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Road Project India Funding


Road Project India Funding document sample

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									        PROJECT LIST                                                                                                                                                                     DAVID R LUPTON

Year     Title              Location        Client / Consultant   Main Project Features                    Position       Activities Performed                          Personal   Contact   Develop   Includ
                                                                                                                                                                        time                 ing       e
2011     Transport          Tonga           World        Bank/    Assist MOT to develop an                 Economist      Provide analysis and advice on policy         3 months             Y
         Sector Policy                      Roughton              improved policy planning and                            formulation, research broader economic
         and Planning                       International         legislative framework including                         and social implications of policy options
         Framework                                                strategic principles for the transport                  and develop an appropriate policy
                                                                  sector and policy positions on key                      evaluation framework.
                                                                  sector issues
2010/    Indonesia          Jakarta         AusAid/URS            Review of opportunities for private      Independent    Review of consultant report. Discussions      3 weeks              Y
2011     Infrastructure     Indonesia                             sector investment in railways in         reviewer       with stakeholders and review of
         Initiative                                               Indonesia                                               recommendations
2010     Sustainable        Tonga           World        Bank/    Development      of    institutional,    Economist      Identifying potential funding approaches,     6 weeks              Y
         road                               Roughton              financial      and         technical                    contracting arrangements etc to ensure
         Maintenance                        International         requirements for a sustainable road                     that a robust sustainable system can be
                                                                  maintenance regime,                                     implemented
2010     Cost       of      Wellington      New       Zealand     Identifying measures for the cost of     Economist      Literature search, concept development,       2 months
         Congestion         New Zealand     Transport Agency      congestion that are meaningful,                         analysis of data from case studies
                                                                  quantifiable and can be used for
                                                                  policy evaluation and monitoring
2010     Pre-Feasibility    Cochin, State   ADB/                  Identification of a prioritized urban    Urban          Developing demand forecasts under             1.5                  Y
         Study        in    of    Kerala,   Globalworks           transport investment programme           transport      different scenarios and determining the       months
         Urban              India                                 that is environmentally friendly         Economist      implications of different scenarios. Assist
         Transport,                                               and meets the needs of all its                          in identifying projects and providing an
                                                                  citizens, (including the poor)                          evaluation framework.

2009     Clean Green        Gandhinagar,    Gujarat    Urban      Urban development study aimed at         Transport      Review of transport proposals and             1 month              Y
         and     Solar      Gujarat India   Development           creating a master plan for               specialist     options.     Assist  in    developing
         Gandhinagar                        Authority/   Lea      Gandhinagar that retains its                            development and transport options and
                                            Associates South      uniqueness and is based on                              evaluation framework
                                            Asia                  environmentally            sound
                                                                  development and practices.
2009     PPTA               Ho Chi Minh ADB/KBR                   PPTA for the final section of the        O&M /PPP Identify options for O&M using PPP and              1 month              Y
         Component          City, Vietnam                         ring road running to the east of         specialist evaluate these in particular relating to
         for the Second                                           HCMC.                                               Vietnam     specific    factors.    Risk
         Ring      Road                                                                                               assessment.
                                                                  The     project   includes     an
                                                                  independent component relating to
         the      circle)
                                                                  O&M       and   private    sector
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        PROJECT LIST                                                                                                                                                               DAVID R LUPTON

         Project                                              participation
2009    Preparing the     Hanoi Vietnam/ ADB /Dainichi        Rehabilitation /improvement of a     Cross border/ Identifying issues relating to cross border     1.5        Jeff Miller   Y
        2nd Northern      Vientiane Lao                       northern route connecting Vietnam    institutional movement of people and freight in the           months     ADB
        GMS               PDR                                 and Lao PDR including road           specialist    context of the regional cross border
        Transport                                             sections in both countries and the                 agreement. Identifying institutional issues
        Network                                               border crossing,                                   /constraints. Conducting a Financial
        Improvement                                                                                              Management Assessment for both
        Project                                                                                                  countries.
2009     Preparing the    Dushanbe        ADB         /David Project preparation for a 60km        Economist       Traffic forecasts,   economic     analysis,   2 months   Gia Hee       Y
         CAREC       II   Tajikistan      Lupton and Assoc highway from Dushanbe to the                            policy review                                            Young
         transport                                           Uzbek border,                                                                                                  Hong
         corridor                                                                                                                                                           ADB
2009     Development      Indore, India   LASA/       Delhi   Preparation of Development Plan      Transport       Responsible for transport issues including    2 months                 Y
         Plan       for                   Mumbai Industrial   for         Pithampur-Dhar-Mhow      specialist      location of Logistics hub, design and
         Pithampur-                       Corridor            Investment     Region    Madhya                      costing for transport services to support
         Dhar-Mhow                        Development         Pradesh sub-region of the Delhi                      proposed developments
         Investment                       Corporation         Mumbai Investment Corridor
         Region      of                   Limited
2009/    GCC Railway      Muscat Oman     Gulf Cooperative Feasibility study for a multi billion   Project         Responsible for overall technical quality     6 months   Ramiz Al
2010     Feasibility                      Council.         proposal to construct a railway         manager         of the project                                           Assar
         Study       –                                     linking Muscat in Oman to the                                                                                    World
         Yemen                                             Yemen border                                                                                                     Bank

2008/    GCC Railway      Arabian Gulf / Gulf Cooperative Feasibility study for a multi billion    Project         Responsible for overall technical quality     8 months   Ramiz Al
09       Feasibility      Saudi Arabia   Council.         proposal to construct a railway          manager         of the project                                           Assar
         Study                                            linking Kuwait City to Muscat in                                                                                  World
                                                          Oman.                                                                                                             Bank
2008     Highlands        Papua        New ADB                Establishing a multi tranche         Team Leader     Economic analysis, traffic forecasting.       4 months   Hasan         Y
         Region Road      Guinea                              funding       facility for  the                      Risk analysis using HDM-4 V2                             Masood
         Rehabilitation                                       rehabilitation of roads in the                       sensitivity     analysis     capability.                 ADB
         Project                                              Highlands       region of  PNG.                      Development of institutional proposals
                                                              Developing a sustainable road                        for     managing     the   maintenance
                                                              maintenance programme.                               programme.
2007     Preparing the    Kabul           EngConsult /ADB     Feasibility study and preliminary    Team leader     Traffic forecasting including international   5 months   Prianka       Y
         Road                                                 engineering design for a series of                   trade analysis. Option development,                      Senevirat

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       PROJECT LIST                                                                                                                                                                  DAVID R LUPTON

        Rehabilitation    Afghanistan                        network improvement projects                            Economic evaluation                                      ne ADB
        and capacity                                         selected from the highest priority
        building                                             roads in the Road Master Plan
2007    BIMSTEC           Bangkok        KBR/ ADB            Analysis of potential trade and         Road and rail Reviewed actual and potential road and          2 months                Y    Y
        Transport                                            bottlenecks      and      constraints   Infra-        rail links. SWAT analysis. Recommended
        Infrastructure                                       inhibiting trade. Recommending          structure     policies and strategies for the future.
        and Logistics                                        policies and strategies .               specialist    Involved visits to member countries.
2006    Maintenance       Kyrgyzstan/    ADB/ Cardno         Development of a maintenance            Team Leader/ Development of concept for sustainable           6 months   Roka         Y
        of Regional       Tajikistan                         program for Regional and key            Transport    road    maintenance.      Analysis   of                     Sanda
        Road                                                 national roads in Kyrgyz Republic       Economist    maintenance    needs     using     HDM-                     rsanda@a
        Corridors                                            and Tajikistan. Preparation of a                     4.developing strategies and providing                       db.org
                                                             project for ADB financing for                        economic analysis. Project management.
                                                             Kyrgyz Republic.
2006    Facilitation of   Kyrgyzstan/    ADB/ Dainichi       Evaluation of a number of transport     Team Leader/ Traffic forecasting, option development,         4 months   Hong         Y
        Transport         Tajikistan/                        corridors of regional significance      Economist    economic analysis using HDM-4. Project                      Wang
        Cooperation       Uzbekistan/                        with a view to preparation of an                     management.
        among             PRC                                infrastructure investment project for
        CAREC                                                ADB financing.
2006    NZBus Ltd vs      Wellington     Commerce            Legal challenge to proposed merger      Advisor         Provided advice to the Commission’s           1 week                       Y
        Commerce          New Zealand    Commission          of two bus companies                                    legal team on the cost structure
        Commission                                                                                                   operating and market characteristics of
                                                                                                                     the urban bus sector as background to a
                                                                                                                     case relating to a proposed take over.
2006    Perceptions of    Wellington, NZ Booz          Allen Research project aimed at putting a     advisor         Advice on the design of a stated              1 week     Ian Wallis
        Service                          Hamilton            value on improved reliability                           preference    exercise     to     determine              BAH
        Reliability                                                                                                  passenger valuation of different aspects of
                                                                                                                     public transport service reliability
2005    Road User         Bangladesh     World Bank/WSP      Developing proposal for a road user     Team leader     Development of road charging concepts         4.5        Fabio        Y    Y
        Charges Study                                        charges regime for Bangladesh                           suitable for use in Bangladesh conditions.    Months     Galli WB.
                                                             including review of existing cost                       Estimation of charges for different
                                                             and charges faced by motorists.                         charging regimen. Workshop with
2005    NE Region         NE India       ADB/TCIL            Project to identify and evaluate        Economist/      Responsible for economic evaluation and       3 months   Prianka      Y
        State roads                                          candidate    state   roads   for                        overview of social and environmental                     Senevirat

