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					                                           TRAVEL PROTECTION PLANS

                                            Protection Plan           Premier Protection Plan      Global Travel Protection

                                               Hawaii                        Hawaii
                                                                                                         Cruises and
       Destination(s) Served                   Mexico                        Mexico
                                              Caribbean                     Caribbean
                                              Costa Rica                    Costa Rica
                                                                                                         Cook Islands
                                       Continental United States     Continental United States

      Cancel for Any Reason                      N/A                       Included (1)                      N/A

                                                                                                     No Additional Charge
      Children 17 & Younger              No Additional Charge          No Additional Charge
                                                                                                      (under age two) (2)
   Guarantees the Price of Your
                                             Included (3)                  Included (3)                  Included (3)
 Waives All Pleasant Holidays, LLC-
              Imposed                          Included                      Included                      Included
       Pre-Departure Fees
   Waives a One-Time Voluntary
                                            Included (4) (5)              Included (4) (5)                   N/A
   Supplier Change/Re-Issue Fee

  Pre-Departure Trip Cancellation           Included (4) (5)              Included (1) (5)               Included (6)

 Reimbursement of Any Pleasant
Holidays, LLC Unused Portion of the              N/A                      Included (4) (6)              Included (4) (6)
 Vacation for Early Returns Home
  Replaces Lost and Stolen Travel
                                               Included                      Included                      Included
         Trip Interruption                       N/A                       Included (6)                  Included (6)

Emergency Medical/Dental Expense                 N/A                      Up to $25,000                 Up to $25,000

     Emergency Evacuation &
                                                 N/A                      Up to $50,000                 Up to $50,000
     Repatriation of Remains
  Baggage & Personal Effects Loss                N/A                       Up to $1,000                  Up to $1,000
          Baggage Delay                          N/A                        Up to $100                    Up to $100
           Travel Delay                          N/A                        Up to $500                    Up to $500
Accidental Death & Dismemberment                 N/A                      Up to $ 15,000                Up to $15,000
         Concierge Service                       N/A                         Included                      Included
     Travel Medical Assistance                   N/A                         Included                      Included
   Worldwide Travel Assistance                   N/A                         Included                      Included

                                      5/5/11 - 12/15/11 1/4/12 –    5/5/11 - 12/15/11 1/4/12 –    5/5/11 - 12/15/11 1/4/12 –
          Regular Season
                                                3/30/12                       3/30/12                       3/30/12
           Travel Dates
                                           4/22 – 12/15/12               4/22 – 12/15/12               4/22 – 12/15/12

 Regular Season Travel Protection           Tiered Pricing                Tiered Pricing             Non-Tiered Pricing
        Price (per person)                Adult (18 & older)            Adult (18 & older)          Per Person (2 & older)
            0 -$999.99                            $49                           $89
       $1,000 - $2,999.99                         $89                          $119                        $144 (2)
       $3,000 - $4,999.99                        $139                          $169
        $5,000 and above                         $179                          $209
                                      12/16/11 - 1/3/12 3/31/12 -   12/16/11 - 1/3/12 3/31/12 -   12/16/11 - 1/3/12 3/31/12 -
     Peak Season Travel Dates                  4/21/12                       4/21/12                       4/21/12
                                          12/16/12 - 1/3/13             12/16/12 - 1/3/13             12/16/12 - 1/3/13
Peak Season Travel Protection Price     add $50 to above rates        add $50 to above rates               $164 (2)
The numbers referenced below correspond to the numbers listed under the plans above.

(1) Certain restrictions apply. For cancellations due to covered reasons, all tour costs are covered at 100
percent. Cancellations due to non-covered reasons are covered at 100 percent when made more than
48 hours prior to departure, except on retail airfare, which is covered at 75 percent. Exclusions apply.
New York residents are not eligible for 75% coverage. Cancellation can be made at any time up to trip
departure. See policy for detailed descriptions and certain exclusions.

(2) Infants under two years of age not traveling on a purchased air seat and/or cruise ticket are covered
at no additional charge.

(3) Protection plans do not cover increases for taxes, fees or surcharges imposed by hotels, airlines, car
rental companies or the government.

(4) Once tickets are issued this plan waives a one-time voluntary change or reissue charge per ticket. If
original travel is cancelled on a non-refundable ticket, the plan waives the fee charged to re-ticket
customer for new travel, which is required within one year from the original ticket date and must be
with the same carrier that issued the original ticket. Tickets can only be reissued for use to destinations
served by Pleasant Holidays, LLC as part of a package. Any fare difference and applicable fees must be
paid and tickets must be reissued when itinerary is rebooked. Refunds are not permitted on non-
refundable airfares. Ticket has no value unless customer cancels ticketed flight reservations prior to
ticketed departure time. Charges for changes and or cancellations vary by airline.

(5) Hotel imposed non-refundable, restricted rates, no shows, cancel and change fees, including any
other land supplier with restricted cancellations and change fees are not covered. This includes all travel
dates including any holiday travel.

(6) For covered reasons only and limited to expenses booked through Pleasant Holidays, LLC, coverage
provided by Travel Guard®.

Note: all plans must be purchased at the time of booking by all parties listed on the reservation and are
non-refundable. Please contact Pleasant Holidays, LLC for further information. Certain limitations and
exclusions may apply. Detailed descriptions of all insurance plans, their conditions and exclusions will be
provided with confirmation of reservation. Copies are available online at Pleasant
Holidays, LLC reserves the right to change coverage, prices, and/or inclusions at any time.

Filing a Claim – Claims for the Premier Protection Plan and Global Travel Protection must be submitted
to Travel Guard . To submit a claim call 1-866-350-8922. See your certificate for claims filing procedures.

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