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					Today in the morning meeting was discussed on how the dorms were.
Jeff, an counsel said that the male dorms were above average and the
female dorms were average. He menionted to the clients that if are leaving in the morning on a
morning trip at 8:30am to please be respectful. The center had an issue a few days ago with
clients being loud when they had to leave at 8:30am for out of house appointments. Jeff talked
about how he is a recovery
alcoholic himself, and how has faith that his clients can make it. In
previous meetings he said he does not have high expectations for himself
on which I feel is not the best. Believing in yourself is one of the first steps to success. If you
don't have confidence in yourself, it will be difficult to succeed in anything.

I feel it is great that he is expression himself to the clients because
Many alcohol and drug counselors once suffered from addictions themselves. The problems of
overcoming addiction are something only one who has overcome them can completely
There is a vast difference between truly and fully knowing something and merely knowing
about something. The addiction students might can study for years and never completely
understand the life of the addict.

Jeff was telling the clients that if you are going to book somebody

then you need to confront the person that you are booking. He stated

that the clients should make a connection for booking the other client.

When Jeff talked I get a feeling that clients

are listening to him because I don't notice anybody falling to sleep

in the chairs. He talked about how clients don't "drop guilt" on

other clients because they believe it is switching. Also discussed

when is that clients should take a direct path when walking in Zenwood

and not no short cuts to get to an area faster. Jeff was saying that a lot of clients do not believe in

booking another client or dropping guilt because the clients feel it is snitching. In real life I believe

Snitching is perfectly acceptable if someone did something to hurt another person or someone is doing
something dangerous
The reason for this is because any drug addict or alcoholic who has been at it for any length of time has
accumulated a lot of experience with breaking the law, breaking rules, and generally getting themselves
into trouble. These are otherwise known as consequences, and everyone who finally makes it into
recovery has usually suffered a whole bunch of them.

After Jeff talked a client came up and sang a song which was by John Lennon. He seemed very
confident because he was moving around very freely by clapping his hands, smiling,

 In the song it goes “Instant Karmas gonna get you Gonna knock you right on the head

You better get yourself together Pretty soon you're gonna be dead

What in the world you thinking of Laughing in the face of love”

What does this expression mean in the life of those in recovery from drug addiction?

"What goes around comes around" is about the skill of learning patience. The bigger picture,
however, is to provide a coping mechanism to handle the circumstances that life throws at us.
Most of the consequences now coming back to us, are now outside of our control. Life is not fair.
We have been dealt a bad hand.

Injustices and set backs

After the clients started to clap and I heard down the hall wall the sound of Boots and I look over and it
is Cathy, my supervisor. I get up without making any noise and followed her in the office.

I come into her office and put my coat and pocketbook away. When I was doing that she was

putting her phone in the connection charger on her desk, and checking

electric mail . She opened up some of her snail mail fast and she

opened up a letter from a former client. The client states in the

letter that he is doing great in jail. When I looked at Ali's face

expression she seemed happy with the news from the client because she

had an smile on her face. Ali tells me the client is doing some dog

thing in the jail. I tell her oh that’s probably one of the dogs from

the program I volunteer with. I know that the inmates have to be
ideal inmates for the program so that means he must be doing great. Cathy was saying its sad that he is

in jail because Zenwood fought very hard to keep him in treatment but the judge that was overlooking
his case did not want to hear about his progress.

After I look at the time and ask her if we are going to process group.

She said yes and I asked her if it was ok if I start walking over to

process group. Ali said go ahead. When I was walking to process group

Elene greeted me with a big smile on her face saying Hi. I asked her

how her day is going and she told me great and she cannot wait to go

to class after the group she is in. I ask if she knows what she is

learning today, and she told me they are going to finish watching a

video on Katrina.

The hurricane was traumatic, the flooding was overwhelming, and the loss of homes, schools,
and churches was disturbing this can cause a little trigger in some of the clients. Most
Americans still remember Hurricane Katrina.

For Kathy’s group she had a mixed group of both male and female clients. The first client
Rebecca says she is happy that she dropped guilt, and it clears up her mind. One of the clients
shut down understands why he is shut down to spare parts because when he was in the entry
unit Loopz in the Bronx he smoked Marijuana and this punishment carried him upstate.The
client talks with an upward postrure and looking all the clients in the group. He states he wants
to come to Creestwood with a fresh start. He states on how is nervous on how court is going to
react on this ,and when he finished talking a female client that was more talking with her
hands.She was keened down more in the chair with her elbows on her knees. She told the other
client that she has had this judge, and she thinks he will be ok if he does what he has to do in

Another client was very quiet and told Cathy that he does not know why he is in her group.
Cathy responded to male client that he has been disrespectful and his reactions have to
change. This client punishment is to dishes. He states that he hates doing dishes, and in real
life he never done them. In his own house he states there would be dishes piled up for a week.
I believe that can cause health hazards such as bugs, rats. Cathy asked him to do a essay on
what he has learned on being on dish duty.

