BASH 2011 Silent Auction Sneak Peek

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					                                                           BASH 2011 Silent Auction Sneak Peek
101   Enchanting!                                                              113   Best Burger, Ever
      Pairing garnets with sterling silver hearts creates a perfect pair of          A gift card for 9 little burgers at Five Guys where there are over
      earrings. Warning-you may unwittingly enchant a perfect stranger!              250,000 possible ways to order a burger!
      Silpada Designs Jewelry-Jennifer Henken,                           $24         Five Guys Burgers and Fries                                          $25
      Indep Rep
                                                                               114   An Apple a Day
102   Piggie Pleasure                                                                Apple blossom small thermal tote with monogram "An Apple a Day"
      A pedicure for your piggies, now isn't that nice?                              and a $10 gift certificate.
      Elegant Nails                                                      $25         Ashlee Anderson, Sr. Consultant Thirty-One                           $28
103   Flower Power
                                                                               115   31 Flavors
      Buy your budding bedding plants at Bennetts and beautify your
      beds. Gift certificate for $25!                                                Gift certificate for 1/2 sheet cake from "Your Neighborhood Ice
                                                                                     Cream Store".
      Bennett Nurseries                                                  $25
                                                                                     Baskin Robbins                                                       $28
104   Take off to the Apollo
                                                                               116   Products with a Purpose
      A recent addition to the Hampton Cove area with homemade soups,
      gourmet sandwiches, made from scratch desserts, big screen TVs and             Thirty-One small thermal tote in new garden lattice print and a $15
      it's kid friendly.                                                             gift certificate.
      The Apollo Cafe                                                    $25         Laura Reid, Thirty-One Independent                                   $30
105   Be Prepared, in Style
                                                                               117   Salute!
      Red leather charging station for your electronic gear and keep a
      favorite photo framed and close at hand.                                       Enjoy chianti or gelato served from Italian glasses.
      Friend of Holy Spirit                                              $25         Deby and Kelvin Pressnell                                            $30

106   Portobello                                                               118   Funny Name, Serious Sandwich
      A gift certificate for a store with fabulous home furnishings!                 Gift cards for 8 small size sandwiches or pizzas at Schlotzsky’s, home
                                                                                     of the original round toasted sandwich.
      Portobello                                                         $25
                                                                                     Schlotzsky's                                                         $35
107   The Doodle Bug is New in Town!
                                                                               119   Italian Aperitif
      Gift Certificate to use towards an art class.
                                                                                     Take home a bottle of Lemoncello made using the secret family
      The Doodle Bug                                                     $25
108   Create Ambiance                                                                Marty & Robin Soprano                                                $35
      A warm ambiance is created with this aroma oil diffuser with a
                                                                               120   Checkmate!
      flameless candle.
                                                                                     Drink a toast to each king with this unique checkers set.
      Friend of Holy Spirit                                              $25
                                                                                     Deby and Kelvin Pressnell                                            $34
109   Get it Here
                                                                               121   Extra Zax Sause Pleazze!
      Get set with this gear from 1st Place Athletics.
                                                                                     Try Zaxby's 5 most popular entrees with this gift certificate.
      1st Place Athletics                                                $27
                                                                                     Zaxby's                                                              $35
110   Sun Kissed
                                                                               122   Noche de Paz
      One week of tanning or one spray tan, you choose how you use this
      gift certificate.                                                              Nativity made in Peru. Noche de Amor!
      Palm Beach Tan                                                     $25         Diane and John Rivenburgh                                            $35

111   I'm Bored!                                                               123   EAT MOR CHIKIN
      You won't hear that with this handmade travel case filled with                 Chik-fil-A bucket of gear, gadgets and gift certificates.
      supplies to pass the time on car trips.                                        Chik-fil-A                                                           $35
      Micheal and Dan Estremera                                          $30
                                                                               124   Become a Super Scientist!
112   ...And In Jesus Christ, His Only Son...                                        Expand your mind at Sci-Quest, a hands-on museum for the young &
      Let the light of Christ shine in your home through this handmade jewel         the young at heart with 4 general admission passes. Embark on a
      tone glass and leaded nugget cross.                                            "sci" quest of your own.
      Annette Maier                                                      $30         Sci Quest                                                            $36

