2010 - 2011

                              TABLE of CONTENTS

DDAEP/DAEP STAFF AND CONTACT INFORMATION ........................... 3

PHILOSOPHY…......................................................................................... 4

GENERAL INFORMATION AND REGULATIONS ..................................... 5

SEARCHES AND CONTRABAND:............................................................ 6

DRESS CODE POLICY .............................................................................. 7

LENGTH OF STAY AT DDAEP ................................................................. 9

LENGTH OF STAY AT DAEP .................................................................... 9

GENERAL EXPECTATIONS...................................................................... 9

ATTENDANCE/TARDY POLICY .............................................................. 12

TRANSPORTATION ................................................................................ 12

TEXTBOOKS AND MATERIALS ............................................................. 13

BREAKFAST/LUNCH .............................................................................. 14

MEDICATION/MEDICAL EMERGENCIES:.............................................. 14

COMPLETION OF ASSIGNMENT ........................................................... 15

INFORMATION ABOUT EXPULSIONS ................................................... 16


         DDAEP/DAEP Staff and Contact Information
                    School phone-432-689-1169
                 Principal’s Directline-432-689-1166
                      School fax-432-689-1174
                 School address-300 North Carrizo

Campus Principal – Lena Davis
Secretary – Sherry Spraglin Williams

Mathematics – Armando Aguirre
Midland High School DAEP – Gary Brewster
Midland Freshman High School DAEP – Chris Brian
Lee High School DAEP – Bobby Connell
Social Studies – Brandon Carter
In School Suspension – Martin Garcia
CTE Teacher – Linda Lenard
Lee Freshman High School DAEP – Rick Maloney
Content Mastery Teacher – Crystal Tiller
Language Arts – Christy Tynes
Science – Pat Wilson

Classes offered at DDAEP:
                            Language Arts
                            Math
                            Social Studies
                            Science
                            Physical Education/Health
                            Character Education
                            A+ Courses, E2020, Various
                             Educational Programs

Classes offered at DAEP:
                         Students will work on home campus
                          assignments that are forwarded to the
                          DAEP campus

                     AT DDAEP/DAEP, WE BELIEVE…

The Student’s job is to:

   Learn
   Keep on trying
   Follow the rules
   Communicate needs
   Listen to teachers and others
   Ask questions for understanding
   Keep a positive attitude
   Care

The parent’s job is to:

   Review student’s weekly behavior report, sign, and have student return it
   Call or visit DDAEP/DAEP if a behavior report is not brought home
   Communicate relevant information about the student to the staff
   Call by 9:00 A.M. if the student is absent
   Make sure the student is appropriately dressed
   Get the student to school every day by 8:00 A.M.
   Keep a positive attitude
   Care

The teacher’s job is to:

   Modify instruction
   Keep a positive attitude
   Explain in different ways
   Start class on time
   Answer questions
   Manage the class
   Enforce rules
   Care

General Information and Regulations
   The DDAEP/DAEP Dress Code is stricter than the regular campus dress code.

   The DDAEP/DAEP Code of Conduct is stricter than the regular campus code of

   Students at DDAEP/DAEP are subject to routine daily searches.

   Parents are welcome to visit at any time. Please check in with the secretary upon
    entering the building at the North Entrance. Entrance through the central glass doors
    is only for those parents/students who need a handicap accessible entrance.

DDAEP/DAEP Policies:


   Students assigned to DDAEP/DAEP have lost their privilege to attend any Midland
    ISD school function on any campus for the duration of their DDAEP/DAEP stay. If a
    student attends an event, Midland ISD police may issue a criminal trespass warning
    that could lead to detainment in a juvenile detention facility and other disciplinary
    actions may also be taken.

Phone Use, Magazines, Food/Drink, Restrooms

   Students normally do not have access to the telephone during the day.
    Lunch, materials, and transportation should be arranged in advance.

 Magazines and all other printed materials are prohibited.

   No gum, candy, drinks, or other edible items allowed at anytime!

   Students will only be allowed supervised restroom breaks, and must remain silent
    while in the hallways and restrooms. Damage of any type to the facilities and/or
    its contents will result in disciplinary action.


