All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2010-0038   1/10/2010    TOYOTA   SIENNA   1998 ACC-SPARE TIRE RESTRAINT Fault: BROKEN       Le système de retenue de la roue de secours, soit la longue vis qui retient la roue de secours sous le véhicule, s'est cassée dû à la
                                                                                             Heureusement, le véhicule était à l'arrêt, et la roue de secours n'a fait que tomber sur la chaussée.
                                                                                             The complainant advised the spare tire restraint broke, allowing the spare tire to drop to the ground. Fortunately, the vehicle was
                                                                                             not in motion at the time of the failure but the complainant is concerned by the eventual consequences if it had occurred on the
                                                                                             highway. He therefore contacted us to report and discuss the incident.

2010-0249    1/5/2010    TOYOTA   PRIUS    2008 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC           Complainant wanted to report a brake concern with her vehicle. The concern has been felt or noticed by herself and her husband
                                                                                             while driving slowly. When the vehicle is approaching a stop the brakes fail to work normally, like it does not want to stop, the
                                                                                             vehicle does not slow down at all. Then all of a sudden the vehicle brakes like normal. The dealership has not found anything
                                                                                             abnormal or any fault codes present in the vehicle's system.

2009-1226   12/24/2009   TOYOTA    RAV4    2001 PT-TRANSMISSION AUTOMATIC Fault: FAILED      Vehicle Class: Truck / Sport Utility

                                                                                             Transmission was slipping between 1st and 2nd eventually landing in 2nd gear would immediatly shift into 3rd. I took it to Mister
                                                                                             Transmission to get it checked and they said the transmission had to be rebuilt. They rebuilt the transmission for $3800 and when I
                                                                                             took it home it was still having the same problem. I took it back the same day and they told me there must be a problem with the
                                                                                             computer and other people had the same problem. It cost another $700 for a new computer from Toyota.

2009-1211   12/22/2009   TOYOTA   TACOMA   2008 ENG-ENGINE Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION        Vehicle suddenly accelerated on up to five occasions.In all events, occurred during low speed manoeuvres, as he applied the

                                                                                             The most recent event however, the driver completely lifted his foot from the pedals and the engine apparently kept accelerating.

                                                                                             The dealer apparently suggested due to simultaneous pedal applications. The complainant agrees it is possible however most
                                                                                             recent event suggests he did not (previous point).

                                                                                             The complainant shifts in neutral at every stop.

                                                                                             He is certain that the computer is at fault, "as described in the JE interview". Discuss findings

                                                                                             Factory carpetted floor mats are secured to the floor.

                                                                                             In all but most recen event, size 10 1/2 workboots were worn. Ordinary shoes were being worn on latest event.

                                                                                      All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2009-1207   12/21/2009   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2006 ENG-GENERAL Fault: RUNAWAY                           Complainant wanted to report a runaway concern with her vehicle after watching a report emitted by JE television station. The
                                                                                                      complainant stated that in July of 2008, shortly after performing a u-turn maneuver from a stop, the vehicle began to runaway while
                                                                                                      turning. The complainant was not able to slow the vehicle and was only able to steer the vehicle back into her home parking lot
                                                                                                      where she was able immobilize it. The complainant's home was located near the four lane intersection she negotiated. The four
                                                                                                      lane intersection is separated by a curbed median which her vehicle had jumped over during the runaway incident. The vehicle was
                                                                                                      deemed a complete loss and she was deemed responsible for the incident. She claims as a result of the incident her insurance rate
                                                                                                      has more that doubled and she is convinced that the vehicle was at fault. The vehicle was only equipped with the original summer
                                                                                                      floor mats at the time of the incident. The complainant no longer has the vehicle in her possession.

2009-1208   12/21/2009   TOYOTA   TACOMA    2008 H.B.-ANTI-LOCK BRAKES Fault: FAILED == ENG- Driver turning into residential parking lot at slow speed. Twenty feet from the garage, he applied the brakes and the engine
                                                 ENGINE Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION           suddenly accelerated. He pressed harder on the brakes and eventually with both feet which did not significantly slow the vehicle
                                                                                             down. He did not pump the brakes and the pedal felt as it usually does (not hard as if vacuum assist depleted). The vehicle was
                                                                                             finally immobilized when it impacted the garage.

                                                                                                      No airbags deployed from the collision event.

                                                                                                      The driver is almost 100% certain he did not mistakingly press on the accelerator or on both pedals. Although he believes the event
                                                                                                      was caused by electronics, he does agree we must also consider the possibility that he made a pedal error.

                                                                                                      There is only one floor mat (oe) which has been tie-wrapped to the seat frame.

                                                                                                      The vehicle is currently at the dealer who has been providing a loaner vehicle since November 18. He has verbally demanded that
                                                                                                      the vehicle software be updated to include the accelerator deactivation feature to prevent unintended acceleration resulting from
                                                                                                      simultaneous pedal applications. PLAM requested to be kept informed as to the outcome of the request.

2009-1189   12/17/2009   TOYOTA   CAMRY     2007 ACC-ACCESSORIES Fault: POOR OPERATIONS               The mother of the driver called suspecting her sons crash was related to the Toyota floor mat recall. EVENT #1 Rounding a snow
                                                 == I.S.-AIR BAG - MODULE Fault: NON-                 covered corner the vehicle went straight onto someone’s lawn. EVENT #2 exit ramp braked vehicle didn't slow but rotated
                                                 DEPLOYMENT                                           clockwise and struck a stop sign on the drivers side and entered a ditch front first. The driver suffered minor soft tissue neck and
                                                                                                      back injury. Vehicle written off.

                                                                            All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2009-1160   12/14/2009   LEXUS    GS300   2006 ENG-ENGINE Fault: RUNAWAY                   The complainant was stopping at intersection. As he applied the brakes, the vehicle suddenly acelerated. He steered left and
                                                                                           impacted two vehicles. Once the vehicle became immobilized against another, the engine was still running at high RPMs. He
                                                                                           attempted unsuccessfully to turn it off by repeatedly pressing the ignition button. The fire fighters were finally able to turn it off.

                                                                                           He suffered only seat-belt related injuries (bruising, stiff neck). The occupants of the other vehicles suffered non-life-threatening
                                                                                           injuries (chipped tooth, cuts in face from flying glass).

                                                                                           The driver is convinced that he did not make a pedal error.

                                                                                           There are only oe, secured carpetted floor mats on the driver floor.

                                                                                           Complainant heard of the manufacturer's floor mat campaign and believed it addressed a computer malfunction.

2009-1172   12/14/2009   TOYOTA   RAV4    2003 PT-TRANSMISSION AUTOMATIC Fault: POOR       When accelerating the vehicle it seems that there is jerking motion that does not let the car accelerate properly until it reaches
                                               PERFORMANCE                                 about 60km. This is due to a this faulty ECM (engine control module) that controls the transmission to change gears and only
                                                                                           effects the Toyota RAV4 2001-2003 models and is occurring in Canada, United States, and UK models. There have been other
                                                                                           complaints with this same occurance by other RAV4 owners but Toyota refuses to accept this as a matter of recall.

                                                                                All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2009-1173   12/14/2009   TOYOTA   TUNDRA    2006 H.B.-ANTI-LOCK BRAKES Fault: POOR             Truck does not stop properly on icey roads,abs brakes do not work right.It has been reported to toyota and worked on for
                                                 PERFORMANCE                                   10days,said there was problem first and then could not fix it.First work was done at Amherst and then at Moncton toyota.I have
                                                                                               gone through intersections,out the end of driveways.I have driven for 44 years,have a class 1 license and hav never felt this way
                                                                                               2006 Toyota Tundra Pickup Truck
                                                                                               The ABS activates when trying to stop on ice, however the complainant still feels that the vehicle takes too long to stop in icy
                                                                                               RECALL SEARCH:No applicable recalls found
                                                                                               NHTSA PUBLIC COMPLAINTS REVIEW:The only other similar complaint found is ODI ID Number: 10160533 The driver who
                                                                                               made this complaint stated that his vehicle, another 2006 Toyota Tundra, had a longer stopping distance than any other vehicle he
                                                                                               had owned. It is unknown if this complaint involves ABS.
                                                                                               NHTSA DEFECT SEARCH:No applicable defects found
                                                                                               NHTSA TSB REVIEW:No applicable service bulletins found
                                                                                               DISCUSSION:A search of the Transport Canada website and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website revealed
                                                                                               only one similar complaint involving a 2006 Toyota Tundra Pickup Truck.
                                                                                               Complainant Interview:The Complainant stated that the ABS works fine on dry pavement. However, he feels that the vehicle does
                                                                                               not stop as quickly as it should in icy conditions. In icy conditions the ABS activates, however the vehicle does not slow down as
                                                                                               quickly as he expects it to. He stated that there have been several occasions where he has applied the brakes and the vehicle
                                                                                               failed to stop where he intended. Fortunately, none of these incidences resulted in any collisions. The complainant also owns a
                                                                                               Toyota Camry which is also equipped with ABS and he feels that the ABS on the Tundra does not work nearly as well as the ABS
                                                                                               on the Camry.
                                                                                               The complainant took the Tundra to the Service Centre and expressed his concerns about the ABS. A technician took the vehicle
                                                                                               for a drive while the roads were icy and told the Complainant that there was definitely a problem with the ABS. According to the
                                                                                               Complainant, the technician also felt that the Tundra was not braking as quickly as expected when the ABS was activated, despite
                                                                                               the icy conditions. The Service Centre kept the Tundra for ten days while they tried to identify the problem. When the Complainant
                                                                                               returned to pick up his vehicle he was told that there were no problems identified and that his ABS was working fine.
                                                                                               The Complainant then decided to file a complaint with Transport Canada. He still believes that the vehicle does not slow as
                                                                                               quickly as it should while the ABS is activated during icy conditions.

2009-1153   12/11/2009   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2007 FS-THROTTLE - ELECTRONIC Fault: SURGE         The complainant reported three incidences of unintended acceleration since purchasing the vehicle used in November 2009. The
                                                                                               complainant stated that no floor mats were installed in the driver's foot well. The first incident occurred in a parking lot. The vehicle
                                                                                               accelerated forward from a stop. The complainant was able to stop the vehicle. No collision occurred. The second incident occurred
                                                                                               exiting a shopping mall. The complainant reported the vehicle continued to accelerate and that it was difficult to stop. He narrowly
                                                                                               avoided striking a vehicle. The third reported incident resulted in a collision. The complainant stated he was moving slowly in stop
                                                                                               and go traffic. He intended to decelerate but the vehicle continued to accelerate and struck the vehicle in front of him. The collision
                                                                                               resulted in minor damage to the rear end of the non-case vehicle (pickup truck) but extensive damage to the front end of the
                                                                                               complainant's vehicle (no air bags deployed). The complainant believes there is an issue with the manufacturers electronic throttle.

                                                                                All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                           Sorted Newest to Oldest

2009-1155   12/11/2009   TOYOTA   COROLLA    2005 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION       Information Complaint: The complainant put the transmission lever in reverse while pressing the brake pedal when the vehicle
                                                                                               suddenly began to accelerate backwards. It travelled approximately 10 meters before impacting a concrete wall then bounced back
                                                                                               and impacted frontally another concrete wall. The frontal airbag deployed upon impact. The towing operator drove the vehicle to
                                                                                               get it out of the underground parking without any anomaly. The vehicle was later declared a total loss.

2009-1156   12/11/2009   TOYOTA HIGHLANDER   2009 STRUC.-REAR ASSY H/BACK Fault: POOR          The complainant is concerned by a failure of the power back door jam protection function. His son activated the power back door
                                                  PERFORMANCE                                  automatic closing, unaware a hockey stick would interfere with the back door panel. The hockey stick became stuck between the
                                                                                               back door panel and the rear bumper and the jam protection function did not activate. This resulted in damage to the motor, gears
                                                                                               and door panel and could have resulted in significant injuries if human body parts have been involved. The complainant is very
                                                                                               concerned by the safety of the power back door system and contacted us to report the issue.

2009-1143   12/8/2009    TOYOTA   TACOMA     2008 I.S.-FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS Fault: JAMMED        He had two occurrences where the floor mat jammed the throttle peddle.
                                                                                               The vehicle has factory carpet floor mats. The retaining clips don't work well.
                                                                                               No collisions.
2009-1142   12/7/2009    TOYOTA   COROLLA    2003 ENG-GENERAL Fault: FAILED                    Bris de moteur le 26/mai/2009 et envoi de plusieurs lettres enregistrées pour nous faire rembourser par Toyota facture au montant
                                                                                               de 1135.92$. Nous avons mandaté pièces Dumont spécialiste pour faire ce changement et c'était leur 1ère fois qu'il voyait une
                                                                                               Toyota Corolla avec ce tel millage obligé de changer le moteur,voiture fiable comme Toyota c'était impensable. la réponse de
                                                                                               Toyota à été qu'il aurait fallu faire affaire avec un concessionnaire Toyota et non un garage indépendant.

                                                                                               French complaint Translated by the universal translator.
                                                                                               Breaking of motor 26 / May / 2009 and dispatch of several letters recorded to make us by Toyota reimburse invoices to $1135.92
                                                                                               sum. We delegated rooms Dumont specialists to make this change and it was their 1st time which he saw Toyota Corolla with this
                                                                                               such millage made to change the motor, dependable car as Toyota it was unthinkable. the answer of Toyota in summer when it
                                                                                               would have been necessary to make deal with a concessionaire Toyota and not an independent garage.

2009-1136   12/6/2009    TOYOTA    PRIUS     2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC           At times when applying the brakes my car will jump forward as if it has been hit in the back. It seems that the brakes are slipping
                                                                                               before they will fully engage again. This has happened about 10 times since I purchased the car in mid September. I have taken my
                                                                                               car to Toyota for service & they can not find anything wrong. This is not a engine surge or a stuck pedal due to the floor mats.
                                                                                               There are numerous complaints on the USA NHTSA web site on this same issue.DMAL Feb 3, 2010:
                                                                                               Discussed issue.
                                                                                               - A momentary loss of brake power when he hits unlevel road surface.
                                                                                               - It happens when he drives over a manhole cover that is below the road surface while applying the brakes.
                                                                                               - Most notable when the rear tire hits
                                                                                               - He's been to the dealership twice and they could not reproduce.
                                                                                               - When it happens its like sliding forward or being hit from behind.
                                                                                               - He said its not ABS. He has experienced ABS with this vehicle on other occasions, it is not the same.

                                                                                    All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2009-1131   12/4/2009   TOYOTA   TUNDRA   2007 TIRE-VALVE Fault: RUSTED/CORRODED == TIRE- The valve stem crumpled in the owner's hand as he tried to remove the seized valve cap from the stem deflating the tire. Corrosion
                                               VALVE Fault: LEAKS                         between the aluminum stem and steel cap is the issue.

                                                                                                   The valve caps where installed by the dealership when the vehicle was purchased new and are not Original Equipment (O.E). As
                                                                                                   part of a promotion, the dealership filled the vehicle's tires with Nitrogen and replaced the plastic valve caps with steel ones.

                                                                                                   The valve stems and valve caps provided by the complainant were inspected. They displayed signs of galvanic corrosion due to
                                                                                                   incompatibility between the steel valve stem caps and the aluminum valve stems. All four stems had fractured inside of the valve

                                                                                                   Call from Manufacturer: Discussed issue with manufacturer and was notified that they release a "Tech Tip" for this exact issue in
                                                                                                   2006. They are going to contact that dealership to discuss the issue.

2009-1127   12/3/2009   TOYOTA   CAMRY    2007 FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault: UNKNOWN ==              Yesterday, while turning into her parking spot, the vehicle unexpectedly accelerated. It jumped the curb at the end of the parking
                                               ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION              spot and ended up in a garden resting on top of a large rock. The vehicle will be taken to her Toyota dealer this afternoon when a
                                                                                                   specialized tow truck is available to pick it off the rock.

                                                                                                   The complainant was uninjured.

                                                                                                   The vehicle is equipped with factory carpetted floor mats, which she believes are attached to the floor.

                                                                                                   She claims she looked at the pedals as the vehicle accelerated and observed that she was not pressing on the accelerator.

                                                                                                   Her understanding of the recent media attention is that the unintended acceleration events are not the result of floor mat
                                                                                                   interference, but an electronic concern.

                                                                                                   She will provide photos of the scene and vehicle when they become available.

                                                                                                   03 Feb 2010- Update

                                                                                                   Photos received from complainant.

                                                                                                   Two interior photos indicate the vehicle is equippped with only one driver floor mat. Appears to be in proper position, however,
                                                                                                   unable to clearly establish if mat is secured with hooks.

                                                                                                   Vehicle is halfway past the concrete curb at the end of the parking spot. Front part is resting on large landscaping rock with front
                                                                                                   drive wheels off the ground.

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2009-1120   12/2/2009   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2010 ENG-ENGINE Fault: RUNAWAY                           Complainant calling in light of recent media attention to report an incident that occured recently:

                                                                                                    Two unintended acceleration events, driver reacted by pressing clutch in resulting in engine revolutionning to redline (to rev limiter),
                                                                                                    then quickly return to idle.

                                                                                                    The dealer could not reproduce nor are there any code.

                                                                                                    Complainant insists not related to floor mats as they are apparently oe and properly secured. No aftermarket floor mats are used.
                                                                                                    Feels engine issue.

2009-1122   12/2/2009   TOYOTA    ECHO     2005 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SURGE                            Following the "JE" airing, the complainant "also wants to report an issue that was not caused by floor mats".

                                                                                                    On two attempts, within a few of obtaining the new vehicle, engine speed suddenly increased to redline as the driver applied the
                                                                                                    brakes to shift out of park. Note that the vehicle remained stationary- driver decided not to shift out of park when she heard the
                                                                                                    increased engine speed.

                                                                                                    Drove to dealer- Could not reproduce or find a fault.

                                                                                                    Review available evidence with complainant: Unfamiliar driver, occurred while pressing the brake pedal, engine sped up faster as
                                                                                                    more pressure was applied to brakes, oe mat secured, never reoccurred after.

                                                                                                    Available evidence appears to suggest a pedal error. Complainant does not accept findings.

2009-1123   12/2/2009   LEXUS     ES350    2009 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: POOR        Vehicle is an ES350. Owner braked for the vehicle ahead and with both feet on the brake pedal the vehicle seemed to speed up
                                                PERFORMANCE == I.S.-FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS and "slid" into the rear of the stopped vehicle. Owner saw TV article on Toyota floor mat and feels this is the issue that caused this
                                                Fault: INFORMATION                     crash along with the brake failure. Brakes have operated as designed since being returned to the owner without repair.

                                                                                   All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2009-1118   12/1/2009   TOYOTA   TACOMA   2007 ENG-GENERAL Fault: RUNAWAY == I.S.-                Suite à notre conversation hier le 1 décembre voici le numéro de série du Tacoma 2007 4x4 accidenté: 5TEMU52NX7ZXXXXXX et
                                               FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS Fault: RUNAWAY                  le nouveau Tacoma 4x4 5TEMU52N19ZXXXXXX votre émission le 27 novembre dernier.
                                                                                                  Lieu: De l'intercection chemin sauvé Val-des-monts sur la route 366 direction autoroute #50;
                                                                                                  Quand: 27 mars 2009 au matin à 06h30 ;

                                                                                                  Quoi: Accélération subite, zizague, perte de contrôle totale sur distance de 200 mêtre environ et tonneau;

                                                                                                  Comment: en tournant sur un chemin passant mon véhicule (Tacoma 2007) c'est mit à accélérer sans aucune raison à cet instent,
                                                                                                  j'ai essayé à mainte reprise de freiner mais en vain. Le véhicule ne faisait qu’accélérer et zigzaguer sur le chemin, ce qui à
                                                                                                  occasionné une perte de contrôle sur une distance de 200 mètres pour aller terminé à l'envers dans un fossé remplis d'eau. Par
                                                                                                  chance que je n'étais pas inconscient car je me serais probablement noyé, j'ai tous eu juste le temps de sortir par la fenêtre du
                                                                                                  Je trouve cela aberrent de la part Toyota de m'avoir tenue non informé de cette défectuosité tous en plus que je l'aie informé de cet
                                                                                                  accident en détails. Tous en croyant que c'était un incident isolé et surtouts que c'est très difficile d'analyser un accident du genre
                                                                                                  car tous se passe rapidement.
                                                                                                  J'ai informé Toyota Gatineau qu'il y avait quelque chose qui avait sûrement tenu l'accélérateur à fond et aussi que la révolution du
                                                                                                  véhicule était à pleine capacité et que même si j'avait pressé les frein qu'aucun ralentissement ne s'était passé. Malheureusement
                                                                                                  personne ne m'a pris au sérieux. Pour votre info j'ai acheté mon autre Tacoma à Ottawa chez Belair Lexux Toyota car je n'ai
                                                                                                  aucunnement aprécier le service de vente chez Toyota Gatineau. J'ai du déboursé une somme suplémentaire du faits que j'achetait
                                                                                                  Je ne peux pas croire que Toyota Canada n'était pas informé de cette défectuosité avant le 27 mars 2009.
                                                                                                  Ma question est celle-ci: Pourquoi qu'une Cie d'une envergure internationale ne prévienne pas leur clients d'une tel défectuosité
                                                                                                  avant qu'il arrive d'autres accidents et surtout qu'il devait être informé de cet défectueusité avant mon accident?
                                                                                                  Merci de votre attention et je suis disponible pour tous autre infos relatives suite à cet incident.
                                                                                                   Complainant calling in light of recent media attention to report an incident that occured in recent months:

                                                                                                  Unintended acceleration on an icy highway onramp resulting in a loss of control and rollover collision into a water-filled ditch.

                                                                                                  The 4X4 vehicle was in Rear Wheel Drive mode at the time and equipped with winter tires.

                                                                                                  There were two floor mats (oe carpetted mat and manufacturer's AWFM), one stacked over the other and both were unrestrained.

2009-1119   12/1/2009   TOYOTA   CAMRY    2008 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION     Complainant calling in light of recent media attention to report an incident that occured in May 2009:
                                               == I.S.-FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS Fault: IMPROPER Backing out of driveway, vehicle suddenly accelerated and impacted a parked vehicle.
                                               USE                                        The vehicle was equipped with an oe secured floor mat with an unsecured aftermarket floor (Michelin, purchased at Costco) mat
                                                                                          on top.
                                                                                          Since the event, she has placed the smaller mat intended for the rear seat position. PLAM suggested using either the oe or
                                                                                          manufacturer AWFM and ensuring that it is clipped onto the hooks.

                                                                             All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2009-1102   11/30/2009   TOYOTA   MATRIX    2010 ACC-AUTO SPEED CONTROL Fault: == ENG-      The complainant was driving the vehicle using the cruise control when suddenly he wanted to decelerate to take an exit but instead
                                                 GENERAL Fault: RUNAWAY                     of decelerating, the engine accelerated instead but the driver managed to put the vehicle in neutral.
                                                                                            Complainant doesn't believe this has anything to do with floormats.


                                                                                            Bonjour, suite à l'écoute de l'émission JE ce vendredi 27 novembre, j'ai constaté que j'avais vécu la même situation avec ma
                                                                                            Toyota Matrix 2010. En effet, en septembre dernier, nous roulions sur la 20 avec le régulateur de vitesse et en voulant ralentir pour
                                                                                            prendre une sortie, le véhicule s'est emballé et accélèrait au lieu de freiner. Mon conjoint a fini par maîtriser le véhicule en le
                                                                                            mettant sur le neutre. On a alors communiqué avec notre concessionnaire qui a vérifié la voiture et il a dit qu'il n'avait jamais
                                                                                            entendu parler d'un tel problème et que la voiture n'avait aucun problème mécanique. Le tapis ne semblait pas du tout en cause
                                                                                            dans notre situation, le problème d'après moi venait plutôt du régulateur de vitesse. J'aimerais SVP qu'on ajoute la Matrix 2010 sur
                                                                                            les modèles rappelés et j'aimerais avoir de vos nouvelles pour la suite.

2009-1103   11/30/2009   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2009 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION     The complainant alleges being at a stop and applied the brakes with his foot completely on the floor when suddenly the vehicle
                                                                                            accelerated while his foot was still applied to the brakes.
                                                                                            Complainant doesn't believe this has anything to do with floormats.


                                                                                            En mai 2008, quelques jours apres avoir pris possession de ma toyota corolla 2009, celle-ci s'est emballée a une intersection alors
                                                                                            que j'étais arrëté avec le pied sur le frein.
                                                                                            Ici, il n'est pas question que le tapis en soit la cause, j'étais arrete et l'aballement a été instantané.
                                                                                            Le 30 mai 2008, j'ai soumis le cas a Saint-Raymond Toyota, on en a fait une vérification approndie et on a rien trouvé pouvant
                                                                                            expliquer le cas.
                                                                                            J'avais les deux pieds sur le frein, les roues viraient en dessous et l'auto avancait, Dans la seconde pres, J'ai mis la transmission
                                                                                            automatique au neutre et j'ai pu controler l'auto.
                                                                                            Toyota canada, ne m'a jamais contacté par la suite.
                                                                                            Maintenant, j'ai parcouru 22,000 kilo. et il n'y a pas eu de répétition.
                                                                                            Ce mémo fait suite a l'émission J.E. TVA du 28 novembre 2009.
                                                                                            J'avais des tapis neufs de Toyota lequel du coté conducteur est attaché.
                                                                                            Pour votre information et dossier Corolla 2009
                                                                                            Merci de votre attention

                                                                             All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2009-1104   11/30/2009   TOYOTA   ECHO     2002 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION      The owner's two daughters both had incidents with this vehicle. They both claimed that the vehicle accelerated for unknown
                                                                                            reasons. They informed their dealership about the situation and were told that it's only a problem in the United States and it did not
                                                                                            pertain to the model "Echo".


                                                                                            Je suis propriétaire d'une Toyota Echo 2002, il y a quelques mois (en été) mes deux filles ont eu un problème similaire avec la
                                                                                            voiture. Elle c'est mis a accélérer sans raison. Par reflexe, ma fille a mis la voiture en position Neutre et après
                                                                                            quelques minutes le tout est redevenu normal. Après avoir vérifier nous avons remarqué que le tapis de la voiture et non le sous-
                                                                                            tapis puisqu'il n'y en avait pas. était simplement soulevé et cela avait bloqué la pétale d'essence. Pour remédier a la situation, nous
                                                                                            avons coupé le tapis sous la pédale. donc le tout est sur le métal. J'ai communiqué avec le concessionnaire Toyota de ma région,
                                                                                            et la seule réponse qu'ils ont pue me donner, c'est que le problème était seulement au États-Unis et qu'il n'y avait aucun problème
                                                                                            avec le modèle Echo. Ils pourront dire ce qu'il veulent, mais personne ne pourras dire a mes filles qu'elles ont eu très peur pour
                                                                                            rien....SVP vérifier le modèle Echo...... Il y a un problème aussi..... Merci

2009-1105   11/30/2009   TOYOTA   CELICA   2001 ENG-GENERAL Fault: RUNAWAY                  Complainant was driving her vehicle using the cruise control. While passing another vehicle, the engine accelerated and the brakes
                                                                                            failed. Driver was able to have control of the vehicle once put in reverse.
                                                                                            Complainant had winter floormatts over summer floormatts and that is why they didn't report the problem.


                                                                                            J'ai vu le reportage au sujet d'une accélération subite en étant sur le cruise control...
                                                                                            ça m'est arrivée à 2 reprises. il y a 2 ans, en repartant du Québec, pour me rendre en Alberta où j'ai un travail saisionnier, et aussi
                                                                                            l'année précédente...
                                                                                            je roulais sur le cruise control et en dépassant une voiture, la vitesse s'est mise à grimper à toute allure, et les brakes ne
                                                                                            fonctionnaient plus ...rien n'y me suis mise à jouer avec la transmission ...reculon, neutre, tout y est passé...j'ai eue la
                                                                                            peur de ma vie...c'est finalement en reculon que j'ai réussie à quelque chose, mais laissez-moi vous dire que ça a fait un bruit
                                                                                            d'enfer...on m'as dit que j'avais été très chanceuse...
                                                                                            j'ai un sauve tapis par dessus mon tapis ré je croyais que c'était la cause de cette mésaventure...c'est pourquoi je n'ai pas
                                                                                            rapportée l'incident...

2009-1107   11/30/2009   TOYOTA   CAMRY    2007 I.S.-FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS Fault: ENTRAPMENT   Two engine runaway incidents after a passing manoeuvre.
                                                == FS-ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION Fault:      Vehicle accelerated to 180km/h,
                                                HESITATION == FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault:   Looked at pedals, noticed accelerator pedal was stuck on unrestrained aftermarkert floor mat.
                                                RUNAWAY                                     Kicked mat with heel which released pedal.

                                                                                            -Only one set of mats (winter).
                                                                                            -Complainant expressed concern that retainer clips break when car wash personnel try to remove mats from floor and reinstall

                                                                                            -Complainant also complained about an engine hesitation that he feels makes accessing a highway or turning into traffic
                                                                                            dangerous. The dealer performed two software updates with no significant improvement.

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2009-1108   11/30/2009   TOYOTA   MATRIX    2009 ENG-GENERAL Fault: RUNAWAY                           Complainant alleges having the same problems as per TC recal #2009290.
                                                                                                      Owner wants a confirmation that the Toyota Matrix 2009 will be added to the list of recall.



                                                                                                      Avec notre Toyota Matrix 2009, nous avons vécu une situation semblable à celle décrite dans votre note d'avis de rappel #2009290.

                                                                                                      Lors de notre dernière visite au concessionnaire, j'ai informé le représentant de ce problème et qu'on me contacterait s'il y avait un
                                                                                                      rappel officiellement émis.

                                                                                                      Or, je constate que ni votre avis, ni celui de Toyota Canada inclus le modèle Toyota Matrix 2009 dans la liste de véhicule visé.

                                                                                                      Pouvez-vous confirmer que la Toyota Matrix 2009 sera ajouté à la liste ou quelle démarche sont requises pour ajouter ce modèle.

2009-1109   11/30/2009   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2009 I.S.-FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS Fault: ENTRAPMENT Complainant wanted to report a runaway condition that she encountered last June or July of this year. She watched a report
                                                 == FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault: RUNAWAY    broadcasted on a national television station discussing this concern with a same model vehicle. The complainant stated that she
                                                                                           was passing a vehicle when she felt the vehicle was continuing to accelerate without her control. She tried to slow the vehicle by
                                                                                           downshifting and using the engine compression but this would only cause the engine to race into high RPM's. Putting the engine
                                                                                           into neutral she was able control and slow the vehicle of to the side of the road. Once stopped, the complainant noted that the RPM
                                                                                           were very high and turned the vehicle off. She then exited the vehicle and sought help from a passerby. He inspected the vehicle
                                                                                           and re-started the vehicle. The vehicle immediately started to rev at high RPM and he then turned the vehicle off. He stated that the
                                                                                           vehicle's floor mats seem in the proper location and secure. The complainant had the vehicle towed to her dealership and they
                                                                                           diagnosed that the floor mat was interfering with the gas pedal. They removed the floor mat and the complainant has not encounter
                                                                                           any new incidents since. While the vehicle was at the dealership, they also completed recall for the brake assist system that had
                                                                                           not been completed prior to the incident.
2009-1111   11/30/2009   TOYOTA   CAMRY     2003 I.S.-FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS Fault: MISUSE ==  The complainant reported two incidences of un-intended acceleration that occurred in 2005. The first incident resulted in the case
                                                 FS-THROTTLE - ELECTRONIC Fault: SUDDEN    vehicle striking the rear end of a vehicle in front. The complainant stated that he braked but the vehicle would not stop. Eventually
                                                 ACCELERATION                              the complainant was able to bring the vehicle to a stop. The second incident occurred while exiting a parking lot. The vehicle
                                                                                           accelerated when the complainant intended to brake and slow down. The complainant stated he used the all weather mats from his
                                                                                           previous vehicle (Taurus) which he had purchased from a Canadian retail store.

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2009-1093   11/27/2009   TOYOTA   TUNDRA    2001 STRUC.-FRAME AND MEMBERS Fault:               Vehicle frame corrosion- Rear crossmember cracked.
                                                 CRACKED/SPLIT == STRUC.-FRAME AND
                                                 MEMBERS Fault: RUSTED/CORRODED                The complainant decided to inspect the frame closely in an attempt to identify an unusual sound that he would hear every time he
                                                                                               performed a slow speed turn as when turning into his driveway. He noticed a crack in the rear crossmember, to which is mounted
                                                                                               the spare tire.

                                                                                               The vehicle is equipped with a class 3 hitch. The complainant occasionally pulls a 3500lbs travel trailer in the summer. He
                                                                                               expressed concerne that in light of the frame damage, he may not be able to tow anymore.

                                                                                               Shortly after purchasing the vehicle used in 2005, a mechanic advised him that the frame was significanty corroded. He had an oil-
                                                                                               based anticorrosion product applied at that time.

                                                                                               The vehicle body (including the floors) is said to be in remarkably good condition.

                                                                                               The complainant travels approximately 8000km per year with the vehicle and therefore has an oil change/ chassis lubrication
                                                                                               peformed on a yearly basis.

                                                                                               The complainant did note when purchasing the used vehicle that the frame was an orange color and that flakes of rust were falling
                                                                                               off whenever he pressure-washed the frame. Rust stains are also visible on his driveway.

                                                                                               PLAM advised to have frame and hitch inspected at local dealer.

2009-1101   11/27/2009   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2010 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: FAILED             En descendant le viaduc pour ensuite traverser le boulevard, les freins n'ont pas fonctionné. Comme un véhicule me précèdait, ma
                                                                                               voiture a dérapé pendant quelques secondes et a failli le heurter.

                                                                                               Vehicle Class: Voiture automobile

2009-1092   11/26/2009   TOYOTA    VENZA    2009 ENG-ENGINE Fault: RUNAWAY == I.S.-            Complainant reported three incidents in which the throttle appeared to stick after acceleration. Application of the brake pedal
                                                 FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS Fault: INFORMATION         controlled the speed. Each time, the condition ended about 10 seconds later and after the driver fiddled with the accelerator pedal
                                                                                               with her foot. However, there was nothing unusual observed around the foot pedal. The factory floormat was pinned and there are
                                                                                               no aftermarket mats.

2009-1082   11/25/2009   TOYOTA    VENZA    2009 ENG-ENGINE Fault: RUNAWAY == I.S.-            Complainant webmail inquiry comment:
                                                 FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS Fault: IMPROP
                                                 INSTALLATION == ENG-ENGINE Fault: SURGE       "Toyota Canada has a warning about drivers site mats causing the gas pedal getting stuck for various vehicles but not mine. Last
                                                 == FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault: JAMMED         Tuesday it happened to my 2009 Venza. Fortunately I turned the ignition off. This automatic 6Cyl model also has surge problems.
                                                                                               When pressing accelerator there can be a 2 second delay in speed increase. By then the pedal is too far down."

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2009-1075   11/24/2009   TOYOTA   CAMRY     2009 I.S.-FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS Fault: IMPROP                 Complainant wanted to report a runaway concern with her vehicle. The complainant was performing a passing maneuver on
                                                 INSTALLATION == FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL                  highway 132 from Rimouski to Matane when she notice while passing that she had to pass a second car in addition to the first
                                                 Fault: RUNAWAY                                        vehicle she was passing. Once aware of the second vehicle, the complainant depressed the accelerator pedal and engaged the
                                                                                                       kick down feature and the vehicle accelerated at a great velocity. Once cleared of the two vehicles, she then pulled in to the right
                                                                                                       lane and tried to slow down, she then noticed that the vehicle was still accelerating and reached 120 km/hr. The complainant tried
                                                                                                       to slow the vehicle by applying the brake pedal but the vehicle still accelerated now to 160 km/hr. The complainants brother-in-law
                                                                                                       sitting in the back seat asked why she was still speeding and she informed him that she could not control the vehicle's speed, he
                                                                                                       then un-buckled his seat belt and leaned forward to witness that she was depressing the brake pedal with both feet. He then
                                                                                                       decided to put the vehicle in neutral and the complainant was able to slow the vehicle down and pull over to the emergency lane.
                                                                                                       The engine raced to very high RPM's. Once stopped the complainant applied the parking brake and turned the vehicle off. The
                                                                                                       occupants of the vehicle exited the vehicle and walked around to calm themselves from the event. The complainant noted strong
                                                                                                       burning type of smells being emitted by the vehicle. The sister of the complainant stated that she did not want to return into the
                                                                                                       vehicle for fear for her safety. After some debate and some visual inspections for possible causes, they restarted the vehicle and it
                                                                                                       idled normally. They then proceeded to their destination and the vehicle was brought to the complainants dealership for diagnosis
                                                                                                       where the vehicle was kept for a week of testing. No causes were found but they strongly believe that the floor mats were the
                                                                                                       source the incident. The complainant stated that the manufacturer had replied shortly after she re-filled her feedback report
                                                                                                       acknowledging the receipt of her email complaint.

                                                                                                       The complainant also stated that she had bought original winter floor mats for the vehicle at a cost of 130$ but stated that she did
                                                                                                       not install them with the summer floor mats in place.

2009-1079   11/23/2009   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2000 I.S.-AIR BAG - PASSENGER Fault: NON-                  Both driver & front passenger's airbags FAILED during the collision. I was driving with my wife going northbound on Avenue Road in
                                                 DEPLOYMENT == I.S.-AIR BAG - DRIVER Fault:            Toronto and out of nowhere going eastbound on Haddington Street a 2001 Ford Taurus jumped the stop sign and collided with my
                                                 NON-DEPLOYMENT                                        car (T-bone). The weather and road conditions were good (dry road). My car had extensive front end damages to bumper, hood,
                                                                                                       front fenders and broken headlights. The insurance company wrote my car off and sold it to a collision centre for scrap.

2009-1058   11/19/2009   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2010 FS-GENERAL Fault: STALLS - ACCIDENT == ENG- Intermittent stalling.
                                                 GENERAL Fault: STALLS
                                                                                             Stalling generally occurs at 60km/h, in town driving. Everything just suddenly shuts off. Engine stalls. All the dash lights come on.
                                                                                             She stop the car and puts it in Park. The engine usually restarts after a couple tries. The dash lights stay on after it is restarted.
                                                                                             Each time she calls the dealer and drive the car directly to the dealership for diagnosis. The dash lights were on when the car
                                                                                             arrived at the dealership.

                                                                                                       This has happened four times. Each time the dealership changed a sensor.
                                                                                                       The car is currently waiting at the dealership for its fourth repair.

