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									FORGOTTEN REALMS(R) Campaign Index, Part 1

Compiled by Roger E. Moore
(R) and (TM) indicate trademarks of TSR, Inc.
(C)1996 TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Last update: 1/22/96

     This index presents all FORGOTTEN REALMS(R) campaign
information of every sort that could be found in two TSR publications:
DUNGEON(R) Adventures (September/October 1986 to January/February
1996) and POLYHEDRON(R) Newszine (Summer 1981 to December 1995).
Heartfelt thanks go out to Duane Maxwell of the RPGA(R) Network (RPGA for supplying back issues of the newszine, and to Brion
Babula ( and TSR Realms guru Steven E. Schend
( for their additions and corrections to the list.
     This index is intended to aid Dungeon Masters in supplementing
their campaigns. Short notes of explanation, adventure placement,
and points of special interest are given for many references here.
DMs who download this file should adjust the layout and add spacing,
boldfacing, etc. as necessary to improve legibility. Any additions,
corrections, suggested format revisions, or supplemental notes are
welcome; please e-mail them to to ensure they are
read and incorporated into future updates; credit will be given to
those who help out. Enjoy!

* The "u" in Faerun (the Realms) and Selune (the moon) should have
a circumflex (^) over it. This can be duplicated using control-V
(1,69) on WordPerfect 5.1.
* The marks < and > indicate the presence of italics (starting and
ending, respectively) and may be replaced by such.

DUNGEON(R) Adventures

Note: AD&D(R) 2nd Edition modules begin to appear from DUNGEON issue
#19 (September/October 1989) onward.

*** Faerun ***

14/4: "Masqueraider" (Randy Maxwell): Set in Cormyr; main foe is an
interesting and nasty creature from the old FIEND FOLIO(R) tome, with
its powers clarified for easier game-play.
14/14: "A Question of Balance" (Nigel D. Findley): Set in a village
on the border of Cormyr and Sembia. PCs meet the bad-tempered
Havenmere sheep, an insurance salesman from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin,
and an extremely nasty extraplanar creature previously undescribed
(and not described since).

15/31: "The Glass House" (Wolfgang Baur): Set in region north of
Waterdeep and south of Leilon. Introduces the <Codicil of While> (a
spellbook) and a new spell, <frost fingers>.

16/38: "Necropolis" (Nigel D. Findley): Set in village in Impiltur;
adventure is NOT related to Gary Gygax's DANGEROUS JOURNEYS(TM)
adventure of the same name. Consider using RAVENLOFT(R) campaign
guidelines for DMs running horror scenarios.

18/4: "Irongard" (Ed Greenwood): Set in the Stonelands north of
Cormyr; one PC is <cursed> at the adventure's start. Adventure
includes a new spell (<curse of forgetfulness>) and a new magical
item (<flying dagger>). (See DUNGEON issue #21, page 2, "Letters,"
for an important correction.)

19/17: "The Serpent's Tooth" (Nigel D. Findley): Set in the city of
Scornubel, between Baldur's Gate and Cormyr.

19/38: "House of Cards" (Randy Maxwell): Set in the city of Westgate,
south of Cormyr on the Dragon Coast; uses both AD&D 1st Edition and
2nd Edition rules, as well as a black-and-white version of the <deck
of many things> (simultaneously printed in color in DRAGON(R) issue
#148). Involves war between the Night Masks and Shore Patrol thieves
guilds; might conflict with later material (e.g., the Harpers novel
<Masquerades>, by Kate Novak and Jeff Grubb).

20/6: "The Ship of Night" (Wolfgang Baur): Set in the Savage North,
involving exploration of the lost dwarven city of Hammerkeep (Arzhoun
clan). Very detailed information on derro and their combat and
magical abilities, with maps and encounter tables for the underdark
in this region. New magical item (<phase potion>) and a remarkable
mechanical planetarium, built by dwarves.

21/2: "Letters": Important correction to "Irongard" in issue #18.

21/29: "Jammin'" (James M. Ward): Introductory SPELLJAMMER(R)
adventure that begins in Ravens Bluff. New magical item (<coffin of
creation>) and a new type of undead: colored skeletons, rolled into
balls, that perform different tasks. Details on wheel-lock pistol,
light catapult, medium ballista. Amusing Side Note: "Ren of the
Cloak" is part of a running (inside) joke at TSR; nearly all of Jim
Ward's RPG characters are named Ren, and the name is especially common
in GAMMA WORLD(R) game products and articles. (See "Ren o' the Star"
in <GREYHAWK(R) Adventures>, page 40, for example.)

26/6: "The Inheritance" (Paul F. Culotta): Adventure begins in
Waterdeep, then moves to Red Larch and to a castle south of the
Kryptgarden Forest. One PC inherits a castle but must defend it.
Includes details on the Lostafinga hobgoblin tribe.

28/8: "The Pipes of Doom" (Kristofer Wade): Set in the Savage North
near Loudwater and in the South Woods; involves a battle between a
fiend's army from Hellgate Keep and Loudwater/Waterdeep/Secomber
forces, ending at a korred circle. AD&D 2nd Edition BATTLESYSTEM(R)
rules are used, with unit rosters included. A minor artifact (<pipes
of doom>) is introduced, and major NPCs from Loudwater,
Menzoberranzan, Secomber, Semphar, Llorkh, and the Cult of the Dragon
are described (possible conflicts with other material, though this
was reviewed by Games division before publication).

28/50: "Visitors from Above" (Shonn Everett): SPELLJAMMER adventure
that begins in Neverwinter in the Savage North, then moves to Mount
Hotenow. Dwarves from the Tears of Selune are involved, and their
wildspace citadel is described (location of the Tears is unclear).
Also described is the demigoddess called the Lady of the Woods, and
the spelljamming <furnace helm>. A new unique magical item is
introduced (<ring of Burbul>). Warning: Use of the nautiloid
spelljammer will eventually result in the PCs being attacked by those
who mistake them for mind flayers.