       CV 2c5134c5-f73b-4e9c-9ac3-9a2f0c84458e.doc                                                                 david@lupton.org
        PROJECT LIST                                                                                                                                                                DAVID R LUPTON

         project                                            improvement /development.                                impact analysis.                                       ne ADB
2005     Dushanbe-        Tajikistan    ADB/ Engconsult     Phase 2 of a project to rehabilitate a   Team            Regional demand forecasting, economic       3.5        Jeff Miller   Y
         Kyrgyz                                             potentially               significant    leader/Econo    and financial analysis etc. Project         months     ADB
         Border road                                        import/export route for the country      mist            management.
2004     Sub-Regional     India (Kolkata) ADB /ND Lea       Development and analysis of              Privatization Developing a strategic model to               1.5        Tyrrell       Y
         Interconnectiv                                     proposals for upgrading roads            and financial undertake traffic forecasts and prepare       months     Duncan
         ity Project                                        linking to Nepal, Bangladesh, and        Specialist    revenue forecasts. Recommended suitable                  ADB
                                                            Bhutan borders.                                        ppp options based on revenue and risk
2004     Fiji Road        Fiji          ADB                 Stage 1 of a project to transfer the     Staff           Prepared and presented options for          5 months   Rishi         Y
         Sector Reform                                      road responsibilities of the public      consultant/     transforming the PWD first into a                      Adhar
                                                            works department into a Fiji Road        team leader     stand alone department and then into                   ADB
                                                            Authority. Review of existing                            a road authority. Assisted the PWD in
                                                            institutional    capability     and                      the      management         of    the
                                                            development of staff structures and                      transformation process.
                                                            system requirements.
2004     Dhaka –          Bangladesh    ADB                 Project to identify the development      Staff           Identified constrains affecting the port,   2 months   RK Khan/      Y
         Chittagong                                         needs of the DCEC to 2020 with           Consultant      inland transport, energy and ICT and                   Hans
         Economic                                           emphasis on transport, energy and                        proposed possible solutions. Presented                 Carlsson
         Corridor                                           information and communications                           these at workshops
         (DCEC)                                             technology in order to build
                                                            consensus amongst stakeholders.
2003/    North West       Pakistan      ADB /Dainichi       ADB project to select, prioritise        Team Leader/ Developed decision matrix, estimated           4 months   Hasan         Y
04       Frontier Road                                      and design roads based on poverty        Institutional economic     and    financial  indices.                  Masood
         Development                                        reduction criteria, with institutional   development Responsible for institutional component.                   ADB
         Sector Project                                     component including institutional                      Prepared EIA for road project. Overall
                                                            strengthening,       road        asset                 project management.
                                                            management, funding etc
2003     Gujarat Roads    India         World      Bank/Lea Strengthening of Policy and              Special         Worked with the team during inception       2 months                 Y
         and Buildings                  International       Planning;. Strengthening of Quality      advisor         stage to clarify study objectives and
         Dept                                               Management and introduction of a                         outputs.
         Institutional                                      modern. Road Management System
         strengthening                                      for the state of Gujarat.
2003     Advice on        Poland        WB /Scott Wilson    Review the current methods used to       Traffic         Developed       improved    method    of    6 weeks    Stephen       Y    Y
         Methods to                                         evaluate major new road projects.        Forecaster      forecasting traffic using EMME2                        Vincent
         Prioritise and                                     Implement HDM as a replacement           /Economist
         Program Road                                       means of prioritizing capital and
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        PROJECT LIST                                                                                                                                                              DAVID R LUPTON

         Expenditures                                        maintenance expenditure.                                                                                       Wilson.
2003     Project          Pakistan       ADB                 Prepare project completion report        Staff          Viewed completed projects and discussed      3 weeks   Alan Lee    Y
         completion                                          for ADB funded Farm to Market            consultant     these with stakeholders. Prepared draft                ADB
         report – farm                                       Roads project covering all four                         PCR                                                    Islamabad
         to market                                           provinces of Pakistan
2003     Balochistan      Pakistan       ADB/ Dainichi       ADB project to select, prioritise        Team Leader/ Developed decision matrix, estimated           4.25      Hans        Y
         Road                                                and design roads based on poverty        Institutional economic      and   financial  indices.       months    Carlson
         Development                                         reduction criteria, with institutional   development Responsible for institutional component.                  ADB
         Sector Project                                      component including institutional                      Overall project management.                             Manila
                                                             strengthening,       road        asset
                                                             management, funding etc
2003     Costs and        New Zealand    MoT/BAH             A baseline study to establish            Economist      Analysis of road maintenance costs and       1 month   Nicola           Y
         Charges                                             transport costs and compare these                       their variability with traffic. Review of              Chandler
                                                             with payments by transport users                        economic cost concepts and their
                                                                                                                     relevance for pricing of transport
                                                                                                                     infrastructure and services.
2003     Edendale         New Zealand    Southland Regional Prepared preliminary assessment of        Economist      Reviewed options with stakeholders,          2 weeks                    Y
         Alternative to                  Council/ MWH       the scope for rail improvements to                       undertook the main analysis and prepared
         Roading                                            the dairy factory at Edendale under                      the report.
         proposal                                           Transfund Alternative to Roading
                                                            (ATR) procedures.
2002     Feasibility      Samoa          WB/ Opus            Assist/     Advise     /Train  local     Economist      Worked with local consultants           to   3 weeks               Y
         studies                                             consultants in the undertaking of                       undertake sample feasibility studies/
                                                             feasibility    studies    for   road
                                                             investments. The methodology
                                                             (based on a previous assignment)
                                                             incorporates assessment of poverty
                                                             alleviation, environmental impact,
2002     Clandeboye       Temuka (New Christchurch      Prepared a preliminary feasibility            Economist      Developed traffic forecasts, estimated       2 weeks
         Alternative to   Zealand)    Regional Council/ study for a new rail link to the dairy                       change in road capital and maintenance
         Roading                      MWH               factory at Clandeboye under                                  costs. Estimated regional economic
         proposal                                       Transfund Alternative to Roading                             benefits, environmental impacts, etc.
2002/    Costs and        New Zealand    MoT/BAH             A baseline study to establish            Economist/     Developed revenue and cost models for        1 month
         Charges Study                                       transport costs and compare these        modeller       rail freight and passenger services
                                                             with payments by transport users                        throughout NZ using a combination of
                                                                                                                     EMME/2 and spreadsheet analyses.
        CV 2c5134c5-f73b-4e9c-9ac3-9a2f0c84458e.doc                                                                david@lupton.org
       PROJECT LIST                                                                                                                                                      DAVID R LUPTON

                                                                                                                 Assisted in quantifying road safety
                                                                                                                 externalities, marginal road infrastructure
2002    Cambodia          Auckland      MWH/ADB            PPTA for a road project .              Economist      Prepared    Economic       analysis and       1 week       Y
        Road                                                                                                     Distribution analysis based on reports
        Improvement                                                                                              prepared by the project team
2002    Fiji Road         Fiji          ADB                ADB funded road reconstruction         Bank           Review of progress on the project.            3 weeks      Y
        improvement                                        and improvement. Institutional         Consultant     Review of Land Transport Authority.
        project                                            reform of the transport sector.                       Development of proposed transition for
                                                                                                                 moving the PWD to a road authority. Re-
                                                                                                                 evaluation of EIRR in light of revised
2002    Auckland          Auckland      Auckland Regional Ad hoc assistance with the              Advisor        Provided assistance and advice to ARC in      1 week               Y
        Passenger                       Council           Auckland public transport model                        the use of the EMME/2 based APT
        Transport                                                                                                model. Used the model to demonstrate
        Model                                                                                                    impact of integrated fares. Identified and
                                                                                                                 corrected bugs in the model.
2002    Eastern           Auckland      Auckland     City/ Evaluation of a new road link in the   Economist      Specify highway and public transport          1 month              Y
        Corridor                        MWH                eastern suburbs of Auckland.                          options for testing. Specification of road
        Strategy                                                                                                 pricing options. Economic evaluation of
                                                                                                                 the options. Development of a proposed
2002    Preliminary       Mauritius     World Bank         Review public transport options for    Bank           Undertook a multi-criteria analysis of        5 weeks      Y       Y
        studies for                                        the major transport corridor in        Consultant     public transport options for the Curepipe
        integrated                                         Mauritius.                                            – Port Louis corridor. Preparation of
        transport                                                                                                ToRs and RfP for the Port Louis City
        strategy                                                                                                 Centre Integrated Land Use and Transport
                                                                                                                 Action Plan and for TA and Capacity
                                                                                                                 Building to the Integrated Transport
2002    Bus     service   Sydney        Roads and Traffic Identify regulatory options for the     Regulatory     Identification   and   evaluation      of     2 weeks
        regulatory                      Authority/ Booz NSW Road and Traffic Authority.           specialist     regulatory and funding options for bus
        reform                          Allen                                                                    services in New South Wales, Australia
2002    Hokianga          New Zealand   Far North District Develop a proposed toll bridge to      Economist      Evaluation of intangible and indirect         2 weeks
        Harbour                         Council            replace a passenger/car ferry over                    benefits of a proposed harbour crossing>
        Crossing                                           Hokianga harbour                                      Included       extensive     community

