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									                         Defy the Elements                        impact resistance: the real Key.
                                                                  A properly installed roof system should stand up to the
                                                                  elements for many years. As with many roofs, there is
                                                                  one force that’s harder to protect against, and that is
                                                                  damage from sudden impact — the kind of impact, for
                                                                  example, that happens during a hail storm.

                                                                  Hail will easily dent the metal body of your car. In min-

                                                          ™       utes, it will strip trees of their leaves, shred landscaping,
                                                                  attack anything left unprotected. Think of the pummel-
                                                                  ing a roof takes. This driving force can compromise the
                                                                  integrity and performance of the entire system, especially
                                                                  if the material beneath the membrane is fragile or subject
       Lightweight, Impact-Resistant Roof Board                   to cracking, cratering or shattering upon impact.

                                                                  When a cover board is incorporated into the roofing
                                                                  assembly, it helps mitigate damaging impacts. But it is
                                                                  important to choose carefully or the cover board may
                                                                  actually make a roof assembly more vulnerable to
                                                                  fracture and cracking. A cover board with high
                                                                  compressive strength is not necessarily the entire
                                                                  answer; its resiliency also plays a key role.

                                                                  True impact protection is the result of achieving the right
                                                                  balance between compressive and flexural strength. In
                                                                  the drive to make roofs last longer and provide better
                                                                  protection, Johns Manville has mastered the science of
                                                                  integrating roofing system components and has
                                                                  developed a cover board material unlike any other.

                                                                  Invinsa Roof Board helps dissipate the damaging energy
                                                                  from hail and dropped tools. It enhances the compression
                                                                  resistance of the roofing system to typical foot traffic and
                                                                  roof traffic including loaded carts and equipment. Invinsa
                                                                  is a true protector of your valuable roof system.

                                                                  a trusted roofing Material in a revolutionary
                                                                  new Form.
                                                                  Johns Manville has taken 20 years of history and
                                                                  expertise in polyisocyanurate manufacturing and has
                                                                  developed a revolutionary new product based on this
                                                                  technology. Invinsa meets or exceeds all ASTM C 1289
add Protection — Without adding too Much                          standards. Invinsa Roof Board specifically meets the
Weight or Cost — With invinsa.                                    needs of cold-applied and self-adhering bituminous as
Architects, specifiers and contractors generally agree            well as single ply roofing systems. Its patent-pending,
that adding a cover board enhances the long-term per-             closed-cell formulation introduces a new level of roof
formance of single ply as well as cold-applied and self-          system protection and performance.
adhered bituminous roof systems. It adds stability. It adds
peace of mind. It adds a layer of protection between your            I
                                                                  •	 	 nvinsa	absorbs	impact	energy	better	than	many	
thermal investment and the waterproofing membrane.                   other cover board materials. It protects the
Until now, some professionals have questioned just how               insulation below while adding stability to the
much protection is actually offered by a cover board —               membrane above.
and whether that protection is worth it.                             I
                                                                  •	 	t	is	one-third	the	weight	of	gypsum	cover	board	materi-
                                                                     als, easing concerns about overall roof weight and making
Now the answer is a definite “Yes!”                                  installation dramatically easier and less costly.
                                                                  •	 	 ith	its	mineral-coated	fiber	glass	reinforced	facers,	
                                                                     Invinsa provides excellent water resistance. And it needs
                                                                     no priming.
                                                                  •	 	 n	re-roofing	applications,	Invinsa’s	light	weight	can	
                                                                     actually mean the difference between a costly tear-off
                                                                     and replacement of the insulation versus a re-cover of
                                                                     existing materials, often resulting in significant savings.