29/8: "Nymph's Reward" (Jeffery L. Fairbourn): Set on the road
between Cormyr and the Dales (specifically, Tilverton and
Mistledale). Study information on hags (all types) carefully.

29/28: "Ex Libris" (Randy Maxwell): Adventure starts in Silverymoon
and leads to ruins (Bard Keep) northeast of there in the mountains.
A thinking-player's dungeon, actually a library built like a
sliding-tile puzzle; cut-out puzzle pieces are included for the DM.
Many valuable informational and magical books are described (among
them one entitled <Tactical Studies Rules>).

29/50: "'Til Death Do Us Part" (J. Mark Bicking): Set in the Dalelands
in the forest of Cormanthor; PCs begin by searching for ruins of Myth
Drannor, which they do not find. Nasty trap and villains.

30/8: "...And a Dozen Eggs" (Randy Maxwell): Set in sewers of
Waterdeep, where dinosaurs have gotten loose. Sewer-encounters table
and dinosaur-age table provided.
30/16: "Elminster's Back Door" (Ed Greenwood): Set in Shadowdale,
at Elminster's tower. Statistics for a watchghost are provided, from
<The Ruins of Undermountain> boxed set.

32/26: "Changeling" (R. Nathaniel Waldbauer): "Side Treks" adventure
set in the Troll Hills, about 250 miles north of Baldur's Gate. Very
short but startling encounter with a dragon.

34/8: "Euphoria Horrors" (Alan Grimes): Set in the Dalelands, just
northwest of Highmoon in Deepingdale. Interesting antidrug module.

34/center: AD&D(TM) Trading Cards for 1992, including two FORGOTTEN
REALMS characters: Hm-Boye (pun on "home boy") of Procampur, and
Reptilia Half-elven of the Dragonspine Mountains. Designed by TSR
Games division staff.

34/54: "On Wings of Darkness" (Craig H. Barrett): Set in Calimshan,
in the Marching Mountains near the headwaters of the River of Ice.
Political intrigue and the <create darkenbeast> spell.

35/7: "Letters": The reply to the letter "Geography Lesson" contains
some corrections to two FORGOTTEN REALMS products: FR9 <The
Bloodstone Lands> and FR6 <Dreams of the Red Wizards>.

36/40: "The Sea of Sorrow" (Steve Kurtz): This SPELLJAMMER adventure
includes some material about Realmspace and its position with
relation to several other crystal spheres, including Refuge (which
was created by Ed Greenwood). A map is even included showing
Realmspace and other spheres in their relative positions (page 44);
possibly no other map ever published by TSR has covered such an
immense area!

37/20: "A Wizard's Fate" (Christopher Perkins): Set in a ruined tower
between Secomber and the High Forest.

38/4: "A Blight on the Land" (Richard Green): Set in Tethyr just one
month after the Time of Troubles; involves the Knights of the Shield
and political manipulations. A new magical device, the <Thayvian
beacon> (a monster attractor), is featured.

39/6: "Below Vulture Point" (Jeff Fairbourn): Set in the High Dale;
allows for zero-level characters.

40/18: "Khamsa's Folly" (J. Mark Bicking): Set in the desert of
Raurin, southeast of Mulhorand; uses spells from FR10 <Old Empires>,
reprinted with module. Introduces two new magical items: <flail of
the desert kings> and <circlet of the adder>. Strong Egyptian flavor.

43/52: "Into the Silver Realm" (Steve Kurtz): Starts in Mirabar just
south of the Spine of the World, moves to the Lurkwood, then into
the Astral Plane (githyanki/githzerai conflict). Introduces a
magical book, <Peregrin's Treatise on Fixed Portals>, connected to
an Astral Plane article in DRAGON issue #159.

45/32: "All Things Nice" (John Baichtal): "Side Treks" adventure set
on any road along the Sword Coast.

48/16: "The Oracle at Sumbar" (Paul Culotta): Starts in city of Yhaunn
in Sembia, then moves to an island in the Sea of Fallen Stars. Contains
background information and ship statistics for pirates of the Inner

48/66: "Honor Lost, Honor Regained" (Paul Hamilton Beattie Jr.): Set
in the Far Hills west of Cormyr.

52/26: "Welcome to the Krypthome" (Samuel Heath): Set in the
Kryptgarden forest between Waterdeep and Triboar.

53/54: "Steelheart" (Paul F. Culotta): Set in Thar and Vaasa, north
of the Moonsea. Involves steel dragons, the Zhentarim, and the Cult
of the Dragon, and presents a detailed encounter table for Vaasa.

54/20: "The Fiends of Tethyr" (David Howery): Set in the seaport of
Velen, in Tethyr. Introduces the savage utahraptor from Chult.

    Though "Monsterquest" (Vince Garcia, DUNGEON issue #10, page 23)
used some material from the RPGA(R) Network's <Gateway to Ravens
Bluff, the Living City> product, it is not specifically set in that
region. (Fort Bravery, in the module, is a pun based on Fort Courage
of an old TV series, "F Troop.")
    Several modules are generic in nature but were suggested for use
with the FORGOTTEN REALMS setting. These are:

33/6: "That Island Charm" (M. S. Rooney, Patrick Carpenter, Greg
Gliedman): Suggested for port and island on the Sea of Fallen Stars.
A serious and challenging module, but look for "Gilligan's Island"

39/24: "Last of the Iron House" (Jasper Jones): Suggested for
placement near the city of Murann in Amn.

