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Room and Board Housing Agreement - DOC

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					I.    INTRODUCTION                                                                      be filed with Student Accounts in the Controller’s Office. Forms for withdrawal
      All the materials contained herein are legal and binding parts of the             during the first six weeks of the semester may be obtained from the Registrar’s
      Housing Agreement. It is the student’s responsibility to become familiar          Office. After the first six weeks, forms may be obtained from the Office for
      with all provisions of this Agreement. The student understands that this          Academic Affairs.
      Agreement is for space in student housing and not for a specific room or          F. Lost Keys
      building.                                                                         Whenever a student misplaces, loses, or has his/her room key stolen, a $30 fee will be
                                                                                        charged to change the lock and issue new keys.
II.   GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS                                                      G. ALCOHOL-FREE ENVIRONMENT
      A. Purpose                                                                        The University’s alcohol policy permits students of legal age to possess or consume
      The premises will be used by the student solely for residential and               alcohol only within the confines of their room. Assignments in alcohol-free
      educational purposes at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.             environments are available on a first-come, first-served basis in the following
      B. Assignments                                                                    locations: Belk Hall (women), second and third floors; North Hall (men), second and
      Students entering UNCP who request to reside on campus must complete              third floors; Oak Hall, first floor and Teaching Fellows area on the second floor; Pine
      a Housing Agreement/Application. This application and a $150 deposit              Hall, first and second floors; and Village Apartments, Building 500. Residents are
      must be submitted before a room assignment can be considered.                     required to sign a pledge to refrain from possession and consumption of alcohol in
      First year freshman students at UNCP are required to reside on campus             these areas.
      for their initial academic year. For purposes of this requirement, a first-       H. Termination by the University
      year freshman residential student is defined as: any incoming student who         Campus housing is a privilege and not a right. The University will terminate a
      will not be 21 years of age prior to August 1 st of the initial enrollment year   student’s Housing Agreement when behavior is disruptive or when actions are
      and who is registered for a course load of 9 credit hours or more. A first        abusive to the facilities. Violations which compromise the safety and security of
      year freshman who transfers to UNCP during the spring semester with               residents will result in exclusion from student housing and termination of the Housing
      fewer than 12 hours of credit and falling within the age and course load          Agreement. Termination of the Housing Agreement privileges is not disciplinary in
      requirements listed above will be considered first year freshmen and              nature but is a function of providing safe and comfortable accommodations to all
      subject to this policy. AP College credit or Dual Enrollment credits do not       residents. However, termination of the Housing Agreement does not preclude
      apply toward the fulfillment of this requirement. For additional                  discipline by the University for violation of University rules, nor does it preclude civil
      information concerning the exemption of this policy, visit                        or criminal proceedings in the courts where such is appropriate. Any appeal of the
      www.uncp/housing/forms.                                                           Director of Housing and Residence Life’s decision to terminate the Housing
      Transfer students who submit their application and deposit prior to July          Agreement must be made to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs whose decision
      1 will be guaranteed housing. Applications and deposits received after            shall be final. The Vice Chancellor will make a decision based upon the merits of
      this date are assigned on a first received basis. The Housing Office makes        each individual case.
      all room assignments and is responsible for approving or denying room             I. Room Condition
      and roommate changes and consolidating vacancies. Assignments will                Upon termination of this Agreement and/or vacating a room, the student must leave
      normally be made on the basis of two students per room. Rooms are to be           the assigned room, its furnishings and equipment in a condition equal to the same as
      occupied only by the students assigned to them. A student’s right to              they were upon commencement of the student’s occupancy. Ordinary wear and tear
      occupy a room pursuant to this agreement may not be assigned or                   is accepted. In addition to the check by student staff, professional staff will check the
      transferred by the student. It is the policy of the university to assign          room for cleaning/damages, which will be assessed to the responsible individuals.
      roommates without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, age, or       Personal property left in a room longer than 2 days following the termination of
      handicap. Students of the opposite sex will not be assigned to, nor may           occupancy will be deemed to have been abandoned. Students may be charged for the
      they reside in the same room. While consideration is given to roommate            removal of such property.
      preference request, it may not be possible to grant request received after        J. Alterations
      June 1. Students will be notified of their housing assignments approx-            No alterations or repairs may be made to the assigned room, its furnishings or
      imately one month before the beginning of the semester. However, the              equipment without the expressed written consent of the University. University
      university may alter the room assignment, if necessary, prior to the              furniture must remain in the room and may not be placed in storage.
      student’s arrival. Every effort will be made to notify students of such           K. Damages
      changes prior to their arrival on campus.                                         The University will assess damage charges for unauthorized use of, and alterations to
      C. Consolidation                                                                  rooms, furnishings, equipment, and buildings, and for special cleaning necessitated by
