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					     Is Your Sales
Pipeline Ready For
    Prime Time !
       Real Life
    Experience of
Implementing Oracle
Sales 3i Applications
for Aris Corporation
     Presented by Wade Lewis
     Director of CRM Systems
         Aris Consulting
Who We Are

•   Founded 1990, (NASDAQ: ARSC)
•   Consulting Service Offerings Include
    Enterprise Application and eBusiness
•   Over 400 Employees in U.S. and United
•   Intensive experience in providing ERP, CRM,
    HRMS and Internet Solutions
Expected Benefits

•   Increased Revenue
    – Opportunity and Customer Information Up To
      Date While On The Road
    – Sales Representatives Better Prepared When
      Interacting With Customers
    – More Wins
Expected Benefits

•   Increased Productivity
    – Enabled To Quickly Respond To Changes In
      Marketplace, Sales Structure, or Management
    – Easier Access To Critical Information
    – Enabled To Motivate Individuals While Meeting
      Corporate Strategic Goals
Expected Benefits

•   Decreased Cost of Sales
    – Process Automation With Reduction Of Error
    – Improved Performance Monitoring For
      Management and Sales Representatives
    – Improved Customer Retention
Project Scope - Software

•   Oracle CRM Licensed For 30 Named Users
•   Oracle Applications Implemented
    – Oracle Applications Version 11.03
    – Oracle RDBMS Version 8.0 and 8i
    – Oracle Mobile Gateway
    – Modules To Be Fully Installed
       • Oracle Sales 3i
       • Oracle Field Sales 3i
       • Oracle Field Sales / Palm Devices 3i
Project Scope - Software

•   Prerequisite Oracle Applications Implemented
    – Oracle Sales and Marketing
    – Oracle Self Service
•   Other Oracle Applications Purchased But Will
    Not Be Fully Installed This Phase
     – Oracle Order Management
     – Oracle Financials
Project Scope - Business Processes

•   Oracle Sales 3i - Key Features
    – Tracking The Sales Process Through Account
      Contact and Opportunity Data
    – Tracking Notes and To-Dos
    – Forecasting Sales Performance
    – Management and Reporting
    – Managing Order Entry, Inventory and
Project Scope - Business Processes

•   Oracle Field Sales 3i - Key Features
    – Extends Oracle Sales So Users Can Access
      Sales Information From A Remote Location On
      The Internet Via A Web-Enabled Browser
    – Prerequisite For Field Sales/Palm Devices
    – Data Does Not Reside On Remote Device
    – Data Export To Excel Available
Project Scope - Business Processes

•   Oracle Field Sales / Palm Devices 3i - Key
     – Synchronize Remote Sales Information With
       Server Information Without Re-Keying Data
Project Scope - Business Processes

•   Oracle Field Sales / Palm Devices 3i - Key
     – Customer, Contact and Opportunity
       Management Information
     – Sales Forecasts
     – Sales Calendar, Scheduling Events and To-Dos
     – View Projected Compensation
     – Data Filtering for Selective Download
Project Scope - Organizations

         Aris Operating Units

            Aris Corp.

            Aris Consulting - US

            Aris Consulting - UK
Project Objectives

•   Provide a Common Automated Tool To Aris
    Consulting Sales For Customer Prospecting
    and Management
•   Re-engineer and Integrate Legacy Customer
    Information System Into Oracle CRM
     – Ultimately A Common Database For All
Project Objectives

•   Enable Aris Consulting Sales To Demonstrate
    What We Can Implement
     – Via Internet, Laptop, Palm Devices
•   Deploy Improved Conversion Methodology &
    Tools Developed to Consulting Services
•   Extend Consulting Implementation
    Methodology to Include New CRM Applications
•   Extend Aris Consulting CRM Expertise by
    Including on Project Team
Project Team

                              Project Sponsor

                 Project Steering Committee               Business Experts

                  IMPLEMENTATION TEAM

    Project Manager                     Project Manager
   Consulting Director                    IT Manager

 Oracle CRM Functional Consultants Oracle Apps DBA
 Oracle CRM Technical Consultants   Oracle Developer
Project Approach

•   Utilize Consulting Methodology and Resources
•   Aris Business Processes Will Be Re-
     – Based On “Best Practice” Approach To Utilize
       Oracle Applications To Their Fullest Capacity
Project Approach

•   Software Customizations Are Outside Project
     – Scope Change Request Approved By Steering
       Committee Will Be Required
•   ACETS Forms and Reports Modifications
    Required For Integration With Oracle
    Applications Is In Project Scope
     – ACETS is legacy customer project accounting
       and billing system
Project Milestones

Project Phase:          2/18 2/25 3/3 3/10 3/17 3/24 3/31 4/7 4/14 4/21 4/28 5/5 5/12 5/19
Project Planning &
Software Installation
Conference Room
Solutions Design &
Acceptance Testing
and Training
Production Cut-over
Where We Are Today