40/52: "The Draven Deeps' Menace" (Jeff Fairbourn): DRAGONLANCE(R)
module with alternate setting in Candlekeep in the FORGOTTEN REALMS

43/8: "Jacob's Well" (Randy Maxwell): Suggested for the Lurkwood east
of Mirabar, the Moonwood north of Silverymoon, or the Coldwood north
of Sundabar. Consider using RAVENLOFT campaign guidelines for DMs
running horror scenarios, and think of <Alien>.

46/50: "The Iron Orb of the Duergar" (Peter Aberg): Suggested for
Icewind Dale or Damara. Features a duergar artifact and the skiing

54/8: "Unhallowed Ground" (Dan De Fazio): Suggested for use with
followers of Ilmater; no physical setting given.

*** Kara-Tur ***

Note: OA = AD&D 1st Edition <Oriental Adventures> rules. Because this
volume introduced the lands of Kara-Tur, adventures using these rules
are assumed to take place somewhere within Kara-Tur unless they state

5/28: "The Kappa of Pachee Bridge" (Jay Batista): Short OA module,
not specifically placed in Kara-Tur but fits perfectly there.

7/37: "Samurai Steel" (Dan Salas): OA module set on island of Hinomoto
in Kozakura, compatible with set-up in module OA1 <Swords of the
Daimyo>; much political intrigue.

8/46: "The Flowers of Flame" (Jay Batista): OA fantastic-quest module
beginning in Shou Lung; introduces the OA land of Tabot (=Tibet),
with rules for mountain/glacier climbing and weather.

9/35: "The Golden Bowl of Ashu H'San" (Rick Swan): OA module set in
Kara-Tur but in no specific place. PCs must end a drought.

10/9: "The Artisan's Tomb" (Matthew Maaske): Short OA module, not
specifically placed in Kara-Tur but fits perfectly there.

15/24: "The Dragon's Gift" (Thomas M. Kane): OA module set in the
southern jungles of Shou Lung. PCs get a letter from a fish and meet
a dragon in the Celestial Bureaucracy.

17/31: "The Waiting Room of Yen-Wang-Yeh" (Greg Kramer): OA module
set in Hira province in Kozakura, compatible with set-up in module
OA1 <Swords of the Daimyo>. Mission completion is challenging.
18/32: "Crocodile Tears" (Marcus Rowland): OA module set in any
coastal region of Kara-Tur (Kozakura or Wa would be best). Module
introduces a new demigod of children (Bosatsu Jizo), the wani
(gargantuan crocodile), and the tako (intelligent octopus).

27/40: "Bride for a Fox" (Craig Barrett): Set in the T'u Lung province
of Ausa, in and around the city of Chunming. A remarkably convoluted
adventure filled with deception and double-crosses.

33/54: "Mad Gyoji" (Colin Sullivan): OA module set in Miyama province
in Kozakura, compatible with set-up in module OA1 <Swords of the
Daimyo> and some AD&D 2nd Edition materials on Kara-Tur. Includes
glossary of "Kozakuran" (Japanese) terms, new monster (kitsune
kasumi, "mist fox"), a new item (<ema of wishes>), and a very valuable
book: the <Lexicon of Spirits>.

*** Zakhara ***

46/24: "Floating Rock" (Steve Kurtz): "Side Treks" adventure
centered around a zaratan from the MC13 MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM
AL-QADIM(R) Appendix.

47/60: "The Assassin Within" (Paul Culotta): An AL-QADIM adventure
set in the city of Qadib in Zakhara. Contains a 3-D oblique map of
well-to-do Arabian home.

51/56: "The Last Oasis" (Peter Aberg): An AL-QADIM adventure that
begins in Qudra in Zakhara and moves to the Borderland.

57/28: "The Rose of Jumlat" (Jeroen Grasdyk): An AL-QADIM adventure
set in region in and west of Jumlat in Zakhara. Introduces a new
monster, kada.


Note: "Intro" indicates the 1989 introductory issue of POLYHEDRON
Newszine received by RPGA Network members. "IFMC" indicates the
article was on the inside front mailing cover. "IBMC" indicates the
article was on the inside back mailing cover. "OBMC" indicates the
article was on the outside back mailing cover.
(only FORGOTTEN REALMS adventures are listed here; locations given)

Intro/31: "Ravens Bluff Rumors" (Matt Denzler): Raven's Bluff
adventure for seafaring PCs.
41/9: "Wedding Party" (Robert Farnsworth): Shou Lung; map on page
19 might not match current maps of Shou Lung. Adventure is pre-Realms
<Oriental Adventures> (issue dated May 1988).
50/22: "Counterfeit Dreams" (Skip Williams and Jean Rabe): Ravens
Bluff. Complex sting operation (PCs as victims) involving
counterfeit money; includes description of the "Vulture," Vernon
Condor, the city tax collector.
55/9: "Easy Money" (Jay Tummelson and Lew Wright): Ravens Bluff
62/10: "The Jade Monkey" (Carl Buehler): Ravens Bluff.
64/8: "Short People" (Tom and Matt Prusa): Amn.
66/15: "Caravan" (James M. Ward): Tantras-Ravens Bluff road.
69/7: "Sea of Fire, Part One: River of No Return" (Robert Farnsworth):
70/8: "Sea of Fire, Part Two: The Sea of the Problem" (Robert
Farnsworth): Kara-Tur
77/9: "Downunder the Living City" (Wayne Straiton): Undersea near
Ravens Bluff.
87/10: "Eye of the Leviathan" (Randall Lemon and Ed Peterson):
Undersea (Sea of Fallen Stars) near Ravens Bluff.
97/18: "Your Tax Dollars at Work" (Rob Nicholls): Ravens Bluff.
98/10: "A Handful of Dust" (John Rateliff): Ravens Bluff.
100/10: "The Tower of Gold" (Nicky Rea): Zakhara (desert).