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                                                           BASH 2011 Silent Auction Sneak Peek
125   For the Elite                                                                    Italian platter in golden splendor.
      A gift certificate for when you need a little something special.                 Friend of Holy Spirit                                                   $40
      Elite Boutique                                                       $25
126   Sassy Set                                                                        Michelle Goebel                                                          $0
      Make eating your veggies fun with this bold and vibrant melamine
      set.                                                                       137   Polish Pottery
      AL Christopher                                                       $30         A great dish for serving to add to your collection.
                                                                                       Ann Stevenson                                                           $35
127   Tumbling Time
      A little leotard for your limber leaper! (Child's medium)                  138   Giving
      Huntsville Gymnastics Center                                         $38         One of life's greatest opportunities!
                                                                                       Friend of Holy Spirit                                                   $40
128   The Cat's Meow
      Sterling silver necklace has "forever friends" on one side and a pair      139   A Cosmetic Bag
      of calico cat buddies on the other. Meow!
                                                                                       Onyx medallion pull-apart cosmetic bag monogrammed with an "A"
      Silpada Designs Jewelry-Jennifer Henken,                             $39         plus a a $10 gift certificate.
      Indep Rep
                                                                                       Ashlee Anderson, Sr. Consultant Thirty-One                              $40
129   For Him
      Small box created from white ash, walnut and purple heart would be         140   The Man Box
      a great gift for the guy who has everything.
                                                                                       White ash and purple heart combine and the result is a "man box"
      David A. Hillyer                                                     $40         that you'll want for your man!
                                                                                       David A. Hillyer                                                        $40
130   It's Hip
      Now, you're hip with this black and white foral print hipster by Thirty-   141   Shine On Me
                                                                                       A floor lamp to light your way.
      Micheal and Dan Estremera                                            $40
                                                                                       Friend of Holy Spirit                                                   $40
131   Nothing But Noodles
                                                                                 142   Let's Eat!
      A gift card for 3 noodle or salad bowls at Nothing But Noodles
                                                                                       Two entrees from the Real American Roadhouse-Logan's!
      where nothing but yummy food awaits you.
                                                                                       Logan's Roadhouse                                                       $40
      Nothing but Noodles                                                  $35
                                                                                 143   Let's Go To The Movies
132   Pick a Sport...Any Sport!
                                                                                       Call the sitter because you're going out tonight! Four tickets to the
      Sharpen your volleyball, baseball or girl’s basketball skills with the
                                                                                       movies at Rave Motion Pictures.
      summer varsity sports camp at CHS. Girls or Boys, 5th-8th grade
      wanted. Don’t be slackin’, get packin’. See ya there!                            Rave Motion Pictures                                                    $40
      JPII Catholic High School                                            $40
                                                                                 144   Crystal Clear
133   Show your Tiger Pride                                                            Gorham pocket crystal vase is clearly very sweet.
      Enjoy this assortment of bags printed exclusively for the BASH! Also             Friend of Holy Spirit                                                   $40
      included is spirit wear and a seat cushion so that you may support
      your team for any sport!                                                   145   Mop It Up
      Off the Wall Screen Printing                                         $40         Bona professional hardwood floor mop and cleaner for a shiny, clear
134   Show Your Love
                                                                                       Kemps Flooring                                                          $40
      Proudly display your love of the Lord and your fellow man with this
      beautiful cross engraved with the bible verse John 3:16. This unique       146   Tee Time
      cross is sure to bring grace to any corner of your home.
                                                                                       Robert Trent Jones trail card for 2011. When's your tee time?
      Friend of Holy Spirit                                                $40
                                                                                       Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail - Hampton Cove                            $40
135   Are We There Yet?
                                                                                 147   Sweets for the Sweet
      Keep the little ones busy with this handmade travel pack filled with
                                                                                       Homemade caramels from the kitchen of this culinarily talented
      art and travel games for the car.
                                                                                       parent. These candies are gourmet standard.
      Micheal and Dan Estremera                                            $30
                                                                                       Janet Sisk                                                              $30
136   Dazzling Decor
                                                                                 148   Hammered Hoops
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                                                            BASH 2011 Silent Auction Sneak Peek
      Hammered sterling silver hoop earrings are sizable, but desirably                    "if we built it, we'll Bak it".
                                                                                           Bicycles, Etc                                                          $48
      Silpada Designs Jewelry-Jennifer Henken,                                 $42
      Indep Rep                                                                      160   Fine Dining
                                                                                           Enjoying a meal at a table covered in clean white linen? That would
149   Rain, Rain Don't Go Away
                                                                                           be a welcome change!
      Polka dotted rain boots and umbrella add a little sunshine to your
                                                                                           801 Franklin                                                           $50
      life when it's cloudy outside.
      Target                                                                   $42   161   For Your Man
                                                                                           Beautiful box made of beech, walnut and purple heart crafted for
150   Cazadores
                                                                                           the man in your life.
      A gift certificate for food that is muy delicioso!!
                                                                                           David A. Hillyer                                                       $50
      Cazadores                                                                $40
                                                                                     162   Made in the Shade
151   Tweet, Tweet
                                                                                           Ladies, check out these new shades. Are they the look for you?
      This copper finch feeder and bag of thistle help you care for our
                                                                                           SunShades                                                              $50
      winged friends.
      Wild Birds Unlimited                                                     $43   163   Under Par
                                                                                           Robert Trent Jones trail card for 2011.
152   Cut with Class
                                                                                           Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail - Hampton Cove                           $40
      Prepare dinner in style with this fabulous granite cutting board.
      Cornerstone Imports                                                      $45   164   The Way Nature Intended
                                                                                           Treat your lawn the natural way with a 50 lb bag of SafeLawn lawn
153   “Little Birdie, Shining Bright”
                                                                                           fertilizer (corn gluten).
      Irish artist, Brian O'Sullivan has created this beautiful trinket box of
                                                                                           Everything Green, Inc.                                                 $50
      fine quality, handmade porcelain in his shop in County Kerry, Ireland.
      Julie and Sean Groark                                                    $45   165   For Her
                                                                                           Update your iPhone with these fabulous new accessories.
154   McDonald's
                                                                                           Cellairis                                                              $50
      McDonald's is your kind of place! Gift certificates for use when you
      are on the go!
                                                                                     166   Cotton Bolls
      Johnson Partner's, Inc                                                   $45
                                                                                           Print by Maria Howard Weeden, 1846-1905, a largely self-taught
                                                                                           artist who made a unique contribution to an era of southern history in
155   Glass Art
                                                                                           her recording of the images of slaves.
      Vintage blown-glass bird in swirls of green and white sits upon it's
                                                                                           Burritt Museum                                                         $50
      perch in silent beauty.
      Friend of Holy Spirit                                                    $45   167   Sashimi
                                                                                           Gift Certificate to this authentic Thai restaurant with superb sushi
156   Garden of Olives
      Serve your favorite olive oil in this beautifully hand painted ceramic
                                                                                           Surin of Thailand                                                      $50
      serving set. All you will need to serve a delicious loaf of bread
      Italian style.
                                                                                     168   Jessica, Make Me Over!
      Friend of Holy Spirit                                                    $45
                                                                                           It's time to update your look with a haircut and conditioning treatment
                                                                                           by Jessica at hot and hip "Fringe Salon" owned and operated by
157   Gorgeous Granite
                                                                                           Holy Spirit School parent, Sandy Joqubino.
      Striking granite cutting board for the chef that not only wants to cook
                                                                                           Jessica Joiner, Fringe Salon                                           $50
      good, but wants to look good too!
      Cornerstone Imports                                                      $45   169   Al Dente
                                                                                           We never met a pasta we didn't like and this one is no different! It's
158   Fall for These
                                                                                           pasta perfect.
      You'll fall for the fabulous foliage of these sterling silver earrings
                                                                                           Fresh Market                                                           $49
      with satin and oxidized finishes.
      Silpada Designs Jewelry-Jennifer Henken,                                 $46   170   South of the Border
      Indep Rep
                                                                                           Dinner out is always a treat, try Mexican tonight!
159   CamelBak                                                                             El Omeca Mexican Restaurant                                            $50
      Sleek hydration system to use when you need filling up, but don't
                                                                                     171   Great Granite Coasters
      have time to stop. Comes with a lifetime guarantee from Camelbak,
                                                                                           Rest your drinks on these great granite coasters.
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                                                            BASH 2011 Silent Auction Sneak Peek
      Cornerstone Imports                                                   $50          Silpada Designs Jewelry-Jennifer Henken,                               $52
                                                                                         Indep Rep
172   Sensational Stoppers
                                                                                   203   Jared Ross Hockey Stick
      Custom made wine bottle stoppers from zebra wood and paduak
      wood keep your wine fresh and your bottles looking good!                           When Jared Ross debuted with the Philadelphia Flyers in the
                                                                                         2008–09 season, he became the first player born and trained in the
      Chris Lauzon                                                          $50          great state of Alabama to play in the NHL. A piece of Alabama and
                                                                                         hockey history, signed exclusively for you!
173   Light Starch, Crease the Sleeves, Please!
                                                                                         Kris and Jasper Castillo                                        Priceless
      A gift certificate to simplify your workload.
      Gates Cleaners                                                        $50    204   Aaaaarrrrrrooooooooo!
                                                                                         A vintage pair of "unforgettable" elephants to bring good luck to
174   Blue Lilies                                                                        your home.
      Watercolor print, signed and numbered, by local artist Cynthia                     Friend of Holy Spirit                                                  $55
      Massey Parsons.
      Cynthia Massey Parsons                                                $50    205   “A Quiet Moment”
                                                                                         Vintage sculpture of Jesus, Mary and Joseph portrayed in perfect
175   The Pieta                                                                          harmony, love and peace.
      Be reminded of Christ's ultimate sacrifice each time you see this                  PTO & Foundation                                                       $55
      Shepherd's Nook                                                       $50    206   Take Me Away
                                                                                         Receive a relaxing, professional massage with this gift certificate.
176   Writing with Rosewood
                                                                                         Healing Arts Center                                                    $60
      Custom pen and pencil set of rosewood, with copper banding, is
      proof that utilitarian can also be beautiful.                                207   It's Ice Time!
      Chris Lauzon                                                          $50          This six week session will teach the fundamentals of hockey designed
                                                                                         for children 4-12 years old. All equipment is included. If your child
177   J. Sparks Farm                                                                     has dreamed of being a hockey star, or just wants to see what it is
      Locally owned, organic, hydroponic farm offers strawberries and a                  all about, this is the chance!
      multitude of vegetables that are out of this world! Gift Certificate               Huntsville Hockey Development Center                                   $75
      valid for June 2011-September 2011.
      J Sparks Farm                                                         $50    208   Lovely Lobes
                                                                                         Express your playful style! Two leaf-shaped wires overlap to form
178   Coasters With Class                                                                sterling silver earrings that are twice as nice!
      Granite coasters for a home with class!                                            Silpada Designs Jewelry-Jennifer Henken,                               $54
      Cornerstone Imports                                                   $50          Indep Rep

179   Authentic Thai                                                               209   War Eagle!

      A night out at a nice restaurant with a fabulous menu.                             Show off you Tiger Pride while wearing AU sunglasses!

      Surin of Thailand                                                     $50          Dr. David Lee, Eye Care Associates                                     $58

180   No Glare                                                                     210   Who's That?

      Men, you'll be looking good in these new sunglasses!                               Behind those fabulously cool Alabama sunglasses?