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        PROJECT LIST                                                                                                                                                         DAVID R LUPTON

2002     Purchase of     Wellington    Stagecoach / Booz Evaluate (for a potential purchaser)   Advisor           Provided advice to a potential bidder for       2 weeks
         Tranz Metro                   Allen             the purchase of the regional rail                        the role of joint venture partner with the
                                                         service                                                  Wellington Regional Council to purchase
                                                                                                                  the suburban rail services from Tranz
2001/    Transport       Cambodia      ADB / ND Lea        Preparing a Transport       Sector   Privatisation     Identifying the role of government and          3 Months      Y
02       Sector                                            Strategy for Cambodia.               Specialist/       the scope for private sector participation.
         Strategy                                                                               Economist         Developed a rail financial model to
                                                                                                                  enable decisions to be made on the future
                                                                                                                  of the rail services and the viability of re-
                                                                                                                  instating international rail links.
2001     Sydney          Sydney        Road and Traffic Developing operational strategies       Public             Developed a tactical Emme/2 model to           3 weeks               Y
         Transitway                    Authority / PPK  for the introduction of transit lanes   Transport          complement the strategic model being
                                                                                                Specialist       / used to test options for express
                                                                                                Modeller           Transitway services in West Sydney.
                                                                                                                   Assisted in evaluation of options.
2001     Public Works    Samoa         World  Bank     / Preparation of a 5-10 year strategic   Transport         Collection and analysis of construction         2.5           Y       Y
         Institutional                 OPUS Consultants road investment plan for Samoa          Planner/          and maintenance cost data and vehicle           months
         Reform and                                                                             Economist         operating data for HDM modelling.
         Asset                                                                                                    Identification and analysis of road
         Management                                                                                               investment projects based on poverty
         System                                                                                                   alleviation criteria.
2001     Patronage       New Zealand   Transfund/   Booz Reviewed proposals for funding         Analyst           Demonstrated       equivalence     between      2 weeks               Y
         Funding                       Allen             urban operations using patronage                         patronage funding and conventional
                                                         (output based) funding                                   public transport investment criteria.
2001     Weiti           New Zealand   Fulton    Hogan/ Evaluation of a proposed BOOT           Economist         Review of patronage and revenue                 2 weeks
         Crossing toll                 Montgomery       toll road project on behalf of a                          forecasts     and      identification /
         road                          Watson           potential operator                                        quantification of associated risks.
2001     Mid      Term   Fiji          Asian Development Mid Term Review of the Fiji road       Staff             Considered the appropriateness of the           1 month       Y
         Review: Fiji                  Bank              upgrading project (FRUP III),          Consultant        project objectives, identified problems
         Road                                            introduction of a Land Transport       (Transport        and constraints and reviewed the
         Upgrading                                       Authority, Fiji Road Safety Action     Economist         effectiveness of the project in meeting the
         Project.                                        Plan and reorganization of PWD‟s       /Institutional    Bank‟s objectives.
                                                         Road Section.                          Specialist)
2001     Monto           Queensland,   Gladstone    Water Review of options for maintaining     Transport         Looked at a number of options that could        2 weeks
         Calliope                                         or improving transport links to the                     be adopted as an alternative to re-

        CV 2c5134c5-f73b-4e9c-9ac3-9a2f0c84458e.doc                                                          david@lupton.org
       PROJECT LIST                                                                                                                                                           DAVID R LUPTON

        Railway          Australia      Board /PPK           Boyne Valley and the town of             Economist      establishing the (little used) railway line.
                                                             Monto subsequent upon the raising                       Considered the economic and social
                                                             of the Awoonga Dam                                      impacts of the alternatives and their likely
                                                                                                                     acceptability to the community.
2001    Passenger        Auckland, NZ   Auckland Regional Assistance   in   developing     a          Public         Developing and testing options for             1 month              Y
        Transport                       Council/    Booz passenger transport action plan for          Transport      improved passenger transport services in
        Action Plan –                   Allen             Auckland Regional Couincil                  Economist      the Auckland Region including enhanced
        Mode                                                                                                         rail services, LRT, busways, ferries.
2001    Marsden          New Zealand    Northland Regional   Study      aimed      at securing        Economist      Analysis of the financial and economic         1 month              Y
        Point   Rail                    Council          /   government funding for a rail link                      impacts of transferring goods traffic from
        Link                            Montgomery           to a new port at Marsden Point.                         road to rail, including the impact on road
                                        Watson               Funding would be sought under                           maintenance costs, future investment
                                                             provisions which enable Transfund                       requirements, environmental and social
                                                             (the road funding body) to                              impacts, etc.
                                                             contribute       towards  efficient
                                                             alternatives to roads
2001    Napier-Wairoa    New Zealand    Hawkes      Bay      Study for the Hawkes Bay Regional        Economist      Identification and evaluation of options       1 week
        Road Links                      Regional Council     Council on the road development                         for improving road transport links.
                                        /Montgomery          alternatives available in the light of
                                        Watson               the probable withdrawal of rail
                                                             freight services in the region.
2001    Purchase         New Zealand    Stagecoach/Booz      Advice to a potential purchaser of       Economist      Developing cost and revenue forecasts,         1 week
        Options     –                   Allen                Tranz Rail‟s suburban services on                       Identified various ways a purchase could
        Tranz Metro                                          the options available to interested                     be structured to maximise the possible
                                                             parties (including Tranz Rail)                          value to the client.
2001    Purchase         New Zealand    Coachlink NZ         Advice to a potential purchaser of       Rail           Assistance through the due diligence           2 weeks
        Options      –                                       Tranz    Rail‟s     long    distance     operations     process, identification of revenue
        Tranz Scenic                                         passenger services. Service              specialist     enhancement and cost minimisation
                                                                                                                     strategies and advice on access
                                                                                                                     arrangements and other residual contracts
                                                                                                                     with Tranz Rail. . Identification of likely
                                                                                                                     revenue and cost streams including
                                                                                                                     investment requirements. Presentation of
                                                                                                                     financial rate of return.
2000    Dryport          Rajasthan, India Rajasthan          Feasibility    study      for    the     Economist      Costing,   demand forecasting and              1 month      Y
        Development                       Development        construction   of a      dryport in                     optimum tariff policy development for the

       CV 2c5134c5-f73b-4e9c-9ac3-9a2f0c84458e.doc                                                                 david@lupton.org
       PROJECT LIST                                                                                                                                                          DAVID R LUPTON

                                         Corporation/ Lea Rajasthan central India (road-rail                        feasibility stage of a proposed dryport
                                         Associates South transfer     station,      container                      Developed a sophisticated spreadsheet
                                         Asia             stuffing/de-stuffing etc).                                model incorporating a capital and
                                                                                                                    operating cost model and calibrated a
                                                                                                                    nested logit model to predict demand and
                                                                                                                    revenue based on different tariff policies
                                                                                                                    and the location/charges of competing
2000    State     Road   Kerala, India   World Bank/ Lea TA to provide policy support,             Team leader      Review of institutional framework of          6 months      Y
        Infrastructure                   International   institutional development strategy        and       Road   PWD, study of consulting and
        Development                                      and maintenance planning for the          Agency           construction industry in the state, review
                                                         Kerala Public Works Department.           Management       of transport sector financing, assessment
                                                                                                   specialist       of HRD, training and skill development
                                                                                                                    issues, evolution of draft institutional
                                                                                                                    development         strategy,      strategy
                                                                                                                    workshops, formulation of the final
                                                                                                                    institutional development strategy action
                                                                                                                    plan, and formulation of a general
                                                                                                                    management        information      system.
                                                                                                                    Included the use of HDM to identify short
                                                                                                                    and long term maintenance strategies to
                                                                                                                    lift Kerala out of the “poverty trap” of
                                                                                                                    low cost / low durability pavements.
2000    Patronage        New Zealand     Transfund     New Development of an economic basis        Economist        . Demonstrated a formula for determining      2 weeks               Y
        Funding                          Zealand/Booz Allen for establishing patronage based                        the optimum bounty, and established the
                                                            funding, paying operators a                             equivalence between this approach and
                                                            “bounty” per passenger carried                          selecting projects based on the economic
                                                            rather than contracting for specific                    efficiency ratio (NPV/Expenditure).
                                                            services or providing general
2000    Emergency        Fiji            ADB / OPCV          Assistance in the establishment of    Economist        Reviewed the proposed regulations for         6 weeks       Y
        Assistance                                           the Land Transport Authority                           the Land Transport Act and obtained
                                                                                                                    Ministerial and Cabinet approval. A
                                                                                                                    number of changes of substance were
                                                                                                                    made progressing some of the proposals
                                                                                                                    developed in the earlier project. Also
                                                                                                                    helped local staff develop procedures to
                                                                                                                    be used for licensing public transport
                                                                                                                    operations under the new Act and

       CV 2c5134c5-f73b-4e9c-9ac3-9a2f0c84458e.doc                                                             david@lupton.org
       PROJECT LIST                                                                                                                                                             DAVID R LUPTON

2000    Wellington      Wellington      Wellington           Study on the applicability of road         Economist      Specialist advice to the Regional Council     2 weeks               Y
        Road Pricing                    Regional Council     pricing for Wellington                                    responsible for preparing terms of
        Study                                                                                                          reference for the study and providing
                                                                                                                       guidance on its implementation.
2000    Comparative     Wellington      Road      Transport Literature review and analysis for          Economist      Provided a succinct summary of the            2 weeks
        Fuel                            Forum               the New Zealand Road Transport                             literature. The results were incorporated
        Efficiency of                                       Forum to establish the international                       into a simple model of the transport task
        Rail and Road                                       evidence on fuel usage under                               to enable them to be summarised in
                                                            various conditions                                         graphical form.