(by TSR Books department; only articles on FORGOTTEN REALMS novels
are listed here)

52/6: "An Interview with R. A. Salvatore" (J. Eric Severson)
56/18: "Building Troy Denning's Dragonwall" (Jim Lowder)
60/20: "A Force for Good in the Realms" (Marlys Heeszel)
61/18: "History's Great Role-Playing Adventure" (Doug Niles):
64/27 "Travelers in the Dark Domain" (Christie Golden and James
Lowder): About <Vampire of the Mists>, concerning a vampire elf from
65/IFMC: "Read the Book! Play the Game!" (David "Zeb" Cook):
Incorporating events from FORGOTTEN REALMS novels into your games.

"The Everwinking Eye"
(FORGOTTEN REALMS campaign information from Ed Greenwood)
54/16: "Elminster's Guide to the FORGOTTEN REALMS Campaign Setting"
(Ed Greenwood): Maskyr's Eye.
55/24: "A Closer Look at Maskyr's Eye" (Ed Greenwood): Maskyr's Eye.
56/26: "Adventures in Maskyr's Eye" (Ed Greenwood): Maskyr's Eye.
57/20: "At Home in Maskyr's Eye" (Ed Greenwood): Maskyr's Eye.
58/25: "Adventures in Maskyr's Eye" (Ed Greenwood): Maskyr's Eye.
60/21: "Who's Who in Mulmaster" (Ed Greenwood): Mulmaster.
63/7: "Who's Who in Mulmaster" (Ed Greenwood): Mulmaster--but a
repeat (with minor editorial changes) of the article in issue #60!
64/20: "Daily Life in Mulmaster" (Ed Greenwood): Mulmaster.
66/24: "Adventures in Mulmaster" (Ed Greenwood): Mulmaster.
67/22: "Who's Who in Mulmaster: Part 2" (Ed Greenwood): Mulmaster.
68/27: "Goodbye, Mulmaster" (Ed Greenwood): Mulmaster.
70/6: "Elminster's Eversmoking Pipe Revealed" (Ed Greenwood):
71/20: "Beshaba, Tymora, and Xvim" (Ed Greenwood): Weak avatars.
72/29: "The Tears of the Dragon" (Ed Greenwood): The Vast.
74/14: "Words to the Wise" (Ed Greenwood): Language and nomenclature
of the Realms.
76/10: "Sagely Secrets Made Known" (Ed Greenwood): Spellfire
addenda, FORGOTTEN REALMS errata (many products), adamantite, rothe
77/7: "Moonsea Shores" (Ed Greenwood): The Moonsea.
78/24: "A Visit to Melvaunt" (Ed Greenwood): Melvaunt, by the
79/7: "Inside Thentia" (Ed Greenwood): Melvaunt and Thentia, by the
80/6: "Temples, Cults, and Idle Gossip in Thentia" (Ed Greenwood):
Thentia, by the Moonsea.
81/8: "As Cold as Bare Fingers" (Ed Greenwood): North of the Moonsea,
82/22: "Secrets of Zhentil Keep Revealed" (Ed Greenwood): Zhentil
83/29: "Something Is Rotten at the Citadel of the Raven" (Ed
Greenwood): Zhentil Keep history.
84/19: "The Schemes of the Zhentarim" (Ed Greenwood): Zhentil Keep.
85/6: "The Pride of the North" (Ed Greenwood): Zhentil Keep.
86/17: "Adventures in Zhentil Keep" (Ed Greenwood): Zhentil Keep.
87/8: "Sevenecho, Then and Now" (Ed Greenwood): Sevenecho
88/13: "Treasures of the Vast, Part One" (Ed Greenwood): The Vast,
A-D (small areas taken in alphabetical order).
89/4: "Treasures of the Vast, Part Two" (Ed Greenwood): The Vast,
91/4: "Treasures of the Vast, Part Three" (Ed Greenwood): The Vast,
92/18: "Treasures of the Vast, Part Four" (Ed Greenwood): The Vast,
93/16: "Treasures of the Vast, Part Five" (Ed Greenwood): The Vast,
94/4: "Land of Merchants" (Ed Greenwood): Sembia.
95/5: "Clandestine Company" (Ed Greenwood): Secret societies of
96/5: "Mysterious Turmish" (Ed Greenwood): Turmish.
98/23: "More Hidden Powers of Turmish" (Ed Greenwood): Turmish.
101/22: "Turmish Customers and Festivals" (Ed Greenwood): Turmish.
103/23: "A Treasure Tour of Turmish" (Ed Greenwood): Turmish;
includes detailed map of Turmish.
104/7: "Country Treasures" (Ed Greenwood): Turmish.
105/7: "More Fabled Treasures of the Land of Turmish" (Ed Greenwood):
106/6: "Endless Treasures in Turmish" (Ed Greenwood): Turmish.
107/6: "Well-Hidden Treasures" (Ed Greenwood): Turmish.
108/6: "The End of the Road in Turmish" (Ed Greenwood): Turmish.
109/6: "First Look at the Border Kingdoms" (Ed Greenwood): Border
110/5: "Our Tour of the Border Kingdoms Continues" (Ed Greenwood):
Border Kingdoms.
111/5: "Blacksaddle, Great Oak, and Bedorn, and then a Break" (Ed
Greenwood): Border Kingdoms.