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2009-1049   11/18/2009   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2009 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: INEFFECTIVE ==    Complainant wanted to report a unwarranted acceleration that occurred while driving on a two lane highway. The vehicle was being
                                                 FS-THROTTLE - ELECTRONIC Fault: SUDDEN       driven with the cruise control prior to the incident. He had disengaged the cruise control to let a truck following closely pass. Once
                                                 ACCELERATION                                 the second vehicle had finished passed him and created some safe distance between the two vehicle, the complainant remembers
                                                                                              activating the resume button on vehicle's cruise control system. The vehicle then accelerated normally at first. After a few moments
                                                                                              the complainant notice that his vehicle was starting to approach the vehicle in front of him at a faster than expected rate. He then
                                                                                              tapped the brake pedal to disengage the cruise but noticed that the vehicle continued to accelerate and was not responding to the
                                                                                              brake application. The complainant then applied the brakes with greater force and no vehicle response was observed. He then put
                                                                                              the vehicle in neutral and the engine immediately started to screamed, fearing for damaging the engine he then re-engaged the
                                                                                              transmission into gear to prevent any engine damage. The complainant then thought of turning off the engine and cycled the key
                                                                                              three time in all but the engine still continued to accelerate after all three tries. Fearing for loss of the steering control of the vehicle
                                                                                              he left the key in the on position. As a last attempt to slow the vehicle the complainant then put the vehicle into second gear but it
                                                                                              still resulted in the complainants car colliding with the truck in front of them. The complainant and wife both remember looking at the
                                                                                              speedometer and noting that it was reading 125km/hr. The impact damage was minor and the complainant had the vehicle
                                                                                              repaired. After the collision, the vehicle performed normally. The complainant's dealership was contacted and they immediately
                                                                                              inspected the vehicle for floor mats and/or fault codes stored in the vehicle's ECM. No faults were found and the OEM summer floor
                                                                                              mats were properly secured. After much debate with the manufacturer they stated that there were no faults with the vehicle and no
                                                                                              further actions were going to be taken.

                                                                                              The complainant feels that they were stone walled and has since traded the vehicle for a different make and model.

                                                                                              The vehicle had no prior engine servicing and only had a recall performed for the braking system, prior to the event.

2009-1021   11/12/2009   TOYOTA   SIENNA    2005 I.F.-MECHANISMS ATTACHMENTS Fault: WORN      Owner was advised that the lower "A" bushing were worn and needed replacing and inquired why this would not be a recall.

2009-1027   11/12/2009   TOYOTA   MATRIX    2004 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION       The complainant contacted us to report a sudden acceleration issue that resulted in a severe collision. Seconds after starting the
                                                                                              vehicle, she put the transmission lever in Reverse position and it immediatley started to accelerate backwards. The complainant
                                                                                              applied brakes but the vehicle did not slow down enough to prevent a 6' drop at the extremity of the drive-way. She now refuses to
                                                                                              drive the repaired vehicle and even sold it to a dealership.

2009-1013   11/10/2009   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2009 FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault: RUNAWAY ==       Complainant wanted to report a runaway condition that occurred October 18th 2009. The complainant and her husband were on a
                                                 I.S.-FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS Fault: IMPROP        return trip from Quebec City to their home in Tetford Mines. When the vehicle approached the exit for the city, near the split or off
                                                 INSTALLATION                                 ramp the vehicle accelerated suddenly and would not slow down. The vehicle was being driven by the complainant husband and he
                                                                                              had to perform evasive maneuvers to avoid other vehicles and eventually had to negotiate a 90º turn at the intersection where the
                                                                                              vehicle returned to normal. The vehicle was brought to their dealership where it was determined that the aftermarket floor mats
                                                                                              installed over the factory floor mat carpets in the vehicle had overridden the gas pedal thus leading to the unwanted runaway type of

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2009-0997   11/4/2009   TOYOTA   TACOMA    2009 PT-TRANSMISSION AUTOMATIC Fault: POOR
                                                PERFORMANCE                                  Immediately after taking delivery of my truck, I was making a right turn onto a street from a gas station exit ramp. From less than 5
                                                                                             KPH I accelerated to merge into the oncoming traffic when the engine RPM's increased but there was several seconds before the
                                                                                             transmission responded. This was a frightening moment as I was VERY close to being hit on the drivers side. The dealership tells
                                                                                             me that this is normal behavior for my model!

2009-0999   11/4/2009   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2009 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION       Summary of a consultant investigation filed for information only.
                                                == I.S.-FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS Fault:
                                                INFORMATION                                  The driver parked in front of a hair salon. She indicated that that she put foot on brake and came to a stop, she put car in PARK.
                                                                                             Her hand was on the parking brake lever ready to pull it up when the car lurched forward, climbed up onto a storefront sidewalk, and
                                                                                             crashed into the store front.

                                                                                             Two people in the Salon were injured, the owner and a 90 year old lady who was knocked off a chair and bleeding. The injuries did
                                                                                             not appear to be a significant concern to the insurer at this time. The complainant though the incident may have been related to
                                                                                             some brake work done on the vehicle a couple weeks earlier.

                                                                                             ·Review with insurer
                                                                                             ·Vehicle inspection at body shop


                                                                                             1.The vehicle was could be started and moved within the yard. No warning lamps were present.

                                                                                             2.The vehicle utilized electronic throttle control. The driver's floorboard has a recess to accommodate a depressed pedal.

                                                                                             3.An aftermarket rubber pantsaver floormat was found on top of pinned OEM floormat and covering the base of the accelerator
                                                                                             pedal. There was some localized surface damage on three raised ribs near the upper right corner of the mat. Perhaps the mat
                                                                                             damage was from contact with the accelerator pedal. The mat was relatively flimsy.

                                                                                             4.A brake issue was not identified.

                                                                                             5.The owner does not believe the floor mat was an issue and thinks the tow truck operator may have moved it.


                                                                                             File for information only.
2009-0991   11/2/2009   LEXUS     RX300    2000 PT-TRANSMISSION AUTOMATIC Fault: FAILED      The transmission failed. Would no longer shift gears and had to have the transmission rebuilt. This is a well documented issue with
                                                                                             the RX300 as it is the top issue on this vehicle in any web search. There is no way a vehicle with this low a mileage should have a
                                                                                             transmission failure.

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2009-0979   10/28/2009   TOYOTA   AVALON   2005 I.S.-AIR BAG - MODULE Fault: NON-DEPLOYMENT The complainant advised his wife was involved in frontal offset crash with a tour bus, and none of the vehicle's 12 airbags deployed.
                                                                                            She sustained a broken wrist in the crash.

                                                                                                     The complainant is concerned as the vehicle sustained over $20,000 damage and believes the airbags should have deployed.

2009-0948   10/22/2009   TOYOTA   MATRIX   2006 PT-AUTO-FLOOR SHIFT Fault: ROLL AWAY                 Vehicle rolled away after placing transmission in park.

                                                                                                     The vehicle had been left in park with the engine running. Parking brake was not applied. The vehicle began rolling as the driver
                                                                                                     exited the vehicle. He was hit by the open door as he was exiting (unclear as to the presence of injuries).

                                                                                                     The vehicle rolled down the ski hill (Rated for experts) and sufered extensive damage when it barrel-rolled. Note that the ski hill was
                                                                                                     closed (off-season).

                                                                                                     There were no witnesses to the incident.

                                                                                                     According to the complainant:

                                                                                                     -The vehicle was taken to the dealer in Jan 2009 with a complaint the the transmission could not be placed in park or would not
                                                                                                     remain in park.

                                                                                                     -In March 2009 and again in July, the vehicle was again taken to the dealer with a similar complaint. Nothing unusual was

                                                                                                     The owner had recently contacted the dealer and was about to leave the vehicle on their lot for a week for them to solve the

                                                                                                     All-wheel driven version.

                                                                                                     Owner is a retired mechanic. He had owned a garage.

                                                                                                     The compainant will have the owner contact our office to discuss further.

2009-0941   10/20/2009   TOYOTA   CAMRY    2005 I.S.-FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS Fault: POOR                  The complainant had an incident with the driver's factory carpet floor mat interacting with the brake pedal. The incident occurred in
                                                PERFORMANCE                                          the winter. The bottom of the factory carpet has a plastic layer which becomes very slippery in low temperatures. The floor anchors
                                                                                                     used to retain the carpet floor mat had pulled out allowing the carpet floor mat to move forward under the brake pedal. When the
                                                                                                     complainant was approaching stopped cars from behind he attempted to slow the vehicle down but he could not press the brake
                                                                                                     pedal hard enough to decelerate sufficiently. The complainant avoided rear ending the vehicle by swerving away. The complainant
                                                                                                     noted the news alert on the manufacturer's website regarding floor mats excluded the 2005 model yet the driver's mats are similar.

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2009-0935   10/19/2009   TOYOTA   CAMRY     2009 FS-THROTTLE - ELECTRONIC Fault: RUNAWAY           The complainant has experienced unintended sudden acceleration 6-times. Each incident occurred at low speed (10 km/h to 15
                                                                                                   km/h) while slowing down with his right foot on the brake pedal. The engine rpms went to 6000. The complainant pushed the
                                                                                                   transmission selector into neutral and brought the vehicle to a stop. The complainant has brought the vehicle to the dealership for
                                                                                                   diagnosis several times. The dealership first suggested the floor mat was the cause, however the complainant stated that the floor
                                                                                                   mat is cloth and was fastened with floor anchors (no all weather mats in use). The dealership then suggested the problem was with
                                                                                                   the air conditioning being on, causing the engine rpms to increase. The complainant is returning to the dealership for additional

2009-0931   10/16/2009   TOYOTA   COROLLA   1998 I.S.-SEAT BELT - BUCKLE Fault: FALSE LATCH         je vien de faire l'achat de la toyota en question et je me rend compte que ce qui retient la ceinture de securite ne fonctionne pas
                                                                                                   toujour bien (lorceque la ceinture est deboucle le bouton reste enfonce de moitie)et la ceinture ne se boucle pas toujour des le
                                                                                                   premier coup et il faut se reprendre plusieur fois
                                                                                                   The seat belt buckle does not always latch. See French complaint for further details.

2009-0924   10/15/2009   TOYOTA   CELICA    2003 I.S.-FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS Fault: RUNAWAY            Three times this owner has had the factory winter floor mat trap the gas pedal and the vehicle took off. He noticed that the matt was
                                                                                                   fouling the pedal so now he repositions the mat regularly. Advised that there is no peg on the floor that fixes the matt yet there is a
                                                                                                   hole for it to fit in.

2009-0916   10/14/2009   TOYOTA   TACOMA    2005 I.S.-AIRBAG WARNING LIGHT Fault:                  Airbag light illuminated in dash
                                                                                                   Did not have inspected at dealer- scared off by "guesstimate" of 400-800 dollars for repairs.

                                                                                                   Complainant insists this is a serious safety concern that TC should be recalling.

                                                                                                   Discuss warning lamp role, need to identify origin of malfunction before even knowing if a trend.

                                                                                                   Complainant will keep driving, likely will not be repaired unless manufacturer pays.

                                                                                    All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2009-0875   10/2/2009   TOYOTA   TOYOTA                                                            This file is currenty being used to record and monitor information concerning the recent NHTSA advisory concerning floor mats in
                                                                                                   Toyota vehicles. All correspondance is being saved on the P drive....see file 2009-0424.

                                                                                                   FROM NHTSA:

                                                                                                   NHTSA Consumer Safety Alert
                                                                                                   Tuesday, September 29, 2009 NHTSA Media Contact: Eric Bolton, 202-366-9550
                                                                                                   NHTSA Consumer Hotline: 888-327-4236

                                                                                                   Toyota Owners Are Cautioned About Floor Mats And Accelerator Pedal Interference
                                                                                                   Toyota to Launch a Safety Recall on Specific Toyota and Lexus Vehicles
                                                                                                   The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration today alerted Lexus and Toyota owners about conditions that could cause the
                                                                                                   accelerator to get stuck open under certain conditions. The agency strongly recommends taking out removable floor mats on the
                                                                                                   driver’s side in certain models and not to replace them with any other mat, either from Toyota or any other brand.

                                                                                                   “This is an urgent matter,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. “For everyone’s sake, we strongly urge owners of these
                                                                                                   vehicles to remove mats or other obstacles that could lead to unintended acceleration.”

                                                                                                   NHTSA notes that there continue to be reports of accelerator pedal clearance issues which provide the potential for an accelerator
                                                                                                   pedal to get stuck in the full open position. A stuck accelerator may result in very high vehicle speeds and a crash, which could
                                                                                                   cause serious injury or death.

                                                                                                   NHTSA said that Toyota has announced that it will soon launch a safety recall of various model year vehicles to redress the
                                                                                                   problem. However the safety agency warned owners to remove all driver-side floor mats from the models listed below immediately
                                                                                                   as an interim safety measure in advance of the recall.

                                                                                                   Toyota and Lexus vehicles affected by this consumer alert are:

                                                                                          2007-2010 Camry
                                                                                          2005-2010 Avalon
                                                                                          2004-2009 Prius
                                                                                          2005-2010 Tacoma
2009-0880   10/2/2009   TOYOTA   TACOMA   2009 I.S.-FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS Fault: INFORMATION 2007-2010 Tundra his new 2009 Toyota Tacoma into his garage when it suddenly accelerated in reverse. The driver's wife was
                                                                                          A driver was backing
                                               == ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN               behind the vehicle guiding him into the garage. Tragically, the Toyota ran over her and travelled through the corner of the garage
                                               ACCELERATION                               before it came to a stop. His wife died as a result of her injuries the following day.

2009-0872   9/30/2009   TOYOTA   MATRIX   2010 ACC-AUTO SPEED CONTROL Fault:                       This owner has had a number of incidents with the cruise control on after accelerating the throttle remained wide open. The cruise
                                               INFORMATION == ENG-ENGINE Fault:                    would not disengage with the switch or brake application. The owner maintained control by shifting to neutral bringing the vehicle
                                               RUNAWAY                                             safely to a stop on the shoulder. On the last occasion having turned the key off and on twice. Each time the engine remained at the
                                                                                                   red line. After turning the key off while waiting she heard a "pop" the next time she started the engine it behaved normally.

                                                                                                   (TLEH discuss w/PMAL, owner does not believe floor mats are an issue).

                                                                               All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2009-0868   9/29/2009   TOYOTA    ECHO     2004 TIRE-GENERAL Fault: VIBRATES                  Owner complained of a vibration, the dealer advised the Kingstar tires are the reason and was advised they are not to be driven
                                                                                              over 80 KPH. Unbelieving of this advise they contacted Toyota Canada and was advised again that these tires are not to be driven
                                                                                              over 80 KPH.

2009-0856   9/25/2009   TOYOTA    RAV4     2003 PT-TRANSMISSION AUTOMATIC Fault: POOR         While traveling at highway speeds that transmission shifted down into "limp mode". He drove home safely. The dealer could not
                                                OPERATIONS                                    diagnose a problem yet was aware of TSB on a solenoid issue in the transmission. Complainant feels if this happens in the fast
                                                                                              lane he could be run over by following traffic.

2009-0842   9/24/2009   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2009 SA-ELECTRIC POWER ASSIST Fault: STABILITY     While driving at 100km/h the steering wanders. The vehicle swerves to the left and the right. The driver is able to adjust the steering
                                                                                              and maintain control of the vehicle.
                                                                                              He brought the vehicle to the dealership where they performed an alignment. The wandering happened again so he brought it back
                                                                                              again. The dealership said that the vehicle was within specification.
                                                                                              The complainant found 34 similar complaints on NHTSA website.

2009-0851   9/24/2009   TOYOTA   AVALON    2009 FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault: JAMMED == I.S.- As Reported to NHTSA's Complaint database:
                                                FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS Fault: IMPROP            AFTER PASSING A CAR AND SPEEDING UP FROM 90KM PER HOUR TO 120 KM I TOOK MY FOOT OFF THE BRAKE. THE
                                                INSTALLATION == ENG-ENGINE Fault:           CAR CONTINUED ON IT'S OWN, 120,130, 140 AND TOPPING OUT AT 155KM WHERE AT THIS TIME I HAD ONE FOOT ON
                                                RUNAWAY                                     THE BRAKE AND COULD ONLY SLOW THE CAR TO 120, WITH BOTH FEET ON THE BRAKE ( LITERALLY "STANDING" ON
                                                                                            THE BRAKES) THE CAR SLOWED FROM 120 TO ABOUT 30 WHEREUPON MY WIFE SHUT THE CAR OFF. THE TIRES
                                                                                            WERE POURING SMOKE OUT OF THEM AND IT TOOK US ABOUT A MILE TO STOP THE CAR. IT IS A 2009 TOYOTA
                                                                                            AVALON BRAND NEW. HAVE YOU HAD ANY OTHER UNCONTROLLED ACCELERATION PROBLEMS REPORTED? *TR

2009-0853   9/24/2009   TOYOTA   AVALON    2006 ENG-ENGINE Fault: RUNAWAY                     The event occurred July 2008. The complainant was driving his vehicle with the speed control on at 100 km/h. The complainant
                                                                                              lightly pushed on the accelerator pedal and the engine went to 4400 rpms. The complainant pressed on the brake pedal several
                                                                                              times but the vehicle continued to accelerate. The complainant switched off the speed control but the vehicle continued
                                                                                              accelerating. The complainant turned the ignition off, shifted to neutral and coasted the vehicle to the side of the roadway. The
                                                                                              complainant restarted the vehicle on the road shoulder and the engine rpms went to 8000. The complainant turned off the vehicle
                                                                                              and restarted a second time and the engine rpms went to 8000. On the third on/off cycle the engine idled correctly and the
                                                                                              complainant proceeded on his trip. The complainant went to the dealership. The dealership could not identify a problem, no DTC.
                                                                                              The complainant was adamant that the floor mats were not the cause of the sudden acceleration. The vehicle was equipped with
                                                                                              factory carpet mats with aftermarket winter mats on top. Toyota case file # XXXXX. To date the complainant has not experienced a
                                                                                              similar problem.
2009-0838   9/23/2009   TOYOTA    RAV4     2001 PT-TRANSMISSION AUTOMATIC Fault: POOR         The complainant was turning left at an intersection when the vehicle's transmission "slipped" leaving the vehicle stranded in the
                                                OPERATIONS                                    oncoming lane. The complaint searched the internet and found a number of similar complaints from other owners. According to the
                                                                                              complainant, the manufacturer did issue a TSB for this issue but never conducted a Safety Recall or informed the vehicle owners
                                                                                              that this condition could occur. The vehicle's ECM and transmission need to be replaced to correct the issue.

                                                                                      All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                                 Sorted Newest to Oldest

2009-0832   9/21/2009   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2004 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION               On 10/09/2009 the complainant was backing out of her driveway. The complainant noted that the engine seemed to be racing. The
                                                                                                     complainant put the transmission into reverse. The vehicle accelerated backwards down the driveway across the street and struck a
                                                                                                     house at 40 km/h. The vehicle was written off. The complainant was adamant that her foot was on the brake but she could not stop
                                                                                                     the vehicle. The floor mats did not appear to interfere with the pedals. The complainant stated that aftermarket all season mats
                                                                                                     were installed over the factory carpet mats. The complainant received contusions to her ribs from being thrown within the vehicle on
                                                                                                     impact. The complainant stated she was unrestrained.

2009-0824   9/17/2009   TOYOTA   SIENNA    2006 STRUC.-REAR ASSY H/BACK LIFT SUP Fault:   The complainant's son opened the rear hatch. The left and right hatch struts failed and the hatch closed rapidly.
                                                FAILED                                    The complainant tested the rear hatch and found he had to physically hold the hatch open or it would immediately drop. The
                                                                                          complainant noted that there was no pre-warning (leaks from strut, difficult opening/closing) prior to the sudden failure. The
                                                                                          complainant stated he identified a recall for the "power hatch" but it did not include the "manual hatch" which, is what his vehicle
                                                                                          was equipped with.
2009-0778   9/4/2009    TOYOTA    VENZA    2009 FS-GENERAL Fault: RUNAWAY == ENG-ENGINE The complainant's wife was driving the vehicle with their 10-year-old daughter in the front passenger seat 30/08/2009. The cruise
                                                Fault: RUNAWAY == I.S.-FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS control was on but not activated. The driver was travelling on a paved highway and passed a slower moving vehicle. The driver
                                                Fault: IMPROP INSTALLATION                accelerated to 130 km/h to pass and then moved back into the driving lane. The driver tried to slow down and moved her foot off the
                                                                                          accelerator pedal to the brake pedal but the vehicle accelerated. The vehicle accelerated to 160 km/h. The driver tried to downshift
                                                                                          the manumatic transmission but it did not respond. The driver tried to turn the engine off with the push button on/off switch but it did
                                                                                          not respond. Eventually, the driver moved the transmission to neutral and coasted down to 80 km/h. Thinking everything was ok
                                                                                          the driver moved the transmission to drive and the vehicle accelerated again to 160 km/h. The driver felt the accelerator pedal move
                                                                                          away from her foot. The driver applied the brake pedal hard in order to slow down. Again, the transmission was moved to neutral
                                                                                          and the vehicle coasted to the side of the road. The vehicle is equipped with factory, dealership installed all weather mats laying on
                                                                                          top of the factory carpet mats. The vehicle was towed to the dealership and the dealership found no faults but noted the brake pads
                                                                                          and rotors were damaged from excessive heat during the incident. Toyota Canada Case # XXXXXXX.
                                                                                          PTIE see Log # 2009-0424

2009-0781   9/3/2009    TOYOTA   SIENNA    2004 STRUC.-DOOR - SLIDING Fault: FAILED                  Our van was parked on an incline, my son was closing the right hand rear sliding door when the cable holding it snapped and it
                                                                                                     slammed shut. Fortunately he was able to get out of the way and was not injured. A smaller child would not have been so
                                                                                                     forturnate and severe injury could have resulted. We have since learnt that the door failed due to a known defect. Toyota has
                                                                                                     issued a Toyota Service Bulletin (EL004-04) but has refused to correct the problem at their cost.

2009-0772   9/2/2009    TOYOTA   MATRIX    2009 I.S.-SEAT BELT - WEBBING Fault: SEPARATION             comments: J'ai acheté une Toyota Matrix 2009 en janvier dernier. Il y a une semaine en freinant mon fils qui était assis à l'arrière
                                                                                                     droit a constaté que la ceinture du côté de la barrure avait lâchée. Elle ne semble par brisé mais elle est sortie de sa base comme
                                                                                                     si elle était mal arrimé.
                                                                                                     Je voulais savoir qui a transport Canada je dois aviser afin d'éviter que des gens soient blessés ou tués si il s'agit d'une erreur de
                                                                                                     fabrication sur plusieurs autos.
                                                                                                     The complainant was driving his vehicle with his son belted on the rear seat, on the right side of the vehicle. The complainant had to
                                                                                                     brake suddenly and shortly after the braking incident occurred, his son noticed that his seat belt buckle assembly detached from its
                                                                                                     anchoring point under the seat. He contacted us to report and discuss the issue.

                                                                               All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                          Sorted Newest to Oldest

2009-0752   8/27/2009   TOYOTA   CAMRY     2009 I.S.-AIR BAG - DRIVER Fault: NON-DEPLOYMENT   The driver/complainant turned left in front of another passenger vehicle (4-door sedan) and was struck on the right side. The
                                                == I.S.-AIR BAG SIDE-PASSENGER Fault: NON-    complainant stated that the direct impact damage was located at the right front side with secondary damage along the remaining
                                                DEPLOYMENT                                    right side. The complainant was concerned that no air bags (front or side) deployed in her vehicle when it was struck. No air bag
                                                                                              diagnostic light prior to the impact indicating the system was functional. Only the driver/complainant in the vehicle at the time of
                                                                                              impact. The driver/complainant stated she received a chest contusion from the steering wheel. The complainant was wearing the
                                                                                              seat belt. Complainant to supply VIN and photos via email.

2009-0726   8/23/2009   TOYOTA   CAMRY     1996 ENG-GENERAL Fault: RUNAWAY                    The engine has surged on two occasions resulting in a sudden and unexpected acceleration. In both instances the complainant
                                                                                              was able to brake and slow the vehicle and bring it to a stop.

2009-0719   8/20/2009   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2008 I.S.-AIR BAG - DRIVER Fault: NON-DEPLOYMENT   IC - The complainant contacted us to report a severe frontal collision followed by a roll-over without any airbag deployment;
                                                                                              resulting in back/neck pain and constant headache. Our inspection of the vehicle revealed only minor damage to the left front
                                                                                              corner as a result of the frontal (11 o’clock) collision. The remaining damage appears a result of the roll-over. According to our
                                                                                              observations, the frontal collision was most likely not severe enough to require an airbag deployment.

                                                                              All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                         Sorted Newest to Oldest

2009-0692   8/13/2009   TOYOTA   SIENNA   2010 PT-GENERAL Fault: ROLL AWAY                   As noted in the complainants letter:
                                                                                             An incident occurred with my new 2010 Toyota Sienna (approx. 2000Km) on Sunday July 12th, 2009 in which the car was parked in
                                                                                             my driveway and proceeded to roll backwards approximately 10 feet into the street. At the time there were 3 children in the van,
                                                                                             myself and my wife had just exited the vehicle after parking it and were standing about 10 feet away. The van came to a stop on its
                                                                                             own, after hearing a loud ratchet noise coming from the engine compartment (we were chasing it down the driveway trying to hop
                                                                                             into the sliding door when it stopped). Nobody was hurt. Had there been someone behind the van they certainly would have been
                                                                                             injured, perhaps killed. If I had stumbled under the van while chasing it I may have been crushed.

                                                                                             The following morning (July 13) we heard a clicking noise coming from the front of the car. We immediately took it to Toyota on the
                                                                                             Park to investigate. A service technician took a test drive, I told him about the driveway rolling incident.

                                                                                             Shortly after I received a call that the problem was traced to a front shock mount and it was fixed. I picked the van up on July 17th. I
                                                                                             noted that the noise was still there and immediately returned to the service dept. I took another drive with the technician who
                                                                                             acknowledged the noise was still present. I left the minivan for further investigation.

                                                                                             Soon thereafter I received a call from the Assistant Service Manager, Abid Shavji, indicating that they were going to discuss the
                                                                                             problem with Toyota Canada as they were not certain of the origin of the clicking noise. At this time I had a long conversation with
                                                                                             him about the driveway rolling incident and that I was now quite concerned that this incident and the ratchet noise were related. He
                                                                                             took my concerns seriously and indicated that he'd look into the situation. I subsequently spoke with Abid, again expressing my
                                                                                             concern and that I doubted that a front shock mount was the source of the problem. Furthermore the chances of having 2 shock
                                                                                             mounts fail (they assumed the problem was now the other shock mount) and cause a clicking noise the day after hearing a louder
                                                                                             ratched noise after the van rolled back seemed unlikely to me. I felt that there may be a larger issue related to the transmission or
                                                                                             its locking mechanism.

                                                                                             I received voice message from Donna, the service advisor, I believe around July 23rd or 24th, she indicated that the car was ready
                                                                                             for pickup and the problem was solved. I had a verbal conversation with Donna On July 28. I had asked what was done to
                                                                                             investigate, she indicated they did 3 things; i) it was taken for a test drive to check for the clicking noise, which they no longer not
                                                                                             hear; ii) there was a visual check of the external engine components and iii) the car was parked on an incline to try to duplicate the
                                                                                             rolling incident, it did not roll.

                                                                                             She indicated that she was 100% confident that the van is safe and ready to go, and that there will be no further issues with the van
                                                                                             rolling backwards unexpectedly. There was a feeling from the service people that perhaps the van had not been fully engaged in the
2009-0655   7/31/2009   TOYOTA   MATRIX   2004 PT-TRANSMISSION MANUAL Fault: NOISY           "park" has been a slow my driveway.
                                                                                             There position while in increase in noise from the transmission. When the clutch is depressed the noise goes away. This noise is
                                                                                             now pretty loud and after reviewing some forums on the internet it seems that toyota matrix for 2003- 2004 have these transmission
                                                                                             issues. The rear bearing between the engine and transmission seems to be failing. Apparently toyota is dening any issues with this,
                                                                                             however there are numerous matrix owners with this problem. A recall should be given by toyota.

2009-0654   7/30/2009   TOYOTA   SIENNA   2005 I.S.-INTERIOR SYS Fault: OVERHEATED           Driver of van noticed smell, unable to find anything, front then back brakes replaced to see if that was source of smell. Smell
                                                                                             continued, van only used as second vehicle for short trips by wife, cargo area rarely used. Smell worse, opened cargo area and
                                                                                             found ashes and burnt rug. Taken to Toyota Canada, H/O looking into it, driver told van unsafe to drive until problem resolved.

                                                                             All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                        Sorted Newest to Oldest

2009-0645   7/29/2009   TOYOTA   CELICA   2002 FS-VALVES Fault: FAILED AFTER RECALL         The complainant received notice of TC recall # 2003044 from the manufacturer. The complainant had his vehicle inspected at the
                                                                                            dealership in 2003. The dealership inspected the check valve and determined that the tank did not need to be replaced. In 2008 the
                                                                                            complainant noted that during re-fuelling, gasoline would spill out of the filler spout and onto his clothes and ground. The
                                                                                            complainant contacted the manufacturer as he remembered the 2003 recall for the fuel tank. The manufacturer indicated that they
                                                                                            would not pay for any repairs. The complainant believes the recall was not adequate, in that the fuel tank should have been
                                                                                            replaced with the initial recall in 2003, now 6-years later he experienced the failure that the recall originally addressed.

                                                                                            TC # 2003044 Recall Details:
                                                                                            On certain vehicles, the check valve inside the fuel filler pipe may fall into the tank during refueling. This condition could cause fuel
                                                                                            to spill out of the fuel filler pipe when the tank is being filled and refueling is stopped by the auto-stop system of the refuel gun. This
                                                                                            may result in a fire if in the presence of an ignition source. Correction: Dealer will inspect the check valve. If the valve cannot be
                                                                                            engaged or has fallen into the tank, the fuel tank will be replaced.

2009-0600   7/21/2009   TOYOTA   RAV4     2003 PT-TRANSMISSION AUTOMATIC Fault: POOR        The complainant purchased the vehicle brand new. In April 2009 the complainant experienced vehicle hesitation and a clunking
                                               PERFORMANCE                                  noise from the transmission. The vehicle was off warranty so the complainant had the vehicle examined by a private mechanic. The
                                                                                            private mechanic changed the transmission fluid. The complainant continued to drive the vehicle until a check engine light became
                                                                                            illuminated in the instrument cluster. The complainant contacted the manufacturer and was told to take the vehicle to a dealership
                                                                                            for diagnosis. In June 2009 the dealership downloaded fault codes from the vehicle and recommended the replacement of the
                                                                                            ECM. Recently, the complainant heard a clunking noise again from the transmission and returned to the dealership. The dealership
                                                                                            indicated that the transmission needed to be replaced. The complainant searched the internet and identified TSB TC002-06 and
                                                                                            inquired if her vehicle was included in this TSB.

                                                                                            PTIE PCS search found similar complaints regarding auto transmission
                                                                                            2008-0299TOYOTARAV42002143000 km
                                                                                            2008-0391TOYOTARAV4200278045 km
                                                                                            2008-0486TOYOTARAV42002131000 km
                                                                                            2008-0881TOYOTARAV42003158000 km
                                                                                            2009-0281TOYOTARAV42002160663 km

                                                                                            The problem with the transmission appears common.
                                                                                            Indeed the manufacturer listed a technical service bulletin to address the problem.
                                                                                            However, the TSB warranty is in effect to 128,000 km and the complainant's vehicle has 150,000 km.
                                                                                            NOTE that the TSB indicated that after the ECM has been replaced, the transmission may also require replacement.

                                                                                 All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                            Sorted Newest to Oldest

2009-0594   7/17/2009   TOYOTA   4 RUNNER   2005 I.S.-AIR BAG SIDE - DRIVER Fault: DEPLOYED ==   The complainant had been camping, and returned home after driving 3-hours. The complainant backed the vehicle into his paved
                                                 I.S.-AIR BAG SIDE-PASSENGER Fault: DEPLOYED     driveway to unload gear. After unloading the complaint drove out to the paved roadway turned the vehicle around and drove head
                                                 == I.S.-SEAT BELT - PRE-TENSIONER Fault:        on into his driveway. The complainant stated he was creeping at approximately 10 km/h. The complainant stated that both the
                                                 DEPLOYED                                        driver and passenger side curtain airbags spontaneously deployed. The complainant also observed that the driver's seat belt
                                                                                                 pretensioner had also deployed in the stowed position. The front passenger's seat belt pretensioner had not deployed. The
                                                                                                 complainant contacted Toyota Canada. Toyota Canada initiated a file. The vehicle is currently at the dealership. Toyota sent a field
                                                                                                 representative to examine the complainant's driveway/roadway interface. The Toyota representative indicated the driveway/roadway
                                                                                                 interface was excessive curb to mount. The vehicle was purchased used from the complainant's neighbour. The vehicle
                                                                                                 history is known and the vehicle has never been in a collision. The vehicle is under warranty.

2009-0529   6/23/2009   TOYOTA   COROLLA    2008 I.S.-SEAT BACK Fault: INJURY-FRACTURE           The owner was manipulating a large object into the vehicle. She was standing outside the passengers door with her head inside the
                                                                                                 car. When the seat back lever was activated releasing the seat back it hit the owner in the face breaking her nose.

2009-0530   6/23/2009   TOYOTA    MATRIX    2009 I.S.-SEAT Fault: IMPROPER ASSEMBLY              The complainant was concerned with the left-rear and center-rear seat belt buckle positioning. The buckles overlap each other and
                                                                                                 when fastened, the center buckle can cover the release button of the left buckle making it difficult for the occupant to exit the
                                                                                                 vehicle in an emergency situation. Also with the buckles overlapped, it may have an effect on the occupant restraint system in the
                                                                                                 event of a collision.

                                                                                                 The vehicle's rear seat cushion was inspected to determine if it was fastened properly. The rear seat hook was found to be
                                                                                                 unlatched similar to TC File #2009-0316.

                                                                                                 Response from manufacturer:

                                                                                                 "Please be assured that this condition is the design intent of Toyota. The location of the seat-belt buckle receiving ends are in the
                                                                                                 same location as the previous generation Matrix.

                                                                                                 The rationale for this design is to accommodate larger sized occupants in the rear seat and bulky CRSs. This design maximizes
                                                                                                 space allocation in the rear seat. I'm sure that Transport Canada noticed the ease of buckle access has been improved and that
                                                                                                 the seat belt end can only fit into the appropriate buckle.

                                                                                                 A passenger seated in the outboard position is now able to buckle the seat-belt using one hand since the receiving end is rigid.
                                                                                                 This design is one of many "kaizens" (or continuous improvements) that Toyota has made for the current generation Matrix."

2009-0523   6/22/2009   TOYOTA    CAMRY     2005 I.F.-CONTROL ARM PIVOT Fault: FAILED            Complainant believes that his vehicle suffered a pre-mature failure of the front control arm bushing. He does not feel he should
                                                                                                 have to pay the $1200 repair cost for replacing his front control arm. Has spoken to Toyota Canada and was told he should have
                                                                                                 bought extended warranty.
                                                                                                 Vehicle had no symptoms, was in for routine oil change and was noted by technician that rubber bushing was beginning to

2009-0478   6/5/2009    TOYOTA   COROLLA    2001 I.F.-CONTROL ARM PIVOT Fault: WORN              Complainant stated that vehicle was experiencing major torque steer, found problem to be right front lower control arm front
                                                                                                 bushing. In attempting to fix the problem himself, welded nut inside the cross member broke and is just turning so he is unable to
                                                                                                 remove the control arm. He believes that Toyota should recall because vehicle is difficult to repair.

                                                                                    All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                               Sorted Newest to Oldest

2009-0453   5/29/2009   TOYOTA   TUNDRA    2004 I.F.-BALL JOINT Fault: SEPARATION                  “Road Safety Recall” (#2005151,#2007014). I had my 2 kids buckled up, and as I backed up 6", the front driver’s side dropped to
                                                                                                   the ground. The control arm was lying on the ground after severely damaging my tire. The nut to the ball joint was stripped, likely
                                                                                                   from the pressure of holding on to the ball joint. I could not find the cotter pin. After looking at the crown nut in detail there was old
                                                                                                   road grime consistently throughout all of the slots. The pin has come out and the nut loosened.

2009-0442   5/28/2009   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2005 PT-TRANSMISSION AUTOMATIC Fault: POOR              Complainant had noticed a harsh shift condition and MIL illuminated. Vehicle was taken to dealer, dtc P2716 stored.
                                                OPERATIONS                                         Was told that there is an updated ECM (PCM) but he will have to wait because there are about 500 on back order from Toyota. TSB

2009-0424   5/22/2009   TOYOTA    VENZA    2009 ENG-ENGINE Fault: RUNAWAY == FS-GENERAL The complainant experienced a stuck throttle incident which she found was due to floor mat and pedal interaction. The dealer
                                                Fault: RUNAWAY == I.S.-FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS delivered the vehicle with all-season rubber mats placed over the factory mats. When she removed the all-season mats, she read a
                                                Fault: IMPROP INSTALLATION                warning at the top that said not to place over existing mats.

                                                                                                   In her incident, she accelerated to pass a transport truck at approximately 120 km/h. After passing the truck, the vehicle kept
                                                                                                   accelerating. Applying the brakes did not significantly decelerate the vehicle. She placed the transmission in neutral and the engine
                                                                                                   speed accelerated. She switched the engine off with the ignition key and let the vehicle coast to a stop. The driver claims
                                                                                                   repeatedly applying the brakes without significant effect on vehicle speed. The ESC lamp illuminated and a text suggesting a brake
                                                                                                   failure may have occurred came up on the IP (note: Illuminated as a result of perceived simultaneous brake and accelerator

2009-0413   5/19/2009   TOYOTA   AVALON    2006 ENG-LINES HOSES Fault: LEAKS                       This owner was into a 4 kilometer trip when he noticed smoke billowing behind the car. Upon inspection he found that the oil return
                                                                                                   line from the oil cooler to the engine had failed. The dealer repaired the line and advised parts will not be available until June.

2009-0409   5/15/2009   TOYOTA   SIENNA    2004 SA-GENERAL Fault: STICKS/GRABS                     The complainant advised while turning, the steering intermittantly binds.

2009-0381   5/5/2009    TOYOTA   AVALON    2005 ENG-GENERAL Fault: LEAKS                           Visible oil leak under car so drove vehicle (no warning lights on at all) 2 KMs to Toyota dealership who reported the problem as a
                                                                                                   defective 'oil pipe'. Our extended warranty covered repairs. The kind service rep knew of no such defects with '05 Avalon yet my
                                                                                                   internet search revealed many U.S. based articles describing the exact same problem. This defect places humans and the
                                                                                                   enviormnent at risk. I am supprised Toyota hasn't recalled this item. Is your office aware of this? Thank You.

2009-0365   4/29/2009   TOYOTA   CAMRY     2009 I.S.-SEAT BELT - REAR 3PT Fault: ENTRAPMENT        Eight (8) year old child became entangled in left rear seat belt after releasing it from the buckle. It appears the seat belt retractor
                                                                                                   was set in ALR mode and the father resorted to cutting the webbing to extricate the child.