 Cell phones, IPODS, MP3 Players, and other electronic devices are prohibited.
  Headphones are also prohibited. The items will be confiscated and will only be
  returned to the parent personally. Upon the first offense, the item may be returned
  the same day. A second offense results in the item being kept for 5 school days. If a
  third offense occurs, the item will be kept for 5 school days and a $15.00 fee will be
  required to have items returned to the parent. The school and staff are not
  responsible for any confiscated items.

Gang Affiliation

 Any gang references either written, verbal or “signs” is prohibited. Students engaging
  in this behavior will be reported to Midland ISD police and registered as a gang
  member. Failure to comply will result in further disciplinary actions.

Disruptive Behavior

   Students who disrupt whole group instruction, other classrooms, or the hallways may
    be assigned to individualized instruction, after school detention, behavior contracts,
    and an array of discipline management techniques consistent with the MISD Student
    Code of Conduct and the DDAEP/DAEP Student Handbook. Any discipline referral
    will mean a disciplinary action will be taken.

   A parent may be requested to sit in class with his/her student.

   Students who continue to be disruptive will be sent home and/or removed from
    school. A DDAEP student who receives 3 suspensions or 10 unexcused absences
    may be removed from the program. A DAEP student who receives multiple
    disciplinary referrals may be recommended for expulsion.

Detention and Persistent Misbehavior

   Parents, or their designee, must pick up their student immediately when contacted
    by staff to do so.

   After-School Detention (ASD) may be assigned to students for disruptive/ off-
    task/disrespectful behaviors. The parent is contacted that day and the student
    remains that day from 3:00-4:00 or is scheduled for an ASD day. If a parent cannot
    be reached, the student will be scheduled for the next available ASD day and/ or 1 to
    3 days of Out-Of-School suspension may be assigned. The parent is responsible
    for transportation of the student when he/she is assigned ASD.

   Violation of the MISD or DDAEP/DAEP Student Code of Conduct and/or
    persistent misbehavior while at DAEP will result in recommendation for
    expulsion from school. Violation of the MISD or DDAEP/DAEP Student Code of
    Conduct and/or persistent misbehavior while in DDAEP will result in removal
    from school.
Searches and Contraband:
Students at DDAEP/DAEP are subject to routine daily searches.
Daily routine searches are conducted at DDAEP/DAEP at the beginning of school each
day and all students are subject to a search at any time during the day. Students
should not have anything in their possession except a wallet. Students may not have
more than $5 in his/her possession. Parents will be notified if money is confiscated. The
school is not responsible for anything confiscated from a student. Confiscated

items will be returned only to the parent personally. Searches of the student’s outer
clothing, pockets, and shoes using a metal detector and pat down may be conducted
any time during the school day. Any contraband such as, but not limited to,
make-up, jewelry, electronics, etc. found at any time will be confiscated.

Dress Code Policy
Students placed at DDAEP/DAEP have lost many of the privileges that attendance at
the regular campus affords. The dress code at DDAEP/DAEP is stricter than the dress
code at the regular MISD campuses. In addition to the Dress Code adopted for the
regular campuses by the Midland Independent School District Board of Trustees, the
following regulations are enforced at DDAEP/DAEP.

DDAEP/DAEP students must wear a uniform at all times: Failure to comply with
the dress code will result in disciplinary action.
      Blue/Black denim pants/shorts or khaki pants/shorts worn at waist level only.
      Pants may not be baggy or sagging. Sagging will not be tolerated. Students
       who fail to comply will be required to wear denim overalls.

      White only, black only, or white and black shoes must be worn. Shoes must be
       worn at all times. Specifically prohibited footwear includes cleats, skate
       shoes or any shoes with wheels, or footwear not intended for outdoor
       wear. Shoelaces must be tied to keep shoes from slipping. No shoes with red,
       blue, orange, brown, purple, or any other color than white and black
       anywhere on the shoes.

      Only black or white shoelaces are allowed.
      Waist size of clothing must not exceed the student’s actual waist size by more
       than 2 inches.
      A black or brown belt must be worn at all times. No other colors are allowed.
       Large belt buckles or buckles with designs are prohibited. No hanging belt
       straps. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.
      No holes on clothing.
      Plain white (DDAEP) or black (DAEP) shirt or blouse with or without a collar.
       Sleeveless shirts, hooded shirts, shirts with pockets, shirts that are tightly form
       fitting, can be seen through, low-cut, or otherwise inappropriate, are not allowed.

