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Travel Daily 08 Jul 11


									                                                                                                                                                                                                   ISSN 1834-3058
                                        “Greetings from
  Want to go to                          the eXperts
  Europe?                                2011!”

  Join the eXperts                                                                                                                                                  Leading technology company
  Academy famil!                                                                                                                                                    Senior role with management
                                                                                                                                                                    Solution manage top clients
  Sell any two LH or OS tickets to EU by 31 July. Enter on
  eXperts for your chance to participate. It’s that simple!
                                                                                                                                              at                    T: 02 9231 6444                                                             Friday 8th July 2011                                   E:

Virgo kids free offer                                                                                                                                      Stonhill underwater
 STAR Cruises is offering kids free                           Australia’s newest resort                                                                      RECENTLY departed Blue
deals on Superstar Virgo - see p9.                              A-LISTERS from around the              Now it’s being opened up to a                       Lagoon Cruises gm Tim Stonhill
                                                              world will now have Queensland’s       wider market, with Branson                            (TD 01 Jul) has been appointed as
                                                              Noosa Heads firmly in their sights,    saying that “when neither Brett                       general manager of Underwater
     Hurry                                                    with the launch of the new             nor myself are visiting Makepeace                     World at Mooloolaba on the Gold
   offer ends                                                 Makepeace Island Resort by Sir         we will make the island and its                       Coast, taking up his new role from
    31 July!                                                  Richard Branson and Virgin Blue        facilities available for others to                    the start of next month.
                                                              co-founder Brett Godfrey.              enjoy the tranquillity of what is a
                                                                Initially purchased about 8 years    very special place”.
                                                              ago and billed as a retreat for the      The property is sure to be in
                                                              pair’s family and friends as well as   demand from the incentive
                                                              Virgin staff, Makepeace Island is      market, offering fully inclusive
                                                              located on the Noosa River, a few      whole-island packages including
                                                              minutes by luxury launch from          accommodation for up to 22
                                                              the resort town’s main street.         people plus meals and activities.
             Flights                                                                                   It’s got everything you would
                                                                                                     expect - a massive pool (which
                                                              Tiffany’s winners                      will be the site of a special launch
        return to                                               CONGRATULATIONS to the
                                                              gutsy entrants in last month’s
                                                                                                     party hosted by Branson himself
                                                                                                     tomorrow), spa and sporting
                                                              Tiffany’s Show competition, in         facilities, a theatre and an

         the USA                                              which TD readers were invited to
                                                              send in video auditions to
                                                                                                     “expansive indoor bar designed
                                                                                                     for entertaining on a grand scale”.
                                                              participate in an upcoming               A website promoting packages                               Subscribe to
                                                                                                     has gone live from today at                                  Australia’s oldest
                from                                          Thailand famil courtesy of the
                                                              Tourism Authority of Thailand,,                                     and most trusted
                                                              Thai Airways International, Siam       which shows low season daily                                 travel magazine.
                                                                                                     rates starting at $7900 (1-8
     $1149*pp!                                                Hotels and Tiffany’s show.
                                                                The winners, who will all be         guests) including all meals,
                                                                                                     transfers, non-alcoholic beverages
                                                              heading off later in the year, were
                                                              Lisa Evans from Travelscene            and even water skiing.
                                                              Engadine as well as Jessica              For pics from Makepeace and
              CLICK HERE                                                                             tomorrow’s launch event see                                             one-ye 4.95,
                                                              Bennett-Griffiths and Clinton                                                                          Buy a      for $3
                                                              Griffiths from Flight Centre.                                          iption          .
                                                                                                                                                                  subscr       ond
                                                                To relive their immortal                                                                                 e sec
                                                                                                                                                                  get th
                                                              performances, see
                                                                                                      Seven pages of news
                                                                                                        Travel Daily today has seven
                                                                                                      pages of news and photos,
                                                                                                      plus full pages from: (click)
                                                                                                       • AA Appointments
                                                                                                                                                                Ph. +61 2 9555 8100
                                                                                                       • Star Cruises Virgo                           

                                                                                                         SuperStar Virgo
                                                                                                             Upgrade Offer*!
                                                                                                         *Offer ends 31 July 2011 unless sold out prior.
                                                                                                     Refer to the Trade Advice for full terms and conditions.

                                                    Discover More

Website: | Phone: 1300 799 220 | Fax: 1300 799 221 | Email:                                                                                Page 1
                                  Call 1300 inPlace
                                  Or (02) 9278 5100                                                                 Aircalin introduces
                                                                                                                    ‘Choose Day’
  Retail Cons - Maternity Contract
    Up to 12 months contract with boutique agency
    Reduced hours or 4 days considered                                                                              From 12 July we fly to Nouméa
    Northern Sydney suburb location           click                                                                  every day, including Tuesday.
    Salary up to $40K pro rata              here for
   contact:                         Friday 8th July 2011