1999    Establishment   Fiji            ADB / OPCV           Assistance in the transition of the        Transport      Identifying the role of the LTA, and          2 months      Y
        of a Land                                            Road Transport Department to a             Economist      addressing transport policy and regulatory
        Transport                                            Land Transport Authority.                                 issues;    developing     principles    for
        Authority                                                                                                      assessing LTA functions for outsourcing,
                                                                                                                       and establishing priorities for outsourcing
                                                                                                                       functions. A review was also undertaken
                                                                                                                       on the regulatory regime for bus services,
                                                                                                                       and recommendations for changes in
                                                                                                                       price control and service licensing to give
                                                                                                                       the industry more flexibility to meet
                                                                                                                       changing customer requirements. In the
                                                                                                                       process an approach was devised to
                                                                                                                       enable minibuses to be brought under
                                                                                                                       regulatory control.
1999    Urumqi Urban    Urumqi,    Xin World         Bank/ PPTA for the introduction of                 Public         Identification and evaluation of projects     2 months      Y       Y
        Transport       Jiang Province, Wilbur       Smith various urban road and public                Transport      for Bank funding, institutional reform of
        Improvement     China           Associates         transport projects                           Specialist     the bus company and the public transport
        Project                                                                                                        sector, as well as the implementation of
                                                                                                                       bus priority measures.
1999    Devonport       Tasmania,       Transport Tasmania Project to provide improved bus              Public         Development and costing of an                 1 month
        Service         Australia                          services.                                    Transport      alternative service strategies for the
        Options                                                                                         Consultant     introduction of improved bus services.
1999    Development     New Zealand     Fletcher Challenge   Design of a rail costing model for a       Rail           Development of a rail costing model for       1 month               Y
        of a Rail                                            major rail client to assist in logistics   Economist      The costs used were based in

       CV 2c5134c5-f73b-4e9c-9ac3-9a2f0c84458e.doc                                                                   david@lupton.org
       PROJECT LIST                                                                                                                                                         DAVID R LUPTON

        Costing                                           planning and contract negotiation                       international best practice.
1999    Model           Tasmania,     Transport Tasmania The objective of this project was to      Public         Assisted the government in clarifying its      1 month
        Contract and    Australia                        develop a standard contract for           Transport      objectives for passenger transport and
        Tender                                           regular passenger services.               Consultant     develop    measures     for   evaluating
        Evaluation                                                                                                monitoring     and     rewarding     the
        Framework                                                                                                 performance of operators.
1999    Value    of     New Zealand   Transfund           A Transfund research project in          Transport      Investigated the proposition that travel       2 months
        Travel Time                                       conjunction with Dr David                Economist      time valuation was dependent on the
        Savings                                           Hensher, to refine value of travel                      degree and type of congestion. A stated
                                                          time savings estimates for use in the                   preference technique was used with
                                                          Transfund     Project    Evaluation                     respondents indicating their preferred
                                                          Manual.                                                 route choice under varying combinations
                                                                                                                  of travel time, slow traffic, stop start
                                                                                                                  conditions, reliability and toll. The
                                                                                                                  analysis was undertaken for a number of
                                                                                                                  trip purposes and travel distances. The
                                                                                                                  results were generally as expected, with
                                                                                                                  statistically significant coefficients being
                                                                                                                  derived for most factors tested. Also
                                                                                                                  responsible for design of road users
                                                                                                                  survey, and piloting surveys with
                                                                                                                  emphasis on users perception of
                                                                                                                  components of travel time.
1999    Electronic      Tasmania,     Transport           Project to identify the potential        Public         Identified the potential benefits of           1 month
        Ticketing for   Australia     Taasmania           benefits of electronic ticketing and     Transport      electronic ticketing and other new
        Passenger                                         other new technologies for regular       Economist      technologies for regular passenger
        Transport                                         passenger services.                                     services.
1999    Tertiary        New Zealand   Wellington          Advice       on     the     transport    Lead           Estimated the relative time and cost for       1 month
        Hospital                      Regional Council    accessibility     implications     of    Consultant     access to different potential sites.
        Location                                          alternative sites for a new regional                    Developed a mapping technique to enable
        Advice                                            Hospital, taking into account the                       the distribution of the benefits from
                                                          effect of age and ethnicity on                          transport improvements and relocation of
                                                          admission rates, the future transport                   facilities to be presented in a simple-to-
                                                          system and forecast population                          understand manner.
                                                          location and structure

1999    Bus Company     Tasmania      Metro Tasmania      Advised Metro Tasmania in relation       Project        Advice included a review of the revenue        1 week
        Purchase                                          to a proposal to take over all or part   Manager        and cost forecasts for the combined
                                                          of the operations of a private bus                      company and recommending the target
       CV 2c5134c5-f73b-4e9c-9ac3-9a2f0c84458e.doc                                                              david@lupton.org
       PROJECT LIST                                                                                                                                                                DAVID R LUPTON

        Advice                                                  company.                                                 rate of return on the investment.

1999    Transmission     New Zealand     Wellington             An economic evaluation of a major      Project           Investigated the option of constructing        2 months              Y
        Gully                            Regional Council       new highway duplicating the            Manager           the road as a toll road and calculated both
                                                                present State Highway north of                           revenue     maximizing       and     benefit
                                                                Wellington. The options included                         maximizing tolls. The effect of phasing
                                                                variations in the alignment and                          the construction of the Northern and
                                                                number of lanes, junction locations                      Southern sections was tested, along with
                                                                and connecting routes. The analysis                      the    possibility of complementary
                                                                showed that the benefits were                            construction of a new North-Western
                                                                insufficient to meet Transfund                           bypass closer to the city to increase the
                                                                funding criteria within the current                      demand for the new route.
                                                                planning horizon.
1999    Vline            Australia       Swan Transit           The client was investigating           Transport         Advice to one of the bidders on the            1 month
        Passenger                                               purchase of the government run         Consultant        practicality, and likely costs and revenues
        Service                                                 Vline services.                                          alternative operating patterns and
        Advice                                                                                                           potential efficiency improvements.
1998    Athens           Athens Greece   Municipality        of Project to identify the appropriate    Institutional     Inputs were primarily in the area of           1 month       Y
        Municipal                        Athens                 functions and structure for a public   specialist        international experience and governance
        Transport                                               transport coordinating authority for                     structures.
        Authority                                               the Athens region
1999    Competition      Australia       Dept of Transport      Review of the West Australian          Regulatory        Reviewed existing regulations and              1 month
        Policy Review                                           Transport regulation for compliance    economist         provided recommendations for changes
                                                                with National Competition Policy                         where appropriate
1998    Britomart/Wes    New Zealand     Auclkand       City An economic evaluation of two             Team              Updated and expanded previous work.            1 month               Y
        tern Rail Line                   Council             major proposals to enhance the rail       Leader/Trans      Identified the economic and financial
        Study                                                network in the Auckland region.           port              benefits from the projects and compared
                                                                                                       Economist         them with the alternative of investing in
                                                                                                                         new roads. This study updated earlier
                                                                                                                         studies undertaken in relation to the
                                                                                                                         individual projects using new criteria for
                                                                                                                         evaluating public transport investment as
                                                                                                                         an efficient alternative to road
                                                                                                                         investment. The implication of changing
                                                                                                                         the relative timing of the two projects was
                                                                                                                         assessed. It was concluded that there was
                                                                                                                         significant synergy between the projects
                                                                                                                         and that they should proceed as close

       CV 2c5134c5-f73b-4e9c-9ac3-9a2f0c84458e.doc                                                                     david@lupton.org
       PROJECT LIST                                                                                                                                                         DAVID R LUPTON

