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									                       BURNLEY ACTION PARTNERSHIP
                       The Tudor Room, Burnley Mechanics

                       Monday, 22nd February 2010

MEMBERS                                 REPRESENTING
Councillor Gordon Birtwistle        -   Chair
Mick Cartledge                      -   Vice Chair – BAP Executive
John Wilkinson                      -   NHS East Lancs.
Matthew Paiton                      -   Burnley Youth Council
Abigail Boweden                     -   Burnley Youth Council
Courtney Mcgoughlin                 -   Burnley Youth Council
Anne Marie Wrigley                  -   BCN / New Era
Andy Williams                       -   BCN / Sion Baptist Church
Peter Kenyon                        -   BCN
Terry Hephrun                       -   BCN
Peter Pike                          -   BCN
Kath Bill                           -   BCN
Ann Branch                          -   BCN
Simon Gill                          -   BCN
F Monk                              -   BCN
J Heffernan                         -   BCN
Brenda Rochester                    -   BCN
G. J. Howley                        -   BCN Partnership Officer
Peter Thorne                        -   Burnley TUC
Councillor Paul Reynolds            -   Burnley Borough Council
Councillor Peter Doyle              -   Burnley Borough Council
Councillor Margaret Lishman         -   Burnley Borough Council
Joanne Swift                        -   Burnley Borough Council – Community Safety P/ship
Carl Coughlan                       -   YPS – Youth Council
Michele Bracken                     -   YPS – Youth Council
David Feldman                       -   Princes Charities
Kevin Clark                         -   PLET – Burnley Enterprise
John Clarke                         -   Burnley College
Insp. Jon Bullas                    -   Lancashire Constabulary
Chief Superintendent Clive Tattum   -   Lancashire Constabulary
Sohail Bhatti                       -   NHS East Lancashire
Tony Harrison                       -   Probation
Sheila Battersby                    -   GONW

Tom Forshaw                         -   Burnley Borough Council
Jane James                          -   Burnley Borough Council
Rob Dobson                          -   Burnley Borough Council
Saima Afzaal                        -   Burnley Borough Council
     Welcome and Apologies                                                      Action
     Councillor Gordon Birtwistle welcomed everyone to the meeting
     including new young members from Burnley Youth Council.

     Apologies for absence were received from: - Chris Launder, Anwar
     Afraisab, Tom Harrison, MP Kitty Usher, Jackie Flynn, Cllr Julie Cooper,
     Victoria Major, Graham Dunn, Louise Spencer, Steve Rumbelow, Hugh
     Bramwell, Mike Cook, Cllr Peter McCann and Stuart Smith.

2.   Minutes of Last BAP Assembly Meeting.

     The minutes of the last BAP Assembly meeting held on 30th November
     2009 were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chair.

     Matters arising

     In relation to Minute No.16 Peter Kenyon raised concerns regarding
     future meetings of Vision Board. Mick Cartledge advised that the issue
     had previously been raised at the BAP Executive meeting, and that a
     further meeting of the Vision Board was to take place in the next few

     Members from BCN indicated that it was imperative to have their
     representation on the Vision Board to work in partnership during the
     current difficult economic period.

3.   BAP Executive Minutes & Matters Arising

     The minutes of the BAP Executive meetings held on the17th December
     2009, and 21st January 2010 were confirmed as a true record.

     Matters Arising – BAP Executive minutes 21st January 2010

     In relation to Minute 834; Best of Burnley Awards, it was suggested that
     the categories should not result in voluntary groups competing with and
     Businesses. It was also highlighted that the Young Champions Awards
     were currently nominated through Schools and this restricted a number
     of young people to apply. It was therefore suggested that the
     nominations for young champions should be widespread.

 IT WAS That the Executive would consider all comments when considering
AGREED reviewing the process of the categories for Best of Burnley Awards for          Mca
        this year.

   4.      Sustainable Community Strategy Update

           Rob Dobson gave a brief update on review of the Community Strategy
           which now more accurately reflects the positive changes achieved in the
           Borough since the strategy was launched in 2007.

           He reported that in the last seven years we had achieved a significant
           amount providing us with a strong foundation on which to build a
           Burnley that is safe, clean, strong and prosperous for all.

           He highlighted that at the previous BAP Assembly meeting, members
           had grouped in their choice of workshops of people, places and
           prosperity to discuss any comments they had on the changes being
           made to the document. He indicated that a number of improvements
           and suggestions followed which had been incorporated in the final draft
           of the document. The new Strategy set out the actions and
           transformational projects that the Council and its partners would deliver
           to improve the Borough.

           Members had a brief discussion and raised the following points :-

                 That it was vital that continuous effort was made to promote the
                  development of Todmorden Curve from Network Rail.