                                                                                                   The complainant is unsure as to how the webbing was positionned on the child, he believes the shoulder portion was placed behind
                                                                                                   the child.

2009-0316   4/16/2009   TOYOTA   MATRIX    2009 I.S.-SEAT Fault: IMPROPER ASSEMBLY                 During vehicle preparation for compliance testing it was observed that the rear center seat cushion anchor was not properly
                                                                                                   attached. It appears that the seat foam covered the bracket and prevented the seat cushion hook from being securely latched into
                                                                                                   position during vehicle assembly at the plant.

                                                                                                   PCS Search: One similar case TC File # 2009-0530.

                                                                                All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                           Sorted Newest to Oldest

2009-0279   4/3/2009    TOYOTA   YARIS    2007 FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault: LOSS OF             Complainant wanted to report a loss of accelerator pedal function while driving. The problem has been occurring since new and the
                                               CONTROL == FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault:          dealership has attempted to repair the concern on six to seven different occasions. The concern occurs randomly while driving. It
                                               INOPERATIVE == FS-THROTTLE - ELECTRONIC         has happened after 1000 feet of driving or after 15-20 kilometers. Not affected by speed nor time or weather conditions. The vehicle
                                               Fault: ERRATIC                                  simply loose the gas pedal function and the vehicle starts to slow. The engine warning light illuminates when the concern occurs.
                                                                                               The complainant has to turn off the vehicle and re-start in order to re-establish the accelerator pedal function. The dealership has
                                                                                               replaced two sensors, the accelerator pedal, the ECM and is presently replacing the complete engine harness. The complainants
                                                                                               vehicle is still at the dealership being repaired.

                                                                                               Quick review of complaints for this vehicle revealed no ongoing trend. NHTSA has one accelerator pedal complaint that relates to
                                                                                               pedal sensitivity at low engine speeds.

2009-0281   4/3/2009    TOYOTA    RAV4    2002 PT-TRANSMISSION AUTOMATIC Fault: POOR           transmission suddenly slips/jerks. Sudden acceleration from a stop or no accelleration. Barely avoided accidents. Garage next day
                                               PERFORMANCE                                     Code P0750 Mechanic calls tranny shop could replace component, could rebuild tanny Likely require tranny rebuild & new ECM
                                                                                               maybe more all with no guarantee Common problem with 02 RAV Repair cost more than 1/2 value of RAV Web search
                                                                                               ToyotaTSB00206describes problem possible fix limits warranty to 80KM Massive number of RAV owners with same problem

2009-0276   4/2/2009    TOYOTA   CAMRY    2007 INFO.-INFORMATION Fault: INFORMATION            Hybrid being test driven at insurance research centre when engineer realised vehicle could be inadvertently left running when driver
                                                                                               left the vehicle with no audible feedback. Possible for driver to assume door locked from beeps. Can not lock vehicle doors when
                                                                                               running. Safety concern if older child left in vehicle or entered vehicle unsupervised and could move vehicle if they changed gear.

2009-0266   3/31/2009   TOYOTA   CAMRY    2009 ENG-GENERAL Fault: FIRE                         Feb. 28, 2009:engine fire
                                                                                               Approx. 3-3:15pm: car was parked, block heater plugged in and unloaded and locked.
                                                                                               Approx. 3:30pm: neighbour rings door bell and tells me that the car is on fire.
                                                                                               Approx. 3:45pm: fire dept and police arrive.
                                                                                               Approx. 4pm:fire extinguished. Police interview all neighbors and myself and ruled out arson. Fireman believe it was an electrical
                                                                                               fire from manufacturing defect.

                                                                                               March 2, 2009:reported to insurance

                                                                                               March 23, 2009:prelim investigation report, indeterminate cause. Final report pending.

2009-0263   3/30/2009   TOYOTA   TUNDRA   2000 SA-RACK AND PINION RACK Fault:                  The steering on the truck failed due to the hydraulic steering rack ram rotting through causing all of the power-steering fluid to be
                                               RUSTED/CORRODED                                 lost. There was a sudden loss of all power steering. The complainant has photos of the rack prior to replacement and a short video
                                                                                               showing the leak through steel part. There is a forum on the internet indicating this is an issue with the Tundra but 2 dealers would
                                                                                               not admit they had ever heard anything.

                                                                                    All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                               Sorted Newest to Oldest

2009-0237   3/18/2009   TOYOTA   COROLLA    2009 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: FAILED                 ***See main file TC # 2009-0103***

                                                                                                   This vehicle will randomly loose the brakes. The last event the vehicle rolled through a stop sign. The brake pedal was hard as if
                                                                                                   something was stopping its movement along with a metal to metal sound.

                                                                                                   Dealer work order appears to suggest that the concern may be linked to the freezing of the brake assist booster. On this work order,
                                                                                                   the dealer apparently commented that the manufacturer is investigating the concern. The complainant is retired and travels short
                                                                                                   distances at a time.

2009-0230   3/16/2009   TOYOTA    YARIS     2007 H.B.-WARNING SYSTEM-LIGHT Fault:                  The ABS and parking brake light came on during operating the car. This is the third time this has occurred since we bought the car.
                                                 MAINTENANCE RELATED                               Looking at the internet, we noted that this is a common problem with Yaris cars equiped with ABS brakes. Please investigate as
                                                                                                   this appears to be a design fault and Toyota is not issueing a recall notice.
                                                                                                   I note that both your and Toyota instructions are to stop the car as it is too dangerous to operate.

2009-0190   3/3/2009    TOYOTA HIGHLANDER   2004 I.F.-CONTROL ARM-LOWER Fault:                     Vehicle (mileage 111,002Km) was serviced due to noise originating from the front end on October 23, 2008. Both lower control
                                                 CRACKED/SPLIT                                     arms were found to be cracked. The cracks were located at the end of the arm where a bushing was located within the control arm.
                                                                                                   The cracks ran from the top (12 o'clock) to the base (6 o'clock) in each arm. New tires had been put on the vehicle at 99,744 KM so
                                                                                                   I believe that both arms cracked at the same time or in close time proximity.

2009-0191   3/3/2009    TOYOTA   SIENNA     2006 I.S.-AIR BAG SIDE - DRIVER Fault: DEPLOYED        Vehicle involved in collision with some damage to left side, no airbags were deployed., Vehicle repaired and in final check of side
                                                                                                   light, sliding door slammed shut and left side curtain airbag was deployed. Vehicle now with Toyota dealer.

2009-0150   2/19/2009   TOYOTA   CAMRY      2009 VIS-WINDSHIELD WASHER NOZZLE Fault:               The windshield washer jet hits the wiper arm and not the windshield. The dealer changed the drivers wiper arm with a 2008 arm and
                                                 IMPROPER DESIGN                                   the problem remains. Dealer advised a design fault.

2009-0147   2/18/2009   TOYOTA   CAMRY      2005 I.R.S.-COIL SPRING Fault: FAILED                  While driving he heard a rattling noise, a few seconds later he heard a bang, looked in rear view mirror and saw something fall off
                                                                                                   the car, he stopped and found part of the coil spring (rusty).

2009-0128   2/11/2009   TOYOTA   CAMRY      2007 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION            The complainant is concerned by two different incidents of sudden acceleration with his vehicle. Both incidents occurred in similar
                                                                                                   circumstances: while parking the vehicle driving forward at a very slow speed. The vehicle suddenly accelerated by itself and was
                                                                                                   very hard to stop. It felt to the operator as the power brake was not functioning. The complainant is convinced it is not a pedal error
                                                                                                   or floor mat related and contacted us for further investigation.

2009-0120   2/10/2009   TOYOTA   COROLLA    2003 I.S.-AIR BAG - MODULE Fault: POOR                 Owner / driver traveling at 50 kph struck a Civic that spun CCW across his path resulting in a front to right side impact. 3 - 5
                                                 OPERATIONS                                        second post crash the air bags deployed. This vehicle crush, left side pushed the wheel to the firewall and the right side had little
                                                                                                   crush. The front end was shifted to the right. Driver had soft tissue neck, L shoulder, L knee, When the air bag deployed it hit the
                                                                                                   driver on the chest. Right front passenger impacted both knees and the air bag hit on the right side of the face.

                                                                                     All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                                Sorted Newest to Oldest

2009-0114   2/9/2009    TOYOTA   COROLLA   1998 STRUC.-HOOD-LATCHES Fault: FAILED                   While driving at 60 km/h the hood opened blocking the driver's view of the road. The hood was opened 3 days earlier and the owner
                                                                                                    states the hood was not on the secondary as he would have noticed.

2009-0103   2/2/2009    TOYOTA   MATRIX    2009 H.B.-BOOSTER Fault: FROZEN                          In cold weather i.e. < -20°C , brakes sometimes require excessive force on the pedal to stop. Appears like
                                                                                                    power assist has stopped working. Solution is to put vehicle in warm garage for a few hours. Service
                                                                                                    department says the cause is moisture condensing in vacuum line from intake manifold to brake booster.

2009-0085   1/27/2009   TOYOTA   SIENNA    2004 STRUC.-REAR ASSY H/BACK LIFT SUP Fault:             There was a recall on Aug 2008 and has been fixed, but the same problem re-appear recently which caused injury on my head
                                                FAILED                                              twice: THE GAS STRUTS USED TO HELP LIFT AND SUPPORT THE REAR POWER LIFTGATE WEAR OUT SOONER THAN
                                                                                                    EXPECTED. AS THE GAS STRUTS DETERIORATE, THE PERFORMANCE OF THE LIFTGATE WILL BEGIN TO DEGRADE
                                                                                                    AND THE POWER REAR LIFTGATE WILL OPERATE MORE SLOWLY THAN WHEN THE GAS STRUTS WERE NEW. THE
                                                                                                    GAS STRUTS IS NOT BE ABLE TO SUPPORT THE WEIGHT OF THE LIFTGATE WHEN IT IS OPEN.

2009-0087   1/27/2009   TOYOTA    PRIUS    2008 TIRE-TIRE Fault: FAILED                             I had a tire blow out a week back. I have a year old vehicle, I have an Advanced Maintainence Contract. Toyota said tires are not
                                                                                                    covered hence no loner vehicle. When I asked a letter for a vehicle safety and why warranty/loaner was refused,they said it will be
                                                                                                    mailed to my home address, I haven't received anything.
                                                                                                    I atleast deserve a letter explaining why things were refused and if my vehicle is safe to drive
                                                                                                    Please investigate.Highly unethical and unprofessional conduct of Toyota.

2009-0056   1/15/2009   TOYOTA   TERCEL    1999 SA-COLUMN LOCK Fault: WORN == SA-COLUMN Complainant wanted to report a steering lock mechanism failure. The vehicles steering lock mechanism failed to rotate one morning
                                                LOCK Fault: FAILED                      and was unable to start his vehicle. He contacted his dealership and they recommended that he try and wiggle the steering wheel
                                                                                        back and forth to try and release possible pressure on the lock mechanism. His attempt to this failed. He contacted many local
                                                                                        repair garages and one tow truck driver suggested to life the vehicle's front wheels and turn the wheels back and forth. This was
                                                                                        performed by the driver and complainant successfully and the incident has not re-occurred since. He is concern that if this had
                                                                                        happened while he was in a remote location or on a lake, he would have perished because of the cold. The vehicle was brought to
                                                                                        his dealer where they recommended that the vehicle steering column locking mechanism be replaced. He feels that this theft
                                                                                        deterrent system should not be in vehicles. He feels that most thieves would be able to defeat the system and it could put his life in
2009-0058   1/15/2009   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2003 CRS-HARNESS Fault: SHORT == CRS-CHILD               Complainant CPS technician saw child seat at clinic. Parent commented that strap no longer so easy to tighten, technician reported
                                                SEAT HARNESS Fault: FRAYED                          that harness adjuster strap "seems to be fraying quite a bit". Child seat was provided new about one year ago by manufacturer as
                                                                                                    replacement for previous same model child seat with fraying harness straps.

2009-0052   1/14/2009   TOYOTA    RAV4     2009 FS-THROTTLE - ELECTRONIC Fault: SUDDEN              The complainant was travelling on a well-ploughed winter street at approximately 25 km/h. The complainant's vehicle abruptly
                                                ACCELERATION == H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL                 accelerated and pulled to the right, colliding with a parked pickup truck in the adjacent parking lane and pushing it onto the
                                                Fault: INEFFECTIVE                                  sidewalk.
                                                                                                    The complainant stated that she did not depress the accelerator pedal. She applied the brake when the vehicle began accelerating
                                                                                                    but that was ineffective. The vehicle pulled to the right without the steering wheel being turned.
2009-0036   1/10/2009   TOYOTA   SIENNA    2004 STRUC.-DOOR - SLIDING Fault: FROZEN                 The power side doors frequently won't open in cold weather. Moisture seeps in and freezes between the sliding doors and the
                                                                                                    doors' rubber seals. Two situations can occur when this happens: the side doors cannot be opened at all; the side doors unlock but
                                                                                                    cannot be completely opened or closed. The inability to properly open or close a vehicle's doors is a safety hazard.

                                                                                   All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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                                                                                                  HARD, MUST USE EMERGENCY BRAKE TO STOP CAR.

2009-0033    1/9/2009    TOYOTA   COROLLA   2009 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: FAILED == ENG-        Driver pulled out of parking lot, had been stuck in snow, driver braked as he came out of parking lot, brakes did not work, ABS light
                                                 GENERAL Fault: FIRE                              came on. Then apparently saw smoke and engine caught on fire.

2009-0031    1/8/2009    TOYOTA   CAMRY     2007 I.S.-AIR BAG SIDE - DRIVER Fault: NON-           Recall Notice in the 2007 Toyota Camry. NHTSA Campaign Number 06V096000.
                                                                                                  I had a 2007 Toyota Camry hybrid, a minivan that had lost control and come into our lane. My Toyota Camry was hit front offset,
                                                                                                  possibly two impacts from the minivan as the front driver's side door was crushed. The driver side airbag on the steering wheel was
                                                                                                  deployed and the knee airbag was deployed. My front driver door was crushed in but the side airbag was not deployed nor was the
                                                                                                  side curtain airbag deployed.

2009-0018    1/7/2009    TOYOTA   COROLLA   2008 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: POOR                  The complainant advised on several occasions, the vehicle has been difficult to stop as approaching an intersection. From low
                                                 PERFORMANCE                                      speeds, less than 5 km/h, the brake pedal has felt suddenly hard, and has provided the vehicle with very little deceleration, to the
                                                                                                  point where the complainant has used the emergency brake to bring the vehicle to a stop.

                                                                                                  The vehicle has been inspected by a dealership and no faults were found.

2009-0012    1/5/2009    TOYOTA   CAMRY     2005 FS-THROTTLE - ELECTRONIC Fault: FAILED           While driving on a freeway, the engine suddenly entered limp mode and lost all throttle response. The complainant safely pulled the
                                                                                                  vehicle to the roadside and attempted to re-start the vehicle with no change in performance. The vehicle was towed to a dealership
                                                                                                  for inspection and repair where it was found the electronic throttle body had failed.

2008-0902   12/30/2008   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2009 ENG-GENERAL Fault: HESITATION                    Complainant wanted to report a hesitation with respect to his vehicle operation. He stated that when the vehicle accelerates from a
                                                                                                  stand still or is operating at low speeds and attempts to accelerate, there is a delay of a few millisecond before the vehicle re-acts to
                                                                                                  the throttle request. He feels that this is a safety issue and that this delay is not normal. This could cause a collision if he had to
                                                                                                  reverse the vehicle in an intersection should he have stopped to far into the intersection. The complainant has contacted a few
                                                                                                  dealerships and discussed the concern with them and some dealership have stated that this is a normal operation of the vehicle
                                                                                                  and others have stated that this was common and they have no solutions for this concern at this time.

                                                                                                  Recommended that he have the vehicle inspected and properly diagnosed at his dealership. Also recommended that he log an
                                                                                                  official complaint with the vehicle manufacturer. He agreed and will call back with the vehicle VIN and further information.

2008-0889   12/22/2008   TOYOTA    YARIS    2008 TIRE-GENERAL Fault: POOR PERFORMANCE             les pneux sont tres glissent sur la chaussé légerement eneigé, le véhicule a beaucoup mal a décollé des coin rue la voiture dérape
                                                                                                  facilement et les freinage ne sont pas fameux mal gré le fait qu ils sont equipé de crampon d acier ( sa grafigne pas), bref j ai l
                                                                                                  impression de roulé avec des pneux d été dans la neige
                                                                                                  PS nous en somme a la 3 er bordé de neige

                                                                                   All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2008-0881   12/19/2008   TOYOTA    RAV4      2003 PT-TRANSMISSION AUTOMATIC Fault: ERRATIC        Toyota has issued Technical Service Bulletin (TC002-06) which states a defective ECUs on Rav4 2001-2003 models extending the
                                                                                                  warranty to 96 months or 80K miles, whichever comes first. Toyota should issue a recall on this since the problem not only
                                                                                                  destroys the transmission, it also makes the car very dangerous to drive. Sometime in August 2008 while driving our car along No
                                                                                                  3 Road in Richmond, we almost got rear ended due to the harsh shift of the transmission. Testi - "TC002-06 Complain"

2008-0875   12/17/2008   TOYOTA   SIENNA     2004 I.S.-INTERIOR SYS Fault: INFORMATION == I.S.-   Vehicle stopped in high occupancy lane of highway when smoke entered occupant compartment. Stationary van was rear-ended by
                                                  INTERIOR SYS Fault: INJURY-FATAL                two other vehicles.

                                                                                                  MECHANIC TELLS ME IT IS THE STEERING INTERMEDIATE SHAFT AND THAT THERE IS A BULLETIN ( ST001-07) ON THIS.
                                                                                                  THE TOYOTA DEALERSHIP STATES THAT THIS IS NOT A SAFETY CONCERN. THE VEHICLE IS AT 88,000 KM AND
                                                                                                  EXCEEDS THE 36 MONTH 36,000 MILE LIMITS. I PURCHASED THIS USED VEHICLE IN JANUARY 08 from Toyota Town

2008-0840   12/4/2008    TOYOTA HIGHLANDER   2001 ACC-SEAT HEATER Fault: OVERHEATED               The seat heater was on when the driver returned to find a 1 cm sized hole burnt into the right side of the seat pad. The passenger
                                                                                                  saw smoke and turned off the key.

                                                                               All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2008-0832   12/2/2008    TOYOTA   MATRIX   2007 ENG-ENGINE Fault: STALLS                      (Complainant Submission)
                                                                                              My car came to a dead stop in the intersection of Wheeler Blvd / Botsford Street in Moncton, NB during rush hour traffic.
                                                                                              I had good service from Acadia Toyota local dealer, BUT was dismayed to learn from the service department that the computer
                                                                                              module which runs the engine is given to failure in Matrix /Corolla and that these vehicles are not being recalled. Fortunately I had a
                                                                                              cell phone with me, as I could not have exited the car but could have been rear-ended as I waited for the Roadside Assistance.

                                                                                              BACKGROUND: (as told to GSYP by Complainant)
                                                                                              The Complainant drove roughly 50 km from her home in Moncton, NB to Dorchester Cape, NB on the morning of the incident. She
                                                                                              returned later that day and travelled to a local shopping mall. She was at the mall only briefly before heading to a second mall.
                                                                                              Roughly ten minutes into this journey, she was heading west on Wheeler Boulevard as she approached the intersection at Botsford
                                                                                              Street in the left 'through' lane. She was slowing for a red traffic light when the signal phase turned to green. The engine died
                                                                                              completely and without warning when she applied the accelerator pedal. The engine light was not on prior to the engine stopping.
                                                                                              Complainant did recall seeing three lights on the instrument panel, including the battery light. The vehicle rolled to a stop in evening
                                                                                              rush hour traffic. The complainant repeatedly cycled the ignition switch but the vehicle did not respond. The distraught
                                                                                              Complainant could not get hazard lights to activate. She does not know if they were not functioning or that she was unable to
                                                                                              operate the switch. The driver was reportedly unable to exit the vehicle due to traffic flowing around her vehicle. The Complainant
                                                                                              called Roadside Assistance from inside the vehicle using her cell phone. A tow truck arrived and the vehicle was towed to
                                                                                              dealership. The vehicle was left there because the dealership had closed for the evening (after normal working hours).

                                                                                              The complainant contacted the dealership the next day. The Complainant was informally informed by a service person at the local
                                                                                              dealership that they are aware of a problem with the ECU failing in her model of vehicle. When the Complainant was given a
                                                                                              courtesy vehicle to drive, she asked if the ECU would fail in it. She was told, "No, it only happens in the Matrix and Corolla". She
                                                                                              was also told that the problem usually occurred when the vehicle is first started, not while travelling. She was told that her failure
                                                                                              was a "worst case scenario".

                                                                                              The dealership replaced the ECU under warranty - no charge.

                                                                                              No history of prior repair work, just routine oil changes. The winter tires were installed at the dealership six days prior. When not in
                                                                                              use, the vehicle is normally parked in heated underground garage at the driver's residence.

2008-0815   11/27/2008   TOYOTA   PRIUS    2007 STRUC.-REAR ASSY H/BACK LIFT SUP Fault:       As this owner was about to reverse out his garage, he heard a loud gun like report and the rear window shattered. Upon inspection,
                                                FAILED                                        he found the right side rear hatch strut had failed sending the pressurized component thru the rear window or thru the gap between
                                                                                              the hatch and the quarter panel, ricocheting off the garage door guild rail damaging one of the guild wheels. The owner advised he
                                                                                              opened and closed the hatch prior to getting into his car. The vehicle is currently at the dealer for investigation.

2008-0789   11/18/2008   TOYOTA   AVALON   2005 SA-COLUMN COUPLING Fault: WORN                This owner began to hear a noise related to the rotation of the steering column. The dealer replaced the intermediate shaft
                                                                                              coupling. The owner noted that a Toyota recall 510 was issued on the steering shaft for a missing weld. Owner felt his vehicle
                                                                                              should be part of this recall.

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2008-0698   10/8/2008   TOYOTA   CAMRY    2009 ENG-FUEL INJECTION SYSTEM Fault: SURGE       When braking to come to a stop, the vehicle slows normally until it reaches 35 or 30 km/h, at which point it seems that the engine
                                                                                            pushes the vehicle forward in resistance to the braking. The complainant noted that on one occasion she was braking quite hard
                                                                                            and was worried that she would not be able to stop.

                                                                                            The vehicle was inspected by the dealer who contacted Toyota Japan. According to a Toyota programming technician, this behavior
                                                                                            is normal.

2008-0688   10/7/2008   TOYOTA   RAV4     2007 I.S.-SEAT BELT Fault: POOR PERFORMANCE ==    The complainant's husband was travelling 60km/h at 1:00 am. As he crossed a city intersection through a green light he was
                                               I.S.-AIR BAG SIDE - DRIVER Fault: NON-       impacted on the left side by a minivan. The minivan had been stolen and was being pursued by police when it ran a red light at
                                               DEPLOYMENT                                   approximately 80 km/h. The minivan impacted the left front wheel of the complainant's vehicle. The complainant's vehicle had four
                                                                                            occupants. The right side occupants were sent to hospital with severe injuries. The left rear occupant was fatally injured. The driver
                                                                                            suffered severe injuries including head trauma (brain damage). The investigating officer believes all occupants were wearing seat
                                                                                            belts with the exception of the left rear occupant. The left rear belt has signs of loading marks so he believes that the buckle may
                                                                                            have released during the collision.

                                                                                            Both frontal airbags deployed but not the left side curtain airbag. The complainant and officer believe that the left side curtain airbag
                                                                                            should have deployed and may have prevented some of the driver's injuries.

                                                                                            The vehicle is currently at the city impound.

                                                                                            The police reconstructed the collision.

2008-0660   9/26/2008   TOYOTA   PRIUS    2002 SA-WHEEL AND COLUMN Fault: VIBRATES          When turning the steering wheel it vibrates excessively. According to the complainant there is a recall for this issue in the United
                                                                                            States but not Canada. He believes the recall stated that the cause of this issue was that the steering shaft is too short.

                                                                                            BHOL- Searched recalls database, found two relevant recall. TC Recall #2006129 involves MY 2004-2006 only. The recall states,
                                                                                            "On certain vehicles, the connection at the intermediate shaft or the intermediate extension shaft may become loose or the
                                                                                            intermediate shaft sleeve may develop a crack under certain operating conditions. The connection may separate or the shaft
                                                                                            sleeve may fracture, which could result in the loss of steering control and an increased risk of a crash. Correction: Dealers will
                                                                                            replace the steering intermediate shaft. In addition, the dealer will inspect the sliding yoke and the intermediate extension shaft and
                                                                                            replace them if necessary."

                                                                                            TC Recall #2000220 states, "On certain vehicles, insufficient electrical contact may occur in the torque sensor which controls the
                                                                                            power assist operation of the electric power steering gear box. This could possibly cause the power steering warning icon to be
                                                                                            displayed and the driver would experience higher than normal steering effort. Correction: Vehicles will be inspected and, if
                                                                                            necessary, electric steering box will be replaced."

                                                                                            According to the articles sent to Transport Canada by the complainant, "Toyota reports that the steering problem in the Prius is
                                                                                            likely to first appear as a rattle or knocking sound from the steering gear" (

2008-0672   9/26/2008   TOYOTA   MATRIX   2004 PT-TRANSMISSION MANUAL Fault: FAILED         The complainant took his vehicle into the dealership to be serviced and was told that his transmission needed to be replaced. He
                                                                                            was told that a bearing in the transmission had failed. The complainant was unaware that there were any problems with the
                                                                                            transmission prior to having it serviced. According to the complainant Toyota is aware of the issue and states it is a design flaw in
                                                                                            the manual transmission.

                                                                                      All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2008-0593   9/5/2008    TOYOTA   ECHO       2005 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ACCIDENT       The complainant was unable to depress the brake pedal folowing a collision with a deer. She attempted to press very hard on the
                                                 INDUCED DAM == H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: brake pedal but it would not move. She finally coasted the vehicle to a stop on an uphill offramp.
                                                 EXCESSIVE EFFORT
                                                                                           Discussion with the dealer service manager revealed that the engine intake manifold broke as a result of the collision. Note that the
                                                                                           service manager believed that the brakes were electrically assisted, and that the engine stall caused the interruption in the assist.
                                                                                           Research revealed that the brake booster is vacuum-operated. The location of the vacuum check valve is unclear. Should the
                                                                                           check valve have been damaged in the crash, the immediate lack of brake assist may be expected. However, should the check
                                                                                           valve remain functionnal, a vacuum reserve should have been available to the operator, allowing for a few assisted brake
                                                                                           applications before depleting the reserve.

                                                                                                      The findings were discussed with the complainant. As a result of this incident, she feels that the vehicle's mechanical components
                                                                                                      are too vulnerable to damage and will be looking into obtaining either one with unassisted brakes or a bigger vehicle.

2008-0604   9/3/2008    TOYOTA   CAMRY      1994 CRS-CHILD SEAT HARNESS Fault: LOOSE                  Mother reported that after tightening up harness on child, when she pulls on harness to check snugness, harness becomes loose.

2008-0584   9/2/2008    TOYOTA    T100      1995 I.S.-SEAT BELT Fault: IMPROPER USE                   Vehicle Class: Truck / Sport Utility

                                                                                                      This is for information only.Complainant has difficulties with three of the six seatbelt retractors. Driver’s seatbelt retracts normally
                                                                                                      but cannot be pulled out afterwards. Both left and right rear seatbelts needs to be retracted manually and sometimes appear locked
                                                                                                      in position. Complainant is not aware of Automatic Locking Retractor (ALR) and Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) features on
                                                                                                      seatbelts retractors. Complainant apparently received prior warning but no action was taken at the time.

2008-0572   8/29/2008   TOYOTA   SIENNA     2004 STRUC.-DOOR ASSY-LATCHES LOCKS Fault:                He tried to open the right side automatic sliding door but it would not open.
                                                 FAILED                                               He took the vehicle to the dealership where they found a faulty lock mechanism.
                                                                                                      Not covered under warranty.

2008-0570   8/28/2008   TOYOTA   SIENNA     2004 H.B.-PEDAL AND LINKAGES Fault: FELL APART            The complainant was pulling into a parking spot when suddenly the brake pedal went to the floor and felt funny, as a result she
                                                                                                      drove into the building by the parking spot. After the occurrence a bolt was found on the floor and the brake pedal fell apart.

                                                                                                      The vehicle is currently at the dealer and they are awaiting for us to inspect it.

2008-0566   8/26/2008   TOYOTA HIGHLANDER   2007 ELEC-LIGHTS Fault: IMPROP INSTALLATION               Vehicle was originally from the US. Imported by AutoMax in Calgary. Vehicle modified by TechMaxx to meet importation standards.

                                                                                                      Complainant states that the daytime running lights (DRL) were installed improperly. They were hard wired to the ignition so that they
                                                                                                      would be on when the key was on. The DRL's caused a fuse to blow and because they are wired to the ignition the vehicle was shut
                                                                                                      Complaint (electrical engineer) has modified the system so that they operate as originally designed by manufacturer in Canada.
                                                                                                      Complainant believes that the company should not be able to import vehicles for sale in Canada unless they install the DRLs
2008-0537   8/20/2008   TOYOTA   CAMRY      1997 PT-AUTO-SHIFT LINKAGE Fault: BROKEN                  Complainant’s wife was shifting her car into "Drive" and when she stepped on the throttle the car went backwards. Upon
                                                                                                      investigation it was found that the A/T cable had snapped. He brought it to Toyota dealership for repair. They informed him there
                                                                                                      were about 108 cables on back-order because of an investigation into that particular part. The parts are apparently in Kentucky but
                                                                                                      not being shipped out.

                                                                                All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                           Sorted Newest to Oldest

2008-0533   8/18/2008   TOYOTA    YARIS    2008 INFO.-INFORMATION Fault: INJURY-FRACTURE       According to the complainant, the vehicle was involved in a severe frontal collision in which no airbag deployed. The driver and front
                                                == I.S.-AIR BAG DUAL - FRONT Fault: NON-       passenger were both belted at the time of impact. As a result of the collision, front passenger's sternum was broken. The
                                                DEPLOYMENT                                     complainant is worried about a possible airbag malfunction.

2008-0525   8/15/2008   TOYOTA   MATRIX    2003 PT-TRANSMISSION MANUAL Fault: FAILED           Owner was traveling on a divided highway when the transmission started squealing. She pulled over and placed the transmission in
                                                                                               neutral. Upon starting the vehicle again the transmission would not shift. The transmission need replacing. Transmission symptoms
                                                                                               first noticed at 130,000 km.

2008-0524   8/14/2008   TOYOTA   MATRIX    2003 PT-TRANSMISSION MANUAL Fault: FAILED           The transmission and clutch started to fail on the highway in Maine in an area with no services. Two passengers with me. Just
                                                                                               barely managed to get to a gas station but at this point the sound of metal grinding made it clear that it was undriveable. The car
                                                                                               was towed to Fredericton Toyota. Needed a full transmission and clutch replacement. Apparently a failed bearing in the
                                                                                               transmission that seized up because it didn't get enough oil to it. Car regularly serviced at Toyota Halifax.

2008-0502   8/11/2008   TOYOTA   TACOMA    2008 TOW-TOWING EQUIP Fault: STABILITY              2008 Toyota Tacoma towing "pop-up" trailer, went past semi-tractor trailer and pop-up trailer started to fish-tail, Tacoma driver lost
                                                                                               control, single vehicle collision. Second incidence reported by Tacoma driver. Insurer/driver enquired if previous problems reported
                                                                                               with pop-up trailers leading to loss of control.

2008-0486   8/8/2008    TOYOTA    RAV4     2002 PT-TRANSMISSION AUTOMATIC Fault: FAILED        Driver accelerated away from a stop proceeding across a 4 lane highway when the transmission hopped out of gear exposing the
                                                                                               occupants to the on coming traffic that had to make evasive maneuvers. The transmission hopped back into gear and the vehicle
                                                                                               exited the intersection.

2008-0467   8/5/2008    TOYOTA   COROLLA   1999 PT-TRANSMISSION MANUAL Fault: FAILED           comments: mon fils vient de décéder dans un accident routier,un face à face mortel .il est décédé sur le coup.Il possédait une
                                                                                               toyota corolla 1999 (192,000 km ).La S.Q.a soumis l'auto chez un garage accrédité caa pour l'imspection.Ils ont trouvés une

                                                                                               défectuosité dans la transmission,qui provoqua un blocage de la roue avant et l'auto s'est retrouvée dans la voie inverse pour le
                                                                                               face a face.La S.Q avait découvert un rond d'huile sur l'asphalte,Est-ce qu'il y a des recours
                                                                                               Complainant wanted to report a fatal head on collision caused by a possible transmission failure. The complainant's son was
                                                                                               driving on highway 132. The failure caused the left front wheel to lock up causing the vehicle to swerve onto oncoming traffic
                                                                                               resulting in a head on collision with a cube van. The complainant stated that there was evidence on the roadway of a oil puddle prior
                                                                                               to the collision that looked like transmission oil. This was observed by the provincial police. The vehicle was brought to a accredited
                                                                                               CAA repair facility for a mechanical inspection, and the vehicle's transmission was deemed to have failed. No details were available
                                                                                               yet. The complainant will try and obtain a copy for our information.

2008-0468   8/5/2008    TOYOTA   CAMRY     2004 SA-STEERING LINKAGES Fault: NOISY == I.F.-     Complainant took her car in to dealer for regular maintenance. Dealer found problem with intermediate steering shaft, dealer stated
                                                CONTROL ARM PIVOT Fault: SEPARATION            it was noisy, complainant did not notice anything. Dealer also told complainant that the LF control arm bushing is seperating and
                                                                                               told her this could cause the wheel to fall off. Dealer replaced intermidiate shaft and control arm.

2008-0426   7/23/2008   TOYOTA   MATRIX    2009 PT-TRANSMISSION AUTOMATIC Fault: FAILED        Complainant states transmission has failed. The automatic transmission lurches while coming to a stop. Transmission was
                                                                                               replaced by dealer under warranty.

2008-0405   7/18/2008   TOYOTA   MATRIX    2003 PT-TRANSMISSION MANUAL Fault: FAILED           Owner complains of multiple transmission failures. The 5th gear bearing wines and gets so load one can't hear anything else.
                                                                                               Owner had bearing seize in the road immobilizing the car.

                                                                                       All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                                  Sorted Newest to Oldest

2008-0391   7/15/2008   TOYOTA    RAV4      2002 PT-TRANSMISSION AUTOMATIC Fault: FAILED               Vehicle down shifted and then would not pull away at a stop. The dealer reflashed the transmission module but the issue remained.
                                                                                                       Symptoms of failing transmission.

2008-0362   7/4/2008    TOYOTA   TERCEL     1995 I.S.-AIR BAG DUAL - FRONT Fault: DEPLOYED             This owner applied the hand brake and both air bags deployed. The driver suffered a bruised hand. A search did not indicate a
                                                                                                       trend of this happening.

2008-0329   6/19/2008   TOYOTA   COROLLA    2001 I.S.-SEAT BELT - BUCKLE Fault: INOPERATIVE == The complainant contacted TC to discuss a seat belt failure affecting her vehicle. When she installed the child restraint system
                                                 I.S.-SEAT BELT - WEBBING Fault: EXCESSIVE     (CRS) behind the driver's seat, she noticed the seat belt buckle came loose and was not secured to the vehicle anymore. The
                                                 WEAR                                          sewing stitches of the webbing failed, allowing the buckle to slip off the anchorage point. Further inspection revealed additional
                                                                                               sewing stitches failures affecting other rear seat belts. The complainant did not notice any prior warning and she is glad to have
                                                                                               discovered those failures prior any incident or collision.

2008-0320   6/16/2008   TOYOTA   SIENNA     2004 SA-STEERING LINKAGES Fault: STICKS/GRABS              Around 65000km the complainant noticed that the steering was a bit stiff. The resistance to turning the steering wheel got
                                                                                                       progressively worse. Also he noticed that the steering wheel would not always self center. He took the vehicle to the dealership,
                                                                                                       they performed TSB#2705, replace intermediate steering shaft.
                                                                                                       The complainant was concerned that the resistance may have got worse over time to the point of unexpectedly not being able to
                                                                                                       turn the steering wheel.
                                                                                                       The intermediate shaft has been replaced, no problems to date.

                                                                                                       DMAL: the complainant does not need to be called back.

2008-0311   6/12/2008   TOYOTA   COROLLA    2004 FS-PIPE-FILLER NECK Fault:                            Complainant went to the dealer because the service engine light was illuminated. The dealer inspected the vehicle, found small
                                                 RUSTED/CORRODED == FS-PIPE-FILLER NECK                hole in fuel filler neck caused by corrosion. Complainant had to pay for repairs even though it states in the manual; "corrosion-
                                                 Fault: LEAKS                                          perforation coverage is five years, unlimited km". Complainant concerned that this is a possible safety and environmental hazard.
                                                                                                       Complainant noted; did not smell fuel.

2008-0299   6/9/2008    TOYOTA    RAV4      2002 PT-TRANSMISSION AUTOMATIC Fault: POOR                 This owner purchased this vehicle six months ago and was experiencing a shifting issue. The transmission down shifts dropping
                                                 PERFORMANCE                                           vehicle speed. Issue is common and involves a failing ECM.

2008-0286   6/2/2008    TOYOTA   CAMRY      2002 ENG-GENERAL Fault: HESITATION                         Complainant states that while driving, generally when easing up on the accelerator pedal, vehicle " studders" . Problem is
                                                                                                       intermittent. Complainant finds this un-nerving. Becomes unsure if engine will regain power.
                                                                                                       Vehicle has gone to dealer, computer was re-programmed, fixed problem for approx. 6 months. Symptoms have returned.
                                                                                                       Complainant is going to be returning to dealer shortly, and will provide TC with update if problem is found.

 RT273      5/23/2008   TOYOTA HIGHLANDER   2008 VIS-DEFROSTER Fault: POOR PERFORMANCE                 Complainant does not believe the defrost system on his SUV is sufficient. During winter, anytime it snowed or rained the front
                                                                                                       windshield would build up with frost and snow/ice, making it impossible to see. Vehicle had to be pulled over and the windshield
                                                                                                       scraped off before continuing. Complainant feels that this could potentially cause a collision.

                                                                                 All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                            Sorted Newest to Oldest

2008-0334   5/22/2008   TOYOTA   TACOMA     2007 I.S.-INTERIOR SYS Fault: LEAKS == ELEC-        06/06/2008 complaint was received from insurer. Complainant was owner of 2006 Toyota Tacoma that had ongoing problem of
                                                 WIRING HARNESS-ENGINE Fault: FIRE              water dripping from underneath the dash in the front seat passenger area, the vehicle was replaced with a 2007 model by dealer.
                                                                                                Driver reported the same problem of water dripping onto the mat of the front seat passenger area. The problem has not been
                                                                                                resolved by the dealer and the complainant is concerned about possible electrical problems and safety due to the continuing leak.
                                                                                                19/09/2008 complainant continually had leak problems, after receiving the truck back from the dealer truck caught fire while driving.