                                                                                 invinsa defies all Preconceived ideas about
                                                                                 the Cost of installation.
                                                                                 A 4-foot x 8-foot (1.22 m x 2.44 m) sheet of Invinsa weighs
                                                                                 only 12 pounds (5.4 kg). That’s about one-third the weight
Invinsa’s extremely low water absorption (a maximum                              of other gypsum cover boards. This obvious benefit,
of 2.6% by weight when tested according to                                       combined with the additional advantages of Invinsa,
ASTM C 209) means fewer weather concerns during                                  generates a whole host of installation cost savings.
staging. Invinsa will not rot. It will not dissolve. It will
not support mold. What it will do is maintain its integrity                         R
                                                                                 •	 	 educed	crane	time,	and	lower	hoisting	and	
under adverse weather conditions for the long-term                                  staging costs
enhancement of the roof system.                                                  •	 Easier	to	carry	and	maneuver	around	the	roof
                                                                                 •	 Decreased	weather	damage	during	staging
                                                                                 •	 Reduced	breakage	and	need	for	re-work	and	repair
                                                                                 •	 	 ess	scrap	and	less	waste	removal	compared	to	
                                                                                    heavier, more brittle boards
                                                                                 •	 	 asy	and	efficient	scoring,	cutting	and	snapping,	which	
                                                                                    permits fast, tight fabrication around roof penetrations
JM Invinsa Roof Board has been tested with and is                                   E
                                                                                 •	 	 fficient	adhesive	application	due	to	smooth	surface	
approved by FM Global®* and UL®** for use in certain                                and low dust
Class “A” applications. System approvals include JM                              •	 No	priming	necessary
PVC, JM TPO and JM EPDM single ply systems, as well                                 E
                                                                                 •	 	 rgonomic.	Fewer	possibilities	for	fatigue-related	
as cold-applied and self-adhering bituminous systems.                               mistakes and injuries
                                                                                 •	 	 aster	turnaround	of	the	entire	job

                                                                                 No longer is there any question of whether the costs of
                                                                                 cover board outweigh the benefits. Now that you have a
                                                                                 proven roofing material that can increase a roof’s ability
                                                                                 to resist fracture from impact, as well as lower the total
Powerful, pounding, damaging. Hail is a driving force to                         cost of installation, you can do what you set out to do –
a roof system. As the intensity of a storm and the size of                       provide superior roofing systems to your valued clients.
the hail increase, the destructive energy hitting the roof
expands. Where does it go?

With Invinsa Roof Board as a protective layer between
the membrane and the insulation, the system works in                             typical Physical Properties
concert to maximize energy absorption, lessening the
                                                                                                                   imperial            Metric                  astM
blow to the thermal layer. Imagine that same roof without                                                          units               units             test Method
a resilient layer of protection. And think of the dollars                        Thickness (nom.)                  1/4 in.             6.4 mm                      –
required for roof repair and replacement.
                                                                                 Width                             4 ft                1.22 m                     –

Invinsa Roof Board optimizes the long-term performance                           Length, Standard                  4 ft                1.22 m                     –
                                                                                                                   8 ft                2.44 m                     –
and longevity of the entire roof system.
                                                                                 Flexural Strength                 2,000 psi           13,790 kPa             D 1037
                                                                                                                   28 lbf              4.9 kN/m               D 1037
                                                                                 Dimensional Stability             <0.6 %              <0.6 %                 D 2126
                                                                                 Moisture	Vapor	Permeance	         <1	perm	            <57.5	ng/Pa•s•m2         E 96
                                                                                 R-Value	                          1.0		(hr•ft2•ºF)/Btu	 0.18	m2•ºC/W	         C	518
                                                                                 Water Absorption (max.)           2.6 %               2.6 %                   C 209
Invinsa adds a stabilizing component to the roof system,                         Compressive Strength (nom.)       150 psi             1,034 kPa              D 1621
providing long-term durability. Invinsa works with fully                                                           21,600 psf          1,034,200 Pa
adhered and mechanically fastened JM PVC, JM TPO                                 Surface Water Absorption          <1 g                <1 g                    C 473
and JM EPDM systems, as well as cold-applied and self-                           Mold Resistance                   Pass                Pass                   D 3273
adhering bituminous systems to meet certain FM Global                            Weight Per 4' x 8' Sheet
1A-90 roof constructions.                                                         (1.22 m x 2.44 m)                12 + 2 lb           5.4 + 0.9 kg               –
                                                                                 Weight Per Pallet                 370 lb              167 kg
                                                                                  4' x 8' (1.22 m x 2.44 m) Sheets
invinsa defies “the Human element.”                                              Sheets Per Pallet
                                                                                   4' x 8' (1.22 m x 2.44 m)       30 Sheets           30 Sheets                  –
Other forces are at work on the roof, as well. Foot                                4' x 4' (1.22 m x 1.22 m)       30 Sheets           30 Sheets                  –
traffic, dropped hammers and tools, heavily loaded carts.
Invinsa’s superior flexibility and resiliency defy the human
elements to enhance the life of your roof system.

