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Android Application Developers


Android Developer - Hire Android Developer, Android Application Developers, Android App Programmer from AADI to develop android apps for the fields like Games, Maps and Navigation, Music, Business, Multimedia, Education, Entertainment, Healthcare, Lifestyle, Photography, Social networking, Travel, Weather.

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									                     Android Application Developers

Application development for Android based hand-held devices is available here at AADI
– Android Application development India. We endow with quality Android apps
development services with the power of official Android SDK (software development
kit) and the exposure of mobile application developers that plays a significant role. Our
Android App Development service offered by our expert Android developer to
build Android apps for the android based hand-held devices.

Hire Android Developer to get the complete Android solution for your Google Android
phone from AADI. Android App Developer at AADI is professional for solving any
complex query of enhancing the Android devices or availing all useful features of the
device. The modern mobile developing companies are providing great business, social,
entertainment scope for the Android device users and if you are powerless to enjoy all of
them, then you can hire Android Developer, who can solve all your technical problems.
The in-depth technical knowledge of Google Android operating system, Android SDK
and other technological expertise help them for providing you desired Android
Application development.

In the Android Application development, the most complex part is developing different
types of mobile apps for different types of Android based hand-held devices. The
diversity of Android users creates the variety in demand of Android Apps. We offer a
wide range of appropriate Android app development to our offshore outsourcing clients
scattered in all over the world. For instance, Android apps like Multimedia Applications
Office/Business Applications, Communication Applications, Security Applications,
Internet Applications and many more types.

Robust & customized Android Application development is the major specialty of our
Android developer on hire basis. They are using various technologies and possess in-
depth technical knowledge about Android operating system. The main technology
practices are usage of SQLite Database, Java programming language (J2ME), different
APIs offered in the Android SDK, high quality debug process and Trace/view Testing.
AADI believes that Android mobile users can be from any industry and the user may like
to use any kind of Android Application.

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