Real snow falls in NZ
  QUEENSTOWN’s ski resorts are
                                              RCI 2012/13 Oz program out                                                    Magellan addition
                                                                                                                             THE Magellan Travel Group has
rejoicing with the first decent                 ROYAL Caribbean International       and Brisbane and more sailings to       added another new member,
natural snow falls coming down in             today released details of its 49      New Caledonia and Vanuatu.              with Complete Travel Services of
the past few days, which left                 Australasian sailings in 2012/13        Earlybird savings of up to $1000      South Yarra, Victoria joining the
about 10cm at Coronet Peak and                on the newly revitalised Radiance     per person are being offered off        network as of 01 Jul 2011.
The Remarkables - see our ski                 of the Seas, Rhapsody of the Seas     the normal brochure price for            Magellan now has 59 members
column on pg 5 for more details.              and Voyager of the Seas, which        bookings made by 31 Dec, and            across the country.
                                              debuts in Australia and NZ.           some prices are 10% cheaper
                                                The new season will offer           than the same time last year.
                                              cruises ranging from one to 18
                                              nights with calls into 46 ports in
                                              12 countries.
                                                                                    CASA files Tiger case                     Celebrate Bastille Day with
                                                Voyager and Radiance will offer
                                                                                      THE Civil Aviation Safety              Travel the World and receive
                                                                                    Authority yesterday formally              C150 shipboard credit for
                                              sailings ex Sydney and Fremantle
                                                                                    lodged its application with the                   your clients
                                              from 23 Nov, while Rhapsody will
                                                                                    Federal Court seeking an order
                                              homeport in Sydney in Oct.
                                                                                    that Tiger Airways Australia not
                                                In her first season Down Under,
                                                                                    fly until 01 Aug 2011.
                                              Voyager will feature 12 summer
                                                                                      CASA said the suspension of
                                              cruises, and among those are a
                                                                                    Tiger’s operating certificate
                                              14-nt school holidays sailing to
                                                                                    continues in the meantime, with
                                              New Zealand, New Caledonia and
                                                                                    the Court listing Fri 22 Jul for a
                                              Fiji, plus there’s a 1-nt Sampler
                                                                                    directions hearing.
                                              Cruise and short duration
                                                                                      MEANWHILE the Australian
                                              Tasmania and Fiji options.
                                                                                    Transport Safety Bureau has also
                                                Some of the all new itineraries
                                                                                    released its preliminary report
                                              onboard Radiance include a 10-nt
                                                                                    into the “operational non-
                                              Tropical Queensland sailing over
                                                                                    compliance” of a Tiger flight as it
                                              the Christmas & Easter holidays,
                                                                                    landed at Melbourne Airport on
                                              three 14-night NZ voyages, a new
                                                                                    07 Jun - one of the incidents
                                              5-nt Sampler Cruise to Newcastle
                                                                                    which led to the grounding.
                                                                                      During the approach to the
                                              Origin tipping winner                 runway the flight was cleared to
                                               CONGRATULATIONS to Amanda            descend to 2500 feet, but shortly
                                              Washington of Jetset Travel MLC       afterwards the plane’s track was
                                              Sydney, who was the winner of         seen via air traffic control radar to
                                              our exclusive travel industry State   descend to 2000 feet.
                                              of Origin tipping competition.          “ATC notified the flight crew,
                                               Amanda scored the closest to         who climbed the aircraft to 2500
                                              perfect results from the hundreds     ft, continued the approach and
                                              of travel industry participants
                                              who entered the comp to win a 4-
                                                                                    landed,” the report says.
                                                                                      The investigation into the A320
                                              day Blue Lagoon Cruise in Fiji.       incident is continuing.
                                                                                                                                     THE CELEBRATIONS

Website: | Phone: 1300 799 220 | Fax: 1300 799 221 | Email:                                            Page 2
                                                                      Friday 8th July 2011