2008-0250   5/14/2008   TOYOTA   SIENNA     2004 STRUC.-REAR ASSY H/BACK LIFT SUP Fault:        This owner has had the rear hatch fall on his head and back after the struts allowed the tailgate to fall. NHTSA EA06020 open.

2008-0242   5/9/2008    LEXUS     RX300     2007 H-V-AIR CONDITIONER Fault: CONTAMINATED        The complainant advised a white powder is occasionally emitted from the vehicle's dashboard vents. He first noticed the powder
                                                                                                approximately one year ago, and has complained to both his local dealership and the manufacturer. The manufacturer advised a
                                                                                                repair part is currently in production and should be available soon. The complainant believes the white powder to be Aluminum
                                                                                                Oxide, and is concerned this may have an impact on his health.

2008-0237   5/7/2008    TOYOTA   SIENNA     2004 STRUC.-REAR ASSY H/BACK LIFT SUP Fault:        January 15 2008 the owner opened the rear hatch it promptly collapsed without warning. No one was hit by the falling tailgate.
                                                 COLLAPSED                                      Owner aware of NHTSA investigation EA06020 that is still open. RS750 main file, still open.

2008-0216   4/25/2008   TOYOTA   SIENNA     2004 SA-STEERING U JOINT Fault: SEIZED              PLAM note that IC's 2008-0183 and 2008-0216 address the same vehicle/complainant.

                                                                                                Complainant reported that the steering suddenly locked up while driving. The dealer replaced the lower steering column shaft. The
                                                                                                complainant sent the shaft to our office for inspection. Upon inspection, the lower steering column U-joint was found to be partially
                                                                                                seized. This type of malfunction typically occurs gradually over time and does not suddenly cause the steering wheel to lockup.

                                                                                                Part stored in secure lockup. To be retained until December 2009.

2008-0212   4/24/2008   TOYOTA HIGHLANDER   2006 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC             The complainant advised while braking, the system occasionally feels as thought it is applying and releasing the brakes. The
                                                                                                complainant has spoken to the dealership on several occasions, however they have been unable to assist with his concern. The
                                                                                                complainant is uneasy with the feeling and thought it should be reported to Transport Canada.

                                                                                                Other: Hybrid

 RT237      4/11/2008   TOYOTA FJ CRUISER   2007 STRUC.-FENDERS Fault: BENT/DISTORTED           There is a bulge on both side inner fenders at the crumble zone.

                                                                               All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                          Sorted Newest to Oldest

2008-0183   4/8/2008    TOYOTA   SIENNA   2004 SA-COLUMN COUPLING Fault: JAMMED               PLAM note that IC's 2008-0183 and 2008-0216 address the same vehicle/complainant.

                                                                                              Steering column universal joint appears to be seizing up. The dealer reported that there is a TSB addressing the issue.

                                                                                              The complainant claims that the issue started suddenly and without warning. The problem did not result in a loss of control.

                                                                                              The complainant will have the suspect part replaced and send it to our office for analysis. Part stored in secure lockup. To be
                                                                                              retained until December 2009.

2008-0182   4/7/2008    TOYOTA   CAMRY    2006 I.F.-CONTROL ARM-LOWER Fault:                  The complainant and her husband brought their vehicle to the dealership for normal maintenance. During the service, the technician
                                               CRACKED/SPLIT                                  noticed that both the front lower control arms were cracked. He suggested that they be replaced as soon as possible.

                                                                                              The inspection dealer is Oreagan Toyota in Dartmouth.

                                                                                              The vehicle will be taken to a dealership in Truro for repairs.

                                                                                              Log RT215.

                                                                                              Other: dartmouth, n.s.,

 RT215      4/7/2008    TOYOTA   CAMRY    2006 SUSP.-SUSPENSION Fault: WORN                   x-ref: IC#2008-0182

                                                                                              Early wear of both control arm bushings prevented vehicle from passing provincial safety inspection.

 RT203      3/30/2008   TOYOTA   TACOMA   2007 I.S.-HARNESS - ANCHORAGE Fault: LOCATION       Owner of Tacoma pick-up with the Access Cab cannot fit two child seats in the back seat of the vehicle, although sales
                                                                                              representative assured her that she could. There is only 1 set of UAS and 1 top tether in the back, the other is in the front.
                                                                                              Dealership said they will install some type of an anchor on the floor of the truck but not sure if it would be correct.

 RT207      3/20/2008   TOYOTA   TOYOTA   2000 OTHER-OTHER EQUIP Fault: POOR FIT              Parent unable to tighten tether in 2000 Toyota Tundra.

                                                                                   All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                              Sorted Newest to Oldest

2008-0148   3/14/2008   TOYOTA   CAMRY      2007 I.S.-AIR BAG - DRIVER Fault: INJURY-             The vehicle is a 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid
                                                 CONCUSSION                                       Date of occurrence Feb 12, 2008.
                                                                                                  Description of event:
                                                                                                  Frontal crash followed by lateral impact. Oncoming vehicle lost control and spun into the complainant's vehicle. Frontal airbag and
                                                                                                  knee bolster airbag deployed. Believes seat belt did not properly hold him in place. Suffered minor concussion in collision event.
                                                                                                  Complainant suffered minor concussion and does not understand why.

                                                                                                  DMAL March 19, 2008: call from complainant. He received a letter from Toyota (dated March 5, 08) stating they found nothing
                                                                                                  wrong with the car but they will not provide a copy of the EDR download without consent from TC.
                                                                                                  DMAL March 25, 2008: received photos by email (see file). call from complainant, I explained that from the photos it appears that
                                                                                                  the vehicle performed as designed. I cannot explain how/why he received head injuries. Explained there is no reason for TC to
                                                                                                  investigate any further.

2008-0130   3/5/2008    TOYOTA    ECHO      2005 ELEC-ELEC DOOR LOCKS Fault: ERRATIC              Complainant was concerned about an erratic operation of her electric door locks. The issue is forcing her to lower her window and
                                                                                                  unlock the door with the key to open the door. The mechanism seem to stay in the locked position resulting in the inability to open
                                                                                                  the door. This has occurred on the driver and passenger's front doors. Her dealership has replaced the both front door lock
                                                                                                  assemblies and a second time on the passengers side. She will contact the manufacturer to log a complaint and possibly bring the
                                                                                                  vehicle to another dealership for a second opinion and diagnosis for the possible cause.

2008-0071   1/29/2008   TOYOTA   TACOMA     2006 H.B.-ANTI-LOCK BRAKES Fault: POOR                Complainant is concerned about his vehicles braking system. He stated that when driving in slippery conditions and applies the
                                                 PERFORMANCE                                      brakes to immobilize the vehicle, the vehicle stops further than anticipated. He feels that the ABS system activates and the rear
                                                                                                  tires push the vehicle much further than wanted. No warning lights are illuminated on the instrument cluster. He has had the vehicle
                                                                                                  inspected at his dealership and no faults were found with the system. They informed him that the system is operating as designed.
                                                                                                  The problem only occurs in slippery conditions, mostly in the winter months. The vehicle is equipped with winter tires and
                                                                                                  maintained regularly.
 RT125      1/25/2008   TOYOTA FJ CRUISER   2007 INFO.-UNKNOWN Fault: FIRE                        The complainant advised his vehicle caught fire while parked in his laneway.

                                                                                                  The complainant parked his vehicle in his laneway and plugged in the vehicle's block heater. The vehicle was parked with nose in
                                                                                                  orientation. The block heater cord was routed from the front of the vehicle directly to the house. Several hours later the vehicle was
                                                                                                  discovered burning in the laneway. The complainant was able to subdue the fire using dry chemical extinguishers. The complainant
                                                                                                  stated the fire appeared to originate near the rear of the vehicle and traveled into the interior. There was little to no damage to the
                                                                                                  engine compartment or front end. The vehicle was towed from the complainant's laneway, and as it was being loaded a large
                                                                                                  amount of fuel spilled from the vehicle's tank.

                                                                                                  The vehicle was not equipped with any aftermarket devices or interior heaters.

 RT098      1/10/2008   TOYOTA    ECHO      2005 STRUC.-DOOR ASSY-LATCHES LOCKS Fault:            Complainant advised the driver's door opened during a loss of control maneuver.
                                                                                                  The driver of the car was the owner, she was driving down the snow covered highway when she lost control and left the road. The
                                                                                                  Echo rolled one complete turn. When the Echo came to rest it was on its wheels and the driver's side door was open. There was
                                                                                                  damage done to the complete car but there was significant damage to the door showing that the door came open during the roll and
                                                                                                  not at the final rest position. Both of the occupants were wearing seatbelts so there was no ejection and the only injury was to the
                                                                                                  forehead of the driver who received a couple of stitches.

                                                                                 All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                            Sorted Newest to Oldest

 RT091       1/9/2008    TOYOTA   COROLLA   1991 I.S.-SEAT BELT - WEBBING Fault: INJURY-FATAL   Driver lost control at 136 km/h (reconstructionist-estimated speed) hitting a steel guardrail. The seat belt webbing failed and
                                                 == I.S.-SEAT BELT - WEBBING Fault: ACCIDENT    released the driver.
                                                 INDUCED DAM == I.S.-SEAT BELT - WEBBING
                                                 Fault: FAILED

2008-0024    1/8/2008    TOYOTA   COROLLA   2007 FS-THROTTLE - ELECTRONIC Fault: SURGE          The complainant advised she has experienced several occurrences of throttle surging while attempting to stop. Most notably, the
                                                                                                problem occurs when the complainant is approaching a controlled intersection or parking slip, and only occurs while the brake pedal
                                                                                                is applied. The complainant advised the throttle will surge, with the RPM increasing drastically, and the RPM will decrease if she
                                                                                                does nothing other than continue to apply the brake pedal. The problem has not resulted in a collision, however the complainant is
                                                                                                concerned the problem may eventually result in one.

                                                                                                The complainant does not believe these occurrences relate to application of the brake and throttle pedals simultaneously, and has
                                                                                                removed the vehicle's floor mats to eliminate them as a potential contributing factor. She also advised her shoe size is a ladies 9.

                                                                                                The vehicle has been taken to a dealership for examianation on several occasions, and as the problem is intermittent in nature, no
                                                                                                remedy has been found. There is a planned examination by Toyota Canada in the near future.

2008-0025    1/8/2008    TOYOTA   TACOMA    2007 FS-THROTTLE - ELECTRONIC Fault: SURGE          The complainant advised on 3 occasions the throttle has surged while braking, causing an increased stopping distance. On one
                                                                                                occasion, the ABS engaged during the occurrence and the complainant narrowly avoided a collisions. The complainant noticed an
                                                                                                increase in engine RPM during the events.
                                                                                                The complainant commented that although the brake and gas pedal are in close proximity to each other, he is consciously aware
                                                                                                these occurrences are not the result of a pedal misapplication. He also advised that while stopped at an intersection, it feels as
                                                                                                though the vehicle wants to move forward, and is being held back by the application of the brakes.
                                                                                                The complainant also mentioned this matter is currently under investigation by the NHTSA.

2008-0001    1/2/2008    TOYOTA   COROLLA   2006 I.S.-SEAT BELT - BUCKLE Fault: INFORMATION     The washer on the anchorage bolt for the seat belt buckle broke resulting in looseness at the buckle pivot. The dealer ordered a
                                                                                                new seat belt and the washer was not included and they did not find a washer of similar size. Owner inquired if issue affects crash
                                                                                                performance of the restraint system. No other similar complaints identified.

 RT058      12/27/2007   TOYOTA   MATRIX    2006 ENG-ENGINE Fault: STALLS                       On 06/11/2007 the complainant's vehicle stalled. He called the dealer who advised him to bring it in. The dealership advised the
                                                                                                complainant that there was a problem with the computer software and that they would replace it free of charge under warranty. It
                                                                                                would take approximately two weeks to receive a replacement computer, so the dealership advised the complainant to drive the
                                                                                                vehicle until then, since they believed it was unlikely the vehicle would stall again. Two days later the vehicle stalled while driving,
                                                                                                but was able to be restarted immediately. The vehicle then stalled again within minutes and was almost involved in a collision. The
                                                                                                complainant then called Toyota and arranged to have the car towed to the dealership where it stayed until the new computer

                                                                                                The complainant asked the Toyota service representative if this was an isolated case. He responded that they are starting to see a
                                                                                                number of similar cases both with the Matrix and the Corolla which utilizes the same model computer.

                                                                                                The complainant contacted the Automobile Protection Agency (APA) and they told him they are aware of a few similar complaints,
                                                                                                but they involve the Toyota Matrix's with manual transmissions. Since the complainant's vehicle is equipped with an automatic
                                                                                                transmission he was told to contact Transport Canada Defect Investigations.
 RT078      12/21/2007   TOYOTA   CAMRY     2007 I.S.-GLOVE COMPARTMENT DOOR Fault:             The owner noticed an overheating smell inside the vehicle. He located some overheated paper in the storage cubby hole with the
                                                 OVERHEATED                                     audio jack and an electrical power point, located in front of the shifter. No other overheating evidence was noted in the storage
                                                                                                cubby hole.

                                                                                      All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                                 Sorted Newest to Oldest

2007-0543   12/19/2007   TOYOTA   TUNDRA    2007 ACC-ACCESSORIES Fault: POOR VISIBILITY               Owner purchased a seat cover then discovered the vehicle has side air bags that would be interfered with during a deployment yet
                                                                                                      the vehicle hand book had no warnings against covering the air bag with a seat cover. Also he found no aftermarket seat cover
                                                                                                      mentioned about not covering the factory installed side air bag.

 RT053      12/6/2007    TOYOTA   CAMRY     2007 ENG-LINES HOSES Fault: FIRE                          2007 Toyota Camry hybrid caught fire, started in the engine compartment. Driver noticed smoke coming from under the hood during
                                                                                                      routine travel, driver pulled into gas station and vehicle burst into flames.

2007-0509   11/28/2007   TOYOTA   CAMRY     2008 VIS-REAR WINDOW Fault: GLARE               The complainant is reporting a concern regarding a pronounced glare in the rear window emitted by the reflection of the sun from
                                                                                            the rear parcel tray. He sent photos demonstrating his concerns. The complainant has consulted his dealership about the concern
                                                                                            and they suggested that this is a possible design concept issue and has contacted the manufacturer about the concern. They
                                                                                            responded with a statement that the vehicle was certified by Transport Canada and was therefore deemed as fit in accordance to
                                                                                            the MVSA.
 RT043      11/27/2007   TOYOTA   SEQUOIA   2002 H.B.-ANTI-SKID CONTROL SENSOR Fault: LOSS  The complainant left a voicemail indicating that the ABS and VSC suddenly apply without warning for no reason causing the vehicle
                                                 OF CONTROL == H.B.-ANTI-LOCK BRAKES Fault: to go sidewise.
                                                 LOCK-UP == H.B.-YAW CONTROL Fault:
2007-0476   11/6/2007    TOYOTA   CAMRY     2007 PT-TRANSMISSION AUTOMATIC Fault: POOR      The complainant contacted the investigator concerning an automatic transmission related problem. According to the complainant,
                                                 PERFORMANCE                                the automatic transmission hesitates to downshift in particular circumstances. It is easily noticeable at 6-7 km/h or when travelling
                                                                                            on the highway with the overdrive activated. When the issue occurs, the transmission can take up to 5 seconds before
                                                                                            downshifting. Because of the delay, the driver has the habit to completely depress the accelerator to activate the kick down, which
                                                                                            generates a sudden heavy acceleration when the transmission finally downshifts. The complainant does a lot of city driving,
                                                                                            sometimes in traffic and feels this issue has become dangerous. When traveling on the highway at approximately 100 km/h, a
                                                                                            similar 5 seconds delay of the transmission can be noticed when acceleration is necessary to pass another vehicle. Again,
                                                                                            because of the delay and the urge to accelerate, the complainant sometimes completely depresses the accelerator, which
                                                                                            generates a sudden heavy acceleration when the transmission finally downshifts. The vehicle has been purchased in April 2006 as
                                                                                            a new vehicle and the issue was noted on the same week as the purchase. The issue has been addressed with the dealer several
                                                                                            times. Apparently the manufacturer is aware of the issue and is trying to get it fixed since it most likely affects every similar
                                                                                            vehicles. Apparently, the transmission control module has been reprogrammed four times at the dealer, with improved
                                                                                            specifications from the manufacturer. The transmission function has been slightly improved, but the issue remains. According to
                                                                                            the complainant, only the vehicles equipped with a four cylinders engine are affected, since six cylinders use a different
                                                                                            transmission. At this time, the complainant is used to the issue and he adapted his driving to the condition of the vehicle. The
                                                                                            complainant wanted to inform TC of the issue, since new owners may not be aware of the potentially dangerous automatic
                                                                                            transmission issue.

                                                                                                      06-Nov-07 / LFOR e-mail LYNE for IC number.
                                                                                                      06-Nov-07 / LYNE e-mail LFOR providing IC number.

2007-0467   11/1/2007    TOYOTA   TACOMA    2005 H-V-VENTILATOR CONTROL Fault: POOR                   This owner felt that the ventilation through the rear vent was sub standard and added two additional holes in the vehicles back wall
                                                 PERFORMANCE                                          to allow more air flow through the cab. Stated condensation on the inside of the cab windows are the problem. The dealer
                                                                                                      suggested opening the window. No similar complaints identified.

                                                                                     All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                                Sorted Newest to Oldest

2007-0460   10/29/2007   TOYOTA    ECHO     2000 LCS-HEAD LIGHTS Fault: POOR VISIBILITY             This owner complains night lighting has diminished over time. The dealer advised the head light lenses are cloudy and need
                                                                                                    replacing. He began to notice the problem 4 years earlier. He has replaced his glasses as he though it was his eyes deteriorating.
                                                                                                    He feels Toyota should cover the cost of headlight replacement.

2007-0441   10/15/2007   TOYOTA   COROLLA   1998 STRUC.-HANDLE INSIDE OR OUT Fault: BROKEN          This owner had both exterior front door handles fail. Owner noted a newspaper article regarding a similar complaint on the Matrix.

2007-0430   10/9/2007    TOYOTA   TUNDRA    2003 FS-PIPE-FILLER NECK Fault: CRACKED/SPLIT           Complainant was told by CAMVAP to contact us about his vehicle to see if we are aware of any similar complaints. He states that
                                                                                                    the filler neck of the gas tank is cracked. Also he states that his vehicle's HVAC knobs stick and prohibit the operator to change the

 RT005      9/28/2007    LEXUS     GS300    2006 I.S.-SEAT BELT Fault: INJURY-FATAL                 Police stated that the vehicle was being driven at high speed on a multi-lane highway. The highway was equipped with a concrete
                                                                                                    median barrier. Police reported that the vehicle made several high speed lane changes. The driver lost control of the vehicle and
                                                                                                    struck the concrete median barrier. The vehicle then rolled over before coming to final rest. The driver received fatal injuries.
                                                                                                    When EMS and police arrived on scene the driver's seat belt was not buckled. Police speculated that a samaritan may have
                                                                                                    removed the seat belt to perform first aid. Police requested assistance in determining if the seat belt had been worn. Furthermore,
                                                                                                    if the seat belt had been worn did it function as the manufacturer had intended.

 RS954      9/21/2007    TOYOTA   SIENNA    2004 I.S.-SEAT BELT Fault: SEPARATION                   The complainant, his wife and daughter were travelling in the vehicle. The complainant's 8-year-old daughter pulled on her seat belt
                                                                                                    webbing to readjust it. The complainant's daughter indicated that the seat belt had come undone. The complainant stopped the
                                                                                                    vehicle and inspected his daughter's seat belt. The complainant noted that the stitching that holds the overlapped webbing to the
                                                                                                    outboard floor anchor had separated. Furthermore the thread used to sew the separated seat belt was red coloured and very brittle
                                                                                                    and also different to the grey nylon thread used on all the other seat belts in the vehicle. The complainant contacted the
                                                                                                    manufacturer and Transport Canada.

 RS958      9/21/2007    TOYOTA   TUNDRA    2007 TOW-HITCH Fault: DISCONNECTED                      The owner has had two trailers separate from her vehicle. The cross pin that fixes the drawbar comes out and the trailer separates.
                                                                                                    An RV dealer that was tasked to diagnose the issue felt that the crossbar hole was too big and that allows it to move and come out.
                                                                                                    He has been approached by three other Tundra owners with the same issue.

2007-0378    9/5/2007    TOYOTA   CAMRY     2003 SA-COLUMN COUPLING Fault: EXCESSIVE WEAR This driver noticed a noise in the steering and discovered TSB ST001-06 that this vehicle was diagnosed as having. He feels that
                                                                                          Toyota should notify Camry owners of this issue. "Some customers may hear a clunk, pop, or knock type noise when turning the
                                                                                          steering wheel left or right. A new intermediate shaft has been developed to address this concern." Complainant advised the noise
                                                                                          was "obvious".

 RS931       9/4/2007    TOYOTA    PRIUS    2005 ENG-GENERAL Fault: FIRE                            A collision investigator from Laval police department contacted LFOR for a possible crash related fire involving a hybrid vehicle.
                                                                                                    Since the driver of the vehicle left the collision scene, the hypothesis that the fire is not a result from the crash must also be
                                                                                                    explored. The vehicle was involved in a severe frontal collision which resulted in serious damage to the engine compartment. In the
                                                                                                    eventuality of a crash related fire, the complainant is worried such an incident could reproduce in the future.

                                                                                   All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                              Sorted Newest to Oldest

2007-0368   8/29/2007   TOYOTA   SIENNA    2004 I.S.-SEAT BELT Fault: SEPARATION                  The 8 year old occupant pulled on the webbing of the center seat 2nd row and the webbing separated from the anchorage. The
                                                                                                  failed stitching was of a different colour and size from the other seat belts. Owner has the parts.

                                                                                                  29/08/2007 PMAL:
                                                                                                  Sent to UWO for follow-up.

2007-0352   8/21/2007   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2001 H.B.-BRAKE LINES Fault: RUSTED/CORRODED           The complainant had his brakes serviced on his vehicle. Six weeks afterwards the vehicle experienced complete failure of the brake
                                                                                                  system. He took the vehicle back to the dealership where they found that the brake lines rusted out. The lines are located in an area
                                                                                                  under driver's seat that they said in not inspectable during regular service.

                                                                                                  He has the old parts.

                                                                                                  DMAL Sep4,07 - rec'd letter from complainant. Scanned and placed on p:drive

 RS904      8/15/2007   TOYOTA   CAMRY     2007 SUSP.-SUSPENSION Fault: VIBRATES                  Other: 416-597-0534 (work)
                                                                                                  x-ref: IC#2007-0322

                                                                                                  The new vehicle vibrates severely at highway speed. The complainant reported that this vibration was a causal factor in his run-off-
                                                                                                  the-road accident that resulted from loss-of-control. The dealership reported that the drive shafts were out of balance and they
                                                                                                  replaced the right and left drive shafts and all four tires and wheels.

2007-0322   8/3/2007    TOYOTA   CAMRY     2007 SA-STEERING ASSY Fault: LOOSE                     While driving on the highway he could feel a vibration in the steering wheel. The vehicle would pull to one side sometimes. He felt it
                                                                                                  pulling more to the right but some times both left and right.
                                                                                                  He took the vehicle to the dealership where they changed tires and did a wheel alignment. These repairs did not fix the vibration.

                                                                                                  A few days later he was driving on the highway when the vehicle pulled to the right. He tried to regain control of the vehicle by
                                                                                                  steering back to the left but the vehicle spun 180deg and ended up in the ditch. The vehicle suffered only body damage and there
                                                                                                  were no injuries.

                                                                                                  He brought the vehicle back to the dealership. They found that something in the steering that they want to replace but he was not
                                                                                                  sure what.

                                                                                                  The vehicle is being repaired at Dixie Toyota . DMAL called the dealership. They swapped tires from another Camry known to not
                                                                                                  have a vibration. The vibration was still felt on the complainant vehicle and not on the exemplar vehicle. This eliminated the wheels
                                                                                                  and tires as a source for the vibration. Their diagnosis has found that the vehicle needs new drive shafts, which will be installed next

                                                                                                  15-08-2007 / KMCL / Log number RS904.

                                                                               All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2007-0324   8/3/2007    TOYOTA   TERCEL     1998                                              01/08/2007 / LFOR / contacted complainant. According to her mechanics,
                                                                                              there is a Demers airbag installed in her 1998 rebuilt Toyota Tercel. I
                                                                                              explained the complainant our mandate and she understood perfectly. She will
                                                                                              verify the airbag is indeed a Demers, get it replaced and contact the SAAQ
                                                                                              since they inspected and approved the vehicle. She does not expect further
                                                                                              action from me.

                                                                                              02/08/2007 / LFOR / dicussed over phone with TLEH
                                                                                              and it was decided that no further action was necessary.

2007-0308   7/27/2007   TOYOTA   COROLLA    2005                                              I contacted the complainant yesterday. I think he misunderstood our mandate but here
                                                                                              is a short summary of our discussion.

                                                                                              He purchased his Corolla in Hawksbury as a new vehicle. At this time, the
                                                                                              odometer indicated 135 km. The dealer explained the complainant the vehicle
                                                                                              came from Spinelli Toyota in Quebec, explaining the odometer. The vehicle
                                                                                              presently has 37 000 km and the complainant sustained many issues since the
                                                                                              purchase. He thinks that the vehicle could have been involved in a collision
                                                                                              prior to delivery, that the dealer could have repaired the vehicle and sold it
                                                                                              as new. I told him such a situation would be really unlikely. He thought TC
                                                                                              had a way to find out if his vehicle was involved in a collision before. I
                                                                                              told him about CarFax, but he already has the report. Then, I explained our
                                                                                              mandate and told him there was very little I could do in the present case. The
                                                                                              complainant understood the situation.

                                                                                              No further action required.

2007-0304   7/25/2007   TOYOTA   MATRIX     2003 PT-TRANSMISSION MANUAL Fault: NOISY          The complainant advised prior to the expiry of his warranty period at 100,000km, his vehicle was inspected and the dealership
                                                                                              recommended replacement of the manual transmission fluid. At ~105,000km, he began to hear strange noises from the
                                                                                              transmission. The vehicle was taken back to the dealership, where it was determined the transmission required rebuilding. The
                                                                                              complainant has searched the internet and has discovered this appears to be a widespread problem.

2007-0298   7/24/2007   TOYOTA   CAMRY      2006 I.S.-SEAT HEADREST Fault: IMPROPER DESIGN    the complainant feels that the seat headrest protrudes too far forward and forces him to tilt his head forward. In this position, his
                                                                                              shoulders do not touch the seat back. He claims that the headrest is not adjustable. He is worried that in a rearward collision he will
                                                                                              be more likely to be injured.

 RS859      7/3/2007    TOYOTA   MATRIX     2003 FS-PIPE-FILLER NECK Fault:                   This owner had the service engine light come on and the dealer discovered that the filler neck had rusted out near the filler cap. He
                                                 RUSTED/CORRODED                              feels the tube rusted from the inside out.

 RS844      6/19/2007   TOYOTA HIGHLANDER   2002 ENG-GENERAL Fault: STALLS == ENG-C/SHFT      Bolt that holds the timing belt pulley on seems to have snapped. All fluid levels are normal and no lights were on (i.e. engine or oil).
                                                 PULLEY Fault: SEPARATION

                                                                                All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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 RS816      5/30/2007   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2005 FS-FUEL PUMP Fault: FAILED == ENG-GENERAL Complainant's e-mail:
                                                Fault: STALLS
                                                                                          Weather was hot and sunny.

                                                                                               During peak traffic time (4:30 PM) on a major (4-lane, 80 km/h speed limit)
                                                                                               city roadway,
                                                                                               (West Hunt Club Road, at the intersection of Greenbank Road in Ottawa, ON)
                                                                                               the engine quit unexpectedly, with no warning, and would not re-start.

                                                                                               (Fortunately, occurred while stopping for a red light, and several people
                                                                                               helped push vehicle off the road, by getting oncoming traffic to stop and
                                                                                               allow vehicle to cross a turning lane)

                                                                                               Vehicle was then towed to a Toyota Dealership.
                                                                                               Dealership diagnosed the problem as a failure of the fuel pump.

                                                                                               When questioned why problem was not noted during regular scheduled
                                                                                               (3 days earlier), Dealership responded that problem impossible to detect,
                                                                                               as there would not have been any advance symptoms.

2007-0195   5/16/2007   TOYOTA   SIENNA    2003 STRUC.-HOOD Fault: SEPARATION                  While driving on the highway the hood flew open.

                                                                                               Other: extension 2169

2007-0184   5/7/2007    TOYOTA   CAMRY     2005 SA-RACK AND PIN LWR. SHAFT Fault: NOISY        Clicking and popping noises from steering column while turning. Dealer said intermediate shaft needs to be replaced. Complainant
                                                                                               unhappy that repair costly.

                                                                                               PLAM search found applicable TSB ST001-06- Steering - Clunk/Pop/Knock When Turning Steering Wheel (copy saved in P drive).
                                                                                               Some customers may hear a clunk, pop, or knock type noise when turning the steering wheel left or right. A new intermediate shaft
                                                                                               has been developed to address this concern.

                                                                                               No similar PCS reports.

                                                                                               Currently unaware of any separation or seizing events- suggest at this time that noise is prior warning. Will continue to monitor.

2007-0161   4/19/2007   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2007 ENG-ENGINE Fault: STALLS                       This owner complains that as he takes off from a stop the engine will stall and more often stumble. After driving a similar vehicle
                                                                                               PMAL found it almost impossible to stall and actually drove off without any throttle. The dealer advised difficult to stall a manual
                                                                                               shift Corolla and to have the owner contact them and they will take him on a test drive to evaluate. Owner advised to contact the

                                                                            All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2007-0155   4/13/2007   TOYOTA   CAMRY   2007 FS-THROTTLE - ELECTRONIC Fault: POOR         The complainant advised the throttle control system on his vehicle performs inconsistently, and occasionally exhibits a long
                                              PERFORMANCE                                  hesitation upon throttle application. The problem has been present with the vehicle since the time of purchase in July, 2006. The
                                                                                           hesitation has been identified intermittently during aggressive acceleration from a stop, and during acceleration on freeway

                                                                                           The vehicle has been returned to the dealership on at least 3 occasions in an attempt to rectify this condition, although the problem
                                                                                           persists. The dealership questioned the owner regarding how many unique drivers use the vehicle, and advised the transmission
                                                                                           control system may be attempting to adapt to each driver, contributing to the problem.

2007-0142   3/29/2007   TOYOTA   CAMRY   2002 ENG-FUEL INJECTION SYSTEM Fault: ACCIDENT    Complaint stepped on brake shifted into reverse and backed down sloping driveway crossing the street into neighbors house.
                                              INDUCED DAM                                  Owner indicated he took his foot off the brake to coast down the laneway when the car accelerated out of control.
                                                                                           Owner didn’t place his foot on the brake, car traveled in excess of 150 feet. Owner claims damage to the car was only to the rear of
                                                                                           the car. Owner claims damage on the front right was existing prior to the accident.
                                                                                           Contacted Auto wrecker pictures taken indicate no carpet contact with pedals.
                                                                                           Damage to right front side of car excessive, if damage as a result of previous incident, vehicle would have been unfit to operate.
                                                                                           Damage to front right of vehicle could not have resulted from contact with neighbours house as a result of car accelerating rearward
                                                                                           out of control.

2007-0136   3/27/2007   TOYOTA   CAMRY   2007 SA-GENERAL Fault: PULLS                      Complaint indicates that the vehicle pulls to the left while driving.
                                                                                           Purchased the car on September 14, 2006. With in the first couple of weeks noticed the car veering to the left. Dealer indicates
                                                                                           they changed the wheels, adjusted the alignment, complainant still complains the vehicle veers to the left.
                                                                                           Independent garage verifies the car pulls to the left however Toyota indicates the roads are the problem not the car.
                                                                                           Complainant is in contact with CAMVAP.
                                                                                           Further communications with complaint, E-mail sent to manufacture to verify vehicle equipment. May 4th 2007.
                                                                                           CAMVAP set for May 14 2007

2007-0129   3/26/2007   LEXUS    GS300   2005 STRUC.-BUMPERS Fault: POOR PERFORMANCE       This owner crashed into the rear of a stopped SUV and under rode the bumper. Her car received damage to the top of the hood and
                                                                                           the struck vehicle was not damaged. The owner feels that a uniform bumper height would have mitigated damage to her car.
                                                                                           Transport Canada is in the process of upgrading the current bumper standard. ("We do a lot of compliance testing to make certain
                                                                                           that bumpers on passenger cars are safe," said Bergevin. "Numerous front-end and rear bumper tests take place involving low-
                                                                                           speed collisions." "We make sure that bumpers protect safety equipment, steering, brake and fueling systems in passenger cars,
                                                                                           which is a safety concern," he said.
                                                                                           Recently Transport Canada took another step in bumper safety. The organization created a compatibility memorandum which will
                                                                                           change the height of bumpers on light trucks. This will dramatically reduce serious injury risk when a light truck is involved in a front
                                                                                           end collision with a passenger car. "Because the bumpers are more inline and don't overlap they will absorb more energy and
                                                                                           reduce injury risk," said Bergevin.
                                                                                           Research for this change has been going on for a number of years at Transport Canada. He also said that bumper standards in
                                                                                           Canada are some of the most in depth and reliable in the world.) Owner requested a copy of her complaint.

                                                                                All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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 RS751      3/22/2007   TOYOTA   4 RUNNER   2003 H.B.-ANTI-LOCK BRAKES Fault: FAILED           Complainant entered into parking lot, stepped on the brakes, brake light came on alarm went off, brake pedal went to the floor,
                                                                                               vehicle did not brake. Vehicle slowly came to a stop. Vehicle purchased 2 months earlier, dealer indicated that it was not a common
                                                                                               problem but replaced the ABS Actuator with an upgraded version.

 RS750      3/21/2007   TOYOTA    SIENNA    2004 STRUC.-REAR ASSY H/BACK LIFT SUP Fault:       In December of 2004, the complainant opened up the rear power lift gate. He was leaning inside when the door started to close on
                                                 FAILED                                        him. It hit his leg. He pushed back on the door but it wouldn't stay open. He took the van to the dealer who replaced the lift gate
                                                                                               He had a second incident and it hit him on the head. This time the dealer installed upgraded struts.
                                                                                               The third failure was similar to the first incident.

2007-0113   3/19/2007   TOYOTA   4 RUNNER   1990 SA-GENERAL Fault: FAILED                      Driving down street , low speed, slowed to turn left at intersection. The vehicle would not turn and he impacted an abutment.
                                                                                               Damage to front fenders, grill, radiator, etc.
                                                                                               Some ice on the road, Sunday night.
                                                                                               A steering component broke.

                                                                                               Incident happened Jan 28.

                                                                                               He feels it is related to recall that he received recently by the manufacturer.

                                                                                               Currently unrepaired at an independent shop in Guelph .


                                                                                               On certain vehicles, if the steering wheel is repeatedly turned under conditions where high steering effort and power assist are
                                                                                               required, for instance, when fully turning the wheel while the vehicle is stopped, a fatigue crack may develop in the steering relay
                                                                                               rod. Correction: Dealers will replace the steering relay rod.
                                                                                               TOYOTA 4RUNNER 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995
                                                                                               TOYOTA TRUCK                      1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995
                                                                                               TOYOTA T100                    1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998

 RS737      3/13/2007   TOYOTA   4 RUNNER   1995 ELEC-WIRING HARNESS-ENGINE Fault:             The local volunteer fire chief contacted the UNB team with concerns about a post-collision fire in a 1995 Toyota 4Runner. The
                                                 ACCIDENT INDUCED DAM == ENG-ENGINE            4Runner caught fire after colliding with a bridge and overturning onto its right side. Fire began within a minute of impact. Local
                                                 Fault: FIRE                                   volunteer fire fighters were reportedly on-scene and extinguished the blazer within minutes.

 RS721      2/27/2007   TOYOTA   SEQUOIA    2005 STRUC.-REAR ASSY H/BACK LOCKS Fault:          This owner was rounding a corner and as she accelerated the rear door opened and a child’s stroller rolled out the back door into
                                                 FAILED                                        the roadway. The tailgate will not latch without someone manipulating the latch before attempting to close the door. She could not
                                                                                               advise if a door ajar tell tail is on the dash.

                                                                                  All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                             Sorted Newest to Oldest

 RS717      2/21/2007    TOYOTA   MATRIX     2006 H.B.-ANTI-LOCK BRAKES Fault: LOCK-UP           This owner feels that the ABS is not working properly and locks the brakes causing her to skid into a curb on a snow covered road.
                                                                                                 The dealer advised after a road test the brakes worked properly. No warning lights on the dash. Owner aware of vehicle behavior
                                                                                                 when the ABS is evoked. This has happened twice.

 RS695      2/12/2007    TOYOTA   SIENNA     2004 STRUC.-REAR ASSY H/BACK Fault: POOR            The power rear hatch in cold weather will open and promptly close under power without being commanded catching the
                                                  OPERATIONS                                     unsuspecting individual standing underneath by surprise. If the hatch is opened manually it will stay up. The dealer has replaced the
                                                                                                 struts on two occasions.

2007-0067    2/9/2007    TOYOTA   SIENNA     2005 SA-COLUMN COUPLING Fault: SEIZED               Owner is a repair shop and they noticed the steering stiff and loose and the steering would not center they found a seized U joint
                                                                                                 as per TSB ST003-04 that is for 2004 model year. Owner advised the stiff steering would be considered prior warning.

2007-0053    2/5/2007    TOYOTA   CAMRY      2004 VIS-REAR WINDOW Fault: POOR VISIBILITY         This vehicle is a Solara convertible and the owner finds the visibility out the rear window is obstructed by the head restraints. Owner
                                                                                                 was advised that the condition existed at the time of purchase and other road vehicles are built without a rear window. The issue
                                                                                                 does not fit the definition of a safety related defect.

2007-0034   1/22/2007    TOYOTA    YARIS     2007 I.S.-AIR BAG - MODULE Fault: ACCEPTED*         concerned that the EDR "event data recorder" is a spy.

                                                                                                 I explained for the EDR is for airbag only, he feels better about it now.

 RS615      12/5/2006    TOYOTA FJ CRUISER   2007 TIRE-GENERAL Fault: FAILED-NOT RECALLED        The complainant was in the passengers seat and did not observe any handling problems prior to the crash. He did not have to add
                                                                                                 air to the tires or notice any bulges.

