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4th grade spelling


									4th Grade Spelling

Unit #1                      Unit #2
skate                        peach
blade                        sweet
gain                         feast
safe                         cream
drag                         fresh
aid                          free
past                         reach
gray                         kept
drain                        spent
jail                         desk
shape                        least
plant                        east
hang                         greed
pray                         real
pain                         dream
glass                        west
shall                        speed
sale                         cheap
*steak                       *chief
*break                       *field

Strategy: Remember that      Strategy: Remember that
the short a sound is         the short e sound is
usually spelled a followed   usually spelled e followed
by a consonant sound.        by a consonant sound.
When you hear the long a     When you hear the long e
sound, think of the          sound, think of the
patterns a-consonant-e, ai   patterns ea and ee.
and ay.

Unit #3                      Unit #4

brick                        globe
skill                        coast
lift                         goal
pride                        spoke
grind                        odd
still                        shown
crime                        gold
flight                       wrote
live                         snow
blind                        block
sting                        crow
fright                       stock
wind                         chose
hint                         folk
ripe                         coal
shine                        host
inch                         bowl
sigh                         grown
*built                       shock
*build                       broke

Strategy: Remember that      Strategy: Remember that
the short i sound is often   the short o sound is
spelled i followed by a      usually spelled o followed
consonant sound. When you    by a consonant sound.
hear the long i sound,       When you hear the long o
think of the patterns i-     sound, think of the
consonant-e, igh and i.      patterns o-consonant-e,
                             oa, ow, and o.

Unit #5                      Unit #6

steel                        brush
steal                        juice
lead                         fruit
led                          tube
wait                         lunch
weight                       crumb
wear                         few
ware                         true
creak                        suit
creek                        pump
beet                         due
beat                         dull
meet                         tune
meat                         blew
peek                         trunk
peak                         sum
deer                         glue
dear                         threw
ring                         *done
wring                        *truth

Strategy: Homophones are     Strategy: Remember that
words that sound alike but   the u sound is usually
have different meanings      spelled u followed by a
and spellings. When you      consonant sound. When you
write a homophone, be sure   hear the "you" sound or
to spell the word that has   the short oo sound, think
the meaning you want.        of the patterns u-
                             consonant-e, ew, ue and

Unit #7                      Unit #8

wood                         pound
brook                        howl
tool                         jaw
put                          bounce
wool                         cause
push                         always
full                         shout
roof                         aloud
stood                        south
stool                        drawn
hook                         scout
smooth                       false
shoot                        proud
bush                         frown
fool                         sauce
pull                         gown
*group                       couch
*prove                       dawn
*soup                        mount
*move                        *couple

Strategy: When you hear      Strategy: When you hear
the long oo sound, think     the ou or the [ou] ou or ow
of the pattern oo.               [o] aw, au or a before
Remember that the short oo   l. Remember that a
sound is often spelled oo    consonant sound usually
or u followed by a           follows the ou or the au
consonant or a cluster.      pattern.

Unit #9                                   Unit #10

gear                                      horse
spear                                     chore
sharp                                     firm
stare                                     learn
alarm                                     dirty
cheer                                     curve
square                                    world
hairy                                     pure
starve                                    earn
charm                                     burn
beard                                     cure
scarf                                     score
spare                                     worm
stairs                                    thirteen
year                                      worn
charge                                    curl
dairy                                     shirt
*heart                                    search
*weird                                    *board
*scare                                    *course

Strategy: When you hear                   Strategy: Remember these
the [ir], [ar], or [ar] sounds,           spelling patterns for the
think of these patterns:                  vowel + r sounds:

[ir] ear, eer   [ar] ar   [ar] are, air   [or] or, ore [ur] ur, ear, ir, or
                                          [yoor] ure

Unit #11                     Unit #12

railroad                     sailor
airport                      harbor
seat belt                    enter
everywhere                   weather
homesick                     labor
understand                   ladder
background                   cellar
anything                     chapter
ninety-nine                  sugar
fireplace                    suffer
ourselves                    collar
all right                    proper
forever                      motor
breakfast                    favor
whenever                     bitter
everything                   beggar
meanwhile                    shower
afternoon                    temper
make-believe                 feather
*already                     doctor

Strategy: A compound word    Strategy: When you hear
is made up of two or more    the final er sounds in a
smaller words. To spell a    two-syllable word, think
compound word correctly,     of the patterns er, or and
you must know if it is       ar.
written as on word, as two
words joined by a hyphen,
or as two separate words.

Unit #13                    Unit #14

nickel                      dancing
metal                       skipped
total                       hiking
eagle                       flipped
middle                      snapping
special                     raced
final                       landed
model                       pleasing
bottle                      checking
double                      dared
towel                       dimmed
medal                       rubbing
battle                      striped
candle                      wasting
trouble                     traced
handle                      stripped
simple                      tanning
uncle                       smelling
title                       phoning
cattle                      fainted

Strategy: When you hear     Strategy: If a word ends
the final l or el sounds    with e, drop the e before
in a two-syllable word,     adding ed or ing. If a
think of the patterns el,   one-syllable word ends
al, and le.                 with one vowel followed by
                            a single consonant, double
                            the consonant before
                            adding ed or ing.

