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									PPC or SEO – Which Should You Invest
      More Time And Money In?

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PPC = pay per click. SEO = Search Engine Optimisation. Which should you invest in? Both can
take investments of both time and money to succeed. If you do both, you can significantly

increase your chances of success. And if you get expert help with them you can succeed faster.


Pay per click campaigns involve paying for advertising. You pay a fee per click sent to your

website. Pay per click can involve an investment and it can be a gamble. It can take a lot of
money to learn how to effectively advertise via this method. But that shouldn’t dissuade you
from trying it. Companies everywhere use it, even if they have great organic traffic levels. It’s

best to work with a PPC expert who can help you maximise your potential with as little an
investment as possible.


Instead of paying for traffic, search engine optimisation involves designing your website and
following certain actions to attract organic traffic that arrives via putting a keyword search in
and being directed to your website. Some website owners think this is the best option because
you can do it without a fee per visitor. But successful SEO isn’t necessarily free. It can seem like
an attractive proposition over paying on a per click basis but to succeed in SEO, you may want
to make an investment in resources, tools, or professional assistance to help you determine an

approach and to help you compete against others striving to get the attention of the search
engines . SEO can be a highly competitive business that requires more time and effort than
PPC. But if you succeed with it, it can provide a lot of bang for your buck.

SEO and PPC – A Potentially Potent Combo

Website owners that take advantage both of PPC and SEO can have some great results. Both
can complement one another and can boost efficacy of one another as well.

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SEO can drive a pay per click campaign’s success up. Google calculates certain website
elements to determine your fees on PPC, for example. From a reverse standpoint, while organic

listings often get more attention than pay per click ads on a search engine results page, having
both can help you dominate page one of the terms you want to rank for and this could increase
your online exposure, traffic, and success.

Don’t Go it Alone

Navigating the worlds of pay per click ads and SEO can be dizzying. There are a lot of things to
learn and a lot of mistakes people can make when they get started. It can be a long road to
travel on your own. Get help from an SEO company can be smart. Hiring a PPC consultant can

also be smart. Working with a consultancy firm that does BOTH could be even better because if
you can get the two types of marketing working congruently, you can get phenomenal results.
P.S: Oracle Digital can help you with both PPC and SEO. We can help you, whether you’re new
or have been around the digital block a few times. And we can help you whether you’ve got a
large or a small marketing budget. Contact us and let us show you how we can approach PPC
and SEO to help you make more money.

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