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					Forex Trading Strategies And Systems
I've been trading the forex markets for several years now so I've
developed quite a few different systems in my time. However there are
some that are more profitable than others, so let me share you with you
some of my most profitable forex trading strategies.

4 Hour Trading Strategy

I created this trading strategy myself and have been using it for several
years now. This one system has generated more profits that any other
system I have ever used, and yet it's surprisingly simple.
I simply look at the daily trend for a particular currency pair (usually
the GBP/USD, EUR/USD or USD/JPY pair) using a very simple but effective
technical indicator, then I wait for two EMAs (exponential moving
averages) to cross over in the same direction on the 4 hour chart.

I will then enter a position (usually after a slight pull-back) and will
employ a two-part exit strategy to maximise my profits. One half of the
position will be closed out early for a safe profit, and the other half
will be left to run for as long as possible in order to capture those
really big price moves.

As I say, this particular forex trading strategy is highly effective, as
regular readers of my blog will know because I share my trading results
every week in my 'Weekly Trading Updates'.

Anyway if you would like to read all about my 4 hour trading method, you
can access it (for free) by filling in the short form to the right and
subscribing to my newsletter.

The only problem with trading this strategy is that there will always be
quiet periods and particular days where you know you are not going to get
any set-ups on any of the major currency pairs. Therefore at times like
these I will often employ some of the other trading methods that I keep
in reserve:

CCI Divergence Trading System

This is a forex system that I've recently created and it basically uses
the popular CCI indicator with two different settings. The key here is to
wait until there is divergence between both of the CCI indicators at the
same time because this will give you a set-up with a very high success

You don't get that many good set-ups per day using this trading strategy,
but when you do, you are likely to make some decent profits because it is
a very high probability set-up.

I have discussed this particular strategy elsewhere on this blog so
please click here if you want to find out more about this CCI Divergence
Trading System.

Forex Income Engine 2.0 Methods
At the time of writing (20 June 2009) I've just started using the three
day trading methods included in the Forex Income Engine 2.0 course as
well. I've always been quite sceptical about many of the short-term forex
methods that I come across, but I've been very impressed with these three
methods so far because they do actually produce some very good returns.

Anyway if you would like more details about each of these methods you can
read all about them on my Forex Income Engine 2.0 review page.

Forex Nitty Gritty Method

This trading method was included in the Forex Nitty Gritty course and
although it is a very basic method, it is actually surprisingly
effective. The goal is to look for pairs that are in strong upward or
downward trends, wait for a pull-back, and then enter a trade if the
trend continues.

I've been using this method on the 15 minute charts for quite a while now
and it has always performed well for me because these continuation trends
occur all the time.

Again if you would like to find out more about this particular trading
method, you may like to read my full review of Forex Nitty Gritty.

Long-Term Trading Strategy

I'm not really a long-term trader but I do occasionally open a position
if a good trading opportunity arises. I will usually use the daily charts
for these trades and will look at a variety of indicators such as the 200
day moving average, the supertrend indicator, established support and
resistance levels, fibonacci levels if applicable, and Marketclub's
excellent trading signals.

I will regularly post my long-term analysis of the various currency pairs
on this blog, but I will only follow this up with an actual trade if I'm
really confident about my predictions.

Other Forex Trading Strategies

Finally as well as all of the trading systems and strategies listed on
this page, I also have a few breakout strategies that I like to use when
a good opportunity presents itself. I'm also constantly testing out new
ideas and reviewing the various trading systems that I get sent regularly
by product owners who want me to promote their product.

However for the most part it's my 4 hour trading strategy that I spend
most time on because this is my core system which generates the most
consistent and reliable profits. All of the other forex trading systems
are used to boost my trading pot during the quieter periods of the week.

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