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Angel Face
(Narrated by her human surrogate mother)
By Marilyn Warner

I  used to look at people as if they were
   crazy when they talked about their
pet as if it were their child. When my
                                            with the sweetest little face. I
                                            called her “Angel Face.”
                                            With my daughter and niece
own children were young, they cared for     away all day I assumed the
the occasional dog or cat that resided      role of the kitten’s primary
outdoors on our property, but they were     care giver. I hovered over
just dogs or cats, nothing special.         her all-day: talking to her,
I have lived 75 years and I have never      cuddling her, trying to make
owned a pet. Animals were okay but          her feel safe. When she would
I never thought they should live in         not eat, I stroked her back.
the house. When I saw people feeding        Over the next few weeks,
their pets on household dishes or refer     Angel Face became my best
to them as family members, I’d think,       friend. I talked to her and
“…you have got to be kidding.” That         she began communicating
all changed after I came to live with my    with me by sitting at my feet               she was again racing through the house
daughter and niece. They are true animal    and meowing; different sounds meant         like a streak of lightening!
lovers and work at Cat Depot.               different things. Now I am the one          This little kitten means so much to me.
                                            sounding crazed!
About six months ago, my daughter                                                       I never dreamed I could ever love an
brought home the sweetest calico kitten.    We purchased a child’s playpen for          animal so deeply. I adore her and she
According to the veterinarian, the          Angel Face where she slept or ate her       provides me with great comfort and
kitten had special needs and required a     meals. During the day, I would let her      company during the course of the long
home environment. The kitten could          out and socialize with her. The playpen
                                                                                        days when I am alone. Having health
barely stand or walk and I looked at this   became her little house. She would
                                            meow when she wanted to return to           problems of my own, I can identify with
helpless creature and thought, “you look                                                hers and sometimes it feels like we take
just like I feel!” Her fur was soft like    it or when she was tired from playing.
                                            Not realizing that cats instinctually use   turns caring for each other. My daughter
spun silk, and she had a long bushy tail
                                                      a litter box, I raved about       reminds me that the kitten is impaired.
                                                      how quickly Angel Face was        But to me, she is just perfect.
                                                                                        It has taken me 75 years to appreciate
                                                      Recently, the kitten acquired     the benefits of having a pet. It is not
                                                      an infection in her little body   too different than raising a family; they
                                                      and the vet prescribed her        depend on us to feed them and take care
                                                      antibiotics and prednisone
                                                                                        of them. My children now call me crazy.
                                                      to address the inflammation.
                                                      When she did not immediately      That’s okay because when Angel Face
                                                      respond to medication, I          is doing well, I am doing well. I finally
                                                      became fearful of losing her.     understand the powerful positive effect
                                                      What would I do without           an animal can have on a human being. I
                                                      this little princess? I was so    guess I’ve become one of those fanatical
                                                      thankful, five days later, when   animal lovers.
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                                                                       New Year’s

                     Scoop                                         Resolutions for You
What the World Needs Now                                              and Your Pet                                                              TM

