; Afghan Hound Breed Characteristics
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Afghan Hound Breed Characteristics


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									                                        Afghan Hound

                                        Other Names :              Tazi, Baluchi Hound
                                        Country of Origin :            Afghanistan
                                        Lifespan :                 12-14 Years
                                        Height Male :              25.5-27.5 Inches
                                        Weight Male :              60 Pounds
                                        Height Female :            23.5-25.5 Inches
            Afghan Hound
                                        Weight Female :            50 Pounds

                               2003 AKC Ranking : 90
                   American Kennel Club Classification : Hound Group
                     Canadian Kennel Club Classification : Hounds
                       KC (Great Britain) Classification : Hound

Breed Characteristics

The Afghan is a desert dog that moved to the mountains. This shift from hot to cold
necessitated a long fur coat. Selective breeding gave the Afghan his long coat and high-set
hipbones that allow them to run easily over rugged terrain. They may look like "take-it-easy"
movie stars, but they are fearless hunters.

Afghans and other sight-hounds were bred to be faster than the prey that they hunted. The
Afghan's deep chest and light bones enables him to run for hours in pursuit of game. Afghans
can accelerate very rapidly and are able to stop on a dime.

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