      SunShades                                                             $50          Dr. David Lee, Eye Care Associates                                     $58

181   Smile For the Camera                                                         211   Little Herb Garden

      Gift Certificate for photography services.                                         Enjoy the beauty of parsley, basil, oregano and rosemary all year
                                                                                         long with this set of four painted canvases. You don't even need to
      Saint Portrait Design                                                 $50          water them.

201   Learn to Play Hockey                                                               Cole's Giftware                                                        $60

      This six week session will teach the fundamentals of hockey designed         212   Tiny Treasure
      for children 4-12 years old. All equipment is included. If your child
      has dreamed of being a hockey star, or just wants to see what it is                This little, vintage, holy water font is impressed with a prayer ―O
      all about, this is the chance!                                                     Mary Conceived Without Sin Pray for Us Who Have Recourse to
      Huntsville Hockey Development Center                                  $75
                                                                                         PTO & Foundation                                                       $55
202   A Cross in Sterling
                                                                                   213   Extra Cheese, Please
      Unique sterling silver necklace gives a twist to the classic cross design.
                                                                                         Dominos delivers the goods-7 large one topping pizzas and three 2L
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                                                           BASH 2011 Silent Auction Sneak Peek
      cokes.                                                                     224   True Blue
      Dominos                                                              $60         Lapis and sterling silver pendant necklace in heavenly hues of blue is
                                                                                       handmade and uniquely crafted by Huntsville artisan, Amanda
214   Let Them Eat Cake                                                                Dorsett.
      Enjoy a scrumptious 9 inch cheesecake prepared by Chef Jedlovec                  Mandy Moth Creations                                                $68
      for 2 very special occasions. A chocolate cheesecake for Valentine's
      Day (delivered 2/12, 13, or 14/11) and an amaretto cheesecake              225   Family Heirloom
      for Mother's Day (delivered 5/8/11).
                                                                                       Let Marilyn Alonso, fabulous parent and teacher for Holy Spirit
      Gary Jedlovec                                                        $60         School, customize this canvas to make a truly unique display piece for
                                                                                       your family. You may choose the overlay words and colors to make
215   Reward Yourself!                                                                 this your own creation.
      Enjoy a one hour massage with Katie and leave refreshed,                         Marilyn Alonso                                                      $60
      rejuvenated and relaxed.
                                                                                 226   MOROCCANOIL
      Salon Ka-Terra                                                       $60
                                                                                       These products are rich in anti-oxidants, protein and vitamins and
216   Louie's Luncheon                                                                 restores the natural beauty of your hair. It conditions and heals your
                                                                                       scalp and hair, reduces styling and drying time, and protects against
      The whimsical prints will bring a new feeling of fun to your kitchen.
                                                                                       environmental damages for a softer, shinier and healthier head of
      The colors in these prints are sure to complement any decor.
      Friend of Holy Spirit                                                $60
                                                                                       Fringe Salon                                                        $69
217   Hurricane
                                                                                 227   Mammy
      Create the perfect mood in your home with this wonderful decorative
                                                                                       Print by Maria Howard Weeden, 1846-1905, a largely self-taught
      set of quality glass hurricanes. This Heritage collection, designed in
                                                                                       artist who made a unique contribution to an era of southern history in
      three dimensions of perfect proportions and style, made with
                                                                                       her recording of the images of slaves.
      superior workmanship will give off a warm glow and comfort to any
      room of the house.                                                               Burritt Museum                                                      $70
      Beth and Lynn Boyer                                                  $60
                                                                                 228   Beach Bound
218   Hail Mary, Full of Grace                                                         Thirty-One tote-ally awesome beach tote and silk scarf in new circle
                                                                                       spirals print.
      A handful of simple beauty in this vintage, wooden rosary
      appropriately accompanied by the Virgin Mary.                                    Laura Reid, Thirty-One Independent                                  $70
      PTO & Foundation and Friend of Holy Spirit                           $60
                                                                                 229   It's a Little Girls Day
219   You Deserve It!
                                                                                       Primp and go for 2 girls! They both get manicures, sheer and sassy
      You really do deserve to pamper yourself with a one hour massage.
                                                                                       make-up, and party locks "hari dooz". They'll be Spoiled Rockin'!
      Healing Arts Center                                                  $60
                                                                                       Spoiled Rockin' Kidz                                                $70
220   Shoeshine Boy
                                                                                 230   That's Italian
      Print by Maria Howard Weeden, 1846-1905, a largely self-taught
                                                                                       Pizza lovers' combo from Pampered Chef!
      artist who made a unique contribution to an era of southern history in
      her recording of the images of slaves.                                           Tina Tarsitano, Pampered Chef Representative                        $72
      Burritt Museum                                                       $60
                                                                                 231   Royal Cup Coffee Basket
221   Tupperware Time                                                                  Ummmm doesn't that smell good. A beautiful basket filled with coffee
      Rinse, prep and store your salad all in one amazing container and
      keep your pasta stored in style.                                                 Royal Cup Coffee                                                    $75
      Amanda Dorsett                                                       $61
                                                                                 232   Take Out!
222   St. Joseph Bible                                                                 Let Holy Spirit School parent, Smallone Chan, and Oriental Express
                                                                                       provide dinner for those nights when you just can't. This package is
      Create a family historical tradition with this Family Bible as you
                                                                                       for 10 dinner certificates.
      record sacraments and special occasions.
                                                                                       Oriental Express                                                    $75
      Holy Spirit Book Store                                               $65
                                                                                 233   Shed Some Light
223   Foot Fetish
                                                                                       Light up a corner in style with this lovely lamp.
      This is no ordinary foot massage! This reflexology treatment
      promotes health and wellness by focusing on the various pressure                 Inline Lighting                                                     $55
      points found in the feet. Enjoy!
                                                                                 234   Picnic Essential
      Ruth's Nutrition                                                     $65
                                                                                       Enjoy a new level of sophistication! This insulated tote with wine and
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                                                           BASH 2011 Silent Auction Sneak Peek
      cheese service has adjustable, insulated divider. Already comes with               man from David Knott. David will perform an initial body fat analysis
      your first bottle of wine so make your picnic plans right away.                    and then repeat it after one month.
      Dana and Tony Craig                                                    $55         D Knott                                                            $75

