; Restraint and Anesthesia of Exotic Animals
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Restraint and Anesthesia of Exotic Animals


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									     Restraint and Anesthesia of
           Exotic Animals

Course Coordinator: Becky Johnson, DVM, PhD, DACVA
Faculty: Team-taught course!!
Winter didactic: 938-744
2 credits
           Class Description
Very “hands-on” experience
You get to:
–   Do physical exams
–   Use multiple sedation/anesthesia techniques
–   Anesthetize multiple species
–   Have fun!!!

WEEK 1                       WEEK 2

Intro, Human Drug Exposure   Primate Restraint, Anesthesia
Johnson, K. Schroeder        and Health Exams
Capture Pharmaceuticals &    Cruzen, Carter
Planning, Primate Center     Small Mammals
Introduction                 RARC vets & techs
C. Schroeder, Hartley        Henry Vilas Zoo Tour
Avian Species                Petersen, Stafford
Hartup, O                    Fish and Amphibians
Reptiles                     Sladky, Wendt
Brunson, O                   Rabbits
Capture Equipment            Johnson, Wendt
Brunson, C. Schroeder
                   Clinic Schedule

Clinic schedule
–   Monday through Friday
–   1-5 pm
–   No week-end duty!!
–   Mainly in the VMTH but few field trips!!
Hope to see you there!!

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