"Forgotten Deities"
(lesser known gods of the FORGOTTEN REALMS setting)

103/7: "Lesser Known Gods of the Realms" (Eric L. Boyd): Overview
of column topics; Amaunator.
104/4: "Lesser Known Gods of the FORGOTTEN REALMS Setting" (Eric L.
Boyd): Karsus.
105/4: "Garagos the Reaver, `Master of All Weapons'" (Eric Boyd):
106/4: "Ibrandul, The Skulking God" (Eric Boyd): Ibrandul, underdark
deity; see spell on page 19.
107/4: "Moander the Darkbringer" (Eric Boyd): Moander.
108/4: "Sebek" (Eric Boyd): Sebek--Unther werecrocodiles.
109/4: "Sharess" (Eric Boyd): Sharess--lust.
110/4: "Deep Duerra" (Eric Boyd): Deep Duerra--duergar.
111/4: "Grond Peaksmasher" (Eric Boyd): Grond--Moonshae firbolgs.
112/4: "Selvetarm" (Eric Boyd): Selvetarm--drow.
113/4: "Shiallia" (Eric Boyd): Shiallia--korreds.
114/20: "Ssethh/Vaerae" (Eric Boyd): Ssethh--serpents, yuan-ti.
"The Living City"
(RAVENS BLUFF(TM) businesses, settings, NPCs, etc.)

Intro/28: "The Sign of the Quill and Scribe Shop" (Fran Hart)
37/11: "Open Scalery" (Rollin G. Ehlenfeldt)
39/9: "Tym's Supple Leather Shoppe" (Steve Thearle)
40/8: "The Black Lotus" (Rollin Ehlenfeldt)
41/23: "Volodar's Stardust Inn" (Christopher J. Allen)
42/7: "The Crescent Moon" (Rollin Ehlenfeldt)
43/24: "Angel" (Vince Garcia)
44/23: "Open Air Farmers Market" (Joseph Wichmann)
45/7: "The Friendly Familiar Pet Shop" (Jim Lowder)
46/16: "Skully's Bar and Bait" (Halina Adamski)
46/19: "Embrol Sludge's Eatery and Shell Shoppe" (Randall W. Lemon)
47/28: "Burnhart's Outfitting" (Rollin Ehlenfeldt)
48/28: "The Glow Shop" (Fran Hart)
49/28: "The For-Rest Inn" (Michael Selinker)
50/10: "The Toysmiths" (Steve Morton)
50/12: "The Brothers Galgolar Pawnshop" (Jim Lowder)
51/16: "The Downunda Patisserie" (Wes Nicholson)
52/22: "The Ravens Bluff Sanitation Facility" (James P. Buchanan)
53/28: "The Ice House" (Fran Hart)
54/27: "Lyle's Fine Cloaks" (Fran Hart)
55/28: "Shrine of Honest Toil" (Thomas Kane)
56/24: "Black Dugal's Music Shoppe" (John Miller and Jim Dawson)
57/8: "Burton's Bouncing Bears" (Eric Scott Vaughn)
58/27: "Of Wits and Wizards, A Logic Puzzle" (Rob Nicholls): Logic
59/7: "The Two Brothers' Butchery" (Eric and Terence Kemper)
60/23: "The Dancing Bear Inn" (Terrence [Terence] and Eric Kemper)
61/20: "Port of Ravens Bluff" (Lew and Terry Wright)
62/16: "As the Vine Twines" (Gregory Failing)
62/27: "The Mapper's Workshop" (Waldo Kuipers)
64/29: "Wu Ling's Traveling Magic Lantern Show" (Gary M. Williams)
65/6: "Holly's Mill" (Greg Failing and Wayne Straiton)
66/7: "Oljagg's Rag and Bottle Shop" (Gary M. Williams)
67/6: "Sigil of the Silent Night" (Bert Bobbins)
69/15: "Ye Olde Bluff Jeweler" (Alan Zak)
70/15: "Signs Painted" (Joe Littrell)
70/23: "The Red Ravens" (James P. Buchanan)
72/6: "Swimming Lessons" (Tim Beach)
73/25: "Enchanted Items for Your Campaign" (Vince Garcia)
74/7: "The Ill Eagle Inn" (Christopher Earley)
75/6: "Eye of Newt and Food for Familiars" (Carla Hollar and Nicky
76/29: "Eormennoth" (David Carl Argall): Bronze dragon.
77/24: "Elonia's Beauty Shoppe" (Jack D. Graham)
78/17: "Arts' Heaven" (Randall Lemon)
79/15: "The Painted Boat Restaurant" (Eric and Terence Kemper)
81/30: "Renegade's Run" (Mike Selinker): Adventure in Ravens Bluff.
82/8: "The Sapient Sorcerer" (John Miller and Jim Dawson)
83/7: "The Lord Thief-Taker" (David "Zeb" Cook)
84/8: "The Bandaged Wound" (Steven Kydd)
84/11: "Traagor's Tours and Souvenir Shop" (Halina Adamski)
86/6: "Friar Cookpot" (Craig Petillo and Scott Douglas)
88/16: "The Ravens Bluff Diviner's Guild" (Walter Roberts)
90/19: "Master Etcheen's Chess Shop" (Brian Miller): Includes
magical chess set.
91/13: "The Swineherd's House" (Terence Kemper)
92/5: "Vast Brewing Company" (James Patrick Buchanan)
93/21: "Underdeveloped Real Estate: Tower Aqueduct" (James Patrick
94/20: "Myriad's Fencing School" (Lee Sheppard)
95/7: "In the Compter" (David "Zeb" Cook): Ravens Bluff justice
system, laws, and prisons.
96/15: "Rose's Tea Room" (Bob Kindel)
97/4: "Champion of the Games" (Harold Johnson): Lord Mayor Charles
Oliver O'Kane.
97/6: "The Hand of Mercy and Marigold's Menagerie" (Nicky Rea)
103/10: "The Horse Businesses" (Terence Kemper)
105/13: "Misti's Moonlight Pawnshop" (Terence Kemper)