235   D Knott Hot                                                                  246   Natural Beauty
      One month gym membership and a personal training session for a                     Double-stranded Carnelian necklace and (metal-free) pendant
      woman from David Knott. David will perform an initial body fat                     intensifies your inner beauty and the result is stunning!
      analysis and then repeat it after one month.
                                                                                         Mandy Moth Creations                                               $78
      D Knott                                                                $75
                                                                                   247   Perfect Pillow
236   Who's That Girl?
                                                                                         Afghan Kord pillow with fringe in colors to warm your home.
      Keratin hair treatments infuse nourishing keratin into hair for smooth,
                                                                                         Cole's Giftware                                                    $75
      soft results that last four to six weeks.
      Jessica Joiner, Fringe Salon                                           $75   248   Rocky Block
                                                                                         Framed print, signed by artist Doug Hess, captures Alabama's
237   Selections from California
                                                                                         historic, last-second field-goal block that sealed its win over
      Vogelzang 2009 Sauvignon Blanc and Mathis 2007 Grenache from                       Tennessee on October 24, 2009 at Bryant-Denny Stadium.
      the cellars of Dr. Bill Shergy.
                                                                                         Frame World Art Gallery                                            $75
      Dr. and Mrs. William Shergy                                            $75
                                                                                   249   For Him
238   From Russia with Love
                                                                                         Update your iPhone with these shiny new accessories.
      Saints Anna and Joachim, the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
                                                                                         Cellairis                                                          $80
      gaze upon their Divine grandchild in the arms of their daughter. This
      beautiful wooden, decopaged egg would be a wonderful house
                                                                                   250   Hydrapak
      warming gift or a thoughtful gift for parents or grandparents.
                                                                                         Ready for all occasions, the Big Sur Reversible II is your go to
      PTO & Foundation                                                       $75
                                                                                         hydration pack for all day riding or hiking. Three liter capacity and
                                                                                         lots of other cool features.
239   Putt Putt
                                                                                         Bicycles, Etc                                                      $80
      Putt putt with your posse at Southern Adventures. It's golf for 10, you
      just say when!
                                                                                   251   Formal Service
      Southern Adventures                                                    $75
                                                                                         Mikasa crystal serving bowl when it's a formal affair.
240   Our Lady of Lourdes                                                                Friend of Holy Spirit                                              $80
      Our Lady of Lourdes is honored by St. Bernadette and lustrous red
                                                                                   252   Blessed be Jesus Christ
      roses atop this vintage metal music box. The message of Lourdes is a
      call to personal conversion, prayer, and charity. Can you hear her                 Beautiful, vintage filigree crucifix.
                                                                                         PTO & Foundation                                                   $75
      PTO & Foundation                                                       $75
                                                                                   253   Welcome
241   From Estonia With Love
                                                                                         Go ahead, walk all over me! A rug that warmly welcomes all your
      Admire the intricate detailing of these traditional Estonian nesting               house guests.
      dolls brought exclusively for the BASH.
                                                                                         Old Gin Carpets                                                    $79
      Erin Dumbacher, Holy Spirit Class of '99                        Priceless
                                                                                   254   Bar-B-Que
242   God's Masterpiece
                                                                                         The best 3 words ever spoken! Be the first to get your two adult
      Original photograph by Cari.                                                       passes to the 2010 Whistlestop Festival, May 6 & 7, 2011, and as a
                                                                                         bonus, great new tools!
      Carried Away Photography                                           $200
                                                                                         Early Works Museum                                                 $80
243   In My Heart
                                                                                   255   Beechwood Box
      A symbol of love, heart pendant and chain, from our Librarian,
      Carrie Turner.                                                                     Originally designed beech wood box has handles from blood wood
                                                                                         and red flocking inside the drawers. It's clever, cool, and creative!
      Carrie Turner - Initial Outfitters Consultant                          $54
                                                                                         David A. Hillyer                                                   $85
244   Noel
                                                                                   256   The Family of Jesus
      A Polish Pottery Christmas votive.
                                                                                         Family sculpted by Veda Wyatt and cast in the finest quality pewter.
      Ann Stevenson                                                          $80
                                                                                         This shadowboxed sculpture is a cast relief of Veda's first sculpture.
245   Biceps, Triceps, Deltoids                                                          PTO & Foundation                                                   $85
      One month gym membership and a personal training session for a
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                                                           BASH 2011 Silent Auction Sneak Peek
257   High End Hair                                                                268   Give Us This Day...
      Pamper yourself with a $50 gift certificate for Aveda professional                 Handmade pottery bread dish will be spectacular on your table.
      hair products and a haircut and style with Naomi from Salon Ka-
                                                                                         Pottery Plus                                                           $95
      Terra where they live the "Aveda Mission"!
      Salon Ka-Terra                                                     $100      269   Are You Ready to Rumble?
                                                                                         It's a night out--take the family and friends to see a hockey game
                                                                                         with 8 tickets to any 2010/2011 Huntsville Havoc home game.
      A brand proposing high quality and sensorial beauty products.
                                                                                         Huntsville Havoc                                                       $96
      The English Table                                                      $86
                                                                                   270   Purple Passion
259   For the Family
                                                                                         From passionate plum to ladylike lavender, you'll love this sterling
      Show your family how much you care about them with this 1 month                    silver necklace with amethyst and pearls.
      family membership to the Southeast YMCA. "Building strong kids,
                                                                                         Silpada Designs Jewelry-Jennifer Henken,                               $94
      strong families, and strong communities."
                                                                                         Indep Rep
      Southeast Family YMCA                                                  $86
                                                                                   271   Broadway at It's Best
260   Hope, Joy, Dreams
                                                                                         Two tickets to the show of your choice. Choose from "Spring
      Add a touch of inspiration to your wrist with this oxidized sterling               Awakening" (March 4) winner of 8 Tony awards and here for one
      silver bracelet.                                                                   show only, or "Burn the Floor" (April 1-3) the international dance
                                                                                         sensation direct from it's record breaking run on Broadway, or
      Silpada Designs Jewelry-Jennifer Henken,                               $89
                                                                                         Avenue Q (April 23) Broadway's smash hit 2004 Tony award winner
      Indep Rep
                                                                                         for best musical, best score and best book.
261   The Art of Running                                                                 Broadway Theater League                                            $100
      A $50 gift certificate and cool athletic gear.
                                                                                   272   The Cradle Will Rock
      Fleet Feet Sports                                                      $90
                                                                                         A doll cradle and handmade quilt to keep your baby warm.
262   Gentlemen's Fountain Pen                                                           Micheal and Dan Estremera                                          $100
      Custom made of bocote wood with titanium fittings, the Gentlemen's
                                                                                   273   Masters is the Expert
      Fountain Pen is for you!
                                                                                         Let Judy offer her expert advice and ideas with this consultation on
      Chris Lauzon                                                           $90
                                                                                         how to turn your yard into a paradise.
263   Fans of Spartacus                                                                  Judy Masters - Masters Landscape Design                            $100
      Playmobil Roman Arena was the winner of an Oppenheim platinum
                                                                                   274   A Quilt for Baby
                                                                                         Handmade baby quilt is warm, inviting and made just for you by
      Sutherland Station                                                     $90
                                                                                         Grandmother Estremera.
264   Jesus                                                                              Micheal and Dan Estremera                                          $100
      A stained glass crucifix, mounted on wood from an old oak church
                                                                                   275   The Cobra
