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Tank Owner’s Name is soliciting a Request for Proposal (RFP) for inspection and cleaning
services for the following water storage tanks:


The main focus of this project is to perform a comprehensive evaluation the interior and exterior
condition of the tank(s) and sediment removal. The objective of the project is to provide the Tank
Owner with detailed information and recommendations to maximize the serviceable life of each tank
and provide information for possible modifications to improve operational effectiveness.

All inspection and cleaning services are to be conducted with the tanks full and in service.
Water levels can not be controlled for these services. No confined space entry to the tanks
will be allowed.

The following is a description of the remote vehicle capabilities that are a minimum for the
completion of this work. Any ROV being proposed for this project shall meets these requirements:

   1.      ROV shall be dedicated for potable water use only. The consultant shall provide a
           letter of certification stating that the ROV is dedicated to potable water inspection.

   2.      ROV shall contain no liquids that will contaminate the water. Any thruster seal fluid
           must be a food grade product.

   3.      ROV must be capable of abrading the underwater surfaces to clean off corrosion
           products and loose concrete.

   4.      ROV must be able to measure sediment depths on tank floor.

   5.      ROV must have a macro zoom camera capable of extreme close up inspection and long
           distance inspection of above water surfaces.

   6.      ROV must be capable of taking ultrasonic metal thickness readings on the floor and
The successful consultant shall meet the following minimum qualifications:

   1.      Conducted at least (60) sixty inspections of potable water tanks using similar methods.

   2.      NACE Certificated Coatings Inspector in charge

   3.      Field inspector must have at least ten years of water tank inspection experience and
           NACE II Coating Certification

   4.      Experience with the preparation of specifications for tank rehabilitation and Lead paint

   5.      The proposal shall contain project reference for at least five recent projects and the
           resume of the field inspector and report preparer. Reports must be prepared by a NACE
           Certificated Coating Inspector

   6.      All equipment entering the water must be disinfected in accordance with
           AWWA C652-02 standard for potable water tank diving and disinfection
           of equipment

Tank Evaluation

Consultant will perform a comprehensive interior inspection of the tank(s) in accordance with
AWWA M42 Manual of Water Supply Practices “Steel Water-Storage Tanks”, AWWA Standard
D110-86 “Wire-Wound Circular Prestressed-Concrete Water Tanks” and/or AWWA D130-87
“Flexible-Membrane-Lining and Floating-Cover Materials for Potable-Water Storage” or NFPA-25,
as applicable.

These inspections shall be conducted with the tanks full and in service. No confined space entry will
be permitted.

The consultant shall provide high quality color DVD video inspection of 100% of all internal
surfaces, including the roof, through closed circuit TV. The video from the underwater camera shall
be narrated on site by at least a NACE Level II Coating Inspector. The inspector shall be able to
remove coatings and corrosion products on the internal submerged surfaces for direct examination of
metal loss, pit depth and coating failure.

All equipment that is used in the tank must be sprayed with a chlorine solution, at a concentration of
200-mg/L, in accordance with AWWA C652-02 (Chlorination Method 2).
   The following items shall be inspected on each tank:

         A.    Condition of concrete or steel on the interior including; approximate percent of
               cracking, corrosion, type of failure and locations of concentrated spalling.

         B.    Corrosion of any exposed reinforcing materials

         C.    Condition of membrane covers, including flexibility and UV damage

         D.    OSHA safety compliance of tank ladders and hatches.

         E.    Sanitary conditions of tank hatches, vents and other penetrations.

         F.    Measurement of bottom sediment depths in at least (4) four locations.

         G.     Collect a sample of the bottom sediment for analysis by the Utility.

         H.    Percentage of coating failure and corrosion on all coated surfaces

         I.     Test Adhesion of exterior coatings as per ASTM D3359

         J.    Measure Dry Film Thickness of Exterior Coating

         K.    Condition and operation of cathodic protection systems.

         L.    Condition of foundation and anchors

         M.    Collect internal and external paint samples for metals analysis

         N.    Elevated tanks are inspected for signs of instability or shifting by observing the
               tower posts, tension rods, and riser pipe.

         O.    All fasteners, such as cotter pins, anchor bolts, and turn-buckles, are inspected for
               corrosion or signs of failure.


    The report shall be prepared by a NACE Certificated Coating Inspector and stamped by a
Registered Professional Engineer. The written report will contain at least (20) color photographs
from both interior and exterior surfaces. The report must contain detailed recommendations for any
safety, sanitary or rehabilitation requirements along with estimated costs. The consultant shall supply
two (2) copies of the report, CD of the photographs and one (1) fully narrated color DVD of the
internal inspection.
Underwater Cleaning

Based on the results of each inspection the tanks may require sediment removal. The decision to
clean will be made by the Owners Representative.

Cleaning will be conducted with the tanks full and in operation. No confined space entry is
permitted. Bottom sediment shall be removed and disposed on site. The sediment water slurry may
be pumped into a nearby sanitary sewer.

All cleaning equipment shall be disinfected on site as per AWWA C652-02. For the purposes of this
bid the contractor should assume that the sediment depth is one-inch or less in depth.

Unit prices shall be provided for sediment removal in excess of one inch.


Consultant must provide evidence of insurance coverage for the following:

Professional Liability
General Liability
Workers Compensation
Auto Liability

Fee Format:
Inspection/ Evaluation

Wet Internal/ External Inspection with Report
                          Tank A                $____________
                          Tank B                $_____________
                          Tank C                $_____________
                          Tank D                $_____________

Sediment Removal

Underwater removal and disposal of tank bottom sediment
(Base price to include a maximum of one (1) inch of sediment)

                                       Base Price                     Add’l Inches
   Tank A                        $______________                $_________/inch
   Tank B                        $______________                $_________/inch
   Tank C                        $______________                $_________/inch
   Tank D                        $______________                $_________/inch
Paint Analysis

Interior and Exterior paint samples tested as per EPA 6010B for the presence of
Lead, Cadmium & Chromium

These rates must include all expenses, equipment, and labor associated with the inspection.
Quoted prices must be honored for up to 60 days.

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