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					                                                 ORANGE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS
                                                        Procurement Services
                                                           Bid Price Sheet
Bid Title: Roofing Services
  Bid #: 1010644ITB
                                                                                                  Unit of     Est.
  Item #                           Description                         Mfr. Part #   Unit Price   Measure   Quantity   Extended Price
            Remove Existing Built up System down to the roof
     1      insulation, clean , and make ready for installation of a                                SF       75000              $0.00
            new roofing system.
            Remove Existing Modified Bitumen System down to
     2      the roof insulation and make ready for installation of a                                SF       75000              $0.00
            new roofing system.
            Remove Existing Shingle System down to the
     3      substrate, clean, and make ready for installation of a                                  SF       25000              $0.00
            new roofing system.
            Remove Existing Single Ply Thermoplastic System
     4      down to the roof insulation, clean, and make ready for                                  SF       50000              $0.00
            installation of a new system.
            Prepare roof insulation assembly, provide and install
     5                                                                                              SF       75000              $0.00
            new Modified Bitumen System.
            Remove and replace existing Modified Bitumen
            System to match existing materials and plies.
                                                                                                    SF       25000              $0.00
            Prepare substrate, provide and install new algae
            resistant, Fiberglass Shingle System.
                                                                                                    SF       25000              $0.00
            Prepare substrate, provide and install new Single Ply
            Thermoplastic System.
                                                                                                    SF       50000              $0.00
            Remove and replace existing rigid insulation to same
                                                                                                    BF       25000              $0.00
            Add additional inches of rigid insulation over the
            expanse of roof addressed in Item 10.
                                                                                                    BF       5000               $0.00
            Provide and install Elastomeric waterproofing with
            Fiberglass mesh (Hydro-Stop preferred).
                                                                                                    SF       25000              $0.00

            Remove existing gravel stop/drfip edge on Modified
    12      Bitumen system. Replace with new, per NRCA Fig.                                         LF       10000              $0.00
            MB-3, 4th Edition.
            Remove old built-up roofing at gravel stop/drip edge
            and install new 2 ply Modified Bitumen edge flashing
    13                                                                                              LF       10000              $0.00
            to existing gravel stop per NRCA Fig. MB-3, 4th
            Remove existing metal eave drip at shingles and
    14                                                                                              LF       2500               $0.00
            replace with 3.5 inch, 24 ga. prefinished material.

            Remove damaged or deteriorated metal Fascia (5"
    15      average face dimension) and replace with new                                            LF       1000               $0.00
            prefinished fascia meeting ANSI/SPRI ES-1.
            Remove and replace shingle valley per SMACNA
    16      Figure 4.11, 6th Edition using an Ice and Water                                         LF       1000               $0.00
            Shield Underlayment.
            Remove and replace existing metal downspout
            including anchors. Match existing size and
    16                                                                                              LF       5000               $0.00
            profile; 4 inch box , prefinished, 24 ga. galv., 12
            ga. galv. within 8' of grade.
            Remove and replace existing metal downspout
            including anchors. Match existing size and
            profile; 4 in. .040 box Alum, .080 within 8' of
                                                                                                    LF       5000               $0.00

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            Remove and replace existing VTR lead boot and
    19      related roof flashing per NRCA Fig. MB-21S/TP-       EA   100       $0.00
            20A, 4th Edition.

            Remove and reinstall existing roof drain with new
    20                                                           EA    50       $0.00
            lead flashing and related roof membrane flashing
            per NRCA Fig. MB-23/TP-22, 4th Edition
            Remove and replace existing metal ridge vent
    21      system and flashing to match existing size and       LF   500       $0.00
            profile (16" average width).
            Remove and replace existing metal counter
    22      flashing and reglet to match existing size, and      LF   5000      $0.00
            color per SMACNA, Fig. 4-4, 6th Edition