                                                                                                                  together as possible.
1998    Regional         New Zealand   Wellington          Assist Wellington Regional Council     Team            Developed cartoon strategies to present        3 months              Y
-       Land                           Regional Council    in the development of its Regional     Leader/Model    trade-offs to politicians and residents.
1999    Transport                                          Land Transport Strategy                ler       and   These illustrated in simple terms a range
        Strategy                                                                                  Economist       of possible futures for the region. A series
                                                                                                                  of implementable strategies were then
                                                                                                                  developed and tested against an agreed
                                                                                                                  evaluation framework, and a preferred
                                                                                                                  strategy was developed. These included
                                                                                                                  major highway investment strategies,
                                                                                                                  mixed strategies and public transport
                                                                                                                  investment      strategies.    The      best
                                                                                                                  performing         strategies      included
                                                                                                                  components of road pricing, but preferred
                                                                                                                  “non-pricing”      options     were     also
                                                                                                                  developed. The preferred options were
                                                                                                                  then refined, and a prioritisation of the
                                                                                                                  major road projects was developed.
1998    Transport        New Zealand   Tranz Rail          Assistance to Tranz Rail in terms of   Regulatory      This, involved preparing evidence on the       1 week
        Market                                             their position in relation to the      Economist       nature of the public transport market and
        Identification                                     Commerce Act                                           the interactions between modes in order
                                                                                                                  to address the question as to whether rail
                                                                                                                  has a dominant market position (as
                                                                                                                  defined in the Commerce Act)
1998    Westrail         Australia     Ministry of Finance Identified the appropriate structure   Economist       Provided a regional economic focus, with       2 months              Y
        Scoping Study                  WA                  of the (Government owned railway                       particular responsibility for ensuring that
                                                           for potential sale                                     the sale process supported or was
                                                                                                                  consistent with government's wider
                                                                                                                  transport and non-transport objectives.
                                                                                                                  This involved consultation with major
                                                                                                                  stakeholders and the development of an
                                                                                                                  evaluation framework incorporating both
                                                                                                                  quantifiable and subjective impacts.
1998    Commerce         New Zealand   Stagecoach          Assisted    Stagecoach in    the       Transport       Identification of public benefits from the     1 week
        Commission                                         preparation of a case for              Economist       sale and rebuttal of market dominance
        Submission                                         authorisation to purchase the                          arguments.
                                                           Yellow Bus Company, the main
                                                           (publicly owned) bus operator in

       CV 2c5134c5-f73b-4e9c-9ac3-9a2f0c84458e.doc                                                             david@lupton.org
        PROJECT LIST                                                                                                                                                           DAVID R LUPTON

1998     Integrated       Wellington,   Wellington              Development of feasible approaches Transport         Advice on how to introduce integrated 1 month
         Ticketing        New Zealand   Regional Council        to integrated ticketing and evaluation Economist     ticketing in an environment where there are
                                                                of these in terms of the council‟s                   multiple     contractors   as     well   as
                                                                objectives.                                          commercially registered services.
1998     Output Based     New Zealand   Auckland Regional                                            Public          This project established the rationale for     1 month               Y
         Funding                        Authority                                                    Transport       output based funding and illustrated how
                                                                                                     Economist       it could be applied in the contract of the
                                                                                                                     Auckland rail service and for bus service
1998     Public           New Zealand   Transfund     New                                            Public          This Transfund research project looked at      2 weeks
         Transport                      Zealand                                                      Transport       possible changes to the competitive
         Procurement                                                                                 Economist       pricing procedures to increase the
         Issues                                                                                                      efficiency of public transport service
1997     Western Rail     New Zealand   Auckland Regional                                            Public          Advice to the Auckland Regional Council        2 weeks
         Line                           Council                                                      Transport       on methodology for an evaluation of a
         Evaluation                                                                                  Economist       proposal to double track parts of the
                                                                                                                     Western rail line in order to increase
1997     Vision for the   Australia     Ministry           of                                        Public          Advised the Queensland Government on           2 months              Y
         future of rail                 Transport,                                                   Transport       the future structure of the rail sector. Was
         services                       Queensland                                                   Economist       primarily responsible for analysis of the
                                                                                                                     interfaces within the businesses and with
                                                                                                                     other parts of QR including the
                                                                                                                     importance of network effects. A major
                                                                                                                     issue was whether the track should be
                                                                                                                     managed by a rail service operator or by
                                                                                                                     an independent entity, including ensuring
                                                                                                                     the appropriate investment incentives are
                                                                                                                     in place.
1996/    Countrylink      Australia     Countrylink, NSW                                             Transport       This review for Countrylink (NSW) in           1 month               Y
1997     service review                                                                              Economist       anticipation of the future corporatisation
                                                                                                                     of State Rail Authority (NSW). Included
                                                                                                                     clarification of service objectives,
                                                                                                                     analysis of market share, demand
                                                                                                                     estimation, revenue and cost forecasting
                                                                                                                     and option evaluation
1997     Auckland         New Zealand   Serco                                                        Transport       Research project into the effect of            1 week

        CV 2c5134c5-f73b-4e9c-9ac3-9a2f0c84458e.doc                                                                david@lupton.org
       PROJECT LIST                                                                                                                DAVID R LUPTON

        Motorway                                           Economist     proposed new motorway signage on the
        Signage                                                          ability of drivers to identify and select the
                                                                         correct lanes at interchanges.
1997    Public           Australia     Government     of   Project       Responsibility for developing proposals         1 month
        Transport                      Victoria            Manager       relating to the privatisation of the long
        Corporation                                                      distance passenger rail and coach services
        Reform                                                           operated by or for V/Line passenger.
        Project                                                          Included evaluation of structural reform
                                                                         alternatives and assessment of the merits
                                                                         of     allowing     greater    intermodal
                                                                         competition in service provision.
1997    Australian       Australia     GB Rail             Transport     Advised one of the bidders for the AN           1 month
        National Rail                                      Economist     sale in relation to the long distance
        Privatisation                                                    passenger services
1997    Central          New Zealand   Auckland     City   Public        Undertook the public transport modelling        1 month              Y
        Isthmus                        Council             Transport     and evaluation for this study for the
        Corridor                                           Economist     Auckland City Council.          The study
        Study                                                            evaluated several strategic options for the
                                                                         future transport requirements for this
                                                                         inner city corridor, including increased
                                                                         vehicle use, busways and LRT.
1997    Mosgiel Log      New Zealand   Tranz Rail          Transport     Prepared a submission for Tranz Rail            1 month
        Transfer                                           Economist     Limited relating to a proposal to develop
        Station                                                          a log transfer site at Mosgiel to transfer
                                                                         heavy vehicles carrying logs off road onto
                                                                         rail as a means of reducing road
                                                                         maintenance costs. The submission was a
                                                                         pilot study for Transfund using newly
                                                                         developed criteria for evaluating efficient
                                                                         alternatives to road expenditure. The
                                                                         effect of heavy vehicles on the cost of
                                                                         maintaining the base road network was
                                                                         critical to the viability of the proposal.
                                                                         Reviewed a number of international
                                                                         studies to determine the appropriate
                                                                         maintenance cost factors to use in New
                                                                         Zealand conditions.
1997    Britomart Rail   New Zealand   Auckland     City   Public        Prepared a Section 3D submission for            1 month
                                                           Transport     ARC/ACC relating to the extension of the

       CV 2c5134c5-f73b-4e9c-9ac3-9a2f0c84458e.doc                     david@lupton.org
        PROJECT LIST                                                                                                               DAVID R LUPTON

         Extension                       Council            Economist     rail line to Britomart as an alternative to
                                                                          road expenditure.
1997     Wellington        New Zealand   Wellington         Project       Major project to convert the Wellington       6 months              Y
         Transport                       Regional Council   Manager       urban transport model to emme/2. No
         Model                                                            new household surveys were undertaken,
                                                                          but otherwise the 4-step model was
                                                                          virtually built from new. The model was
                                                                          calibrated using the 1988 survey data, but
                                                                          validated against 1996 census data and
                                                                          screenline surveys.
1997     State Highway     New Zealand   Wellington         Transport   Undertook    traffic  modelling and             1 month
         2 HOV Lane                      Regional Council   Economist/M economic assessment for a HOV lane
                                                            odeller     between Petone and Ngauranga.
1997     Franchise         Australia     Countrylink        Transport     Reviewed the options for contracting the      2 weeks
         Arrangements                                       Economist     coach feeder services operated on
         for     Coach                                                    Countrylink‟s behalf by private coach
         Services                                                         companies. A key component of the study
                                                                          was clarification of Countrylink‟s
1996-    Private           Australia     Queensland Rail    Transport     This study calculated the likely cost for a   1 month               Y
1997     Operator                                           Economist     private operator to operate existing
         Costs for Rail                                                   Queensland Rail long distance passenger
         Services                                                         services. Identified the costs and benefits
                                                                          of QR being in public rather than private
                                                                          ownership, and the likely response of a
                                                                          private owner.
1996-    Compensation      Australia     Queensland         Transport     A study for Queensland Transport on the       1 month
1997     to Bus                          Transport          Economist     appropriate compensation formula for bus
         Operators                                                        operators who lose their service rights as
                                                                          a result of the State‟s transport reforms.
1996     Review       of   Australia     Countrylink        Transport     A major review of Countrylink‟s train and     1 month               Y
         Services                                           Economist     coach services. The study developed an
                                                                          estimated demand matrix for land
                                                                          passenger travel and estimated the costs
                                                                          and revenues associated with alternative
                                                                          strategies for using the XPT and Xplorer
                                                                          trainsets. Various options for improving
                                                                          services on the Melbourne-Sydney-

        CV 2c5134c5-f73b-4e9c-9ac3-9a2f0c84458e.doc                     david@lupton.org
       PROJECT LIST                                                                                                                DAVID R LUPTON

