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					Product Information                    Meridian 561                                                   January 1999

                            561 Digital Surround Controller
From the industry
leaders in music
surround – Meridian’s
latest controller – 561 –
decodes all the sound
formats on DVD-Video

                             Background                                        Meridian 561
                             Meridian is a world leader in superb-             Meridian is proud to add the 561 Digital
                             sounding Digital Signal Processing.               Surround Controller to its range of
                             Our pedigree goes back to the earliest            Home Theatre and Surround Music
                             days of digital and includes many ‘firsts’        products.
                             like the first CD Transport, the first               A 561 combines controller functions
                             Digital loudspeaker and the first DSP             into a surround processor – bringing
                             loudspeaker. In addition, Meridian’s              many of the features of a 565 + 562V
                             ability to provide truly transparent DSP          combination to one box.
1                            has made the 618 Mastering Processor
                             the most respected way to make CDs.
                                                                                  561 provides extensive audio and
                                                                               video inputs and outputs – including an
                                Since its introduction in July 1994,           analogue tape loop and support for the
                             the Meridian 565 DSP Surround                     Meridian 2-Room system.
                             Processor has become widely                          The 561 is a full 500 Series controller,
                             recognized as the benchmark                       ideally suited for use with our DSP
                             processor – voted Class ‘A’ by                    loudspeakers, CD players, power amps
                             Stereophile. Among a total of 12                  and 504 tuner.
                             awards, the 565 was voted ‘Home                      The 561 allows you to take control of
                             Theatre Decoder of the Year’ by Home              your system: you can switch audio,
                             Entertainment in both 1995 and 1996,              video, adjust input level; you can create
                             and it received the prestigious EISA              16 User Presets with your own labels.
                             award for ‘Home Theatre Decoder of                It also features excellent on-screen
                             1995’.                                            display and extensive on-screen help
                                The proprietary DSP in 565 redefines           for setup and calibration. These
                             expectations for movie sound and                  displays are available on the composite
                             creates a paradigm shift for music                and S-VHS video connections.
                             listening by enabling immeasurably                   Best of all, the 561 uses the same
                             improved ‘stereo’ with 3 to 8-speaker             powerful DSP processors, and
                             systems. The 565 provides for more                algorithms as the highly acclaimed 565!
                             formats than any other surround
                             processor – until now.

                            Meridian Audio Limited, Stonehill, Stukeley Meadows, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE18 6ED, England
                            Tel: +44 1480 434334 Fax: +44 1480 432948 Web: http://www.meridian-audio.com
Product Information                                               Meridian 561                                                         January 1999