N    ewspapers, doctors, and prestigious
     clinics all suggest that a good cat or
dog can alleviate loneliness, ease depression,
                                                                S  ince our pets are such an important part of our
                                                                   lives, making New Year’s resolutions with them           Founders
                                                                in mind should be a focal point in our plans for            Ken & Linda Slavin
lower cholesterol, and help people with all
                                                                the holidays.                                               Diane Diamond Thompson
that ails them. “Unconditional love,” when
used in referring to the type of love we                        1. Exercise                                                 Bev Meadows
receive from our pets, has become a                             We all know that regular exercise keeps us fit and          Garo Partoyan
universal phrase that people from all lifestyles                less vulnerable to health issues, but many of us may
understand. Pet owners realize that when we                     not realize that the same activity is necessary for the     Employees
are at the lowest of our lows, pets are always                  health of our four-legged friends. Pet owners who
                                                                walk their dogs recognize the benefits of exercise for      Ellie Egan
there for us.
                                                                both parties. But is exercising your cat possible? I        Donna Fetters
Pets are amazing creatures whose powers
                                                                don’t mean putting kitty on a treadmill and making          Mathew Johnson
enhance     our    psychological,  medical,
                                                                her lift tiny barbells but rather exercise her through      Carol Longtin
and spiritual well-being. Powers like these
                                                                what she sees as play. Vary your play activities to learn
are something we all could use in our                                                                                       Michael McCarthy
                                                                what your pet prefers. Buy cat furniture that mimics
everyday lives.                                                                                                             Suzette Minahan
                                                                activities in the wild such as jumping, pouncing, or
                   Currently, we are a nation                   climbing. As a pet owner, you can help kitty stalk          Kim Roach
                   at war, faced with the                       her prey—her favorite toy! Spending 20 minutes a            Kathleen Stratton
                   threats of terrorism, here                   day playing with your cat can increase circulation,         Marilyn Warner
                   and abroad. Although it is                   improve her immune system, brighten her eyes, and
                   five years since 9/11, we                    make her coat shinier.                                      Volunteers
                   are still recuperating from
                                                                2. Good Nutrition                                           Karen Ankerstar
                   its after math. And, many
                                                                People should feed themselves and their pets the
                   of those affected by the                                                                                 Margo Bates
                                                                best quality food they can afford. Experts suggest
     Amelia        devastation of Hurricane                                                                                 Brooke Bennett
                                                                that the best cat foods, which cost more because
Katrina are struggling to rebuild their
                                                                they are so densely packed with nutrients, can              Betty Boufford
homes and their lives. According to Bill
                                                                satisfy your cat with smaller servings. This benefits       Carol Cofer
Clanton, the program director of ALL Pets
                                                                your cat’s digestion and weight as well as your             Ileana & Andy Croatman
Radio, pets, unlike even our best friends,
                                                                wallet. Because these foods contain less filler, your
are unaffected by the world’s negative stress                                                                               Kate Culbertson
                                                                pet absorbs more nutrients and passes less waste.
that depresses us as human beings. He also                                                                                  Robin Esformes
                                                                Studies suggest that cats eat as much as they need
suggests that our pets are “armed with
                                                                to get the nutrients they require. When given               Dorsay Fischer
weapons of mass affection” that make us laugh
                                                                inexpensive cat foods, cats eat twice as much.              Kathy Francolletti
and smile when sometimes we want to cry
about our personal or global state of affairs.                  The main ingredient in your cat food should be              Marcy Gilroy
These are only a few of the many reasons the                    either meat, chicken, or fish. Cats are carnivores          Rosemary Hamje
world needs pets.                                               and do not need carbohydrates (corn, wheat, rice).
                                                                                                                            Anne Kirkwood
                                                                Canned food is closer to raw food, contains a lot of
                          From a personal                                                                                   Gail Landry
                                                                water that helps with hydration, and has less filler