                                                                          Brisbane corridor were evaluated
                                                                          including through running of the XPTs,
                                                                          tilt trains, etc.
1996    Rail Access     Australia     Countrylink/CityRa   Economist      Reviewed for Countrylink and CityRail         2 months              Y
        Charges                       il                                  the proposed access charges for passenger
                                                                          trains, including a review of the
                                                                          theoretical basis for track charges, and an
                                                                          analysis of charging systems used
                                                                          elsewhere. He assisted the State Rail
                                                                          Authority in the negotiation of rail access
                                                                          charges with Rail Access Corporation,
                                                                          including a review of RAC‟s investment
                                                                          proposals. Included developing the
                                                                          proposed SRA position and review of
                                                                          RAC‟s proposals and technical analysis.
1996    Road Reform     New Zealand   South Canterbury     Economist      This major review had potential               2 months
        Proposals                     District   Council                  repercussions on the management of the
                                      and others                          New Zealand road system. The initial
                                                                          thrust of the study was to establish
                                                                          pricing regimen for the land transport
                                                                          modes that would enable the modes to
                                                                          compete on a “level playing field”. The
                                                                          study developed into proposals for the
                                                                          administrative reform of the road sector,
                                                                          creating considerable concern amongst
                                                                          rural local authorities. Advised a number
                                                                          of parties preparing their responses to the
                                                                          Ministry of Transport‟s road reform
                                                                          proposals. A major issue was the
                                                                          valuation of the road asset as a basis for
                                                                          sale or for price setting.
1996    Extension of    New Zealand   Wellington           Economist      Analysis for the Wellington Regional          2 weeks
        Suburban Rail                 Regional Council                    Council of the financial and operating
        Services                                                          issues involved in extending the suburban
                                                                          electrified rail services to Waikanae.
1996    Evaluation of   New Zealand   Wellington           Project        This project developed, for a consortium      2 months
        Strategic                     Regional Council     Manager/Tran   of regional councils in New Zealand, a
        Transport                                          sport          methodology for the evaluation of
        Packages                                           Economist      strategic transport expenditure. The

       CV 2c5134c5-f73b-4e9c-9ac3-9a2f0c84458e.doc                     david@lupton.org
        PROJECT LIST                                                                                                                                                     DAVID R LUPTON

                                                                                                                  project arose from a belief, by the
                                                                                                                  regional councils, that the standard
                                                                                                                  evaluation methodology did not take into
                                                                                                                  account the wider strategic and non-
                                                                                                                  transport objectives of the councils.
                                                                                                                  Developed an approach enabling regional
                                                                                                                  economic goals, user benefits, safety,
                                                                                                                  environmental and financial constraints to
                                                                                                                  be considered within a consistent
                                                                                                                  evaluation framework. The method is
                                                                                                                  based on a mathematical optimisation
                                                                                                                  technique and was presented to the World
                                                                                                                  Conference on Transport Research
                                                                                                                  Society in 1998.
1996     Commuter         New Zealand   Environment                                             Transport         Developed patronage and revenue              2 weeks
         Rail Service                   Waikato                                                 Economist         estimates and indicative financial
         Proposal                                                                                                 projections for a proposed commuter
                                                                                                                  service from Hamilton to Auckland
1996 Corporatisation      Australia     Countrylink, NSW                                        Institutional     Advice to Countrylink (NSW) on the           1 month              Y
     of State Rail                                                                              Economist         commercialisation and corporatisation
     Services                                                                                                     issues including establishment of profit
                                                                                                                  centre reporting systems.
1996     Russian Legal    Hong Kong     World Bank                                              Institutional     World Bank project to advise the Russian     1 month      Y
         Codes                                                                                  Economist         Government       on    governance     and
                                                                                                                  legislative requirements for the transport
1996-    Tranz Rail Re-   New Zealand   Tranz Rail                                              Transport         Provided revenue estimates for various       1 month
1996     Tonnaging                                                                              Economist         port location and service strategies as an
                                                                                                                  input to the decision on re-tonnaging the
                                                                                                                  ferry operation.
1995     China            China         World Bank         Identifying scope for efficiency     Public            Analysis of the current operation and        6 weeks      Y
         Medium Sized                                      improvements in the operation of     Transport         identification and evaluation of options.
         Cities Project                                    the municipal bus companies in two   Economist
                                                           medium sized cities (Jingsha and
                                                           Luoyang). The project included
                                                           both operational issues and
                                                           institutional changes.
1995     Mungavin         New Zealand   Porirua       City Evaluation   of options for the      Project           Responsible for managing the project and     1 month

        CV 2c5134c5-f73b-4e9c-9ac3-9a2f0c84458e.doc                                                             david@lupton.org
       PROJECT LIST                                                                                                                                                     DAVID R LUPTON

        Bridge,                        Council           duplication of Mungavin Bridge,         Manager and cost-benefit analysis of options
        Porirua                                          Porirua together with upgrading of      Transport
                                                         bus access arrangements to Porirua      Economist
                                                         Station. Mungavin Bridge crosses
                                                         the railway line above Porirua
                                                         station, and is the major connection
                                                         between Porirua City and the
                                                         Northern Motorway
1995    National State   New Zealand   Transit     New Project to develop a national state       Project         Project Manager for the Travers Morgan      2 months
        Highway                        Zealand         highway strategy. The study               Manager       / inputs and responsible for developing
        Strategy                                       established a framework for               Economist       performance indicators (both economic
                                                       prioritising the development of the                       and physical) and the evaluation
                                                       national road system based on a                           framework.
                                                       national road database, which was
                                                       constructed       (from    existing
                                                       databases in most cases) for this
1995    Value    of      New Zealand   Transit     New                                           Transport      Transit New Zealand research project to      1 month
        Travel Time                    Zealand                                                   Consultant     refine value of time savings estimates for
        Savings                                                                                                 use in the Project Evaluation Manual.
1995    Public           New Zealand   Transit     New                                           Transport      Transit New Zealand research project to      2 weeks
        Transport                      Zealand                                                   Consultant     develop measures with which the value
        Value     For                                                                                           for money of subsidies to urban transport
        Money                                                                                                   can be assessed.
1995    Orewa Bypass     New Zealand   Rodney    District Assistance for the Rodney District     Project        Prepared a Cost-Benefit Analysis of the      2 weeks
                                       Council            Council in negotiating its share of    Manager        local component of this major state
                                                          the costs for a major bypass. The                     highway project. Also demonstrated that
                                                          cost to be charged to the Council                     the proposed phasing placed an undue
                                                          was heavily dependent on the                          burden on the Council..
                                                          phasing of the project and the role
                                                          of Council roads during and after
                                                          completion of each stage.The final
                                                          proposal resulted in construction of
                                                          the entire project in one contract,
                                                          alleviating the problems that had
                                                          been identified

       CV 2c5134c5-f73b-4e9c-9ac3-9a2f0c84458e.doc                                                            david@lupton.org
        PROJECT LIST                                                                                                                                                         DAVID R LUPTON

1995     Forestry Road   New Zealand     Marlborough         Development of a fair rating system    Project        Developed an equitable basis for sharing       1 month
         Evaluation                      District Council    for   forestry roads       in    the   Manager        costs for local road rehabilitation and
                                                             Marlborough District,                                 maintenance in light of the impacts of the
                                                                                                                   harvesting of exotic forests on the road
                                                                                                                   system. This project also involved a
                                                                                                                   detailed analysis of the impact of different
                                                                                                                   vehicle types on road maintenance costs.
1995     Port            New Zealand     Port of Sydney                                             Economist      Involved in the New Zealand component          1 week
         Benchmarking                                                                                              of an Australian study to compare port
         Project                                                                                                   performance on an international basis.
1994-    Auckland        New Zealand     Auckland Regional                                          Transport    Providing on-going modelling advice to           2 months              Y
1995     Transport                       Council                                                    Consultant/M Auckland Regional Council in its
         Models                                                                                     odeller      development and application of multi-
         Project                                                                                                 modal transport models for the region.
1995     Public          Australia       Metro, Tasmania     Development of a draft charter for     Transport      Assisted Metro in the design            and    2 weeks
         Transport                                           Metro Tasmania to specify its          Consultant     specification of the charter
         Charter                                             planning and operational policies
                                                             and its obligations to Government.
1995     Sydney Ferry    Australia       Sydney Ferries                                             Economist      Project to assess the operational and          1 week
         Benchmarking                                                                                              financial performance of the Sydney
         Project                                                                                                   Ferries business and to compare
                                                                                                                   performance against practice of other
                                                                                                                   operators and „best practice‟ benchmarks.
1995     Telephone       Australia/New   Metro Perth                                                Project        Project to review and compare the              2 weeks
         Information     Zealand                                                                    Manager        operational and financial performance of
         Services                                                                                                  the passenger information (telephone)
                                                                                                                   services provided by the urban transport
                                                                                                                   operators in major cities in Australia and
                                                                                                                   New Zealand.
1995     Ferry   Fares   New Zealand     Tranz Rail                                                 Economist      Project to assess the likely response of       1 month
         Study                                                                                                     Cook Strait ferry users to changes in the
                                                                                                                   price of the Inter-Islander and Lynx ferry
                                                                                                                   services. Involved a substantial market
                                                                                                                   surveys to assess factors influencing
                                                                                                                   travellers‟ choice of mode, time of travel
1995     Heavy Vehicle   New Zealand     NZ Land Transport                                          Economist      Review for the NZ Land Transport Safety        1 month
         Safety                                                                                                    Authority of three road safety initiatives
        CV 2c5134c5-f73b-4e9c-9ac3-9a2f0c84458e.doc                                                              david@lupton.org
       PROJECT LIST                                                                                                              DAVID R LUPTON