                                          ACCC to oppose Airservices                                                                               Window
                                            THE Australian Competition and                       had not provided its clients with
         on location on                   Consumer Commission says it will                       enough information to allow
                                          not support cost increases                             them to assess the costs and
   Makepeace Island                       proposed by Airservices Australia.                     benefits of some “major capital
                                                                                                                                        HERE’S a way to generate huge
                                                                                                                                        interest in new US air services.
Today’s issue of TD is coming to            The organisation has suggested                       projects” being proposed.                To kick start its new flights to
  you from Sir Richard Branson            higher prices for terminal                               The ACCC’s analysis is that the      Chicago that launch on 01 Sep,
     and Brett Godfrey’s new              navigation as well as aviation                         suggested increases would see
 Makepeace Island resort on the                                                                                                         Cathay Pacific Airways is offering
                                          rescue and fire fighting services                      Airservices over-recover its costs     citizens of the Windy City all
       Qld Sunshine Coast.                over the next five years - with the                    by $101m through to 2016.
AFTER a special charter flight                                                                                                          inclusive fares of just US$100
                                          charges levied on airlines and                                                                roundtrip to Hong Kong.
from Sydney this morning, TD              flowing through to passengers.
has now arrived in paradise.                                                                     All smiles at Reho                       Of course it’s a limited offer -
                                            “The ACCC’s preliminary view is                                                             there are just 100 of the bargain
  Under development for some              that the proposed prices are                             REHO Travel managing director
years by the Virgin Australia                                                                                                           economy fares available, offered
                                          higher than required to cover                          Karsten Horne is very popular
founders, and completed in 2009                                                                                                         in lots of 25 every Thu this month.
                                          costs and provide a reasonable                         with his staff this month, after
as a private retreat, Makepeace                                                                                                           The tickets go on sale at
                                          return,” said the ACCC.                                unveiling a new range of benefits
Island on the Noosa River is this                                                                                                       3.25pm Chicago time - the same
                                            ACCC chairman Graeme Samuel                          to celebrate a ‘fantastic end of
weekend officially becoming                                                                                                             time as the scheduled departure
                                          said it appeared that Airservices                      financial year result’.
available for lease.                                                                                                                    of the new services.
  Just a few minutes from Noosa                                                                    “In a difficult year, our 9%
Heads’ famous Hastings Street,                                                                   growth in turnover and 19%             THE former Russian separatist
                                          Indian DMC for Oz                                      profit increase is largely due to      republic of Chechnya looks to be
Makepeace Island comprises 25
acres of tranquility offering
                                            BTS India, a Destination                             the commitment shown by our            targeting medical tourism, after
luxurious accommodation for 22            Management Company which                               team and I feel it’s time for the      the apparent miracle cure of a
guests.                                   claims to have pioneered                               company to reward them                 nine year old girl suffering from
  In typically flamboyant style, Sir      incentive travel to India, has                         accordingly,” he said.                 a rare sleeping disease.
Richard Branson will tomorrow             announced the appointment of                             As well as bonuses, the new            Sasha Pisarenko is claimed to
host a barbecue and a pool party          Gorman Leisure Group as its new                        benefits include having a day off      have been the only child in
here to officially launch the             Market Representative in Australia.                    for your birthday, a $1000             Russia with narcolepsy, and her
resort to the world.                        Lisa Gorman will be the firm’s                       honeymoon bonus and one day’s          plight was noticed by Ramzan
  Makepeace will be available on          local face responsible for sales                       extra leave for every year over        Kadyrov, the charismatic leader
an exclusive, whole of island             and marketing activities, with the                     five years of service.                 of the Muslim enclave.
basis -              move effective from 01 Jul.                              Reho also gives staff two days         Kadyrov arranged for the girl
                                                                                                 off a year to volunteer with a         to spend six months with her
                                                                                                 charity of their choice, in line       family in a luxury flat in the
         STATE SALES MANAGER                                                                     with its ‘rehope’ philosophy.          Chechen capital, Grozny.
                                                                                                                                         “During her stay, Sasha suffered
         WA                                                                                                                             only one sleeping attack and her
        Avis is a global leader in the tourism industry, offering a diverse                      Behind the Royal                       migraines stopped,” according
        range of challenging and rewarding career opportunities.                                                                        to an official statement on the
        Competitive remuneration, incentives, a fully maintained company                         Caribbean scenes                       government website, which
        vehicle and excellent staff discounts are just some of the ways we                         ROYAL Caribbean Cruises has
        look after our valued sales team. Enjoy a supportive and fun team                                                               attributed her amazing recovery
        environment, with a focus on exceptional customer service that                           this week launched a new All           to the region’s “sun, smiles and
        has seen us become Australia’s most popular Car Rental Company.                          Access Tour, offering a peek           hospitality”.
         Based at our WA Sales Office at Perth Airport, this senior sales                        behind the scenes of its ships.
         position is responsible for managing the growth of profitable business                    The three hour-plus tour costs       GUESTS who like the comfort of
         within the corporate and travel industry markets in WA. The primary
          function of this role is the achievement of forecasted sales revenue                   US$150 per person and takes            the beds at the luxury Four
          targets by maintaining positive relationships and achieving growth                     guests through various vessel          Seasons Hotel in Sydney can now
           from an existing customer base whilst identifying and targeting other                 areas including backstage in the       take them home with them.
           major business opportunities for Avis.
                                                                                                 theatre, through the galleys, the        The iconic property is offering
           To be successful in this role you must have excellent
                                                                                                                                        an indulgent ‘Celebrity Bed’

           communication skills, as well as computer literacy skills including                   engine control room and even up
           Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Demonstrated previous sales                               onto the bridge,                       package which costs $3500 for a
           experience with a proven track record of achievement in service                         Seven night sailings will offer at   night’s accom in a premier
           industry sales is essential. Previous successful
           people management experience, though not                                              least one All Access Tour, while       room, a bottle of Champagne on
           essential, would be highly regarded.                                                  longer voyages will offer two or       arrival, breakfast for two in
          To find out more about these exciting                                                  more depending on demand.              Kable’s Restaurant - and home
          opportunities please submit your resume                                                  The All Access Tour can be           delivery of a king size Four
                                                                                                 bought on board Royal Caribbean        Seasons bed, made by Sealy.
                                                                                                 voyages from this month.                 It also includes free internet.

Website: | Phone: 1300 799 220 | Fax: 1300 799 221 | Email:                                                         Page 3
                                             Ice cold on Bondi Beach??                                                  WIN A 1 NIGHT
                                                                                                                       STAY AT THE SEBEL
                                                                                                                   Congratulations to Alex Smyth
     Friday 8th Jul 2011                                                                                           of Corporate Travel Sydney,
                                                                                                                   who was yesterday’s lucky
               Ski Issue
                                                                                                                   winner of an accommodation
                                                                                                                   package at The Quay West
               conditions                                                                                          Suites Sydney.
                                                                                                                   Today, Mirvac Hotels & Resorts
 THIS column provides                                                                                              is giving one lucky TD subscriber
 a snapshot of the current snow                                                                                    the chance to win one night’s
 falls, the depth and the number                                                                                   accommodation in a Superior
 of lifts operating across Australian                                                                              King Room including full buffet
 and New Zealand ski-fields.                                                                                       breakfast for two at The Sebel
  Here’s the latest snow reports                                                                                   Parramatta, valued at $296*.
 from across the region:                                                                                           For more information, visit
  • Falls Creek - 98cm / 11 lifts         ABOVE: Air Canada recently          skates on Canada Day and took to
  • Perisher - 1.6m / 47 lifts          gave a group of their top Sydney-     the ice while admiring the surf go   To win, simply be the first
  • Thredbo - 1.6m / all lifts          based agents a chance to              by at the iconic Sydney landmark.
  • Charlotte Pass - 1.6m / 3 lifts
                                                                                                                   person to send in the correct
                                        experience the quintessential           Pictured here from left on the     answer to the question below
  • Mt Selwyn - 37cm / 9 lifts                                                night are Air Canada’s Suzie
                                        Canadian pastime of ice skating                                            to:
  • Mt Hotham - 52cm / 9 lifts
                                        at Bondi Beach last week.             Goumas, Judith Metcalf (front),
  • Mt Baw Baw - 25cm/ 4 lifts                                                                                         How many function
                                          30 agents strapped on their         Neil Ford and Melanie Passman.
  • Mt Buller - 53cm/ 13 lifts
  • Coronet Peak - 20cm / 6 lifts
                                                                                                                      rooms are there at The
  • The Remarkables - 20cm / 3          Silversea 10% sgl supp                Gap Adv. eco initiative                   Sebel Parramatta?
  • Mt Hutt - 45cm / 3 lifts              SOLO cruise passengers can            GAP Adventures is calling on the
                                        take advantage of a special deal      industry to show its ‘green-credo’
Getaway on Sat night                    with Silversea Cruise on 5 select     by supporting the PlanetARK’s
  TOMORROW night’s episode of           sailings next year, with the single   National Tree Day on 31 Jul.
Channel Nine’s dedicated travel         supplement revised to just 10% of       The adventure tour operator
program, Getaway, features              the double-occupancy rate.            will be assisting with planting
stories on a culinary tour in South       The deal applies to voyages         trees along the Yarra River in
America, a volunteer program at         1212, 3213, 3227, 4225 and 1228       Burnley, Richmond from 10am.         *Accommodation availability is subject to
                                                                                                                    Terms & Conditions of The Sebel Parramatta.
a Vietnamese orphanage, a               and also includes a US$500              Participant’s friends and family
European river cruise and a             Passport to Luxury onboard credit     are also invited - register at                                    Travelnews     Daily
Chinese theme park.                     - see                                First with the