      No logos, symbols, or writing on pants or shirt. All labels must be

      Shirt must be tucked into the pants before entering building and remain
       tucked in all day. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.

      All tattoos and injuries (cuts/bruises) must be covered at all times.

       No jewelry of any kind is allowed. This includes earrings, gauges, finger rings,
       belly rings, toe rings, tongue rings/studs, nose rings, eyebrow rings, lip rings,
       watches, necklaces/chains, wristbands, bracelets, etc. No clear spacers, staples,
       pins, etc. in place of jewelry may be worn. These items will be confiscated and
       will only be returned to the parent personally. Failure to comply will result in
       disciplinary action.
      No caps/hats of any kind may be worn in the building and will be placed in the
       designated area for the entire school day.
      No double sets of clothing may be worn, including shorts underneath pants.

      No designs cut in hair or eyebrows. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary
      Students must have hair neatly groomed at all times. Hair colors or hair
       arrangements that are distracting are not allowed.

      Ribbons in the hair are not allowed.
      No handkerchiefs, bandanas or any other display of colors are allowed.
      Purses, backpacks, bags, etc. are not allowed. Feminine hygiene items may be
       placed in a small bag and checked-in with a staff member upon arrival.
      Students may wear light, natural make-up, but may not bring make-up, lipstick,
       carmex, eyeliner, mascara, etc. to school.

DDAEP/DAEP Dress Code for Cold Weather:
In periods of cool weather, students may wear outer garments to school. Students are
not permitted to wear coats, hats, hoodies, gloves, or any head coverings in the
building. They must be removed upon entering the building and left in a designated
area and remain in the designated area during the school day. These garments are
subject to searches by school staff at any time.

Sweatshirts or sweaters only may be worn in the building during periods of cold
weather. Parents must provide sweatshirt or sweater. Parents may provide a solid
white or a solid gray sweatshirt for DDAEP students or a solid black sweatshirt for
DAEP students to be worn in the building. No other colors are permitted. Sweatshirts
must not have hoods, zippers, buttons, or pockets. Students will not be allowed to wear
any type of jacket/coat in the building except for the sweatshirt or sweater.

Dress Code Final Items:

If a student arrives out of dress code or is inappropriately attired, the parent will
be contacted and must bring a change of clothes or take the student home to
change clothes.

Any items that are confiscated will only be returned to the parent personally and the
school is not responsible for confiscated items.

If the DDAEP/DAEP Principal determines that a student’s grooming violates the dress
code, the student will be given an opportunity to correct the problem at school. Refusal
to correct the problem or repeated offenses will result in more serious
disciplinary action.

Students are required to be at DDAEP until their RTC date assigned by the Expulsion
Committee. Failure to attend could result in the student being removed from DDAEP
and expelling the student without services.

Students are required to be at DAEP until they have satisfied the requirements of the
assignment by the home campus principal or DDAEP principal. Failure to attend could
result in additional disciplinary actions and lengthen a student’s assignment.


Students placed in DDAEP/DAEP for any mandatory or discretionary reasons are not
allowed to attend or participate in school-sponsored or school-related extracurricular or
co-curricular activities during the period of DDAEP/DAEP placement. This restriction
applies until the student fulfills the DDAEP/DAEP assignment

The teacher is the authority in the classroom. Good behavior reports and other rewards
are earned based on the following guidelines:

      1. On Task during teacher Instruction
            Follow all teacher instructions without arguing, whining, or
            Remain in assigned seat unless otherwise directed.
            Take notes.
            No talking.
            Work the entire time assigned.
            Remain on task during class periods.
            Ignore distractions.
            Complete assignments.
            Answer teacher questions/participate in class discussion as directed by
                                                                            ~ 10 ~

2. Following Instructions
       Follow all staff’s instructions without arguing, whining, or complaining.
       Comply with all requests immediately.
       Follow all routines and procedures without arguing, whining, or

3. Self-Control
       Treat staff, other students and property with respect at all times.
       Greet staff by name.
       Greet visitors by standing, giving your name. Go back to your seat
       Keep all books, folders, and papers free of doodling, drawing, and
         stylized writing.
       Treat computers with respect. No vandalism of any kind will be
         tolerated and students will be responsible for any necessary repairs.
       Refrain from excessive talking,
       No gum chewing, no eating candy, no soft drinks, no water bottles, or
         any other edible items.
       Keep hands and feet away from other students.
       Absolutely No Profanity.
       Students must remain quiet in the hallways.
       No sleeping.
       Remain in your assigned seat unless you have the teacher’s
         permission to be out of your seat.
       Remain in the classroom unless you have the teacher’s permission to
         be out.
       Do not open the classroom door unless you have the teacher’s
         permission to do so.