        Initiatives                    Safety Authority                   for heavy vehicles proposed by the NZ
                                                                          Road Transport Association.
1995    Timetable        New Zealand   NZ Rail Limited     Public         Review of timetable options for NZ Rail      2 weeks
        Review                                             Transport      Ltd‟s South Island passenger services,
                                                           Consultant     including market research, traffic
                                                                          forecasting, train operations planning and
                                                                          development of financial forecasts.
1995    Rail             New Zealand   NZ Rail Limited     Public         Advice to NZ Rail Ltd on the pricing         2 weeks              Y
        Passenger                                          Transport      policy it should adopt for its long
        Pricing Policy                                     Consultant     distance rail services, including yield
                                                                          management strategies and the setting of
                                                                          wholesale rates.
1995    Countrylink      Australia     Countrylink,        Transport      Analysis of the operating costs by service   1 month              Y
        CSO Analysis                   Sydney              Consultant     for Countrylink trains, and estimation of
                                                                          the CSO required. This involved the
                                                                          development and calibration of a costing
                                                                          system for the passenger services.
1995    Innovative       New Zealand   Canterbury          Project        Reported (for the Canterbury Regional        1 week
        Accessible                     Regional Council    Director       Council) on the introduction of a trial
        Transport                                                         “service route”.
1995    Auckland         New Zealand   Auckland Regional   Public         Responsible   for    public   transport      1 month              Y
        Isthmus                        Council             Transport      modelling inputs to this urban corridor
        Transport                                          Consultant     study.
1994    Tender           New Zealand   Canterbury          Public         Advice to Canterbury Regional Council        1 week
        Evaluation                     Regional Council    Transport      on weighting‟s to be used in evaluating
        Assistance                                         Consultant     alternative tenders and optional factors.
1994    Assessment of    New Zealand   Auckland Regional   Public         An assessment (for Auckland Regional         1 week
        Likely                         Council             Transport      Council /Transit NZ of the impact on
        Competition                                        Consultant     competition and tender prices of a one
                                                                          year delay in renewing bus contracts.
1994    Queensland       Australia     Queensland Rail     Public         Advice on pricing strategies for QR          2 weeks              Y
        Rail Pricing                                       Transport      (passenger and general freight).
        Strategy                                           Consultant
1994    Perth Crewing    Australia     Fastrack Perth      Rail           Analysis of alternative crewing strategies   1 month

       CV 2c5134c5-f73b-4e9c-9ac3-9a2f0c84458e.doc                      david@lupton.org
        PROJECT LIST                                                                                                                DAVID R LUPTON

         Strategy                                           Economist      for the Perth urban rail services.
1994     Urban     Rail   New Zealand   Auckland Regional   Public         Cost benefit analysis for Auckland            1 month
         Extension                      Council             Transport      Regional Council of an extension of the
                                                            Economist      Auckland rail system into a new
                                                                           passenger terminus in downtown
                                                                           Auckland, and to Manukau City.
1994     Procurement      New Zealand   Transfund     New   Public         A review of contracting/tendering             2 weeks
         of      Public                 Zealand             Transport      procedures to identify and examine
         Passenger                                          Economist      industry concerns and appraise potential
         Services                                                          changes.
1993-    Road Rating      New Zealand   Electricity         Project        Advised Electricity Corporation on the        1 month
1994     Issues                         Corporation         Manager        most appropriate basis for allocation of
                                                            /Economist     local road costs between different groups
                                                                           of stakeholders. The issue arose out of the
                                                                           way local authorities charge land taxes
                                                                           (rates). Since most rural authority
                                                                           expenditure is for road purposes, it was
                                                                           recommended that the rating basis reflect
                                                                           the benefits from road expenditure.
1993-    Review      of   New Zealand   NZ Treasury         Project        Responsible for the Travers Morgan input      3 months
1994     Cost-Benefit                                       manager        into an independent assessment of New
         Analysis                                           /Economist     Zealand‟s road cost-benefit analysis
         Procedures                                                        procedures, which are prerequisite for
                                                                           government subsidy. The study assessed
                                                                           whether the procedures covered all
                                                                           relevant costs and benefits, including
                                                                           safety, environmental and other societal
                                                                           costs and benefits, whether all relevant
                                                                           options were evaluated, including
                                                                           different     timings   and      practical
                                                                           implementation of cost-benefit analysis,
                                                                           including adequacy of audits. It also
                                                                           considered whether there was a better
                                                                           way of maximizing national benefit.
                                                                           Conclusions were found to depend on
                                                                           institutional arrangements, notably the
                                                                           relationship between the local authorities
                                                                           and the central government agency
                                                                           overseeing cost-benefit evaluations and

        CV 2c5134c5-f73b-4e9c-9ac3-9a2f0c84458e.doc                      david@lupton.org
        PROJECT LIST                                                                                                               DAVID R LUPTON

                                                                          disbursing subsidies.
1993-    Heavy            New Zealand   Transit       New     Project     A study for Transit NZ into the needs,        1 month
1994     Transport                      Zealand               Manager     feasibility and cost implications of
         Routes                                                           designating and developing selected
                                                                          routes in NZ for use by vehicles heavier
                                                                          or larger than current standards. A major
                                                                          part of the study was an assessment of the
                                                                          cost of permitting vehicles carrying in
                                                                          excess of current vehicle standards so that
                                                                          costs and benefits of permitting their use
                                                                          could be assessed.
1993-    Benefits    of   New Zealand   Transit       New     Project     Two projects for Transit NZ/Ministry of       2 months
1994     Sealing                        Zealand/Ministry of   Manager     Tourism to investigate the benefits from
         Unsealed                       Tourism                           sealing unsealed roads and to put forward
         Roads                                                            improved evaluation procedures as
                                                                          appropriate. Projects investigated user
                                                                          perceptions and likely impacts of road
                                                                          sealing projects on the regional and
                                                                          national economies. This was undertaken
                                                                          through a survey of businesses and users
                                                                          on a recently sealed major tourist route,
                                                                          and a before-and-after survey of a
                                                                          secondary route. In the former case, it
                                                                          was concluded that the major change had
                                                                          been a mode shift (previously many
                                                                          tourists had left their rental cars and
                                                                          travelled by bus) while in the latter case,
                                                                          there was evidence of increased travel to
                                                                          the region served by the route. In both
                                                                          cases there was assessed to be a
                                                                          significant benefit to users over and
                                                                          above that previously counted in project
                                                                          evaluations. Transit NZ subsequently
                                                                          decided to accelerate the sealing of all
                                                                          significant tourist routes.
1993     South    West    New Zealand   McConnel Dowell       Project     Undertook the demand forecasting using        1 month
         Heritage                                             Manager     stated preference analysis for a study to
         Highway                                                          assess the likely demand and toll revenue
                                                                          that would result from construction of a
                                                                          privately funded toll road between Haast

        CV 2c5134c5-f73b-4e9c-9ac3-9a2f0c84458e.doc                     david@lupton.org
        PROJECT LIST                                                                                                                DAVID R LUPTON

                                                                           and Hollyford/Milford. The new route
                                                                           (through the South Westland National
                                                                           Park) would save up to a day‟s travel for
                                                                           tourists to Milford Sound, which is one of
                                                                           the major tourist destinations in the South
                                                                           Island. However total visitor numbers are
                                                                           small, so the cost per vehicle for a
                                                                           commercial venture would be high. The
                                                                           revenue estimates were not encouraging,
                                                                           and the project (which would have
                                                                           generated considerable environmental
                                                                           opposition) was abandoned.
1993     Contract         New Zealand   New Zealand Rail    Public         Assisted NZ Rail Ltd in its negotiations      2 weeks
         Negotiations                   Limited             Transport      with Wellington Regional Council for a
                                                            Consultant     long-term contract for the provision of
                                                                           urban passenger services in the
                                                                           Wellington region.
1993     Regulatory       Melbourne     Bus and Coach       Public         Advised the Bus and Coach Association         1 week
         Reform           Australia     Association         Transport      on the arguments for/against the
         Advice                                             Consultant     introduction     of   some     form     of
                                                                           contestability for Melbourne's private bus
                                                                           route services, including examination of
                                                                           the merits of alternative tendering and
                                                                           franchising systems.
1993     Coal Export      New Zealand   NZ Treasury         Transport      Review for the NZ Treasury of mine-to-        1 month
         Options                                            Consultant     ship transport options for export of coal.
1993     Urban            New Zealand   Auckland            Public       Responsible for the modelling component         2 months
         Passenger                                          Transport    of a major review of public transport
         Service                                            Consultant/M services in Auckland and Waitakere cities.
         Redesign                                           odeller
1992-    Wellington       New Zealand   Wellington          Public         Assisting the Wellington Regional             1 month
1993     Regional                       Regional Council    Transport      Council in the review of its Regional
         Transport                                          Consultant     Passenger Transport Plan.
         Plan Review
1993     Road             New Zealand   Transit       New   Transport      Preparation of issues paper and               2 weeks               Y
         Infrastructure                 Zealand             Consultant     recommended framework for a review of
         Pricing                                                           road infrastructure pricing methodology
                                                                           for Transit New Zealand.