                          perspective, I do
                                                                and carbohydrates. The amount of food fed to the            Nancy Leto
                          not believe I could
                                                                cat should be tailored to its body, character, and          John & Molly Maxwell
                          live my life without
                                                                physical activity. Consult your vet about a balanced        Jane Reeves
                          owning a pet. We
                                                                diet based on your pet’s individual needs.
                          used to travel with                                                                               Emily Rosenblatte
                          our two cats but                      3. Stop Smoking
                                                                                                                            Virginia Sirocky
                          like us, they are now                 One of the top New Year’s resolutions people
         Balboa           baby boomers and in                   make is to stop smoking. Every year, approximately          Mellonie Smicklas
early retirement. One cat is diabetic and the                   400,000 people die from cigarette smoking in the            Vivienne Smith
other is given blood pressure medication to                     United States, and some 53,000 die from second              Ester Solin
alleviate stress on her kidneys. Nevertheless,                  hand smoke (SHS). However, most people are not              Carrie Taylor
for 16 years, our pets have given us so much                    aware that passive smoke is extremely toxic to your
                                                                best friend: your cat, dog, or bird.                        MaryJane Tomcala
joy, laughter, and unconditional love that I
feel I owe them something—like remaining                                                                                    Ginger Vance
                                                                In 2002, a study at Tufts University found that
close to home in their final years.                             cats exposed to SHS were twice as likely to develop         Sue Vanderveer
                               Continued on page 4                                                    Continued on page 8   Madeline Young
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                 Mews Happenings
•PetsMobility, out of Scottsdale, Arizona, has come up with the first   cause itchy eyes, welts, or scratchy throats. The allergic reaction
  ever-cellular telephone for your pet. Their PetsCell technology       to cats is produced by their skin and salivary glands. Allerca has
  will be compatible with existing satellite GPS technology. There      found a way to identify cats that are “genetically divergent” or
  will be a button on the pet’s collar that when pushed, will           cats that do not produce this protein. The company suggests that
  automatically dial the owner’s home and pet owners can call           there is no genetic engineering involved in this process. They
  and talk to their pet anytime they like. In addition, there is an     identify cats with the right attributes and by breeding them,
  optional GPS tracking chip should the pet get lost and an optional    create no allergenic cats. This is a huge breakthrough for pet
  fiber optic camera is available for search and rescue operations.
                                                                        owners who are allergic to cats and there is already a waiting
  Your pet will have its own phone number and in order to protect
                                                                        list. However, the current price tag is steep—$3,950 with $900
  your pet from unwanted calls, the collar will only accept calls
  from numbers you’ve programmed it to. Unlike dealing with             added for shipping.
  teenagers, however, the amount of minutes won’t be disputed! •        Thanks to the Humane Society of the United States, President
• Pennsylvania has a serious problem with the regulation and sale       Bush recently signed the PETS Act (Pets Evacuation &
  of dogs in the state and it has become known as the “puppy            Transportation Standards). During Hurricane Katrina, tens of
  mill” capital in the country. Puppy mills are breeding facilities     thousands of animals became homeless or perished. Many pet
  that produce purebred puppies in large numbers. The puppies           owners, who refused to leave without their pets, perished also.
  are sold to pet stores, kennels, and businesses that profit from      A recent international report indicated that 61% of pet owners
  mass-produced dogs. There is little to no regard for the quality      would refuse to evacuate if they couldn’t take their pets with
  or welfare of the animals. Dogs are bred until they reach the end     them. Pets are now seen as part of the family but now pet owners
  of their reproductive life, and are then euthanized. Because of       won’t need to make that heart wrenching decision! Communities
  the inhumane conditions, puppies sold at pet stores have health,      across the nation are now required to include pet owners and their
  genetic, and behavioral problems. Governor Ed Rendell (D)             pets in emergency evacuation plans. In addition, the bill contains
  proposed legislation that would strengthen criminal penalties
                                                                        provisions for federal funding to create pet-friendly shelters and
  for guilty kennel owners, revoke their license for 10 years, and
                                                                        for FEMA to assist pet owners and their animals.
  allow the seizure of dogs in distress. New legislation would
  double the size of cages, require a minimum of 20 minutes a • After hearing about their use in California, Seattle firefighters
  day exercise along with minimum standards of temperature, are testing the use of animal made oxygen respirator masks.
  lighting, ventilation, and sanitation in kennels. Other states Often asked to save family pets, firefighters have resorted to
  with significant numbers of puppy mills are Missouri, Arkansas, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation when human masks aren’t
  Oklahoma, and Nebraska.                                           successful. The animal respirator masks have successfully been