      pew, by artist Dave Wahus, brother of Mrs. Hopkins, 8th grade
      teacher extraordinaire.                                                            This three drawer cobra box is made of ambrosia maple and it's
      Judy and Paul Hopkins                                                  $90
                                                                                         David A. Hillyer                                                   $100
265   Bandsaw Box of Beauty
                                                                                   276   Tree of LIfe
      Bandsaw box of white ash with texas ebony drawer pulls and brown
      flocking inside the drawers was made by a Holy Spirit School                       The eternal "Tree of Life" is portrayed in this stained glass panel.
      grandparent.                                                                       Natural hues add warmth to your home and welcome all who come
      David A. Hillyer                                                       $85
                                                                                         PTO & Foundation                                                       $85
266   Red Hot
                                                                                   277   Equestrian Training
      Set your look ablaze with the fiery colors of carnelian paired with
      sterling silver in this chunky stoned necklace.                                    Learn the sport and art of English style horseback riding with 2 one
                                                                                         hour lessons.
      Mandy Moth Creations                                                   $82
                                                                                         O'Riley Equine Services                                            $100
267   Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
                                                                                   278   American Girl Doll
      When the occasion calls for a special menu, pick up the phone and
      make your reservations for Ruth's Chris and bring along this gift                  American Girl dolls are a shining example for girls today with lessons
      certificate.                                                                       of love, friendship, courage, compassion, and tolerance. Julie Albright
                                                                                         is a fun-loving San Francisco girl who faces big changes—she’s
      Leslie and Pat Shields                                             $100
                                                                                         moving away from her best friend, and starting over at a new house
268             Page 7 of 13
                                                          BASH 2011 Silent Auction Sneak Peek
      and school.                                                              289   Swing into Fashion
      American Girl Doll                                                 $95         Animal prints are always hot in the fashion world, so dress up your
                                                                                     little fashionista in this giraffe print swing coat, size 6X.
279   Lift Off                                                                       Purple Peanut                                                     $120
      Admission for four to the US Space and Rocket Center museum and
      IMAX theater. (One day pass)                                             290   A Little Lovin' From Anna's Oven.
      U.S. Space & Rocket Center                                        $100         Enjoy a homemade breakfast bread once a month for an entire
                                                                                     year. Date and delivery time will be mutually decided upon.
280   Spice it up                                                                    Anna Riviere                                                      $120
      Along slim chains, chalcedony, smoky quartz, glass and sterling silver
      accents find their place on this lovely necklace.                        291   Valley View
      Silpada Designs Jewelry-Jennifer Henken,                           $99         Impressionist print in vibrant hues of red and blue.
      Indep Rep
                                                                                     Friend of Holy Spirit                                             $125
281   Sweet Dreams
                                                                               292   To Serve You
      Temper-Pedic Symphony Pillow for a more restful and enjoyable
                                                                                     Impressionist style, hand-painted, serving set with vegetable design
                                                                                     will complement any decor.
      Mattress King                                                      $99
                                                                                     Anna and Jerry Skonieczny                                         $125
282   Date Night
                                                                               293   From The Vineyards
      Dinner for 2 at Outback Steakhouse, need we say more?
                                                                                     From the cellars of Bill and Donna Shergy, a Melville 2008
      Outback Steakhouse                                                $100         Chardonnay from Estate Verna's and a Flora Springs 2001 Cabernet
                                                                                     Sauvignon Holy Smoke Vineyard.
283   Out On The Town                                                                Dr. and Mrs. William Shergy                                       $125
      Looking fine with this fabulous purse and coordinating necklace and
      earring set.                                                             294   Cuban Catering
      J. Whitener Boutique                                              $102         Let our own Ileana Gonzalez-Tablada entice your palate with her
                                                                                     native specialties. Dinner for six, delivered to your home, at a
284   Take It To The Ice!                                                            mutually agreed upon date by December 2011.
      Enjoy your own party room with admission for ten skaters. Don’t                Ileana & Jose Gonzalez-Tablada                                    $125
      forget your mittens!
                                                                               295   Pretty in Pearls
      Wilcoxon Ice Complex                                              $110
                                                                                     Double-stranded fresh water pearl necklace with a sterling silver,
285   Lessons at The Ledges                                                          black onyx and pearl pendant is a classic style for the classy lady.
      Improve your game with these golf lessons from the pros at The                 Mandy Moth Creations                                              $105
                                                                               301   Classy Lady
      The Ledges Country Club                                           $120
                                                                                     Warm up your wardrobe while wearing this bronze pearl, shell, and
286   Go Falcons!                                                                    etched black pen shell necklace paired with these copper pearl
                                                                                     earrings. Wow, you got it going on now!
      How about an individual membership to every regular season home
      game for each of the JPII sports and a JPII stadium seat for a comfy           Silpada Designs Jewelry-Jennifer Henken,                          $128
      time? (Eligible for an upgrade to membership for two or a family               Indep Rep
      membership.) Go Falcons!
                                                                               302   Little Angel
      JPII Catholic High School                                         $120
                                                                                     An exquisite organza and satin dress with hand beaded sash for
287   A Kick of Quartz                                                               your little angel. Size 7y. (No exchanges or returns)
      Chunky blue quartz and sterling silver pendant necklace will freshen           Strasburg Children                                                $130
      your look and add beauty to your style, designed and created by
      Holy Spirit School parent, Amanda Dorsett.                               303   In the Author's Hand
      Mandy Moth Creations                                              $116         An autographed copy of John Grisham's newest book, "The
288   Get A Feel For The Water                                                       Stephanie and Marc Battle                                      Priceless
      Four private swim lessons from Coach Migliozzi, a Level IV swim
      coach with over 20 years of coaching experience, including YMCA          304   Alabama the Beautiful
      National Champion, Olympic Trial and World Trial Qualifiers and
                                                                                     An original design created by bandsaw of ambrosia maple and
      USA National Teams. Must be used at your pool, summer swim pool
                                                                                     bloodwood accents would make a great gift from this great state!
      or the Redstone Arsenal pool.
                                                                                     David A. Hillyer                                                  $140
      Colette Migliozzi                                                 $120
                                                                               305   Fruit of the Vine
289              Page 8 of 13
                                                             BASH 2011 Silent Auction Sneak Peek
      A bottle of Calera 2009 Chardonnay and a bottle of Cabernet                        lifetime treat!
      Sauvignon Clone No. 4 from the cellars of Dr. and Mrs. Bill Shergy.                Mrs. Venezia                                                    Priceless
      Dr. and Mrs. William Shergy                                        $140
                                                                                   316   Lock-in Anyone?
306   A Perfect Presentation                                                             You and eleven of your friends are invited to spend the night in the
      Layers of perfection in this green mother-of-pearl, pyrite and sterling            Holy Spirit gym with some of your favorite teachers. Drop off on a
      silver stranded necklace and it's a perfect match with these peridot               Saturday at 8pm and pick up Sunday morning at 7am. It will be a
      and sterling silver post earrings.                                                 night of fun and games; an evening snack and Krispy Kreme
                                                                                         doughnuts for breakfast! Bring a sleeping bag and board games
      Silpada Designs Jewelry-Jennifer Henken,                           $141            and get ready for a night your children will never forget! Winning
      Indep Rep                                                                          family will be asked to provide an adult male chaperone, if boys will
                                                                                         be attending. Winner will choose from one of the following dates:
307   The Symphony                                                                       March 26th, April 2nd or April 9th. Winner must contact Ms. Lai
      Treat yourself to an evening of relaxation as the sounds of the HSO                quickly for the rest of the details.
      soothe your mind and soul.                                                         Mrs. Lai, Mrs. Butler and Mrs. Caruso                     A Night Alone!
      Huntsville Symphony Orchestra                                      $144
                                                                                   317   Mrs. Venezia's Christmas Wishes
308   That's Amoré!                                                                      Set of Christmas cards and envelopes featuring the torn paper
      Let Cici's Pizza hold your next party for 20 at their delicious buffet.            artwork of the following students: Ashley Eng, Elena Longo, Maggie
                                                                                         Sumera, Dayne Long, Stephanie Andrzejewski, Hannah Hall, Anna
      Cici's Pizza                                                       $145            Miller, Natasha Napieraiski.