        CV 2c5134c5-f73b-4e9c-9ac3-9a2f0c84458e.doc                      david@lupton.org
       PROJECT LIST                                                                                                                 DAVID R LUPTON

1993    Johnsonville      New Zealand   New Zealand Rail                   Economic evaluation of alternative            2 months              Y
        Corridor                        Limited                            rolling stock options to replace the
                                                                           current ageing rolling stock including
                                                                           extending the line into the CBD. Options
                                                                           evaluated included EMU, LRT and
                                                                           guided buses on exclusive right-of-way.
1993    Toll      Road    Australia     Roads and Traffic   Transport   Undertook an analysis of the financial           2 weeks               Y
        Financial                       Authority NSW       Economist/M viability of the M5 Tollway for Sydney.
        Analysis                                            odeller     This study used EMME/2 to model
                                                                        various road network configurations,
                                                                        construction     phasing    and    tolling
                                                                        strategies. The toll road was to be
                                                                        constructed as an alternative to existing
                                                                        non-tolled routes, and it proved difficult
                                                                        to realize, and even more difficult to
                                                                        capture the potential benefits from the
                                                                        new road because of spill-over effects on
                                                                        the existing network.
1993    NZ         Rail   New Zealand   NZ Treasury         Railway        Technical advice to NZ Treasury in the        2 months
        Privatisation                                       specialist     preparation of sale documentation and
                                                                           due diligence for the sale of NZ Rail Ltd.
                                                                           Prepared cash flow forecasts for
                                                                           estimating the company value. Assisted
                                                                           potential purchasers with due diligence
                                                                           including showing purchasers the main
                                                                           features of the operation, preparing
                                                                           responses to questions.
1992    Reservations      Hong Kong     Kowloon Canton      Public         Analysis for the Kowloon Canton               1 month       Y
        System                          Railway             Transport      Railway       Corporation       on    their
        Advice                          Corporation         Consultant     requirements for a reservation system for
                                                                           the international trains. Assistance
                                                                           specifying the system, calling and
                                                                           evaluating tenders, and guidance in the
                                                                           initial design stage of the implementation.
1992    Tender Price      New Zealand   New Zealand Rail    Public         Advised NZ Rail Ltd on the                    1 month
        Evaluation                      Limited             Transport      establishment of an appropriate tender
                                                            Economist      price for its urban contracts, including a
                                                                           strategy for commercial and contract

       CV 2c5134c5-f73b-4e9c-9ac3-9a2f0c84458e.doc                       david@lupton.org
        PROJECT LIST                                                                                                                  DAVID R LUPTON

1991     Purchase of      New Zealand   InterCity            Public         Took a leading role in the due diligence,     2 weeks
         Newmans                        Coachlines           Transport      financial forecasting and in negotiations
         Coach Lines                                         Consultant     for the sale of Newmans Coachlines to
                                                                            members of the InterCity Coachlines
1991     Purchase of      New Zealand   Private              Purchaser      Became 50% shareholder in a company           2 weeks
         Guthreys                                                           that purchased the North Island route
         Coachlines                                                         franchises from Guthreys Coachlines.
                                                                            Has subsequently divested all interests in
                                                                            the coach business, but the experience in
                                                                            owning and operating a private coach
                                                                            company gives considerable practical
                                                                            insight, which is reflected in consulting
1990/    Reservations     New Zealand   New Zealand Rail     Public         Advisor to NZ Rail Ltd and InterCity          12 months
91       System                         Limited              Transport      Management Ltd on the establishment of
         Support                                             Consultant     a joint venture reservations system, and
                                                                            subsequent management and support of
                                                                            the reservations system under contract.
1989     Sale        of   New Zealand   NZ        Railways   Manager        Was a member of the management team           3 months
         Passenger                      Corporation                         during the sale of the Railways
         Business                                                           Corporation‟s Passenger Business Group,
         Group                                                              preparing financial forecasts for various
                                                                            sale scenarios, and developing a franchise
                                                                            option which enabled the long distance
                                                                            coach business to be sold to a group of
                                                                            small operators. Managed the business
                                                                            through the sale process, which saw many
                                                                            of the staff lose their jobs.
1988     Introduction     New Zealand   Passenger business   Systems        As part of the restructure of the passenger   6 months
         of                             Group                Analyst/       business, responsible for specifying, and
         Computerised                                        Product        overseeing     the     development      and
         Reservation                                         manager        introduction     of     a     computerised
         System                                                             reservation and ticketing system.
1988-    Long Distance    New Zealand   NZ         Railway   Manager        Manager responsible for restructuring the     10 months
1989     Bus Service                    Corporation                         long distance coach services from being
         Restructuring                                                      social services heavily influenced by
                                                                            political objectives, to commercial
                                                                            services in a newly deregulated

        CV 2c5134c5-f73b-4e9c-9ac3-9a2f0c84458e.doc                       david@lupton.org
        PROJECT LIST                                                                                                               DAVID R LUPTON

1987-    Long Distance   New Zealand   NZ         Railway   Manager       Product     manager     responsible   for    10 months
1988     Rail                          Corporation                        evaluating the potential of long distance
         Passenger                                                        rail services, developing a survival plan
         Review                                                           for the Railways Board, and overseeing
                                                                          its implementation. The survival plan
                                                                          involved repositioning the train services
                                                                          from a role as basic transportation to
                                                                          being a more pleasurable way to travel,
                                                                          and was implemented successfully on a
                                                                          very low budget.        The government
                                                                          subsidy for the six long distance
                                                                          passenger trains was reduced from $28m
                                                                          to nil.
1985-    Business        New Zealand                                      Responsible for the Passenger Business       2 years
1986     Planning                                                         Group Business Plan, and evaluation of
                                                                          investment proposals for the Group.
1982-    Planning        New Zealand                        Assistant     Projects included the review of suburban     2 years                Y
1984     Division, New                                      Director      rail operations in Auckland and
         Zealand                                                          Wellington, involving the development of
         Railways                                                         sophisticated rail cost models; suburban
                                                                          EMU replacement (in conjunction with
                                                                          the regional council); Replacement of
                                                                          conventional rail services with LRT;
                                                                          redesign of Railway bus services (serving
                                                                          a number of towns and cities) to meet the
                                                                          changed funding and regulatory regimes;
                                                                          proposal to purchase Buses Ltd,
                                                                          Hamilton; and successful take-over of the
                                                                          Hawkes Bay local bus services; railway
                                                                          workshop rationalisation; truck cost
                                                                          models used as a basis for rail pricing;
                                                                          economic analysis of resignalling project;
                                                                          branch line closures; passenger fleet size
                                                                          optimisation; financial evaluation of the
                                                                          purchase of new long distance stock.
1978-    Urban           New Zealand   Ministry        of   Senior       Reponsible    for  development and            3 years                Y
1981     Transport                     Transport            Economist/Ex administration of an economically
         Policy                                             ecutive      efficient subsidy regime for urban

        CV 2c5134c5-f73b-4e9c-9ac3-9a2f0c84458e.doc                     david@lupton.org
        PROJECT LIST                                                                                                              DAVID R LUPTON

                                                           Officer       passenger transport in New Zealand.
                                                                         Member of the Officials Committee on
                                                                         Urban Transport providing advice to
                                                                         government on the introduction of
                                                                         facilitating legislation. Advice on pricing
                                                                         and licensing issues.       Evaluation of
                                                                         vehicle purchase decisions by local
                                                                         authorities.     Executive officer of the
                                                                         Urban Transport Council on its
                                                                         formation, responsible for establishing
                                                                         policies and funding priorities.
1978-    Regional       New Zealand   Ministry        of   Economist    / Ministry of Transport representative on      3 months              Y
81       Transport                    Transport            transport      urban transport planning committees and
         Planning                                          modeller       technical committees in Auckland,
                                                                          Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch.
1975-    West           New Zealand   National Research    NRAC          National Research Advisory Council            3 years               Y
1977     Yorkshire                    Advisory Council     Fellow        Fellow at Leeds University. Worked on
         Transport                                                       transport models, and developed planning
         Study                                                           techniques based on accessibility criteria.
1972-    New Zealand    New Zealand   Ministry        of   Economist     Member of the Ministry of Transport           1 year        Y
1973     Transport                    Transport/   World                 counterpart staff. The principal function
         Policy Study                 Bank                               of the study was to review the protection
                                                                         of the Government‟s rail services, and
                                                                         determine the necessary fiscal and
                                                                         regulatory regime to enable increased
                                                                         competition in the transport market.
                                                                         Assisted in the development of transport
                                                                         models and in formulation of pricing and
                                                                         regulatory policies.

        CV 2c5134c5-f73b-4e9c-9ac3-9a2f0c84458e.doc                    david@lupton.org

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