RAVENS BLUFF(TM): The LIVING CITY(TM) campaign: Other Articles

*** Pre-Realms Phase ***

25/5: "Notes from HQ: News for August" (Penny Petticord, mid-1985):
Penny Petticord suggests that the RPGA Network membership
collaborate on a fantasy city project for publication (inspired by
Sanctuary, the Thieves World fantasy setting of Robert Asprin). The
city is to be placed in the WORLD OF GREYHAWK(R) setting. This "shared
world" project eventually develops into the LIVING CITY setting.
26/5: "Notes from HQ: News for October" (Penny Petticord): Update
on "the city project."
28/5: "Notes from HQ" (Penny Petticord): Update on "the city
30/5: "Notes from HQ" (Penny Petticord): Update on "the city
project," with naming contest and details on city's general location.
31/5: "Notes from HQ" (Penny Petticord): Brief update on "the city
project"; naming contest closed.
32/7: "Letters to HQ: The Living City Name" (David M. Axler): Letter
proposing a model for the "Living City" project, as it is now called.
32/8: "Name-the-Living-City-Contest" (RPGA staff): List of proposed
name offered for final selection.
33/5: "Notes from HQ: Magic Trick" (Penny Petticord): Brief update
on the "Living City" project.
34/6: "On the Road to the Living City" (Mike Lach and Jean Rabe):
Two minor encounters taking place near the Living City.

*** Realms Phase ***

36/5: "Notes from HQ" (Jean Rabe, mid/late-1987): The Living City
cannot be named "Ravensgate" (copyright problems); other "Raven"
names being checked. The city is officially placed in the FORGOTTEN
REALMS setting in its current location, south of Tantras on the Fire
36/26: "On the Road to the Living City" (Jean Rabe and Harold
Johnson): A minor encounter taking place near the Living City, with
a "mongrelman" wizard.
37/3: "Notes from HQ: At the Polls" (Jean Rabe): Slogan contest for
the "Living City" project.
39/3: "Notes from HQ" (Jean Rabe): Update on the "Living City"
project, with the new name for the city: Ravens Bluff, and
announcement of the release of the "Gateway" accessory.
48/inside back cover: "Mooney & Sons Circus" (RPGA staff): Contest
to design elements of a Ravens Bluff circus.
63/9: "The Circle of Swords: A Ravens Bluff Logic Puzzle" (Rob
Nicholls): Logic puzzle.
63/23: "Chemcheaux: The Magic Shoppe for the Discriminate" (Dale
"Slade" Henson): Magic shop.
65/22: "Ponderously Puzzling: Potion Plethora Predicament" (Rob
Nicholls): Logic puzzle.
73/4: "Notes from HQ: Beyond the Bohemian Rhapsody" (Jean Rabe):
Development of the LIVING CITY campaign.
73/5: "Letters: The Living--City and Galaxy" (Alan Anderson): Letter
on the LIVING CITY campaign.
84/14: "Living City Magic: Enchanted Items from Ambassador Carrague"
(James Buchanan): New magical items.
84/15: "Character Generation: How to Create LIVING CITY Characters"
(RPGA staff): Rules for tournament PCs, levels 1-12; includes LIVING
CITY Character Record Sheet on page 17.
84/IBMC: "Attention LIVING CITY Players" (RPGA staff): Spelljamming
races in Ravens Bluff.
85/IBMC: "Attention LIVING CITY Players" (RPGA staff): Wild magic
and foreigners in Ravens Bluff.
87/31: "Attention LIVING CITY Players" (RPGA staff): Warning for
LIVING CITY tournament players on excess magic.
88/4: "Notes from HQ: LIVING CITY Growing Pains" (Jean Rabe): Growth
of and problems with the LIVING CITY campaign.
90/4: "Notes from HQ: A Challenge to the Membership" (Jean Rabe):
LIVING CITY activities at conventions.
90/5: "Letters: Children and Dogs and the Living City" (Dennis Rose):
Letter on the LIVING CITY campaign.
92/25: "Jenette LeFleur: A Troubled Rose in Ravens Bluff" (Rick
92/31: "RAVENS BLUFF Warrior Census Enrollment" (RPGA staff): PC
93/18: "A Fool's Errand: The Viper Comes to Ravens Bluff" (James
Tillman): Ravens Bluff NPCs.
95/31: "RAVENS BLUFF Character Census Enrollment" (RPGA staff):
Two-page RAVENS BLUFF PC statistics sheet.
96/29: "LIVING CITY Character Generation" (RPGA staff): Two-page
rules for RPGA LIVING CITY events.
97/5: "Notes from HQ: Connecticut, Chicago, and Ravens Bluff" (Jean
Rabe): LIVING CITY events at conventions.
98/6: "The Ministry of Art: Ravens Bluff's Newest Governmental
Branch" (Dave Gross): Ravens Bluff government department of magic
and wizards.
98/8: "The Ambassador: And the King" (Vince Garcia and Dave Gross):
Two Ravens Bluff NPCs (Carrague and King the Dog).
98/18: "The Sable Feather: An Adventuring Fellowship Takes Root in
the Living City" (Kevin Melka): Ravens Bluff Adventuring Guild.
98/31: "The Raven Express: They Deliver Messages--and More" (Brian
Vogel): Small package shipment business.
101/10: "Back in Black: One of the Living City's Most Infamous
Characters Returns" (Lew Wright and Bruce Rabe): Lord Charles
Frederick LaVerne Blacktree IV.
103/5: "Letters: Ravens Bluff Questions" (Joe Zellmer): LIVING CITY
campaign questions.
104/13: "Poised for War: The Military Forces of Ravens Bluff" (Alex
Lombardi): Army, navy, fortifications, and military finances of
Ravens Bluff.
104/21: "Spath Investigations: Detectives in the Living City"
(Robert Wiese): Private investigators in Ravens Bluff.
105/29: "Talon's Tattoo Parlor: The Living City's Emporium of
Epidermal Illustrations" (Eric L. Boyd)
106/5: "Letters: Real Heroes" (Mike Damewood and RPGA staff): LIVING
CITY events questions.
110/8: "The Lady's Champions: Knighthood in Ravens Bluff" (An LC
Consortium Project/John Harns): Knighthood history in Ravens Bluff.
110/10: "Raven's Knights: LIVING CITY Knight Characters" (An LC
Consortium Project/John Harns): Orders of knighthood in Ravens
110/14: "Raven's Shields: The Heraldry of the Vast" (Willi Burger):
Heraldry basics.
110/16: "Your Are Here: Our New Map of the LIVING CITY" (David
O'Brien, cartographer): Two-page map of the city.
110/20: "Crime and Punishment: The Laws of Ravens Bluff" (Bruce Rabe
and others): Three-page list of Ravens Bluff crimes.
110/23: "LIVING CITY Character Generation: Construction and
Maintenance Rules for Your LIVING CITY Character" (RPGA staff):
Complete details on PC creation.
staff): Two updated PC sheets.
111/22: "Larger Than Life: Not Quite `Giants in the Earth'" (Dave
Biggins): Two minor Ravens Bluff NPCs.
111/28: "City in Transition: The Future of the LIVING CITY" (Scott
Douglas): Changes in the LIVING CITY campaign.
112/2: "Notes from HQ: The Undiscovered Country..." (RPGA staff):
LIVING CITY campaign updates.
112/6: "How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Scott and Kevin Review Some
of This Summer's Conventions" (Scott Douglas and Kevin Melka)
112/6: "LIVING CITY Rulebook" (RPGA staff): Sidebar with allowable
gods of demihuman specialty priests.
113/2: "Notes from HQ: The Gamer's Network" (RPGA staff): New LIVING
CITY campaign changes: player-number and magic-item limits.
113/30: "Classifieds: Available Tournaments" (RPGA staff): List of
LIVING CITY and LIVING JUNGLE events available for conventions.
114/9: "Notes from HQ: A look at 1995, and a look ahead..." (RPGA
staff): LIVING CITY news on magic-item certificates and slot zeros.
114/13: "WINTER FANTASY Game Convention" [1996 preregistration
information] (RPGA staff): Section contains notes on a LIVING CITY
interactive (live) event and LIVING CITY adventures at the
114/26: "On Your Mark...: The 1996 Network Decathlon" (RPGA staff):
Contest involving writing materials for the LIVING CITY and LIVING
JUNGLE settings.