                                                                                                 The following is from the complainant:

                                                                                                 We were involved in a 70 mph roll over crash. The weather was clear the road was dry at the time.
                                                                                                 I suffered a concussion, some facial and scalp lacerations, and overall bruising, and my son the driver suffered from some overall
                                                                                                 bruising and contusions.
                                                                                                 Recall 607 (TC 2006154) involving this model year of vehicle addresses OEM tire damage "inner bead may have been damaged"
                                                                                                 that could result in "a sidewall bulge and /or air leak" that may result it the loss of control causing serious injury or death.
                                                                                                 It is possible that the accident was caused by driver error entirely, by vehicle malfunction entirely, or by a combination of driver
                                                                                                 inexperience error and vehicle malfunction.
                                                                                                 Tire pressure monitoring devices and side curtain air bags should be standard on all FJ Cruisers and retrofit older models.
                                                                                                 Are you aware of any other agency that I could contact that may be able to help ensure the safety of Canadians who buy Toyotas or
                                                                                                 who have some impact on improving the moral conscience of manufacturers I would appreciate the information.

2006-0536   11/27/2006   TOYOTA    RAV4      2006                                                27-11-2006 / TLEH / voice mail from complainant concerning defect with the vehicle. She heard about defects through the

                                                                                                 27-11-2006 / TLEH / e-mail to RONA requesting to follow-up.
                                                                                                 27-11-2006 / LYNE / log as IC and e-mailed JPED with IC# and due date.
                                                                                                 27-11-2006 / JPED / e-mail to Lyne. Problem related to water leak, not safety related issue. No further action required.

                                                                                      All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2006-0508   11/14/2006   TOYOTA   TACOMA    1998 STRUC.-FRAME Fault: RUSTED/CORRODED                 frame rusting at front top, near upper control arm mounting bracket. The front sway bar mount has also rusted away. Found during
                                                                                                     a personal inspection for an exhaust leak.

2006-0486   10/25/2006   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2005 ENG-ELECTRONIC CONTROL BOX Fault: SURGE             This owner complains that when the A/C is activated the engine RPM is bumped up 300 to 400 RPM to about 1300 RPM. This
                                                                                                     could catch the driver unaware and drive into someone ahead. The dealer advised that this is normal for this vehicle. A search of
                                                                                                     the NHTSA data indicate others have complained of a similar issue.

2006-0461   10/12/2006   TOYOTA    ECHO     2004 FS-EMISSION CTRL COMPONENTS Fault: IDLE             In March 2006, the complainant experienced occasional engine speed acceleration events when braking. One such event
                                                 PROBLEMS                                            apparently resulted in an impact with a concrete staircase. The dealer did not identify any fault.

                                                                                                     In June 2006, another dealer replaced the idle air control (IAC) valve to address the complainant's concern.

                                                                                                     Discussed concern with complainant. Suggest that IAC valve malfunction can typically be controlled with normal brake pedal
                                                                                                     application. Complainant will evaluate effectiveness of repairs. Suggest that she pay a particular attention to pedal application
                                                                                                     should she experience another such event. Remind that should such an event reoccur, transmission can be shifted in neutral to
                                                                                                     control vehicle speed.

                                                                                                     PCS search revealed one similar report (RQ797) where the vehicle was found to be operating normally.
                                                                                                     No applicable recall.

2006-0450   10/4/2006    TOYOTA    PRIUS    2004 ELEC-BATTERY Fault: BURNED OUT                      Went out in the morning to drive the vehicle to work and the battery was dead. Car would not start and all the accessories would not
                                                                                                     The battery is located in the rear trunk.
                                                                                                     Recharged the battery and it worked fine, dealer could not find anything wrong.

 RS556      10/3/2006    TOYOTA    YARIS    2006 CRS-TETHER STRAP-ANCHORAGE Fault: SHORT Complaint from CPS technician who observed problem during CRS clinic. Not enough length for UAS straps to be used with CRS
                                                                                         rear-facing with base. CRS has to be almost upright in order to use UAS. CRS is not a good fit in parent's vehicle without the base.

2006-0436   9/26/2006    TOYOTA   TOYOTA    2004 ACC-TIRE MONITORING SYSTEM Fault:                   The complainant reports the tire pressure monitoring system on his 2004 Toyota Sienna AWD with run-flat tires does not function
                                                 INEFFECTIVE                                         correctly. NHTSA opened a preliminary investigation on February 27 2006 and closed it on August 27 2006, citing that there is no
                                                                                                     evidence at this time that the problem is safety related.

                                                                                                     Other: webmail complaint

 RS544      9/22/2006    TOYOTA    PRIUS    2005 ELEC-WIRES-GENERAL Fault: FIRE-ELECT ==             x-ref: IC#2006-0429
                                                 I.S.-INTERIOR SYS Fault: FIRE
                                                                                                     Complainant reported that a Hybrid Empress taxi burnt in Victoria about a month ago. The vehicle was apparently totally burnt.
                                                                                                     Local Fire Department attended. Advised that a Toyota Canada investigator had seen vehicle.

                                                                                    All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2006-0429   9/7/2006    TOYOTA   PRIUS    2005                                                      Complainant reported that a Hybrid Empress taxi burnt in Victoria about a month ago. The vehicle was apparently totally burnt.
                                                                                                    Local Fire Department attended. Advised Toyota Canada investigator involved.

                                                                                                    07/02/2006 RONA contacted manager of taxi company for further information;

                                                                                                    19/09/2006 left follow-up V/M.

                                                                                                    19/09/2006 JPED spoke with Mike Woods and contacted Fire Department. RONA awaiting further information.

                                                                                                    19-09-2006/JPED/e-mail to TLEH cc LYNE: I have attached a new IC, as you see, we are waiting for more information in order to
                                                                                                    find out exactly what happened, appears vehicle destroyed by fire.
                                                                                                    Fire fighter inspector back on shift tomorrow, hopefully will get more info then.
                                                                                                    Trevor, looks like Toyota Canada have investigator Kevin Carney (?sp.) involved. Should we (or you) contact him?

                                                                                                    20-09-2006/LYNE/e-mail to JPED providing IC# and due date for September 25th, 2006.

                                                                                                    22-09-2006/LYNE/e-mail to JPED assigning log number RS544.

2006-0375   8/24/2006   TOYOTA   SIENNA   2005 ACC-TIRE MONITORING SYSTEM Fault:                    The tire monitoring system failed to detect air loss event. Driver became aware of deflated run flat tire when gravel began sticking to
                                               INEFFECTIVE                                          the hot tread area.

                                                                                                    The complainant is to call me back Monday, August 28 to discuss further.

2006-0378   8/24/2006   TOYOTA   ECHO     2005 ENG-GENERAL Fault: FIRE                              Vehicle was parked unattended not running caught fire and completely burned. The consultant examining the vehicle could not
                                                                                                    determine the cause of fire. Brought to our attention for info only at this time.

2006-0352   8/10/2006   TOYOTA   MATRIX   2006 VIS-DEFROSTER Fault: FOGGED                          While in northern Ontario, he started the vehicle in early morning and turned on the windshield defroster. After 15-20 minutes of
                                                                                                    driving the windshield was not defrosted and he could not see. He found that the AC is turned on during the defrost function. His
                                                                                                    research found that some other vehicles have a button to turn off the AC during the defrost function. He believes this is a serious
                                                                                                    design flaw by Toyota.

                                                                                                    He feels that this is a hazardous situation. He says that the windshield frosted up while driving very quickly causing a dangerous

                                                                                                    He feels that the handbook information regarding defrost operation does not state anything about the AC coming on and that drivers
                                                                                                    should be warned about this.

                                                                                          Toyota case number XXXXXX.
2006-0353   8/10/2006   LEXUS    ES300    2002 FS-THROTTLE - ELECTRONIC Fault: HESITATION The complainant advised that while driving the throttle control occasionally becomes somewhat jerky, and there is a lag between
                                                                                          input time and output of the desired result. The vehicle has been taken to the dealership many times since his purchase of the
                                                                                          vehicle new in 2002. The complainant advised that the dealership is able to rectify the problem, however it re-appears within weeks.

                                                                            All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                       Sorted Newest to Oldest

2006-0349   8/9/2006   TOYOTA   SIENNA   2001 STRUC.-HOOD-LATCHES Fault: SEIZED            While driving away from a traffic light, the hood suddenly flew open and smashed the windshield. The complainant was advised the
                                                                                           hood latch had seized, causing the hood to open. The incident occurred in February, 2006.

                                                                                           The complainant is currently suing the dealership who services the vehicle for providing improper maintenance.

2006-0334   8/2/2006   TOYOTA   CAMRY    2007 PT-POWERTRAIN Fault: HESITATION              Complainant reports a delayed response or hesitation during acceleration at various speeds. The vehicle accelerates fine from a
                                                                                           stop, but all other speeds result in a brief hesitation especially when the accelerator is depressed heavily. The complainant feels
                                                                                           this is dangerous when merging into traffic. This is a drivability concern that does not concern safety.

                                                                                           Searches: NHTSA has no related defect nor recall data for this make, model vehicle.

                                                                                           Note: Complainant speaks french and request a call-back.

2006-0326   8/1/2006   TOYOTA   SIENNA   2006 FS-FUEL PUMP-ELECTRIC Fault: STALLS          Complainant reports a slight hesitation of up to 2 seconds upon heavy acceleration from approximately 45 km/h. Complainant
                                                                                           believes this to be a safety concern in cases such as attempting to merge with traffic.

                                                                                           Call to local dealership: They explained that they had several complaints for this vehicle and others with respect to the slight lag in
                                                                                           acceleration. Apparently, the vehicle controls are all computerized and nothing can be done about the slight hesitation.

                                                                                           Note: Complainant is french speaking and requests a call-back.
                                                                                           VIN is incorrect.

2006-0327   8/1/2006   TOYOTA   RAV4     2000 WHEEL-GENERAL Fault: CRACKED/SPLIT           The complainant heard a noise coming from rear of the vehicle and upon further inspection he noticed a 30-35cm long crack
                                                                                           running along the inside of the rim. The vehicle is equipped with steel, 5-spoke, 160 inch rims. Toyota Canada and his dealership
                                                                                           are aware of this problem. Currently there is only one other similar case in the PCS database.

                                                                                           NOTE: Both complainants live in Newfoundland, Canada.

                                                                              All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2006-0307   7/20/2006   TOYOTA   SIENNA    2006 FS-FUEL PUMP-ELECTRIC Fault: STALLS          See letter from complainant on P drive in folder 2006-0307

                                                                                             NOTE: This Information Complaint was logged as the complainant referred to her incidents as stalling events occurring in traffic.
                                                                                             Written documentation revealed that she actually experienced engine no-start events, not stalling events. The incidents both
                                                                                             occurred in a parking lot.

                                                                                             First incident:
                                                                                             The complainant expeirenced a no-start event at 5000km. The Toyota roadside program assisted her in getting the vehicle started
                                                                                             and she drove to the dealer. They diagnosed a failed fuel pump (?).

                                                                                             Second incident:
                                                                                             The complainant experienced another no-start event at 6500km and had to walk four miles to get home. The complainant is
                                                                                             displeased about this and the fact that the dealer still has the vehicle and is unable to identify a fault. She has contact CAMVAP
                                                                                             and would have liked our office to provide assistance in this concern.

                                                                                             PCS search did not identify any similar stalling reports nor were any applicable NOD found.
                                                                                             NHTSA does not have complaints or investigation relevant to this concern.

                                                                                             The complainant understands that at this time, this appears to be an isolated report. She was advised that we would appreciate a
                                                                                             call when the problem has been identified as we would be monitoring this concern. She is satisfied with our actions and does not
                                                                                             expect further contact from this office.

2006-0292   7/13/2006   TOYOTA   COROLLA   1999 STRUC.-HOOD-LATCHES Fault: FAILED            Complainant reports a hood latch failure while traveling at speeds in excess of 100 km/h. The hood wrapped around the windshield
                                                                                             completely blocking the driver's view. A quick search revealed no other relevant recalls and one other hood latch failure (RS019).
                                                                                             The maintenance schedule recommends hood latch lubrication every six months or 8000 km. The complainant admitted this likely
                                                                                             was not done. The owner's manual also suggests the owner "make sure the engine hood secondary latch secures the hood from
                                                                                             opening when the primary latch is released. No safety related trend was identified at this time.

2006-0282   7/7/2006    TOYOTA   MATRIX    2006 ENG-RADIATOR Fault: OVERHEATED               While the complainant's wife was driving in traffic, the air conditioning suddenly began to blow hot air and the vehicle overheated.
                                                                                             The vehicle was safely pulled to the side of the road and the complainant's wife called roadside assistance to tow the vehicle. The
                                                                                             vehicle was repaired by a Toyota dealership. When the vehicle was picked up after the repair, it was driven ~50 km, and a similar
                                                                                             overheating incident occurred.

                                                                                             The complainant advised of several previous problems he has experienced with the vehicle, including an engine stalling problem
                                                                                             which was remedied by replacement of the ECU.

2006-0252   6/19/2006   TOYOTA   MATRIX    2006 VIS-GLASS EXCEPT WINDSHIELD Fault:           Driving along at 100km/h, without impact the passenger side glass shattered.

                                                                                     All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                                Sorted Newest to Oldest

2006-0230   6/5/2006    TOYOTA   SIENNA   2006 I.S.-AIR BAG-OCCUPANT SENSING Fault: FAILED The complainant ordered a seven passenger van from the dealer and then had the dealer custom install an eighth seat and custom
                                                                                           leather upholstery on all the eight seats.
                                                                                           One day he was giving his mother a ride and he noticed that the passenger airbag was turned off, later that day his wife was in that
                                                                                           seat and the airbag was activated. He took the vehicle to the dealer and they found one of four seat sensors not working properly.
                                                                                           The mechanic thought it may be related to the installation of the custom upholstery.

2006-0206   5/19/2006   TOYOTA   CAMRY    2003 INFO.-INFORMATION Fault: NO DEFECT                   Complainant is upset because he purchased a vehicle from Don Valley North Toyota which he believed was brand new, later he
                                                                                                    discovered that he is the second owner of this vehicle, he wants compensation for the new car fees he paid since the car was not
                                                                                                    new when it was sold to him.

                                                                                                    May 19, 2006 - Call by BHOL to the complainant, there was no answer and no answering machine.

                                                                                                    May 26, 2006- Call to complainant by BHOL, there was a answering machine this time, BHOL left a message stating that this is not
                                                                                                    a safety related issue and to feel free to call back if there were any further questions.


 RS418      5/12/2006   TOYOTA   SIENNA   2004 PT-AUTO SHIFT LOCK - ASL Fault: FAILED               X-REF: IC#2006-0185

                                                                                                    The complainant's four year old daughter entered the vehicle while it was parked in the complainant's laneway. The four year old
                                                                                                    somehow manipulated the shifter such that the vehicle was able to roll down the gentle incline of the laneway and across a street
                                                                                                    into a parked vehicle. No injuries were sustained. The complainant advised the vehicle was unlocked at the time, and the keys were
                                                                                                    not in the vehicle. The complainant has been able to replicate the shift interlock problem without difficulty.

2006-0185   5/11/2006   TOYOTA   SIENNA   2004 PT-AUTO SHIFT LOCK - ASL Fault: FAILED               The complainant's 4 year old daughter entered the vehicle while it was parked in the complainant's laneway. The 4 year old
                                                                                                    somehow manipulated the shifter such that the vehicle was able to roll down the gentle incline of the laneway and across a street
                                                                                                    into a parked vehicle. No injuries were sustained.

                                                                                                    The complainant advised the vehicle was unlocked at the time, and the keys were not in the vehicle. The complainant has been
                                                                                                    able to replicate the shift interlock problem without difficulty.

                                                                                                    11-05-2006 / JHAM / e-mail to PTIE requesting to follow-up.
                                                                                                    12-05-2006 / PTIE / e-mail to Lyne requesting log number.
                                                                                                    16-05-2006 / LYNE / assigned log number RS418.

 RS412      5/8/2006    TOYOTA   TUNDRA   2005 SA-BALL JOINT Fault: SEPARATION == I.F.-BALL Complainant experienced a driver's front ball joint separation at around 40 km/h on a gravel road following a long trip. The
                                               JOINT Fault: SEPARATION                      dealership covered all repair costs. The complainant is frequently off road carrying weight with the work truck and has very high
                                                                                            mileage for the model year. The complainant was at the dealership one week prior for servicing and a complete inspection. Pictures
                                                                                            from the scene have been saved on file and invoices are available from complainant if necessary. The complainant admitted that
                                                                                            some "creaking was heard" from the front end at times, but didn't think it was anything serious. Transport Canada has a safety
                                                                                            related recall (#2005151) on ball joints for the 2002-2004 Toyota Tundra. The recall doesn't include the model year of the
                                                                                            complainants' vehicle, 2005.

                                                                                      All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2006-0176   5/5/2006    LEXUS     ES300     2003 I.S.-SEAT BELT - BUCKLE Fault: DISCONNECTED While the complainant's husband was attempting to fasten his seat belt in the right front passenger seat, he had difficulty in
                                                                                             engaging the latchplate. When he investigated the matter further, it was discovered the seat belt buckle had become detached from
                                                                                             the vehicle. The complainant inspected the vehicle further and found the seat belt bolt laying on the floor directly behind the rear
                                                                                             seat. The complainant was in Florida at the time, so she contacted Melbourne Lexus to arrange a service appoinemtent. The
                                                                                             dealership examined the vehicle and advised a service campaign had been issued to address this matter, and questioned where
                                                                                             this vehicle was normally serviced. The dealership advised this vehicle should have been previuosly repaired, and that the reapir
                                                                                             required a special bolt.

2006-0169   5/3/2006    LEXUS     LS400     1996 FS-TANK Fault: LOCATION                              The complainant purchased a used Lexus LS400 and recently discovered the location of the fuel tank. Remembering the media
                                                                                                      coverage from the Ford Pinto, he was concerned about the safety of having a fuel tank in the trunk of a passenger vehicle. The
                                                                                                      complainant was reassured that the vehicle was assumed to have passed all CMVSS 301 Fuel System Integrity tests. A quick
                                                                                                      search revealed very few general complaints on Lexus vehicles. The fuel economy rating was also provided to the complainant for
2006-0130   4/5/2006    TOYOTA   COROLLA    2005 I.S.-SEAT Fault: FAILED                              This information received via Webmail complainant, and logged for information only.

                                                                                                      It would appear that the driver's seat is inflatable, and that it lowers itself overnight, and has to be "pumped up" occasionally. No
                                                                                                      other information available at this time. Apparently the vehicle was bought used, from a Toyota Dealer. The problem was reported
                                                                                                      to the dealer several weeks after purchase, They reportedly have stated "they’re all like that" The complainant was advised via
                                                                                                      Email, that the problem is not a SRD. and was provided a link to CAMVAP.

 RS364      4/4/2006    TOYOTA HIGHLANDER   2002 VIS-VISOR Fault: DISENGAGED                          The wife of the complainant was driving when she hit a pothole and the drivers sun visor fell across her field of vision. She quickly
                                                                                                      moved the visor out of her field of vision and continued on. The problem now persists as the retaining clip is broken. The cost to
                                                                                                      replace the visor is $900.

 RS345      3/2/2006    TOYOTA   4 RUNNER   2002 I.S.-HARNESS - ANCHORAGE Fault:                      Complainant (CPS technician at BCAA-TSF) passed on concern from another CPS technician regarding the accuracy of tether
                                                 INFORMATION                                          strap routine instructions in the owner's manual for a 2002 Toyota 4-Runner with a 50/50 rear split seat. Manual apparently states
                                                                                                      that if a forward-facing child restraint is installed in the centre rear, the top tether strap should be routed between the split in the seat
                                                                                                      back and then attached to the tether anchorage located at the vehicle seat base.

 RS293      2/7/2006    TOYOTA   COROLLA    2005 LCS-HEAD LIGHTS Fault: INEFFECTIVE
                                                                                                      Owner states that the intensity of the low beam headlights is insufficent for safe nighttime driving.

 RS296      1/30/2006   LEXUS     IS300     2003 ELEC-WIRING HARNESS-FRONT Fault: FIRE                X-REF: IC#2006-0064

                                                                                                      While the vehicle was being driven up a hill in an urban area the driver noticed smoke coming from the engine compartment. He
                                                                                                      pulled over, looked under the hood and saw that a small fire had started. He closed the hood again and called the Fire Department.
                                                                                                      By the time the Fire Department had arrived, the fire had spread to other areas of the engine compartment. The right side of the
                                                                                                      engine exhibits more complete combustion than other areas under the hood. The air intake is completely consumed.

                                                                                All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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 RS248      1/23/2006    TOYOTA   CAMRY   2005 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION          X-REF: IC#2006-0031

                                                                                               The complainant was in the process of parking her vehicle at a local donut shop when suddenly the engine accelerated strongly and
                                                                                               drove vehicle through the parking slip she was attempting to park in, over a parking stone, across a sidewalk and through the side
                                                                                               window of a building. The vehicle came to rest against a concrete wall after hitting a table which was anchored to the floor. The
                                                                                               vehicle is currently located at Golden Triangle collision centre in Guelph. The vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission
2006-0031   1/16/2006    TOYOTA   CAMRY   2005 FS-THROTTLE - ELECTRONIC Fault: SURGE           and a V-6 engine.was in the process of parking her vehicle at a local donut shop when suddenly the engine accelerated strongly and
                                                                                               The complainant
                                                                                               drove vehicle through the parking slip she was attempting to park in, over a parking stone, across a sidewalk and through the side
                                                                                               window of a building. The vehicle came to rest after hitting a table which was anchored to the floor.

                                                                                               The vehicle is currently located at Golden Triangle collision centre in Guelph. The vehicle is equipped with an automatic
                                                                                               transmission and a V-6 engine.

                                                                                               18-01-2006 / JHAM / e-mail to PTIE to follow-up.
                                                                                               20-01-2006 / LYNE / e-mail to PTIE with due date of 23-01-2006.
                                                                                               23-01-2006 / KMCL / e-mail to LYNE requesting log number.
                                                                                               24-01-2006 / LYNE / assigned log number RS248 and due date for 14-02-2006.
 RS224      1/13/2006    TOYOTA   RAV4    1999 PT-STANDARD GEARING Fault: EXCESSIVE            Bought vehicle used with 121,000kms on it. While driving in high gear he heard a loud "bang" the engine revved excessively and
                                               WEAR                                            he lost power. He quickly shoved in his clutch, and shifted into fourth gear, and then pulled to the side of the road for inspection.

2005-0138   12/21/2005   TOYOTA   ECHO    2005 I.S.-AIR BAG DUAL - FRONT Fault: NON-           The complainant's wife was driving on the freeway when a transport truck suddenly rear ended her vehicle. The vehicle was struck
                                               DEPLOYMENT                                      on the rear and side, and was sent spinning into the centre barrier. The vehicle sustained damage to the front of the vehicle as a
                                                                                               result of the collision with the centre barrier.

                                                                                               The vehicle was examined by Toyota Canada, and the complainant was advised there was no defect found in the restraint system.

                                                                                               The vehicle is currently located at Golden Triangle Collision Centre in Cambridge.

                                                                          All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2005-0111   12/6/2005   TOYOTA   MATRIX   2004 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SURGE                  03-12-2005 complainant inquiry:

                                                                                         "I have a 2004 Toyota Matrix auto trans. When the cooling system is opperative and the car stopped (at a light, when parking etc.)
                                                                                         the RPM surge up when the brake is released, causing the car to surge forward (or back when in reverse as in parking). I reported
                                                                                         this to Toyota locally. The reply written on the work order (available if you want it) states that this condition is "normal" for this
                                                                                         model. No action to be taken.
                                                                                         I reported this to Toyota Canada (Diane) who asked for details which were sent. I've not heard from them since.
                                                                                         Is anyone in Tr.Canada aware of this dangerous condition in the Matrix? What can I do to get Toyota to take notice?"

                                                                                         06-12-2005 JGRA / e-mail to TLEH: Do you thik MMCN could deal with this?
                                                                                         06-12-2005 TLEH / e-mail to MMCN: Please follow up with complainant. We do not have a phone number, but we do have a name
                                                                                         and an e-mail address.

                                                                                         06-12-2005 LYNE / Log in IC#2005-0111 and assigned due date for December 9th, 2005.
                                                                                         06-12-2005 MMCN / e-mail to LYNE, informing that the e-mail address given is not available.
                                                                                         07-12-2005 TLEH / e-mail to JGRA, the e-mail address for the complainant doesn't work. Can you request the he follow up with

                                                                                         22-12-2005 / Lyne / call to TLEH: JGRA is to contact complainant and ask him to contact us.

                                                                                 All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2005-0106   12/1/2005    TOYOTA   COROLLA   2005 TIRE-GENERAL Fault: POOR PERFORMANCE           The complainant advised the OE tires on her vehicle offer poor performance in wet and snowy conditions. The tires are 185/65-R15
                                                                                                Goodyear Integrity.

                                                                                                The complainant was advised Transport Canada recommends the use of 4 winter tires on a vehicle during the winter months.

2005-0115   11/30/2005   TOYOTA   TOYOTA         ELEC-LIGHTS Fault: COMPLIANCE                  Received by MMCN:

                                                                                                Approximately 100 used vehicles per month are imported through the port of Vancouver. The vehicles are from Japan and are 15
                                                                                                years and older. Currently, TC has no restrictions on these vehicles as they comply with the importation age requirement. However,
                                                                                                the vehicles are right-hand drive and the headlight beam pattern is aimed to the left causing problems for on-coming traffic. The
                                                                                                vehicles do not have high mounted brake lights or daytime running lights. The headlight lamps do not have the required 'DOT' or
                                                                                                'ECE' markings as per CMVSS 108.1. The BC MVB is concerned that the vehicles are brought in and resold by wholesalers without
                                                                                                inspection. Limited MVB manpower prevents inspection of each vehicle so some may be operated without the necessary lighting

                                                                                                06-12-2005 LYNE / log in IC#2005-0115 (no further action required).

                                                                                     All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2005-0103   11/29/2005   TOYOTA   TACOMA   1998 I.S.-AIR BAG DUAL - FRONT Fault: NON-                The complainant's wife was driving the vehicle in a snow storm when she lost control and spun and hit the concrete centre median.
                                                DEPLOYMENT                                           The frontal airbags did not deploy. The driver suffered whiplash, and the front passenger (13) suffered a broken knee cap.

                                                                                                     The complainant is concerned as the frame rails of the truck were bent and that the airbags did not deploy.

2005-0104   11/29/2005   TOYOTA   YARIS    2006 VIS-REAR WINDOW Fault: DIRTY                         The vehicle is a 2006 Toyota Yaris

                                                                                                     The complainant is concerned that his vehicle is not equipped with a rear window washing/wiping device, and during periods of rain,
                                                                                                     it is difficult to see through the window.

                                                                                                     NOTE BY PLAM:

                                                                                                     The complainant has contacted PLAM and his concern was discussed. The rear window is equipped with an electric grid-type
                                                                                                     defogger. This effectively eliminates fogging of the rear window but rain water on the rear window blurs the driver's vision. The
                                                                                                     complainant purchased the base model and noticed the higher models have a rear wiper. He feels we should force the
                                                                                                     manufacturer to equip all models with a rear wiper. It was explained that we would be unable at this time to address his concern to
                                                                                                     his satisfaction. He is discussing the possibility of retro-fitting his vehicle with a rear wiper with his dealer. However, it was
                                                                                                     suggested he apply Rain-X to the rear window glass to determine if this would be sufficient to address his concern at this time.

2005-0101   11/24/2005   TOYOTA   ECHO     2005 INFO.-INFORMATION Fault: POOR                        This owner complains that this vehicle is unstable at highway speeds and is scared it will rollover. He could not advise of any
                                                PERFORMANCE                                          environmental conditions like high winds etc. was affecting his car. He was advised to check tire pressure and take the vehicle to a
                                                                                                     dealer if the issue persists. A search did not identify any handling issue with this model.
 RS139      11/15/2005   TOYOTA   SIENNA   2002 SA-STEERING COUPLING Fault: DISCONNECTED Loss of steering control.
                                                == SA-STEERING COUPLING Fault:
                                                MAINTENANCE RELATED                      The complainant was driving 40km/h on a residential street. As he neared a curve in the road, he suddenly realized he had
                                                                                         completely lost steering control. He was able to stop the vehicle by applying the brakes hard but still ended up in the opposite lane.
                                                                                         He was able to spin the steering wheel freely (the repairs also involved a clock spring replacement). The dealer apparently found
                                                                                         that the steering shaft had separated from the steering rack and pinion assembly. Note that the dealer had apparently performed
                                                                                         work on the steering column some time ago to replace a gear shift lever mount.

2005-0071   11/7/2005    TOYOTA   TOYOTA   2006 I.S.-SEAT Fault: COMFORT/CONVENIENCE                 The complainant is looking to replace his 1986 Aries with an affordable environment-friendly vehicle. He test-drove a Toyota Yaris
                                                                                                     and was totally appalled that a "normal" person such as himself would not fit the vehicle. He feels that TC has an obligation to test
                                                                                                     these vehicles before they are sold to the public. Attempts were made to explain our mandate and why he should test-drive vehicles
                                                                                                     before considering its purchase, however, not much attention was paid. He has lost some sleep this weekend as he could not get
                                                                                                     over how his safety would be affected should he purchase this vehicle.

2005-0064   11/1/2005    TOYOTA   CAMRY    2002 VIS-GLASS EXCEPT WINDSHIELD Fault:                   Sunroof shattered making a loud bang and glass fell in the vehicle while the complainant was driving. The sunroof was closed and
                                                IMPLODED                                             the complainant does not believe anything struck it. He feels a more nervous or elderly person could have been startled by such an
                                                                                                     event and potentially result in a collision.

                                                                                       All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2005-0051   10/24/2005   TOYOTA   MATRIX   2003 I.S.-AIR BAG DUAL - FRONT Fault: NON-                 The complainant traveling approximately 50-60km/h T-boned a Caravan that drove straight thru an intersection. The complainant hit
                                                DEPLOYMENT                                            the right front of the Caravan. The pavement was wet. The Matrix suffered damage across the entire front end. The impact pushed
                                                                                                      the front of the vehicle right back to the front wheels. The insurance company is likely going to write it off. The airbags did not
                                                                                                      deploy. The driver did not receive any injuries, the passenger received multiple seat belt injuries (seat belt trauma). She did not hit
                                                                                                      the dash or windshield but her knee did impact the glove box.
                                                                                                      For further details see log file RS118.
                                                                                                      Vehicle is currently being stored at an independent garage in Quebec.

 RS118      10/24/2005   TOYOTA   MATRIX   2003 I.S.-AIR BAG - PASSENGER Fault: INJURY-BRUISE COMPLAINT as understood by DMAL October 24, 2005:
                                                == I.S.-AIR BAG DUAL - FRONT Fault: NON-
                                                DEPLOYMENT                                    The complainant traveling approximately 50-60km/h T-boned a Caravan that drove straight thru an intersection. The complainant hit
                                                                                              the right front of the Caravan. The pavement was wet. The Matrix suffered damage across the entire front end. The impact pushed
                                                                                              the front of the vehicle right back to the front wheels. The insurance company is likely going to write it off. The airbags did not
                                                                                              deploy. The driver did not receive any injuries, the passenger received multiple seat belt injuries (seat belt trauma). She did not hit
                                                                                              the dash or windshield but her knee did impact the glove box.

                                                                                                      Vehicle is currently being stored at an independent garage in Quebec.

                                                                               All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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2005-0032   10/14/2005   LEXUS     IS300    2002 FS-ACCELERATOR PEDAL Fault: JAMMED           The complainant was turning right pulling out of a parking lot, lifted foot of the throttle pedal and pressed brake, engine revved up
                                                                                              and vehicle accelerated. Vehicle accelerated into the path of on coming traffic. A vehicle traveling in same direction hit his left front
                                                                                              corner. Damaged the other vehicles right front corner.
                                                                                              Pavement was wet.
                                                                                              At first thought that it may be a drive by wire problem. After some research and talking to a dealer he thinks that more likely that the
                                                                                              throttle pedal jammed with the floor mat.

                                                                                              Owners manual states that operates should use proper floor mats to avoid throttle jamming.

                                                                                              NHTSA has an investigation on 02-04 Toyota and Lexus for throttle by wire problems. The complainant believes that this
                                                                                              investigation should have looked at the floor mats.

                                                                                              Complainant has only owned the vehicle for a week

                                                                                              Dear Sir/Madam,

                                                                                              I was involved in an accident last week when my 2002 Lexus IS300 had a case of sudden unintended acceleration that led to a
                                                                                              crash causing over $10,000 worth of damages to both my car and the other persons car. I have seen other reports of other people
                                                                                              wondering if the electronic throttle is suspect in these cases, however I personally believe that the real roblem is only partly to
                                                                                              blame on the electronic throttle.
                                                                                              See web report
                                                                                              In my opinion, the problem is the likelyhood of the pedal getting stuck under floor mats is too high, combined with the relatively
                                                                                              "light" spring force on the gas pedal because it is a throttle-by-wire system which leads to the floor mat easily holding the pedal
                                                                                              down to full throttle causing an accident.
                                                                                              I say that this is "negligent pedal design on the part of the car manufacturer". I also believe that they knew this was an issue
                                                                                              because they make reference to this in the owners manual on:

                                                                                               pg.76 where there is a CAUTION that states "Make sure the floor mat is properly placed on the floor carpet. If the floor mat slips
                                                                                              and interferes with the movement of the pedals during driving, it may cause in accident."

                                                                                               No manufacturer should be allowed to use that caution as a disclaimer to get away with negligent pedal design. They, fully well
 RS019      8/15/2005    TOYOTA   COROLLA   2001 STRUC.-HOOD Fault: FALSE LATCH == STRUC.-    The complainant was accelerating from an intersection when the hood flew open against the windshield at a reported speed of
                                                 HOOD-LATCHES Fault: FAILED == STRUC.-        70km/h. The complainant was able to stop the vehicle safely on the side of the road. The night before the incident , the complainant
                                                 HOOD-LATCHES Fault: RUSTED/CORRODED          pulled on the hood latch from inside the vehicle but the hood was not opening. He had to play with the handle to unlatch the hood.
                                                                                              After verifying the oil level, the hood was closed and presumably latched.

 RR993       8/3/2005    TOYOTA   PASEO     1999 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: FAILED == ENG-    The complainant pulled into a parking lot and stopped in a parking slip. When she attempted to place the shifter into park, from
                                                 GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION           drive, the vehicle suddenly accelerated forward with tremendous acceleration. The vehicle drove over a parking curb and powered
                                                                                              toward a truck which was entering the parking lot. The car glanced off of the front of the truck and struck several other cars before
                                                                                              coming to rest. The complainant alleges the vehicle continued to accelerate even though she had her foot firmly applied to the
                                                                                              brake pedal, and the engine revved uncontrollably. Upon coming to rest, the complainant advised the engine stopped revving and
                                                                                              she then turned the engine off.

                                                                                              The complainant's vehicle was taken to a body shop for repair, and then towed to a Toyota dealership for inspection. The
                                                                                              dealership was unable to find any faults within the vehicle's throttle control or braking systems. The complainant is now afraid of
                                                                                              the vehicle and plans to sell it in the near future.

                                                                              All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RR986   8/2/2005    TOYOTA    ECHO     2004 STRUC.-DOOR ASSY-LATCHES LOCKS Fault:            The driver door of the vehicle can not be unlock electronically or manually when the occupant is inside the vehicle. As a result, the
                                            ERRATIC                                          driver needs to get out by way of the passenger door. The condition occurs every time the door is locked from the inside and can
                                                                                             only be unlocked from outside. The vehicle was not inspected. The complainant feels that the issue compromises the safety of the
                                                                                             driver if a quick evacuation is necessary
RR972   7/19/2005   TOYOTA   COROLLA   1997 I.S.-RETRACTOR Fault: DEFECTIVE                  Received letter from complainant on July 19, 2005.

                                                                                             Complainant purchased a Corolla and experienced a seatbelt failure caused by a defective retractor that did not lock and was
                                                                                             wondering if "Toyota Canada will issue a Safety Recall notice for this latent safety defect?"

                                                                                             This letter was directly sent to Toyota Canada as well from the complainant.

                                                                                             Also this complainant has had another safety subject with us before about a 98 Sienna and the log number of this case is RQ795.

RR966   7/13/2005   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2005 SA-GENERAL Fault: LOSS OF CONTROL                The complainant's daughter was driving the vehicle along a road when suddenly the steering wheel jerked to the right. The right
                                                                                             front wheel hit a curb, and the vehicle proceeded to roll over.

                                                                                             The complainant is concerned that this may have resulted due to a vehicular component failure. The vehicle was towed to Steve
                                                                                             Lewis Auto body in Sydney, NS. The body shop advised the vehicle will likely be an insurance write off.

RR960   7/7/2005    TOYOTA   SIENNA    2004 STRUC.-DOOR ASSY-LATCHES LOCKS Fault:            This owner complains that the power sliding door and manual sliding door fail to latch. The dealer advised that dust from gravel
                                            FAILED == STRUC.-DOOR ASSY-LATCHES               roads cause the latches to malfunction.
                                            LOCKS Fault: FAILED

RR887   6/13/2005   TOYOTA   SEQUOIA   2005 FS-THROTTLE - ELECTRONIC Fault: RUNAWAY          COMPLAINT as understood by DMAL:

                                                                                             In February 2005 the complainant was driving along at 50-70km/h in traffic. He pressed the accelerator to pass another motorist.
                                                                                             When he passed the other motorist he lifted his foot from the accelerator but the vehicle continued to accelerate. He used the
                                                                                             service and park brake to slow the vehicle until he got out of traffic then he shut off the engine. When stopped he restarted the
                                                                                             engine and it revved uncontrollably at full throttle. He shut the engine off and waited several minutes then restarted the engine it
                                                                                             worked fine. The dealer had the vehicle for 3-4 weeks where they found nothing wrong and were unable to replicate the problem.
                                                                                             The dealer disconnected the cruise control as a precaution.

                                                                                             In May 2005 the complainant was passing a vehicle when the same thing happened again. He brought the vehicle to the dealer
                                                                                             again where they could not find anything wrong and were unable to replicate the problem. The complainant stated that he did not
                                                                                             want the vehicle back. The dealer/Toyota Canada gave the complainant a new Sequoia to replace the old one.

                                                                                             The complainant mentioned that a customer at the same dealership experienced a similar problem in a Tundra which he claims is
                                                                                             the same chassis and drivetrain. The complainant also stated that the dealer experience the problem in the Tundra. He does not
                                                                                             recall the name of the owner of the Tundra.

                                                                                 All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RR886   6/10/2005   TOYOTA    PRIUS     2004 ENG-ENGINE Fault: STALLS == ENG-ENGINE             The complainant was accelerating to pass a vehicle on highway 417. She felt that her vehicle accelerated quicker than the pedal
                                             Fault: RUNAWAY                                     input. When the complainant removed her foot off the gas pedal the vehicle continued accelerating. She applied the brakes to slow
                                                                                                the vehicle to stop on the shoulder of the highway. This problem happened twice in the past months and the dealer could not fix or
                                                                                                reproduced the problem. It should also be noted that on one of the incidents the hybrid drive warning lamp came on. On another
                                                                                                occasion, while driving on the highway, the engine stalled without any prior warning.

