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					Financial Considerations
     Is this a budgeted item?
     Who has purchase authority?
     Do GPO contracts apply?
     Are multiple quotes obtained and evaluated?
     Is there a trade in, or will equipment be removed for
      sale or disposal?
     Is there a cost associated with equipment removal or
     What is the life expectancy of the item?
     Is the equipment upgradeable?
     Are there disposable supplies used?
     Do disposables standardize or add new supply items?
     Do the disposables come in different sizes?
     What is the cost of disposables?
     Will this affect length of stay or reimbursements?
     Will this create a new patient charge item?
     Is a return on investment analysis needed? Can
      payments be extended to ROI received?
     Has a contract review been done by a third party
      contract review company?
     How does the pricing compare to the current market
     Is the best value leasing or purchasing?
     Is demo equipment available and acceptable?
     Is there a charity care program?

Plant Services & Biomed Review
   Are additional utilities needed, if so, what are the
    installation requirements?
   Is there an additional cost for installation?
   Does this item require electric safety inspection?
    Does this item meet safety standards, such as fire code
     or other requirements?
    What is the size & weight of the equipment, and does
     this require special consideration? Examples are, does
     the item fit through the door or requiring special
    What does the warranty cover, and how long is the
    What are the cost and terms of a service agreement?
    Are RF signals an issue?
    Has Biomed had a demo unit to test?
    Are Biomed training and service manuals included?
    Ist is tIsIhe cost of service manuals and training?

    Are loaners available?
Is there dial up diagnostics available?

    Is the purchase of calibration testing equipment needed

Information Systems
    Will this purchase need to interface to an existing
    Is there an interface cost?
    Are there references of a successful interface at
     another hospital?
    Is the existing IS infrastructure capable of handling this
     new purchase?
    Will there be additional hardware needs?
    What are the hardware specifications?
    Is there an additional cost for new hardware?
    What is the life expectancy of the hardware & software?
    How often are software upgrades released?
    How is the software supported?
   Will new software change hardware specifications and
     require new hardware to be purchased?
   Are there plans of to sunset software?
   Are there software license fees?
   Are there software support costs?
   Is there a cap on increases for software support?
   Is there a cost for on site training?
   Does this require training off site, and what is the cost?
   Is their additional training at a later date?
   Is there a cost for additional training?
   Is there a user group meeting?
  At what cost is the user group attendance
   Is there a defined team leader? What is the estimated
    time of arrival & installation?
   Who will coordinate delivery of new equipment?
   Who will coordinate removal of old equipment?
   Who will coordinate installation of new equipment?
   Is rental equipment needed on a temporary basis?
   Are there special delivery requirements?
   Who will coordinate training on new equipment?
   Who will do the needed paperwork?

Clinical Issues
   Does this equipment purchase fit in with existing types
    of equipment?
   Are clinical preferences an issue?
   What is the plan for clinical staff education?
   How often will the equipment be used?
   Will the equipment be shared with multiple
   Will this require a policy change?
   Will this require changes in clinical practices or
   Are there latex issues to be considered?
   What other hospitals use this product?

   Are there hazardous waste issues?
   Are there hazardous waste costs?
   Are their cleaning issues or costs?

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