309   Venice, Italy                                                                      Mrs. Venezia's Third Grade Class                                Priceless

      Original watercolors by Venetian artist. Bellissimo!                         318   Vous Etes Si Belle
      Ileana & Jose Gonzalez-Tablada                                     $150            It's time for a make over with a color and haircut by Master Stylist,
                                                                                         Daniel Alexander. Si belle!
310   Holy Beads
                                                                                         Salon Beaujolie                                                    $160
      Say your daily prayers with this beautiful cloisonné rosary. Held and
      blessed by Pope Benedict XVI.                                                319   Rock-A-Bye Baby
      Sister Terry Harvey (Sister MeMaw)                               Priceless         Sweet dreams for your dolly in this darling crib by a school
311   Alabama
                                                                                         David A. Hillyer                                                   $165
      Bandsaw box of ambrosia maple and bloodwood accents is in the
      shape of the great state of Alabama.                                         320   Bake with Mrs. Stout!
      David A. Hillyer                                                   $140            Spend a lovely afternoon baking with your 3rd grade teacher! You
                                                                                         and three friends will indulge in baking homemade Valentine's Day
312   A First from Grisham                                                               cookies for your family and classmates! Be at the school cafeteria on
      An autographed copy of "Theodore Boone- Kid Lawyer" John                           February 12, 2011 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. to engage in this once in a
      Grisham's first ever children's book. Theodore Boone, a thirteen-year-             lifetime treat!
      old with two attorneys for parents, knows about law, but when a high               Mrs. Stout                                                         $151
      profile murder trial comes to his small town, it's up to Theo to save
      the day!                                                                     321   Shootin' Hoops
      Stephanie and Marc Battle                                        Priceless         Give your hoop star a head start with this one week Boy's Basketball
                                                                                         Camp at UAH.
313   Shootin' Hoops
                                                                                         UAH                                                                $150
      Give your hoop star a head start with this one week Boy's Basketball
      Camp at UAH.                                                                 322   A Super Sonic Toothbrush
      UAH                                                                $150            Take home the Sonicare FlexCare professional electric toothbrush for
                                                                                         better plaque removal, comfort-enhanced brushing and an
314   Thy Kingdom Come                                                                   Integrated UV sanitizer that safeguards against bacteria. For a
      Antique crucifix in celebration of Pope Pius IX's 30th anniversary as              sparkling clean smile.
      pope in 1877, considered the "Golden Episcopal Jubilee". At the                    Lynsey Brown, DMD Family Dentistry                                 $170
      time, Pope Pius IX was the longest pontificate in the history of the
      Roman papacy.                                                                323   Get Fit, Fab and Rid of the Flab
      Barbara and Jim Newman                                             $150            A 3 month membership is yours to this full-service, state-of-the-art
                                                                                         facility which provides the highest quality fitness environment with
315   Bake with Ms. Venezia!                                                             nationally certified personal trainers.
      Spend a lovely afternoon baking with your 3rd grade teacher! You                   SportsMED Fitness Center                                           $170
      and three friends will indulge in baking homemade Valentine's Day
      cookies for your family and classmates! Be at the school cafeteria on        324   In Harmony
      February 12, 2011 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. to engage in this once in a
                                                                                         A Yamaha digital keyboard for the budding pianist.
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                                                          BASH 2011 Silent Auction Sneak Peek
      A.B. Stephens                                                     $170     333   Baking, Egg-Dying, and Crafts…Oh My!
                                                                                       You and three friends are invited to join your 3rd grade teacher in
325   Fun in the Garden with Mrs. Lai                                                  this wonderful afternoon full of baking, dying eggs, and making
      You and 3 of your friends will be treated to a weekend afternoon at              crafts. Clear your calendar for April 9th, 2011 from noon-3:00 p.m.
      the Botanical Gardens with Ms. Lai. The group will enjoy the sights of           to spend a magical Saturday afternoon being creative!
      the garden, water play in the kids' garden, a stroll through the                 Mrs. Venezia                                                       Priceless
      Butterfly House, and a nice picnic lunch, provided by Ms. Lai. (Date to
      be set that is amicable for both the winner and Ms. Lai.                   334   Luxurious Lagos
      Transportation to and from the Botanical Gardens will be the
      responsibility of the winning family. Expires June 20, 2011)                     Signature sterling silver Caviar beads unite to form these radiant
                                                                                       hoop earrings with a post back.
      Mrs. Lai, Awesome 1st Grade Teacher                            Priceless
                                                                                       Leslie and Pat Shields                                               $175
326   Mrs. Stout's Seasons Greetings
                                                                                 335   Allure of Autumn
      Set of Christmas cards and envelopes featuring the torn paper
      artwork of the following students: Elise Espada, Jessica Mendoza,                Watercolor by local artist, Kim Haring.
      Carolyn Lee, Sarah Duerr, Eleanor Jenkins, Mary Bragg, Alex Rist,                Kim Haring                                                           $180
      Josh Batchelor.
      Mrs. Stout's Third Grade Class                                 Priceless   336   To Your Advantage
                                                                                       Three tennis lessons, one hour each, from JPII's tennis coach and
327   God Bless the Second Grade                                                       parishioner, Sam Fleming.
      And God bless us all, especially the home where this flag is flown!              Sam Fleming                                                          $195
      Mrs. Butler's Second Grade Class                              Patriotism
                                                                                 337   Strummin'………
328   Join the Big Guys for Beer and Brats                                             J. B. Player acoustic/electric guitar for your budding musician.
      Enjoy an evening in the company of Father Mike, Father Louis, and                Bandwagon of Huntsville                                              $220
      Father Jerabek. Thirty couples are invited to gather for a casual
      atmosphere of fun and food at the Walton's Mountain home of                338   Gimme a T-I-G-E-R...Go Tigers!!!
      Barbara and Scott Stokes. The menu includes brats and BBQ, and
      features beer provided by Huntsville's own, Olde Towne Brewing                   Party with the HSRCS cheerleaders--what a way to celebrate your
      Company, whose mission it is to bring you the freshest and very best             child's birthday! The cheerleaders will create a birthday banner and
      beers you can find anywhere. It's about coming together, enjoying                a special cheer for the birthday child. Then let them eat cake--a
      each other's company, and having a great time. This evening will                 special birthday cake prepared by Marilyn Alonso. Add this pinata,
      take place on May 13, 2011 and is open to the first 30 couples to                15 latex ballons, a 'build a friend' and the birthday party is ready
      place their bids of $150/couple                                                  to go!

      Father Mike MacMahon, Father Louis                Beer, Brats, BBQ and           Holy Spirit School Cheerleaders, Moonwalk &                        Priceless
      Giardino, Father Bryan Jerabek, Barbara and             Bragging Rights          Party Rentals, and Marilyn Alonso
      Scott Stokes, Jill and Louis Barraza, Dana and
      Tony Craig, and Olde Towne Brewing                                         339   Nick Saban Football
      Company                                                                          Alabama football autographed by Coach Nick Saban. Remember
                                                                                       the Tide last year? SEC Champions-National Champions-Heisman
329   Wooden Work of Wonder                                                            Trophy winner-what a great ROLL the TIDE had!! Good Times! Oh
      Lovely wooden lotus box of mahogany and ambrosia woods.                          yea, Good Times!

      David A. Hillyer                                                  $175           University of Alabama                                              Priceless

330   Royal Runner                                                               340   Principal's Pleasure

      Every decor needs a touch of classic style, so here's your chance to to          Every child dreams of being the principal for a day. This lucky child
      take home a little bit of class!                                                 will assist Mr. Bell with his duties for the day. Roam the halls, run the
                                                                                       office, rule the roost! (Some restrictions, of course!)
      Richard & Company Interior Design                                 $175
                                                                                       Mr. Jim Bell                                                       Priceless
331   Most Holy Virgin Mary
                                                                                 341   Lady of the Rosary
      Vintage Immaculate Heart of Mary in grain painted wood frame with
      original convex glass. Mary Ever Virgin.                                         In 1917 the Blessed Mother appeared to three shepherd children at
                                                                                       Fátima in Portugal and called herself the "Lady of the Rosary".
      PTO & Foundation                                                  $175           Depicted here in sepia tones "Our Lady of Fatima" is circa 1930's
                                                                                       and is accompanied by "Our Lady of Fatima" religious classic, circa
332   Baking, Egg-Dying, and Crafts…Oh My!                                             1947.
      You and three friends are invited to join your 3rd grade teacher in              PTO & Foundation                                                     $175
      this wonderful afternoon full of baking, dying eggs, and making
      crafts. Clear your calendar for April 9th, 2011 from noon-3:00 p.m.        342   Pure, Safe, Beneficial!
      to spend a magical Saturday afternoon being creative!
                                                                                       Arbonne's premier anti-aging product line with all inclusive skin care
      Mrs. Stout                                                        $151           regimen for your body and face.