It was time now for the staff meeting. The staff meeting discussed on how they should take
away more every day products like lotion because it contains alcohol. I asked to see the bottle
of the lotion which was the fourth agreement. I know alcoholics in recoving tend not to use
products like Listerine, but I would never think of lotion.Cathy says taking lotion away is going a
step overboard and the other staff member agreed but said they have to protect their ass just in

The staff member Kevin said to Cathy it is like when a drug dealer packs up cocaine(bhs242) he
gets a high from bagging up the drug. He states he is like that.

Also Tom states to the staff that they have to show the letter to him or the assistant directors.
The reason why a lot of the letters have been saving the same things. He says the court system
does not care about that and they want to see how the client is doing in the letters such as
family participant, vocational training, discharge dates. The court system officials talk to the
clients, and want to make sure that the Crestwood staff puts some effort into their clients.

Somehow a client got a smart phone onto the property because she is going on facebook.
Crestwood has computers for the clients to use but social media sites like facebook are
blocked.The IT department said it was not done on their computers. The staff is going to look
into this more.

Also talked in the meeting is how clients say they can get more drugs at Loopz then on the
street. Another big issue seems to be is the language on the staff,and the staff should watch
what they say around clients,and in general. I noticed that a lot of the staff do curse. Also Tom
asked everybody if they read the memo regarding bed bugs. Tom talks about how to control the
spread of bedbugs such as doing typical percetrude as they do such as when entering the
facility all their clothing must be proceed to the laundry room, and all clothes should be placed in
dryers at high temperature for a minimum of ½ hour. Also they getting four intakes, two females
and two males

Also they want Cathy to do a positive haircut. The staff feel that the client has feeling for another
client but did not do anything about it. The other clients in the haircut are going to be clients that
have been brought to attention of doing sexual actions with other clients.
When I walked back to Cathy’s office she was getting a little bit frustrated because her STARS
account would not work. It keeps on giving her an error and she has to call up IT to fix this
issue. Since Cathy was having trouble with her computer I asked her if I can sit in on the other
group outside her office that another counsil , Amber was running.

Amber’s group was the younger members group. Amber went around the small circle
making the clients use positive words and making all the clients smile. Amber says
smile people. She states that smiles are great investments: the more you collect, the better
you feel.

After talking Amber noticed a client is not smiling and pinpoints this out.She is sitting down
looking very stiff and looking straight. She states how can I smile if I’m inside hear. I want to be
home with my 6 year old daughter. She states that she should be happy that she is alive, and her
lawyer told her it would be a good idea for court to come to Creeswood. Tiffany .states she
caused an four car traffic,and hit a car head on when she was drunk(bhs242). She looks very
young and to have a 6 year old daughter she probably had at early young age(bhs103).She says
the things she learns in Creeswood is not going to help her in real life. I believe this is not true
because even the smallest thing you learned in rehab could get you not to replase (bhs242).

After the meeting the group was lunch, and I got to sit down with some of the clients to eat. I sat
down next to Mary and asked how school went.Did she enjoy the video? I understand that was
an dead end question but after she answered yes, I asked how why did she enjoy the video and
what did she learn out of it. She seems very happy that I put my time asking her these questions
because her face lightened up when talking to me.

After lunch I had a little downtime, and I was walking around reading some of the duties of the
clients job duties on the board. I was thinking in my mind how has this client been acting to get
this job? When I was looking at the papers a client came up to me asking me if I ate and I told
him a salad. He said that’s all? I said yeah I don’t eat fried foods.Then he asks if I’m going to
work hear? I said to him I don’t know what the feature overcomes. He states to me that he is
doing a bid, and does not need the program. I said to him I think he should not under estimet
anything because even the smallest thing he might learn at Creestwood he might apply in the
outside world, and not even realize it.He said I make a good point. He said to me what am I
accited to? I said to him tanning. After he asks me if I can do him a favor? I said what is it? He
asked me if I can get him some French fries?I set a boundy and told him I don’t feel comparable
doing that. He said oh ok cool.
After lunch I ask Cathy about the situation that happened with French fries when we was
walking to staff meeting. She told me he could gotten his own,and he was just being lazy. I said a
great answer to him. I look at the time and noticed the staff meeting is going to happen soon so I
walk to the director’s office. The meeting had a lot of the same things talked about such as how
much money is in the bank except that the staff is going to address the clients in night meeting
on Passover dinner. They made a joke saying how all the clients are going to stand up and want
to go because the dinner is at their rentry unit Zeel. Kidding around another staff member said
that Catchy should be in charge of it because she is Jewish. She says like I’m best jew.

