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Advertise With Us__ by nyut545e2


									        Advertise With Us!!
• Do you have a business you
  would like to advertise?
• Advertisement space is now
  available in Inside Corrections,
  a bi-monthly publication of
  the Oklahoma Department of
• Inside Corrections will be
   posted on the webpage only.
   No printed copies.
• All advertisements must be
  sent to the Office of Executive
  Communications to:
• The following information must
  accompany all advertisement
  request: contact, business or
  agency, address, phone number,
  email address.
                                             Ad Prices:
• Payable to: Oklahoma
  Correctional Industries
  Attn: Angie Smith                     Full page - $250.00
  3402 Martin Luther King Ave.
  Oklahoma City, OK 73111
                                        Half page - $125.00
• Acceptance of any advertisement
  will be determined by the          Quarter (1/4) page - $82.50
  discretion of the Office of
  Executive Communications.

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