                                                       broadcasts and in computer                             level to around +15dB, the resulting
Movie formats                                          multimedia.                                            bass energy can still be incredibly
It was natural that when Meridian                        Finally, in addition to AC-3 and                     demanding for even the very best
turned their attention to Pro Logic and                MPEG, the 561 will decode DTS. The                     systems – and equally important – may
THX, the only way they could satisfy                   processor fitted to 561 is fully capable               be disastrous for other, less capable,
their exacting standards for clarity,                  of decoding all the DTS formats seen                   speakers.
transparency and function was to                       on DVD – as well as DTS from                             The Meridian 561 incorporates a very
develop the whole thing from scratch                   LaserDiscs and CDs.                                    sophisticated series of bass protection
using only the best hardware and                                                                              schemes for digital surround formats.
software DSP techniques.
   Like in the Meridian 565, all the
                                                       How does THX fit in?                                     The overall amount of LFE added in
                                                       THX Cinema has a huge amount to                        can be controlled by the user. In
surround processing is performed in                                                                           addition, the 561 has a bass limiting
powerful audio computers, using                        offer in the 5.1 era. The 561 has all the
                                                       signal processing in place to comply                   function to control the total amount of
algorithms and code developed                                                                                 bass passed to the system.
uniquely by Meridian. This approach                    with THX requirements for Dolby
                                                       Digital, DTS and MPEG. The front                         As well as the overall bass protection,
has allowed our customers to obtain                                                                           the 561 can monitor all eight speaker
hardware and/or software upgrades to                   channels carry re-equalisation; the
                                                       surrounds use a new timbre-match                       outputs. If the signal demands more
keep up with the latest sources.                                                                              bass than a speaker can supply, a
   The Meridian 561 uses three powerful                curve and an updated de-correlation
                                                       technique.                                             proprietary, psycho-acoustically
DSP processors to provide movie                                                                               optimised limiting filter momentarily and
modes for Pro Logic, THX, ‘stereo
surrounds’ and Academy, and                            Music formats                                          elegantly reduces the load on that
                                                       The 561 provides Meridian’s now-                       speaker. This unique protection method
decoding for Dolby Digital (AC-3), DTS,                                                                       means you can get the most out of all
MLP and MPEG Surround.                                 famous music-processing modes
                                                       including: Music, Trifield, Ambisonics,                the speakers in the room without any
   The Dolby Digital decoder built by                                                                         fear of damage or unpleasant overload
Meridian is the most powerful on the                   SuperStereo and Music Logic – as well
                                                       as 2-channel stereo bypass and Mono.                   noises.
market and passes all the most
extreme bitstream tests. Dolby Digital is
the preferred audio format for DVD in                  Bass management                                        Inputs and outputs
NTSC territories.                                      The 5.1 signal has the potential to                    The 561 offers both analogue and
   Dolby Digital is also available on                  require a 12dB increase in bass power                  direct-digital inputs and outputs. Eight
NTSC LaserDiscs – to replay these, a                   handling in a system. Not only can the                 digital and six analogue outputs provide
Meridian 519 Demodulator is also                       LFE (Low-Frequency Effects – i.e. 0.1)                 feeds for any combination of Active,
required.                                              channel convey 10dB more bass, but                     Passive, Digital or DSP loudspeakers
   MPEG Surround is the preferred                      the potential exists for that to happen                in 12 different layout configurations
audio format for DVD in PAL territories;               as well as full bass level in the other                including up to 3 different subwoofer
however, MPEG audio is widely                          five channels.                                         signals. Each output is individually
available – including US satellite                        Although the Dolby Digital, MPEG                    adjustable for type, sensitivity and time
                                                       and DTS encoders limit the total bass                  alignment.

Specification highlights
Audio inputs                                           Video outputs                                          Movie and TV processing
8 analogue adjustable                                  Tape outputs for composite and S-VHS                   Pro Logic, THX Cinema, Academy,
1 digital optical                                      Main outputs for monitor of composite and              ‘Stereo’ Surrounds, TV Logic.
5 digital coaxial IEC1937, IEC958                        S-VHS
                                                       On-screen display for user and setup on                Decoding for: MLP, Dolby Digital AC-3,
Audio outputs                                            both composite and S-VHS                             DTS and MPEG Surround.
6 analogue for: main or sides, centre, sub             S to composite conversion
  and rear speakers
                                                                                                              Controls and Display
8 channels digital output for: main, sides,            Others                                                 Front panel controls for: Source, Copy,
  centre, sub and rear speakers                        Flash memory for easy updates                          Mute, Display, Volume and Off. Other
2 analogue tape. Independent Copy                      RS232 for computer control, setup and                  features accessed using a Meridian
                                                         software updates                                     System Remote (supplied).
Video inputs                                           2 Trigger outputs                                      12-character dot-matrix display; lights for
4 composite video inputs                                                                                      AC-3, DTS, MPEG and THX.
4 S-VHS video inputs                                   Music signal processing
                                                       Mono, Stereo, Music, Trifield, Super
                                                       Stereo, Ambisonic, Music Logic.

Registered trademarks: “THX” and “THX Cinema” Lucasfilm Ltd; “Dolby”, “Pro Logic” “Dolby Digital”and “AC-3” Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation;
“Ambisonic” Nimbus Records Ltd; “Trifield” Trifield Productions Ltd; “Meridian”, “Boothroyd Stuart Meridian”, “MLP”, “Meridian Lossless”, “Meridian Lossless
Packing”, “LipSync”and “Meridian Digital Theatre” Meridian Audio Ltd; “DTS” Digital Theatre Systems Inc.; “DVD” DVD Forum.

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