                                                                                   arrive by complimentary
                                                                                   limousine when you leave
                                                                                   sydney on business class
                                                                                   Click here for full terms and conditions and
                                                                                   to find out more. Flying between Sydney
                                                                                   and Perth on our A330 Coast to Coast service.
                                                                                   Offer ends 15 July 2011.

Website: | Phone: 1300 799 220 | Fax: 1300 799 221 | Email:                                             Page 4
                                     Cable Beach Club deal
                                       GARDEN View Studios at Cable                        Travel Specials
                                     Beach Club Resort & Spa are $349
                                     per room per night during Sep.          WELCOME to Travel Specials, Travel Daily’s Fri feature. If your firm has
                                       The special is available during a     released a travel special you’d like to make the industry aware of send
     Friday 8th Jul 2011             five-day sale that starts on Mon.       the details to
                                                                             Virgin Australia has unveiled airfares between Sydney and Gold Coast
Bunnik beds down Egypt product                                               from just $59 one way on select flights departing between 02 Aug and
                                                                             14 Sep, on sale until 12 Jul. Other specials are also available between
                                                                             HBA and MEL; CBR and TSV and DRW to PER - see

                                                                             Hawaiian Airlines has released a new range of Business Class airfares
                                                                             priced from $2,483 including taxes, based on low season for roundtrip
                                                                             flights between Sydney and Honolulu. Flights to the outer islands are
                                                                             priced from $2,828. Low season is from 01 Feb-31 Mar and 01 Nov-09
                                                                             Dec. To make a booking see

                                                                             Qantas has launched new year round one way prices for domestic routes
                                                                             including Sydney to Melbourne and Brisbane-Sydney $112; Adelaide-
                                                                             Melbourne from $109; Brisbane-Melbourne from $155 & Melbourne to
                                                                             Perth at $219. For more specials visit

                                                                            Tahiti still looks nice!!               NCL 24/7 pizza delivery
                                                                              IT’S over 30 years since Cussons        NORWEGIAN Cruise Line will
                                                                            Imperial Leather immortalised           introduce its 24/7 pizza delivery
                                                                            the line “Tahiti looks nice”.           service fleetwide by Aug due to
                                                                              Still cherished by those with         it’s popularity on Norwegian Epic.
                                                                            long memories, the soap brand             The concept enables passengers
                                                                            produced a classic TV commercial        to order a 16-inch pizza delivered
  ABOVE: Bunnik Tours hosted a       Royal Lilly sailing down the Nile,     where a fantastically wealthy           to virtually any point on the ship,
VIP travel agent famil recently      back row from left are: Julie, Port    couple ask the pilot of their           charged at US$5 each.
with the group visiting Cairo, Abu   to Port Travel; Lorna, Albury          private jet to fly to Tahiti after        NCL is also adopting Epic’s room
Simbel, Alexandria & El Alemein.     Travel; Craig Owens, Bunnik Tours      browsing a travel brochure from         service menu fleetwide, available
  Pictured above onboard the MV      and Diane, TravelManagers.             the on-board marble bathroom.           for free during the day or charged
                                       Middle: Lisa, TravelManagers;          A remake, tweaked to include          at US$3.95 from midnight til 5am.
                                     Maree, Bunnik Tours and Carolyn,       modern technology but retaining
                                     TravelManagers.                        the same memorable dialogue,
                                       Front: Rebecca, Travelscene          will debut on Australian television     NASA tourism hole
                                     Twin Towns and Bunnik’s Medhet.        this weekend.                             FLORIDA’s Space Coast Office of
                                                                              And don’t worry, once again the       Tourism says today’s final ever
                                     Floriade Crowne deal                   directions to the pilot                 NASA space shuttle program
                                                                            are the very succinct                   launch will leave a 5% dent in the
                                       CROWNE Plaza Canberra has
                                                                            “Simon, Tahiti!”.                       region’s tourism business.
                                     released a Celebrate Spring
                                                                              A trip for four to Tahiti is up for     Around 1,000,000 people are
                                     package timed to coincide with
                                                                            grabs in an associated promotion        expected to gather at points
                                     this year’s Floriade flower festival
                                                                            - for a sneak peek at the ad see        around Port Canaveral to see
                                     priced from $250 per room/night.
                                                                                Atlantis’ lift off.
                                       The deal includes brekkie, free
                                     car parking, a welcome pack and
                                     more, valid for stays between 17
                                     Sep-16 Oct - phone 02 6247 8999.