* FM Global is a registered trademark of Factory Mutual Insurance Company.
** UL is a registered trademark of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
total system Performance.
In fully adhered and mechanically attached systems, Invinsa Roof Board protects the polyisocyanurate roof insulation and
works with the membrane to enhance the total system properties, as shown in the illustrations below:

                                       single Ply Fully adhered systems
 new Construction
                                   Invinsa Roof Board
                                   Mechanically Fastened


                            single Ply Mechanically Fastened systems
 new Construction

                                   Invinsa Roof Board
                                   Mechanically Fastened                      Mechanically Fastened


                                              sBs self-adhering systems
 new Construction




                                                    Various roof systems
                            JM-Approved Fasteners

Choose Wisely.
Choose a cover board designed by a company who knows roofing and understands how roofing
systems need to perform for the long term.

 The right cover board increases a roof’s ability to resist fracture from impact.
                                                         Invinsa Roof Board resists fracture from hail up to 1.75 in. (45 mm) in diameter
                                                         Gypsum cover board resists fracture from hail up to 1.3 in. (33 mm) in diameter
                                                         Polyisocyanurate roof insulation (without cover board protection) resists
                          0.5" Hail                      fracture from hail up to 0.5 in. (13 mm) in diameter
                              (13 mm)
                                                         Results of testing to measure the energy and ice-ball size impacting a fully adhered PVC, TPO or
                          1.3" Hail                      EPDM roof system before board fracture and failure. Tests were conducted by Jim D. Koontz and
                              (33 mm)                    Associates, an independent lab, according to standards of the National Institute of Science and
                                                         Technology (formerly the National Bureau of Standards), Method 23.
                         1.75" Hail
                              (45 mm)

 System performance in fully adhered JM Single Ply* Roofing Systems
                  25 ft-lb
                   (33.9 J)

                  20 ft-lb
                   (27.1 J)
  Impact Energy

                  15 ft-lb
                   (20.3 J)
                  10 ft-lb
                   (13.6 J)
                                                                                                                          As the size and intensity
                                                                                                                          of the hail increase,
                   5 ft-lb                                                                                                the energy impacting the
                    (6.8 J) Polyisocyanurate                                                                              roof system increases
                                    Insulation                                    Gypsum                                  exponentially.
                              0.5" (13 mm)               1.0" (26 mm)                     1.5" (38 mm)                 2.0" (52 mm)         2.5" (64 mm)
                                                                                      Hail Diameter
     *JM UltraGard             ®

  Choose a cover board for real-life roofing situations:
  One with the right balance of compressive strength and resiliency.
                                                                250-lb (115 kg) individual standing/walking
                                                                [40-80 psi (276-552 kPa)]

                                                                                               300 lb (135 kg) loaded on
                                            1,000 lb (455 kg)                                  a hand truck [100 psi (690 kPa)]
                                        loaded on a wagon
                                           [20 psi (138 kPa)]

                        PSI Scale                 0                      50                  100                 150                  200

                                                                                                         [150 psi (1,034 kPa)]
 Type of equipment varies from job to job. This example is for illustrative purposes only.

ProduCt Warranties

Johns Manville designs roofing products that work together to
provide a one-source comprehensive roofing system solution.
Total roofing system guarantees are available under the
JM Peak Advantage Guarantee program. To learn more about
our standard guarantee terms and conditions, visit our Web site
at or talk to your local JM sales representative.

JM Peak Advantage Guarantees are available only on qualified
JM roofing systems containing JM roofing products. JM standard
product terms and conditions will apply to include a one-year limited
product warranty. Limited product warranty information is available
at JM/Terms and Conditions.

Peak advantage Contractor Program

To ensure quality workmanship and top-notch installation,
JM offers its Peak Advantage Contractor Program. Contractors
selected to participate are proven to be best of class, having
lived up to the highest performance standards. These contrac-
tors have access to JM’s strongest guarantees. To be assured
of the best possible results on the roofing system you specify,
make sure it’s installed by a JM Peak Advantage contractor.

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                                                                        RS-5502 3-10 (Replaces 7-07)

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