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					                                 CIS 101 Final Exam Fall 2008

NAME: Nkeonye Caritas Ajuzie                   Section: 101            ID: J00237033

This is a paperless exam. You are to complete this exam using a word processor

and then send it back to by midnight on the day of

your scheduled final exam for this class. You will not appear in person for the

final exam. I will keep a record of this final exam in a file so that I can refer to it

when I need information about you once you are further along in our program,

so do your best!

Your grade for each essay on this final exam is based on:
                                                                               Points    Score
Appropriate ideas and arguments included.                                         20       20
Coherent, readable, and complete answer.                                          20       20
Well written theme or main idea with an expansion of those ideas.                 20       20
Well written end, conclusion, or summary.                                         20       20
Grammar and spelling is correct.                                                  20       20
                                                             TOTAL:              100      100

   1) Consider each of the CIS specializations. In the first paragraph, briefly describe the difference
      between them. In the second paragraph, choose the one that most fits your goals and discuss
      the examples of research and career opportunities that you would enjoy. In the last paragraph,
      specifically describe your goals for your education and subsequent career. (Minimum 300
      words) 25 points

         There are three specializations in the CIS field; they include Computer Science (CSC),
Information Systems (ISC), and Information Technology (ITE). CSC involves the understanding
and design of computers and computational processes. ISC centers on the development of
systems that will improve the performance of people in organizations. ITE focuses on
understanding and using computer- based tools to deliver support and solutions to knowledge
workers in their environment.
         Information systems suit my goals. Some of the research I would enjoy in this field
includes: database development and network security, while the careers I would enjoy in this
field are: programming, systems analyst and design, telecommunications, network
administration and a host of others. I believe I will enjoy most of the careers related to this
         My goal is to pursue a major that will be interesting, enable me to get a god job with or
without a Master’s degree, which can work almost every year, which involves leadership,
interpersonal and communication skills and Challenging. This I believe I will attain by graduating
with the major I have chosen. I want to be able to graduate with a very good grade because I
know this major will not be an easy one and so I would come out with a good grade so I can
stand the challenge.
         My biggest career goal is to work for a huge firm like Microsoft or any other huge firm. I
also would like to own one and be in charge and be my own boss. I hope to one day write a
program that have a huge impact on the world don’t know what that is yet but I think I will
figure that out when the time is right. I want to rise up to a point where my name will be heard
everywhere, and will do everything within my power and with the help of God to achieve this

                                COURSE OBJECTIVES FOR CIS 101

1. To experience a positive adjustment and assimilation into the university.
2. To balance a new found freedom with a sense of responsibility as part of the process of
   enhancing self-knowledge and self-confidence.
3. To develop adaptive study habits along with coping, critical thinking, logical problem-solving, and
   success skills.
4. To make friends and develop an academic as well as a co-curricular support group.
5. To improve attitudes toward the teaching and learning process as well as toward faculty who are
   responsible for providing this process.
6. To benefit from the diverse teaching and presentation styles among faculty.
7. To establish beneficial relationships with faculty, staff, and other students.
8. To become involved in essential aspects of university life.
9. To identify and learn from a positive mentor on campus.
10. To become familiar with USA history, purposes, organizations, rules and regulations, people,
    services, resources, and opportunities for student development.
11. To practice, experience, and gain knowledge in the following skill areas: decision-making, goal-
    setting, planning, time management, and collaborative and cooperative learning.
12. To establish a commitment to a particular major and academic department or to recognize that
    one’s most appropriate current choice is to remain undecided.
13. To enhance or establish a respect for diversity and tolerance as a member of the USA university
14. To promote information literacy and technical activities involving the use of library resources,
    email, and the Internet.
15. To discover the excellent opportunities that USA offers to develop academic and life-skills

