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					                Mattoon Tourism – Machine Pitch SummerSLAM
                          Mattoon Hit-Men 8U Youth Baseball Tournament

Dates: July 31 & August 1
Place: Mattoon Junior Baseball Complex – 10th & Richmond (4 Diamonds)
Entry Fee: $200 + 3 Baseballs (Pool Play Games Guaranteed)
Divisions: 8U Machine Pitch Tourney (12 Team Maximum)
Awards: 1st-5th Place Team Trophies & Individual Awards

General Rules
       90 Minute Time Limit (6 inning games)
       No Big Barrel Bats (Bat size may not be more than 2 ¼” round and no longer than 30 inches long)
       Home Plate Is Open, No Lead-Offs
       10 Players In Field
       All Players Must Bat
       Teams Must Play All Scheduled Games. (Forfeit = dismissal from tourney)
       Tournament officials reserve the right to alter, change or abbreviate tournament format when necessary in order to
         complete the tournament
Pre-Register Via Email:
More information: (234-8704 or 549-9535)
Mail Entry Fee’s & Insurance Proof to:
Jeff Owens
717 South 30th St.
Mattoon, IL 61938
Team Name:________________________ Email:_______________________________________
Official Contact Name:________________ Phone: _________________Checks payable to Mattoon Hit-Men

2010 Tourney Director/Umpire In Charge: CJ Raboin 254-0623

Mattoon Tourism Info: email: Angelia Burgett
                 Hit-Men Baseball 8U Machine Pitch Tournament Rules
1.    Roster shall consist of no more than (14) players each game. This is an age 8u tournament. No 8u player shall be 9 on or before
      April 30, 2011. Birth certificates may be called upon.
2.    Each inning will be played to three (3) outs. Free substitution will be allowed.
3.    Coaches are expected to keep the game moving.
4.    Coaches cannot argue balls, strikes or judgment calls. If there are questions about a ruling call time-out and approach the home
      plate umpire. NO protests of games will be allowed. The umpire’s decision is final.
5.    Good sportsmanship will be expected from ALL players, coaches and spectators. Poor Sportsmanship including verbal abuse,
      throwing of bats, helmets or other equipment, could result in an automatic ejection.
6.    A coin toss will determine home and visiting teams during pool play. During Semifinals then the higher seeded team will be home
      team. Coin toss when same seeds paired vs. each other
7.    Six (6) innings is a complete game. Five-and-one-half (5.5) innings if the home team is leading. A game with a tied score after 6
      innings or after time runs out will play an extra inning until a winner is determined. International Tiebreaker rule applies. (Player
      that made the last out starts on 2 base.)
8.    In the situation of adverse weather, a game may be stopped. If a game is stopped for any length of time due to adverse weather a
      complete game shall be four (4) innings or 3.5 if the home team is ahead. If the game is not complete (ie: less than 3.5 or 4 innings
      if home team is ahead), the game shall be suspended and picked up at the point of where the game was left. Any game less than
      one full inning shall start from scratch.
9.    Mercy-rule is in effect: 15 runs after 3 innings, 10 after four (4) innings, 8 after 5 innings are completed. 10 Max Run per inning –
      other than last inning(no max).
10.   No dropped third strike, batter is out.
11.   No Infield fly rule for 8U baseball.
12.   Runners may leave the base or steal, only after the ball crosses home plate.
13.   Stealing of all bases, including home plate will be allowed, after the ball crosses home plate.
14.   All players must wear baseball caps, shirts and long pants. No shorts or metal cleats are allowed.
15.   No inning shall start after 1 hour 30 minutes (1:30) time limit unless the game is tied. There is no time limit in the championship
      game only.
16.   Maximum bat size is thirty (30) inches in length and 2.25 inches in diameter.
17.   A courtesy runner for the catcher MUST be used when there are two outs and can be used with less than 2 outs. . The player that
      made the last out will be the runner.
18.   There is a No “Must Slide” rule. When the fielder has the ball in his possession, the runner has two choices; slide or attempt to get
      around the fielder. He may NOT deliberately or maliciously contact the fielder but is NOT required to slide. If the fielder does not
      have possession but is in the act of fielding the ball and contact is made, it is a no-call unless the contact was intentional and
      malicious and is deemed so by the umpire.
19.   Pool Tie-Breaker: 1) Head-to-head 2) Fewest runs allowed 3) Runs scored 4) Coin toss
20.   Game Times: Teams should be ready to play 15 minutes prior to scheduled game time.
21.   Dugouts and batting cages are not predetermined. First come, first serve.
22.   Bases are 60 feet. Machine at 40 Feet. 38 MPH Speed.
23.   If a batted ball hits the pitching machine or bucket, play is dead and batter is awarded 1st base. All other runners will advance one
24.   Team Managers: Remain in contact with tournament director at all times. During sign in, please confirm your cell phone contact
      information. We reserve the right to alter the schedule or format due to weather or unforeseen problems.
25.   Players designated as the pitcher must stand within 5 feet of pitching machine.
26.   Catcher must maintain position- standing is not allowed.
27.   Each player will be allowed 5 good pitches (3 strikes is an out). If the 5th pitch is fouled the batter is not out unless the defensive
      player catches the ball in the air. If the umpire deems the 5th pitch un-hittable he is not out.
28.   Bunting is allowed. If the bunted 5th pitch the ball goes foul the batter is out.
29.   On a live ball situation (Overthrows, balls hit to the outfield), Play will only be stopped by the umpire, when an infielder has
      possession of the ball.
30.   Outfielders cannot run the ball into the infield; it must be in possession of an infielder for play to stop.
31.   If the umpire feels that the runner was more than halfway when the infielder took possession of the ball, the runner is awarded
      the next base. This is his discretion and cannot be argued!
32.   If the umpire feels that the runner was less than halfway when the infielder took possession of the ball, the runner must return to
      the previous base. This is his discretion and cannot be argued!
33.   If a play is made on any base- runner the play will continue.
34.   The base runner is out for leaving the base before the ball is arrives at home plate. Stealing is allowed. One team warning per
      game. 2 offense the runner is out.
   35. If a player is injured and leaves the game, he is not out when his turn at bat comes around. Coaches and umpires should be
       notified of inured players.
   36. No infield permitted. Games must start on time.
   37. 4 Batting cages (no machines) and warm-up area on west side of complex.
   38. Top 4 Teams from Each Pool Advance to trophy play.
   39. Home team is official book. Winning team MUST report games result to commissioner/head table.
   40. Please help us keep the facility clean.

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