4. Follow the Dress Code
      Follow teacher instructions regarding the DDAEP/DAEP dress code
         without arguing, whining, or complaining.
      Students are subject to losing all of their rewards for violating the dress

5. Complete Assignments Successfully
      Complete each assignment with minimum of errors.
      Ask the teacher for help, if needed.
      Make corrections to papers.

   The DDAEP/DAEP Principal is the ultimate authority regarding what
   actions constitute inappropriate behavior at DDAEP/DAEP.
                                                                         ~ 11 ~

      SAMPLE District Disciplinary Alternative Education Placement
                             300 N. Carrizo
                          Midland, TX 79701
                            (432) 689-1169

  This is to inform you of «FirstName»     «LastName» Behavior
  during the week of 8/27/2010.
  They may earn a Satisfactory (S) because they have completed all work
  and followed all the rules and directives in each individual classroom. They
  may also earn an Unsatisfactory (U) for unacceptable behavior. An
  Excellent (E) rating is earned by surpassing expectations in a classroom for
  that week. To have a successful week, they must at least have a
  successful score in four of the six classes. If you have any questions,
  please feel free to contact us at the above number.
          Teacher        S/U/E             Comments
Mrs. Tynes
Mr. Carter
Social Studies
Mr. Aguirre
Ms. Wilson
Mrs. Tiller
Special Education
Mr. Garcia
DAEP Teacher

Ms. Lenard

  Thank you for your continued support.
  Parent/Guardian Signature
                                                                                     ~ 12 ~

Attendance/Tardy Policy
Students must report to class upon arriving at school. School starts at 8:00 A.M.; any
student arriving after 8:15 A.M. will be counted as tardy. DDAEP/DAEP students
arriving after 8:15 A.M. will need to obtain a pass from the office before entering any
classroom. DDAEP students arriving after 10:00 A.M. will be counted as absent, but will
be expected to stay and complete the school day successfully. DAEP students will only
receive credit for periods attended.

School attendance is required. Students who have more than nine (9) unexcused
absences per semester will be subject to loss of credit for any course. Students with
excessive absences will be turned over to the truancy officer and a referral will be made
to the court system. If a student has three (3) unexcused absences within a 4-week
period, we will notify the home campus and request a referral be made to the court

If the student is to be absent or tardy, the parent is asked to call 689-1169 by 9:00 A.M.
to avoid an unexcused absence/tardy. When students are absent and the parents do
not call, a DDAEP/DAEP staff person will attempt to contact the parent by phone. In
some cases, a home visit will be made by the MISD Truancy Officer or a DDAEP/DAEP
staff person.

The school day begins at 8:00 A.M. and ends at 3:00 P.M. It is important that your
student arrives and is picked up on time.

Students may:
 be dropped off/picked up by parents, unless parent has given prior notification
   authorizing another individual to do so,
 use public transportation, or
 ride the school bus for assigned students only.

Students may not:
 drive any type of motorized vehicle to school unless he/she has written approval
   from the DDAEP/DAEP Campus Principal.
 ride a bicycle, skateboard, or wear roller skates on the school grounds during the
   school day
 Students who loiter in the campus environs early in the morning or late in the
   afternoon will face disciplinary action.
 Students may not arrive more than 15 minutes before school starts and must
   enter the building immediately at the North Entrance. Failure to comply with
   the rule will result in disciplinary action.
 Students must leave the campus promptly. Students who remain on campus
   for more than 15 minutes after dismissal will face disciplinary action.

Students must enter the building using the North Entrance marked “ALL DDAEP AND
DAEP STUDENTS MUST ENTER HERE.” The Handicap Accessible Entrance is
through the double glass doors of the building marked “NO STUDENT ACCESS.”
                                                                                         ~ 13 ~

Parents are prohibited from pulling into the covered parking lot to drop off and pick
up their student. You may pull into the driveway north of the building. Staff will be
outside to direct you.