2) VSFORCE. Read the course objectives on the previous page. In the chart below, list the activities
   you participated in and then place the number(s) associated with the objective(s) the activity
   helped to promote. All rows must be filled to get full credit for VSFORCE. 28 points
   CATEGORY            DESCRIPTION OF WHAT YOU DID                                 OBJECTIVES(S)
   VOLUNTEER           I helped cook when the African students had an African      2
                       I also helped to cook when we had the Nigerian
                       Independence Day Party; I also donated some the stuffs

    SPORTS-            I attended Sumba class.                                     1

                       I played volley ball when we went to recreation center.     8

    FUN                I attended the Nigeria Alabama Friendship Symposium.        2

                       I watched the movie “Iron mask”.                            1

    ORGANIZATIONS African Student Association ( ASA)                               13

                       Council of International Student Organization (CISO)        13

    RECREATION                                                                     1
                       Attended the CISO tournament

                       I attended the Oktoberfest final.

    CIS-RELATED                                                                    12
                       I attended Computing day, ACM women in computing.

                       I attended a CIS cook out

    EDUCATIONAL                                                                    15
                       I attended the event “A few too many… our campus
                       culture of Alcohol.”

                       I attended the event “Ultimate Money Making Skills.”

3) Think about your experience this semester in Freshman Seminar. Identify the most positive and

   beneficial activity, exercise, or event, in or out of the classroom which was part of this class. In

   the first paragraph describe this. In the second paragraph explain how this promoted at least

   three of the objectives of the course (see list of the 15 objectives on page 3 of this test). In the

   last paragraph, evaluate this by describing the best points and the worst points about it. Then

   make suggestions for improvement. (Minimum 200 words) 27 points

           Thinking back at this semester, I must say it went really fast and when I realized that I

   had to participate in fourteen activities, I thought I wouldn’t be able to complete it but luckily

   for me I did. I found a lot of the activities beneficial. Activities like the Computing day was really

   good, it re assured me that I could take this major. The alcohol and money skill event was also

   good; I gained some bits of knowledge.

           The event” women in computing” was really inspirational for me, seeing women like me

   in computing just assured me that I could actually go ahead with this major( CIS). To me it

   promoted number 12 on the objectives. The event on alcohol was also good as it opened my

   eyes to the effect of alcohol in our body. So also was the “ultimate money making skill,” it was a

   good eye opener about credit cards and all its perils, it also gave me a better understanding of it

   because I didn’t really understand it before. They both promoted number 15 to me.

           Evaluating the activities listed above, I think they were organized pretty well; they all

   have positive impacts on me. They were well organized and I think they worked well with time.

   The only program I felt should have had more was the “women in computing”, I felt there

   should have been more to offer than having people share their experience, although it was good

   I just feel there is room for more to be done.

4) Create a one-page statement (see template on next page ) about yourself which includes

       a. a recent photo of you (approximately 2x3 inches, head and shoulders only)

       b. a short statement summarizing your goals for college and beyond

       c. your major (CS, IS, or IT) and minor (if applicable)

       d. memberships in organizations (now or planned for future)

       e. your jagnumber

       f.   your email address

       g. hobbies

       h. pets

       i.   favorites (you choose: examples are movies, music, books, etc.)

       j.   nickname (if any)

       k. anything else you want me to remember about you as a student in CIS

   The template for a one-page statement (next page) is just an example and you can create your
   own as long as it contains all the information requested (above) and fits on one page.

                                          Nkeonye Caritas

             “Caris”                Major: Computer and Information System
                                    Minor: Not yet, hopefully Public health

                            Statement of Goals
    I want to learn all I can learn throughout my days in college
and excel in all the courses I take. In future I hope to either
work for or own a company like Microsoft.
                  Organizations                                Hobbies
ACM-W, member ( wouldn’t mind running for              I like reading, dancing,
office someday)                                        singing and hanging out
CISO (Council of international student organization)   with my friends.
ASA ( African Student Association)

                       Favorites                                  Pets
Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean.                      Once had a dog, but it
Books: I like reading inspirational books.             died.
Music: Rehab by Rihanna, I believe I can fly by R
Kelly among others.

Special Note: I have not ceased being fearful, but I have ceased to
let fear control me.


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