Unit #15                     Unit #16

beauty                       shark
ugly                         attack
lazy                         risk
marry                        public
ready                        sink
sorry                        question
empty                        electric
honey                        jacket
valley                       blank
duty                         crooked
hungry                       drink
lonely                       topic
alley                        track
body                         blanket
plenty                       struck
turkey                       mistake
hockey                       junk
fifty                        squirrel
monkey                       *stomach
Strategy: When you hear
the final long e sound in    Strategy: Remember these
a two-syllable word, think   spelling patterns for the
of the spelling patterns y   k, ng and kw sounds:
and ey.                      k = k, ck, c     ng =
                             (before k) n
                             kw = qu

Unit #17                    Unit #18

village                     repaint
cottage                     redo
bridge                      refill
fence                       rebuild
strange                     discolor
chance                      untidy
twice                       dislike
cage                        uneven
change                      rewind
carriage                    unlucky
glance                      reread
ridge                       unsure
manage                      reheat
damage                      unpack
since                       unpaid
marriage                    distrust
edge                        recount
lodge                       displease
cabbage                     unload
dodge                       disorder

Strategy: Remember these    Strategy: A prefix is a
spelling patterns for the   word part added to the
final j sounds:             beginning of a base word.
  • j in a one-syllable     it adds meaning to the
    word = dge, ge          word. Un-, re-, and dis-
  • j in a word of more     are prefixes. First, find
    than one syllable =     the prefix and the base
    age                     word. Then remember to
                            spell the word by parts.
  • s = ce

Unit #19                     Unit #20

picture                      current
person                       danger
perfect                      canyon
attend                       plastic
number                       bottom
support                      hollow
common                       member
welcome                      borrow
offer                        organ
expert                       compose
harvest                      lumber
survive                      seldom
suppose                      engine
perform                      pillow
escape                       carpet
helmet                       garbage
allow                        master
fellow                       arrow
barber                       army
tender                       thirty

Strategy: To spell a word    Strategy: To spell a word
with the VCCV syllable       with the VCCV syllable
pattern, divide the word     pattern, divide the word
between the consonants.      between the consonants.
Look for the patterns you    Look for patterns you have
have learned and spell the   learned, and spell the
word by syllables.           word by syllables.

Unit #21                     Unit #22

sunnier                      pilot
cloudier                     pupil
windier                      navy
cities                       female
heaviest                     silent
prettiest                    human
studied                      chosen
easier                       music
noisier                      paper
families                     reason
ferries                      tiger
crazier                      spider
funnier                      tiny
earlier                      tuna
copied                       fever
hobbies                      frozen
angriest                     moment
emptied                      season
worried                      stolen
happiest                     basic

Strategy: If a word ends     Strategy: When the first
with a consonant and y,      vowel sound in a VCV word
change the y to i when       is long, divide the word
adding es, ed, er, or est.   into syllables before the
                             consonant. Remember to
                             look for patterns you have
                             learned, and spell the
                             word by syllables.

Unit #23                     Unit #24

cabin                        sickness
robin                        illness
cover                        treatment
planet                       painful
visit                        careless
finish                       fearful
salad                        colorful
seven                        endless
magic                        beautiful
exact                        movement
talent                       restless
modern                       darkness
limit                        useless
cousin                       kindness
oven                         hopeless
prison                       statement
punish                       powerful
habit                        friendliness
never                        peaceful
busy                         *awful

Strategy: When the first     Strategy: A suffix is a
syllable of a VCV word has   word part added to the end
a short vowel sound          of a base word. It adds
followed by a consonant      meaning to the base word.
sound, divide the word       When a suffix begins with
into syllables after the     a consonant, remember that
consonant. Remember to       the spelling of the base
look for patterns you have   word usually does not
learned, and spell the       change. When the base
word by syllables.           word ends with y, you must
                             change the y to i before
                             adding the suffix.

Unit #25                     Unit #26

rocket                       ocean
achieve                      police
afraid                       depend
machine                      siren
secret                       defend
gather                       today
other                        parent
package                      become
declare                      below
asleep                       relate
agree                        exit
apron                        polite
bucket                       open
pocket                       figure
ticket                       event
chicken                      belong
degree                       award
bother                       palace
rather                       delay
whether                      clever

Strategy: If the             Strategy: Remember that a
consonants in a VCCV word    two syllable word with the
are different and form a     VCV pattern can be divided
cluster or spell one         into syllables before or
sound, divide the word       after the consonant. Look
before or after the two      for familiar patterns, and
consonants. Look for         spell the word by
patterns you have learned,   syllables.
and spell the word by

Unit #27                     Unit #28

wagon                        deliver
capture                      department
silver                       camera
reward                       yesterday
shelter                      tomorrow
divide                       important
nature                       together
alone                        victory
office                       remember
famous                       library
parade                       enemy
narrow                       animal
corner                       another
bacon                        however
amaze                        banana
diner                        alphabet
dinner                       hospital
eager                        hamburger
minute                       carpenter
fancy                        several

Strategy: To help you        Strategy: To spell a
spell a word with more       three-syllable word,
than one syllable, divide    divide the word into
the word into syllables.     syllables. Remember to
Remember to look for         look for familiar spelling
patterns you have learned,   patterns. Pay attention
and spell the word by        to the spelling of the
syllables.                   unstressed syllables.
                             Spell the word by

Unit #29                    Unit #30

knight                      health
castle                      blood
honor                       type
kneel                       against
climb                       receive
wrinkle                     flood
limb                        month
handsome                    magazine
answer                      guess
calf                        women
listen                      guide
calm                        style
knit                        wealth
often                       guilt
palm                        says
thumb                       guard
wrist                       wonder
lamb                        guest
knob                        gasoline
honest                      either

Strategy: Some words have   Strategy: Some words have
silent consonants. The      sounds with unusual
spellings of these words    spellings. The spellings
have to be remembered.      of these words have to be


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