"The New Rogues Gallery"
(only NPCs from the FORGOTTEN REALMS setting are listed here)

41/27: "Ravens Bluff Personalities" (Hubert Phillips II)
43/25: "Hodgepodge" (several authors): Silverleaf (by Stephen Wales)
is a Ravens Bluff NPC; Li Po (by Dr. Edward R. Friedlander) is an
<Oriental Adventures> NPC.
50/14: "Ravens Bluff Personalities" (Dr. Edward R. Friedlander, Ben
Pierce, Francois Poulin, Rick Reid, and Rich Rydberg): Many new
magical items and spells included, some from "Sam Shock, the Electric
52/27: "A Half-Ogre and His Deathball Game" (Eric Scott Vaughn)
53/18: "Phoenix Roses" (Hubert Phillips III) [not listed in the
issue's table of contents!]
54/6: "Adagio Jones and the Goodwinds" (Tim Beach)
55/19: "Iron Maidens" (Costa Valhouli)
60/28: "Two Heads Are Better than One" (Eric L. Boyd): Ettin.
62/20: "The Freelancers" (Sascha Isaac Segan)
69/17: "The Odd Couple" (David Carl Argall)
83/23: "The Rat Catcher of Ravens Bluff" (Gary M. Williams)
84/7: "Lord Speaker Mellisa Eldaren" (James Alan)

"The Ravens Bluff Trumpeter"
(by the RPGA Network staff; official announcements and happenings
in the LIVING CITY campaign)

96/32: #1 includes LIVING CITY PC census results.
97/32: Listed as "#21" (oops!).
104/OBMC: "Adventurers' Extra!"
105/32: "Chemcheaux Destroyed!"
107/5: Discount Merlin's House O' Critters (DMHOC).
109/5: DMI and DMHOC information.
111/27: Lord Thief-Taker slain, Mystra added, Lord Speaker
112/5: Awards, thieves battle.
113/32: Red Wizards try to kidnap mayor, adamantite shortage reported
(adamantite no longer for use by LIVING CITY players), DMHOC monster
114/19: Mercenary army gathers, PCs trapped in RAVENLOFT campaign
are released, DMHOC opens soon, "Society News" starts.

FORGOTTEN REALMS(R) Campaign: Other Articles
(includes those for Kara-Tur, Maztica, and Zakhara)