• ABC News- Allerca Lifestyle Pets, a San Diego-based company, tested on dogs and soon firefighters will be using a mask designed
  has produced the world’s first, hypoallergenic cat that does not to fit a bird’s beak!

    The Things We Do For Love
T    hese days, if a doctor can do it, a veterinarian can, too! Yes,
     now there are veterinary specialists in neurology, oncology,
cardiology, ophthalmology, toxicology, dentistry, parasitology,
                                                                   and a friend,” and it is all about the intense bond between
                                                                   people and their pets. When surveyed by the American Hospital
                                                                   Association, 73% of pet owners suggested they would go into
among others. As the wonders of human medicine grow and we         debt to provide for their pet’s well-being; 58% said they would
are now able to save or extend a human’s life, pet owners too are  take time off from work for a sick pet; only 21% said they had
going to great lengths, no matter the cost, to do the same for     more photos of a significant other than of their pet. Like people,
their beloved pets.                                                pets are prescribed oncology and antidepressant medications. In
                                                                   response to overweight cats, Hill’s Pet Food Company offers an
According to some veterinarians, pet owners are acting as their Atkins-style low carbohydrate diet for cats.
animal’s health advocates just as they might for any family
member. They are requesting cutting-edge treatments as well as In the last several years, kidney transplants for cats have been
sophisticated and costly diagnostic procedures such as MRIs, CT done. In exchange, the person whose pet is getting the kidney
                                                                   must adopt the animal who donated the organ. Transplants are
scans, and echocardiograms.
                                                                   not a cure, but 75% of the cats survive for at least a year, and about
According to statistics, the number of veterinary specialists half make it for five years (surgery costs $6,000-$11,000). Open-
increased 66% from 1992- 2002 and they are opening more and heart surgery has been done on dogs with the technology almost
more community practices. Due to the demand for advanced identical to that in human medicine. In addition, pacemakers are
procedures and specialty medicine, pets now are living longer. being implanted in dogs and the success rate is very good (surgery
However, none of this would be happening if people weren’t costs- $3,000). Pacemaker companies offer veterinarians ‘nearly
willing to pay for it—out of love for their pet.                   expired’ pacemakers and the batteries, in most cases, outlast the
                                                                   dog’s life.
According to James Serpell, a University of Pennsylvania professor
of Ethics and Animal Welfare, “The role of the animal has shifted These wonders are not limited to furry pets; a University of
from being a servant to being a member of the family, a kinsman,                                                        Continued on page 6

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Inside Scoop                          Continued from page 2

                         I am a firm believer that things happen                    Several times a day, my 16-year-old Burmese cat climbs
                         for a reason, hence the birth of Cat                       on my chest, nuzzles his face up against mine, and begins
                         Depot three years ago. It has given                        to purr. If I am hurting, he absorbs my pain and if I cry, he licks
                         my husband and me another focus,                           my tears away. When my husband finds us bonding, we laugh
                         outside of our own issues. The notes,                      and I usually suggest he take notes. I’m not sure it gets any
                         emails, phone calls, and pictures from                     better than that!
                         adopters, donors, or people we’ve
                                                                                    Adopt a rescued pet in the New Year and allow him or her to
                         assisted reflect the happiness their new
        Belva                                                                       heal whatever ails you.
                         pets have brought them and confirm

the need for animals in our day-to-day lives.                                       Linda Slavin
                                                                                    Co-Founder of Cat Depot

                       First Annual Fundraiser

                                                                                                            Al Shayman and his Cat Depot
                                                                                                              Adoptee’s Kiwi and Mango

           Texas Hold’em, Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps and Slots
                    Friday, January 12th, 2007 at 7:00 pm
                               Michael’s On East
                Tapas and Dessert Stations, Call Brand Open Bar
                      General Admission $125 per person
                         Entertainment, Music, Dancing
               For Tickets and Reservations Call: (941) 366-2983
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                              feline sanctuary in Sarasota, Florida