      The University reserves the right to consolidate rooms and/or residence           improper care of rooms. Charges are also made for damages/excessive cleaning to
      halls to ensure full capacity when vacancies occur and may move students          public areas with all residents of a corridor or section held accountable for equal
      to another room or facility when such consolidation becomes necessary.            portions of the total charges. Cleaning/damage charges will be billed to the student.
      D. Refund Policy of Room Deposit                                                  L. University’s Right to Entry
      (1) The University will refund all except $25 of the room deposit to              The University reserves the right (a) to enter any room/apartment for the purpose of
      incoming new applicants if written cancellation is received by July 31,           inspection, maintenance, or repairs (b) to enter any room/apartment without notice to,
      preceding the fall semester, and by November 30, preceding the spring             or permission of, the resident thereof for the purpose of (1) inspecting for illegal
      semester. The room deposit is non-refundable after these deadlines.               drugs or narcotics and (2) inspecting for firearms, explosives, weapons, or any
       (2) The room deposit (less damages and/or any other financial obligations        substances, materials, or goods that may constitute a danger to persons in the
      owed UNCP) will be refunded to established residents provided that the            residence halls or where their possession is a breach of this Agreement, of the
      resident submits written cancellation by November 30, preceding the               standards and regulations of the University, or the laws of North Carolina; (c) to enter
      spring semester, and by July 31, preceding the fall semester. Established         any room/apartment when there is reason to believe that the occupants are in serious
      residents must follow check-out procedures as detailed in the Student             physical or psychological danger or distress. Such entry and inspection, however,
      Handbook to ensure an appropriate refund of the room deposit.                     should be made only when the University has reasonable cause to believe that such
      (3) If a student withdraws from the University after the semester begins          items or circumstances exist.
      but prior to mid-semester, the room deposit will be forfeited. If a student       M. Prohibited Items
      officially withdraws after mid-semester, the room deposit (less damages           The following items are not permitted to be used or stored in student rooms or any
      and/or any other financial obligations owed UNCP) will be refunded,               other area of residential facilities: any internal combustion engine, any acids,
      provided check-out procedures are followed.                                       automobile batteries, gasoline, firearms or other weapons, fireworks, waterbeds or
      E. Refund Policy of Room and Board Fees                                           other water-filled furniture, and cooking appliances.
      Room and board fees for fall and spring semesters will be refunded per the        N. Commercial Enterprise
      following schedule, provided a student officially withdraws from the              Personal business enterprises shall not be conducted in or from the University
      University.                                                                       residential facilities.
                 Prior to first day of classes       100% of charges paid               O. University Liability
                 1 through 12 calendar days           90% of charges paid               The University does not assume any obligation or liability for loss or damage to
                 13 through 30 calendar days          50% of charges paid               items of personal property which may occur in its buildings or on its grounds, prior
                 31 through 60 calendar days          25% of charges paid               to, during or subsequent to the terms of this Agreement. This includes, but is not
                 after 60 calendar days               no refund                         limited to, damage, loss, water damage, fire, theft, flooding, etc. No interruption of
                                                                                        utility services, heating, and cooling shall be deemed as an eviction or disturbance of
      The counting of calendar days begins with the first official day of classes       students’ use of the facilities or render the University liable for damages unless the
      (not the first day of particular classes). A completed withdrawal form must       University willfully refuses to supply said services without cause or excuse.
       P. Student Responsibility                                                        F. Preferred Roommate Characteristics:
       The student is individually responsible for the proper care of his/her
       assigned room and its furnishings.
                                                                                             Morning person Late night person Same major
III.   UNIVERSITY REGULATIONS AND GOVERNMENTAL                                               Different major Extremely neat Messy and scattered
       A. Code of Conduct                                                                    Other: _______________________________________________________
       All students housed in the residential facilities are required to abide by the
       Code of Conduct publicized by UNCP in the Student Handbook.                      G. Residential Facilities
       B. Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action
       The University of North Carolina at Pembroke is committed to equality of         Belk Hall is a 195 bed, six-story, predominately freshman, all female hall with
       educational opportunity and does not discriminate against applicants,            double rooms along a central corridor surrounding a central bathroom.
       students, or employees based upon race, color, national origin, sex, age, or
       handicap. UNCP commits itself to positive action to secure equal                 Cypress Hall is a 476 bed, five-story, co-ed hall with single and double suites. Two
       opportunity regardless of those characteristics. UNCP supports the               double room suites and four single room suites share a common area and bathroom
       protection available to members of its community under all applicable            within their suite. Freshmen in the Leadership Learning Community are assigned on
       Federal laws, including Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964,       the fifth floor.
       Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, Sections 799A and 845
       of the Public Health Act, the Equal Pay and Age Discrimination Acts, the         North Hall is a 194 bed, six-story, predominately freshman, all male hall with double
       Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and Executive Order 11246.                           rooms along a central corridor surrounding a central bathroom.