                                     Art & Design incentive
                                       TEMPO Holidays has launched                         Reservations Consultant
                                     an incentive for agents, offering
                                                                             Hamilton Island Reservations Consultants are responsible for creating
                                     two tickets to the Vienna: Art &
                                                                             once in a lifetime holidays for our guests. Based within our Sydney
                                     Design Exhibition at the National       (St Leonards) corporate headquarters you would be responsible for
                                     Gallery of Victoria when booking        responding to all booking enquires from our direct clients and travel
                                     its Classic Vienna - Art & Design       agents.
                                     three-night package.                    To be considered for this role, your key skills will include:
                                       The experience is priced at             • Proven experience in customer service or call centre sales
                                     $457ppts and includes entrance              environment
                                     to the Belvedere Palace, Leopold          • At least 2 years experience within the travel or tourism industries
                                                                               • A demonstrated passion for sales
                                     Museum and Wiener Werkstatte
                                                                               • Team commitment, positive attitude and great enthusiasm
                                     Museum, tranfers and accom at
                                                                             Visit our Careers Website to
                                     Hotel Johann Strauss.
                                                                             apply for this role. Join our Facebook page
                                       The promo, run in partnership         HIEmployment to view pictures and videos, find out all the latest
                                     with the Austrian National Tourist      employment information.
                                     Office, is valid for sale to 31 Oct.

Website: | Phone: 1300 799 220 | Fax: 1300 799 221 | Email:                                      Page 5
                                         Air NZ off the US hook                  Travelport celebrates with HWT
                                           THE US Dept of Justice has
                                         ceased its invesigation into Air
                                         New Zealand’s involvement in a
                                         cargo cartel, which the airline has
     Friday 8th Jul 2011                 defended itself from since 2005.

GetFlight adds RebookMyFlight site
  GETFLIGHT says the grounding           actual seats available to book.
of Tiger Airways by CASA is the            “Like GetFlight, this site will not
basis for its launch of a micro-site     charge any fees and redirects the
called            customer directly to the airlines’
  Rolled out today, the portal           websites, ensuring they get the
enables Australian travellers to         lowest airfare possible for the
find available flights on domestic       dates they are required to fly,”
carriers, including Qantas, Jetstar,     said GetFlight principal founder,
Virgin Australia or Rex.                 Ian Cumming.
  RebookMyFlight allows pax to    was launched
find alternative flights of other        earlier this year (TD 25 May).            ABOVE: Travelport surprised the      Dubai early check-in
airlines in one search, which have                                               team at Harvey World Travel with
                                                                                                                          EMIRATES has introduced a new
                                                                                 cakes and champagne earlier this
                                                                                                                        early check-in facility at Dubai
                                         PER arrivals soar                       week to celebrate the network’s
                                                                                                                        International Airport.
Creative sells Cooks                       PERTH Airport’s international         60th year in operation.
                                                                                                                          Located next to the Terminal 3
                                         arrival numbers rose 16.6% year           2011 is significant for Travelport
   CREATIVE Holidays has officially                                                                                     car park, the new operation has
                                         on year in May, while domestic          too, which is this year celebrating
launched it Cook Islands product                                                                                        16 counters where passengers
                                         numbers increased 15.9%.                its 40th anniversary.
to coincide with this season’s                                                                                          can check in and drop off their
                                                                                   Pictured above from left, are
launch of Air New Zealand’s direct                                                                                      luggage up to 24 hours before
                                                                                 Paula Farrell, Customer Service
flights from Sydney to Rarotonga.                                                                                       departure to all destinations
    The wholesaler is offering           HA ups HND capacity                     Manager, Pacific, Travelport;
                                                                                                                        except for the USA.
                                           HAWAIIAN Airlines has raised its      Robert Clark, National Account
family and romance packages to                                                                                            The facility operates from 5pm
                                         capacity on flights between             Mgr, Travelport; Sean Cummins,
Rarotonga and Aitutaki as well as                                                                                       to 10am, to service passengers in
                                         Honolulu and Tokyo Haneda by            GM Aus/NZ, Travelport; & David
flights, transfers, hotels and nine                                                                                     the peak overnight travel period.
                                         30 seats, using its A330 aircraft,      Rivers, Managing Director, HWT.
activities, including a BBQ lunch                                                                                         MEANWHILE EK is offering First
and Aitutaki Lagoon Day Tour.            adding nearly 11,000 seats/year.                                               and Business class passengers a
                                                                                 KUL demonstrations                     free hotel stay & 96-hour transfer
                                                                                   THE Dept of Foreign Affairs and      visa following an agreement with
                                                                                 Trade is advising travellers bound     leading hotels in Dubai.
                                                                                 for Malaysia of possible civil           The deal is valid for travel from
                                                                                 unrest in the capital, Kuala           01 Aug to 30 Sep at The Armani
                                                                                 Lumpur, with a demonstration           Hotel, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, The
            BUSINESS MANAGER                                                     planned for tomorrow.                  Address Dubai Marina and
                                                                                   The level of advice for Malaysia     Jumerirah Emirates Towers Hotel,
     • Utilise your superior customer service, networking and
       negotiating skills                                                        remains at ‘Exercise caution’.         when booked by 31 Jul.
     • Attractive salary package
     • A great team culture
 At BCD Travel we take a fresh approach to business travel with a focus
                                                                                 Malay firm’s hotel plan for Sydney
 on innovative solutions. We provide first class service, delivered with an         A MALAYSIAN group has paid          the company said.
 entrepreneurial spirit to all our clients and we employ only the best team
                                                                                 $36 million for an office building       The Sydney hotel market is
 to deliver our vision.
                                                                                 in Hunter Street Sydney, with          starting to become more
 We currently have an exciting opportunity for a highly motivated and
 professional Business Manager. Based in our Melbourne office, your time         plans to convert it into a hotel.      attractive to hoteliers, with ABS
 will be spent working closely with our external customers, as well as BCD          Cititel Hotel Management            figures released last week
 Travel internal departments, in order to maximise business and maintain         (CHM) is a division of publicly        showing an 89.2% occupancy rate
 long-term customer relationships. Utilising your superior customer service      listed IGB Corporation, and            for the last quarter.
 skills, you will ensure our clients are provided a travel management            currently operates ten hotels in         Yields are also improving, with
 program that is cost effective, efficient and aligned with their business
                                                                                 Malaysia including Kuala Lumpur,       room rates up 9.6% and total
 goals and objectives.
                                                                                 Kota Kinabalu and Penang, as well      revenues increasing 12.5%.
 In applying for this role, you will have the ability to communicate and form
 relationships across all levels in key existing and potential customer          as a property in Burma and one in
                                                                                 the Philippines.
 organisations. You will have strong business-to-business negotiation and
 networking skills, as well as previous Account Management experience               The 12 storey building at 34
                                                                                                                        Mr&Mrs Smith app
 ideally gained within a corporate travel management organisation.                                                        BOUTIQUE hotel firm Mr & Mrs
                                                                                 Hunter St is likely to be renovated
                                                                                                                        Smith has unveiled its free iPhone
 This is a challenging and rewarding position that offers you the                under the St Giles or Cititel brand,
 opportunity to be part of one of the world’s largest and                                                               application that offers two modes
 fastest growing travel companies.                                                                                      to access real time availability,
 If you have the above skills and would like to join our                         MK launch Shanghai                     book, use maps and store info.
 team, apply now. We look forward to hearing from you.                             AIR Mauritius has commenced            The ‘Plan & Play’ app offers
 Applications close Friday 15 July 2011.                                         services to its first Chinese city     over 800 boutique hotels globally,
 Apply to                                               this week, with its inaugural flight   insider descriptions, on top of
 For more information visit                                 to Shanghai touching down Tue.         photos, games and gadgets.