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                                                      Dear Dot Cat
                                H    i folks! It’s Dot Cat, this time
                                     writing about the first cloned
                                cat! Pet owners may someday be
                                                                       be paying $50,000+ for this procedure. The Humane Society of
                                                                       the United States is concerned about cloning for several reasons.
                                                                       If pet owners are not happy with the newly cloned kitten, they
                                able to clone their beloved pet.       may abandon it or relinquish it to an animal shelter, adding to
                                Following are some of the pros and
                                                                       the millions of pets that are desperate for homes. In addition,
                                cons of the procedure.
                                                                       they are concerned for the welfare of surrogate female felines
                                 What were the results of the first because we do not need to continue to promote the birth of more
                                 cloning of a kitten?                  kittens. This country is already plagued with an overwhelming pet
                                 In 2002, cloning scientists at the
                                 College of Veterinary Medicine at overpopulation problem.
                                 Texas A & M University announced Is cloning unfair to the newly created pet?
                                 the world’s first cloned kitten, Although a cloned kitten may be physically identical to the original
CopyCat. The genetic donor was Rainbow, a calico domestic pet and may have a similar temperament, it may forever live in the
shorthaired cat. Her DNA was injected into an egg cell; the egg cell shadow of the deceased pet. Assuming that the beloved pet lived
was developed into an embryo, and then implanted into another
cat named Allie who gave birth to CopyCat.                             for 10-15 years, the pet owner is now considerably older and they
                                                                       may have altered his or her lifestyle. In addition, what was once
Despite the fact that they share the same DNA, CopyCat’s coat considered cute kitten behavior might now be an annoyance.
had a different pattern than her genetic mother’s, Rainbow. This is
because, as the embryo develops, the genes responsible for fur color Dot Cat’s Response
can be switched on and off at random to create different fur patterns. Cloning may be a first step in reproducing certain animal breeds
CopyCat’s disposition was also different because temperament is before they become extinct, like our “big cats.” While losing a
controlled partly by genes and partly by environment, both inside furry, four-legged family member like me might be devastating,
the womb and during a cat’s lifetime. To create a more accurate so is being homeless! I was lucky I was adopted, but I left behind
likeness of a kitten’s characteristics with its genetic mother, a new
                                                                       many feline friends at Cat Depot. Why don’t people honor the
cloning procedure was used in 2004.
                                                                       memory of their beloved cats by adopting a rescued one?
What are the concerns of potential pet owners and animal
welfare organizations?                                                 Happy Holidays!
Pet owners need to understand that the cloning process is not

.....                                                                                       .....
a reincarnation of the original donor, especially when they may Email- catdepotcats@yahoo.com

                                                    We Need Homes

  Sammy                 Sassy                 Shack               Shakira             Sheba                Steven               Stevie

The Things We Do For Love                                         Continued from page 3
Pennsylvania veterinary surgeon and fish lover used laser surgery  trouble before it becomes serious and it may cut treatment costs
to remove a pea-size growth from a 6-inch sea horse and he has     later on. If your pet does become seriously ill, you may need
given a barium enema to a goldfish. In addition, a New Jersey      a specialist but ask your vet to recommend at least two so you
dentist brought in his pet tortoise for surgery because it could   can compare prices. Make sure to get an estimate of all costs
not urinate or defecate. Doctors cut open his under shell and      including surgery, treatments, and any lifelong medications. You
then replaced it with fiberglass. His owner joked that now his pet should also inquire about the prognosis of survival and, most
reptile and a Corvette have the same body!
                                                                   importantly, the pet’s quality of life. If your pet is terminally ill or
For those willing to extend the life of their pets, there are ways in pain, making that ultimate decision of euthanasia might be the
to save money on pet medications. Ask your vet about a drug’s right thing to do, not for you, but for him or her.
cost and lower-priced generic meds. Although he wrote the
prescription, your local discount pharmacy may be able to fill the With veterinary medicine becoming so sophisticated, it is easy for
prescription for less money. Also, check veterinary-medication people to go into debt just to have a little more time to spend
prices online at places like KVvet.com, Costco.com, PetCareRX. with their beloved pets. Facing the reality of when to let go is an
com, or 1800PetMeds.com. Pet insurance is now available but extremely difficult and emotional decision. Many people think
may require you to pay deductibles, co-pays, and premiums and that putting so much time, energy, and money into maintaining
you may bump up against lifetime payment ceilings if you own a pet’s health is extreme. Those of us who value our pets as
a chronically ill pet. Some policies also limit the amount you pay life-long companions think otherwise; they give us so much
per incident and make you pay higher co-pays as your pet ages.     unconditional love and ask for so little in return. Some people
Taking your pet for annual checkups allows your vet to spot call that “PRICELESS.”
Page 6                                                   www.catdepot.org                                                   Winter 2006
Animal Law:                                                                                                                                     Who We Are
What Is It All About?                                                                                                                      (Co-Founders- Ken and Linda Slavin,
                                                                                                                                                Diane Diamond Thompson,
                                                                                                                                              Bev Meadows, Garo Partoyan)
M      any people wonder exactly what
       Animal Law encompasses. No,
it doesn’t just have to do with
                                                                Another     category  involves
                                                                people other than the pet’s owner
                                                                harming animals, typically in the