The DDAEP/DAEP bus is for the use of assigned students only. Transportation will be
provided from and to the High, Freshman, and Jr. High schools. All bus rules must be
followed while on the bus in order to continue to receive bus privileges.

If your child usually rides a bus and will not be riding that day, you must notify the
school in advance.

If your child is reported for being on any campus other than DDAEP/DAEP, he/she will
lose bus riding privileges and/or further additional disciplinary action.

Students are only allowed to get off the bus at the appropriate campus, but must leave
that campus immediately or be issued a criminal trespass warning, which could lead to
detainment in a juvenile detention center and/or further disciplinary action.

If your student gets one bus conduct report or one disciplinary referral for
inappropriate behavior while riding or waiting for pickup/delivery at other
campuses, he/she will lose transportation privileges and the parent will be
responsible for transportation.

Arrangements for transportation will be made during student intake process. It may
take 3 days to rearrange the bus route and begin bus service. During this time, the
parent is responsible for transportation.

Textbooks and Materials
Textbooks are provided for student use.

Students may not bring pens, pencils, notebooks, textbooks, paperbacks,
backpacks, jewelry or purses to DDAEP/DAEP. Since the school provides all
students with needed supplies, we ask each parent to donate the following school
supply items.

The necessary school supplies for students should be brought after orientation. The
student needs the following:

       1 box of 12 No. 2 lead pencils
       1 box of black/blue pens
       1 ream of 150 page wide-ruled notebook paper
       1 subject spiral wide-ruled notebook
       1 box of Kleenex
       1 box map color pencils
       1 box washable markers
                                                                                       ~ 14 ~

DDAEP Grading Policies
Grades earned by students while they are at DDAEP count. DDAEP grades are
combined with the home campus grades at the end of the grading period.

1.       The home campus will provide DDAEP with the students’ current grades at the
         time of the expulsion.
2.       The student earns grades at DDAEP.

DAEP Grading Policies
Student assignments will be emailed or delivered to DAEP teachers. Assignments will
be turned into the home campus.

Breakfast and lunch are available to DDAEP/DAEP students. NO outside food or drinks
are allowed.

        Students will eat MISD cafeteria food.
        Students may not bring any edible items.
        Students who qualify for free/reduced breakfast/lunch at their home campuses
         will also receive free/reduced breakfast and lunch at DDAEP/DAEP.
        Breakfast cost is FREE and Lunch cost is $2.25. Students may not charge

Medication/Medical Emergencies:
MISD employees may administer medication to a student, provided:

         1. The district has received a written request to administer the medication from
            the parent, legal guardian, or other person having legal control of the student.

         2. The prescription medication must be brought in the original container and be
            properly labeled. All medication, prescription and over the counter will be
            provided by and delivered to school by the parent. Medication should never
            be in the possession of the DDAEP/DAEP student.

         3. All medications will be maintained in a locked cabinet and given only with
            written parental permission.

         4. There is no school nurse assigned to DDAEP/DAEP. The school secretary
            will be the designated staff member to administer all medications. In case of a
            medical emergency, the school nurse from the Midland Senior High School
            campus (nearest campus) or one of the other campuses will be called to
            handle the emergency.
                                                                                 ~ 15 ~

Release from DDAEP:
When a student completes his/her assignment at DDAEP, the staff will notify the parent,
the home campus counselor, and the administrator prior to the student’s expected
return. The student will report to the home campus as instructed by DDAEP staff.
He/she will receive a schedule when he/she arrives at the designated location at the
home campus.

Removal from DDAEP:
Students may be removed from DDAEP prior to completion of the assignment for the
following reasons:

      Withdrawn for ten (10) unexcused absences
      3 Suspensions during one DDAEP assignment
      Administrative removal

Release from DAEP:
When a student completes his/her assignment at DAEP, staff will notify the parent, the
home campus counselor and the administrator prior to the student’s expected return.
The student will report to the home campus as instructed by DAEP staff. He/she will
receive a schedule when he/she arrives at the designated location at the home campus.