Website: | Phone: 1300 799 220 | Fax: 1300 799 221 | Email:                                        Page 6
                                                                                                                       Cover-More giveaway
                                                                                                                         COVER-MORE Travel Insurance
                                                                                                                       has given away the last $5k of its
                                                                                                                       cash pool incentive of $150,000
                                                                                                                       that’s been on offer to travel
                                                                                                                       agents since Feb.                                                    Friday 8th Jul 2011
 To celebrate the release of Rocky Mountaineer’s 2012 brochure we
                                                                                                                         400 agents were lucky enough
 are giving one Travel Daily reader and a friend the opportunity to
 win a trip to spectacular Western Canada.                                                                             to win of a slice of the total                              Sun appointment
                                                                                                                       amount with those selling a                                   AFRICAN tourism giant Sun
 The prize includes two return economy airfares from Sydney to
 Vancouver flying Air New Zealand and a Classic First Passage to the
                                                                                                                       policy ending in 000 winning $250                           International has appointed the
 West vacation including two days on board the Rocky Mountaineer                                                       and those with a policy ending in                           Unique Tourism Collection as its
 with GoldLeaf service and pre and post accommodation in Vancouver                                                     0000 receiving $1,000.                                      Australian representative.
 & Banff.                                                                                                                                                                            UTC will promote the group’s
 For the first time, the Rocky Mountaineer brochure includes pricing                                                                                                               hotels, resorts and casinos in
 in Australian dollars. To order your copy of the 2012 brochure, visit:                                                Excite 100% for agents                                      South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho,                                                                                                EXCITE Holidays is assuring its                           Swaziland, Nigeria, Namibia and
  To enter, compile all 21 answers and send by July 31, 2011 to:                                                       committment to travel agents,                               Zambia as well as in Chile.
                                                                         saying it “has no plans now or in                             One of Sun’s best known resorts
 Reader with the most correct answers and the most creative                                                            the future” to deal directly with                           is Sun City in South Africa.
 response to the final question will win this fantastic prize.                                                         the consumer.                                                 Sun International group sales
                                                                                                                         George Papaioannou, md of                                 mgr Alison McKie said Australia
      Question 6: Which deluxe hotel brand do passengers                                                               Excite Hols said the dedication to                          was a key international market for
       stay with throughout Western Canada when they                                                                   agents only means the firm can                              the company, which “continues to
             book a Rocky Mountaineer package?                                                                         provide “a unique product and                               deliver in both the leisure and
                                                                                                                       exceptional customer service” to                            MICE sectors”.
                                                                                                                       compete with the internet and
                                                                                                                       win over more clients.
                                                                                                                         “If wholesalers are to be a true                          Sydney summer gong
                                                                                                                       partner to travel agents, they                                700,000 Lonely Planet Facebook
                                                                                                                       shouldn’t be ‘double dipping’ and                           and Twitter followers have rated
                                                                                                                       competing with the same travel                              Sydney as one of the world’s best
                                                                                                                       agents for business,” he said.                              summer cities, Tourism NSW said.