                 Peter Kenyon requested that the position in respect of Burnley
                  Opportunities Board that provides services to promote
                  entrepreneurship, employment opportunities and other advice
                  sessions be clarified as some Members had been informed that
                  there was no budget to continue to fund this service                 MCo

                 With regards to the introduction of private sector landlord
                  licensing there was no reference made in relation to proposals for   RD/
                  the scheme to be extended.                                           Mco

                 That more reference should be made in the Strategy to raising
                  aspirations and education attainment levels for young people in      RD
                  the near future.

                 That Burnley had a lot to offer with its magnificent countryside.
                  Members suggested that the introduction should reflect this more     RD

           Councillor Gordon Birtwistle responded to some of the points raised and
           confirmed that the Todmorden Curve was one of the top priorities the
           Council and was continuing negotiations with Network Rail.

           In relation to the continuation of Burnley’s Opportunities Board services
           the Council had requested a business plan and was yet waiting to hear
           from them.

           Mick Cartledge highlighted that much had been achieved over the last
           three years and with the new Strategy, BAP had set out its long-term
           vision for the Borough and had set targets to assess progress towards
           achieving it.

           He further indicated that BAP would continue to monitor a range of
           indicators to check that the Borough was moving in the right direction.

 IT WAS That the comments and feedback be considered for the final draft of the
AGREED Community Strategy document and then to be considered at the next
        Executive in March 2010.

   5.      (a) Safer Communities Update

           Clive Tattum, Jon Bullas and Joanne Swift gave an update on the
           progress made on tackling crime by outlining some of the future

          Clive Tattum gave apologies for the incorrect information posted in the
          recent Lancashire Evening Telegraph indicating high levels of burglary
          crimes. He stated that incorrect data was obtained from end of March
          figures last year.

          Jon Bullas gave a brief overview on current and long term trends of
          different types of crime positioned in Burnley. He outlined a number of
          graphs illustrating trend in burglaries and overall crime figures for
          Burnley. He indicated that good progress was being made with a
          considerable reduction in vehicle crime, burglary dwelling, and criminal

          He highlighted a number of new proposals that were in place by means
          of working with GONW on reducing reoffending and managing people’s
          chaotic life styles. He advised members on a number of different
          initiatives and actions that were planned to reduce future levels of crime.

          Joanne Swift reported on the local partnership work that had been
          carried out and which included the statutory and voluntary sector in
          driving this work forward. She advised Members on the current level of
          performance and highlighted some of the future proposals for 2010.

          She advised that Police forces and Local Authorities had been set a
          level of public confidence that should be reached by March 2011 and
          this would be measured by questions asked in the British Crime Survey.
          She outlined some of the key local initiatives that were in place to
          improve confidence levels including initiatives like Beat Sweep & Safer

          Clive Tattum stated that the Audit Commission had initially indicated that
          Burnley may receive a ‘red flag’ for crime in the CAA assessment
          however following further consultation and recent significant reductions
          in crime levels this had not occurred.

          Clive Tattum indicated that a significant amount of work had been
          carried out with the Audit Commission on placing the statistics in context
          and in providing them with an overview of ongoing work.

          Joanne Swift further highlighted that the team continued to work with the
          Audit Commission to ensure that they captured 'good news' in terms of
          activity, initiatives and outcomes.

 IT WAS That the comments and presentation be noted.

          (b) East Lancs Long-term Health and Inequality Strategy

          Sohail Bhatti gave a brief overview on the Long Term Health Inequalities
          Strategy. He outlined the three types of inequality in health:

                Inequalities in the determinants of health e.g. in education,
                 employment or housing.

                Inequalities in access to health care e.g. refugees often have
                 difficulty in accessing primary health care services.

                Inequalities in health/health outcomes e.g. in average life
                 expectancy at birth between wards within East Lancashire.

          He presented graphs illustrating the trend in life expectancy at birth
          across East Lancashire.

          He advised members on the percentage of population within each
          deprivation quintile across East Lancashire and highlighted a number of
          issues in relation to deprivation. He further outlined some of the key
          local initiatives that were in place through a series of partnership
          projects to tackle deprivation and focussed on the actions that were
          planned to reduce different types of health inequalities for 2010 and

          Members had a brief discussion and raised concerns in relation to what
          future proposals were put in place to improve alcohol treatment.

          Sohail Bhatti stated that as from 1st April 2010 the PCT had new
          initiatives in place to improve alcohol treatment.

          He further indicated that the PCT would be considering reviewing other
          priorities including re-structuring to address some of the major health
          inequalities issues including future plans on 20mph zones and fuel

          Peter Kenyon proposed that the topics on 20mph and fuel poverty be
          considered at a future BAP meeting.

 IT WAS That the comments and presentation be noted.


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