Removal from DAEP:
Students who persistently misbehave in DAEP may be subject to further disciplinary
action such as suspensions and/or recommendation for expulsion.
                                                                                                          ~ 16 ~

A. Required expulsion
A district is required to expel a student from school for any of the following offenses that occur on school
property or while attending a school-sponsored or school-related activity on or off school property:
       1. Bringing a firearm to school, as defined by federal law. Firearm under federal law includes:
            a) Any weapon (including a starter gun) which will or is designed to or which may readily be
                 converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive.
            b) The frame or receiver of any weapon.
            c) Any firearm muffler or firearm weapon.
            d) Any destructive device, such as an explosive, incendiary, poison gas, bomb, or grenade.
       2. Use, exhibition, or possession of the following, as defined by the Texas Penal Code:
            a) A firearm.
            b) An illegal knife, defined as a knife with a blade over 5.5 inches; a hand instrument,
                 designed to cut or stab another by being thrown; dagger, including but not limited to a dirk,
                 stiletto, or poniard; Bowie knife; sword; spear: or any other knives prohibited by local policy.
            c) A club.
            d) A prohibited weapon, such as an explosive weapon; a machine gun; a short-barrel firearm;
                 a firearm silencer; a switchblade knife; knuckles; armor-piercing ammunition; a chemical
                 dispensing device; zip gun, air gun.
       3. Behavior containing the elements of the following under the Texas Penal Code:
            a) Aggravated assault, sexual assault, or aggravated sexual assault.
            b) Arson.
            c) Murder, capitol murder, criminal attempt to commit murder, manslaughter, or criminally
                 negligent homicide.
            d) Indecency with a child.
            e) Aggravated kidnapping.
            f) Behavior, punishable as a felony, that involves the selling, giving, or delivering to another
                 person; or possessing, using, or being under the influence of marijuana, a controlled
                 substance, a dangerous drug, or alcohol; or committing a serious act or offense while under
                 the influence of alcohol.
            g) Aggravated robbery
            h) Retaliation against a school employee combined with one of the above-listed offenses
            under mandatory expulsion, except felony alcohol or drug offenses, even if the offense is
            committed off school property or at a school-related activity.

          The District will enroll any student expelled from another district but will continue the expulsion
          under the expulsion order from the sending district.

          When a student has violated the District’s Student Code of Conduct in a way that requires
          expulsion from the District and the student withdraws from the District before the expulsion
          hearing takes place, the District will conduct the hearing after sending written notice to the
          parent and student. If the student returns during that school year or the next school year,
          without serving the expulsion order, he or she will be expelled for the time specified in the
          expulsion order.

B. Discretionary expulsion
   The district may expel a student in the DAEP for any of the following
      1. Sells, gives, or delivers to another person, possesses, uses, or is under the influence of any
         amount of marijuana, a controlled substance, or a dangerous drug.
      2. Sells, gives, or delivers to another person, possesses, uses, or is under the influence of any
         amount of alcohol, if the conduct is not punishable as a felony.
      3. Commits an offense involving an abusable volatile chemical.
                                                                                               ~ 17 ~

     4. Commits criminal mischief, if punishable as a felony, whether committed on or off school
         property or at a school-related event.
     5. Commits serious or persistent misbehavior while in a disciplinary alternative education
         program, and continues to violate the district's Student Code of Conduct.
     6. Commits an assault on an employee or a volunteer.
     7. Assaults an employee or volunteer in retaliation for or as a result of the employee's
         employment with a school district, regardless of where or when the assault occurs.
     8. Engaged in the offense of deadly conduct.
     9. Engages in the offense of false alarm or report or terroristic threat
     10. Possesses a firearm within 300 feet of school property
     11. Commits any of the offenses listed in the Required Expulsion sections # 2 and # 3 above
     within 300 feet of school property.

Revised 8-20-08
                                                                                    ~ 18 ~

               Discipline Management Standards and Procedures

         DDAEP/DAEP Student Handbook Signature Card

Student’s Name: __________________________________

Campus: _______________________ Grade: ______         SS#/ID#: __________________

Parent’s Name: __________________________________

Address: _______________________________________

Phone Number: _______________________________________
I have read and reviewed all the information contained in the DDAEP/DAEP Student Handbook
document. I understand the expectations for student behavior.

      ________________________________ _______________
            Parent’s Signature                Date

      _______________________________ _________________
            Student’s Signature               Date


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