                                                                                      Click here for more
                                                     Travel Daily
                                                     First with the news

ecruising loads Rocky                                      Aer Lingus additions
  ECRUISING’s                              IRISH carrier Aer Lingus has                                HRG Australia - A leading global travel management company
has now loaded its entire Rocky                            announced its winter schedule for                              currently has a fantastic opportunity for an experienced, driven
Mountaineer product range, and                             2011/12 with 10 new routes                                     and focused Business Manager to join our dynamic Account
is available to book 7 days a week.                        including a weekly service                                     Management team based in Sydney.
                                                           between Cork to Las Palmas, Gran
                                                           Canaria beginning on 30 Oct.                                                                Business Manager
Wimdu Aus launch                                              Other routes include thrice
  ANOTHER internet-based accom                                                                                            This role will be suited to a person with extensive industry
                                                           weekly Cork to Barcelona and                                   expertise and high level analytical and communication skills.
bookings site is now available                             twice weekly Cork to Rome                                      You will be highly organised and disciplined with an in-depth
locally, offering users the chance                         flights, as well as four weekly                                understanding of industry technologies and the benefits they
to rent houses and spare rooms.                            services from Dublin to Milan                                  can bring to travel programs. You will have the ability to build
  Aimed at short and long term                             Kalpensa and Stuttgart.                                        strong relationships and a proven track record of successfully
visitors, Wimdu is using Australia                                                                                        managing corporate accounts. This role will give you the
as its launch gateway to the                                                                                              autonomy to make decisions and ensure that your clients travel
South East Asia Market.                                    Pan Pac Exposition                                             program remains at the cutting edge. says it uses a                                PAN Pacific Hotels Group will
similar system to Ebay and is                              hold an invitation only Customer                               For more information, or to apply for this role please visit
driven by reviews.                                         Connections Exposition in Perth                                the HRG Australia website at
  Last month (TD 07 Jun) a similar                         (25 Jul), Melbourne (26 Jul),                                                        Applications close Friday 15 July 2011
accom booking portal called                                Sydney (28 Jul), Brisbane (02 Aug) debuted,                               and Auckland (03 Aug), offering a
which allowed sofa rentals.                                chance to network with the group.

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                                                      A NEW ROLE IS JUST
                                                     A PHONE CALL AWAY!

                   SYDNEY – 8/6 O’Connell St – (02) 9231 6377 –
              MELBOURNE – 1/167-169 Queen St – (03) 9670 2577 –
               BRISBANE – 13/97 Creek St – (07) 3229 9600 –
      ADELAIDE & PERTH – (03) 9670 2577 – &

 HR COORDINATOR – 3 to 6 MONTHS CONTRACT                                        NORTH SYDNEY! 3 DAYS PER WEEK!
            SYDNEY CBD – DOE TO $35/HR + SUPER                              SYDNEY NORTH - EXCELLENT HOURLY RATE + SUPER
  Our client, a leading supplier and one of the world’s largest            This is a unique opportunity for someone either studying
global distribution system providers is seeking a suitably skilled,      full/part time or perhaps a parent looking to return to work
 qualified & well organized professional to undertake the role                and would love a part time role working 3 (flexible)
HR Coordinator. This is your opportunity to make a difference!               days/hours per week. You will be a qualified, friendly,
 The role is to start ASAP and primarily is to handle the day-to-           knowledgeable and professional travel consultant with
 day transactional duties in HR with up to date Australian and            proficiency in both Galileo and Crosscheck (preferred) Part
   NZ legislation. You will be process driven, well presented,            time roles do not last long, so be the first to apply to avoid
      articulate and thorough. Hurry! Last days to apply!                                       disappointment!

          CORPORATE ROLES IN ABUNDANCE                                         SAY “HOLA” TO EXCITING ITINERARIES
 With the end of financial year behind us why not start thinking         Do you love working on complicated itineraries and holiday
about your future with a new role in corporate travel? We have          bookings? Then this exotic wholesaler may be just what you
   fantastic roles located all throughout Perth for multi skilled,         are looking for. If you have travelled extensively , have
   domestic and even travel temps. Join one of these growing            fantastic attention to detail and you are finally ready to make
  companies today to start earning what you’re worth. Start a            the move to a company that will reward you with fantastic
fresh new career for the new financial year and don’t look back.           educationals and benefits, then this is the role for you.
       Send your CV through to AA Appointments today.                     Minimum 12 months experience and Amadeus preferred.

               EXCITING ROLE IN THE EAST                                                 THE CHOICE IS YOURS
                      ONLINE SUPPORT ROLE                                              LEISURE CONSULTANTS REQUIRED
We have a rare opportunity for an online support role located            Are you over not feeling appreciated at work? Want to work
  in the Eastern suburbs. This well known Corporate office is               in an exciting leisure role with a fantastic team, amazing
looking for the perfect candidate with Galileo skills and strong          financial benefits and even better educationals? We have a
 written and verbal skills to service their corporate clients. It is       number of leisure roles located throughout Perth. All you
   rare to find such an interesting role with a large corporate         need to be considered is a minimum of 18 months experience
agency located so close to home so don’t delay in applying for           in the Australian travel industry and GDS knowledge! Apply
               this role, it won’t be around for long!                         today and get the ball rolling on your new career!

