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                                                        Cedars & Cedars North
                              FELSON COMPANIES, INC.

                             SEPTEMBER 2010
                                                                                       Tidy Trick: Set a Time Limit
                                                                                     Keeping up with housework can feel
                                                                                 overwhelming, especially if you work
                                                                                 full-time or have multiple people living in
                                                                                 your home. To keep things under control,
                                                                                 work in 15-minute increments. Set a timer
                                                                                 and turn on some music. Knowing you
                                                                                 have only a set amount of time to work will
                                                                                 help you be more productive and less
                                                                                 overwhelmed. You may need only one or
                                                                                 two sessions a day to keep your home
                                                                                 in tip-top shape.
                                                                                           Seasonal Selections
                                                                                     Fall’s bounty means many of the
                                                                                 fruits and veggies at your grocers are
                                                                                 at their peak.
                                                                                     Veggies: Broccoli, carrots, squash
                                                                                 and peppers.
                                                                                     Fruit: Grapes, pears, raspberries,
                                                 A Salute to American Workers    blackberries and even blueberries, which
                               Honor the efforts of America’s                    are rounding out their season.
                             workforce. Happy Labor Day!                                       Get Your Kicks
        Super Foods:
         Sweet Stuff                                   Save Money With VoIP          Kick around this idea for your health:
        Not all potatoes         Looking to save money on your phone             soccer. A three-year study by the
    are created equal.       bill? Consider Voice over Internet Protocol         University of Copenhagen indicates that
    Take the sweet           (VoIP), which uses the Internet rather              playing recreational soccer works off more
    potato, for example.                                                         fat and builds more muscle than jogging.
                             than traditional land lines to route calls.
    This orange                                                                  The soccer players got a better workout
    vegetable packs          Some services—such as Lingo—require
                             a monthly fee, but others, such as                  than the joggers and reportedly had
    some serious
    nutrients, including     Skype.com, offer a basic package at no              more fun, too.
    vitamins A, C and        cost. Each has its pluses and minuses                             Positive Thought
    B-6. Sweet potatoes      (Skype, for example, is free if you’re calling        “There are always flowers for those who
    also are high in         another Skype user), so do your homework            want to see them.” —Henri Matisse
    fiber, potassium,        to make sure this is a viable option for you.
    manganese and
    calcium, and they                            Travel Tip: Wear Your Tennies
    stabilize blood sugar.        When traveling for business or pleasure,
           Bumper            it’s easy to let your exercise routine slip.
       Sticker Snicker       To ensure you find time for some fitness,                            Your Staff
                                                                                 Tami Santos                           Manager
       If you can’t          wear your tennis shoes when traveling so            Ike Swayzer                      Maintenance
    convince them,           you can venture out for a walk during your          Mike Lopez                              Porter
    confuse them.            free time. If you wear your tennies, you’ll         Office                         (510) 581-3700
                                                                                 E-mail                     Cedars@felson.com
                             be forced to make room for your work                Web Site                          Felson.com
                             shoes ... and you won’t have any excuse             Web Site          www.rentcedarsnorthapts.com
                             for not exercising.
CW-038 - Cedars/Cedars North - Issue: 09/01/10
Viewed: 04/12/11 05:21 PM

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