RR860   6/7/2005    TOYOTA   AVALON     2005 H.B.-HYDRAULIC MAST CYLINDER Fault:                While the complainant was driving the vehicle, the brake pedal dropped to the floor. The problem has occurred on 2 occasions.
                                             ERRATIC                                            The vehicle was taken to Toyota City in Wataskawin, where the vehicle is currently being repaired. The dealership bled the brakes
                                                                                                after the first failure, and have subsequently replaced the master cylinder after the second failure.

RR833   5/18/2005   TOYOTA   4 RUNNER   2004 VIS-WINDSHIELD Fault: POOR VISIBILITY              The owner reports that he is experiencing visual problems in looking through the windshield of 2004
                                                                                                4 runner SR5 at night. Traffic lights and other external light sources appear as double images through the windshield. He finds it
                                                                                                very disconcerting and believes that it is serious safety issue.

RR854   5/18/2005   TOYOTA   COROLLA    2003 I.S.-SEAT BELT Fault: POOR PERFORMANCE             The front of this vehicle struck the passenger's side of a Caravan at an intersection. 90 degree impact. This vehicle rotated
                                                                                                clockwise with front end shift to the right. The passenger is 78 years old and was restrained. She fractured her pelvic in two places
                                                                                                and impacted the dash with her face, no fractures to her face. The air bag did not deploy. The driver was not injured.
                                                                                                The concern is the level of injury sustained by the passenger.
                                                                                                The vehicle is at Car Star Oshawa

RR793   4/12/2005   TOYOTA   COROLLA    2004 PT-TRANSMISSION AUTOMATIC Fault: ROLL    The complainant got out of her vehicle after starting it and was cleaning ice from the windows when suddenly it began to drive
                                             AWAY == PT-TRANSMISSION AUTOMATIC Fault: backward. The driver was able to run around the vehicle from the passenger side to the driver side and open the door, but as she
                                             DISENGAGED                               opened the door, her vehicle struck another parked vehicle. She was knocked to the ground and suffered bruising as a result.

RR772   3/29/2005   TOYOTA    SIENNA    2004 H.B.-YAW CONTROL Fault: POOR OPERATIONS            Complainant alleges driving straight (approx. 40-45 kph) along a clear, dry residential road when the VSC indicator illuminated
                                             == H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC              along with rapid loud beeping from the dash. The brakes then began applying themselves indiscriminately. When the vehicle was
                                                                                                at a complete stop the problem stopped but when acceleration reached 40-45 kph the problem began again rendering the car not

                                                                                                Complainant took the car to a dealership but they could not reproduce the problem and therefore could not fix it. They did however
                                                                                                tell him that they recalibrated the yaw sensor.

                                                                                                See letter in file.

                                                                                                Complainant alleges that the same scenario occurred again twice one month apart and that the dealership is telling him the same
                                                                                                thing as before.

                                                                                                The complainant feeling totally unsafe with his vehicle began searching the web and came across different forums for Sienna
                                                                                                owners. He learned about a TSB (BR008-04 US and 2138 Canada) issued by Toyota regarding this very problem. So he cited this
                                                                                                to the dealership and they reluctantly agreed to replace the steering angle sensor.
RR737   3/15/2005   TOYOTA    ECHO      2001 STRUC.-DOOR ASSY-LATCHES LOCKS Fault:              Complainant advised the driver's door opened during a loss of control manoeuvre.

                                                                             All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                        Sorted Newest to Oldest

RR732   3/14/2005   LEXUS     RX300     2004 I.S.-SEAT BELT - ANCHORAGE Fault:              The vehicle was involved in a severe frontal collision into an earth embankment. The vehicle then tipped onto its roof and came to
                                             SEPARATION                                     final rest inverted in close proximity to the earth embankment.

                                                                                            There were four occupants in the vehicle all wearing seat belt restraints.

                                                                                            The left rear (position 0210) seat belt buckle which was anchored to the
                                                                                            inboard seat frame failed during the collision. The seat belt buckle
                                                                                            anchor bolt and plastic buckle were found together on the roof of the
                                                                                            vehicle at final rest. The seat belt restraint buckle spacing washer was
                                                                                            found in front of the left rear seat. The seat belt restraint buckle ring
                                                                                            washer was found on the floor at the inboard seat rail of the left rear
                                                                                            seat. No fastening nut was found on the seat frame or in the interior of
                                                                                            the vehicle. The left rear occupant severely loaded the driver's seat back
                                                                                            during the collision.

                                                                                            - The vehicle is owned by Toyota Canada (owner executive with Toyota in
                                                                                            Cambridge, ON)

RR691   2/17/2005   TOYOTA HIGHLANDER   2001 VIS-DEFROSTER Fault: POOR OPERATIONS           This owner complains of three of problems, 1) heater fan only runs on high. 2) rear defroster switch will not activate in cold weather
                                                                                            3) the front defrost will not activate in cold weather if the system was left in another mode like floor heat. This results in the loss of
                                                                                            the defroster in cold weather. If the system is left the night before in defrost mode then the driver will have defrost.

RR671   2/9/2005    TOYOTA   TERCEL     1998 I.S.-SEAT BELT - BUCKLE Fault: POOR            Complainant has a hard time to clip the driver's seat belt. Sometimes he has to try a few times before his seat belt clips and stays
                                             OPERATIONS                                     attached. He said that it is worse when it is cold. Once his seat belt is attached, he does not have any other problem. He was
                                                                                            wondering if Transport Canada had a law governing that kind of problem.

RR646   1/28/2005   TOYOTA    SIENNA    2004 ACC-TIRE MONITORING SYSTEM Fault: POOR         This owner had a flat tire on a run flat tire and the tire pressure monitoring system did not warn the driver.
                                                                                            "I was sold a defective new vehicle at full market price. It has a defect that I believe is a safety hazard as the driver does not realize
                                                                                            that they have experienced a flat tire as the tires have a very rigid side wall and there is no low tire pressure warning system to alert
                                                                                            the driver to this problem. This safety concern is dealt with in my march 12, 2004 letter."

                                                                                            He received a letter from Toyota on June 25, 2004 acknowledging a defective "low tire pressure" warning system but stating that
                                                                                            they have no solution to correct the problem yet. They will communicate with Peace Country Toyota when a resolution has been
                                                                                            attained. He still hasn't received any news from Toyota to fix this problem.

RR630   1/25/2005   TOYOTA   4 RUNNER   2003 H-V-COOL HEATER MOTOR/FAN Fault: FROZEN        The complainant was driving his vehicle on the highway at ~100km/h when suddenly the ventilation fan stopped, causing the
                                                                                            windshield to fog within minutes.

                                                                                            The vehicle was serviced in January 2004 to condition. The vehicle was taken to Atrell Toyota following this failure, and the
                                                                                            complainant was advised that the dealer could not correct the condition.

                                                                                All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RR711   1/25/2005   TOYOTA   CAMRY     2002 I.S.-SEAT BELT Fault: INJURY-FATAL == I.S.-        The 2002 Camry T-boned into the passenger's side of a 2000 GMC Sierra pickup that lost control due to slippery road conditions.
                                            SEAT BELT Fault: POOR PERFORMANCE                  There were two belted adults in the front seats (father in right front, son driving) and one belted adult in the right rear (mother). The
                                                                                               air bags deployed in the front and both front seat occupants sustained only minor injury. However, the right rear occupant was
                                                                                               fatally injured. She had contacted the back of the right front seat.

RR614   1/18/2005   TOYOTA   COROLLA   1998 H.B.-BRAKE LINES Fault: FAILED == H.B.-BRAKE The complainant was approaching an intersection when suddenly the brake pedal dropped, and had little resistance. He
                                            LINES Fault: RUSTED/CORRODED                 immediately activated the hazard lights, and used the emergency brake to bring the vehicle to a stop.

                                                                                               The vehicle was toed to Upper James Toyota for inspection and repair.

RR634   1/17/2005   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2000 SA-RACK AND PINION POWER Fault:                    Je suis propriétaire d'une Corolla Ce 2000 et j'ai éprouvé un problème qui concerne la sécurité.Les soufflets de la crémaillère,
                                            CONTAMINATED == SA-RACK AND PINION                 quoique ni fendillés et ni fissurés se sont remplis d'eau.Le mécanicien de chez Toyota croit que les collets de retenue(originaux)
                                            POWER Fault: LOCK-UP == SA-RACK AND                des soufflets n'ont pas fait leur travail qui est de les garder étanches.Par temps froid l'eau dans les soufflets gèle et on ne peut
                                            PINION POWER Fault: FROZEN                         tourner le volant car les extrémités de la crémaillère sont prises dans la glace.Le résultat est évidemment que lorsqu'on désire
                                                                                               tourner,l'automobile continue tout droit ce qui peut causer un accident.Je ne sais pas si c'est un problême que d'autres propriétaires
                                                                                               de Corolla 2000 ont connus.J'ai dû remplacer la crémaillère à mes frais car les "tie rods" étaient trop corrodées à cause du contact
                                                                                               prolongé avec l'eau.Merci.
RS240   1/17/2005   TOYOTA    PRIUS    2005 FS-THROTTLE - ELECTRONIC Fault: RUNAWAY            I was driving a 2005 Prius in about -1 to -3 weather in cruise control at 114 km/h. I
                                            == I.S.-FLOORMAT/FOOT PADS Fault: IMPROP           decided to pass someone and tapped on my brake, felt the car decelerate slightly and then
                                            INSTALLATION                                       pushed the accelerator to the floor. Only the accelerator didn't come back -- it stuck to
                                                                                               the floor. Fortunately, I had a straight open road in front of me, so I had the opportunity to
                                                                                               brake a few times, and hit the cruise button off. After about 10-15 seconds, the
                                                                                               accelerator released. Looking at the driving panel, I noticed my cruise light was still on --
                                                                                               maybe I hit the cruise on/off button more than once or not at all??

                                                                                               Not quite knowing what happened, I resumed cruising shortly thereafter. After another 40
                                                                                               km, I attempted the same thing, but got the same results. Again, I had a wide open, clear
                                                                                               road. Finding it hard to believe the accelerator would actually be stuck I just let the speed
                                                                                               climb a bit to see if it would drop down. It was climbing beyond 140 km/h before I would
                                                                                               start braking again. Also, I stayed calm enough to turn cruise on and off several times and
                                                                                               watch the Cruise light toggle on the dash. This had no effect. I went at least 1 full
                                                                                               kilometer like this and pulled off to the side of the road, not knowing what I actually did to
                                                                                               cause the accelerator to release. There was quite a strong burning smell in the car by the
                                                                                               time I got it stopped -- riding the brakes most of the time, I'm assuming it was the smell
                                                                                               of the brakes wearing. I stepped out of the car to see if I could see the brakes smoking,
                                                                                               but didn't. I resumed my 6 hour trip but with no cruise, no passing, and certainly no
                                                                                               flooring of the accelerator for the rest of the ride!

                                                                                               I brought the car to the dealer. They said they have never heard of this problem and
                                                                                               contacted Toyota Canada and some technical people in California. They were unable to
                                                                                               repeat the problem but are replacing the pedal and throttle assemblies.

                                                                           All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RR583   12/30/2004   TOYOTA   PRIUS    2002 H.B.-DISC PADS AND SHOES Fault: WORN          Both interior front brake pads completely worn to backing plate. Outside pads show very little wear. All pads easily removed and
                                                                                          replaced. Calipers slide easily on guide pins. Piston is free and moves easily. Brake warning chirpers did not function.

                                                                                          Serviced at 8000km (Belair)
                                                                                          16,829km (Belair)
                                                                                          24133km (Tony Graham) per Mfg. schedule pics supplied to A. Koschates 29-12-2004.

RR582   12/29/2004   TOYOTA   MATRIX   2004 LCS-HEAD LIGHTS Fault: POOR VISIBILITY        The complainant reports the headlights project light to a maximum of approximately 15 feet ahead of the vehicle. His dealer
                                                                                          apparently checked the vehicle and reported nothing was wrong with the headlamps. He also indicated these headlamps could not
                                                                                          be adjusted. The complainant attempted to install aftermarket bulbs (GE 9006) that claimed to increase light output but had a
                                                                                          negligible effect on projection distance.

                                            OPERATIONS == FS-THROTTLE - ELECTRONIC
                                            Fault: NO DEFECT                              Dear Mr Lamothe:

                                                                                          Toyota Sienna (Two wheel drive-NOT ALL WHEEL DRIVE MODEL) present ODO approx 33.000 kms ( I need to check this
                                                                                          evening if you want the exact)


                                                                                          I experience abnormal skidding with the Sienna when the surface is wet and when I start accelerating from a complete stop or when
                                                                                          making left and right turns.
                                                                                          The wheels simply do not seem to touch the ground firmly even though I do not push hard on the accelerator. This has been going
                                                                                          on starting last winter and gradually worsening this winter.
                                                                                          I have driven in cold climates for nearly 30 years. I drove all kinds of makes and brands but never experienced this before. My wife
                                                                                          and I were confronted with dangerous situations especially when you are waiting on the left lane and trying to make left turns after
                                                                                          lights go from green to orange. The wheels simply refused to touch firmly on the wet surface ( no snow or anything-it was probably
                                                                                          above 12 C). I was practically caught in the middle.
                                                                                          Toyota Richmond Hill acknowledges this phenomena and relates this to the newly designed "electronic throttle system". However
                                                                                          they do not accept this as a problem and have told me ( and apparently to other drivers of this car) that very gentle pressure should
                                                                                          be applied during take off because of this new design
                                                                                          I did not find this explanation to be convincing. It is very difficult to do this in a bustling city like Toronto or Montreal and not only is it
                                                                                          impractical bur also dangerous.
                                                                                          I test drove with the Toyota technician my Sienna ( technician experienced first hand himself while driving at least 5 times) and
                                                                                          another Sienna at approx 3000 kms ODO. Mostly the incidents where the same in this Sienna too. Some to a lesser degree.(The
                                                                                          lesser effect was explained to me as the
                                                                                          relatively more wear of my tires since one year- as compared to this new vehicle).
                                                                                          I e-mailed Toyota Canada the below mails. They responded by phone ( If I recall correctly Ms Jocelyne) telling me once again that
                                                                                          this was not considered a problem.
                                                                                          Thank you for the attention.


                                                                              All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RR569   12/13/2004   TOYOTA   COROLLA   1990 I.S.-SEAT BELT - WEBBING Fault: FAILED          The vehicle was going westbound in the curb lane when it struck the north curb. The vehicle travelled along the curb for a short
                                                                                             distance and then hit the boulevard. The vehicle then struck a concrete pillar. The victim was extricated from the vehicle by
                                                                                             emergency services personnel and was transported via ambulance with serious head injuries. (laceration to face, brain coming out
                                                                                             of cracked skull, cut to right leg from knee to ankle).

                                                                                             - Speckling L Side Tire
                                                                                             - R/F Tire Damage Lock
                                                                                             - Seat Belt failure apparent

                                                                                             Police reported driver takes sleeping pills (prescribed).

                                                                                             See Vehicle Mechanical Examination Request, Traffic Services Major Collision Data Sheet,
                                                                                             Motor Vehicle Accident Report, photos etc... in file & p:drive.

RR504   11/18/2004   TOYOTA    RAV4     1997 STRUC.-HOOD-LATCHES Fault: FAILED               COMPLAINT as understood by DMAL November 17,2004:

                                                                                             The complainant's wife was driving along the hwy 417 at 80km/hr then she took the hwy 416 off ramp. Without warning the hood
                                                                                             flew up and blocked the driver's view. Broke the windshield. She pulled the vehicle to the side of the road. A mechanic stopped to
                                                                                             help, he forced the hood to the closed position then used something to strap the hood closed. She drove slowly to the dealership.
                                                                                             This happened on November 2. The vehicle was in to the dealer on November 1 for a Toyota express lube service (oil change). The
                                                                                             dealer pulled the hood release cable from the latch mechanism then bent the latch and hood so that the hood could possibly be
                                                                                             latched closed. This did not work so they used mechanics wire to hold the hood closed and told her that she should be safe to drive
                                                                                             and sent her to the dealer body shop. She went straight home, vehicle still in same state.

                                                                                             About 50km from dealer to the complainant's home. She works in Ottawa and lives in Kemptville about 60km one way.

                                                                                             They bought vehicle used November 2001 at 83000km. They have always taken the vehicle to a Toyota dealer for service.

RR486   11/9/2004    TOYOTA   SIENNA    2002 SA-GENERAL Fault: NO DEFECT                     The son of the owner was turning left from one median divided road to another. The driver feels he hit the center median curb with
                                                                                             the left front wheel due to a mechanical steering problem. Damage involved the tire, wheel, brake disc and suspension. The dealer
                                                                                             has not found any mechanical issue to account for a steering issue.

RR624   10/22/2004   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2003 ENG-GENERAL Fault: FIRE                         The complainant's vehicle burnt while he was on his way to work one morning. He was at a traffic light when he observed smoke
                                                                                             coming from under the hood. He is not sure what color the smoke was. The driver behind him called the firefighters using his cell
                                                                                             phone. The engine compartment was completely burnt and the insurer could not determine a cause for the fire.

                                                                               All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RR382   9/30/2004   TOYOTA   SIENNA   2004 I.S.-AIR BAG-OCCUPANT SENSING Fault: POOR           COMPLAINT as understood by DMAL September 30, 2004:
                                                                                               The complainant alleges that when his wife (140lbs) sits in the passenger seat the airbag system does not recognize that someone
                                                                                               is sitting in that seat. He is aware of this because the airbag light on the dash indicates this.

                                                                                               He took the van to the dealer for repairs but the dealer said that according to the manual testing procedure the system is working

                                                                                               The airbag system has been like this since he bought the van.

RR378   9/29/2004   TOYOTA   ECHO     2000 INFO.-INFORMATION Fault: INJURY-BACK/NECK           The 2000 Toyota Echo of the complainant rear-ended a Chevrolet Cavalier that was nearly stopped on the road. The complainant
                                           == I.S.-SEAT BELT - PRE-TENSIONER Fault:            was driving at approximately 70 km/h prior to the collision. Because of the glaring sunlight, he did not have the time to depress the
                                           DEPLOYED == INFO.-INFORMATION Fault:                brakes when he suddenly saw the vehicle ahead. The lone occupant of the Echo (male, 27 yrs old, 6'1" tall, 180 lbs), who was
                                           INJURY-BRUISE == I.S.-AIR BAG DUAL - FRONT          wearing his seatbelt, sustained multiple bruise injuries to his chest. He was also hospitalized for severe neck/back pain. The dual
                                           Fault: NON-DEPLOYMENT                               front airbags did not deploy. However, it seems that the pretensioner did. The SRS warning light was apparently off prior to the
                                                                                               collision. The vehicle was declared a total loss.

RR371   9/27/2004   TOYOTA   MATRIX   2003 PT-TRANSMISSION MANUAL Fault: NOISY == PT- This owner complains that he gets a grinding sound as he tries to downshift the transmission. The dealer has replaced the
                                           DRIVELINE Fault: UNKNOWN                   transmission but the sound still persisted.

RR391   9/27/2004   TOYOTA   CELICA   2000 I.S.-SEAT BELT - REAR 3PT Fault: LOCK-UP            A five-year-old child was almost strangled by the rear seat belt assembly. The child was playing with the seat belt assembly and
                                                                                               managed to wrap it around his neck. The seat belt would not release and continued to tighten up around the neck. The belt was
                                                                                               cut by the fire department. States that when the car is turned off there should be an immediate release mechanism and they
                                                                                               should not continue to pull tight.

RR349   9/22/2004   TOYOTA   TERCEL   1996 INFO.-INFORMATION Fault: INJURY-BRUISE ==           The owner lost control of his vehicle on Saturday night September 18, 2004. The vehicle skidded onto a slippery surface (i.e. sand)
                                           I.S.-SEAT BELT - BUCKLE Fault: FAILED               and collided into a ditch. Upon impact, the restrained driver claims the seat belt failed and he was propelled against the windshield,
                                                                                               knocking his head. The right front passenger was also restrained and sustained no failure and thus no injuries and/or contact with
                                                                                               windshield. The owner is unsure as to what released in the seat belt assembly, however, he felt that it was the seat belt retractor
                                                                                               assembly that failed.

                                                                                               The vehicle was purchased used from an independent garage three months ago and the owner does know if the vehicle was
                                                                                               involved in previous collisions.

RR337   9/17/2004   TOYOTA   SIENNA   2004 ENG-COOLING SYSTEM Fault: OVERHEATED ==             This owner noticed an engine warning light and pulled to the side of the road to investigate. He found all the coolant had leaked out
                                           ENG-RADIATOR Fault: POOR PERFORMANCE                and the vehicle was not drivable. The vehicle was towed to a dealer who advised the engine needed replacing. Upon further
                                                                                               investigation the owner was advised that a number of these vehicles were produced with under sized radiators that will result in
                                                                                               overheating, damaging the engine.
                                                                                               He feels that if Toyota is aware of this problem they should recall these vehicles so their customers are not left stranded in deserted
                                                                                               areas late at night or succumb to an engine fire.

                                                                            All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RR288   8/26/2004   TOYOTA   SIENNA    2004 ACC-TIRE MONITORING SYSTEM Fault: POOR         This owner had a flat tire on a run flat tire and the tire pressure monitoring system did not warn the driver that the tire was flat. The
                                            OPERATIONS                                     issue of whether run flat tires can be monitored based on the ABS system.

RR192   7/19/2004   TOYOTA    RAV4     2003 VIS-REAR WINDOW Fault: BROKEN                  COMPLAINT as understood by DMAL July 19, 2004:

                                                                                           On July 16, 2004 (5:00 PM) the complainant was driving along at 80km/h on a smooth two lane paved highway. She went thru a
                                                                                           dip(hollow) in the road then up a hill, then all of a sudden she heard a loud explosion/crack. She didn't know what it was until she
                                                                                           looked out her back window and it was completely shattered but still held together in the frame. Once she stopped the vehicle and
                                                                                           closed the door the window fell out. The rear window broke into very tiny pieces. All 4 windows were open at the time the rear
                                                                                           window shattering.

                                                                                           This happened once before during the winter, February 2003, it was replaced under warranty at that time.

RR155   7/5/2004    TOYOTA   COROLLA   1994 TIRE-TIRE Fault: FAILED == INFO.-INFORMATION   *** Initial call received by EBER - July 5, 2004
                                            Fault: INJURY-BURN ABRASION == INFO.-
                                            INFORMATION Fault: INJURY-CUT/INCISION ==      The owner/complainant installed four new Michelin tires on her vehicle on May 14, 2004 in Chambly (Montreal), Quebec. On May
                                            INFO.-INFORMATION Fault: INJURY-BACK/NECK      15, 2004, she was returning home to Toronto and was travelling on the 401. She was between Kingston and Cananoque, driving in
                                            == INFO.-INFORMATION Fault: INJURY-BRUISE      the right lane and following the traffic at 90 km/h, when suddenly her right rear tire blew out. It was approximately 5:30 pm at the
                                                                                           time. The tire blowout caused her to loose control of the vehicle. She indicated that the vehicle pulled to the left. She crossed into
                                                                                           the fast lane and was heading towards the opposite lanes, when she applied full force to the steering wheel to bring the vehicle to
                                                                                           the right and into the ditch. The owner cannot recall most of the loss of control event but was told that she hit 5 poles during that
                                                                                           time and the air bag system deployed at some time during these impacts. The vehicle is a total loss. A witness which was following
                                                                                           the complainant's car, provided his coordinates to the complainant.

                                                                                           The owner was sent to the hospital by ambulance. She was belted but sustained minor injuries such as cuts and bruises to her left
                                                                                           hand, cuts to her breasts, and pain to her neck. She also sustained abrasion to her face due to the air bag deployment.

                                                                                           The Police wrote up a report in which they indicated that the tire failure caused the vehicle to lose control.

                                                                                           The vehicle is currently at a body shop in Sterling.

                                                                                           *** Update from RWHI - July 13, 2004
                                                                                           She was travelling in the curb lane. The 401 is a divided 4 lane road in the area of the collision. The road was dry and straight at
                                                                                           the time of the collision (~5:30pm). It was a warm day and she had the driver's window down. She was travelling 100km/h. She
                                                                                           did not hear anything unusual from the rear of the vehicle. The only indication that something was wrong was that the vehicle
                                                                                           swerved to the left (She did not hear the tire explode or any noise from the rear). The vehicle swerved into the fast lane. It was
                                                                                           very difficult to turn the steering wheel back to the right. She then went off the road to the right and hit 5 poles. 10 minutes prior to
                                                                                           the collision she stopped for a coffee and did not notice anything wrong with the tires at that time. She said she walked past that
                                                                                           side of the car while getting her coffee. The valve caps on the vehicle were the type that indicate the tire pressure. She removed
                                                                                           them after the collision and kept them (That is why they weren't on the vehicle at the time of my examination).

                                                                          All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RR136   6/23/2004   TOYOTA   CAMRY     2002 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SURGE                     The complainant was pulling into a parking slip in a dirt parking lot when suddenly the vehicle accelerated and hit a concrete wall.
                                                                                         Several bystanders observed the incident and advised her to back away from the wall. One of the bystanders also noticed that
                                                                                         there was a borough in the dirt under one of the front wheels.

                                                                                         The airbags did not deploy in the collision, but the complainant suffered some seat belt bruising as a result of the impact.

                                                                                         She drove her vehicle home as it was leaking coolant, and she did not want to be stranded. The vehicle was later taken to a Toyota
                                                                                         dealership and it was determined that the vehicle had suffered ~$7000. damage.

                                                                                         The complainant does not believe this occurred as a result of pedal misapplication.

RR069   5/20/2004   TOYOTA    ECHO     2002 INFO.-INFORMATION Fault: INJURY-CONCUSSION   Complaint as understood by JHAM 20/05/2004:
                                            == I.S.-AIR BAG - PASSENGER Fault: NON-
                                            DEPLOYMENT == INFO.-INFORMATION Fault:       The complainant was driving at night on a 6 lane divided highway when she suddenly collided with a vehicle stopped in the middle
                                            INJURY-BACK/NECK == INFO.-INFORMATION        lane. She claims that she did not brake prior to the collision, and was travelling at a speed between 55 and 65 MPH. The
                                            Fault: INJURY-BRUISE == INFO.-INFORMATION    complainant is concerned as the frontal airbags did not deploy in the collision. After the initial impact, the vehicle was hit from
                                            Fault: INJURY-FRACTURE == INFO.-             behind by the complainant's niece, who was driving directly behind the complainant. There were no injuries to the occupants of the
                                            INFORMATION Fault: INJURY-DISLOCATION ==     third vehicle. The target vehicle was described as a Ford Tempo in the police report, and it is believed the vehicle was unoccupied
                                            INFO.-INFORMATION Fault: INJURY-CONCUSSION   at the time of the impact.
                                            == INFO.-INFORMATION Fault: INJURY-INTERN.
                                            ORGAN == I.S.-AIR BAG - DRIVER Fault: NON-   The vehicle contained 4 occupants: (11) Female driver; (13) 15 year old male; (21) 2.5 year old male in CRS; (23) 11 year old
                                            DEPLOYMENT                                   female. The injuries to the driver include: fractured pelvis, fractured L5, broken right collar bone, a broke finger on her left hand,
                                                                                         severe bruising from the seat belt and was knocked unconscious. The front passenger (13) suffered a separated shoulder and
                                                                                         bruising from the seat belt. The left rear passenger (21) was in a CRS and suffered only a minor cut on the chin and friction burns
                                                                                         from the harness system of the CRS. The right rear passenger (23) suffered a concussion, bruising of the brain (including internal
                                                                                         bleeding) and bruising from the seat belt.

                                                                                         The collision occurred on March 19, 2004, on Highway 290 in Buffalo, New York.

RR065   5/4/2004    TOYOTA   COROLLA   2003 ENG-GENERAL Fault: RUNAWAY == ENG-           The complainant has experienced several sudden acceleration and engine runaway incidents during the winter of 2004. Each time,
                                            GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION           the owner turned the ignition key off and depressed the brake pedal. The engine could then be restarted without any problems and
                                                                                         would idle normally. The dealer test drove the vehicle for a period of one week but could not duplicate the problem. This problem
                                                                                         has not caused a loss of vehicle control or a collision.

RR020   4/28/2004   TOYOTA   CAMRY     2000 ACC-AUTO SPEED CONTROL Fault: POOR           On March 13, 2004, the complainant was driving at a constant 120km/h with the cruise control activated when suddenly the vehicle
                                            PERFORMANCE == FS-THROTTLE Fault: POOR       began to slow. At ~80 km/h, the complainant pulled his vehicle over to the side of the road. The vehicle was unresponsive to
                                            PERFORMANCE                                  throttle inputs, and had returned to idle. The vehicle was switched off and restarted. After the restart, the vehicle operated

                                                                                         The vehicle was taken to Midway/Belleville Toyota for examination. The dealer was able to replicate the situation, but was unable
                                                                                         to find the source of the problem.

                                                                                         This problem has occurred on 2 separate occasions, and only occurs while the cruise control is activated.

                                                                          All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                     Sorted Newest to Oldest

RR009   4/22/2004   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2004 STRUC.-STRUCTURE Fault: FIRE == INFO.-       The Corolla was traveling on the 401 when it cut in front of a tractor-trailer and slowed down. The tractor-trailer hit the rear of the
                                            INFORMATION Fault: INJURY-FATAL              Corolla (~Delta V=10km/h). The Corolla then pulled over to the side of the road scraping the right side against the barrier. The
                                                                                         Corolla then got behind the tractor-trailer and struck the rear of the trailer. They proceeded down the road together for several
                                                                                         hundred metres before the vehicles stopped. At some point between the initial collision and the rear ending of the tractor-trailer, the
                                                                                         car caught on fire. The fire consumed most of the interior and some of the trunk. The driver was able to exit the vehicle, but the
                                                                                         0130 passenger was fatally burnt. The 0130 passenger was found still seat belted and the seat was in a reclined position. The
                                                                                         collision occurred at ~2am. Toronto homicide is investigating the collision.

RQ999   4/21/2004   TOYOTA    RAV4     1999 WHEEL-GENERAL Fault: CRACKED/SPLIT           COMPLAINT as understood by DMAL April 21, 2004:

                                                                                         - Around mid march of 2004 the complainant's wife complained about a knocking noise while se drove the vehicle
                                                                                         - Later the complainant also heard the knocking noise
                                                                                         - The noise could be heard at any speed
                                                                                         - Some time under braking the knocking could be felt through the steering wheel
                                                                                         - He took the vehicle to his local Toyota dealer where they repaired a heat shield that they thought was the cause of the noise
                                                                                         - The knocking noise was still there so he returned to the dealer where another service technician found cracks in the rim
                                                                                         - The cracking is located beside the weld where the spoke meets the main rim body.
                                                                                         - The technician told the complainant that he had seen this on a few other RAV4s
                                                                                         - The complainant has since replaced the rim with a new one
                                                                                         - He will be emailing us photos of the rim

RR002   4/20/2004   TOYOTA   CAMRY     2003 FS-THROTTLE - ELECTRONIC Fault:              The complainant was travelling to work in the morning in the curb lane of a 4 lane urban road. He stepped on the accelerator and
                                            STICKS/GRABS == ENG-ENGINE Fault: SURGE      changed to the inside lane. At this time the vehicle's engine speed surged to ~6000rpm and would not slow down. The
                                            == FS-THROTTLE Fault: STICKS/GRABS           complainant did not notice any warning lights illuminated on the dash. The complainant continued down the road pressing on the
                                                                                         brakes, but this failed to slow the vehicle. He described the brake pedal as feeling "stuck". He is unsure how fast the vehicle
                                                                                         accelerated to. Eventually he was able to bring the vehicle to a stop using the parking brakes. He pulled into a loading dock at the
                                                                                         side of the road and shut the vehicle off. He restarted it several times but the engine continued to run at a very high speed. The
                                                                                         fourth time he restarted the vehicle, he pressed the brake pedal and the vehicle immediately returned to a normal idle. He then
                                                                                         drove the vehicle to Scarborough Lexus and had it examined. The dealer found no problems with the vehicle but felt that a hard
                                                                                         plastic aftermarket floor mat may have caught on the accelerator pedal. The complainant was unsure whether the floor mat may
                                                                                         have caused the incident. The dealer also spoke to Toyota Canada and was told that there are no similar complaints. The problem
                                                                                         only occurred the one time and the complainant continues to drive the vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with cruise control, but the
                                                                                         complainant has never used it.

RQ967   4/2/2004    TOYOTA   CAMRY     2002 FS-THROTTLE - ELECTRONIC Fault: SUDDEN       The complainant alleges that his vehicle has experienced an engine surge on 4 different occasions, 2 of which resulted in a
                                            ACCELERATION == ENG-ENGINE Fault: SURGE      collision.
                                            == FS-THROTTLE Fault: SURGE                  1. Approximately 2 weeks after the complainant purchased his vehicle, he was stopped in traffic awaiting a traffic signal change.
                                                                                         He stopped approximately 6 feet from the vehicle in front of him. Suddenly the engine surged strongly and the vehicle lunged
                                                                                         forward, striking the vehicle directly in front of him.
                                                                                         2. While backing into a parking slip, the engine suddenly surged and the vehicle collided with a brick wall.
                                                                                         3. While driving on highway 401 at a constant 100 km/h, the vehicle suddenly accelerated to 140 km/h before the complainant
                                                                                         applied the brake pedal and was able to slow the vehicle.
                                                                                         4. While stopped at an intersection waiting to turn left, the vehicle suddenly lunged forward. The complainant abruptly braked, put
                                                                                         the shifter into park and turned the key to the off position.

                                                                             All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RQ920   3/12/2004   TOYOTA    MATRIX    2003 ENG-ENGINE Fault: SURGE == INFO.-              The owner claims that the vehicle will jerk forward when the vehicle is stopped with the engine running and the automatic
                                             INFORMATION Fault: INJURY-OTHER == INFO.-      transmission in drive. The owner commented that the condition feels as if the car was hit from behind. The vehicle was brought to
                                             INFORMATION Fault: INJURY-BACK/NECK == PT-     the dealer. However, they had no fix to resolve this condition.
                                             TRANSMISSION AUTOMATIC Fault: POOR
                                             OPERATIONS == INFO.-INFORMATION Fault:         On March 10, 2004, his wife was parking the vehicle in the parking lot of her mom's coffee shop (Coffee Shake) at the Beachwood
                                             INJURY-BRUISE                                  Plaza in Waterloo. While she had her foot on the brake and the transmission in drive, the vehicle suddenly jerked forward while a
                                                                                            customer from the coffee shop was smoking a cigarette in front of the vehicle. The forward jerking motion of the vehicle spooked
                                                                                            him and he consequently put his hand on the hood. This situation appeared to put his wife in a panic mode as she then released
                                                                                            the brake pedal and depressed the gas pedal. As a result, the car accelerated forward onto the curb and into a column. The car
                                                                                            came to rest against the curb while bricks fell onto the car and against the Kentucky restaurant's window. Fortunately, it did not hit
                                                                                            the customer.

                                                                                            At the time, his wife was with his three children in the vehicle. All occupants, except the new born sitting in the infant seat, sustained
                                                                                            seat belt type injuries (bruising) and pain to their back and chest. Also, his wife recently gave birth to their newborn and was
                                                                                            bleeding when she returned home from the collision.

                                                                                            The owner claims that he met several other owners and/or repair shop that were familiar with this condition. The vehicle is currently
                                                                                            being repaired for the collision damage that it sustained to its right front end. According to the owner, there were reporters present
                                                                                            at the scene of the collision from TV news and the press. The owner of the Beachwood Plaza took photos of the collision scene and
                                                                                            thus the complainant made a request for a copy of the photos.
RR709   2/25/2004   LEXUS     ES300     1997 ACC-SEAT HEATER Fault: MELTED                  The complainant's wife had started the vehicle and let it warm up on a cold morning in January. After warming up for a period of
                                                                                            time; she entered the vehicle and could smell something. She was dressed up and in a rush to get to work. As she drove the smell
                                                                                            got worse and she noticed her leg was getting warm, then suddenly she noticed smoke coming from the seat bottom of her seat.
                                                                                            The driver's seat heater had malfunctioned overheated the seat cushion and singed her clothing. No physical burning resulted to
                                                                                            the driver.

                                                                                            The complainant has instructed his family to no longer use the vehicle's seat heaters and he has become aware of a person with a
                                                                                            Lexus that experienced a similar problem.

                                                                                            It should be noted that the control for the seat heater is strictly an on off switch with no temperature regulation
RQ880   2/18/2004   TOYOTA   4 RUNNER   1999 PT-AXLE SHAFT Fault: FAILED                    This owner was turning right through a multi lane divided intersection. As the driver entered into the second road the vehicle rotated
                                                                                            counter clockwise 180 degrees and coming to rest facing the direction she was coming from. The vehicle would not move. She
                                                                                            exited the truck and noticed the right rear wheel was laying flat on the road under the rear axle.

RQ811   1/23/2004   TOYOTA   TUNDRA     2000 PT-GENERAL Fault: VIBRATES                     This owner has had a vibration at 80 to 95 kph that the dealer says is acceptable. They have tried a number of remedies but the
                                                                                            vibration continues.

                                                                                   All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RQ765    1/8/2004    TOYOTA    SIENNA    1998 STRUC.-DOOR - SLIDING Fault: FAILED == H.B.-         complainant's e-mail dated January 8th, 2004:
                                              BRAKES GENERAL Fault: FAILED
                                                                                                   Toyota Canada says,,,,

                                                                                                   "When you buy a Toyota product, you can count on superb Quality, Reliability, and Dependability - designed with advanced

                                                                                                   .... maybe not, but the following two safety-related incidents occurred within the past year:

                                                                                                   1. Brake System Failure at 51,000 km - caused by a defective brake safety actuator (since repaired at a cost of $2,886.27)

                                                                                                   2. Sliding Door Failure at 63,000 km - caused by a defective exterior handle lock (since repaired at a cost of $45.98)

                                                                                                   An Internet search revealed numerous other examples of the identical failures with brakes and locks.

                                                                                                   "At Toyota, we don't think that you have to worry about safety."
RQ797    1/6/2004    TOYOTA    ECHO      2004 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SURGE == H.B.-BRAKES              The complainant bought this brand new car in August 2003. Ever since, she experienced many intermittent problems at low speed:
                                              REAR Fault: NOISY == H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL             throttle sticking, engine surges, brake ineffective, noisy rear brakes, etc. She went to three different dealerships. The reported
                                              Fault: INEFFECTIVE == FS-ACCELERATOR AND             problems were never duplicated. The issue is apparently not related to particular weather conditions or to the presence of her non-
                                              LINKAGE Fault: STICKS/GRABS                          OEM floor mat. She is concerned about the reliability and the safety of her vehicle.

