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                flyChat Redefines the ‘Social’ in Social Networking
                New iPhone app and social network encourages you to interact with people all a
                make new friends, and ‘network’ outside their existing network

                07.17.2009 – Thornhill, Ontario – flyChat, a new social networking tool from
                Project1010, is sparking new conversations and new friendships everywhere. The           Twitter Pitc
                iPhone application and social network enables people to broaden their social             flyChat helps
                horizons and connect with others with shared interests. Developed for the iPhone
                                                                                                         people togeth
                and iPod Touch, flyChat is available for download for $1.99 USD at the Apple App
                                                                                                         shared interes

                                                                                                         News Facts
                While other social networks essentially limit interactions to existing friends and         flyChat, a n
                colleagues, flyChat’s unique social structure encourages users to talk to new              is sparking
                people and make new friends outside the boundaries of their existing contacts. The         new friends

                social app makes it easy to strike up conversations with strangers with similar            people to br
                                                                                                           and connect
                interests or send messages to someone in a particular geographical area.
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                Additionally, since the flyChat experience is centered around making new friends
                                                                                                           nature of th
                rather than just reconnecting with old ones, people may choose to hide their identity
                                                                                                           game-like ex
                if preferred for more anonymous and explorative conversations.                             • flyChat is
                                                                                                           new friends
                To spark a conversation, simply create a message and attach it to a ‘fly’ which then       reconnectin
                carries the message to another member anywhere in the world. The recipient sees            may choose

                the attached message, along with the sender’s profile. Defined theme categories —          preferred fo
                such as sports, humor, news — ensure that messages are sent to the right
                audience. In addition to sending flies, members can subscribe to theme channels
                                                                                                           to alert user
                and receive messages of interest from others in the flyChat community. The more
                                                                                                           or a soon-to
                messages someone sends, the more they’ll receive in return.
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                flyChat offers a network system with four main networks: World, Country, City, and         into fireflies
                Institution (workplaces and schools). As a result, it’s possible to send a news-           Developed f
                related fly to flyChat members in a specific city. Or, users can choose to send a          Touch, flyC
                random message to a stranger across the world, just like a high-tech message in a          download f

                bottle.                                                                                    App store.

                                                                                                         Resource Li
                “Traditional social networking sites have done a great job in re-connecting us with
                                                                                                         Link to flyCh
                an old childhood friend or colleagues from our first job. However, the typical dynamic   flyChat Sum
                on these sites segregates us in existing networks,” said Dima Novik, president and
                co-founder at Project1010. “We wanted to put a new spin on the concept of social         Tags
                                                                                                         iphone, app
                networking to promote external conversations and new relationships.” 
                                                                                                         flychat, chat,
                “Potential uses are virtually endless with this global, open system. For example, you
                can make new connections in Australia prior to an upcoming trip, chat with a global
                community about carbon emissions or the latest NBA trade, and practice
                Portuguese with a new friend in Brazil,” Novik continued.
flyChat incorporates the entertaining nature of the iPhone to create a fun, gamelike
experience. Color-coded flies buzz on the screen to alert users if they’ve received a
message from a known friend or a soon-to-be friend from across the world. Using
the iPhone’s touch screen, people can attract or frighten away their flies. And at
night, flies turn into fireflies and light up the screen.

As expected with a social networking tool, members can decorate their profile page
with a photo and express themselves adding messages to a friend’s Wall. In
addition, points and medals are awarded based on the number of new connections
and friends made.

Download flyChat for your iPhone and iPod Touch and start expanding your social
network today.

About Project1010
Project1010 was founded in 2002 as a self-funded startup focusing on software
development in the wide area of advanced technologies. We are growing with the
technology and continuously extending our portfolio from client-server and content
management to e-commerce and social networks. We have also entered a new
area of mobile software to take advantage of the recent success of new mobile
platforms introduced by Apple and Google.

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