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              Also Announces Partnership and Implementation with Farmers Insurance

Nashville, Tennessee, USA (April 4, 2011) – Accurence, Inc. introduced today at the PLRB/LIRB
2011 Claims Conference in Nashville, Tennessee its hardware- and software-based solution,
SettleAssist™, which drives unprecedented consistent accuracy in wind and hail claim settlements by
standardizing and automating the onsite inspection and scoping process for property claims adjusters.

Before adjusters select line items from an estimating system, they face
the nearly impossible task of determining an accurate scope of work
while onsite. They must remember and comply with numerous company
guidelines, location rules, and policy provisions; perform time-
consuming and complex calculations; and select the correct line items
and quantities from thousands of choices in an estimating system. These
challenges – combined with the use of pen and paper as inspection tools –
frequently result in inaccurate indemnity payments, inconsistency,
inefficiency, exposure to costly lawsuits for the carrier, and reduced
customer satisfaction.                                                         SettleAssist™ exterior claim inspection
                                                                               tools: smart paper form and digital pen,
                                                                               which feeds onsite claim inspection data
SettleAssist™ – Onsite Inspection Solution for Wind and Hail Claims            to Accurence’s private cloud-based
SettleAssist is a hybrid hardware and software solution that fixes the         decision intelligence engine
deficiencies of the onsite inspection and scope creation process, so that
adjusters can focus on damage identification and evaluation, in addition
to the customer experience.

      Digital inspection tool (hardware): the adjuster’s pen and pad of paper are replaced with a
       digital pen and paper smart forms or a smartphone application to gather inspection data at the
       loss site.

      Decision intelligence engine (Software-as-a-Service): loss inspection data is transmitted
       wirelessly to the SettleAssist decision intelligence engine, a private cloud computing system
       which automates the following proactive steps within 90 seconds:
          • Validates inspection data
          • Builds a model of the situation
          • Applies rule sets based on guidelines, building codes, policy provisions, department of
              insurance regulations, aerial CAD data, cost estimating data, etc.
          • Automates the scope of repair
          • Integrates with a cost estimating system to generate an estimate

“Carriers are already using great estimating systems that determine labor and material costs,” said Jake
Labrie, VP of Business Development for Accurence. “By driving proactive process control and
scoping automation upstream in the workflow, SettleAssist determines which line items should be in
the estimate in the first place.”

Accurence also announced today that Farmers Insurance, the third largest personal lines property and
casualty insurer in the U.S., partnered with Accurence by beginning implementation of SettleAssist in
August 2010. Today, over 700 Farmers personnel are already using SettleAssist. “SettleAssist provides
accuracy and guideline change management benefits to our claims settlement process – while the
adjuster is onsite – that were previously not possible,” stated Rob Koch, Claims Assistant Vice
President of Farmers Insurance. “Accurence is more than a business partner. They are an innovation
mentor who helps us see the future and make it reality. They have successfully pioneered this category
of onsite claims inspection and scope automation software.”

“Farmers has been a phenomenal partner,” added Romney Williams, President of Accurence. “Our
successful implementation with Farmers helped us demonstrate that SettleAssist delivers on our
mission of instilling trust and driving significant value upstream from estimating. We are excited by
the strong interest in pilots we are receiving from several of the other top property insurers who are
committed to innovation and improving their onsite inspection process for the benefit of their
adjusters, managers, and customers.”

About Accurence, Inc.

Accurence is a software-as-a-service solution provider that invented the onsite inspection and
automated scoping software category for property insurance claims adjusters and roofing contractors in
order to drive significant gains in accuracy, efficiency, consistency, and intelligence in property claims
settlement. Founded in 2005 by experts in field services, disaster restoration, contracting, quality
assurance, and property insurance, Accurence is a privately held company headquartered near the
Rocky Mountains in Westminster, CO.

For more information, see us at PLRB/LIRB Claims Conference booth #826, contact Romney
Williams at 303.500.5799 ext 308, or visit


SettleAssist is a trademark of Accurence, Inc. Farmers is a trade name and may refer to Farmers
Group, Inc. or the Farmers Exchanges, as the case may be.

Press Contact:
Romney Williams
303.500.5799 ext 308

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