RQ745   12/30/2003   TOYOTA   COROLLA    1993 H.B.-BRAKE LINES Fault: RUSTED/CORRODED              The complainant's wife was driving the vehicle when she noticed the brakes felt strange. The complainant checked the brake fluid
                                              == H.B.-BRAKE LINES Fault: LEAKS                     reservoir, and noted that it was completely drained. When re-filled, the complainant noted that brake fluid was dripping onto the
                                                                                                   ground under the centre of the vehicle.
                                                                                                   The vehicle was driven slowly to a local garage, where the brake lines were found to be severely corroded. The brake lines are
                                                                                                   located within a plastic casing under the vehicle. The complainant believes this plastic cover may have increased the rate of
                                                                                                   corrosion due to trapped moisture and contaminants near the brake lines.

RQ755   12/23/2003   TOYOTA   TERCEL     1999 I.R.S.-SPINDLE Fault: BROKEN == WHEEL-               Rear right wheel separated from the vehicle while travelling at 100 km/h. An APA garage inspected the vehicle and determined that
                                              BEARING Fault: SEIZED == WHEEL-GENERAL               the rear axle had failed. The rear brakes were inspected six days prior.
                                              Fault: SEPARATION

RQ803   12/22/2003   TOYOTA   4 RUNNER   1999 PT-GENERAL Fault: ROLL AWAY                          Rollaway incident.

RQ799   12/16/2003   LEXUS     ES300     2003 LCS-LIGHT SWITCH Fault: POOR PERFORMANCE The complainant has noticed that when the headlights are switched to the automatic setting, there is a delay present when
                                              == LCS-GENERAL Fault: POOR PERFORMANCE transitioning from lightness to darkness. He alleges that this is particularly distracting when entering a dark tunnel, as there is a 10
                                                                                       second delay before the headlights activate.
                                                                                       The complainant has written to Lexus about this issue, and the response he received indicated that in the situation described, the
                                                                                       tail lights activate immediately, but the headlight activate after a delay. The complainant was unsatisfied with this response, as he
                                                                                       believes this is merely a software issue that could be changed to make a product improvement.

                                                                            All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RQ728   12/9/2003    TOYOTA   4 RUNNER   1995 ACC-SPARE TIRE RESTRAINT Fault: LOOSE        In last September, the complainant noticed an abnormal noise coming from the rear end of his sport utility vehicle. He
                                                                                           subsequently found that the spare tire, which is stored underneath the back of the vehicle, was significantly loose. When, he tried
                                                                                           to drop down the wheel, he found the spare tire winch assembly jammed. It is understood that the mechanism seizure was not due
                                                                                           to corrosion, but because of missing components. Since he is including the spare tire in the tire rotation as recommended, he
                                                                                           already took it down on two occasions. In addition, it seems that the vehicle was rear-ended once before. Impact damage was
                                                                                           apparently minor and confined to the rear bumper. The complainant feels the spare tire could have fallen on road. The complainant
                                                                                           can provide the available parts of the winch assembly.

RQ702   11/28/2003   TOYOTA    ECHO      2002 INFO.-INFORMATION Fault: INJURY-OTHER ==     The complainant was driving at 40-45km/h on Boulevard des Laurentides in Laval, Qc, when a pick-up truck cut her off. The
                                              INFO.-INFORMATION Fault: INJURY-INTERN.      complainant's vehicle apparently hit the rear of the pick-up truck. Neither frontal air bags deployed and both front occupants
                                              ORGAN == INFO.-INFORMATION Fault: INJURY-    received injuries. The vehicle was declared a complete loss.
                                              BACK/NECK == I.S.-AIR BAG DUAL - FRONT
                                              Fault: NON-DEPLOYMENT == INFO.-
                                              INFORMATION Fault: INJURY-BRUISE

RQ696   11/27/2003   TOYOTA    ECHO      2003 ENG-ENGINE Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION        This owner on three occasions at low speed or stopped the throttle has opened and the vehicle lurches forward. The engine surge
                                                                                           is so powerful that the brakes do not hold the car and he has to shift into neutral.
                                                                                           Factory floor mats are in place.

RQ688   11/17/2003   TOYOTA    SIENNA    1998 FS-ACCELERATOR AND LINKAGE Fault:            The complainant was travelling at approximately 40 km/h on a city street when she hit the right front side (wheel area) of a
                                              ACCIDENT INDUCED DAM == ENG-GENERAL          passenger car that attempted to cut her off. After impact, the minivan suddenly accelerated and despite attempts to slow it down,
                                              Fault: RUNAWAY                               the driver could not regain control of the vehicle. The vehicle went off the road and onto a boardwalk causing important property
                                                                                           damage (building facade as well as several vehicles). The vehicle finally came to halt when it rear-ended two parked vehicles. The
                                                                                           complainant escaped from the vehicle unassisted, leaving the engine running at high RPM with the transmission in forward gear.
                                                                                           The complainant and bystanders watched as the front wheels kept spinning until the emergency crews arrived and turned the
                                                                                           engine off.

                                                                                           The complainant is certain that she applied the brakes the whole duration of the event. She unfortunately never attempted to shut
                                                                                           the engine off of shift the transmission out of gear. The complainant sustained minor injuries (whiplash and several contusions) as a
                                                                                           result of this incident. The insurer reports that the vehicle will not be repaired.

RQ667   11/13/2003   TOYOTA   COROLLA    1994 I.S.-RETRACTOR Fault: POOR PERFORMANCE       The complainant's seat belts are slow to retract and sometimes do not retract at all. The complainant found recall 1994130
                                              == I.S.-SEAT BELT - D RING Fault:            concerning the buckle strap and believes it concerns his seat belt retractor.
                                              STICKS/GRABS == I.S.-RETRACTOR Fault:

                                                                                  All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RQ637   10/31/2003   TOYOTA    ECHO     2000 I.S.-AIR BAG - DRIVER Fault: NON-DEPLOYMENT         This complaint was initiated by the insurance adjuster.

                                                                                                 The vehicle collided with a ditch. The ditch is described as being comprised of rocks and bushes although the insurance adjuster
                                                                                                 has not inspected the collision scene. The single occupant suffered facial injuries and a broken leg. The airbags did not deploy.

                                                                                                 The complainant feels the airbags in the vehicle should have deployed. He is concerned that damage near the right front
                                                                                                 discriminating sensor may have severed its wires before a collision event was able to trigger the sensor. During post collision
                                                                                                 inspection, the wires on the sensor were found to have been severed by the radiator support and the washer reservoir.

RQ669   10/30/2003   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2000 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: POOR                     The complainant is concerned with the brake system. Brakes don't grab, the pedal is hard and the vehicle requires longer stopping
                                             PERFORMANCE                                         distance to stop. The braking problem has been present since he purchased the vehicle new. The complainant alleges that both his
                                                                                                 wife and himself have experienced fender bender collisions due to this problem. He brought the vehicle to the dealer on various
                                                                                                 occasions. They indicated that the brake have 80% of lining remaining and they could not find the problem. The vehicle currently
                                                                                                 has 48,000 km. The complainant would appreciate very much if we could test drive the vehicle and let him know what we think.

                                                                                                 Searches in our Public Complaints System, NHTSA and Alldata were conducted and no pertinent information or similar complaints
                                                                                                 could be found. The complainant was provided with the search results. He was referred to CAMVAP.

RQ573   9/26/2003    TOYOTA   MATRIX    2003 FS-TANK Fault: LEAKS                                This owner has had the check engine light come on for approximately 10,000 km. The dealer advised it was because the gas cap.
                                                                                                 Yet the problem still persisted along with the smell of gasoline. Eventually the dealer replaced the fuel tank and advised the owner
                                                                                                 the problem was a tank seal that was leaking. Her concern is are the dealers sending owners away because they think its a loose
                                                                                                 gas cap when it could be a widespread fuel leaking problem when the check engine lights come on.

RQ538   9/15/2003    TOYOTA   TACOMA    2003 I.S.-SEAT BELT - BUCKLE Fault: DISENGAGED           Front passenger seat belt buckle released during hard braking. Dealer inspected and replaced belt.

RQ501   8/25/2003    LEXUS     LS400    1997 ENG-ENGINE Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION == This owner was in a line up waiting when all of a sudden the vehicle lurched forward accelerating and crashing into a gas pump and
                                             H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: FAILED        another car. The attending officer started the engine and it operated normally, as well as the brakes. The vehicle was taken to the
                                                                                      dealer and inspected. No fault was identified with the mechanical aspect of the vehicle to account for the incident.

RQ506   8/21/2003    TOYOTA   CAMRY     1993 H.B.-BRAKE LINES Fault: RUSTED/CORRODED             Brake line perforation due to corrosion resulted in a half system failure. The complainant insists that although the vehicle is
                                             == H.B.-BRAKE LINES Fault: LEAKS                    submitted to regular inspections, brake line corrosion was not detected because the brake and fuel lines to the rear are covered
                                                                                                 with a plastic shield that is difficultly removed.

                                                                                                 The complainant noticed a change in the vehicle's braking system. He then experienced an unexpected increase in stopping
                                                                                                 distance when he braked suddenly to avoid hitting a pedestrian. He was able to drive the vehicle to his residence and immobilize it
                                                                                                 in his driveway. Although he knew the vehicle's brake system was malfunctionning, the complainant did not know he had
                                                                                                 experienced a brake line rupture until the following morning when he observed brake fluid under the driver area of the vehicle. The
                                                                                                 brake warning lamp apparently lit up only when he turned the ignition key on that morning. The complainant reports the brakes
                                                                                                 would not stop the vehicle after letting it coast down the laneway to the tow truck.

                                                                                 All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                            Sorted Newest to Oldest

RQ483   8/11/2003   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2003 I.S.-AIR BAG - DRIVER Fault: NON-DEPLOYMENT          This vehicle V1 was traveling north when a southbound vehicle V2 (Ford Escape) turned left across its path. The front of V1 struck
                                                                                                 the left side middle of V2. Post crash V2 rotated off counter clockwise and rolled onto its side. V1 came to rest at the point of
                                                                                                 The driver of V1 sustained bruise to her knees, soft tissue neck and left arm injuries. The driver feels the air bag should have
RQ476   8/6/2003    TOYOTA   COROLLA   2000 I.R.S.-SPINDLE Fault: FAILED                         Alleged wheel separation causing loss of vehicle control. The wheel which separated from the vehicle was lost by the tow truck
                                                                                                 driver. The stub axle is alleged to have broken. The complainant is a Civil Engineering Professor and is questioning if there could
                                                                                                 be a is a material defect with stub axle (in the specification or manufacturing). He is arranging to have an SEM analysis done on
                                                                                                 the failed part.

                                                                                                 The complainant is the father of the vehicle owner's girlfriend. The vehicle was purchased used in June 2002 from a Toyota
                                                                                                 dealership. The vehicle had ~30 000 km at the time of purchase.
RQ428   7/9/2003    TOYOTA   CAMRY     2002 VIS-WINDSHIELD Fault: POOR VISIBILITY                The complainant purchased this vehicle in November of 2002. A week later, she noticed that there was a lot of reflection in the
                                                                                                 windshield. It appears that on sunny days, the reflection of trees obstruct the driver's view. She also stated that in cloudy periods,
                                                                                                 the interior reflection of the dashboard obstructs her view. The complainant doesn't use any products on the dashboard and
                                                                                                 windows. The exterior of the windshield is normally washed in a drive-thru car wash. The complainant inquired the dealer to replace
                                                                                                 the windshield with a non-reflecting one.

RQ339   6/10/2003   TOYOTA   SIENNA    1999 H.B.-BRAKE DRUM Fault: OVERHEATED                    The complainant has a braking vibration problem in the rear drum assembly. It appears that both rear drums have hard spots due
                                                                                                 to severe heat exposure. The drums were machined by a professional technician and a couple weeks after, the vibration was back.
                                                                                                 The vehicle was sent to the local dealer where they discovered that the two rear brake pistons were leaking. The complainant feels
                                                                                                 that the piston's failure was caused by the vibration caused by the hardening.

RQ307   5/30/2003   TOYOTA   CAMRY     2000 FS-EMISSION CTRL COMPONENTS Fault: ODOUR- The complainant noticed gasoline fumes coming front the front of the vehicle. He is concerned that a potential fire could ignite. The
                                            GASOLINE                                  dealer told him that this was a common problem for this vehicle. The faulty carbon canister is on back order and the dealer told the
                                                                                      complainant that this will not affect the vehicle. The gasoline fumes go into the atmosphere instead of staying in the gas tank.

RQ295   5/27/2003   TOYOTA   TUNDRA    2000 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC                   The complainant repeatedly loses braking pedal pressure (20 times approx.). The first incident occurred on December 12, 2002.
                                                                                                 The complainant reported that when he loses braking pressure, he pumps the brake and pressure comes back. He claims that in
                                                                                                 colder the weather, more pumping is required to obtain braking pressure. This vehicle was serviced several times. On the first
                                                                                                 inspection nothing wrong was found. The vehicle was returned to the dealership after experiencing another braking incident. The
                                                                                                 weekend after, the driver experienced another braking incident. The complainant had an accident in the month of February due to
                                                                                                 this braking problem. This vehicle was reportedly inspected and repaired by the dealer more than 5 times.

                                                                                                 Toyota Canada now has the vehicle for inspection. It has been there for approximately three months. Apparently, they have done
                                                                                                 some testing but were unable to duplicate the condition.

RQ256   4/25/2003   TOYOTA   COROLLA   1996 I.S.-RETRACTOR Fault: JAMMED                         Driver seatbelt would not pull out and dealer replaced it three times: 03/24/1999, 04/21/1999, 12/04/1999. Left rear passenger belt
                                                                                                 replaced by dealer 09/26/1997. Front passenger belt now will not pull out. Service Manager confirmed problems and said belts
                                                                                                 replaced under 5 year warranty but failure cause was not determined.

                                                                                    All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                               Sorted Newest to Oldest

RQ209   4/16/2003   TOYOTA   COROLLA    1998 H.B.-BRAKE LINES Fault: LEAKS == FS-LINES              This owner was traveling slowly when he experienced a half system brake failure. Ironically he was on his way to a dealer they
                                             Fault: RUSTED/CORRODED == H.B.-BRAKE                   identified a rusted brake and fuel line as the problem.
                                             LINES Fault: RUSTED/CORRODED

RQ153   3/19/2003   TOYOTA   COROLLA    1996 I.S.-SEAT BELT - WEBBING Fault: IMPROPER USE In March of 1998 the complainant was exiting Hwy 401 onto Hwy 400 when she noticed that her 1.5 year old boy had become
                                                                                          entangled in the right rear seat belt. The child was sitting in an integrated child seat that was located in the right rear. The child was
                                                                                          able to pull the right rear shoulder harness full length so that the seat belt was in ALR (automatic locking retractor) mode. The child
                                                                                          then managed to wrap the belt around his neck, then unfortunately the belt started to retract and block the child's air passage.
                                                                                          Immediately upon noticing her child's situation the complainant crossed several lanes of traffic to the side of the road in an effort to
                                                                                          assist him. Because the child was strapped into the child seat and the shoulder harness was in ALR mode pulling the belt even
                                                                                          tighter around the child's neck the complainant was unable to loosen the belt. Fortunately a police office noticed the complainant
                                                                                          and stopped to assist her. The officer was also unable to free the child and thus had to use a knife to cut the shoulder harness. The
                                                                                          child did not sustain any injuries.
                                                                                          Currently the complainant is due to have another child. She is still owns the vehicle and is concerned that the same incident may
                                                                                          occur again.

RQ143   3/13/2003   TOYOTA    MATRIX    2003 PT-TRANSFER CASE (4WDR) Fault: POOR                    All wheel drive system causes rapid and unpredictable transfer of power from the front to rear wheels during a condition where
                                             OPERATIONS                                             traction is lost from the front wheels.

RQ112   3/6/2003    TOYOTA    CAMRY     1997 PT-AXLE AND DIFFERENTIAL Fault: FAILED ==              Differential failure causing transmission failure at highway speed (110km/h).
                                             PT-TRANSMISSION AUTOMATIC Fault: FAILED

RQ091   2/25/2003   TOYOTA   4 RUNNER   1990 ELEC-ELEC DOOR LOCKS Fault: JAMMED                     This owner was trapped in his truck because the electric door locks locked and he could not over power the door lock. He panicked
                                                                                                    and kicked at the door and windows in order to get out. After 45 minutes a neighbour came and with the spare key managed to
                                                                                                    release him. He did note a burning smell earlier but could not identify the cause at the time. He later found the lock actuator to be
                                                                                                    the cause of the burning smell.

RQ073   2/17/2003   TOYOTA   COROLLA    2003 I.S.-AIR BAG - MODULE Fault: DEPLOYED                  This vehicle was delivered with 7KM and as the new owner was traveling home from the dealer when both air bags deployed as the
                                                                                                    vehicle was idling in traffic. The deployment was not impact related. The driver suffered a friction burn to her left hand. Toyota has
                                                                                                    replaced the vehicle.

RP997   1/17/2003   TOYOTA   TUNDRA     2000 ENG-THROTTLE POSITION SENSOR Fault:                    This owner on four occasions has had the engine return to idle while he was driving, the engine will not respond to pedal inputs.
                                             FAILED                                                 The last time the temperature was -20c the vehicle started and ran normal for 10 minutes and as he was traveling at 10 kph the
                                                                                                    engine went to idle and would not respond to any pedal application. After a period of time the pedal response returned to normal.
                                                                                                    He took the vehicle to a dealer and they advised that a sensor was needed and they did not have any and had 4 on back order and
                                                                                                    it would cost $400 each.

                                                                                  All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                             Sorted Newest to Oldest

RP984   1/10/2003    TOYOTA   TUNDRA    2003 PT-GENERAL Fault: VIBRATES                          Complainant noticed problem right after purchase (one week ago). Owner notices the problem shortly after startup and while
                                                                                                 driving. A vibration is felt and noise is emitted from the driveline while traveling at 60 km/h. It goes away at some point after an
                                                                                                 undefined period of vehicle operation. Complainant wonders if this is a safety issue.

                                                                                                 Toyota Canada was aware of a problem with their assembly line that may have affected these trucks. They stated that the problem
                                                                                                 has already been amended.

RP957   12/16/2002   TOYOTA   COROLLA   1998 ELEC-RADIO Fault: ELECT SHORT                       The complainant noticed a strong smell of burning insulation followed by acidic fumes filling the vehicle. The radio was on at the
                                                                                                 time of the smell. The owner turned off the radio, but it continued to make static noises and the fumes increased. The owner
                                                                                                 disconnected the radio which stopped the fumes. The dealer confirmed that the radio was 'fried'. Toyota Canada customer
                                                                                                 relations stated that "It is electrical and electrical things develop shorts. This is not unusual."

RP929   11/28/2002   TOYOTA    RAV4     1997 I.R.S.-CONTROL ARM Fault: FAILED                    This vehicle was being driven onto a road from a parking lot when the right rear suspension collapsed. The vehicle was towed to
                                                                                                 James Toyota .

RP912   11/25/2002   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2002 SA-RACK AND PINION POWER Fault: NO DEFECT On November 17, 2002, the complainant's daughter experienced a lockup of the steering wheel while negotiating a curb at 30 km/h.
                                             == SA-STEERING ASSY Fault: LOCK-UP        It resulted in a vehicle collision. Fortunately, no one was injured. It had been snowing that day but it appears that the roads were
                                                                                       cleared at the time of the incident. The engine did not stall. There had been no prior problems noted with the steering wheel.
                                                                                       However, the complainant indicated that there had been some problems with the ignition key and automatic transmission shift
                                                                                       control lever. He felt that it may have been related to the steering wheel condition.

                                                                                                 The vehicle is presently being fixed at the Toyota Dealer.
RP872   10/31/2002   TOYOTA    ECHO     2000 I.S.-AIR BAG - PASSENGER Fault: NON-                The owner, who is 68 years old, was driving along a street restricted to 30 km/h when she had a major diabetes crisis. She lost the
                                             DEPLOYMENT == I.S.-AIR BAG - DRIVER Fault:          control of her vehicle and crashed into the rear left corner of a pickup truck that was doing its stop ahead. The police also noted
                                             NON-DEPLOYMENT                                      some property damages. The owner lost consciousness during the incident and does not remember what happened. Both front air
                                                                                                 bags did not deploy. The driver, who was belted, was seriously injured. She is suffering from skull fracture on the right side of the
                                                                                                 head and from fracture of the right shoulder. She also has several contusions on her upper body. She is 5'6'' and weighs 180 lb. It
                                                                                                 seems that there was no SRS warning light before the incident. Because of the severity of the injuries and damages, the owner's
                                                                                                 son does not understand why the air bags did not deploy.

RP849   10/29/2002   TOYOTA   CAMRY     2000 FS-GENERAL Fault: ODOUR-GASOLINE                    The complainant has an ongoing problem with gasoline fumes entering the passenger compartment. The incidents are described
                                                                                                 as a potent "puff" of gasoline fumes, occurring approximately every 3 weeks since new. The smell seems to be coming from the
                                                                                                 front of the vehicle and can be smelled outside the vehicle when the problem occurs. There are no visible gas leaks and the
                                                                                                 dealership has checked the fuel system three times for leaks and nothing was found. The problem seems to occur when the
                                                                                                 engine is cold and during acceleration. The complainant is in the process of exchanging the vehicle with the dealer for a
                                                                                                 comparable vehicle.
RP794   10/8/2002    TOYOTA   COROLLA   2002 I.S.-AIR BAG DUAL - FRONT Fault: NON-               The complainant was traveling in the front passenger seat of the vehicle in the USA. The vehicle was traveling at 50mph (aprox
                                             DEPLOYMENT                                          80km/h) when an other vehicle pulled out to make a left hand turn. The driver of the complainant's vehicle did not have time to
                                                                                                 brake before colliding with the other vehicle. The complainant feels the air bags should have deployed since both vehicle's were
                                                                                                 written off. The complainant suffered whiplash and the driver suffered bruising from the seat belt. The driver's seat belt
                                                                                                 pretensioner deployed.

                                                                              All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                         Sorted Newest to Oldest

RP840   10/5/2002   TOYOTA    RAV4      2000 TIRE-GENERAL Fault: LOSS OF CONTROL             Letter from Complainant:

                                                                                             J'ai quitté Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville le 5 octobre vers 13 :00 et j'ai pris la route pour me rendre rejoindre mon conjoint qui joue au
                                                                                             hockey pour une équipe à Utica dans l'état de New York. J'ai utilisé l'autoroute 87 pendant deux heures pour sortir afin de prendre
                                                                                             la route 8 qui permet de me rendre à Utica.
                                                                                             Vers 18 :30 j'ai soudainement senti que mon pneu avant ( côté conducteur ) à commencer à effectuer des zig zag ,j'ai pensé à ce
                                                                                             moment à une crevaison, j'allais environ 80 km. , à l'heure étant donné qu'il y a plusieurs courbes dans une section de la route 8 (
                                                                                             environ 70 km). Par la suite j'ai perdu le contrôle de mon véhicule , ma première réaction fut de freiner , mon véhicule étant
                                                                                             manuelle j'étais à ce moment en 4ème vitesse , n'étant pas sur le neutre et n'ayant par désengagé l'embrayage, le monteur a donc
                                                                                             ¨¨étouffé ¨¨ et le volant s'est barré.
                                                                                             Le pavé était humide car il avait plu légèrement dans ce secteur j'ai traversé sur la voie adverse et je me suis engagé sur
                                                                                             l'accotement qui était de terre , mais sur le côté du passager ma roue à passée par dessus une pilasse de béton qui retient le
                                                                                             cordage métallique d'une clôture en métal et j'ai terminé ma descente sur le côté près d'un ravin qui avait 25 pi. , de profondeur.
                                                                                             Ma nervosité passé , j'ai redémarré mon véhicule afin de sortir de là … j'ai reculé en placant mon véhicule sur les 4 roues
                                                                                             motrices(low gear) car j'avais la roue de mon côté (conducteur) dans le vide. J'ai pu reculer et me replacer sur l'accotement hors
                                                                                             du rail de sécurité en métal qui protège afin d'éviter le ravin. J'ai constaté en débarquant de mon véhicule que j'avais un pneu
                                                                                             dégonflé, mais aucun dommage autour du véhicule. Deux personnes qui voyagaient ensemble ont été chercher un garagiste de ce
                                                                                             bled( Poland) pour m'aider à changer le pneu et ils m'ont mentionné que la jante de roue sur le côté du passager avait reçu un
                                                                                             coup et pouvait influencer la conduite même si le pneu ne s'était pas dégonflé . Ils ont été très gentil car il se dirigeait vers
                                                                                             Syracuse et ils m'ont suivi afin de s'assurer que je me pourrais me rendre à Utica .
                                                                                             Le 6 octobre , je me suis rendu sur les conseils de mon conjoint chez le concessionnaire Toyota de Utica afin de faire vérifier les
                                                                                             dommages possibles au dessous du véhicule , vous avez en annexe le détail de ce qu'ils ont changer sur le véhicule. Toutefois ils
                                                                                             m'ont mentionné que le pneu(côté conducteur ) n'avait pas de crevaison en tant que tel et qu'il n'avait aucune idée de ce qui avait
                                                                                             pu se produire. La seule hypothèse était que le pneu semblait s'être enlevé complètement de la jante de roue (rime) et qu'il y aurait
                                                                                             avantage à faire investiguer le pneu car je demeurais avec les deux pneus arrières de la même série, eux( Steet Toyota) ayant
                                                                                             changer les deux pneus avant avec les jantes de roues et ayant équilibré et ré-aligner les roues.
                                                                                             Lors de me retour au Québec, j'ai été faire re-vérifier mon véhicule afin de me rassurer que les composantes mécaniques soient
                                                                                             intactes, ce qui fut confirmé par mon concessionnaire Toyota Victoriaville.
                                                                                             Comme vous pourrez le constater par mon récit , j'ai eu la frousse de ma vie surtout été chanceuse aucun véhicule ne venant dans
                                                                                             le sens inverse car j'aurais pu faire un face à face . J'ai en main des photos de l'endroit ou c'est produit l'incident , le pavé n'avait
                                                                                             aucun défaut apparent , je débutait une courbe d'ou la vitesse réduite , car sur cette route nous pouvons rouler à 90 km. , à l'heure
RP744   9/18/2002   TOYOTA   TUNDRA     2002 I.S.-AIR BAG DUAL - FRONT Fault: NON-           N'ayant pas à ce was de réponse satisfaisante sur la cause 2pm. The drivervoilà pourquoi je veux que l'on investigue plus awoke
                                                                                             The complainant jour traveling on the 417 at approximately de l'événement suffered a panic attack and blacked out. He à fonds
                                             DEPLOYMENT                                      moments later and was heading for an embankment. He hit the embankment at approximately 70 km/h. The collision was full
                                                                                             head on. During the collision the air bags did not deploy. The driver was injured very severely and almost lost his life. He suffered
                                                                                             a concussion, flesh wounds, broken vertebrae and other internal injuries and is still in hospital (16 days later). The driver was
                                                                                             wearing his seatbelt at the time of the collision. The vehicle was a work truck and did not have A/C as an option. Prior to the
                                                                                             accident the complainant had A/C installed aftermarket in the vehicle. The complainant had never seen the Air Bag dash light
                                                                                             come on in his vehicle.
RP717   9/10/2002   TOYOTA   4 RUNNER   2002 PT-TRACTION CONTROL Fault: POOR                 Traction control activates readily when the vehicle hits road bumps. This causes the system to transfer power of other wheel and
                                             PERFORMANCE                                     creates an instability. On one occasion, the vehicle swerved into on-coming lane while the driver tried to maintain control. The
                                                                                             condition seems to occur only when the vehicle is unladen.

                                                                          All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RP669   8/16/2002   TOYOTA   CAMRY     2001 FS-GENERAL Fault: LEAKS                      "As per our telephone conversation today, the above car is leaking gasoline again. This is the 6th time we have this problem. We
                                                                                         have brought back the car to the dealership five times for this problem to be corrected.

                                                                                         I have called Toyota Canada and I am told to come back to you at the Dealership. I have stated my problem to you. The
                                                                                         dealership will be picking up the car from my home. I have also called Joe Zanchin and states my situation.

                                                                                         I will give the dealership and Toyota Canada until noon Friday, August 16, 2002 to get back to me re refund of my deposit and
                                                                                         installments paid on the car, or replacement on car. I will also going to Ministry of Transportation and state my case. I will also be
                                                                                         seeking legal council for which I will be asking compensation from Toyota to pay."

RP616   7/22/2002   LEXUS     LS430    2001 ELEC-GENERAL Fault: ERRATIC                  This owner while driving in rain the headlight would not go to high beam, the fuel gauge showed empty, along with other electrical
                                                                                         anomalies. The dealer Belair Toyota experienced the problem and could not identify the cause and have not fixed it.

RP597   7/12/2002   TOYOTA   MATRIX    2003 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: PULLS             Owner complains that since new the vehicle will pull to the right during braking. This will depend on the crown of the road and the
                                                                                         type of road surface and how hard the brake pedal are applied. The dealer is unable to correct the problem. The dealer did
                                                                                         experience the problem.

RP512   7/2/2002    TOYOTA   SIENNA    1998 ENG-ENGINE Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION        This owner was about to back up a laneway with a cinder block garage at the end. He had his foot on the brake and he turned his
                                                                                         head to see behind. He let the brake off and the vehicle rocketed rearward 6 to 8 feet crashing into the garage. He states that he
                                                                                         hit the building three times before he shifted into drive destroying the transmission.
                                                                                          "As far as I know I had my foot on the brake".
                                                                                          The dealer has the vehicle, damage estimated at $6200.

RP565   6/28/2002   TOYOTA   COROLLA   1995 SA-WHEEL AND COLUMN Fault: BROKEN            The steering wheel broke for the second time. On both occasions, the fracture occurred at 12 O'clock. However, the leather
                                                                                         covering the steering wheel frame still holds the sections in place.

                                                                                         The first time the steering wheel failed, it was replaced under warranty. However, this time, the owner was told by Toyota Canada
                                                                                         that this problem would not be covered under warranty. The owner was told that the price of a new steering wheel is 1167$ + taxes.

                                                                                         The owner feels this is a safety issue as he claims this failure could have caused him to loose control of the vehicle. The owner
                                                                                         indicated that he does not use the steering wheel to enter or exit the vehicle and/or does not believe has ever applied irregular loads
                                                                                         on the steering assembly. However, the vehicle is also being driven by his wife and his two sons.

                                                                                         The vehicle has never been involved in a collision.

                                                                            All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RP557   6/21/2002   TOYOTA   TACOMA   1998 I.S.-CLOCKSPRING Fault: FAILED                   letter of June 17th, 2002 - Airbag Defect / 1998 Toyota TACOMA 4WD

                                                                                           "I am the owner of a 1998 Toyota Tacoma 4WD pickup truck. While driving it on June 8th, 2002 I noticed a warning light appear on
                                                                                           my instrument panel. The symbol showed a person seated and wearing a seat belt along with a balloon. I pulled over to the side of
                                                                                           the road and referred to my owners manual. On page 70 I saw the symbol (Item (h)) and a note saying "Take vehicle to Toyota
                                                                                           dealer immediately". It did not say 'As soon as possible' but IMMEDIATELY! I became concerned as the symbol indicated to me a
                                                                                           problem with the air bag. I did not know if I should drive any further as I wondered if the air bag would deploy without any reason.
                                                                                           However as I was only about 2 kilometres from my Toyota dealer I decided to drive there.

                                                                                           The service department was preparing to close but found time to take a look at the problem. They were unable to diagnose it right
                                                                                           away but reset the display and suggested I monitor it. The warning light came on again as soon as I left and when I got home I
                                                                                           parked the vehicle until I could return to the service department. As it was a Saturday I had to wait until Monday June 10th.
                                                                                           I checked the vehicle in early on Monday June 10th, 2002 and it took about one hour for the technician to diagnose the problem as
                                                                                           a defective Spiral Cable. It was explained to me as a cable in the steering column that allowed the steering wheel to turn and still
                                                                                           allow electrical contact with the air bag and turn signals. A new part would cost $357.17 and would cost $92.00 to install. As the
                                                                                           part had to be ordered I would have to wait until Thursday June 13th to have the repair done. I was very surprised that this part had
                                                                                           failed as the vehicle had only 68413 kilometres on it. I asked if it was safe to drive the vehicle with this fault as I did not want the air
                                                                                           bag to deploy whilst I was driving or even fail to work in the case of a collision. I was told it would be safe to drive.

                                                                                           Consequently the work was done on June 13th, 2002 and I was charged a total of $514.30.
                                                                                           As this problem was Safety related I feel Toyota should bear the cost of repair and therefore I am requesting a full refund of the
                                                                                           amount I paid. I would also suggest that all other Toyota vehicle owners should be notified of the problem. If necessary vehicles
                                                                                           should be recalled and the problem fixed before somebody is seriously or fatally injured due to a failure in the air bag system.

                                                                                           The part number is 84306-06010. Description SRC. I have retained the unit that was replaced and will forward it to you for
                                                                                           inspection if required. If you would like the part then please notify me of the department to which it should be sent.

                                                                             All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RP551   6/20/2002   TOYOTA   CAMRY    1992 I.S.-AIR BAG - DRIVER Fault: INJURY-EAR          "...I have a concern about an accident that my son (who is now 19) was involved in during November of 2000. In this accident, he
                                           IMPAIRED == I.S.-AIR BAG - DRIVER Fault:         was turning after being stopped (so not going very fast), the airbag deployed and has suffered ear damage ever since which is not
                                           DEPLOYED                                         getting any better. At the time of the accident, he was checked over by our family doctor and referred to an ear specialist. I have
                                                                                            documentation from the specialist indicating that the ear damage is directly related to the air bag deployment and there is no
                                                                                            guarantee that it will ever get any better. He has a constant ringing in his ear as well as sound-sensitivity. I have contacted the
                                                                                            company and they will not accept any responsibility for this; however I am concerned about the force with which the air bag
                                                                                            deployed, particularly because he was moving so slowly. My son was wearing his seat belt at the time and we also filed paperwork
                                                                                            with our insurance company.

                                                                                            The car was a 1992 Toyota Camry. I contacted NHSTA in the U.S. by telephone yesterday and was told that there was a recall of
                                                                                            1992 Toyota Camry's due to airbags but do not have the details.
                                                                                            My questions are, where do I go from here if I want to pursue this and how do I get any information about the safety of these
                                                                                            airbags? It seems wrong for my son to have to go through this for, possibly the rest of his life, with some form of compensation. Is
                                                                                            it time to seek legal advice? I'd like to get as much information as possible before I proceed in that direction.
                                                                                            Any advice?

RP522   6/17/2002   LEXUS    ES300    2002 LCS-LIGHTS COM SYS Fault: INEFFECTIVE            NOTE: VEHICLE MODEL LEXUS ES C100

                                                                                            The complainant has noticed that on bright days he can not see the speedometer needle or the odometer reading. At first he
                                                                                            believed that it was due to poor eye sight, so he decided to have his eyes checked. He has been informed that his eyesight is
                                                                                            perfect. In light of this, he requested that his wife drive the vehicle and she noticed the same problem. On bright days, the
                                                                                            speedometer can't be seen.

                                                                                            The vehicle in question is equipped with an electro luminance instrument panel. The back ground is black in colour, the speed
                                                                                            readings are white in colour, the odometer numbers are blue in colour and the speed pointer is a thin red line. The complainant has
                                                                                            test driven another manufactured vehicle with a similar electro luminance display, except their display uses a lighter colour back
                                                                                            ground, one of which makes it clearer to see the pointer and numbers.

                                                                                            The complainant has noticed this problem since 75 km and now at 1600 km he refuses to drive the vehicle and he is in the process
                                                                                            of obtaining another model vehicle.
RP470   5/23/2002   TOYOTA   TERCEL   1999 I.S.-SEAT BELT Fault: FAILED == I.S.-AIR BAG -   The owner was involved in a T-bone collision when a pickup truck crossed the road in front of him from the left. He was traveling at
                                           DRIVER Fault: NON-DEPLOYMENT                     approximately 50 km/h and the pickup truck was accelerating from a dead stop. He hit the right side of the truck. He claims he was
                                                                                            belted but the belt did not lockup. He is also complaining that his air bag did not deploy. As a result, he banged his head against the
                                                                                            windshield. He indicated that the seat belt was still buckled after the collision. The vehicle sustained about $7,000 to $8,000 in
                                                                                            damage repair.

                                                                                            The owner has been seriously injured and is beginning some physiotherapy sessions. He is suffering from severe contusions on his
                                                                                            head, his right arm and his right knee.

                                                                            All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RP468   5/17/2002   TOYOTA   TOYOTA    2001 TIRE-TIRE Fault: PREMATURE WEAR                Severely premature tire wear on Potenza P175/65R14XL tires. Symptom: severe cupping wear on outer edges of tires. Numerous
                                                                                           Prius owners have made this complaint especially to U.S. Toyota.

                                                                                           U.S. Toyota has just launched a "Customer Support Program SP3" in the U.S., replacing tires within a specific VIN, tire code, but
                                                                                           nothing announced in Canada, as yet. Same tires on vehicle in this Country and they are both produced on the same line in

                                                                                           After less than 15000 miles on these tires the symptoms are severe. Tires have been rotated by Toyota as per their service
                                                                                           interval, by them. Alignment was checked and adjusted by them due to steering vibration etc. Tires are inflated to their
                                                                                           recommendation and checked. Tires are replaced by Blizzaks for Winter driving each year.

                                                                                           They 'say' it isn't a safety issue but the tires are almost bald and some owners have reported blowouts.
RP556   5/7/2002    TOYOTA   COROLLA   1994 I.S.-AIRBAG WARNING LIGHT Fault:               ABC Coroner provided information pertaining to this fatal collision. The driver of this 1994 Toyota Corolla was fatally injured when
                                            INOPERATIVE == I.S.-AIR BAG - DRIVER Fault:    her vehicle struck an on-coming 1986 Toyota 4Runner. The airbag system of the Corolla did not deploy. A piece of foam was
                                            MISSING PART                                   found in place of the driver's air bag module and the bulb of airbag warning lamp indicator was found missing.

                                                                           All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RP374   4/3/2002    TOYOTA   SIENNA    1998 FS-ACCELERATOR AND LINKAGE Fault:             The complaint related to an allegation that the accelerator cable either failed or detached which allowed the vehicle to unexpectedly
                                            SEPARATION                                    drop from its travel speed.

                                                                                          From the complainant's letter of 27 Mar 02 to the manufacturer:

                                                                                          Complainant purchased in April 1998 from Exeter Toyota a new Sienna LE van. Owner has been generally very satisfied with the
                                                                                          performance of the van. However, on February 18th, 2002 while driving on Gulf Blvd. in Madeira Beach, Florida, the van suddenly
                                                                                          failed to respond. The complainant alleges that the accelerator cable had broken or disengaged. Fortunately it happened in a 30
                                                                                          MPH zone and the city bus which was behind me was able to stop within inches of the rear of the van. The complainant hated to
                                                                                          think of what would have been the outcome if it happened on the high speed/traffic I-75 interstate highway.