IV.     APPLICATION FOR CAMPUS HOUSING                                                  Oak Hall is a 360 bed, four-story, co-ed hall with single and double suites. Two
        A. Academic Year                                                                double room suites share a bathroom. The four single room suites share a common
                                                                                        area and bathroom and are designated for upper-class students. Students in the
                   Fall             Summer I                                          Maynor Honors College are assigned to the first floor and Teaching Fellows students
                   Spring           Summer II                                         are assigned to the second floor.

                   Other: Please specify_____________________________                  Pine Hall is a 300 bed, four-story, co-ed hall with single and double suites. Two
                                                                                        double room suites share a bathroom and are designated for first year freshmen. Four
                                                                                        single room suites share a common area and bathroom and are designated for upper-
        B. Classification                                                               class students.
                   1 Year Freshman
                                                      Transfer                         Village Apartments is a 354 bed, five building, three-story, upper-class apartment
                   Readmit Student                   Continuing Student               complex. Each unit includes 3 double rooms each with a full bathroom, a shared
                                                                                        living room, kitchen, and study room.
                   Graduate Student
                                                                                        Wellons Hall is a 100 bed, two-story, men’s hall with four double rooms sharing a
        C. Name (please print)                                                          bathroom.

        ____________________________________________________________                    All rooms are furnished with twin beds, desks, closets or wardrobes, dressers, and
        LAST                       FIRST             MIDDLE                             blinds. It is up to each student to personalize his/her room. For additional
                                                                                        information relative to these facilities, visit the Office of Housing and Residence Life
        __________-__________-__________                         _______________        website at www.uncp/housing.
                   Date of Birth                                      Gender
                                                                                        H. Preferred Hall
        Mailing Address
                                                                                        1st Choice__________________________ 2nd Choice_________________________
        Route, Box and/or Street
        City                       State                      Zip                       Roommate: ___________________________________________________________
                                                                                        Both students must request each other and have applications and deposits submitted.
        Home Telephone:      (      ) ____________________________________              It may not be possible to grant roommate requests received after June 1.

        Cellular Telephone: (       ) ____________________________________              I. Deposit

        D. Emergency Contact                                                            A $150 deposit must be on file before a room assignment can be made. There will be
                                                                                        a $25 fee charged for returned checks.
        Print Name                                   Relationship                       V. Agreement
                                                                                        Applicants should understand that by entering into this housing agreement they
        Home Telephone:      (      ) ____________________________________              are liable for the room and board charges for the full academic year (August-
        Work Telephone:      (      ) ____________________________________
                                                                                        I hereby certify that all information presented on this Housing Agreement is true. I
        Cellular Telephone: (        ) ____________________________________             have read this document in its entirety and understand the terms thereof.

        E. Your Characteristics:                                                        Signature:_______________________________________Date:_______________
                                                                                                   by student or Parent/Guardian if student is under 18 years of age
        Academic Major/Interest: ______________________________________                                       Please retain yellow copy for your records

                                                                                           OFFICE USE ONLY
        Musical Preference -Type: ______________________________________

        Do you smoke             Yes No                                                  DATE RECEIVED______________________RECEIPT____________________

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