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					Atlanta, Georgia Condos – Sophisticated City Living without Air Pollution

Atlanta is the largest city in the state of Georgia and has a mixed economy including both white-
collar and blue-collar workers. Overall, a higher proportion of the population works as sales and
office workers, IT technicians, managers and professionals.

In addition, Atlanta is a popular city with artists, designers and media workers in general. This
comparatively high proportion of creative types for a U.S. city has helped to imbue Atlanta with
its individual personality.


Furthermore, Atlanta, Georgia has a generally young and well-educated population living in its
city condos. There are plenty of opportunities for newcomers and residents to meet and form
lasting friendships over a restaurant meal, listening to live music or enjoying many other social
activities. It certainly has nightlife with venues just as sophisticated as those around Manhattan

For daytime entertainment, there are many sports centers and cultural center activities, where
young professional stay in shape, meet new friends and relax away from the demands of their

Fresher air.

If you enjoy the fast pace of city life, but worry about the air pollution that dense traffic creates
for people who live in say, New York City condominiums and other U.S. cities, then Atlanta,
Georgia will be a breath of fresh air for you. More people than the average for U.S. cities use
public transportation to get to work in Atlanta.

This means there is far less air pollution than you would get in similarly priced Manhattan
apartments, for instance. Therefore, you can go house hunting in Atlanta, Georgia’s city-center
without worrying about the air quality on the streets outside the condos.

Ethnic diversity.

The city of Atlanta is ethnically diverse, with a prevalence of African-Americans followed by
Caucasians with German, English and Irish ancestry. The predominant language is English, but
plenty of the residents in Atlanta, Georgia condos also speak Spanish.
If, like me, you are moving from one of the New Jersey residences near the shore, it can take
time to adjust. You will miss Italian hot dog stalls, bagels and the wonderful views of the New
York City bay.

Good education.

However, there is less chance of your kids suffering from diseases caused by air pollution and
the young people here are more focused on getting a good education and a college degree -
things you do not always get with kids raised in New York City condominiums.

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