Also found was a cellphone in one of the female’s pillows. When one of the male staff started to
look at the cell phone he noticed a lot sexual photos and put the phone down right away. Also
discussed is how it is harder for older members to teach younger members and they should
change this.

After the meeting Cathy gives me the keys to her office, and tells me she will meet me there.
When she comes back she checks her voice mail. On her voicemail was the direcot of a halfway
house Lakewood in Meltow,NY. It turns out that the client is not there yet, and the treatment
center drove him. Cathy gets a hold of the drivers that was bringing him and gets a hold of the
halway house. Cathy delt with the house way house’s director and she gets a feeling that they are
not going to reschedule this client’s interview. This is unfair for the client because it is not his
fault, and he is a high case because no half a houses in his area want him due to his behaviors in
the past. She says to Cathy “I will get back to you “ and Cathy said she caught a bad feeling on
that statement by her tone of voice.

When Cathy was going to call her boss she gave me the keys to another office since she saw that
Cindy was outside in the main room sitting around doing nothing. I walk up to Cindy asking her
if she can please see me? She asked me do I want to know the trurth,and I said yes. She said she
doesn’t want to get yup because of cramps. I told I know the feeling but she got to put on her big
girl panties and get up. She laughed and we went into a office not being used.

   1. Cathy has been teaching me about OARS. OARS is Open-ended questions
   2. Affirmations
   3. Reflective listening
   4. Summaries

 I tried to start the session with an Open ended question such from Cindy on asking her how her
day is. Cindy is telling me that she misses her girlfriend,and it is her girlfriends birthday coming

Cindy tells me that she hates snitching, and feels that she is getting dirty looks from clients
because of that. I told her that it is all about her, and she should maybe write down her feelings if
she believes this.

In a way it seems that people who get upset that somebody “snitched” are likely to have
something to hide themselves. If you are truly trying to work an effective recovery, then you
won’t mind others who might “call you out” on questionable behaviors–instead they shall
welcome the feedback and thank them for their insight.

say to her “I must say, if I were in your position, I might have a hard time dealing with that
amount of stress and rome was not built overnight”. Cindy asks me if I heard about the guilt she
dropped about having sex with another client that is an male. I said no but how does it feel to
drop that guilt? She said great. Cindy says states she is pissed at herself for this.I ask her why?
She states to me because she is no longer a lesbian,and is bisexual. I figured that in my own mind
being she has two children,and said in the past she was married to a guy in the past. I told her
I’m happy she dropped her guilt. I said it might hurt right now but in the long run it is for the
best. She told me the guy she had sex with was the guy Zeel transferred to another treatment
center. She says your right michelle it feels good to say it.I laughed and its Maria but its ok.
Cindy said she is bad with names,and I said I know that feeling and I hate it. She started talked
about guys she had sex with for money, and she did not remember there name. She should be
worried about std’s (bhs103) because I remember reading somewhere that a lot of tricks do not
practice safe sex.

After she talking about her girlfriend she asked me if she can make a phone call and I told her I
don’t feel conformable doing that, and I will get back to her on that. She was ok with the answer.

After I asked her how is she school going. She told me it is was pretty borning and she felt that
she did not get anything out of school today. I asked her did you tell your teacher this? She said
no. I told her if I was in your shoes I would tell the teacher that. After that I asked her
For the project she was going to work on for me and she tells me she has been busy with school.
I do see her reading school books, but I her I would like to see some progress on Monday. I told
her its my birthday on Monday so make me a gift and do what we discussed about writing down
what she did and what she could of done,and the feelings on that. When I said that she had a big
smile on her face. She tells me that she is going to announce to everybody that it is my
birthday,and is going to sing. She states she hates the birthday song.I ask her why and she said it
is the rhythm like everybody says it one time. After I ask her what does she except out of me as
an intern? She looked surprised I asked that because she clapped her hands on her lap and said
wowwwwwwww let me think.That you will listen to me , and give good advice. I understand I
can not give advice but I can ask her open ended questions that might have her think about her
actions. I felt this session went over pretty well and Cindy seems to be very open about her life.

After the session I saw Cathy and asked her about the phone call and she said I could make them
for her. Cathy went out to do something and I was in her office looking at some photos and I
saw Cindy outside. I step outside and ask her to step inside. I ask her was she outside to make
that phone call. I believe even something that small is private. What if another client heard me
saying that, that can lead to another client,and then all sudden there is another story. I tell Cindy
you know that you get five minutes only. If you get any bad news, or you start cursing this call
got to end. She said she understands.

When she was making the call it was almost time to leave. I was very happy on the outcome with
how everything went today. I believe I learned a lot,and I’m very happy I’m dealing with clients
face/face and not doing data entry.

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