•   Production Cut Over in May!
    – Phased Approach
    – Palm Devices / Mobile Gateway Not Fully
    – Customer Data Entered Manually
Production Cut-over

•   Phased Approach
    – Sales Force Reengineered
       • Organizational Changes
       • Sales Methodology Changes
    – Training Worldwide Sales Force
       • UK Still Pending
    – Still Working Through Few Bugs
    – Continuing to Get Hands Around Data
Developing Data Migration

•   Phased Approach
•   Manual while Developing Conversion
•   Develop Migration Approach
    – Multiple Sources
    – Data Clean-Up
    – Map Legacy Data to Oracle Tables
    – Dupliguard
•   JIT Acquisition and Conversion of Data

•   Phased Approach
    – Worldwide Sales Force
    – Just In Time
    – Legacy Data Migration
•   Training Material Developed
    – Field Sales
    – Sales Administrator
Process Re-Engineering

•   Customer Data
    – Ownership of Customers
    – Customer and Site Usage
    – Data Entry Standardization
•   Forecasting and Pipeline Reporting
    – New Reports
    – Processes
Did We
  Meet Our
Project Objectives Today

•   Begun to Provide a Common Automated Tool
    To Aris Consulting Sales For Customer
    Prospecting and Management
    – Phased Rollout to Sales Force
•   Legacy Customer Information now exists in
    Oracle CRM
•   Limited Ability to Enable Aris Consulting Sales
    To Demonstrate What We Can Implement
    – Palm Devices not working
Project Objectives Today

•   Still Developing Improved Conversion
    Methodology & Tools for Consulting Services
     – Dupliguard
•   Integrated Oracle Sales Applications
    Implementation Methodology into Consulting
•   Developed and Deployed Sales Applications
    Implementation skills to Consulting Services
   these Are
Things you
Should Watch
Out For

•   No Documentation On Proper Set-up Task
     – Utilizing Material From Oracle Partner Training
     – Sales Administrator Guide
        • Limited and incomplete
     – Trial and Error
     – Metalink

•   Limited Technical Documentation
    – Technical Reference Manuals For 3i
      Applications On Back-order
    – Technical Reference Manuals For 3i
      Application Open Interfaces and APIs
      Unavailable To Date

•   Palm Devices Not Working
    – Data Base Replication from Mobile Gateway
      has Sequence Numbering problem
•   Some Icons on Field Sales Require Other
    Oracle Applications To Function Properly
•   Limited Public Training Available from Oracle
   Oracle CRM E-Business Suite

 Marketing             Sales                Customer       Call Center
Intelligence        Intelligence           Intelligence    Intelligence

   Marketing                       Sales                  Service

                           CRM Foundation

                         Interaction Channels

               Common Application Architecture & Schema
                          eBusiness Platform
                  Oracle CRM E-Business Suite

                                                                Call Center Intelligence
               Marketing Intelligence              Sales Intelligence                                      Customer Intelligence

                                                    Sales                                                  Field                   Depot
                                        iStore                   TeleSales                   iSupport                                         Contracts


 Business                                           Online                                                Service                  Repair
                                        iPay         Field         Sales                    Customer                               Spares      Service
               iMarketing      MES                                                                         Field
                                                     Sales         Comp                      Support                                Mgt       Contracts

   CRM         Universal Work Queue              Resources                                  Territories                     Assignment Engine
                       Tasks                        Notes                                   Calendar                            1-on-1 Fulfillment

                   Order Capture               Product Catalog                 Interaction Blending                              Order Capture

Interaction         Call Center
 Channels       Telephony Manager                Email Center                                  Web                                   Mobile
Foundation                                        Common Application Architecture & Schema

 Platform                                                        eBusiness Platform
Oracle Sales 11i – New Features

•   Field Sales is now called Sales Online
•   Enhanced User Interface
    – Dynamic HTML (DHTML) – editable grids,
      customizable controls, tree control
•   Lead Management
    – Link leads to existing opportunity or create new
Oracle Sales 11i – New Features

•   Third Party Data Provider Integration
     – Check prospects against third party databases
       to ensure data integrity and de-duping
     – Dun & Bradstreet
•   Calendar Integration
     – Microsoft Exchange – Outlook calendar, tasks,
       appointments, contacts, and notes
•   Globalization & Translation
     – User allowed to select language, date formats,
       and preferred currency
•   Configured Quotes
     – Oracle Configurator
Oracle Sales 11i – New Features

•   Task and Interactions
    – Fully integrated throughout CRM suite
•   Marketing Encyclopedia Integration
    – Corporate information from third party content
    – One Source
•   Mobile Devices
    – Laptop PC
    – Palm
    – Windows CE
Helpful Information

•   ME
•   SIGs
    – CRM Sales SIG
         Brian L. Shamhart, DARC Corporation
    – CRM Service SIG
         Bonnie Waters, IMPAC Services
    – appsnet