36/32: "The Critical Hit" (Errol Farstad): Review of <Oriental
Adventures> volume.
44/7: "A Few Monsters for the Living City" (Vince Garcia): The
dragger, greater sea hag, and Living City raven.
45/2: "The Critical Hit: A Visit to the City System" (Richard J.
Rydberg): Review of the <City System> boxed set for Waterdeep.
51/18: "Do You Speak Togo? A Language for Oriental Fantasy" (Thomas
Kane): For Kara-Tur.
57/28: "More to the Maze: History and Errata for MERTWIG'S MAZE(TM)
Gamefolio" (Tom Wham)
67/27: "The Living Galaxy: All That Glitters Sure Is Nice: Part 2"
(Roger E. Moore): Using <FORGOTTEN REALMS Adventures> material to
detail barbaric treasures in SFRPGs.
72/31: "The Vast" (full-page map, no text)
75/28: "Of Lamps and Logic: A Brainteaser from the Land of Fate" (Rob
Nicholls): Logic puzzle.
81/24: "The Living Galaxy: Looting and Pillaging: Barbarian Planets,
Part 2" (Roger E. Moore): Using <FORGOTTEN REALMS Adventures>
material to detail barbaric cities and treasures in SFRPGs (pages
82/10: "Magnificent Magic: Serious and Whimsical Items from Network
Clubs" (numerous authors): Collection of magical items, some
designed for use in the FORGOTTEN REALMS setting.
83/2: "The Man Behind Drizzt: A Chat with Author R. A. Salvatore"
(Erlene Mooney): Author of drow novels.
87/30: "Take a Byte: Where Computer Adventures Begin" (Erlene
Mooney): Details on SSI computer games based on the FORGOTTEN REALMS
90/9: "Marvelous MaGuffins: Magical Items for the AD&D Game"
(numerous authors): Several items for the FORGOTTEN REALMS campaign.
92/20: "Arabian Wonders: Magical Items for the AL-QADIM Setting"
(Gregory W. Detwiler): Several magical items.
93/4: "Adversaries" (Steven Schend): Two NPCs, originally a part of
the #1109 <City of Splendors> boxed set but cut for lack of space.
93/13: "Novel Creations" (Eric L. Boyd): Three monsters from
FORGOTTEN REALMS novels: groundling, deathmirror beetle, shadevar.
94/12: "The Cult of Ao: Who Watches Those Who Watch Over You?" (Steven
E. Schend): Ao cult in Waterdeep and elsewhere; another item from
the #1109 <City of Splendors> boxed set cut for lack of space.
94/18: "Sidekicks: Amusing Companions for Player Characters: Una"
(Mary Catelli): NPC kobold.
95/20: "Four Legs Are Better than Two" (Tina Brown and Carlo Anziano):
Four new centaurs, one of which (zebranaur) seems to be from the
96/18: "Conjurings: New Spells from Network Clubs" (numerous
authors): Several spells are Realms-based.
100/9: "Gorlash Spacescum: A Villain for SPELLJAMMER(R) Campaigns"
(Tom Prusa): Three-armed kobold wizard from Toril, now a wildspace
101/6: "The Book of Exalted Deeds: Or slade's Big Project Rolls of
the Presses" (Jean Rabe): Interview with Dale "slade" Henson over
his ENCYCLOPEDIA MAGICA(TM) project, with references to items from
the FORGOTTEN REALMS campaign.
107/8: "Dispel Confusion" (Vince Lehto and RPGA staff): Brief
overview of psionics in the FORGOTTEN REALMS lands and other
111/15: "A Kingdom for Every Player: The BIRTHRIGHT(TM) Domain
Sourcebooks: To Cerilia--and Beyond!" (Roger E. Moore): Describes
ways to use BIRTHRIGHT domain sourcebooks in FORGOTTEN REALMS
campaigns (page 18).
111/24: "A World of Your Own: The Joys and Pains of Original
Campaigns" (Roger E. Moore): Article mentions grugach elves who came
to the FORGOTTEN REALMS world from the GREYHAWK campaign.
113/23: "A World of Your Own: Dark and Alien Places, Part 1" (Roger
E. Moore): A drow-inhabited moon of Oerth (GREYHAWK campaign) is
described; it has magical gate and spelljammer connections to drow
communities on Toril (e.g., Menzoberranzan).

MALATRA(TM): The LIVING JUNGLE(TM) Campaign: Other Articles

102/4: "Notes from HQ: Into the Heart of MALATRA The Living Jungle"
(Jean Rabe): The creation of the LIVING JUNGLE campaign.
102/5: "MALATRA The Living Jungle: A Brave New World for Network
Members" (RPGA staff): Overview of the MALATRA campaign.
102/8: "Tribes of the Nubari" (RPGA staff): Human tribes of the
MALATRA campaign.
102/13: "Heroes of Malatra: Creating Player Characters for the Living
Jungle" (RPGA staff): Rules for LIVING JUNGLE characters used in RPGA
Network tournaments. Includes two-page "Hero Sheet" for PCs on pages
15 and 18, and two-page map of Malatra on pages 16-17 (section can
be pulled out).
races for MALATRA campaign: katanga, korobokuru, saru, shu, and
102/26: "Architects of Adventure: Writing Guidelines for the Living
Jungle" (RPGA staff): Rules for tournament-creation for the MALATRA
103/30: "The Living Jungle: Sticks and Stones" (RPGA staff): The rock
and stick and weapons.
104/5: "Letters: Jean and the Jungle" (several readers): Questions
about the MALATRA campaign.
105/5: "Letters: Old Business and New" (several readers): Questions
about the MALATRA campaign (pages 5-6) and lycanthropy in the
108/13: "LIVING JUNGLE Q&A: Errata for Malatran Heroes" (RPGA staff):
Detailed errata, including height, age, and weight tables for PC
108/15: "Jungle Lore: New Proficiencies for LIVING JUNGLE Heroes"
(Kevin Melka): More skills for MALATRA campaign PCs.
108/28: "Weeds of Wonder: Useful Plants of Malatra" (Greg Ferris):
Useful plants.
113/5: "Jungle Tales: Servant of Fire Mountain" (Tom Prusa): Humorous
tale from the saru.
113/6: "Raft Dwellers: The Zantira Tribe: A 1995 Decathlon Winner"
(Sherrie Miller and John Richardson): Official new tribe for Malatra;
contest winner.
113/8: "The Hungry Spirit of Fire Mountain" (Ed Gibson): "Ruins of
the Ancients" contest winner for Malatra.
114/21: "Jungle Tales" (Dr. M. Hilzenbauer): "The World Rests on the
Back of a Toad" and "Why the Shu Must Not Kill Each Other."
114/26: "On Your Mark...: The 1996 Network Decathlon" (RPGA staff):
Contest involving writing materials for the LIVING CITY and LIVING
JUNGLE settings.


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