                                                                                          The van was towed to the Autoway Toyota dealer in Pinellas Park, FL, and the necessary repairs were made (see copy of encl. bill
                                                                                          for US=$ 157.13).

                                                                                          The van has 51 290 km on the odometer. It had been serviced on December 27th, 2001 prior to his departure to Florida.

                                                                                          The complainant consider the problem he encountered a MOST SERIOUS SAFETY DEFECT. For that reason, he has sent copies
                                                                                          of this letter to Transport Canada, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in Washington, DC.

                                                                                          The accelerator cable is routed through the vehicle fire wall via a grommet and is then attached to the top of the accelerator pedal
                                                                                          actuator pivot rod with a metal pinch plug end. It is apparent that the accelerator cable would have slackened off and the
                                                                                          accelerator pedal would have been ineffectual if the metal pinch plug on the end of the accelerator cable failed as the complainant
                                                                                          has indicated.

                                                                                          The complainant stated that he found the 3 - retrieved parts in the driver's foot well after the incident - prior to being towed to the
                                                                                          Florida Toyota dealership for repair. The complainant did not retain the accelerator cable from the Florida Toyota dealership.

                                                                                          Examination of the retrieved metal pinch plug end revealed the frayed remains of the accelerator cable.

                                                                                          Several photographs were taken identifying the location of the 3 - parts retained by the complainant at the time of the incident.

                                                                                          The field investigator noted that the vehicle appeared to be in excellent condition at inspection.
RP303   2/27/2002   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2002 ENG-GENERAL Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION        The complainant’s mother-in-law was driving the vehicle and proceeded off the street and onto a private driveway. The driver
                                                                                          stated that she applied the brake and that the vehicle lurched forward, smashed through the wooden garage door and came to rest
                                                                                          against the back of the garage wall with smoke billowing from under the hood. The driver was reportedly wearing normal footwear,
                                                                                          not oversized winter boots. The driver reportedly turned the ignition off and placed the transmission in park. The driver exited the
                                                                                          vehicle unassisted.

RP250   1/29/2002   TOYOTA   TUNDRA    2000 I.S.-SEAT BELT Fault: POOR OPERATIONS         The complainant brought his vehicle to the dealership complaining about a passenger seat belt that would not retract.

                                                                                          A few days after the repairs, the complainant noticed the replacement retractor jammed when attempting to pull the belt out and
                                                                                          was replaced by another retractor that also jammed. The complainant is still not satisfied and the dealership service manager,
                                                                                          although he acknowledges the problem still exists, refuses to further assist the complainant.

                                                                             All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RP183   1/15/2002    TOYOTA   TERCEL    1998 I.S.-SEAT BELT - BUCKLE Fault: DISENGAGED      The passenger side seat belt allegedly unlatched upon impact allowing the passenger's head to come in contact with the

                                                                                            The complainant's vehicle hit another vehicle's side (front fender) at approximately 50 to 60Km/h. After the impact, the passenger
                                                                                            realized her seat belt buckle was unlatched and hanging at her sternum's level. Her head had shattered the windshield and an
                                                                                            imprint of the hair clip she was wearing was visible. Other than a whiplash, she suffered no serious injuries or lesions from the

                                                                                            The passenger is 5'6" tall and weighs 160lbs.

                                                                                            The complainant claims the seat belts were worn properly and had been latched. They had been driving for approximately fifteen
                                                                                            minutes. The passenger was wearing a heavy winter coat.
                                                                                            This vehicle is equipped with driver side air bags only. The complainant was also concerned about this air bag not deploying upon
                                                                                             The driver did not suffer injuries other than soreness associated with the seat belts.
                                                                                            The complainant's vehicle hit in a soft deformable metal section of the other vehicle's side.
                                                                                            The vehicle's trajectory was changed when it hit, deviating it to the right slightly.
                                                                                            In this event, the protection offered by the seat belt was sufficient to protect the driver and the Supplemental Restraint System
RP155    1/3/2002    TOYOTA   COROLLA   1997 H.B.-BRAKE LINES Fault: RUSTED/CORRODED        would not have offered any extra protection. while approaching an intersection. He claims the brake pedal went very low so he
                                                                                            The owner experienced a sudden brake loss
                                             == H.B.-BRAKE LINES Fault: FAILED              started pumping the brake pedal but the vehicle did not stop. He used the parking brake to stop the vehicle. Fortunately, he was
                                                                                            able to stop the vehicle without a collision.

RP116   12/5/2001    TOYOTA    ECHO     2000 H.B.-BRAKE DISC CALIPER Fault: SEIZED          This owner on six occasions has had the brake power boost fail. This has happened in dry warm weather conditions. A dealer was
                                                                                            not able to diagnose any fault.

RP110   11/27/2001   TOYOTA   COROLLA   2001 SA-COLUMN COUPLING Fault: LOOSE                The complainant is a lawyer for the owner of the vehicle. After complaints of steering problems, the owners daughter had a
                                                                                            collision which is alleged to have been caused by a steering concern.

                                                                                            After the collision, an investigator found that the steering coupling u joint bolt was loose.

                                                                                            See the investigators findings in the hard copy of the file for further details.

RP071   11/9/2001    TOYOTA    RAV4     2001 ENG-ENGINE Fault: HESITATION                   This vehicle when accelerating will hesitate and stumble for several seconds then the engine will act as designed. This problem is
                                                                                            random; it may not happen for several weeks when happen three times in one week. Owner feels he runs the risk of being stuck
                                                                                            from behind. The dealer to date has not been able to identify the cause.

RP053   10/31/2001   TOYOTA    RAV4     1997 LCS-HEAD LIGHTS Fault: CRACKED/SPLIT ==        This owner noticed moisture inside the head lights he also noticed cracks about the anchorage bolts an thinks the water is getting in
                                             LCS-HEAD LIGHTS Fault: CONTAMINATED            through these cracks. The cost of replacement $200.

                                                                             All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RP059   10/31/2001   TOYOTA    RAV4     2000 ENG-GENERAL Fault: FIRE                        The complainant was driving when the engine experienced a sudden loss of power. She proceeded to pull the vehicle over and saw
                                                                                            the paint on the hood bubbling. Flames appeared from around the hood area and soon after, the whole vehicle was engulfed in

                                                                                            The complainant claims there are reports of other similar vehicles that experienced engine fires due to a faulty alternator. She got
                                                                                            this information through a well known automotive reporter's publishing.

RP016   10/19/2001   TOYOTA   CAMRY     2000 I.S.-AIR BAG DUAL - FRONT Fault: NO DEFECT     Complainant's wife hit another vehicle and the air bags did not deploy. The driver did sustain minor injuries having hit her head on
                                                                                            the A pillar.

RP019   10/17/2001   TOYOTA   COROLLA   1991 PT-PROPELLER SHAFT Fault: SEPARATION           This owner was traveling at 50 kph when the rear drive shaft hanger separated. The drive shaft thrashed the bottom of the car and
                                                                                            the ground. Owner feels the rubber bonding of the rear drive shaft hanger failed and other car owner should be notified of this
                                                                                            potential problem.

RP010   10/10/2001   TOYOTA   TERCEL    1995 I.S.-SEAT BELT - BUCKLE Fault: FALSE LATCH     The owner was slowing down while approaching an intersection when the seat belt tongue released of the buckle assembly.

                                                                                            It appears that although the belt can be buckled, it will release intermittently. Owner disbelieves that there is a foreign object caught
                                                                                            in it. She contacted both the dealer and the manufacturer and they informed her that the vehicle was out of warranty.

                                                                                            In light of the above, the owner is using the passenger side buckle when wearing her seat belt. Our office instructed the owner to
                                                                                            have the subject buckle replaced immediately and have it ship to us for our examination.

                                                                           All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RO932   8/30/2001   TOYOTA   COROLLA   1996 TIRE-TIRE Fault: NOISY                        Background:

                                                                                          On November 20, 1998 two tires were purchased from, and installed with balance on front rims at, the Canadian Tire Store at 1820
                                                                                          Merivale Road, Nepean. The vehicle involved is a 1996 Toyota Corolla. These tires were Motormaster All Season Radials -
                                                                                          P175/65R14 81S SE BW - Code 04-1723-6. They were rated at 115,000 km. The car mileage at that date was 73,136 km.
                                                                                          On December 22, 2000 two more tires were purchased from, and installed with balance on front rims at, the Canadian Tire Store
                                                                                          at 1820 Merivale Road, Nepean. These tires were Motormaster All Season Radials - P175/65R14 81S SE BW - Code 04-1723-6.
                                                                                          They were rated at 115,000 km. The car mileage at that date was 101,035km
                                                                                          Tire Rotation history - supported by invoices
                                                                                          Nov. 20, 1998 - at purchase of 1st Motormasters; Mileage - 73,136km
                                                                                          Sept. 22, 1999 - by regular maintenance source; Mileage - 89,930 "
                                                                                          Apr. 24, 2000 - by regular maintenance source; Mileage - 94,826 "
                                                                                          Dec. 22, 2000 - at purchase of 2nd Motormasters; Mileage - 101,035 "
                                                                                          Aug. 15, 2001 - by regular maintenance source: Mileage - 111,107 "
                                                                                          Aug. 18, 2001 - check by CTC Merivale Mileage - 111,287 "
                                                                                          Recent history:On August 4, 2001 while driving home, suddenly a heavy thumping sound was heard, which coincided with the
                                                                                          speed of the tire rotation. The vehicle was pulled over within 100 yards of first hearing the sound. Tires were checked visually but
                                                                                          nothing was seen. There was nothing noticed on the road which could possibly have contributed to this occurrence. Upon
                                                                                          continuing, at a somewhat slower speed, the sound did not re-occur.From that date until August 15, 2001, the same thumping
                                                                                          sound could be heard periodically, but not as loud. It was not consistent in its presence or its absence, and when it was heard it was
                                                                                          not consistently at a specific speed or range.On August 15, 2001 the vehicle was taken to its regular source of maintenance. The
                                                                                          service staff were asked to rotate the tires, which they did, and check them for indications of the noise. Their conclusion, "the noise
                                                                                          is coming from the front tires" (recently rotated from the rear), "the tires are "shot". It was suggested that we take it up with the
                                                                                          source of purchase.Visit to Canadian TireOn August 18, 2001 the vehicle was taken to the Canadian Tire Store at 1820
                                                                                          Merivale Road, Nepean (now Ottawa) and a request to check the front tires was made (invoice number 104562 with typed notes
                                                                                          under Description can be provided).The counter serviceperson advised us that, yes, the belts had shifted (written comment on
                                                                                          copy of invoice 104562 can be provided). We were also advised verbally by the gentleman that the warranty only covers any belt
                                                                                          shifting within 2/32 of the tire use. We were currently at 4/32, at about 38,000K of use. We were also advised that the tires were
                                                                                          near the end of their useful life. Both tire markings had Made in USA references.When asked whether this was dangerous for
                                                                                          driving, the comments made by the gentleman were that: a) yes, it could be; b) the thumping would continue until the tires were
                                                                                          changed, c) they should be replaced. He also stated that "I don't know what to tell; this does not happen on a regular basis. He also
                                                                                          stated that with the wear on the tires we could get replacements for $61.91 ( hand written note on invoice copy can be
RO917   8/27/2001   TOYOTA   COROLLA   1995 INFO.-INFORMATION Fault: INJURY-BRUISE ==     The owner, an elderly lady, was travelling in the middle lane of a three lane highway when the driver air bag inadvertently deployed.
                                            I.S.-AIR BAG - PASSENGER Fault: NON-          The owner alleges that as a result of the air bag deployment, she lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle pulled to the left, she
                                            DEPLOYMENT == I.S.-AIR BAG - DRIVER Fault:    crossed the fast lane and sideswiped a guard rail.
                                                                                          There was no warning light prior to the air bag deployment. The passenger air bag did not deploy. There were 3 occupants in the
                                                                                          vehicle. Only the driver suffered from injuries. Apparently she suffered from numerous concussions to the left side of her body from
                                                                                          head to ankle. She also suffered from head injuries and the collision caused some damage to her hips.

                                                                                          The complainant is sure she did not hit anything prior to the air bag deployment. The vehicle was traveling on a straight road when
                                                                                          she lost control of the vehicle.

                                                                                  All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RO849   8/7/2001    TOYOTA    SIENNA    1999 SA-GENERAL Fault: POOR OPERATIONS == SA- This vehicle while driving will have the steering assist vary from full power to none. If this happens when steering through a corner
                                             RACK AND PINION POWER Fault: WORN        it has caused the driver to steer into oncoming lanes. The steering rack was replaced at 12,000km for the same problem.

RO819   7/26/2001   TOYOTA    SIENNA    1999 ACC-TIRE MONITORING SYSTEM Fault:                   TC's Ottawa Collision Investigation team vehicle.
RO834   7/13/2001   TOYOTA   4 RUNNER   1998 SUSP.-GENERAL Fault: FAILED                         On the night of June 16, 2001, the Sûreté du Québec certified the death of a driver involved in a rollover on the highway 40 west in
                                                                                                 Repentigny. According to certain witnesses, the subject vehicle was traveling at approximately 150 km/h when the driver lost control
                                                                                                 of his vehicle. The vehicle hit another car and then made several rollovers on the turf strip.

                                                                                                 Upon inspection of the vehicle, the Police officers noted that both rear struts were no longer attached to the frame. The victim's
                                                                                                 brother is concerned that a rear suspension failure may have been at the origin of this incident. He also indicated that a Technical
                                                                                                 Service Bulletin involving modifications to the rear suspension had been performed in the past. He felt that perhaps these
                                                                                                 modifications had not been done properly.

RO757   6/27/2001   TOYOTA   4 RUNNER   1991 STRUC.-HOOD-LATCHES Fault: DEFECTIVE                The complainant was on her way to work and was travelling about 70 km/hr when the hood opened and struck the windshield. She
                                                                                                 was able to pull over safely and get the hood back down and held by the secondary latch. She drove the vehicle back home and
                                                                                                 parked it.

                                                                                                 She informed us that she does not recall when the hood was last opened and it has been about a month since the last engine
                                                                                                 service. Inspection of the hood latch shows that is extremely dry. The vehicle is serviced at a local oil change center.

                                                                                                 When lubricatedm, the latch functions as designed.
RO746   6/1/2001    TOYOTA    CAMRY     1998 I.S.-AIR BAG - MODULE Fault: POOR                   The case vehicle was involved in a single vehicle collision with a hydro pole. The drive and front passenger air bags deployed
                                             PERFORMANCE                                         during the collision. The right front male, who is 19 years old received injuries due to the air bag deployment. The injured right front
                                                                                                 occupant who was restrained at the time of the collision claims that the right front air bag deployed after the collision event.

                                                                                                 The injured occupant sustained bleeding to the right eye and a swollen nose. Initially the occupant was unable to focus with the
                                                                                                 right eye but after two days there was an improvement. A recent follow up revealed that there is no permanent eye injury.

                                                                                                 Vehicle examination revealed that there was no measurable crush at the bumper and hood level. It appears that the vehicle
                                                                                                 collided with the hydro pole at the right front corner. Vehicle damage includes the right front fender, subframe, lower control arm,
                                                                                                 strut, cv shaft, door, side mirror and wheel.

                                                                                                 Examination of the vehicles interior revealed that the driver and front passenger air bag deployed and the driver and front
                                                                                                 passenger pre-tensioners triggered. The right front seat was located in between the mid and front track position. The seatback
                                                                                                 was fully erected. A back support cushion was installed at the right front seat. The D-ring was in the lower most position.

                                                                                                 The complainant is disgruntled that the injuries sustained by his grandson are related to an air bag deployment, and is concerned of
                                                                                                 the late air bag deployment after the collision event.


                                                                                     All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RO479   2/13/2001    TOYOTA    ECHO      2001 I.S.-AIR BAG DUAL - FRONT Fault: NON-                  The complainant along with a right front seated passenger was travelling in an area of the city during the evening, where there was
                                              DEPLOYMENT == I.S.-SEAT BELT - PRE-                    been significant upgrading and paving of the roads and no street lighting. He was travelling southbound about 50 km/hr and did not
                                              TENSIONER Fault: DEPLOYED                              see the concrete barriers that were installed adjacent to the west curb. The road prior to this barrier was open to the west side with
                                                                                                     very little distinction between the road surface and the shoulder portion of the road. The barrier is offset to the left from the west
                                                                                                     road edge into the S.B. travel lane. A west cur starts and continues S.B. with the road surface from where the barriers have been

                                                                                                     The vehicle struck the end of the barrier slightly off center to the right side. Neither driver nor passenger air bag deployed. The two
                                                                                                     occupants where restrained with a combination lap/shoulder belt and equipped with a pretensioner. Both the LF and RF seat belt
                                                                                                     pretensioners deployed. The RF passenger, 65 year old female, 5'2", 100-110 lb. Injuries to the passenger consisted of bruising to
                                                                                                     her legs from contact to the lower dash. She has bruising from the seat belt and a bruise to her left eye and facial area. Injuries to
                                                                                                     the driver were a sore shoulder/neck and sore Sternum.

                                                                                                     A closing speed was calculated at 34.2 km/h+/-2.4 km/h Delta V was 33.9 km/h+/-1.6 km/h
                                                                                                     Concern is that the airbags should have deployed. More information and photos to come.
RO383   1/30/2001    TOYOTA   COROLLA    1999 SUSP.-GENERAL Fault: STABILITY                         - Stability problem at highway speeds.
                                                                                                     - Constantly correcting steering wheel to keep vehicle on road.

RO347    1/5/2001    TOYOTA    CAMRY     1993 H.B.-BRAKE LINES Fault: FAILED                         The complainant's wife experienced a brake failure while commuting in traffic. Fortunately, the hydraulic brake failure did not result
                                                                                                     in a collision. It appears that the brake failure was due to a loss of brake fluid. Upon inspection, the master cylinder was found
                                                                                                     lacking brake fluid. The complainant is concerned that the problem was not detected during regular servicing.

RO265   11/23/2000   TOYOTA   4 RUNNER   2000 I.F.-GENERAL Fault: SEPARATION == I.R.S.-AXLE The Provincial Quebec Police, the Sûreté du Québec, has requested assistance from our office to investigate a rollover incident.
                                              SHAFT Fault: BROKEN
                                                                                            On October 21, 2000 the case vehicle was towing a homemade trailer when the combination was involved in a rollover incident.
                                                                                            One of the occupants, the driver, was fatally injured. The front passenger, the driver's son, was lightly injured. It is alleged that
                                                                                            both occupants were belted at the time of the incident. According to the passenger, seconds before the fatal rollover occurrence,
                                                                                            the driver said that something had separated from the vehicle.

                                                                                                     When the vehicle was towed out of the ditch, the left front wheel separated along with the front drive shaft and inboard joint tripod.
                                                                                                     The right rear wheel was also found separated from the vehicle.

                                                                                                     Police officers were concerned about the possibility that the left front wheel assembly may have been defective prior to the incident,
                                                                                                     and could have led to this loss of vehicle control and subsequent rollover event.

RO266   11/23/2000   TOYOTA    ECHO      2000 I.S.-AIR BAG - PASSENGER Fault: NON-                   The case vehicle, a Toyota Echo 2000, is equipped with dual air bags and seat belt pre-tensioners. The vehicle was involved in a
                                              DEPLOYMENT == I.S.-AIR BAG - DRIVER Fault:             roll-over collision last summer. While the pre-tensioners activated during the collision, the air bags were not triggered.

RO219   10/24/2000   TOYOTA   TERCEL     1991 I.S.-SEAT BELT - D RING Fault: FAILED                  The 1991 Toyota Tercel was involved in a severe head-on collision with a 2000 Dodge pickup. Both front seat occupants of the
                                                                                                     Toyota were belted but were fatally injured. There was some concern raised about the adjustable D-ring for the right front seating
                                                                                                     position. It apparently zippered down and off the bottom part of the guide.

                                                                             All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RO157   9/28/2000   TOYOTA    ECHO     2000 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: POOR                 The owner purchased a 2000 Echo (VIN JTDBT1234Y00xxxxx) in December 1999. In May 2000, his vehicle had been parked
                                            PERFORMANCE                                     outside overnight and in the morning he drove off and soon came to an intersection where he was to merge with other traffic. He
                                                                                            estimated that he was doing about 40-50 km/h when he realized he had to abort his intention of merging and braked. He indicated
                                                                                            he was not placed into a panic stop situation. He did come to a stop, however, it was his impression that the vehicle did not feel like
                                                                                            it was stopping as quickly as he would normally have expected. The brake pedal remained high and firm during this stop. The
                                                                                            weather was dry that day and past evening.

                                                                                            The incident concerned the owner so he brought the vehicle back to the dealer and reported the problem. This was done at about
                                                                                            9000 km and the normal 8000 km servicing was completed at this time as well. The dealer test drove the vehicle and apparently
                                                                                            thought that the complaint may have warranted further investigation as they contacted the Tech support line. Some new brake
                                                                                            parts were supposedly installed but the owner did not know what those parts were and the vehicle had been left at the dealer for
                                                                                            some time waiting for the parts.

                                                                                            The owner picked up the vehicle from the dealer and had driven some 3 to 4 blocks in stop and go traffic when a traffic light
                                                                                            changed and the owner had to stop a little more aggressively than normal. He reported that his travel speed was again about 40 to
                                                                                            50 km/h and in dry road conditions. Once again, it felt to him as though the vehicle was not decelerating as expected. He claims he
                                                                                            had to press the brake pedal with abnormally high pedal force to bring it to a stop. The owner turned around and brought the
                                                                                            vehicle back to the dealer.

                                                                                            The owner spoke with dealer people and provided details of his experience to a Toyota Canada representative. They gave him a
                                                                                            couple of options. He could have a new Echo or take a cash settlement back for another vehicle. The complainant was happy with
                                                                                            all the offers but he liked the Echo and only wanted to be sure that there were no problems with the brakes. The Toyota
                                                                                            representative told him that they were not aware of other complaints and that they would take his original vehicle back to Toronto for
                                                                                            testing. However, he also advised the complainant that they may not find anything wrong.

                                                                                            The complainant received his new Echo (VIN JTBT1239Y0092217, DOM 06/00) three months ago. Last week, with about 1500
                                                                                            km, he experienced another similar condition with the brakes. He was travelling along a dry, paved road at night at about 60 km/h
                                                                                            when he slowed for a pedestrian walking a dog. As he got closer, the dog came out onto the road. He braked hard but again the
                                                                                            vehicle did not appear to decelerate as expected. There was no incident. The vehicle had been previously driven a couple of miles
                                                                                            after being parked for about an hour.

                                                                                            The complainant is not sure now if the braking concern he has is something related to him or the vehicle design. He did not want to
RO151   9/27/2000   TOYOTA    ECHO     2000 I.S.-AIR BAG - PASSENGER Fault: NON-            go back to the dealer after all they had done for him.with fact, he was very appreciative of the efforts by both the dealer involved in a
                                                                                            The case vehicle, a Toyota Echo 2000, is equipped In dual air bags and seat belt pre-tensionners. The vehicle was and the
                                            DEPLOYMENT == I.S.-AIR BAG - DRIVER Fault:      frontal collision last summer. While the pre-tensionners activated during the collision, the air bags were not triggered.

RO143   9/25/2000   TOYOTA   COROLLA   1999 SUSP.-GENERAL Fault: STABILITY                  - Stability problems at highway speeds.
                                                                                            - Constantly fighting steering wheel to keep vehicle straight on road.

RO144   9/25/2000   TOYOTA   COROLLA   1998 SUSP.-GENERAL Fault: STABILITY                  - Stability problem at highway speeds.
                                                                                            - Constantly correcting steering wheel to keep vehicle on road.

RO111   9/13/2000   TOYOTA   COROLLA   1997 VIS-WIPER LINKAGE Fault: DISCONNECTED           Wiper linkage failure resulted in sudden loss of windshield wiper operation. The dealer has replaced the wiper linkage.

                                                                              All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RO097   9/5/2000    TOYOTA   4 RUNNER   1990 TIRE-TREAD Fault: SEPARATION                    On Sept 4/200 this owner was traveling from 85 to 100 kph for approximately 50 minutes, when in the passing lane on an undivided
                                                                                             4 lane highway with a center turning lane The front left tire tread separated. The vehicle veered into the oncoming lane briefly as the
                                                                                             driver gained control. The separating tread thrashed the wheel arch, both front doors and electrical wiring harness. He managed to
                                                                                             bring the vehicle to a safe stop. The vehicle was towed to a garage.
                                                                                             Other similar tires are inflated from 32 to 42 PSI. with the white lettering out.

RO081   8/24/2000   TOYOTA   COROLLA    1996 I.S.-SEAT BELT - BUCKLE Fault: FAILED           See deact comments.

RO029   8/4/2000    TOYOTA    ECHO      2000 H.B.-BRAKES GENERAL Fault: POOR                 The owner alleges that the vehicle requires excessive distance to stop. The vehicle is not equipped with anti-lock braking system.
                                             PERFORMANCE                                     The owner and the dealer have had problems locking the wheels. It would appear that once warm, the brakes are more efficient.
                                                                                             The dealer mentioned to the owner that this feature is expected to allow better crash avoidance steering maneuvers. The brake
                                                                                             pedal is normal but the brake pads do not seem to grip the disk surface.

RN978   7/10/2000   TOYOTA    CAMRY     1993 ENG-ENGINE Fault: SUDDEN ACCELERATION ==        The complainant had just completed filling his vehicle at the gas station. He climbed aboard his vehicle to move it forward several
                                             INFO.-INFORMATION Fault: INJURY-UNKNOWN         feet to allow another customer to have access to the pump. He moved the gear shift lever from "park" to "drive" when suddenly, the
                                             == INFO.-INFORMATION Fault: INJURY-             vehicle took off like a rocket. He applied the brake pedal with full force but was unable to stop or slow the vehicle down. While the
                                             FRACTURE                                        vehicle was continuing to accelerate, the driver was able to avoid a collision by passing between two other vehicles. Then, he went
                                                                                             through a fence, the vehicle dropped 5 feet and collided with the concrete wall of a building. Only the driver air bag deployed. The
                                                                                             driver, the sole occupant, sustained a fracture to his left wrist and minor injuries to his left arm, left shoulder and fingers from left

                                                                                             The vehicle was repaired at the Toyota Dealer. The vehicle is ABS equipped. The complainant's wife mentioned that she had
                                                                                             experienced irregular idle in the last few weeks. On some occasions, the engine was revving faster than normal at idle speed.
RN940   6/21/2000   TOYOTA    SIENNA    1998 SUSP.-GENERAL Fault: POOR PERFORMANCE           1. The vehicle is very unstable when unloaded.
                                             == SA-GENERAL Fault: STABILITY
                                                                                             2. The suspension bottoms when the vehicle is loaded with 4 or 5 adults. It would seem that the suspension is not strong enough
                                                                                             to withhold the weight that this van can carry.

RN897   6/1/2000    TOYOTA   COROLLA    1998 SA-GENERAL Fault: STABILITY                     Instability problems at highway speeds.

RN887   5/26/2000   TOYOTA   AVALON     1997 VIS-WIPER ARM Fault: DISENGAGED                 As stated in the complainants letter.

                                                                                             During heavy downpour of rain on May 9,2000, the windshield wiper disengaged from the windshield wiper motor, thus unabling
                                                                                             windshield wiper operation, which could have resulted in an accident. When the manufacturer was informed, they decided to split
                                                                                             the repair costs.

                                                                                             The dealer had the disengaged connection re-engaged, which again came out on May 23,2000, during a rainstorm.

                                                                           All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RN862   5/10/2000   TOYOTA   ECHO     2000 I.S.-AIR BAG - DRIVER Fault: NON-DEPLOYMENT    The front of the Echo struck the left front side of a Corsica at an intersection. The air bag system of the Echo did not deploy. The
                                                                                          Echo driver was reportedly restrained, however, she had received some injuries. The extent of damage to the Echo prompted the
                                                                                          insurer to write it off..

                                                                                          From MMNC Field Report: dated May 16, 2000


                                                                                          The initial inquiry from ICBC Claims Centre, Kelowna, BC on 3/05/00. The 2000 M.Y. Toyota Echo was involved in an intersection
                                                                                          collision and sustained front end damage. Its SRS did not activate during the collision and the owner contacted Toyota Canada
                                                                                          with a concern that the SRS was faulty.


                                                                                          I spoke to ICBC Claims manager XXXXXXXX on 3/05/00 and advised him that I would inspect the vehicle on my return from
                                                                                          Ottawa. He said the owner was apparently advised by Toyota that the SRS non-deployment was not the manufacturer's problem
                                                                                          and that the owner should go through her insurance company. I arranged to have the vehicle tarped and said I would view the
                                                                                          vehicle on 10/05/00 at the storage facility in Kelowna. On 10/05/00 I spoke to the claims adjuster, XXXXXXXX,, and reviewed the
                                                                                          owner's statement. He said the vehicle sustained sufficient damage that it was written off as a complete loss. I subsequently
                                                                                          interviewed the owner on 16/05/00 after inspecting the Echo.

                                                                                          Collision as Understood

                                                                                          On April 25, 2000, the Toyota Echo was traveling at 50 km/h N/B on Ellis Street in the city of Kelowna. A 1992 Corsica was
                                                                                          traveling at approximately the same speed W/B on Causton Avenue and failed to stop at a stop sign. The Echo driver had a little
                                                                                          warning and was only able to brake at the last moment before impacting the left front wheel and driver door area of the Corsica.
                                                                                          The owner stated that she did not have time to steer and that the Corsica driver was completely unaware of unsafely entering the
                                                                                          intersection until his vehicle was hit. At impact, the owner said both vehicles stopped and there was very little rotation of either one.
                                                                                          Apparently the Echo remained in its same pre-crash orientation and travel lane.

                                                                                          Cst. XXXXXXXX of the Kelowna City RCMP attended the scene and completed an accident report. Both vehicles were towed from
                                                                                          the scene. The Corsica did not have ICBC collision coverage and could not be traced for further inspection.
RN643   4/26/2000   TOYOTA   AVALON   2000 VIS-WINDSHIELD Fault: POOR VISIBILITY          This owner sees his fuel gauge reflected in the windshield day and night. He has attached an extension to the dash to stop this
                                                                                          reflection. Consumers Report points this distraction out.

                                                                                   All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RN408   4/5/2000    LEXUS     LX450    1997 SA-GENERAL Fault: STABILITY                            Since the vehicle was purchased new in late 1997, the owner noticed that when the vehicle is loaded, it becomes very sensitive to
                                                                                                   lateral winds and road imperfections. At highway speeds, the vehicle has a tendency to sway very much from one side to

                                                                                                   The owner believes the vehicle would wipe out in an emergency maneuver.

                                                                                                   As an initial remedy, Dealer #1 replaced the original shock absorber and springs with Land Cruise suspension parts. Apparently,
                                                                                                   they are lightly stiffer and slightly improved the condition.

                                                                                                   The owner was told that the condition could be largely improved by replacing the original stabilizer bars with stabilizer bars from the
                                                                                                   Land Cruiser.

RN365   4/3/2000    TOYOTA   COROLLA   1998 SA-GENERAL Fault: STABILITY                            Vehicle is unstable at highway speeds under windy conditions and/or irregular pavements.

RN267   3/8/2000    LEXUS     GS300    1998 ENG-ENGINE Fault: RUNAWAY                              Copy of the complainant's letter addressed to Toyota Canada Inc.

                                                                                                   " On January 13, 2000, I experienced either a sudden acceleration problem or a brake problem. I was parking the owner's case
                                                                                                   vehicle. It was a snow covered day and she had the transmission in the "snow" setting. I was, in front of a witness, approaching
                                                                                                   the parking spot slowly and came to a complete stop. The car then suddenly accelerated, I brought my other foot (left) over and
                                                                                                   had both feet on the brake pedal virtually standing on it. The car continued to accelerate into the RAV4 that was parked in front.
                                                                                                   The rear spare tire wheel of the RAV4 caused 1900$ damage to the grill and hood of the Lexus. Myself and three witnesses then
                                                                                                   examined the tire tracks left in the snow by the GS300. The tracks from the front wheels were a skid and the tracks left by the rear
                                                                                                   wheels were down to the pavement and the snow to the sides of the tracks was shredded as the rear wheels had been spinning.
                                                                                                   The service manager at Lexus London was concerned enough to run the car through some diagnostics. He said that the car
                                                                                                   checked out fine, but that he was able to duplicate my experience by having his foot on the accelerator and brake at the same

                                                                                                   I would suggest to you that this is a very dangerous situation regardless of the cause, be it a sudden acceleration problem or a
                                                                                                   brake problem. First, I am aware that more car brakes are engineered to hold regardless of the acceleration. I have since tried
                                                                                                   stepping on the brake while flooring the accelerator on several cars and none of the cars moved forward. I would therefore suggest
                                                                                                   that you have an engineering problem with your brakes. Second, most cars that I have driven have the brake pedals several inches
                                                                                                   above the accelerator to prevent anyone from stepping on both pedals at the same time. I would suggest that Lexus has a major
                                                                                                   design flaw. Perhaps it was a sudden acceleration problem. Regardless, this is an unsafe situation with the GS300".

RN206   2/25/2000   TOYOTA   COROLLA   1999 SA-GENERAL Fault: STABILITY                            The owner complains that the vehicle is very unstable on the highway due to wind sensitivity.

RN170   2/22/2000   TOYOTA   COROLLA   1989 I.S.-SEAT BELT - BUCKLE Fault: BROKEN == I.S.- The driver's seat belt unlatched by itself while driving. It was noticed that the plastic covering the buckle had broken.
                                            SEAT BELT Fault: DISENGAGED

                                                                             All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
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RN155   2/17/2000   TOYOTA   CAMRY    2000 SA-POWER STEERING GEAR ASSY Fault: POOR          1.0 Complaint
                                                                                            Since purchasing the vehicle the complainant has experienced difficulty turning left on several occasions. The last incident resulted
                                                                                            in a collision. The complainant while turning left onto the driveway did not complete the left turn and struck a parked vehicle on the
                                                                                            roadway. The complainant expressed concerns that the steering did not respond to steering input. The accident resulted in
                                                                                            estimated damage of 4000$ to the vehicle.

                                                                                            2.0    Investigation

                                                                                            2.1 Reviewed incident with complainant

                                                                                            The vehicle a 2000 Toyota Camry was purchased new on November 17, 1999. The complainant experienced several incidents in
                                                                                            which the steering did not respond to steering input, the first taken place in December 1999. The most recent occurred on January
                                                                                            2, 2000. The most recent incident resulted in a collision, due to the complainant's inability to steer left on to a residential driveway,
                                                                                            which resulted in the striking of a parked vehicle on the roadway.

                                                                                            2.2 Vehicle Inspection

                                                                                            The vehicle a 2000 Toyota Camry, identified as JT2BF22K4Y0******, and manufactured in September 1999 displayed 3338
                                                                                            kilometers at time of inspection. The vehicle as a result of the collision required repair to the left front fender, door and the rear
                                                                                            panel. Review of the service order revealed that the vehicle did not receive mechanical repair as a result of the collision or the
                                                                                            complainant’s concerns with the steering system. Inspection of the engine compartment revealed that there were no apparent
                                                                                            steering fluid leaks and the power steering pulley belt had adequate tension. In telecom with the service manager it was noted that
                                                                                            a manufacturer representative viewed and drove the vehicle and found no apparent defect.

                                                                                            2.3 Vehicle Road Test

                                                                                            This office proceeded to test the feel and responsiveness of the case vehicle by operating the vehicle in the storage yard of the
                                                                                            servicing dealership. During the road test it was noted that the steering was light, responsive and very predictable.

                                                                                            2.4 V.I.N. Verification and Similar Complaints
RN130   2/15/2000   TOYOTA   SIENNA   1999 I.S.-SEAT BELT Fault: NO DEFECT                  Driving westbound on Highway 16 at 1:30 p.m. approx. 85-90 km/h. Drove straight through the start of a right hand curve and rolled
                                                                                            down an embankment.

                                                                                            It was daylight, clear condition, dry road.
                                                                                            It has been alleged that the vehicle drove off the road to the left for no apparent reason and then rolled down an embankment. The
                                                                                            female passenger in the second row right outer position suffered injuries that have left her a quadriplegic. All four occupants were
                                                                                            supposedly belted in properly. The other three occupants in the van were shaken and bruised but none serious. The seat belt
                                                                                            assembly for the injured female has two receivers and both must be latched while the seat belt is in use. The lower right receiver
                                                                                            can be unlatched but is difficult due to a protective cover over the release button. This receiver should be only disconnected if
                                                                                            access to the rear of the van is required through the side door. It is not known if both receivers were latched at the time of the
                                                                                            incident or if one of the latches released. Analysis of the seat belt at the time of the vehicle inspection indicated no loading marks
                                                                                            on the belt webbing or d-ring and the retractor was functional.

                                                                            All Toyota Public Complaints from 2000-2010
                                                                                       Sorted Newest to Oldest

RN132   2/11/2000   TOYOTA    RAV4     1997 STRUC.-HOOD-LATCHES Fault: SEIZED ==           This vehicle has a hood latch problem. The complainant stopped for gas at a service center. At the same time, he opened his
                                            STRUC.-HOOD-LATCHES Fault: FAILED              hood to add some windshield washer fluid. When finished, he dropped the hood from a good height and drove off. Minutes later,
                                                                                           the complainant hit a pothole at 40 km/h and the hood flew open. The windshield and the hood were damaged due to this incident.
                                                                                           No one was injured. The temperature outside was -15 degrees Celsius.

                                                                                           A similar incident happened approximately one week before. However, the complainant was driving at a slow speed and the hood
                                                                                           did not fly open. The outside temperature was the same as the second incident. At the time, the complainant thought that he had
                                                                                           not closed the hood properly.

                                                                                           An independent garage looked at the vehicle and said that the latch does not function anymore and that the safety latch was most
                                                                                           probably frozen.

                                                                                           The dealer does not want to pay for the repairs believing that the complainant has not maintained the vehicle properly.

RN102   2/7/2000    LEXUS     GS300    1999 H.B.-ANTI-LOCK BRAKES Fault: FAILED == PT-     This owner stopped at a traffic signal behind another car. The traction control activated (noise) the brake pedal kicked back
                                            TRACTION CONTROL Fault: ERRATIC                releasing the brake and the vehicle rolled forward into the car ahead resulting in body damage.
                                                                                           Dealer found no fault, Toyota rep to inspect vehicle 08/02/2000.

RN117   2/7/2000    TOYOTA   CAMRY     1993 I.S.-AIR BAG - DRIVER Fault: DEPLOYED          This owner was traveling at 70 KPH when the air bag deployed without any impact.

RN025   1/18/2000   TOYOTA   COROLLA   1999 SA-GENERAL Fault: STABILITY                    The vehicle is very unstable and dangerous to drive at highway speeds under strong wind conditions and/or irregular pavement.

                                                                                           The dealer is unable to fix the problem.


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