Friend by farrasku


									Friends are gifts for us.
> As a gift, there is a nice wrapper and there is an ugly wrapper.
> The wrapper had a nice handsome face, or an attractive personality.
> The wrapper had a face ugly plain, or ordinary personality
> Only, or even annoying.
> As a gift, the contents of which are good and some bad contents.
> What is it good have a soul so beautiful that we are fascinated
> When sharing with him, when we bear to spend time
> For hours telling stories and entertaining each other, cried together and laughed
> Together. We love him and he loves us.
> The worse it got a wounded soul. Once in the wounds
> So that his soul could no longer love, precisely because he does not
> Feel the love of his life.
> Unfortunately, what we perceive it is often precisely the attitude of rejection,
> Revenge, hatred, jealousy, pride, anger, etc..
> We do not like the souls of this kind and try to avoid
> Them.
> We do not know that it was not because they are basically
> Bad, but his soul's inability to give love because he actually
> Need our love, requires empathy, patience and courage
> Us to listen to the deepest wounds of his soul into it.
> How can we expect someone who hurt her knee running
> With us? How can we ask someone who is afraid of water
> Swim together?
> The cut on his knee and the fear of airlah that must be cured,
> Not berate them because they do not want to run or swim
> With us. They will not say that the "knee" injury or their
> They are afraid of water ", they will say that they do not like to run
> Or they'll say swimming is boring, etc..
> It's a defense mechanism. That's how they defend themselves.
> They will not say: They will say:
> I can not dance "" Dancing is not interesting. "
> I need you "" No match with me. "
> I'm lonely "" My friends have passed all "
> I need to be accepted "" I was bad, no one who stand with me "
> I want to be heard "" Story of my life boring .. "
> They were all present for us, whether good or bad packaging, either
> It is good or bad. And do not be fooled by the packaging. Only when
> We meet the soul-with-soul, we know that's the real reward for
> Us.

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