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									                           Mary Stuart Rogers Scholarship
                               at Gonzaga University
                             Academic Year 2011-2012
                             Information and Application Process

Purpose of the Scholarship

The Mary Stuart Rogers Scholarship at Gonzaga University was established in the 2000-2001 academic
year to provide financial assistance to particular upper-division undergraduate students. Rogers
Scholars are chosen based on their demonstrated commitment to social justice as made manifest
through community service involvement and student leadership, or both. Special consideration will be
given to students who aspire to be teachers.

Criteria for Eligibility

To qualify for the Rogers Scholarship, the applicant/recipient must:

   Be a full-time, undergraduate student in their junior or senior year, or in the fifth year of education
    studies, as of the beginning of the fall semester during which the scholarship support will begin.
    Applicants do not need to be pursuing certification in an education program, or an education major,
    to qualify for the Rogers Scholarship.

   Have a cumulative Gonzaga GPA (grade point average) of at least 3.0 at the completion of the fall
    2010 semester.

   Have financial need, as determined by federal and institutional measures based on a filed 2011-
    2012 FAFSA. (Priority FAFSA filing date is February 1.)

   Demonstrate, through a written letter of application, a commitment to service, justice, leadership,
    and ethics as indicated by activities or projects pursued while a student at Gonzaga University.

   Demonstrate a willingness, as indicated on the application form, to participate in certain activities
    which are intended to communicate to the Rogers Foundation the impact the receipt of this award
    has had on the recipient.

   Submit two letters of recommendation from two different sources, i.e. a current mentor, supervisor,
    instructor, or advisor who can attest to your character, your commitment to service, and/or your
    dedication to teaching. Letters of recommendation can be done on the “recommendation template”
    or submitted in letter format.

   Agree to write a reflective letter of appreciation to the Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation,
    communicating how the scholarship has made or is making a difference in the recipient’s life.

Awards and Recognition

Gonzaga University will select, or renew a total of 20-25 students as Rogers Scholars for the Academic
Year 2011-2012. Scholarship renewability is dependent on continued funding by the benefactor.

   Each Rogers Scholar will receive a scholarship in the amount of $2,500 per semester of full time
    enrollment, in addition to any other institutional aid previously awarded (not to exceed the total cost
    of tuition). The Rogers Scholarship is renewable dependent on continued funding by the benefactor,
    and assuming the student continues to meet certain criteria. {Education students may apply for a
    third year of eligibility provided a fifth year of studies is required to complete the degree.}

   Rogers Scholars will be honored at an annual banquet in the fall hosted by the Mary Stuart Rogers
    Foundation, at which time they will be expected to share the highlights or successes of their time at
    Gonzaga with their fellow scholars and family, Foundation representatives, and University
    representatives attending the banquet.

   Each new Rogers Scholar will be presented with a ring at the banquet -- a gift and symbol from the
    Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation which commemorates their achievements.

Application and Selection Process

Application for the Mary Stuart Rogers Scholarship for the 2009-2010 Academic Year is reviewed by the
Rogers Scholarship Selection Committee (referred to as “the committee”).

The application process is described completely on the Application Form which follows. Only
completed applications which are received by the deadline date of March 14, 2011 will be reviewed.

Preference will be given to students who are, or have been, active in community service leadership;
preference will also be given to students who are pursuing studies with the intent to practice in the field
of education. Awarding of the Rogers Scholarship may be subject to additional conditions in view of the
University’s desire to continue the support of community service involvement on the part of applicants.
If additional conditions are stipulated, they will be presented to the Rogers Scholar upon notification of
the award.

Complete, eligible applications will be reviewed by the committee during the spring 2010. This
committee reserves to itself the right to amend application requirements, timelines, and decision
process at any time. The committee will select, or renew 20-25 Rogers Scholars and inform both
recipients and non-awarded applicants of the decisions the week of April 26, 2011.

Statement Regarding Ineligibility

Any Rogers Scholarship recipient who is later determined to be ineligible for the Rogers Scholarship on
the basis of a change in prior year’s GPA or other requirement will be notified of their ineligibility in
writing, and their award will be revoked.
                              The Mary Stuart Rogers Scholarship
                                    at Gonzaga University
                                  Academic Year 2011-2012
                                     APPLICATION FORM

Submission Deadline:       March 14, 2011

To apply for the Mary Stuart Rogers Scholarship, applicants must:

1)       Have a 2011-2012 FAFSA on file with the Gonzaga Financial Aid Office.
2)       Complete this form.
3)       Respond to the statements listed below. This should be presented in typed letter format, on a
         separate page or pages, but not to exceed three pages, attached to this application form.
4)       Secure 2 letters of recommendation/reference from two difference sources, i.e. a current mentor,
         supervisor, instructor, or advisor. A reference template is provided but its use is optional.
         These letters of recommendation should attest to your character, sense of justice, your
         commitment to service, and/or your dedication to teaching. The letters of reference can be
         emailed to or put in sealed envelopes to be included with this application.

Full Name:          ____________________________________________________________________________________

Student ID#:        ______________________________________ Major:______________________________________

Gonzaga Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________

                    City: __________________________________ State: _____________ Zip: ___________

Address for Correspondence: _________________________________________________________________________
(if different from above)
                    City: __________________________________ State: _____________ Zip: ___________

Contact Phone and Email during Spring 2011: (_____)__________________Email:_________________________

    In a separate letter (attached to this application form), please describe your commitment to
     community service, your character, compassion, and dedication to the University’s mission.
     Please include specific examples of past or current volunteer experiences, and how they have
     affected you, your current involvement in service, and future plans to serve your community. If
     you are involved in a teaching certification program, please describe your goals. Please limit this
     letter to no more than 1000 words.

Please initial the following as an indication of your understanding:

______       Scholarship recipients must be willing to participate in activities and projects which are
             intended to communicate to the Rogers Foundation the impact the receipt of this award has
             had on the recipient’s educational endeavors.

Signature: ______________________________________________           Date: ______________________________

 Please return this application, together with all supporting materials, by March 14, 2011 to:
                         Mary Stuart Rogers Scholarship Foundation
                                      c/o Student Employment
                                        502 E. Boone Avenue
                                      Spokane, WA 99258-0072
                     Gonzaga Student Employment Office, College Hall, Room 126
                  Please contact Robin Guevara at 313-6587 or
                                         with any questions.

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