333                                                                                    Arbonne International                                                $225
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                                                          BASH 2011 Silent Auction Sneak Peek
                                                                                       with Proactiv, they are now doing for wrinkles. The Today Show on
343   Fit and Fine and Feeling Good                                                    January 5th showcased the Amp MD as a "must have" for 2011 and
      Get a fitness assessment and body composition analysis as well as 3              it has been named a "Best Anti-Aging Product for 2011" by Allure
      personal training sessions given at the trainer's private studio at              Magazine. This is a two-month supply of the regimen and delivery
      1001 Ryland Pike. (You may be required to get a physician's release              system.
      for exercise and this certificate expires in one year.) So, get off the          Colleen Davis, Independent Consultant                                 $334
      couch and place that bid!
      Life Shaper Fitness, LLC                                           $250    354   Calypso...
                                                                                       PADI Open Water Dive Course will get you ready to discover the
344   In Prayer                                                                        wonders of the undersea world. Jacques Cousteau would be so
      Pope John Paul II drawing by JPII student, Katherine Sisk. Beautifully           proud!
      framed, signed and numbered print (1/10).                                        Southeastern Divers, Inc.                                             $340
      Janet and David Sisk                                               $250
                                                                                 355   Brighter Smile
345   Swoosh!                                                                          Opalescence bleaching kit with customized trays for use at home
      Your child will participate in a class, with up to 11 other young                whenever you need a little brightening. Must use by 6/2011.
      athletes, for 12 sessions of basketball skills training. You choose from         Sam J. Citrano Jr., DMD, PC                                           $350
      the March/April/May sessions or the June/July sessions. Swoosh!
      Alabama Basketball Academy                                         $275    356   Cynara cardunculus
                                                                                       Artichokes in oil, by local artist, Leslie Lockhart.
346   Big Kahuna
                                                                                       Leslie Lockhart                                                       $350
      Choose any 4 -in-1 or 5-in-1 Bouncer/Slide combo at this unique and
      extreme inflatable rental place. This gift certificate is good for a 4     357   No Pain, No Gain
      hour rental. (Free delivery & cleaning within Hunstville city limits.)
                                                                                       Get back in the groove with one month of training - for adult or child
      Big Kahuna Slides, Inc.                                            $300
                                                                                       D1 Sports Training/Therapy                                            $250
347   “I place my trust in Thee”
                                                                                 358   Mary, Mother of God
      Vintage Sacred Heart of Jesus in grain painted wood frame with
      original convex glass. O sweet Saviour.                                          "Mother Mary we adore you" is framed in ornate carved wood.
      PTO & Foundation                                                   $175
                                                                                       Barbara and Jim Newman                                                $300
348   Shape Up!
                                                                                 359   Notre Dame at Night
      Keep your New Year's Resolution with a three (3) month membership
      including a fitness assessment, blood work and 1 visit with a trainer.           Contemporary acrylic on canvas by local artist Danielle Damson.

      Huntsville Hospital Wellness Center                                $250          Danielle Damson                                                       $350

349   It Speaks for Itself                                                       360   Party of 12

      Vintage, leather bound, collection of the works of Robert Louis                  Dinner or private lunch for 12 at our family's favorite restaurant.
      Stevenson.                                                                       Outback Steakhouse                                                    $350
      Bulldog Antiques                                                   $325
                                                                                 361   Soft-N-Green
350   On the Barbie                                                                    Gift certificate for one year lawn care service for fertilization and
      An Outback picnic basket has 6 bottles of Australian Wine, wine                  weed control up to 10,000 square feet (Strictly Enforced). Six
      glasses, silver wear, plates, cheese cutting board, and a cooler. Just           applications-2 Spring, 2 Summer & 2 Fall. Does not include insect,
      to make it interesting, we've added a $100 gift certificate to                   pest control or aeration.
      Outback.                                                                         Soft-N-Green - Brian Richey, Owner & Holy                             $360
      Outback Steakhouse                                                 $325          Spirit Parishioner

351   Holy Heart of Mary                                                         362   Furnish with Flair

      Hail Holy Heart of Mary in ornate carved wood frame. Magnificent!                Let your eyes glide along the curve of the iron legs and follow the
                                                                                       swirl designs on the surface of this accent table.
      Barbara and Jim Newman                                             $300
                                                                                       Bassett Furniture                                                     $369
352   YMCA
                                                                                 363   Yoga for Every Living Body
      Get fit with a 3 month membership to the Southeast YMCA. "Building
      strong kids, strong families, and strong communities."                           Heal your mind, body and spirit with 5 one hour personal training
                                                                                       sessions with registered and certified yoga teacher.
      Southeast Family YMCA                                              $258
                                                                                       Amanda Dorsett, RYT200                                                $325
353   Decide Today How You Are Going To Look Tomorrow
                                                                                 364   Leave Them in Good Hands
      What Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields did for the acne market
                                                                                       A simple Will and Testament professionally prepared.
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                                                             BASH 2011 Silent Auction Sneak Peek
      Larry O. Daniel, Jr.                                                  $375           Advanced Laser Clinics                                              $600