                                                                                                                                           C    at Depot was founded in 2003
                                                                                                                                                when a small group of animal
attorneys as sharks! Animal Law affects                         context of Veterinary Malpractice and                                      lovers rescued 262 cats in distress.
the rights and welfare of animals in our                        defective products.                                                        Our mission, to place the remainder of
community and its issues can span many                                                                                                     these cats, remains a work in progress.
                                                                The area of Estate Planning enables pet
different legal areas.                                                                                                                     As the largest, no-kill, 501(c)(3)
                                                                                 owners to include their
                                                                                                                                           nonprofit feline sanctuary in Sarasota,
People argue over                                                                animals in their estate
                                                                                                                                           we are committed to the welfare of
ownership of animals,                                                            plans, whether it is
                                                                                                                                           homeless cats.
which involves property                                                          a specific distribution
rights law contained                                                             in their Wills or                                         Our ongoing goal is to educate and
in Replevin statutes                                                             the creation of a Pet                                     enable pet owners to independently
and occasionally some                                                            Trust to care for                                         care for their pets.
Family Law statutes.                                                             their needs.                                              Not only do we place adoptable cats
Animal abuse is dealt                                          Other areas of Animal                                                       in homes of their own, we also care for
with under the Florida                                         Law     include    First                                                    the individual needs of cats awaiting
Criminal       statutes,                                       Amendment Freedom                                                           adoption. As such, our sanctuary offers
which includes, but                     Faith                  of    Speech     Rights                                                     long-term residents a life-long refuge.
is not limited to, dog                                         regarding abuses that                                                       Come in and visit our sanctuary. We are
fighting, confinement, lack of shelter,      take place against animals, contractual                                                       open 6 days a week from 11:00 A.M.
physical abuse, and issues related to        disputes over animals, and discrimination                                                     - 4:00 P.M. (Closed Tuesdays and
proper care.                                 for pet owners with disabilities                                                              some holidays)
Cases sometimes concern animals              against homeowners associations and
harming people. For example, a dog           condominiums.                                                                                     FREE SPAYING and
bite can lead to an action for negligence                       My personal goal in practicing Animal                                         NEUTERING for FREE-
under Tort Law for damages. This                                Law is to help protect our animals and                                       ROAMING or FERAL CATS
category also covers the dangerous                              to be the voice for them in our Courts.
dog and animal statutes, which typically                        Animals play a large role in our lives                                      On December 2, 2006, Sarasota in
are implemented by Animal Control.                              and we need to be sure that there are                                       Defense of Animals (SDA) begins its
These statutes dictate that owners                              laws in place to protect them. Over                                         new program which will provide free
take the proper precautions with their                          the course of several months, I will be                                     spaying and neutering (fixing) for
animals to ensure that their animals                            submitting articles about the different                                     free-roaming and feral cats. Funded
do not bite a person or another                                 categories of animal law and the way the                                    by the sale of Florida Animal License
animal. Such actions can have serious                           statutes affect us as well as our animals.                                  Plates, the service is not limited to
ramifications for your animal, sometimes                        Dana Laganella                                                              Sarasota County residents.
resulting in death.
                                                                                                                                                   For more information
Dana Laganella is an attorney with Affordable Attorney, Gerling Law Group Chartered, practicing in the areas of Animal                             call for appointments

     ..                                                                                     ..
Law, Estate Planning, Probate, and Civil Litigation. Our firm also handles Personal Injury and Criminal Defense. Offices in
                                                                                                                                                 (mandatory requirement):
Sarasota and Bradenton. 941- 782-1235

                                     We Need Homes                                                                                              Telephone: (941) 925-2592
                                                                                                                                               Email: dab482@verizon.net or
                                                                                                                                            Cat Depot will deduct $10.00 from
                                                                                                                                            a cat’s adoption fee to adopters who
                                                                                                                                            have proof of purchase of the Animal
                                                                                                                                            License Plate.