            Remove and replace existing metal pitch pocket
    23                                                           EA   250       $0.00
            system and pourable sealer (6" square average
            size), per NRCA Fig. MB-22S/TP-21. 4th Edition
    24                                                           EA   300       $0.00
            Top off existing pitch pans with pourable sealer.
            Provide and install metal cover over pitch pan
    25                                                           EA   200       $0.00
            per NRCA, Fig. MB-22/TP-21. 4th Edition.
            Remove existing pitch pocket and replace with
    26      single ply thermoplastic boot per NRCA Fig. TP-      EA   200       $0.00
            Remove existing metal coping system at parapet
            wall (9"average width) and replace with new
    27                                                           LF   5000      $0.00
            prefinished metal coping meeting ANSI/SPRI
            Remove and replace existing metal scupper
    28      (minimum .050 aluminum with welded joints) to        EA   250       $0.00
            match existing size and profile.
            Install new metal splash pans at above ground
    29                                                           EA   100       $0.00
            roof levels.
    30                                                           EA    50       $0.00
            Install new concrete splash block at ground level.
            Locate leaks. Provide sufficient size water hose
            and water pressure to determine location of
    31      leaks. Provide a minimum of one man on roof          EA   400       $0.00
            and one man inside, both equipped with 2-way
            Cut out and repair blister on built-up roofing
    32                                                           EA   500       $0.00
            system. Restore to water tight condition.
            Cut out and repair blister in Modified Bitumen
    33                                                           EA   500       $0.00
            system. Return to a water tight condition.
            Remove existing deteriorated plywood
            underlayment and replace with new CDX
    34                                                           SF   10000     $0.00
            plywood to match existing thickness or
            Remove existing deteriorated wood nailer and
            replace with new pressure treated wood nailer,
            adequately anchored in place with factory-coated
    35                                                           BF   10000     $0.00
            steel fasteners complying with corrosion-
            resistance provisions of FM 4470, to match
            existing condition.

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            Remove existing deteriorated finished wood
            (fascia, trim, etc.) and replace with new pressure
    36      treated solid wood to match existing in pattern,                                             BF          2500         $0.00
            size, and finish. Secure with corrosion-resistant
            finish nails. Provide one prime coat and two
            finish coats of paint or stain to match existing.
            Completely remove existing sealant (caulking)
    37      and replace with new silicone sealant                                                        LF         10000         $0.00
            appropriate for condition used.
            Remove and replace base flashing around
    38      skylight per NRCA Fig. MB-16/TP-15, 4th                                                      LF           300         $0.00

    39      Remove and replace base flashing around curbs                                                LF          5000         $0.00
            per NRCA Fig. MB-14/TP-13, 4th Edition.
            Remove existing billows type expansion joint
            cover and replace with a new billows type
            expansion joint cover (combination closed cell
    40                                                                                                   LF           400         $0.00
            foam supported neoprene with two adhesively
            and mechanically combined metal flanges) per
            NRCA Fig. MB-9A, 4th Edition.
            Remove old expansion joint splice kit and install
    41                                                                                                   EA           400         $0.00
            new to match existing.
            Inspection: Provide a total cost per hour to
            inspect roof system and provide report on a form
            and roof plan acceptable to Owner. Inspection
    42                                                                                                  HR            200         $0.00
            shall identify school name, building number, type
            of roof, condition of roof, condition of flashings,
            work needed.
            Emergency Repair: Provide a total cost per
    43                                                                                                  HR           1000         $0.00
            man hour.
            Unidentified Task: Provide a total cost per
    44      man hour to perform related roof repair tasks not                                           HR           1000         $0.00
            identified in the schedule above.
            Material Reimbursement for Emergency
            Repair and Unidentified Tasks: Cost of
            materials other than equipment used for
    46      emergency repairs and unidentified task will be                                              %           1000         $0.00
            paid for based on contractors actual cost
            (receipts will be required to be submitted with the
            work order invoice)
            Mobilization: In addition to the above unit
            cost, provide a separate unit cost that will be
    47      added to the cost for providing roofing services                                             Ea           10          $0.00
            for projects over $50,000 value (This is a one-
            time charge per dispatch).

               LF= Linear Feet, SF=Square Feet , BF=Board Feet, HR=Hour, EA=Each                              Total Bid Price     $0.00

 OCPS Terms of payment will be Net 45 days as per §218.73                   Payment
                            Discount and Terms:                                                     % if paid in                   days

In the event an error in calculations is found, the unit price bid will be used to determine the correct extended price.

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Vendor Acknowledgment and Approval

I certify that this bid is made without prior understanding, agreement or connection with any corporation, firm, or person submitting a bid for
the same materials, supplies or equipment, and in all respects fair and without collusion or fraud. The following information, including an
authorized representative signature and witness, is required to be submitted with your proposal in order to be considered for evaluation and
award. The person signing below acknowledges and agrees with all proposed information as submitted and has the authorization of the said
company to enter into a contractual agreement with the School Board of Orange County for the purposes as proposed and as described herein.
Please print below unless where a signature is required.

Name                                                                   Phone No.

Authorized Representative's Signature                                                                                    Date

Authorized Representative Name/Title
Witness Signature                                                                                                        Date
Witness Name/Title
Vendor is to complete, sign and submit a paper copy of the Bid Price Sheet along with an electronic (MICROSOFT EXCEL) Bid Price Sheet
copy at or before the time of Bid Opening. Electronic (EXCEL) Bid Price Sheets must be submitted on a CD or DVD.

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