365   Springtime in New York                                                         374   A Camping We Will Go
      Prepare to be transformed in time by this 24 x 20 limited edition                    Two week day camp at beautiful Pine Ridge, formerly Pine Hill. Your
      signed & numbered print (#1426 of 2250 in edition) of Spring in                      child's activities will include swimming, horseback riding, canoeing,
      New York City at the turn-of-the-century, by artist G. Harvey.                       fishing, archery, arts and crafts and more. This will be the highlight of
                                                                                           their summer. Ages 4 thru 8th grade.
      Bill Stender                                                          $450
                                                                                           Pine Ridge Day Camp                                                 $692
366   Smile Bright
                                                                                     375   In a Peruvian Rainforest...
      Teeth whitening procedure, Lumibrite, is the latest technology to bring
      your smile to it's brightest.                                                        ...dwelt this pair of macaws parrots, forever captured in a giclee
                                                                                           print on canvas. Nationally and international proclaimed artist,
      Angela Saint Fennell, DMD                                             $450           William Morris, has recently received the title of "Master Artist" by
                                                                                           the Art Society of the American West. His artwork is in galleries
367   St. Arnold Brew of the Month Club                                                    throughout the United States, Europe and Asia and are in prominent
      St. Arnold, the patron saint of brewers, would be proud of this                      private collections including The White House, National Art Gallery,
      selection of home brewed beer. Each month a dozen bottles of                         The Smithsonian Institute, Museum of the Rockies, Museum of the
      locally hand-crafted beers will be delivered to you. Each assortment                 West, The Warner Westerfelt Museum and Mobile Museum of Art.
      will provide a variety of beer styles. A treat for anyone who wants                  His portrait of Mother Teresa he personally presented to Pope
      to entertain their pallet with unique malt liquors. It's all about the malt!         Benedict and is now part of the Vatican collection in Rome.
      Marty Soprano, Q Turner, Johnny Zierdt,                               $456           William C Morris                                                    $750
      Andy Weaver, Lynn Boyer, John Ogden
                                                                                     376   Farm to Table
368   Sitting Pretty                                                                       A weekly 1/2 bushel box of certified organic and freshly harvested,
      Professional photographer, Jennifer, captures for eternity the image                 straight from the fields, summer veggies, salad fixins, and berries
      of your loved one and produces for you one 11x14, two 8x10s, two                     from May to the 1st week of August. This includes the Famous
      5x7s, and 8 wallets. All photos from a single pose and must be used                  Heirloom tomato and much more.
      by August 2011.                                                                      Doe Run Farm                                                        $795
      Jennifer and Company Photography                                      $490
                                                                                     377   Super Surround Sound Speakers
369   Play It Again, John                                                                  Top of the line pair of Meridian P200ZQ in-ceiling speakers for your
      Entertain your dinner guests with the melodious music of John Onder.                 sound system. Two way design with independent bass driver and
      Two hours of acoustic guitar and vocals. He's fabulous, fun and far                  pivoting tweeter.
      out!                                                                                 AViP Solutions                                                      $800
      John Onder                                                            $300
                                                                                     378   Martial Arts
370   In the Shadow of the Bens                                                            6 month beginning training program may be the new start of a life
      The Twelve Bens, Na Beanna Beola, a mountain range in Connemara                      of discipline, respect, and physical fitness.
      in the west of Ireland is the setting for this oil by acclaimed local                Alexander's Martial Arts                                           $1135
      artist, Marcia Riordan Leonard.
      Marcia Leonard                                                        $495     379   Airhead Storm
                                                                                           Have fun in the sun with this 3 person towable water tube, includes
371   Soule Studio Pottery                                                                 the tow rope and high pressure pump.
      Soule Studio has been hand-painting Melange earthenware in the                       Amy and Jim Mac Donald                                              $390
      studio, since 1990. The layers of rich, glossy glaze, reveal a
      painterly depth, which can’t be duplicated with any other process              401   No Gasoline Required!
      and the rich layering of glaze colors makes each earthenware piece
      unique.                                                                              Hop on these two 26‖ mountain bikes and enjoy the great outdoors
                                                                                           with your family. Both 21 speed bikes have an aluminum dual
      Friend of Holy Spirit                                                 $500           suspension frame and the suspension fork can handle any terrain. You
                                                                                           will be riding in style wearing the TrailHead hooded sweatshirts (2),
372   Sweetheart Wills                                                                     and the Giro Transfer Sport bike helmets (2) from Madison Cycles.
      Let the James Family Law Firm take one worry off of your plate. Gift                 Strap on the lumbar pack around your waist and your touring will not
      certificate is for two simple wills.                                                 be confined to the bike. This basket includes water bottles, a frame
                                                                                           pack bag, two bicycle locks, Power Bars, but most importantly, a
      James Family Law Firm                                                 $600           hand-painted bike flag by Mrs. Butler's second graders. Invest in
                                                                                           your family, spend time together!
373   Zeltiq--The Cool Way to Reduce Fat
                                                                                           Mrs. Butler's Second Grade Class                                    $575
      CoolSculpting by ZELTIQ is a new, non-invasive way to gently and
      effectively reduce fat in targeted areas of the body that results in a         402   On the Road Again
      noticeable, natural-looking fat reduction. Rid your body of love
      handles, muffin top or other unwanted bulges comfortably,                            Just can't wait to get on the road again with this GPS, Road Pro
      conveniently, and naturally. Use this gift certificate for your next                 cooler, power adapters, emergency kits, car games and so much
      Zeltiq procedure (small-medium size area).                                           more...oh, I can't wait to get on the road again!
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                                                            BASH 2011 Silent Auction Sneak Peek
      Mr. Rist's Sixth Grade Class                                         $330           This is great stuff for either the green-thumb challenged or the gifted
403   All that is Coffee!                                                                 Mrs. Wesley's Fourth Grade Class                                   $250
      All you need are your closest friends to enjoy this Gourmet Coffee
      basket filled with All That is Coffee! A fabulous single cup Krups            410   An Apple iPad A Day
      brewing system, assorted coffees, coffee grinder, coffee and                        Built-in apps, large multi-touch screen, high-resolution LED-backlit IPS
      espresso cups. You can mix it up by using the Kahlua, Bailey's Irish                display, and an amazingly powerful Apple-designed chip. It's all in a
      Cream and Crème' De Mint included in this basket. Enjoy dozens of                   design that’s thin and light enough to take anywhere. iPad isn’t just
      coffee related items provided by the families from Mrs. Bissell's class.            the best device of its kind. It’s a whole new kind of device. 16GB
      Mrs. Bissell's Kindergarten Class                                    $425           Mrs. Dixson and Mrs. Hopkin's Eighth Grade                         $500
404   Shutterbug
      Canon PowerShot SD940 IS Digital ELPH, with HD video, has a hot               411   Everything Biltmore
      design and cool technology. Use it with this HP Photosmart Premium                  In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC lies the beautiful
      printer, camera case, flexible tripod, and camera classes at Wolf                   Biltmore Estate established by George Vanderbilt in 1895. The
      Camera. Don't blink, we wouldn't want you to lose the bidding!                      family's inclination toward luxury, wealth, and a quality of
      Mrs. Younghouse's Fourth Grade Class                                 $560           excellence is evident in these fine items. 1000 thread count pillow
                                                                                          cases, wines from their vineyards and signature wine glasses, and
405   Because I'm Worth It                                                                much more including a $300 gift certificate for use when you visit the
                                                                                          estate. It's everything Biltmore!
      You are worth it, so take care of yourself and revitalize your skin
      with two microdermabrasion at Infinity Med-I-Spa. Enjoy thick,                      Mrs. Jacobs' and Mrs. William's Fifth Grade                        $500
      luxurious bath towels and Ahava natural bath salts rich in nutrients                Classes
      from the Dead Sea. Vivite products will rejuvenate your skin by
      exfoliating, hydrating and protecting with GLX Technology that helps          412   The Great Outdoors
      infuse anti-aging benefits deep into the skin.                                      Mother Nature is waiting for you and you are set to go. Two North
      Mrs. Caruso's Second Grade Class                                     $600           Face Aleutian sleeping bags, a Black Diamond 56-lumen LED lantern,
                                                                                          backpack kitchen and lots of other camping necessities. Most
406   The Art of Grilling                                                                 importantly, here's a ―s'more supply‖ because you can’t go camping
                                                                                          without the s'mores!
      Some say grilling is a skill, others believe it's an art, but a special few
      know that they have a natural ability to master the grill. Walk in the              Mrs. Lai's First Grade Class                                       $325
      footsteps of those great ones and take home this gas grill with
      cookbook, upscale utensils, and more. Why we've even included an              413   Around the World in a Glass
      apron and don't worry about wiping your hands off on it because it's                Fine liquors, for your sipping pleasure, from around the world.
      already covered with the handprints of the third graders!                           Originating from ENGLAND, Bombay Sapphire Gin, SCOTLAND
      Mrs. Stout and Mrs. Venezia's Third Grade                            $340           Macellan Malt Scotch, IRELAND Jameson Whiskey, ITALY Galliano
      Classes                                                                             Lemon Liquor, JAMAICA Appleton Rum, MEXICO, Jose Cuervo
                                                                                          Tequila, and from SWEDEN Absolute Vodka. Did you bring your
407   Too Hot for You to Handle?                                                          designated driver tonight? Enjoy!
      Well, step aside because this chili basket is hot, hot, hot! A crockpot             Mrs. Dunlap's Sixth Grade Class                                    $250
      with a warmer setting, a Tuscan tureen and chili crocks, handmade in
      Italy, chili cookbooks, spices, an apron and everything you need to           414   Panini Café
      cook up and serve chili for dinner tomorrow. There's also a                         Enjoy the art of Italian sandwich making with this ―Panini Café‖
      handmade apron set from a Holy Spirit family. Once you are                          basket from Mrs. Jenkins’ 7th grade class. Prepare grilled goodness-
      warmed up, cool your palate with a few specialty select beers or an                 from dessert panini and croque monsieur to quesadillas and Philly
      ice-cold Patron margarita. This basket is not for the timid taste buds              cheesesteaks-with this panini press, assortment of spreads and
      'cause it's chili hot!                                                              sandwich cookbooks. Serve your guests in style from the large
      Mrs. Weaver's First Grade Class                                      $450           wooden tray with the accompanying Italian ceramic plates and
                                                                                          platter. Buon Appetito!
408   Superbowl for Him, Superday for Her!                                                Mrs. Jenkins Seventh Grade Class                                   $300
      Get the guys together to watch the Superbowl! Moe's Original
      Barbecue is ready to help with this $100 gift certificate and Dick's          415   Beachin' It
      Sporting Goods wants you to use this $75 gift certificate to get your               Here is everything you need for a wonderful day at the beach. A
      Superbowl gear together! Now, it's time for the ladies to get out. My               First Up gazebo, Nautica Beach chairs, oversized beach towels, a
      Spirited Art is waiting for 6 ladies to come and paint a masterpiece                beach bag, super soaker shot blasters, splash paddle water game,
      and bring this wine to sip and as a little something special we've                  and so much more. We haven't forgotten a cooler loaded with
      hand-painted 6 wine glasses. Start out a little early and enjoy tapas               refreshments and most importantly, the sunscreen! Now, hit the beach
      at Brix with this gift certificate for $75. In the land of wedded bliss,            and have a great vacation.
      this is what we call give and take!
                                                                                          Mrs. Smith's Seventh Grade Class                                   $680
      Mrs. Bajoras' Kindergarten Class                                     $580

409   Mrs. Wesley.....How Does Your Garden Grow?
      Mrs. Wesley's fourth grade class has gathered a grouping of
      gardening gadgets and gear including a wheelbarrow and a tree!
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