                      FLEXIBILITY IS KEY                                               FIRST CLASS ALL THE WAY
                 CASUAL CORPORATE CONSULTANT                                        HIGH END LESIURE CONSULTANTS X 3
Looking for a role where you can enjoy the sun and surf? Here           Are you sick of booking the same itineraries day in, day out? If
it is. For this role you will need to be available to work 3-4 shifts    you want to create in-depth comprehensive itineraries this is
 a week but flexible to come in at short notice to work full time       your chance. We currently have three fabulous roles available
   hours when staff are on leave or extra coverage is required.            for experienced leisure consultants located in central and
Shift times will range from 7am – 7pm and you must be able to              southern Gold Coast. Working in these small and friendly
 travel to Brisbane on occasion. Your flexibility and skills will be      teams you will have a strong repeat clientele who travel to
    rewarded with a high hourly rate, parking provided and a            different destinations every time. Earn a great base salary plus
       supportive management team. Intrigued? Call us now.                         there’s a fabulous bonus scheme in place.
                                                                           Ultimate Upgrade Offer
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Ho Chi Minh Sailings
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Only 1 departure remain
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Includes Free Upgrade
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Bonus Credit!
                                                                                                                                                                                                           From $1249


     3 NIGHT CRUISES                                   Singapore, Penang, Phuket
                                                       Selected departures from
                                                                                                       Singapore, Phuket, Langkawi
                                                                                                       Selected departures from
                                                                                                                                                        Book Inside Cabin
                                                                                                                                                        Book Window Cabin
                                                                                                                                                                                                   $717 – Free upgrade to Window Cabin
                                                                                                                                                                                                   $844 – Free upgrade to Balcony Cabin
     Ultimate Upgrade offer 10-July 2011 – 25 March 2012                                               17 July – 25 Sept 2011                           25% off Balcony Cabins                     $1114 – Receive SGD$300 F&B Credit

     5 NIGHT CRUISES                                   Singapore, Penang, Phuket,
                                                       Malacca, Kuala Lumpur
                                                                                                       Singapore, Phuket, Langkawi,
                                                                                                                                                        Book Inside Cabin                          $1141 – Free upgrade to Window Cabin
     Ultimate Upgrade offer (Port Klang)                                                               Pulau Redang
                                                                                                                                                        Book Window Cabin                          $1366 – Free upgrade to Balcony Cabin
                                                                                                       Selected departures from
                                                       Selected departures from                                                                         25% off Balcony Cabins                     $1809 – Receive SGD$400 F&B Credit
                                                                                                       17 July – 25 Sept 2011
                                                       10-July 2011 – 25 March 2012

                                                                                                       Singapore, Phuket, Langkawi,
     7 NIGHT CRUISES                                   Singapore, Penang, Phuket,
                                                       Malacca, Kuala Lumpur                           Pulau Redang & Kuala                             Book Inside Cabin                          $1586 – Free upgrade to Window Cabin
     Ultimate Upgrade offer                            (Port Klang), Pulau Redang                      Lumpur (Port Klang)                              Book Window Cabin                          $1867 – Free upgrade to Balcony Cabin
                                                       Selected departures from                        Selected departures from                         25% off Balcony Cabins                     $2527 – Receive SGD$500 F&B Credit
                                                       10-July 2011 – 25 March 2012                    17 July – 25 Sept 2011

                                                                                                                                                        Book Inside Cabin                          $1249 – Free upgrade to Window Cabin
     5 NIGHT SPECIAL CRUISES                                                            Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City,
                                                                                                                                                        Book Window Cabin                          $1474 – Free upgrade to Balcony Cabin
     Ultimate Upgrade offer                                                             Pulau Redang
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Plus Bonus F&B credit SGD$400
                                                                                        Departing 11 Sept 2011
                                                                                                                                                        25% off Balcony Cabins                     $1916 – Receive SGD$400 F&B Credit

     7 NIGHT SPECIAL CRUISES                                                            Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Pulau
                                                                                                                                                        Book Inside Cabin                          $1724 – Free upgrade to Window Cabin
     Ultimate Upgrade offer                                                                                                                             Book Window Cabin                          $2035 – Free upgrade to Balcony Cabin
                                                                                        Redang, Kuala Lumpur (Port Klang)
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Plus Bonus F&B credit SGD$500
                                                                                        Departing 11 Sept 2011
                                                                                                                                                        25% off Balcony Cabins                     $2755 – Receive SGD$500 F&B Credit

Cruises include all meals^ and entertainment onboard plus port and fuel charges.
For bookings & further information contact your preferred Wholesaler
*CONDITIONS APPLY: All prices are cruise only, AUD, per person twin share and subject to change and availability. Prices based on following cabin categories; Inside Cabin DC, Window Cabin
CB, Balcony Cabin BC. Single passengers must pay a single supplement. Every effort is made to ensure advertisement accuracy, however Star Cruises cannot be held responsible for printing or
typographical errors or errors arising from unforeseen circumstances. Pricing correct as at 28 June 2011. Pricing & bonus credit valid until 30 Sept 2011 & can be withdrawn at any time without
notice. Price includes port charges and fuel surcharge. Holiday surcharge imposed on Peak Sailings Dates: 23 Dec 2011; 01 Jan 2012. Vietnam Visa surcharge applicable to Ho Chi Minh sailings
at $30 per person. ^Meals included in selected restaurants. #Kids Cruise Free - Applicable for Children 12 years & below & is based upon 2 full paying passengers under 3rd & 4th passenger in
the same cabin. Passenger Handling charges, Fuel Surcharges & Visa where applicable will still apply. Based only on 5 & 7 night itineraries for departures 4,11,18,25 Sept, 2,9,16,23, 20 Oct,
4,11,18,25 Dec 2011 & 1,8,15,22,29 Jan 2012. Strict cancellation fees apply. Please note that a surcharge may be imposed on credit card transactions. A service fee will be charged. SCS 25816

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