     Jayla                     Jean                     Jordan                    Julian                  Krystine

    Lyndon                   Maxine                   Meatball                    Reese                     Sadie                                        Tinkerbelle
Winter 2006                                                                       941.351.0824                                                                            Page 7
New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Pet
Continued from page 2
feline lymphoma and three out of four cats die within a year of for a problem to develop and having your pet suffer needlessly.
diagnosis. The reason cats are so susceptible to cancer (of the Check on vaccinations. If you have moved, update microchip
mouth) is because they ingest the carcinogenic that builds up information and spay or neuter your pet.
on their fur. And, cats are rarely bathed.                                                 6. Holiday Pet Proofing Your Home
Researchers think that the way that passive                                                • Plants - Holly, poinsettias, and mistletoe
smoke affects cats is similar to the way it                                                  can be poisonous.
affects children- cats lick the residue off
their fur, children ingest the chemicals on                                                • Decorations - Lighted candles can be
household items.                                                                             dangerous; potpourri, adhesives, glues
                                                                                             can be toxic; tinsel, ribbon, string, if
A study done at Colorado State University                                                    ingested, can cause fatal intestinal blocks.
Veterinary Hospital found dogs with long
noses can acquire nasal cancer. Once                                                       • Holiday trees - Use a stable tree stand,
diagnosed, these dogs did not live longer                                                    hang small, fragile ornaments at the
than a year. For short-nosed dogs, lung                                                      top, and if you have a kitten or a puppy,
cancer was the most common.                                                                  forgo decorative lights to protect them
                                                                                             from electrical shock.
Birds also react to contact with smoke
residue on objects like their owner’s Lara Marshall and her new kitten Flower • Foods - Alcohol and chocolate can be fatal.
clothes or even their perch. Exposure to                          • Commotion - Strangers and loud activities can be stressful
SHS can result in their acquiring pneumonia or lung cancer.         for animals. When traveling: for dogs accustomed to crates,
Given these facts, making the choice to smoke should be at the      provide comfort and security by bringing one with you.
discretion of the entire household, which may include your four-    Cats need a litter box, a small bed or blanket, and toys.
legged and feathered friends.                                       Supply food and water for both. Be careful your pets do not
                                                                    accidentally escape.
4. Reducing Stress
Reducing stress is often on the list of New Year’s resolutions, 7. Lend a Hand
but just spending time with a pet has many mind-body benefits. How often do you hear yourself say that you love animals? This
Research supports getting a “pet prescription” for what ails you. year, instead of talking the talk, try walking the walk! Volunteering
                                                                  at a local animal shelter is a great way to help animals in the most
• Pets can improve your mood.                                     direct way possible.
• Pets help control blood pressure                                8. Be Charitable
• Pets provide unconditional love                                   In the New Year, consider extending your philanthropic kindness
  (Human companionship can provide many benefits but pets enjoy to others in your community. Maybe Aunt Minnie’s sister died
  comfortable silences, keep secrets, and are excellent snugglers.) of breast cancer or your grandmother adored her cat. Giving a
• Pets encourage exercise and communication                         donation in her sister’s name or volunteering at an animal shelter
  (We are more likely to enjoy a walk when we have companionship would be beneficial to others in need.
  and animals make people more approachable.)                        It is important that we all share in giving back to our community.
5. Annual Check Ups                                                  Keep in mind that charitable organizations need help all year
We all dislike getting a yearly physical but a regular visit to your round. Pick causes close to your heart and get involved! As George
veterinarian is the best way to check for potential health problems Burns so eloquently put it: “When you stop giving and offering
for your pet. An annual examination is less costly than waiting something to the world, it is time to turn off the lights.”


5933 N. Washington Blvd.
Sarasota, FL 34243

Cat Depot is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization

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